Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1896
Page 4
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Gray's CORNER. On tho .following Items: All kinds of warm weather goods; all Mmls of gau/.e underwear for ladles, gents ami cliililrcii; nil kinds of gold, silk ami leather belts: ;Ul uhuis Of laws and trimmings and all other kinds of goods. DAILY JOURNAL- Published every day In tho week (except Monday) by the Losransnort Journal Company. W, S. WRIGHT President A. HARDY Vice President C. W. GRAVES Secretary 3, B. BOYER Treasurer Price per Annum ......J-1.80 Price per Month 40 Ofllclal Paper of City and County. (Entered £S second-class mall-matter at tho Lotratisport Post Olllce, February S. 1S8S. MEXICAN VETERANS. Hon. Rufus flngee Returns From a Reunion at"Lexington," Ky. SUNDAY, ,n;NE K ISUG, Greatest Discovery or trie Century. 19th Or. To»£lle'M NK\V KFMKDY Mcilliuitcil Air For the Cure ul 1 Cutnrrli, Aritliinti und all I'ulmonnrj- Discuses, It lias no equal for i'lumil Ncrvniia H«ul- f, l.MlOMI people iiiimKtlly from tho n;imal dtM';iSi:'a. suffer "'H' '""i -n Mncliciitwl Air Is oiwl to c.ii-t) jou. Wedicutuil.\lriuid IJrnK Co., Richmond, Ind., U. S. A. It la :he bust remedy on earth for La .^pe. It will give Immediate relief n*i£ will uffect a cure where all other ifamedles fall, •old by B. F. Keesllng. Among the many rocklos promises of Di'moonit.s was ihe death of trusts resulting from (lie promised Introduction of free trade, and yet wie ut' the. leading Democratic od-iitoax recently said that tho day that passed without (lie form- Ing of a trust was a rcd t letter date. Tlie follOM-hii,' is from ihe New York Times. (Derj.) The maiuinfactlirci's Of bol-ls and nuts, following the example of the nail inhk- ITS and mamil'ac-tureis of shovels aud I lie combined producers ni sovwal other branches hi the iron and steel ijidustr.v. have Conned a combination, fhe first effect of the .'jioveinenit. being an lu- eroase of prices by ~>Q per cent. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT. $200.000 J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullery. VIco President. H. J. Heltbrlnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. J. F. Johnson. S. TV. Ullery. J, T. Elliott W. M. Elliott, W. H. Snider. Buy aivj soil Government bonds. Loan money on personal security and collater- eJa. Issue special eortmcatea of dopoglta oearlnfir C x>or cent, interest when left one year; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited Blx months, Boxca in Safety Deposit Vaults of this bulk for tho deposit of deeds. Insurance Mllclea, mortfrapres nn d other valluables, rented at from J5 to J15 per year. WliiMi a seveiiry-yeaii'-old niaitron rites jrirlisbly of t.lie indecency of our .uroverunicnt aiul 'its lack or H'l'^ni.'iess involved La an inialtrat-t.ive li^rure- liead, it is l.i'inc Hire I'ool killer made a iH'<,'leor.ed family eutiirely moiliei'loss. PraMIe fram an old newspaper writer d!' e.ii'het 1 sex, is excusable. 11 is fOiiiceileil uliar, rite JSrltisli army h; the friva-lest t>Ji o.vuUi, but Wie .American \vlio notes t:liat 1'aet sliould a.dd a clause saytuR that ,\merien.n people, available for pa-tiroM;ic: servk-e, I'OT\TI an Lnvlucible W E never put up any Flour under A.TW nt.hAr "Rhnnrl fltftn rtni- nnrn OUT any other than our own. Magnolia Patent Flour I« Guaranteed to be Tweuty per •ent better than any other JPlour ntade in the State.. Peru Milling Co. If Gc-n. Fit-/. Loe si>oa.ks tlic feeliu^ oif his backer ait Wasbiiiifrton, OJi tbe Cuban QuesKoii. ilic suspicion tliat Mr. Clovelaml fe not in sympatJiy vrkh Cubans, or .in toucii \\-h,h Americans, Is cottlirmcd. Tbe now U. S. Consul a.t Havana taJks of "comiuereial relations." wlcli Hie saimo disregard of fciio fecHns Hi-j't fills «jc huraaji heart wHili pirj- for oppressed liberty-lovers 'fli.it bis fellows <liBplaye<l sometlji'njr over tiiinly, yosi.rs apo. Tlio best thing