The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1946
Page 4
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I" 1 ' >AGK BI.YTIiKVlLLK (AUK.) COUU1KR NEWS THURSDAY, J'UI.Y 11, 19-10 PAC May Leave Democratic Fold HMImdn's Death M.iy Pring Broad Change in Policies. \VAEHINGTON, Ju'y 11. <UP)The acath or Sidney Hlllmaii, chairman of ttie CIO's Political Action committee, may lead to the divorce cr the PAC and the Democratic Party, congressional observers said loctay. . .liillman, who died of a heart ailment yeslertuiy, strongly opposed Ic^t-iving proposals Him the PAC form a political party of its own. Hiitniiui sought to work In cooperation with cs;:iijiishc(l iwllllcal croups, bill n.uv thai Ills-restraining hand hjfs tiVen removed, a bitter ''ilcr-PAc'^U'tim^c may be toucl •.'(! off ever Uic .third party issue. V V' • An immediate effect of Illll- mnn's death may be the defeat ill thn Fall elections of "pro-labor" congressmen from Industrial dls- tilcis cl New York. Pennsylvania and MU'hipm. Many of these were depending liiion : the PAC tor the ,'canvns.sinu iind the routine wiu-d vvprk' that spells success in ixT.iUcs, 1 ' Shailcl tiie PAC shatter Into branliivi factions, this routine work \vcu!d go by'.tht'"uoarcl. Anil there were siims Iliat the Internal Strug-, git" already li«v begun. R, J. Thomns;' vice president ol the United .Avito,'Workers (CIO> mill secretary ', treasurer of the PAC, appeared' lo be the logical man to step into Hlllman's shoes. Bui because of his fucds with other (ijctiuus inside his own union. Thomas was certain to drnw stiff op- p'bsilUm. : Walter p'. Renthcr, who defeated Thomas in a.-light, for the UAW presidency eaily this year, said that CIO' President Phillip Murray Is: the only man .to hcnd PAC. Enl he conceded that "It is doubtful" that' Murray 'would tnke the job- '.'..', , . i May t geek Coin|mmiisc -JL was suggested in sonic quarters that'Van A. BltUicr, Murray's personal assislajit and the leader of the CIO drive' to organize llic South, might be put forward as n compromise between the extreme left and the rlghl. But Bif.iwi 1 ha;; been identified vvilh ptfii. Ucs and it was predicted llml his selection would indicate n step towards HtiuUlatinii Ihe PAC .altogether. ?• •• It.was'believed-that a scries ot left-wing "c'nncHclnles'would be advanced by radical elements In Hie. CIO as a-method of exerting pressure to force n PAC chairman of their cwi'i choice. Named In this '< connection -were Harry, llrlrtucs, head of the longshore in cu; Robinson,-"president ol the AShie Mill and Smeller' workers; a" Albert J. Fitzgerald, president of tl'c United Electrical Workers. None of these candidates were qonsiclcrcrt seriously except as a means'of forcing'concesstons to the left wing. That group conceivably would be sutislied »llh Ihc selee (ion of Thomas as PAC president Thomas always has been tdeiitt fled in laboj Circles as .a right whiff leader. But he lias been supported in InteruaJ,.. U/(>V struggles and probably would be supported in this instance by left win; elements bi:- iause of thcfr Intense opposition to Rcuthe; 1 . In any 'event, the issue will be decided by : Murray, in consultation j with the CIO executive boai'i, at i its July 18-19 "meeting here. I Members ot the American Tj-Vjor Party, vj>irh was headed by Hill- irinu, bcfldvcd that his death would net affect their position to any considerable extent. They said their Ti;j!:izstipn, confined almost entire y to"New York, had built itself into a-, going concern ttiat could survive-Uic loss of any Individual.