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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 62
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 62

The Timesi
Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:

I4 THE SHREVEPORT TIMES Sunday, September 14, 195? ON WITH THE SHOW Walter Winchell Times Square Roundup Times Square Roundup: The "race" record is "Going Down By PERICLES ALEXANDER to the River," in which the singer Rita's Studio Gives lis Film Siren From Louisiana Hollywood, Sept. 13 You can take the girl out Little Caesar, goes thru the agony 1 of drowning, gurgles all. (Another "Gloomy Irving Fields' Trio resumes at the Mermaid Room (for the 4th time) on the 8th Invicetigation sleuths are checking licenses of hatchicks in "swank" and other fEast Side spots A'hy have only 7 windows (of the hurdreds at the of Louisiana but you certainly can't take Louisiana out of i the girl so we discovered when interviewing Cleo Moore, Columbia Studios' fresh and full-blown blonde star with; all the necessary feminine accessories. I The Louisiana-born screen star not only is on the thres-; hold of a promising film career but also just crossed the! threshold of her new home in the lush San Fernando valley, moving herself and family (mother, father, and three sis-; t.ers) into a highly livable ranch-style home for which Cleo! A '-iV IS a i i- Waldorf facing Park Ave.) green shades? All others are cream-col ored Alan Gale's just opened Celebritv Club (on W. 57th) is playing to standees already Hedv's mother is a babv-sitter herself drew the plans and iTrrv X4 1 WH WV -3- I A tv panel of editors may be dropped. The last program, with A i literally helped build with! Ivan was such "dead air." the assistance of her father. On the six acres of ground Assassins Anonymous: It's the mil I town's new est and Most Exclusive surrounding her new home; Cleo is transplanting from Louisiana long leaf pine trees and cypress as reminders of Club Three by-liners are the 'founders The aim: To Debunk Defeat and Delouse Delice George Jean Nathan, most ferocious of the drama critics, John Crosby, most scarey of the radio-tv re- viewers, Dan Parker, top boogey-man in sports writing, Robert Ruark, chief knocker for the Scripps-Howard papers, Vincent X. Flaherty, the West Coast's ace de-flater (of Pinx and Punx), and Howard Rushmore, leading ex-poser of "former" Communists, are not yet eligible because they aren't Enough Only pictures her native state. Her nextdoor neighbors are Alice Faye and Phil Harris. Incidentally, Cleo herself Is built along the Alice Kaye lines and her facial are much the same as Mis Faye's. This could be all to the good, since Miss Faye no longer makes movies. With another picture. "A Matter of Money," now completed, I-oiiis-i-ana's Miss Moore soon ill embark tin a personal appearance junket ii, I'liinrMfaiwrnirmviiiirw im iiiiiiiiiiiiflihViiifioiiiiyaMiffirraiiiliiirii sr on me wans uor inspiration are COMPLETING PLANS for the presentation of the St. Saens opera, "Samson and Delilah," at the municipal auditorium on Oct. 20 are members of the Shreveport Civic Opera association. Seated, left to right, are Edward R. Jones, president, and Mrs. Dewey A. Somdal, Opera guild chairman and head of the program committee. Standing, left to right, are Mrs. W. F. Woods, business manager; E. P. Courtney, vice-president and publicity chairman: Mrs. W. Scott Wilkinson, member of the patrons and program committees, and Mrs. Hugh C. Ilgenfritz. chairman of the committee planning a gala ball to follow the production. (Times Photo by Dick Cosier). Dracula, Rasputin, Frankenstein, Charles Addams, Bluebeard and Donald Duck Slogan: Never Kick a Heel When He's Up Motto: Not in the Head That's Too High War Cry: None Too Big None Too Small. 