Gen. Lee can do Ls to cease babbling and be an AiucriCiin. The Hon. Ritfiis Magec has returned from attending a reunion of Mexican veterans ait Lexington, Ky. The alT.lir wa-s a most pleasant one from all poliws 1 of view. The -.Tounui-1 was presented. wJtii'n copy-'of the iEcxIiigt'on Herald, containing an iicumijit of a recepdion given 'in honor oil' die veterans at the; home of Major McDowell. Tbe wife or Major McDowell is a daughter; o Lieut. Col. Henry Olay, who was killet at Buena Vista. Tho hosts were madt honorary mcjnJier.s O'f tbe assQeiali»ia ol vet< v ra.ns. The Herald continues: "Major McDowell acknowledged tlic honor, and at the closi; ol' bis address our old friend Col. MCVailin, of Hie Wabash, marshal of Uie assocla-tkm. stepped forward from die wide circle of veterans formed at the foot: of 'i.lif skme arras, upon u'h'ieh stood Major and Mvs. McDowt'll and fiinni'ly duriii-g i-he cert'inouies, wiih lilii! rein.-iiitiinig speakers ol' Hie a-l'ter- noon, and himi.ng his eagle eye upon tlw UiTOng addressed them In a speech we (."loqiKml iribii'le !u his entertain'!» Uie very gm-and on which he stood, to tlie nobli' hospitality of tlie Blue Grass, to the beamy of Kentucky wme.il, and to tlie gulilcii odors of Ihe noble'punch- wit bin.'deserves lo be eui- baJincd aiating .(lie arc-ltices of (he as- sociai-iou. "Un.fo-rluuat.ely. it was extempore, ami tlioirefore ITS iinust itijrbls ami thelinedl: sparkle nf its wit is Jost, save to the -niiejiiory O'f l.ljose who' heard it. Suilice it. to say Col. McT'iid'n's speech wa-s t/lit bit ol' veteran eloquence, as it was :;.ls» the soul of consideration, for- getilng uoi'htag— no detail of the pleasure g-h-en Jii'iti and luis comrades, nor fbe beauty, personal ami scientific, of l be bond. He liad attended, he said various meeting,? of Ms association-, NorrH, Soiitili, East ,-Liid West, but'nev- er before had they been entertained so graciously as now; yud never stiir- by sueb : associations aiid such today (Sunday);lit.12:30 p. in.', to attend tbe funeral of our late Brother B. S. Clevenger. . Members fit Logan lodge" No. 40, Godbnrdt lodge No. 574, and all sojourning members iu good standing are iuvlted to participate •wjfli us. ' ' H. A. BROWN, N. 0. ,7. D: ALLISON. Scc'y. THE PUBLIC GARDEN PLOT Success of the " Pingree Plan" At Kokomo. Tbe lexicographers will be compelled to l-ake notice o-f a new phrase. T "riogree PJ.-Hi" will bereaftei- be a s.vn- onyin for n novel-plan lo-aid the poor. Mayor Pingree of Di'tro-ir, is responsible for the experiment, which has provided n.ia-ny a poor family with rlnr means of living, when employment has been as bard to obtain as h:is been (lie case siii.ce Democracy paved Ihe way to the poor bouse. The I'i-ugree plan is being tried at Ko- nw) ibi.s sivisou, aud Uie Tribune nt iat city says <.it its success: "Mayor Kirlqiatnck aixl T;'us-lee wiun made a tnnr of Ihe lown Thm-s- lay, viewing the lols put out under tin; Delro-it plan Ihii^ siiring, by j)oor fa miles. hi'sc oflicials were not out bugg-ing beir Phigree iiol'iitrics. as an observer night ba.ve conjectured, Ihousli ii woulil J;ave conn; to that had they found any bus's. "There arc over forty of these lots under cultivation, bavin.!* Irish potatoes, sweet: potatoes, beans, corn, and other garden- vegetables growing on them. These lots ba.ve been put under cultivation at 11 cost o-f but twenty cents per lot and a splendid result is conlidenljy expected. "Our people were a -b'ltle slow to take bold of this project, but Uie result this year will convince all that it Is a good thing for the cirty. It: is expected that the work will be carried on on a m.uoh larger sctile next season." - LOGAN5PORT, = Saturday, June 27 Absolutely the same exhibitions will bo given here as tbe dedicatory exhibitions which wore given for two weeks. .Tune 1 to 14, 1SOO nt tlie creit Phi cago Coliseum. ( ' BUFFALO BILL'S WILD WEST . AND . Congress -OF- ROUGH RIDERS OF THE WORLD An exact duplicate, man for man. a.nd 'horse for horse of t.he exhibitions given at the Columbian World's Fair a I: Ohi-cago in ISO.'