•' Pledging a Buyers' Strike Too Late to Classify for Kent J liinil-li..! l.i.1r.M,.n, 1 Mark ,,f[ \ ln |,, Si. hiirljrii |iriviii<K>>s. I'L,in,- Brian 111 K. I.I, ll,,Kli Help Wanted rulssiti- Tri'asini's Watch 'ill the trophy hall of the Colgate ! alhlctics director from 1300 to JIAMH/I'ON, N. V. (UPi — The gymnasium. iga«. illt-M'i'i'jjd watch, with which, thn The watch was presented bf ihe . - "KiithiT of Col^ale Athlcllcs" fjiinlly of the late Dr. Kllcry Chan- clocked tiporls .uvunlK and compel!- iilni; HuntliiKtnn, who scrvrxl as largest rotton-produclin; county in tors lor -15 years, has been placed .Colgate physical education and-the world. Baby ostriches can follow their parents afield nllhln 24 hours alter hatching. In Central Asia, It is considered Immodest to show the- finger-tips. Nurse, {fi'HdiiaU' or practical. It<x>rn, hoard and RIMH! salary. Write or Call The lirownson llosjiifal, Leat-li- villc, Ark. 7-ll-i:k-10 ll-ll Ji'lt. (I :i>'. „ ,„:,„ III rolli'.'l (norilJily iiMk.':!/!!!,. H-I-'IIJIIIN .1. ,,'M,,. . K',ill,..'ii, lo:i:> Klnrkn ll!,l<- ' l.<nil»ill<' ;, Kf. II i-k I I IIUKIVKSS at iHdy r. .s. |II, 1<'tf,-fO n irlli-lll Business Notice Illri. <V r ,«l^ •'l.illl->. Will , I'J CXIPITJI'IH',. invi-sl HL n< il I'l-lr,'-- .- 4:17:1 .n (iivi- I I.",,.- N. , .,0, ,iu,il:,l,l, .S'.->». It i, ,,,,11111,1 S ...... if . r ..... -i,- r I I -],!,! I For Sale 5 room Itouso & halli, (!ai- age, Nice ^ardi'ii spot. 1'ricc S,'!5()l). (Mitmo -).Hi or 2!).'i(>. II. C. Caiupliull. 7-10-ak-7-l» The 350-foot roll of paper, pictured above, on ;i VViishini'lnn, D. C., street, carries the pledges of ir;OII <ti:;t;runtled linuscwivcs and olher consumers to buy nothing lint basic nocessilies if OPA price con- 1rols are not restored. Tlie Icngtliy pledge was made up by the National Emnrsency Comniiltee for f'rico Control ami presented to the National Association ut Manufacturers. Housing Boss Thinks Goal Can Be Reached 13ATON UOUC'K. La., July U. (UPI — Wilson Wyall. Nalionr.t housiiiK administrator, -lo:ik an optimLsUc view of hoiisinj:'cunslru :lion in Ihc Nation here yes-unlay. Nearly half the houses nl tin: l,aoo,00() goal set lor 1'Jli ha\v been started, Wyall said in an ad- lirciw lo tho Louisiana lloniiL- ol HoprcsciHalives. 'The present, bottleneck." h? (Ic- Inreil, "hi building uuiU-iia's. Hut his Is cominy alonj: better. ' Indirectly \V>'alt urged Cnnuress o revive, (lie OPA. 1 Ha caid tiv; MJUKiUK pro^i'iim "cannot suceivil without vcasonably cfli'cLive pinn; control." Chills^fever Indian Girl's Death probed At Hot Springs HOT Hl'HINGK, Ark.. July t UP »-- County oHiciM's loclsiy uivt'sti^atin^ UiL 1 (tcjiih yc'st t]i n Hot K|)i iiii;s hospital of iKr ycviT.s. JV-ycur-old Iiulhin i£lu,' I iii I I'd to i c'i;nln consciousness :ifli'r iK'inu fontul on a high- uuy thiYc mllrs Wi-st of Hot ypriiuis 'I'ucsday. LjC'ath I'osuHcil from a brnin umcussiun. FIREWORKS Crispy Cold Fruits Vegetables, Watermelons DIM ro MMARIA? «6* «<1. AT ONCI lo li.v.. ..U..4 k, milli for y»ori . . . liy il tun - QUICK - CARTERS North Ctli Slrei-t irai 7 l>;iys ;i Week Jfrst'.v milk cow. (Jives •! Kill- Ions :t diiv. -S10C. I'lionc uepnty fiherlff .John Krincy s«iil she wns citlicr thrown iroin a or .struck by one. ouiman HECTA! shop at Wards! (irocery & Market earden Afraid! .ROCIIESTER, N. Y. ,<DPI—Duller may be scarce and bread may be dark, but school' children In Mcnro^ocunly arc going to be sur-^ of hnijingt an appetizer on I he luncheon-menu. . Six hundred, .cases of . concen- tr.