The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY; APRIL is, 1950 BLTTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE mm Cooked Bananas No Novelty Now New Variations " Offer Quick) Easy Dishes for Spring Cooked bananas are no longer t novelty to enterprising homemakers. They have tried cooking the banana by baking,'broiling or pan * Irving and have used it in their t nus as" a quick and easy'dfsli that as nourishing as It is delicious. Bananas have a mellow, tropical flavor that Is more than ever emphasized by cooking the fruit. Por- tu'natcly, it is a flavor so subtle that it blends with many different combinations of foods Just as the uncooked banana blends with many fruils in fruit cups and fruit salads. The 'amiability ot flavor • of the banana lends itself.,to many littl additions of flavor contrast. when the bnnann Is cooked. The lates , of these Is a novel trimming borrowed from the European countries where the cooking is rich and jnter esting. That trimming is a snow - while topping of sour cream serve the cooked banana in stil another delicious way. The whol peeled bananas may be either bake! or broiled and" when they arc pip ing hot and fork tender, each" 1 topped with a 1J4 cup of sour crc-an and served at once. This delicious variation may be adapted to either main course or .desert service. If •the sour cream topped banana, is' to be served as vegetable, n dusting of paprika is an appropriate addition. If it Is to be served for dessert, it can be sprinkled with sugar, salt, nutmeg or clrjnamon,'or served plain. ' • For those who have not yet en- -}oyed the treat of cooked bananas, « recipes lor broiling and baking Included. t • • Baked Bananas --.<-.' 4 firm bananas* " , ': • '1 1-2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine ~ -•-••.- . •Sail.' - • •••:- '. •Use" all-yellow or slightly green- tippecl bananas. Peel bananas. Place 'into a well' frreasecl baking dish. Brush ; well with butter or margarine and (iprlnklc lightly with salt Bake In a moderate overi (375P.) 15" to 18 minutes, or until 'bananas are' tender" . . . easily pierced with" a fork. Serve hot as a vegetable, or as a dessert with cream, syrup or a hoi Iruit sauce. Pour servings. Important: When browning Is desired, place the baked bananas under broiler heat 1 to 2 rKlhutes. Broiled Bananu 4 firm bananas* • V ': ' '• Melted butter or jnargaruie _..' : Colorful Fruit Salad Suggested Luncheon or Buffet Supper BK3N OF SPRING—Onuice rinr make* a liiii.lnma MM •">'»*. It's a dish which will add sparkle to a pteaaant By GAVNOR SIADBOX NBA Staff Writer For your bridge or Canasta luncheon or for buffet supper, you'll ike this colorful and delicious salad. Orange Fruit Salad (Makes 6 t 08 servings) One-half cup cream cornstarch, 3 tablespoons sugar, 'A teaspoon salt, V> teaspoon lemon juice, 3 cups canned orange juice, 1V£ cups thoroughly drained canned fruit cocktail, '.j cuu ' pecan halves, 8 maraschino cherries. Combine cream cornstarch, sugar, salt and lemon juice. Gradually add orange juice. Heat to Salt . •Use all-yellowor slightly green- tipped bananas. . Peel - bananas. Place on broiler rack or into pan. containing rack. Brush bananas well with butter or margarine and sprinkle lightly with salt. Place into preheated broiler 3 to 4 inches from heat. Broil about 5 minutes on each side or until bananas are browned and tender . easily pierced with a'fork. Serve hot as a vegetable. Four srevings. • '•-• .Baked or Broiled Bnnnnas Served. With Sour Cream ' To serve as a vegetable top each 'hot baiiana with 1\4 cup sour cream Sprinkle .with paprika, if desired. To serve as a hot dessert top each banana with 1]4 cup sour cream Sprinkle with sugar, salt, nutmeg or 'cinnamon, if desired. J. S. Abandons Hope to Remove Citizens in China WASHINGTON, April 13. (ff)— iecretary of State Aeheson said oday all plans have been abandon- d