?, all summer in New York in .1894, aii<l in ICO o.f the principal cities of l.ho east in ISO.". ORGANIZED ON THE MOST LAVISH SCALE, WITH nORE MEN, MORE HORSES, MORE CARS THAN ANY TWO EXHIBITIONS. Ami perfected in a.ll the details iliat. Ui e combined managerial experience anil wcalitlh commanded by the trio of Triumphant Careered Caterers to public instruction and entertainment. NATE KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. England tmmufachirers depend on A,rne.rleams -for support. The year 1SQ-1 was the wonst year t'lie iron niauu-fae- turere of England had had since 1S67. The reason was the collapse .of tho American demaml. In flic early 'ei-ghtles we took-20 per cent, of their railway exports,. In 1S05 America de- mauded less thnn ~> per ec<ut, of tbe -'sMiin.ings. Tlie-production under protection in this country made America independent and gave employment aJid wages to tbon&mds who will cheer and vote for McKiuIev. bcau'ty ol' nature as crowded upon them at Ashland. His eager comrades closing up a 'little, 'not-to lose-any of flic baJil of wit Jailing, from Col. McFad- Ju's lips, bo requested 'tliem not in crowd l.h-e mourners, and closed wit!) a bit of his own family tree, which made himself one-fourth Scotch, one- four* Irish, oue-4'.ourth Dutch, with not a little of the antique. 610 BROADWAY. JERSEY ICE CREAM, Bett in the City. Little Candy Kitchen, 814 Pearl Street. AU of our fine bon bone 25e a pound Though tbe Republican cause Is strengthened every day the Gonuan- Wllsou law reunalnis iu force, it .is at tho expense of rite, people, and tbe Republican party docs uoit take pleasure In its deadly eoutinuauee. Had it been rwssiblo the majority would -have throttled TJie deficit makers long ago. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Flro and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and •oUcits a Bharo of the public patronage. Hone but First Class Companies Ropre- wnted. Frohiilritiomsts, as was expected, split OIL tlic money question. Twelvd members or the county mass couven- 1 ti-ou did a regulation, "bolt" ou a suiaM scale, It Js a question H the party of cool spring waiter gaims by dividing on an issue tlta-t: did not enter into tbe Orst concept ton of fcbe'orjrnnizatlon. FIRE, WORKS STILL ALIVE. Mr. Bigley of the Fair is Burfied —Big Explosion. Mr. Bigley, proprietor -of the .Flair, was severely burajcd Friday afternoon by tbe explosion of a large lire cracker. He was looking at .some of the' '. works of the old Hanna stock to see it t'hey were in explosi-ve order. He lighted one and when it failed- to explode in the proper lime he Oiought it bad gone •out and pi-eked Jit up. It went off and severely bum-od his hand and scattered sjxirks In -a box ol lire works and they too exploded and severely burned his face and rieck. Mr. Bigley now knows tli'a.t the old stock is In an excellent state of preservation. THE MOTHERS- MEETING. The Mothers' meeting, as announced, was held Tcbursday at the Baptist church. TJiere was a good attendance o:f tho mothers, and tlie preachers were represented by tlie Revs. Huckleberry, wJio opened -t'.ho -meeting witii a short talk, Semans and Coolbaugh. Mrs. Dewey, who is conducting an Industrial school in-the city, read a most excellent paper-on "T.he Needs of Training the Young." Dr. -Powell gave a talk that should have been beard by all parents of- children. It was tbe general opinion flint tbe question discussed be agitated, and something practical done for oho young. Another meeting will be lield next Thursday, a-t .3 o'clock p. m. Fathers nud mothers are urged to-at tenil. PARIS, BRUS- OX A LONG RIDE, South Bend TrJbiiue: Noruiaji De- Beaux and John LaFraiicc. two long distance .bicycle riders from Hie east, passed through hero this morning at r-:30. They are making an attempt to lower the record between New York ami the Golden Gate. They were ac- companiled by A. ,T. Vernier, their manager diirfiig the trip. The men expect- to -make tbe distance in 44 days, and were :2 .hours a-Lead of their schedule when tliey reached here. ' CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER :-: No. 