The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1951 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE FOUJl BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS aciztii Jan« Shelton, Society Editor f Phone 446i Columbus Day Theme Used for Luncheon Repllca-s o[ the Santa Maria, I'in- IA and Nina ships used by Columbus in (he voyage which resulted In ihe discovei'y of America, were s<'t atop the luncheon table at the meeting of the Chailevoix Chapter of thn Daughters of ihe American Revolution, yesterday, Mrs. Cieorqp Pollork. Jr., Mrs. E. J. Cure and Mi-.s. C. L. McW:iU-jv>, Jr.. 'Ai'ie'.v ; i'.s for the first, meeting of the u\l] se.-vscm fnr which the Columbus Hay theme was fliaspn. Auumm I >] corns cU'coiaic-cl the entertaimiiK rnoin ol Hotel XcbJt: for tfK 1 ] p.fn. aflai:'. F«llowijig hinch&'jL], Mrs. I/mis Choir y ^avt' a mp.s.sai;e tmni the suite re^nl ftnd ctutpm plitrts for ibe cii.?uing year were discussed. The aftoj-jiofin's prnprrnn. "Origin ftjiri the Erirly Da.\s of DAR" u'.is given hy Mi-. 1 -. E- FJ. Stevens to clc.^e ihe inopiint;. Martha Ann White Has Party for 20 Guests Martha Ann Whito ni^ht ob.'-frsT-d her i'2tli birthday with a bu/fot MIIHKT—Canasta jitirty for 20 girls at her ho trie on Davis Street. The large birthday cake formed. the center design for the table from which supper was served. Following the meal the quests 5310111 the remainder of the evening In playing canasta, with Pat ParUow winning high score prize, SUP Jobo, second high and Mary Ann Tompkins, low. Potted plants were .set almul- the entertaining room and throughout the home. * * * Mrs, Guard Hostess To Bridge Club Mrs. Jame* O. Guard was hostess - »t her home ye-sterday afternoon for the weekly afternoon oT bridge of members of the Tri-Town Club. Mrs. Wei don Rainwater was the group's only guest. Gladioli were jet about the entertaining room in which the afternoon was spent playing bridge. Mrs. Gene Tea ford won high score prize and Mrs. Newton Whhis, second high. High Style For Juniors Mrs. Crafton Joins Club; Mrs. Wbillcy Is Hostess Condition o/ A. D. has heen 111 al hlj home on South Franklin for the |iast «everal days, LS rcporled u.s improved. L(. Burl Boyd, who ha.s b|U:IU the pist live years In Japan and Korea, arrived !a.u night to spond 30 daj'.s as gticst ol flis brother, Veriion lioyd and family. Li. Boyd Mrs. Rupert Crafton mi>l a.i new nienibrr with Ui Petite clul) yes- icrilay when Mrs. Krlc Wlilllry was at tin- Ciafton liome on ^ u ,„.,,,, ^. Clilcka-sawha Avetnir [or Hie gicup's I will re'port'to Teiarkana.' Tex. jvopky nftcniponol Ijrldge. Mrs. Loy ) Mrs. James Mi:Klt ol "I/uinai.n Wo.'cl, «-KS the only guest and In I al ,d Mrs. H. C. Brlnkjr ol Marion K.ime took limh score. Mrs. ! - ami i the ] P. K. Ullcy won second high ! Mrs. Orspll. In ItlRn JMonfhlyPTA Meeting Held the School Mrs. lelt this morning lor their honie.s alter several days visit a.s nucst of .Mr. and Mrs, II. p. .Merrill. Mr.s. O. w. McCuldicn i.s ill at her home on West Main street. Mr. and Mr.s.]) unan <il MemphLs were tlie o\i'jnj'4tH ^ut'-st-s j <»1 Mi. and Mrs. Nelson Menmuk and tanuiy. Miss Cicorge Ann .Stil-Acil v.a.s ihe i weeki'iid guest ol her iiaien:.s, Mr. ' and Mrs. George SUlwell. Miss Slil- rrnm; well is cjjiployeil in AIein|>|ii.s '[["*] Dr. Cecil n. Branson of Lie. City, T(.