-.ted grange juice (800,000 dllnlcd ssTvintjs), declared EUrplii'i by • the armed (fcrccs. have "been delivered for distribution to schools and ;n- .•litutiuiis in" the comity. Twice, I Itcivc personally invited Mr. Bcardcn on a speaking tour of Mississippi County. Both times t have asked him to bring his political friend, Mr. Jim Grain, along. I even promised to Icf him speak before tmd after 1 spcuk. Now I publicly dare Mr. Beurdcn lo join me on the below mentioned speaking tour of Mississippi County. I will even promise Mr. Bcardcn that if he will join me and bring his political friend on the complete tour I won't mcniion citlicr of their names between now and July 30. Now She Shops "Cash and Carry" • \VitKout Painful Backich* ' VThcn disor^cTof kidney function permits Jyjbonous mr-tlcr lo remain in your lilood. it rnarcausennExmsbackachc.ThcuinatJcpaina, 1»S pain*, lo^s of pep and energy. RclUng »p nistls, swelling, ( puffiness under the c-yc.t. "headaches p.nd'-uiiiirwK!, Frtijucnt or scanty I^as&accK^ith BTnt,rtinn and burninK somc- Utnca sbows there ts something wrong with your kidneys or Madder. 1 Don't wailt Ark your HruEpist for Doan'a Tills, a stimulant diuretic, wscd success Cully nlhcms Icr over 40 renrs. Down's K' v c iy relief and will help th« 15 miles of cy lub^d flush ou - poiionoui waste from LkxxL Get Doaa'E FiLU. hapi kidn Phone 931 for better TAXI , S E R V I C E For Ions trips—5 or more to Memphis or Little Rock, near train fare (or round trip. LOCAL CALL . . . Twin Gables 35c Midnight Inn . 50c Golf Club.:. 50c Manila $4.00 Osccola . : $4.00 Other places In CMnpariMn. J. R. Payne, manager l»ke MI* Main . Following is the schedule for Political Rallies prior to July 30 voting, and again prior to Aug. 13 voting: Kirsl iif these \vill lit Tluirstiay a( \Vliillon, followed hy annlhcr I-'rijliiy :il I'awlici'ii mid unf Sahinlay a( Dycss for this week's throe rallies. A riilly has been s-duxhik'il for noxl Monilay at .Imncr, Tuesday al l.osl Cant 1 , Wi'iliurtlay. ,}uly 17, al West Kidice; 'I'hur.silay, July 18, :il Dell; l-'riday. July 111, Huffman: !-':ilnni;iy. .July 20, Leachville. The \vi-ek of .Inly 22 schedule shows Monday, Hurdctle; Tuesday, Gosnell; Wednesday, iMillii;an i{idi;e; Thursday, Half Moon; Friday. Osccola; Saturday, ^lanila. Ulytlicvillc is listed ;is dale nf (he final rally before (he first election, July 20. This advertisement paid for Jefferson W. Speck Candidate for Stale Senator Subject lo Democratic Primaries Garbage Cat) with Cover 1.58 lin;| gnl«mliod slcel .. . hoi di|j]).;d allet loimiiig to seal warns P.eady- LinedBrl-KO Shoes •xch. 2.79 "Supremo Quo'.ily" ... coinplelo for 2 v/heels. Ifnginecicd liniiuj; pei led riling; laboratory tesledl ! Now Riverside k Plu-js! 5 v/ar-deYeicped improvement! increase >our goi-niileaqe . l)^blo;:irjiU3i 3uy u :el VO'OAVI Polding Indoor Dryer 2,95 Easy lo uiiiold, won'l tip. Sinoolh wool! "Cn'l liuricibrics. 