The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 5
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; WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 19-14 Workers Sought For War Plants / Manpower Official £| Seeks 25 Men From 'Mississippi County War production demands today declared (he most serious need for help from Die Mississippi County aroii since (lie war begun. John B, Brimzo, nl the Hlnlc Administrative Office of tlie War Manpower Commission was In Blythcville to- tiny conferring ivlth tjie local office of the United Stales Employment Service on tlie "must'' need of 25 workers from tlie Mlssie-sippi Comity urea for .strictly war jobs. "A lotal of 70,000 war workers must l)o recruited nnllminlly before September 1." said Mr. Brunxo. "Of these workers. ! 8.000 are needed for a secret job, 22.000 for shipbuilding, 21,500 for ship repairs, 7200 for iiircraft. <>CoO for construction proj- eels and Die remainder for forging, foundries, lodging lumber, chemicals and petroleum. They are all national 'musts'. "Tlicre are practically all kinds of job, oiu'iiinys." continued Mr. rnmw), "laborers, carpenters, en- pine lathe operators, construction equipment mechanics, explosive operators, loo-makci's, tool designers, niachinisls, maintenance mechanics', fCflnwii, and many others. They are needed in the moat important War production centers in the country, In Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Lawrence and Salina. Kansas, m the slntcs of California, Indiana Michigan, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. "This war order is of such overwhelming importance to the war effort that the War Manpower Commission has advised all of its offices that it must take precedence over everything eke until these or<jug x have been filled," concluded Iw*"/ lirnnico. "I have assured Mr. Brunzo and Arkansas Manpower Director, Floyd Sharp, that Mississippi Couniy can be counted on to Mil its quota of 25 cmergcntly needed war workers," said Herbert Whilehead, manager of the Blytheville Office of the United Slates Employment Service. "The people in this area have never fallen down on any war bond quota, any selective service call, or any other really important demand of the war effort. We understand that this emergency call for 25 workers from the Missiraippi County area is really critical and that the call must be met. "Every worker in this area not already in an essential wnr job should obtain further information about these extra important war jobs from the Employment Office at 118 South Second Street, here in Blytheville, 'at once," concluded Mr. Wliitchcad. Soys Children Enjoy Reading Horror Tales By DENNIS DAI.TON Hulled Press siaff Corres[ioinleiit CLEVELAND. (UP) — Junior doesn't mind reading a gruesome story—in fuel, he enjoys it because H balances his reeling of weakness In the presence of adults, accord- Ing lo Miss Harriet G. Lone, assistant professor of library science at Western Reserve University. Professor Ixmg, an authority on children's liteuratiire, says that stories such as those written by the brothers Grimm nre not. gruesome to children at all because they like stories of warriors mid giants. "Hooks written tor children today show a decided Improvement over those written during tho last cen-. lUiry," she believes, "They, show n I much more enlightened attitude toward children." The older books, Professor Lone asserts, tried to point a moral; they i tried to make a little man out of a boy. "In the olden days adull-s did no! imdcrntand as they do today that childhood is a stage of growth, nnd that children are entitled to 1 enjoy their childhood," she snys. Unusual Colleclion .Professor Long has assembled one of the most unusual collections of children's books ever placed on display in this pail of the country at Western Reserve's library. The books, assembled at the university since 1925, contrast the old •and new in fairy talcs, nursery rhymes and other literature for : children. They number about 300. Children always will derive cn- ' joymcnt from Mother Goose rhymes, (which were not created for children but usually lo express some political sentiment. Professor I,ong says. Rhymes arc accepted by children I because they "bounce" and have ! simple stories to tell. She observes that the taste for highly Imaginative stories in children begins at about the sixth year. Before that, children arc more in- tcresteo in realities and arc busy getting their feet on the ground. BLYTIIEVILLB (ARK.)