The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on June 4, 1966 · Page 26
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 26

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1966
Page 26
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EIGHT iMA ****** iV. VV-iiliyrMi JtMH *i*«*V THE HERALD-MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND *· ll»t;t -f AH WO*At* SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 1965 TV LOG SATURDAY 1:00 (44-11) Baseball -Dodgers vs. Met* 2:15 (9) Baseball -- Senator* vs. White Sox 1:30 (7) Bowlers' Chain 5:00 (2-9) Horse Race -- The Belmont, $125,000 added (7-13) Gymnastics-The National AAU Gymnastics Championships (11) Wrestling 6:00 (11) Teens' Bowling SUNDAY 12 noon (7) Pro Bowling 1:30 (8) Baseball -- Phillies vs. Giants 2:00 (13) Baseball -- Athletics vs. Orioles 2:15 (9) Baseball-Senators vs. White Sox 2:30 (2) Softball; Bowling 3:00 (7) Teens' Bowling 4:00 (4-11) NBC Sports in Action 5:00 (7-11) Golf -- The Memphis Open, final round MONDAY 0:00 (13) Baseball -- Orioles vs. Senators TUESDAY 1:00 (9) Baseball -- Senator* vs. Orioles FRIDAY 7:30 (9) Baseball -- Senators vs. Indians 'Second City' Satirizes Marriage NEW YORK -- The satirical "Second City Review" will take an irreverent look at marriage on ABC News' "Directions '66" Sunday (ABC- TV. 1-1:30 p.m.. EDT1. The program, the first in a three-part series dealing with the problems of social communication, will be followed by a drama on the conflicts between generations and their difficulty in achieving mutual understanding, and concludes with a powerful film documentary on what life is like without language -- a study of the world of .the deaf. The initial telecast of the series represents a departure for "Directions" in that the program will be virtually spontaneous. The "Second City" group, now in rehearsal and working without a script, are meeting to discuss outlines for their commentary. When the show goes to (ape, they will s i m p l y augment or refine their saliric iiienl about marriage. Included in the company are Mike Howard, Gene Hackman, Tom Aldred»e, Mina Kolb and Sandra Kaufman, all of whom have worked on "The Premise." The program is being produced by ABC News in cooperation with the National Council of Catholic Men. NAVAL ACTION -- Red Buttons, Gig Young. Shirley Jones and Carolyn Jones (left to right) star in "A Ticklish Affair," romantic comedy about a Navy widow with three fun-loving sons and the Navy officer who wants to join their family, on NBC Television Network's "Tuesday Night at the Movies" colorcast. (Repeat). Tuesday TUESDAY, JUNE 7 EVENING :M (44-11) News, Weather, Sport* (S) Cartoon Cut-Up* (7-9) News, Weather t:25 (2-13) News 6:30 (2) News (44-11) News-Huntley- Brinkley (5) Lawman (13) Leave It hi Beaver 6:45 (7) Sports, Local News 7:00 (2-11) News, Weather, Sports (4) News, Sport* (color) (5) Twilight Zone (7) Wells Fargo (8) Lawman (9) News 7:10 (13) News, Weather 7:30 (2) State Trooper (44-11) My Mother, the Car Mclher helps Dave Impress two stiff-necked council members who are interviewing prospects for a fudgeship. (R) (5) Movie (7-13) Combat! Private Marsh Is pinned by a fallen beam. He swears the information he has Will Qo back with him or not at all. Rerun. (t) A Day On Cheaspeaki Bay Maryland's governor J, MB- lard Tawes and Julian Barber cruise the Chesapeake Bay from Annapolis to the Eastern Shore. Rerun. 