24" bais rc-vc^e- ''•'••' lirviito lP«ce. , Flashlight Cells Reduced! 5c Dcn'l i ' fhii rcro chanca lo bi.'y it cells at a bargain price! Regular iiiJ . . . shorlpioof top, "Alr-Wlck" Kills Odori! .... freshcni snioUc-rilled rooms, ttoj- e»i! relieves cooking od.n%. Easy tp use . .. ]usl pull up vackt Wards Scrcett Door Closer 1,29 MaVos your jcrccn daor always sht'l qykhl/ end ^ui-rllyl Tor light or Icfl-liand door. 15'/j". C'it^e Tubular It' '.. v,tlh a li-jndle i one iii!". Vt.ob en clUcr For A filni o! DL)| gives proleclion lo rcoiui wciit aflc. spioying! KiUs r,:*.. *tr- Tr-Uovf diieclions. . 29c Do, For standard Moion jars. No rubbers neeihd. Buy oil your conning supplies at VVuids , . . save! Twin Trumpet Auto Horn 4.85 Gives loud, p [easing bTasli Heavy- gauge sleel . . . buill-in relayl taiy to iiulaili Biacket included! Fait-aclianl Apply lightly. W'P« off ... cleans, palishei in ons nnnralianl prolongs car flnilM "Lowford" (Tennis I Racket 3 95 5-ply, faminaled Ash frame. Silk- sliung. Leather grip, bult. Tennis Balis 3 for 1.33 '^' 4.25' A hunrfio<ii» iiee'^ *u!l type cab•i'^1 priceJ tow! Ideal foi jmall si? easily -Irom fine cjm;)iile shuf-ofF- Slean io pioveiit Seakaga, Coyer t J8 »q- H. Keep snug Ihit winter, cooler next iumm«r with Rock V/ool Injulalion, rti/t^inilall... it'* granuln^^l Long-weaiing! Tough, non-jkid treo<l. fils 22'/3 incli nms. Qallaon Bi'.e Tube 95: Wards Finest Barn Point Go I. in 5'i Tough and waterproof! Makes f-.:,n rwildlngs losl longer. With* tinndi icvere weather change*. I 75 SELF-VENTILATED CLOTHES HAMPER 6.95 Closely woven fiber body; panel front. Snioo'.'i enamel finish will not chip or discolor. Self-ven!r- latcd . . . fiber woven so air circulates through clolhes. 12x22- THE NEW RIVERSIDES ARE NOW EVEN STRONGER THAN OUR PRE-WAR TIRES! Yes! You get added strength and added safety on the new Ward Riversides! Why? Because each corci is stronger to begin wi'lh, chemically-strengthened to i (cry slrongsr longer! Then liquid-dipped llo "weld" them together) and cushioned in rubber! finally, each ply is cemented before vulcanizing for a greater protection against separation, bruises and blow-outs! OIL SALE! WARDS NEW VITALIZED OIL 19c fa you/ tanta'nc Ptvs federal Jc Wards new improved premijm grade motor oil c/earises as If lubricales! Tliat's why it makes your engine run cooler, smoother . . . lasl longer! So stock up now and save ot this sale price! CANVAS COVERS FOR EVERY NEED 4.25 Heavy, oil-free, v/aterproofcd canvas! Dojblc-stilched seams! 8 x 10 feet 7.7.5 9% x 12 feet 9.95 12 x 14 feet 13.95 14/2 x 20 feel 22.50 1OOO-WATT A.C. POWERLITE PLANT 298.50 •7?r~ •"•"" J lie modern Electricity al the snap of a switch! let Poworlilc help you run your home and (aim —give you more leisure time. Operating costs are very low. Also in 350- to 35,000- watt sizes. BRIGHTEN WALLS WITH KEM-TOME! 98 C Quoit ~-;,:-i*.£j Just roll or brush Kern-Tone on your walls. One coot covers most interior surfaces ... dries in 1 hour without odor! 'Gallon takes care of average room. Washable. Water-lhmned. Gal. .2.93 MONTGOMERY y-Sf'tr' *'*>S* ftJUR CREDIT... *? V ^ -\ AA abo\)t ai\lf eonveoienf mont*''^ tprniv. MANY OTHER VA I |I\_S

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