} COURIER NBWH LOOKING AHEAD OOOI) TOOLS Men used (0 liarvc-st wheat with n tiling eHlltuI u cr; i(lle. A crudlc Is :\ museum piece now, most iililc- uorile ( | farmers never s.uv one U Is a scythe (l,l iu le like nuiicr Time carries) ivltli B wooden frame nl- iRchcd to catch tlie strnws u.s they iiill, so the ivorJcnian can lnv lliem straight for Ijiiiulliiis. Even I can remember seeiin; farmers cnulle pntches too small for mnneuverliiB Swinging a em\]c Is Imrd work. 1 .Here Is »lmo., t none (it it done IhCEc days. Dm tiuim ,,. s M(hl - { Il( ismg he device for that roa.s-»ii. Ihcy still fi,, ( i |,| el , ly of ,,„,.,, wo ,, k to do. ihc cradle , vlls c , nst , (!c jcciuisc! It was inefficient, cxlravn- Bam H U s 0( | , 0 (tlkf . |hc m mn, ".I" * '' iU "' 0|) l ° I 1 '"*' C110 "« lt men $1 a , tay , n harvest It. But ' n " Ck ' S rilIC1 ' very, first IK-SOU, Ihc A-ll-0 of American prosuoiliy built on Inlelll- pent work; volume |)roducllon, low In cost and good. Nowhere else on erutli cnn the m;in who swings » sledge enjoy h| s own nulomobllc .•mil bathtub. Wlial Volume- Does U'njjes for men arc figured by (lie hour; depreciation on machines by the ycnr. The result is Inleix'sllinj: If two men work eight hours iiplcce and keep one imirlilnc niiinlng lli liouvs a day, Ihc owner 'thus doubles his output bill does not double Ills cost, SD (lie owner's mari>li) per unit of sale Is wider mid he cull lower his price without culling Ihi: finality. Hcsull: Wages up prices down. Workmen's wiigcs BO up with production but dial same volume Is what lowers the cost of everything the workman needs to mnkc Ills' hiimc as amitoiluble Oils life us abundant) as Hint of his rinployur or anybody eKe. Hut volume production n'{|iilres Investment In good tcoln and tialnlni; for men to use lliem. \viien Investnieiils are unsafe In Amerlcn we may well .si art ciii'slna with enniclpit'K craiilc. ,-.: Meetings, - Cliiefcasnwlin Lodge No. 134. F. & A. M- will 'men tomorrow night, 7:30 o'clock, at the linll, when Jhc iiccon-i degree will be conferred, it Hi'fiy.iiiJioiinceri >)y Dcivey Gentry, w»/?hiplul master. Two simple steps to amazing \New STRENGTH .Pro*.-.-"*flow 0* vital digestive |»«« in the sfomacb CAIll) (IF THANKS We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the kindness and sympathy shown us at the time of the recent death of our beloved husband and father. Mrs. Roy Calvin Roy Calvin Jr. Read Courier News Wnut AM Some people complnlncd for u wlnlc nbmit farm machinery pm- t»iB men out of work but Hint's not wlini liii I( ])c,,c[l. No niHcliltiK can do a m[U ,- s W ork. Machines •wvc men. helji [hem cam more by lielpniK iiiem do a bliseer day's . work. Tocliiy one farmer with eoort tools produces as much as 30 far- 1 men ilM m vcars ,, KO In iho ^\ days tivo-thirds of Americsi's liiljor worked on forms; now o ,,i y 18 .„,,.( cent, and these can overproduce I Machinery, Ainerlcnn Inventive-' ess, helps working jieople. There is no hocus-pocus- nbotit It No straight-llilnklng person needs any iiiSli-brow cconaiubt to liel () him read these three sign-posts: (1) ]n : the long run, people get )M j ( | for ' wliat thev produce. (2) With good ' tools, which call for investment i t'icy can produce more. CD investments in machinery raise the workers' wages, Men vs. .Iliirlimr-; It's a fact that employers who work men on purely mechanical jobs file always faced with i\ three-cornered problem-men, money and machinery. Tliey cnn hire a mail's uody fnr wages or buy nmthlnes mat will tlo tltc s:imc work without KCttmtj tired. If interest and depreciation for (lie machine Is less per year than the man's wages the employer is lik-clv to buy the machine. Being replaced ))„ a machine may sting some satisfied laborer's pride but he is soon benefillcd by leuni- »1R to manage cold steel rallicr lhan compete with it. 