1:00 (2) Smothers Brother* Angel Tommy plans to do his bumbling best to iav* · widows boarding house. (It) (44-11) Pl*a*t Don't Eat The Dailies After seven yews in Africa, Joan's fattier arrives " visit. Rerun. (9) Baseball- Senators vs. Orioles 8:30 (2) Red Skelton Guests are Milton Berfe and Linda Bennett. Rerun. (4-S-T1) Dr. Kildare Part 1. Pelis Hillman, Companred by missionary nurse Lydia MeGuire, arrives at Blair tor treatment of what appears to be an unusual case of pneumonia. Rerun. (7-13) McHaie's Navy » After catching McHale and his men at a luau witti some native girls, Binqharnton puts the village off limits. Rerun. 9:00 (4-8-11) Movie (5) Movie (7-13) F Troop Agarn's hitch Is up In a week, and Captain Parmenter wants him to re-enlist. (R) 9:30 (2) Petticoat Junction Lisa Douglas Invites Betty Jo to spend a weekend in New York. Rerun. (7-13) Peyton Place Lee is angry wltti Chfti tor talking to Sfevtnj Rodney flrx Allison make a decision about their future. 10:00 (2) CBS New* Special "The Antl - Americans," a examination of the depth an extent of Antl - Americanism abroad, and what tht U.S Government Is doKV to 1m prove our Image. (7-13) FHftitivo Part \. Gerard tatomipt Ms vacation when If Is iMmad that someone has sinned me name Richard Klmble on on employe sign-out sheet. (R) 11:N (2--7-9-13) Newi, Weather, Sporti (44-11) News, Weather, Sports (S) Alfred Hitchcock 11:M (2) Movie 11:2$ (9) Movie 11:30 (4-8-11) Johnny Carson (7) Movie (13) Merv Griffia 12:00 (5) News, Weather, Sports 11:10 (5) Law and Mr. Jones 1:00 (4-13) News, Weather (11) Movie 1:05 (4) International Zone) (0) News, Weather, Sports 1:1! (2) News Wednesday Colonial Hardwood Flooring Co. Inc. Complete Line Standard or Custom-Built Maryland Maid Kitchen and Accessories Free Planning Service 511 W. Washington RE gent Hagerstown, Md. »-5S» WEDNESDAY, JUNE t EVENING s:00 (4-8-11) News, Weather Sports (5) Yogi Bear (7-9) News, Weather 6:15 (2-13) News 6:30 (2) News (44-11) Huntley-Brinkley . ( 5 ) Texan (13) Leave It to Beaver 6:45 (7) Sports, Local Newt 7:00 (2-11) News, Weather, Sports (4) News, Sports (color) (5) Twilight Zone (7) Bachelor Father (8) Colt ,4S (9) News - Cronktte 7:10 (13) News, Weather, Sports 7:30 (2-9) Lost in Space Dr. Smith sets off an explosion in a bog, arousing an invisible, indestructible and IrresistRjte creature. Rerun. (44-11) Virginian Trampas is annoyed as his girl friend Janet is attracted to Eastern financier Robert Gaynor. Rerun. (5) Alfred Hitchcock r7) Batman Part 1. Jervts Tetch, !he Mad Hatter, has sworn revenge on the 12 jurors who sent him fo prison. Rerun. (13) Jesse James 8:00 (5) 77 Sunset Strip (7-13) Patty Duke The Lanes' family routine teeters on the brink of chaos when Patty Invites Richard to be her house guest for week. Rerun. 8:30 (2-9) Charlie Brown's All-Stars The baseball season Is In full swing, but manager Charlie Brown finds his team has lost Interest. (7-13) Blue Light Part ]. March arranges _ trip to Berlin to free sdetv- tist Felix Eckhardt, wt0 U not In prison. Rerun. 9:00 (2-9) Green Acres Oliver purchases · farm In Hootervilie. Rerun. (44-11) Bob Hop* When a freighter sinks tn the Soutti Pacific, the only survivors are Irish La Fontaln and a young widow of · missionary doctor. (S) Movie (7-13) Bis Valley Gang leader Sam Beldon, who wants to learn to read and write, orders his men to kidnao a teacher -- but the outlaws take Victoria by nut- take. Rerun. 