1 TANGOISTS. Cleo Moore with Rick Tallin as her dance partner in ''Strange Fascination," the Louisiana screen star's new picture which will be released in October or November. It could warrant a premiere in New Orleans and Shreveport with Miss Moore making personal 1 v. -fl Sounds in the Night. At Villa Capri: "Notice how all the cafe society rats deserted the sinking shapes?" At Howie's: "Remember when Billy Rose was making headlines instead of lines?" the Cubroom: "The others will simply have to take their turn in the alphabet" At Chisel-er's: "I'm afraid to look at the check!" SiWetbtars Will Sing in Local Opera Three stars of the Metropolitan Opera company will sing leading roles in the Shreveport Civic Opera association's presentation of "Samson and Delilah." The popular St. Saens opera, based on the Bibical story, will be presented on Monday, for "Strange Fascination." a new Columbia picture in which she co-Mars with the distinguished actor-fiirector-producer, Hugo Haas. Cleo was wishing right out loud that her personal appearance tour would extend into Shreveport and New Orleans, thus giving her the opportunity to see friends and relatives, of which he has many in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area. A premiere In her home etate would be the proper aendoff for this young lady's career on the Columbia lot. The screen actress was born in flalvez, a lazy little Ixuisiana community between Haton Rouge and New Orleans where her father ran a grocery. She attended public schools in Gonzales. Before coming to Hollywood four years ago, she crammed a two-year f-cretarial course Into a frenzied nine months of study at Pope's Commercial college In Baton Kouge and has never once regretted it. Cleo handles all her own business and financial deals, eliminating a third party so CLEO MOORE. A studio cheesecake pose for Cleo Louisiana's own particular answer to Jane Russell, Jean Harlow, and other cinema personalities. 1. Vi 0 sat cozily beside her in a Hollywood restaurant which only a few days ago served as a rendezvous for another Columbia studios' star, Rita Hay-worth and Aly Khan. Though Louisiana's Cleo Moore 1 The Big Time: "The Happy Time." the Music Hall's next show Shepherd Mead's comical book, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" "20 Question" (still superior quizardyi in its 7th year Arthur Johnston's new Kwellnrlv. "Snmpthinr tr Sav" Oct. 20. at the Municipal auditorium. Blanche Thebom, contralto, will portray Delilah, who robs Samon of his strength by cutting off his may be much the iiren and bad igiri for films, she remains as whole- borne and friendly as if she had just eemingly vital to celebrities in thearrjved from Galvez and (No One to Sav It To), the wordage lialr- which is the source ot it. bv the late' Bernie Ramon Vinay, tenor, and Sigurd Arthur composed "Pennies from Bjoerling, new European baritone. Heaven" Cocktails for a'so sjn leading roles in the "Just One More Chance" and so production. Bjoerling will be mak-many other tunes oi can't for- lnK hls American debut this year. movie capital, the business agent Baton Rouge. That is, minus the southern accent, on which she spent get i waiter neroeri or uneans 4 j-' a dilligent two months of concentrated effort to lose. Believe it or not, our movie siren taught Sunday school back in Louisiana. Even in Hollywood. in lie un rLiui iiif trrit-iiLa- Memos of a Midnighter: Ernest tion, for hich plans are now be-Hemingway won the "Duke" hand-ling completed by Edward R. Jones, somely in a Cuban donnybook tak-' president, and members of the local ing on all comers "Pat" Ward1 