'fhls is the Manila Society—Personal Mnrlln llnmakpr of llakcrslleld, Calif., Is vislliiHi his mint, Mrs. nnd Parsley and fmiilly, ,,| 1( | 01 ]K'r rcl- allvi-s In Manila. Ocur«e W. 1'iiri' ti! tin; Nuvy. sla- lloncd at Caui|j Peary. Vn,, Is spcnrthis: 11 six day leave with his wife and children In Manila. Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING W.hiJcJ.t,Is Available ^k PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON TOO RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blythoville, Ark. Pilone 29n SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers nre nl- ways fresh, nnd all work is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help you with your floral needs. : ^FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Service We Deliver Anywhere Ph. 491 MM. J, M. (Mae) Williams, owner Glencoe Bid*. ' Notice of Sale (Arkansas). Notice is hereby given lhat llwi inulcrsl(;nci', morlsagec in n mnrtgnue executed by Basil A. i.and lo tho United Stales on the 22ml day ol July, 1044 and duly filed In the office of the Uecorder In and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the siild liasll A. Land linvinu waived all rlshls of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws «t Ihe stale of Arkansas; pursuant to the power:; ijraulcd under tbe tenus ,,l tho aforemen- lioncrt inorlcagc, and by the laws of the Blale uf Arkansas, will on the 10th clay of Aucust, laM between Ihc "ml o o clock In (he atlertioon of D J,,fJ nlC| "' Mlssco ' 9 '»"''» west W Wilson, In i),e Cu'uiily of Mississippi, Sdile of Arkansas, oiler for jnie lo the highest nnd best bidder i cash (In, followhiK described lopoi- y, lo-wlti i buy horse, 1 buy iimtf, l brown nnd white Jersey cow 1 Jersey cult, I middle busier, 1 turn Plow, 2 collars und 3 sets plow near, W »BO». l cultivator, i A very drill, lot burbcd wive. Witness my | mm | tins me 8th day ol August 191-1 United states of America, lly llob- en w. Downs, KSA Supervisor. Notice ot Snlo lArkunsnsK Notlco is hereby (siren (hut the underslKiied in>»rl««BCc In a morlRnuc executed w.v Clarence Trimm to the United States ou llic nth tiny of Mnreh 19-H "ml duly filed in thr. office of he Recorder in und for Mississippi Comity, Arkansas; Uuj said Clarence Trimm havlnr; waived nil rights of appraisement, sale and rcdeiilp- Uoi) under the laws of Iho Kialc cif Arkum-ius; pursuant (o (he powers Kramcd under the Icrms of the nf»rr»icii(!anc(l morlKiiKU. and by the laws of llic Slate ol Arkiuisas. will on the lOlli dny <if Aiinust 19'H, between Hie hours of 9 o'clock In llic forenoon nnd , r i o'clock In (he aflmioon of said dnle, nl Mlssco, a miles W( Hii ,,f wiison, ]„ (i l(! e ollll _ V of Mississippi. Slate of Arkimsns, oiler lor snle lo Ihn and best bidder for cash, the following described properly, lo-wlt: l brown mure mule, I brown inaro mule, I yellow Jersey cow, 1 mule culf, i vauon. 1 middle buster, l (urn plow. 1 Inn-row, I planter, l cultivator, 1 double shovel. '2 collars and a sel.s plow (jenr. Witness my hand Ihis Ilio »th day of AUBiisl, 10-M. United Wales ol AnicrlcH, Hy lioljerl w Downs, re A Supervisor. Notice oi Side (Arkansas), Notice In hereby given tluil the uml<.'rslnni.'d iu"i (nance In a inortmmc excelled by Frank Sanders to the United Stales on the loth day B f April 101-1 and duly filed In the ofllce of Iho Itecordcr In and lor Mississippi County, Arkansas; the sahl Fnink Sanders having waived hit rlRhts <•( appraisement, sale and redcuip- llon muter the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers uninlcd under the leims of the i:foreinentloiicd inort K a(!e. and bv (he laws ol the Slate of Aikansns, will un (he lOlh day of AiiMiisl 1U1I. between llic hours of 'J o'clock in the forenoon and o nviiick in Hie iiftrrucxm of snlil dule, at ;i miles west .-if I'Yenchimin'.s liuyou on O. 1,. nenlon, Jr.'s fnini. In UK County ol Mississippi State of Ar- kniisns, offer for snle to (he Irish- est and best bidder for cash, the fo.'loivitig de.WI.ied property, to. wit: 1 black horse mule, 1 black horse mule. I (lucniwy cow, I OIC now. 1 breaking plow, i middle blister, 2 sets [ij/itv gotr iitul a collars, I plunlei', 1 wi\i;on, Ipressure cooker. Witness my limit! (Ills the 8th day of AiiRiisl. 