The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1946
Page 2
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BLXTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 11, 1940 Blytfeville People Go , To L$k^ laneycomo, Mo. The "lure of -cool mountain breezes,' •"crystal clear »aler awl ouldoci£ sports makes Rocknway EweHiat'Like Tiineycoiiio, Mo, n: favorite vacation spot •for- Blythe- vino residents tills Hummer. Mr. "and Mi's. A. E. Henry cv'J diuj>)ij[«r, Pit 601 West Chlcki- Eawbsifjwlll leave tonight for the, Like. Claiming to stop foi visits in Poplar Biu(f 'nild. 'Springfield. Mo.; liforc tlieir arrival t)icrc Snl- urdvrlicj |jlnn to ictuin sundas of tl'e"iiext week . peoplo planning to go Suwlay to the vacation-spot, include Mr, and Mrs. E. B. Woodson ami djjjuahtcrc. Miss Betty Woncl- son nrfd- Miss' Ju'ln 1 Al) n Wqtictson'. 1615 Cjhckcisawba, who will be t'.ierc tv.'o -rtcjis. ,'•'."' p '.0.' '••'•,,'" •''•:•'. Mr. 'End Mi-?, .p. . Fv TbmpVjRs Mirl son, c^ris. Jr.,..of BuKlijUe, .will iu Eundny for a ; ' ' ' In (mother pSYly . leaving' Guii'Joy arc ME .anrt Mrs. 'li'ii'sell'Fiiirr' «'}tl on. ijarry, -1120 Wcsp Walnut, alul Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. James Hill Jr., 110') West Hearri., will arrive home tonight from Boston, Mnss. where she tins .spent the past two months for un operation and treatment of :i hip fracture received, two years ago. Mi Hill had taken their car to Kt. l,ouls and then (lew to Unslon lo accompany . her, by train, lo St. Loins where they will leave the train and motor home. The operation, performed by Hie world famous Dr Emftil-Peterson, ' is believed tr> I •"• highly bilcceasful and afcr rxlny .on crvit'jher, for a short time. Mi 'ITiiris.expccted to walk without an nld ^and-. without" pain, which hi. been .'great.during' the past several 1)10111 us. . . • ' V Mr.-', and, Mrs.' M. O. Iloeugsn of , Chicago,, .III., and. Mrs. Norman Mr. nnd .Mrs.' Jce •.Trleschmi-^ VJtacliblliier-aiid'clillilrcii. M.iry Jo, C07- West Walnut. •'• > ' "• . ' . •'''Jim -'and. Bob. of. QylvnnU, Ohio Attractions at Lake Tanoycomo. .will arrive tills afternoon v> be include;, swimming, fishing—fcoth the guests, for tvro weeks of. Mr. and red . a hit reel and float; boating— Mrs., Prank Webb lit their home on in caiipcs- and motor boats; . golf course*, nnd numerous : other outdoor snorts, along-with attractions Rioting In Trieste Refugee Jews Jam Ship in Futile Flight of "EliepUml of the HtUs"'ccmntry.' Enteitain Last Night pegKj LeoeAt Webb and her pircnta Mr and Mr ErcelUycbb entertained last law n ^pai t> ' foi fridlldiiv at the ' Chickasawba. night Peggs with Webb home, North illh. Mr. • mid . Mrs. Albeit Endcrlln. 1100 Oilckacnwba, have as their guest Mis'. Enclcrlin's sister, Mrs. J W Smith, nnd her two young daughters, Rosa • Lee and Ernes- thie, of'Senrey. They will be here for an -indefinite period. Mrs 1 . Emmn-.M. liurhcy left this morning for a'vislt'Wlth her son. Cooley, and Y She wns the Rev. 1 . George H. faniil). In Atherti. N Tlic^ohildrcn' spent, the evening placing gamfs, with prize's award e<l to', winners. Am'pna 'the guests was 'Betty, Lou .Tomlinsoh of Dallas, .Texas honseglicst of her aunt ami ur.nle Mr di\d MIS Wn'do Jeffiics 1332 ChickasRwba. Lyilin, Sitdbury, daughter of Mr. and tfft Harold Sudburj assisted in servjng " \ • * V Club 28 Supper Dance Is Tonight At 1 he Hut Thc|i monthly .Club.. .'28. -supper djmceiv.'ill be holdi tonight nt-The Hut ' Hosts- and hoslesses for "the af- . . . 