association. (state's itness in the vice probe) I A gala opera ball, under spon- CO-STARS RITA HAYWORTH AND GLENN FORD in a romantic scene from "Affair in Trinidad." The film, which marks Rita's return to the screen, opens today at the Strand theatre. you won't find her night clubbing it. Nor does she care to drink. Louisiana's entry in the feminine movie sweepstakes is indication was introduced to Broadway three sorship of the Opera Guild, will be years ago (when she was 16) by held immediately following the a fiftyish B'wav character initialed production. Mrs. Dewev A. Somdal Cyclist Traveling; enough that Hollywood, actualiv a very normal and sane community THE OLD SEA CAPTAIN, as portrayed by Ralph Richardson, watches the complete degradation of his protege, Trevor Howard, in this scene from "Outcast of the Islands." The film opens today at the Glen wood theatre. manufacturing motion picture en tertainment like Detroit turns out automobiles, does not necessarily corrupt anybody's morals. As a hobby, Cleo's interest Is We Knetr flow! HICKORY PIT BARBECUE Beef, Pork, Rlbi, Chicken Special Sunday Dinner! from Cocktail to Drink All Kinds Fresh Sea Fooda K. C. V. S. Choice Steaks Fried Chicken J. Press agent Don Sim-jand Mrs. Hugh C. Ilgenfritz are in 1 1 oil Tlipvplf mons and his wife are annulling, charge of arrangements for the! Ull JJIl Cll She's the niece of ex-French Pre-ball. 1 Cleveland. Ohio, flj.P.i Wild- mier Raynaud Gabe Heatter's The auditorium box office will i mannered Mateti Narasimhan Is nevview, Merril (of the "We the open on Sept. 29. Meanwhile, Mrs.i pushing ahead with his mighty People" staff) and tv charmer W. F. Woods is accepting reserva-mbition to travel around the Julie Bean wed In Dec. "New tions by telephone at her home, (world under his own power. Faces" investors will soon get their 2320 Fairfield avenue. Mrs. Woods'! When the shy, high-voiced native first dividend. Checks for $26.400 number is 2-3710. Madras. India, started westward portrait painting. Her most suc However, her first lessons in business Cleo learned as a youngster, helping her father in his grocery tn Galvez. Before the movie cameras ehe plays "bad girl" roles with much realism and sincerity, but away from the cameras she is quite a business woman, intelligently pursuing her career in Hollywood as an actress but with no designs for a career on the legitimate stage, just movies. She recognlzrs fhat some stage experience would be beneficial to her and Director Haas will not have to coax Cleo for long to appear in his projected stage production of llenrik Ibsen's "The Master Builder" at La Jolla. As her film director and co-star in "Strange Fascination," Haas sees our Louisiana belle as a siren to out -siren Theda Bara, Jean Harlow and Clara Bow. "Cleo," Haas affirms, "has that magical, combustible something which has made wanton film sirens of past days set the torch to the ino ie fans' Imagination." It was easy enough for On With the Show's tired old eyes to see what Haas meant, even without our spectacles, as we Theatre Events Little Theatre cessful work has been a portrait some ifa.f()( miles ago, iov. Hal Collins! are in the mail I STRAND (writer for Berle) and his show- A RRY'S Tryouts Today Readying for 200th Show bride (of 6 weeks), Toni By ifear they've made a mistake Sunday inrovmn luesoay: Ariair Trinidad." starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn lord. Wednesday through Saturday: "Big Jim McLain," starring John ayne and Nancy Olson. JOY of CBS-KWKH comedian Jack Benny, who was flattered silly by Cleo's painting. When Benny complimented her on the portrait and said it flattered him, Cleo had the best of answers for him: "You're 39 years old and naturally I had to make you look 39 in the i 1 950, he was on a bicycle. However, 5.000 miles westward and half-a-dozen countries later an Italian company took pity on the struggling traeJer and motorized jhis bicycle. FAMOUS BARBECUE 1760 E. TEXAS ST, B. Snows of Kilimanjaro," pre- (at the Rivoli on the 17th) Shreveport's Little Theatre is ap-; will be formal. No black, tie, noi tor Courtyard Players Show Sunday through Thursday: "Jumping Jacks." starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and "Darling. How Could You," ttarrinff -InViT, I A preaching an important milestone get in- (Any snow want a critic wno is more comtortaoie in nis, Friday and Saturday: "The Racket." as Its 31st season gets under way ttan-ing Ttobert Mitchum. and "Slaughter, i Trail." starring Brian Donievy. The comedv Connecticut Hal lil ole blue serge?) The B'way 8AENGF.R portrait," Miss Moore's painting will hang in a prominent place In the Benny living room after its current exhibition at the Friar's club here. Ioween," which opens Oct. 16, will Will Rogers." starring Will Rogers, Jr. oe me uuin prouueuon in uiuik bookies laugh at the Wall Street! Trvouts for "Llliom," the open-odds of 9 to 5 on Adlal. They like ing plav to be presented by the Ike and will lay you 6 14 to 5. If Courtvard Players, will be held you want Ike you must give them this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the 73 The "Pal Joey" free-for-all! theatre. James ATonc. director, has Sorry, No Goats But come in today ond sec our Monkeys, Birds, Tropical Fish and pet supplies. OPEN 2 'il 6 p.m. TODAY and Jane wyman. and J-Tne Lrys'ai Ban, Theatre history dating back to 19-'. starring Paulette Goddard and Ray Mil-' land mi ueiTiiiutr or uiai. car oiu cvt- Cleo was last through Louisiana Tuesday and Wednesday: "cia by.g first arnateur group present- 1 t- 1 i 1. 1 wwi 1, a 111 amairui eiivwu uh-clul 1 1 a year ago when she went to Mis- River." ed a one-act plav in the auditorium slaf 8 n.uf' ais- issued a tall for production peo- sissippi as a judge for a bathing starring EJdie Dean. th Milam street icmery that his showgirl bride was pie to attend as well as those lnter- beauty "Miss Mississippi" contest' pS-'W around wlth one of the ested in reading for parts. The pub- aiarun. ana an-snoris iuri miuw jmj She laughingly told of an lnci- PET VILLAGE dent where she ordered coffee in Moon." New Orleans without a trace of majestic T-f Sunday through Wednesday: "High! her recently -lost southern accent. starrlng Gary cooper and Grace lie is invited to attend the reading. "Liliom." by the Austrian playwright, Ferenc Molnar, is considered his greatest work. It Is a legend in seven scenes and calls for a large cast with several major Old Age Disease Treatment Lags Completely Air-Conditioned 115 E. KINGS HIGHWAY PHONE 8-7811 TODAY'S SPECIAL $1.00 Baked Young Western TURKEY With All the Trimmings For a ful court meat oppetiier, entree, vegetoblei, salad, dessert and drink. Later plays were presented at B'nai Zion svnagogue, and In 1924 at the "Woman's Department club. The present playhouse at 812 Margaret place was opened In March. 