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or nteht. Central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 121. Two arctic explorers are racing for the frozen .regions, ejich hi quest of a meteorite as big as a lnouse. The body Js said lo be worth 950,000. The average citizen would rather hold Hie watch on this race than start in it. A HANDICAP- RACE. Ferguson & Jeuks ancMheir cniplAyas wlM ride a half mile ha-ndica-p bicycle race tomorrow oveiiimg nt tm> .drLrlug. pat-k. 'J'be nice will be called at 7.:;5o o'clock. Tlic foUmviug will bo tho handicap: Gluts. . Ferguson, scratch; Henry Stoll, 20 yards; J. D. Ferguson, 120 yards; A. P. Jcnks, .130 yards;-w! P. Seclaiu, 350 yards; Fred Schumann, ICO yards. . Fred Davis, referee; Mary Welch, .Tudge; Warren Ferguson, starter. For a purse o'f $5.00. Governed by L. A-.-.W rides. , . .-,.- DR. S. H. WARD. HOnCEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Ov<r Tnylors jewelry store- Residence 013 !North Street. T-ho bicycle is not in accord -\vi-tk tlic plumber's idea of 1'taie-kflliTig at the expanse of the paitron. Tlve National Plumbers' nasociisiiHwu has prohibited Iifcs use by members lx)lng to and from work. The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE tJnloue, Efficient, Labor Saving-. Will •prfnkle four tlmea prcatcr area than any «th«rs. Highest award at the Chicago Exposition. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC, •ol* Manufacurers, Sprlngnold, Mass. F«r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber . ftoreg In the fnltcd States. WANTED. One who ihcard TiUman suggests that be lui-ro a dignified substitute lo read lii-s liaraugue. Me wiU save himself trouble, and Democrats a constant annoyance by this plan. Mr. Morton and Mr. Allison will watch with Interest the ivtthclrawal of Mr. .Quay's name at the close of Gov. Ilastiug's speech presenting him. FELL FROM A TRAIN. 'Friday at Denhaan, .while .Hea-rj Brook-ine.yor, Jr., was bonrdiug a local freiglit, he wa,a thrown violently to.tlau ground a,nd severerly bruised about.tbe face, hands and limbs. He was brougl-n to the city aud taken to bis lioauo.in Ibe East.cnd where be will be conHncd.for .some time. It is n'UJi small regret we note the suspension of our esteemed.contemporary, (lie Congressional Record. • THE ANNUAL SERMON. Tho court of Foresters will altend services «!: l:)ie Oumbei'lantl Presbyter; lau church fbis morjiJjrg. Tbe address will be made, by the Rev, 'C. B. Wellborn. In the evening he will laik-lo young men. . . , "THE WORLD DO MOVE." Terre Haute Tribume: Tlie Jeffersou- viUc World, with Will ami Bert Small at the helm, is rapidly becoming one of the leading Republican papers in Southern 1 Indiana. Twice as much local matter is given now as formerly rm<] it is spicily told. As further evidence that "tlie World do move," i-t may be stated that i.t Is profiling in a handsome now Hoe press and will soon 'have one of the beist equipped plants in rJuir portion of the country. SALSBURY, JAS. A BAILEY AND COL, WILLIAM F. CODY. /.'MM Assuring 'to the public n production of America's National Entertainment •In a colossal manner, equaling if not surpassing the magnificence of massive magnitude a.t , NEW YORK, LONDON, ROME. VIENNA, BERLIN, SELS, ajid at The Colombian World's Fair CHICAGO. W-here the multitudinous millions meted equal lionors to The Whiter Tented Cities New, Eniargwl and Augmented The Original Wild West' Absorbs Primitive aud Civilized Horsemanship. READ THE ARRAY That Nations Furulsh and Races are Exhausted to Complete. All kinds, all colors, all tongues, all mien fraternally inii'UgJed iu tbe picturesque racj:il camp, .ill bora Hereditary Princes of the Saddle. 