13Wi accohipanlecl to St. Louts by Flunk. Copley. '.of', New -.York City, p.icst fair will lie .Mr., and Mrs. .Harman Tay]or Bicker; C. SiSs. bf .Mrs. Burney and Mr. and Mrs. P.' E. cpoley hero yesterday. He Is en route to Esfes Park. Colo. T. I. Seay nhd daughter. Mlsx Ivn Seay, left yesterday afternoon :or, where Uiey. will altcnil o business. Mr. Seay. iociil dealer :or chiy.sler and .Plymouth automobiles. plans to personally look into. the m'.Hler of ,\vhen more of these cAi9 maj be expected to arrive and. his daughter, employed here 'as i-hls secretary, also plans soine sightseeing. Sally • Tricschmann, daughlor nl Mr. and .Mrj;. J. G. Triosclimann, G07. -Walnut, will rctui'n tomorrow frojir" Little Rock, where she hns been (he tuest of IILI (.inmlmolhcr, Mrs. B. Hale, the past three weeks Civilian iiolicc arresl a (icinonstrator during riots In Triestc. Yugo- lavla. Btjth Itcly and Yugoslavia arc cliilmlng this Adriatic ixnl hut It appears that the Foreign Ministers of I ho nig Four, meeting in i'aris, have settled the riuer,-on by ayrc'elii;; to lnlcrnatlonn!i/e the city. (NEA Radlophoto from Rome.) .«t-.-.y. New Stamp Honors a Centenarian TOR THE INCREASE AND DIFFUSION OF KNOWLEDGE AMONG MEN Mrs. s Hole will actomiiany Sally Mr. nnd Mrs. Shclburne^bc a ^nest'in the Tricsch- arid Dr. nnd Mi's. - Hunter ! manii , home next- week. ** - I June SLIres, daughter of- Mr. atul I:-, a lirnmr.lic nllciiipl In rL-.iLfices crowded uhourd bj Drillsh warships and <: escape authorities and land illegally in Palestine. 1300 European .Icv.;:a n forincr Canadian eurvcltu, the Jitsiah Wedsew<»jcl. <i..|y to bo captured. irnned on n churgc of buinH a "menace to lUiviKiilion." Kxclusivc NKA li!ir;lo !>y NEA staff pliutugr::phcr Emil Ucjpulds. They're on Tlieir Way : fM6-SMITHSONIAN IN 4 UNITED SPATES POSTAGE Pioiurctl nbovo is n new three-cent slump which the Post Office Department will issue on Ant;. 10 to commemorate tlifi 100th anniversary of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The -.1 slump will 1)0 maroon-colored, in special delivery size. Mrs. O. O. Stircs. MD North Mftll, and Miu'Kcry Ifalc. daughter of Mr. nnil Mrs. Cl. A. Hale of nnr- dctte, htive Bonn to ICanip ivhvanl. near lianiy, for the remainder <>l this month. Both are senior Olvl Scouts. Mr. mid Mrs. Rnymontl Knihry mid children. I'cfigy Ruth nml l?ny- niond Edward, of Little Uock. arc Ihe gursls of Mr.s. Znchry's iiarcnty. ; Mr. and Mrs. E. P. llardln. 50H South Lake, Mrs. W. G. Sanders and dau^h- :el,, have returned to their lioinc in Sanderson, Texas, uftei 1 spenriiny u month with Mi's, nderf.' parents. Mr, and Mrs. H. A. Encte.s. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Aftlick and son, 1)111. ICOO West. Holly, have returned from Lake Taueycomo, Mo., where they spent three weeks. Mrs. R. A. Eades Jr.. ot Mobile. Ala., \vcrc weekend quests of Mr. and Mrs. n. A. Eadcs. Dr. and Mrs. Russell Wcrt. and Mrs. Josephine Wcrt are sf.ond- iny two weeks in Lansing. Mich., with relatives, Mrs. C. P. Tucker and Mrs. C R. Branson liuve returned from Memphis, where they were guests of Mrs. Tucker's sister. Mrs. M. B. Cocke. Coming Events FRIDAY CDC Club meeting with Mrs. Paul Byium, Junior Fellowship of First Methodist Chinrh meeting nt the church, 2 o'clock. The Junior Hoyal Association 01 First. Unplisl Church niccllng KI tile church. 3:30 o'clock. | We Hove Them.'