1925, with the presentation of "Yellow-jacket." Thursday through Saturday: "Island of pour in water, the waitress Said Desire' starring Linda Darnell and Tab Obligingly. Hunter. With adieus Over, On With the J0Surmday and Monday: "Destination Show hurried OUt to the Columbia Tokyo," starring Cary Grant and John Chicago (U.R) A physician savs roles the life expectancy of a 60-year-old Memberships for the season of today averages the same as'five plavs are available at $6 bv this equally old ancestor of P. O. Box 6351. Workers OdrTietu, ana vj iu cKianonia xjaiiis, itarring Rex Allen. Tuesday and Wednesday: "Two Ticket? to Broadway," starring Janet Leigh, and "Great Jewel Robbery," starring David Brian. Thursday and Friday: "Corsican Broth-er." starring Douglas Fairbanks. and Prior to the opening of this 31stjyears ago. iwji he on dutv at the reading this season, the Little Theatre will con- Dr. Walter L. Palmer, professor afternoon for anvone who wished duct its annual membership medicine at the University of to join at the theatre. Member- nnicrn Vioori i ti WMnocuv Cent iChicaETO medical research V. I "Quebec, starring John BatTymore. Jr SatiirriT- 301." St-. 1 11 I- '-only lino khmiii hoc urtu liuuira Cochran "and 1rgmia Grey, and "i and closing Saturday, Sept. 27, iaia aunougn science nas maae Digjto i-700 and should that number of the lash." starrirg Lah IaRue ant-nrrtintr tn Stwart advances in treating Childhood kra rtt 1 mmmKar. Ranch and back lot to catch the first day's filming on "The Lucky this time, Milly Vitale, the Italian actress, had recovered from her high fever and was at work on her first scene in an American picture. When we arrived on the scene, the 19-year-old actress was posing with Kirk Douglas for still photographs for publicity. Douglas gave us a cordial greeting and remarked how much more difficult it was to pose for "stills" than to act before the cameras. I chapter 14 of "Pirates of the High Seas BRO 4DMOOR dent. Leaders in the campaign are: ana Keeping more people anve shlp ros be closed for the WHOLE BARBECUED CHICKEN WITH SAUCE $50 TO TAKE OUT ur a unie. me aging MiKS BeUy stagg ls mem. ulation created new medical prob-bershlp chairman of the Courtyard IPlavers and may be contacted at There has been less success In 80l" Dudley drive for Information. treating the diseases of old age. Anyone Interested in participat- Palmer said. In 1S50, a 60-year-old in thA nf Sunday and Monday: sh P.oon." Mrs. Douglas A. Lee, Mrs. F. A. itarnrg Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, i 0 ii t- at T. i Tuesday through Thursday: "Wait -Til duller. Selden Senter. Mrs. Frank Dlvid.G. McEiroy, Mrs. Robert McL. Je- Friday and "T'land of De- ter, Mrs. Erlck Gebsen, Mrs. Unda Darn'U nd Tb I J. Pollard Sealy and Margaret Mary Saiurdar Morning Show: "Children of Young. They will meet with eam- i Below fm JfA, Wl with Purcha. I I tEm thii CUonar I where in thy iS ARK-IA-TEX -y0 man in Massachusetts could look and unable to attend Wednes- I irir iiu, wnn cm entirely OI amrr.ais. palgn orkers at 7 p.m today or iiuwam (u an irufic 3 eai 5 i.n:nl,s nf mav call jand six months of life, he said, fit tne theat're beUveen Couldn resist wandering around na. 0ct- Sunday and Monday: "Diplomatic the back lot where we walked Conner." starring Tron Power and! Six major productions are sohed- down the western street where Te'Sav "'rough Thur.dav- -jumping ll5ed for wi'h the S7 "ll luudv a.m. and noon, pect an average of Id years and i Drive Out To AMBER INN DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Phone 3-1 1 84 Curb Service 1911 Eaif Teiai, Bossier City i.ewiV. -iyinfinunMiip huuiiuK itnf nuiwri 1Ve months. Mrs. Mavis Axelbv was killed 111 tlir ivianiri yi- Fndav and Saturday: -High Noon," i 10 A di iui tnui ju; Tnat contrast? with the lump In while surf-f ihine at Murwillumbah v. cniu iiam ouu "ic oil vniui.iui iru wicauc. xaiivMi PYTlPrTflnrv AT Hirrn tmm PCC Anctra a when her husband's line ITMFV Akv 1 be at work in a Sunday through Wednedar: "The memberships at sjo are sua 50 to almost 70 Gene Autry will couple of days. years in the broke during a cast and the lead (sinker struck her behind the ear. Greatest Show on Earth." starring Betty able. Mast ha'f rcnfurtr