9:30 (2-9) Dick Van Dyke Laura Is a contestant on a nationally televised game show hosted by Johnny Patrick, who is known for tricking his guests Into making embarrassing admissions. Rerun, 10:00 (2-9) Danny Kaye Guests are Richard Crenna, Nana Mouskourl and Herman's Hermits. Rerun. (44-11) I Spy Kelly and Scott look for Michael Fane, who Is supposed to give them Information on remote-control missile systems. Rerun. (7-13) Long Hot Summer 11:00 (2-7-9) News, Weather, Sports (44-11) News, Weather, Sports (5) Alfred Hitchcock 11:20 (2) Movie 11:55 (9) Movie 11:30 (44-11) Johnny Carson (7) Movie (13) Merv Griffin 12:00 (5) News, Weather 12:10 (5) Law and Mr. Jones 1:00 (4-13) News, Weather (11) Movie 1:05 (2) Newt (4) A Moment With 1:15 (9) News, Weather, Sport* 'Ages Of Man' Director Had Hard Time At First NEW YORK -- W i l l i a m Shakespeare said it, in Act in, Scene 4, of "King John": "When fortune means to men most good, she looks upon them with a threatening eye." Veteran television director Paul Bogart knows from personal experience just what the Bard was talking about. Some months back Bogart's career vrss capped by one of the most rewarding assignments for which a director could hope -- directing Sir John Gielgud in the television adaptation of the famed actor's one-man Shakespearean stage production, "Ages of Man." "Ages of Man" was shown on the CBS Television Network last January, it earned such acclaim that it is being rebroadcast as a two-part drama special on Family" as an assistant director. "The director had been in the habit of taking one week off each month," Bogurt says. "He insisted, over my protests, that I direct when he w a s away. I was terrified, but I went through with it. If it came off at all, it was due to the actors. They carried me through four performances. H was a good thing, too. The director had stuck around to watch my work. "It was the most exciting time of my life. Remember, this was the period when almost all television shows were done live. Mistakes were wit- the second they occurred." In the past 12 years Bogart has directed episodes of television dramas on "Circle The"U. S. Steel Hour," "Show of the Month." "T h e Defenders" and many other notable series. There are less exciting television directing jobs t h a n guiding a Sir John Gielgud through an "Ages of Man," which Paul Bogart knew only too well when he undertook the task. But he was a natural for it. he Network on Fridays, June 3 and 10 (10:0011:00 PM). What has now made Paul Bogart's direction of "Ages of Wan" for television doubly rewarding is the honor accorded he broadcast Sunday, May 22 when it won the 1965 - 66 Smmy award of the National Academy of Television* · Arts and Sciences as the outstand- ng single dramatic program of he year. The distinguished director's mtrance into television 15 /ears ago didn't come easily. To borrow another phrase from he Bard, "We will draw the curtain and show you the pic- »? spent a long time trying 0 get into this business," Bo- covered a sound effects lapse gait recalls. "My life was at b .y wailing as the squad car 1 low ebb when THE call ame. I was driving a truck to provide for my family when ie producer of 'Broadway 3pen House' offered me the tage manager's job on the how. We were all learning in lose days, and I made my hare of mistakes. But you :arn by doing -- which, inci- entally, is how I became a irector." After "Broadway O p e n fouse" he went on to Sid Caesar's "Show of Shows," The Aldrich Family," the Ictor Borge specials and oth- rs, still as a stage manager. lien he joined "One Man's Cop-Criminal? Gale Gordon of "The Lucy Show" recalls one difficult radio assignment. One of the other actors became ill, so Gordon played his own role as a policeman, and doubled as :he criminal he captured. Then, for good measure, he says he covered a sound effects lapse by wailing as the squad car siren that approached when he made the arrest. I NOW OPIN AT 1724 Virginia Ave. CITGO I KEITH'S I CITGO SERVICE · RE f-3*2l

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