. . BATHINETTE'S "Babee Buoy" Bathers Gift Wrapping FKKK TOT SHOP Thone 2308 10f> South Second Mrs. James Long and baby, city. Walls Hospital Admitted: Geneva Johnson, steele, Ma. Mrs. Tied Hodge, Rt. 3, city. John Eoone Jr., Cooler, Mo. Mrs. Lowell Dlxon, Luxora. Will Curtis. Armorel. GU While, city. Hachel Gaines. city. Dismissed: Mrs. L. W. Gilbert, city. Mlrs. Esther Stanfleld, Steole, Mo. Mrs. A. li. West, city. Lester Dill Jr., Dell. Mrs. J. W. Collins, Holland. Mo. Mrs. E. li. Akin and baby, city. Mrs. Hill Cable, city. Memphis SI. Joseph Hospital Hoberl Phillips, CarullierKvill-;, Mo.. Mrmpliis Motlnxlisl Hospital Admitted: C. C. Davis, laixora. Dr. C. M. Harwell. Osceola. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eat, talk, laugh or slices without fear of insecure false leeth dropping. slippmK or wabbling. KAS- TEETH holds plates firmer anil more comfortably. This pleasant powder has no gummy, gooey, pasty tns'i-e or fcelmq. Doesn't c-»nse nnu- sca. It's alkaline (non-acid). Checks "plate ortor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETIt at nny drug store. At Tlic Hospitals ISlytlu-'.-illc Hospital Admitted: Ciracie Wilson, city. Mrs. Willis Gurley, Huffman. JCi.-y LO C nyiium, Armorel. Born to Mrs. and Mrs. J. W. Hall, Osccola, a daughter' this morning. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Alford, city, a son this morning. Dismissed: Fred Wesley, Armorel. I imes C'Bannon, city. Marlin Urnckln. city. ' Lonella Barnes, city. J. Cecil Lowe, city. •If "Pin-Worms Can't Get MY Child! Better learr, tfce Truth, Mother! Rcc-cnl niodienl rcporU reveal that nn nm:iziim nuiiilicr ot cjiit.Irou (iiml i:ron.-n- np3 loo) tuny lie victims of IMn-Wt.rma— nfli-n witlmuL siispcclitUT >vlint U wroii::! tlic human twdy, can real tiiitrtw. in'iy menti Vin-Worms—t'Si>cci:iL1y tlic n;-i r-ivatinir rccl:il ilrh- if you 6"si'ixt thn ugly fiiroclinii. irrt JAYNE'S P-W ri^lit away ^nil follow the directions. P-W iii Hie name of tho Pin-^Vorm *nli- lets (Icvtluiu-d by tlio lalwratnHt-s of Ilr. 1>. IfiyiiR & K<JII, r.tter yi-aia of ii:ilVrl rr- Feurch. The tsniaU. ea^y-to-takc P-W tnlilot^ v itisfiicLiufi Kuarautccikiryonr rouni-ytcsck. Ask your ilriiL'llist.: P-W Cor Pin-Worrm! Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office OpenR l:4t Show £i»Ytu >•-" LISTEN TO KI.CN 9:00 a.m. 12:15 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday SATURDAY BAKERY SPECIALS Ml ^ Layer - 7 Inch t'ti. k?f,\ I r 1 3 Banana Nut Cake - - Don't Scy Bread ... Say HART'S Bread HART'S BAKERY r. ,t s Hi Ik* i ML OwMd — Employing BlytheviHe People ERGS FASHION SHOP ore Our OPA We pledge to you, our loyal customers, whole-hearted support in maintaining present OPA price levels. We shall continue to use our existing price ceilings unless changing conditions should make this course impossible to follow. We value our well- earned reputation for the best in quality and style at the lowest possible prices ... we shall always faithfully continue to pur- cue this policy. Phone 2221 315 West Main St. For About 30 Days! We're going to completely remodel anu thoroughly modernize our store. This jvi!| lake about 30 days and when it is finished we will have one of tho most modern stores in this part of the country. Dni'in.u' mndorniy.iilion opiTiitiiins we will occupy lun|inrary rooms above Hie sloro \vliere \vo will hiivc on dispJay n small sclcclinn of Watches, Ui:imnn(U: and .lewi'lry. No watches will be Repaired but watches in for Repairs will be given out when completed from our temporary upstairs location. Story ot Srlcclert Short Subject GUARD'S Madncp.i Sal. & Snn. Only Box OfTirc Opens (1:45 Opens Sunrla? 1:00; Starts 1:15 Continuous Shows Sat. and Sun. Bargain Night Every Night Except Saturday. No passes honored on Sunday at the Rosy. Thursday and Friday A Tree Grows in Brooklyn with Dorothy McGnire Selected Short Subjects

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