100 INDIAN WARRIORS, OgalMln, Brulc, Uncapapp. Sious, Cheyenne ami Arapahoe Tribes. i30 American Cowboys. 30 Mexican Vaqiic-ros and Ruralies. 30 SouM.t- American Gaucbos. r>0 Western. Pwmtt«rsvmc:n, Marksmen, etc. ' ' , 25 Kedouiu Arabs. 20 Russian Cossacks of tlie Caucasus. DeticlUmcJit of U. S. Cavalry. Royal Ii-ish-Esigiisb Lancers. French Chasseurs. m w, At present -the total area of the United State is 26 per cent, of the total. This' docs not include Alaska and the Imtlaii reservation. We consume approximately 24,000,000,000 cubic fe of timber annuallv. The Prohibitionists can hardly bop to carry this county with their forct divided-12 to S. But 'ris said misfo times.never come singly. First Edito Fen ton-split 'iriimsell' 011 the Anofcn. Hi and now his parly has taken a hcadei •11 NOTICE. All members of Eel-River lodge, No. I. O. O. P., a-rc hereby notified Co The Democrats ilnim, corps have 01 lerecl drums -through W. T. Giffe'l'roir l Cincinnati- house. Tliey are expoclci to arrive in-.1.-few days. A special of- thirteen coaches loadei with, liej)ublicaiis on the way"'to St Lo-ni.s, passed Wirough on the Waba"5T last night at..1.1:00.. It is amushi.g to hear Hie talk of a "logtoil" candi.daite-in the Chicago convention. . ' . i «ENT3 WANTED; Now book; Illustrated and A Dramntlo History of the =t Louis Ctclone, JJI graphic (iccoiiTit or I'eniJi anil Devastation ratTofk) TeriJ S S ' ef ' D " rcmy * Co - C1 "<:">- TLfEN to tnkc order? In evpry'town nnd cltr; no .,,-J. Steadj hc'rk. '' GLEN BROS. 0 ." 1 "" Kochester, N. Y, I Teanossee is trying to take credit for the Indiana rtepublican financial plank. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest li7.& t Gov't Report Hoa. Lev! P.Mortoii says he will Lave first pla.ce or notlilng. . Mark Hnnna's victory beats tbe rec- orcls the bosses. Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE $)^ '.'Mi ..tCFV •"'•irt^' i tjfc^ -pi^'ll^V^l f^*Z$^ ^.,/4 '(V AH under l!hc command of Col.W.F. CODY-BUFFALO BILL XJie L-AS l 1 IIEBD ol: BUFPAJLO ONLY HERD ON EXHIBITION. •This' enormous outfit is 1 transported in special railroad trains. Using its own specially constructed rolling stock, 4ihc largest of Traveling Com-infem-, Dormi'toiT, and. Equerry A<xx>m,i;io<.lain'ous, cotnplete in every pamticulaJ', and equaling the requirements of the modern methods of moving A FULLY EQUIPPED ARMY IN TIME OF WAR. Carrying all -t.be paraphernalia ueces- saj-y to 1 A covered grand stand seating twenty thousand pe.rsons, assuring perfect. sfiielter from Uie sun or rain. So org.-iim;;cd and so arranged as to 'camp close to i:he ciity i-u an easy accessible IflcaiJou. Oai the first, day of arrival there wiM be given A Free Street Cavalcade At 10 a. m., by detailed detachments from caeOi division (Wiilcl Horses, Buf- f:ilo, entitle, etc.. being necessarily guai-dwl in <suup). "So that he who runs may read." T3ie march will bo enlivened by O ' MAGNIFICENT TlrTTOTr*- O HANDS OF ' 111 L OiL/ Led by the Ka-med. World-Traveled Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band- f.L« 'largest Poi-table' Double Electric At aig-ut a briJliant electric display by lyot of 250,000 eaiidJe power yet constructed ifor any siniihir purpose. Two cih-cnte ensui-Jtag a, perfectly reliable ?llumi3iaition. making 'night: as light as day. ' ' ' ' ' ' • Two ExWbitions Daily. Rain or Sl3ine. Atfternoou at 2 o'clock; uiglit at S o'clock. Doors open one hour earlier, as light as day and as complete in detail. General admission, 50c; cbll- ren-under 0 years, 2ijc. Numbered coupon, actually reserved, 1 seats'will be old on the day of exbibWon a.t Jobnstcoi's dnig- store, coi-ner Fourth streirt) nd Broadway. . jf.'ff,!';«'-!i : ' v • ™' ; ;"j '"i" ''. : '•' T', : ' •'!-' ••'

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