<. has arrived lur K visit with hl.s iiarent.s, Mr. and Mrs. U. K. firan-son and Mr. and Mr.s. C. F. Tu.ktr. Dr. Branson will acoim- p:ii:y Mrs Ilranson and daui;hl(t, I..UHI to their liome. Mr.s. firanson and daughter had tjee WBtmESDAY, OCTOBER 18, Iftflt at Jayceettes Meet; Nam« Officers for the Year An election of officers was held lait night at the bi-monthly meeting of the -Jayceettes for which 8673 1MB By Sue Burnett Here is .1 .striking two piece frock ( In junior >,i/rs tliat rates an A plu.s, m style. Bands of subtle com nut | accent tlie top, the skirt [» slim t and yoiinu nnd can be r.inde easily i and quickly. Pattern No. 3fl73 U n sn-y-iite perforated pattern In jizes 11, li, 13, 14. 16, IB. Sl/e 12, 3't yards of 39-inch; "* yard contrast. For this pattern, send 30c In COINS, your name, address, sl/e. desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Hurnett. Courier News. 372 W. Qulncy Street .Chicago 6, 1U. Don't mKs Ihe Pall nnd Winter FASHION. It contains 4H pases of styles, simple to make [rocks for all ages; decorating tricks; sift patterns prinlrd inside the book. Send 25 cents today. Joe Feicuson was pro director mor Ihe monih!y me <>'- Ihe .Senior Ilinh School ['a. Teachers Association yesterday [he S'-JHXJ] A devotional. "O Divine Jir : de,-j:'- '•\'" vis sutii- l)v rhf cluiith '':-ide flee club umler !he dirrc'i'Mi of Mrs .1. Wilson Henry, Kiw Jube, pianist, and -Sue and Lue ourns, flutists, si'-impanleri the Rroiip. The (n esident's ine.ssayp ,,^as i>r,-- cii !iv Mis, w, K. Wlmtjcilv and HIP skit, "Ins and Only on (lie thoui-ht Iliat consideration of olliers over- insrcurity, »as presented hy line key. Ralph Walls, where they were removed Saturday rtson, Waelon Powell: r.cni Memphis Methodi.H Mrs. W. H. Pease Named Head Of Service Auxiliary In a. meeting of the Junior Service Auxiliary yesterdey at the Country Club. Mrs. w. H. was named president of (lie group tor 19.51-52. Mrs. Monroe Craln, Jr., is retiring president of the service or- ganisation. Others to serve are Mr.s. John Caudiil. vice president; Mr.s. S. E. Tune, recording , secretary; Mrs. Harry A. Halnes, corresponding secretary: Mrs. Ben W. Harpolc. Jr.. treasurer and Mrs. R. A. Nelson, welfare. Welfare committees are Kye Clinic, headed by Mrs, »->n Smith; and Story Hour,' headed by Mrs. Joe p. Pride, Jr. Committees to serve will be Mrs. Oscar Fendler, civic; Mrs. Ulan Heath, finance; Mrs. James C. Guard, publicity; Mrs. I. Ft. Coleman, expansion; Mrs. James Roy, Mrs. Max Logan and Mrs. We!- dr.-n Rainwater, fashion show: Mi's. Grain, new projects. New officers will be Installed at a November luncheon meeting at the Country club, My ALICIA HART ' rlw Auxiliary also named dele- .VI.'A Staff Writer gairs to the National Association It's like locking the barn door alt-! "^ Junior Service Auxiliaries Conor the horse has run away to waiti ven ^°n to be held in Cohmibus. until your throat Is crrpey and saii-' ^' : s . Nov. 2-3. Att?"JiiiK w.ll be Kin^ before you beyln combatting; Mr s - Grain, Mr.s. ; / ' and Mrs. .spending ; wrinkles. You've learned your its-i Kcndlcr. Alternates lected v ere cvera) weeks here. Before return- ; son. (nit it's a trifle late. [Mrs. Tune, Mrs. Git. id and Mr.s. It's a better lElr-.T to reaJi/e no Nelson. Slogan foi- the convention matter how youthful nnd dowey which has been chosen the perm- vour skin may appear at present, anent motto for the group, i.s "Care (.'