Hutton and Cornel Wilde. I 01 I Thursday and Fridav: "Outcasts of' Connecticut nauoween, Dy jon-Poker starring Ann Pavt.r anrf -itV-, Vb- THE FAMOUS Dale Rnberton ua.ts, i u. n. Kia. nSm, Saturday: -'Pistol Harvest ttarTtrg Tim ill open Oct. 16 and continue Oct. 24. Final readings for 'parts are being conducted by John GREEN WALLS DRUG STORE SUNDAY, SEPT. 14, 1952 Served From 11:00 A.M. Until 9:00 P.M. Wray Young, director, and the plav will be put into closed rehearsals Sundav ii.rouich Wednesdav: "Outcasts of the tarring Ralph Richard-fon and Trevor Howard Starting Thursday: "The Man in the soon. aun. Alex tiuuiess. Persons who are not called by StirHav St. Anne." starring Ann Biyth and Ld- campaign workers may mail their mlStartmg Wedne5dav: "T.ure of the Wild-'checks 8nd membership applica-erness." starring Jean Peters and Jeffrey tions directly to the Little Theatre, S12 Margaret place. 73c DINNER NO. 3 73c Hot Sliced Chicken Sandwich Cranberry Sauce New Potatoes and Peas in Cream Dessert: Tri-Color Brick Ice Cream VFXVS Sundav and Mondav "rKir. Tr-n hams, starring James Stewart, Wendell Corey and Jean Hasan. Tuesday and Wednesday: "Okinawa," Every time you use your pres- 'sure saucepan, make sure that the Slurring fat DHn im A Thursday and Friday: "skirts Ahov" luuc la t-itoiici Barry "'suihvan William5, Evans and ill be useful In cleaning It. Now Served on Monday as well at THURSDAY evenings Pr Pron includes A tempting assortment of 76 delicious foods served buffet style oil you con eat dancing ond entertainment for the entire evening. starHn TAm.A aturdav: 5 j5 rs WE HAVE A COMPLETE Ii Fu! TI LINE OF NEW AND If REBUILT VACUUMS I 1. Out-of-Town I i 9 Ordart GivM I tM, I i "'y ALloWANCe I I 3908 Southern Av. Shreveport ST-9-14 I ,1 Dar Sirs: I am intareited in a FREE Horn Dem i I I enttratien of a Rebuilt EUctrolux Cloanor, com- CIEANER 1 i i I I plat with attochmanti. i i Phone i Addratt I City Stot. I I tJ (If F.D PIoo Giva Direction.) IWfcl A 8-7321 1 ir 90c DINNER NO. 1 90e Southern Fried Chicken Potato Salad Whole Green Beant Candied Fresh Carrots Hot Rolls and Butter Dessert: Tri-oolr Brick Ice Cream Cake 90c DINNER NO. 2 90e Breaded Pork Cutlet Glaced Sweet Potatoes Corn O'Brien Banana Salad Peanut Dressing Hot Rolls and Butter Dessert: Tri-Color Brick Ice Cream Roll Film 49' Developed and Printed I Eipoiare Cokt 5 90e DINNER NO. 4 90e Broiled Club Steak Curly Potatoes Hot Rolls and Butter Lettuce and Tomato Salad Dessert: Tri-Color Brick Ice Cream Cake 5 RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED O'Brien, Dean Jagger and Forrest Tucker. Sunday and Monday: "We're Not Married." starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Allen. Tut'dsv and Wednesday: "Ivorv Hunt, er." starring Anthony Steele and Dinah Sherridan. Thursday and Friday: "Diplomatic Courier'' Tyrone Power, Patricia Neal and Stephen McXallv. Saturday: "Branded." starring Alan Ladd and Mona Freeman, and "Snow White -d tr.e Seven Dwarfs." DON DRIVF-FN Sunday through Tuesday: "Lovely to Look At." starring Red Skeiton and Kathryn Grayson, and "Please Me starring Deborah. Kerr and Peter La''ford. Wednesday and Thursdav: "Lvda Bai'ey." starnne Robertson and Anne Francis, and "Fignting Men on the rs Frinv and Saturday; star- Wavr, Moms and Adrian Booth, and Rock Island Trail." 24-Hour Service-Mall Orders Handled Promptly PHOTO COPIES ft DISCHAR6E alIC PAPERS, ETC. -IJii 4-HOUR SERVICI Mail mr trinf H. L. GREEN CO. FORMERLY SILVER'S MOVIE SNAP 402 Texai St. SHrevcport, Lai. lake am SELECT A LA CARTE ORDERS AND SANDWICHES 5 WI THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE 5 lllluf; rPKl1illiUBi

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