to remove 2,000 Americans and Iher foreigners from Shanghai by ea. He blamed difficulties with the Chinese communists. Aeheson told a news conference hat efforts will be made to get Communist permission to move the refugees to a north Chin* port or o tile British colony of Hongkong. o-' more than two months, the state department has been pr'essing he Communists to approve arrangements (or the departure of the 'orelgners from Shanghai. Among hem are some 300 Americans and 450 British citizens. -The Americans Include United States diplomatic and consular staffs'who have been ordered out. Attorney General Plans Check On Status of Child Actress To Run for Treasurer LITTLE ROCK, April 13. (/P5— Sam Jones, Little Rock timber man announced today that he will seek the Democratic nomination foi state treasurer in the summer pri marles. He will be opposed by Treasure J. Vance Clayton. wiling over direct heat and then )oil gently 1 minute, stirring con itantly. Add thoroughly drained ruit and half of pecans. Arrange remaining pecans • i maraschino cherries in bottom o ring- mold which has been rinsei with cold water. Fill with sauce Shill until set. unmold on serving plate, garnish with-lettuce, en-; dive or watercress: Serve with creamy salad dressing. - ' • : Canned Elberta peaches are now plentiful, so let's - try-this'dessert from the state of Washington. Elberl Peach Half with Vanilla , . Ice Cream For each serving:' One canned Elberta peach half, 1 teaspoon red jam, 1 scoop vanilla ice cream.. : In a dessert dish, place the peach half cut side up. In the seed cavity of the peach place 1 teaspoon re<i jam. Top with 'a scoop of ice cream. Serve at once. LOS ANGELES, April 11. (/P)— California Attorney General Frederick N. Howser said that at the resquest of Texas he will begin an Investigation today into the status of child movie actress Lora Lee Mlche], 9, now a ward of the Juvenile court here. Lora Lee has been the subject of various legal tilts involving her custody and care. Howser tatd he Is acting In the .se because of a request from Gov. Allan Shivers of Texas that he malce "an appropriate investigation," and realy the facts to him. The California official said he has asked Lora Lee's foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. ot'o Michel, to come to his office and discuss the matter. The MIchels adopted the child In Texas. The girl's real mother, Mrs. Lena Brunson, 36, lives In Nederland, Texas. A Juvenile court judge here held that Mtchels had pro|ierly adopted the girl, and suggested they lake her away from Hollywood. Later, when the judge learned that Lora Lee was still In Hollywood, he re-opened the case and made her a ward of the Juvenile court. The girl, who has been paid $100 a day for movie roles, recently ran away from the Michel's home. At times she told stories of being de prlvcd of food to keep her weight down for movie roles but on other occasions gave opposite verslunj and said the Michel! were wonderful to her. Mrs*. Michel was acquitted of child mistreatment charges on a complaint that she punished Lora Lee to severely. Menu/tin Is Guarded""'' On Visit to Israel TEL AVIV, Israel, April 13. </)•) Police were assigned to guard world famous violinist Yehudl Menuhln yesterday when he arrived at Lydda Airport for a series of concerts in Israeli cities. Mnny Israeli newspapers for weeks have heaped bitter criticism on Menuhtn for his appearances In post-war Germany. Some newspapers accused him of ' sympathizing with the Nazis. Concert sponsors said Menuhln's apiwarance In a Ocrmnn music hal was In his capacity as an American soldier and at the direction of the American occupation authorities As a precaution against any disorder, two policemen were assigned to watch the Tel Aviv hotel where the violinist Is staying. Deviled, Bacon Burgers Popularize Ground Beef There are lots of dishes using jood tasting ground beef, but one of most popular Is the ground beef patty. Here are a few special "burger" favorites, i. Bacon Burgers— Season ground beef with salt, pepper and \Yorcestershlro savice and shape Into large patties. Then wrap the outer edge of ench patty with a strip of uncooked bacon. Hroll 10 to 15 minutes per skte. Near' the end of the'broiling period lop the cheese nnd broil until cheese Is burgers with a slice of American bubbly. 