1011, United UlMes of AitHTlcii, lly Uolji'it \V. Downs, FSA Supervisor. For your vote and support) in this past election! S/ncere/y, Mollce Is licroliy clvon Mint || >0 tiiuloi'slniis'd innrlKiiBco In » luoiiiimt. executed by Aunlc HuU-hei u> tin. United Slnlrs on Ihc (illi tiny ut April, 18-11, nnd duly filed In' the cfriec o( Hie Kocoider In and lur Mississippi Cmiuly, Arknnsns; (he fiild Annie UnUrlior luivlnu wulvi'd nil I'lKhts of nii|)nil.wnient, sale mul i«leni]itli>n nndcr Iho lnws ol llu> Slulo ol Arkiin.Mis; pniMinni td Hie powers ijrniik'd uiulci' i| H lei-ins ol ihi! afoieiiii'iiiloiicil lunrlciiKC. nnd l).v (lie luws ol ilio Slutc of Arknnsn.s, will mi the lOlli ilny or August, 19.14, Ijclwceii the lioiire of () o'clock lu I hi? ItireiicMin luul 5 o'chx'k In (lie iilleinoon O f fi;ld dale', nl MKsco, I) miles of Wilson, In (lie Conty (if Aikun- nis. nrfcr for snle lo (he hlfilirsl nnd Wilder for ciisli, ||u> fol- lowlnt; dp.scrlbed properly, (o-wll: I brown inure mule, I bintk iiinre nnilc, 1 blnek liorso mule, I liniwn Jersey cow. a blnck brood sows l i blnek plus. 1 ciiltlvnlor. l |i'i m |>lnw, 1 inWdtc bu.ster, l pliiiiter. 1 double shovel, I wnuon, •! Collins und •! scls plow Reiir, 1 Caf,c" Cul- llvnlov. Witness my luind tills the Mh (lny of AUKlisl, 1044, United Klnte.s of Auu'llcn, by llobeii W. Downs, 1'SA Sii|icrvlsor. , Nollco Li (ici'cby Riven Hint tlio nderslBiied luortKiit'ec In a jnort- IIBC exceulcil by Cliuidc Sluu to Hie; United Slides on the ntli dny of Mnrch, 19J4, nnd duly filed la the otllci; of the recorder In nnd for Mississippi Couniy, Arkniisas; llic suld Chimle shns hnvhiK wnlvcil nil rl|;lil.s of iip]irnlKcinciil, Mle und redciniitlon under the Inws of llic Hlnlc of ArkniUiii.s; piirsuiiiit lo Uio lunrci'K urnnled under the terms of llic nforenjenltimcd juortgnuc, nnd *>y Ihc Inws uf the Stulc ol Arkun- MIS, will on Hie IDlh tiny of August, 11114 between Ilio hours ot II o'click In the forenoon nnd S o'clock In Ilii! Hfleruwjii of sntd (talc, »t Mlsseo, 9 miles west of Wilson, In the Couniy o[ Mississippi, slnte ot Arknnsus, oiler for «nle lo Die lilnliest und best bidder for ensli, the following described property,' lo-wll: I liny horso mule, I blnck horse ninle, I yellow Jersey eow, 1 wuuoii, 1 ciillls'iilor, 1 plnnler, l inlddlo busier, 1 Itimltiit plow, 2 eolliivs und 2 sels ill plow i;enr. Witness iny linnd this the Bill dny of AiiKiist, 1W1. United Slides ol Anim-lcn, lly Koberl W. Downs 1'TJA Supervisor. FACTORY DERMATITIS EASE irCHIHQ-BURNINQ wilt ( milisciplioUlnck nm | Wliiio OKI, IsuonlyuHdiroclod.OariBu willi IHmik mul White Skin Koiin. BLACK i? WHITE SHE SUCKS MR BLiD and leaves LIVING DEATH! Stop her brtmt ili< bHos , . . w |tb FMTt Kilt Is iiiiltlen dentli to all nioiqiilluoj. Yoil i I'.von tho drentl Anojilletoj . . . tile mouiiiito J\ thot cnrrloj mtihirta from a «!ck mnn to you i,.. . . . tlw moiqiiilo you cnn (ell, bccimio tlfl/irfj on It, homl ... I. eniji to kill with I'llt." 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Kruluckj ifhone WAUNINO J Haughlle Iloblnson Isr warned to uppear In llic Cliancery Court for tho Chlckawiwba D%lck or^Mls- ssslp|il County, ArkaiwM,,,vrfthln Ihlrly days after tho date hereof to .(insurer a complaint filed agttat her by Jessie l, Robinson. - Dated tills )8lh day of July, 1841 , ™ , HAKVIIY MORRIS --' Chantery Court Clerics Held & Evrard, ~ Atlorneys for Plaintiff. MARGARET'S HKAUTY SHOP : 1M S. rint •.„.';] Phone 2532 i Bring [}t Your V, Beauty Problem! . Modern Kipilpmcnt ' h'.viicrt Iteuudctans j The Giff Shop Modrrn and Autfijw Qlfto > • COSMETICS BABY GIFTS UrcclhiK Curils NoTClUei A GUt For Eitrjbttj Inimni Illdf, Phon« KM MOSS BRYAN Dr. J, L. Guard Optometrist, at;: .'• '/ '.',. Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main IE i - • • ' •' . r. Continuous Showi ! '' Etery DtjH:-'•'.:'. "••';••' Hox Office Opens 1:4& • Show Starts 2:00 UHXEN TO KLCN ,) ».». 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