2. Deviled Burgers—To 1 pound ground beef add 4 tablespoons catsup, 1 1[2 teaspoons' prepared mustard. 2 tewipoons horseradish, 2 teaspoons minced onion 1 1|2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, 1 I en spoon salt and a dish of pepper. Split six hamburgtr bur nnd toast uncut surfaces under broiler. Sprcud cut sides with meat mixture. Return to broiler nnd broil about 8 minutes with surface of (he meat about 3 inches from the unit. 1J "OW at 40,50,60? — Man, You're Crazy "l^L^.^!^?:i 3 ' n ^*r a .^t]i i J'.",.^-ixx' store* everywhere — tn ni Klrby & WotHlw Dmy ha,v« found the mA to Uaullfu) dreams . . . pt***ant 4r«un* lhat necGinpany r«atruf ikep . , . drMeu of harjriy days of fruitful work, of d«U«ht/u! I>]ay, Yfs, [t Is wondtrful to feel w«ii *n* llc^-to Uv« wllh cnlhuilitim. means Beautiful Dreams for KD means Itlaclt-D/auKht. This Is not * MdtUvi but a friendly laxatlvs that BO readily an- swcta the call for help when ordinary con- alliijiilnn causes temporary up«et itom»eh, tieaiJacliea; rejtlesj, *le«pleaj nights, BUcfc- Dj-auGlu )a pure. It [• (dtntiflcallr pr»p*rM from Unesl Impo/tftl herbs prov«d t>«»t for a laxiUIVfl by teruurCea ot uae. Taktn *• directed. It relieves ordlnarr COnitlpatlon with gentle, action, promptly and thoroughly. Black-Draught coats a. penny or less a dose, Itlack-DraueTit has b*en popular with over four generations. mu (Ilir.lillKN. Byrup of Black* Drmu«.>t la a pleaaatit-tastlng llfjuld. Black-lira HE Hi Is mad« by » tnanufa-rtorw known alnee 1S6T forfiuMJty, Next tlm« you need a laxative, taVe Black-DrauehL Get- Rlnck-I>rauRht (powder or cr»u)»t*d) at vour favorite dealer. • *»*»•• BLACK-DRAUGHT The Family Laxative Mutches once cost so much that only the rich could carry them. FOR SORE PAINFUL HERE IS SOOTHING .od irrilatio. < >w «d W Simf\, Pikt Frtl^J Sr*"™'. 0 ™" 1 * *""• *»"»«*• Thorelo. * Minor CltDK now aniUbW for bom* Me. * HI** a**a ofote^t to,* Md iti rink rwrlllnc. K,tirrm J» PILES RELIEF CANNED VAULESJ VALUES' Shop at Mays —it Pays! . Milk _3for33c SPAM 43c STARTING FRIDAY-9 AM WE OFFER 1200 PAIRS OF 8.95 and 10.95 "VALENTINES".:."TWENTY-ONES" DRESS SHOES in All Colors & Styles-Shop Early for Selection 25c Gold Self-Rising ' While Sail '•vi^szXZ f TOILET • ^ ICA TPCCIIC^Sf Brooms \TfSSUE^ 5 S(r and V4-32C r.-.,, " C .iv'"^'* 16 *[ eac h' ''Camoy ; . ; ; 3 for 21c »/\v <s P- & G- So °P 3 bars 19e iyBDur:-..:-.i g i.- S fci ' ftt i.'* —,^_ ••_•' i ! 26c' FLOUR 5^ 1.65 TOMATO for *** 29c ffiESH. CRISP. TOPS IN TASTt 35c 'JOY .Jge. box 27c aor STARCH 12e I S4MOMZ SeH-Pofettng Wax *9c BABY FOOD 3 for 25c 360 Size Juicy LEMONS - - Dor. 35c 1 Blue Tag SEED Potatoes TOO Ibs 3.79 California, Ije. heads LETTUCE - 2 for 29c Gr«n Pascal CELERY - - stalk 15c large Size PECANS-3 Ibs. $1.00 4 Large Tender Ears CORN-ON-COB - 37e SPAGHETTI) • / I4c _ > <. M OVW Baked Beans or. Streak O'Lean SALT MEXT'- - Ib. 17c Wilson's Certified Tender Juicy '«', TOP QUAUTY •- p 'We ATS Sirloin and T-Bone Steaks Ib. 79c KreyMello Bacon .. MAYS 3 Ibs. $1.00 Pure Pork ' SAUSAGE .4 Ibs. $1.00 IGA SUPER MARKET 421 South 21it Phont 6122 RAVEN Your Choice i VICTORIA 51 Go. 15 Denier NYLONS Holeproof ls( Quality Navy Blue, Turf Tan Red, Green and Black Patent-Sizes 4 to 10 AAAA to B Widths ' Genuine Leather HANDBAGS To Match Your Shoes MEANDER Reg. 6.95 and 7.95 CASUALS BARNEY'S T,*« n a ly SHOES

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