(jmh:i[(in B neck wrinkles lie.'ore Iticy an|ic;ir, Ihis vuuag woman smooths on throat cream as a preventive measure. * RUTH MILLETT Start Early to Train Child In Being Self-Reliant Bj KU'Jll Mil,LETT. NEA Slad Writer Throat Lines 0111 i Reveal Aqe liver i ^ and Winnlbetl Jimmy Cull and Allrne Wimbrrly and waj retted by Thurmnn Rnwlelt. Mrs. o. w. Copi.edsjc. president announced the first study course would lie held Nov. 8 at the Home [economics Co'laur. II will be a joint rncethiR svllb mnjor hl ? h school and will be directed by Mrs. K'ndall lifurv. Mrs. Earl Buckley was named mtj home Dr. and Mrs. Bin vacation in Fhuicb. Mrs. George hubbard. Jr.. . ._.... m!:im son. William Siicduan, are that tlierc'll be inevitable drying as: Tnilay—Character Tonimorrow at their liome on Holly Street you Brow older. | It was announced thai the .Story WrinV:les are likely to be Inevit-! Hour win be resumed Saturday able. too. unless you begin taking morning at the libiary. The eve proper precautions to slow down i clinic .sponsored in the elementary Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Burns are in ) Memphis ttoiay atu-ndinp the lei- '• ;lll!h ' "".sluusht upon your beauty. : schools will be resumed Oct. 15 nt-ral service* of Mrs. li. A. Licler-l. Slllcc ll "' r< ' rire fl "' ver oil Builds and the Milk Fund (or imdeipnvil- man. MIR. Lieferman, a former nlytlievilte resident was the former Miss Florence Mitchell. Mrs. Crawford Noble Is visiting with fin-mis and relatives in Jone-s- boro. Mrs. N'oble recently- returned Love Group, New Members Meet The TjOVr Rroup o[ the Christian Mrs. H. L. Halsell. Jr., was hostess | Woman's Fellowship of the First Flower Show Held By Garden Club A flower show was held last night In connection with the monthly i Crook, secretary; meeting of the Knst Sldf Garden; treasurer; Nancy dnj.s In Little Rock. general chairman of the Spaghetti ' - rom an extended European tour, .supper planned for Oct. 19 to' U s - Branson i.s spending .several funds for leen-ase activities. In the attendance count, the senior class took fhst place. This meellnK had previously been declared a "buddy meeting," with each member bringing a prospective member /inn In Die social hour following each member was to lier for refreshment.^. r> ^;i Banquet Marks Church Class Names Officers The Intermediate Girls Class of the New Liberty Baptist Church Monday night met in the home of their teacher. Mrs. Vance Dixon for an election of officers. Beryl Devil) was named president. Others serving are Carolyn Ann Ladncr, vice president; Mabel! in the skin beneath your chin than rued children Is scheduled to be elsewhere, it's often there that (ime started again in November begins mm kins up your age tri un-i mlstakable lines. | • . Preventive treatment 15 usually 'ess • ciitfrcult than corrective tiea .nent. even if you're years froi.. real wrinkle worries. It's well to C* \ n <~c A 1-1 KI i \ /,-, rc- begin thinking about the problem, j ^ ' Ui) ^ S^tin I ¥6(5 A thront cream offered by one cosmetics firm is helpful in res tor- \ Tne second anniversary of the ing oil to drying necks, since it's 'Seekers of Calvary Baptist hirjh iti lanolin content. H is par- Church was observed Monday night tlcularly recommended by its makers u 'ith R banquet at the church. massage cream. They claim It; The invocation was given by the church minister, 'the Rev. p. H. Jrrnlgan. and was followed with a solo by Mrs. Bob Coleman. Wayne Moore, cla.w president, served as master of ceremonies and following dinner the cla.w history was given by Mrs. Mark Anderson. Highlight of the evening was an address by the Rev. David icing. The benediction was piven by ihe»Rev. Mr. Jerffigan. * has sufficient bndy for satisfactoty stroking, yet is easily absorbed. it her home. In the election Mis. Phillip Applebaum was named to head the group. Others serving during the year will be Mrs. Ethel Blackard. vice . Pi Christian Church lust night met m I mict—Mrs. Lee Stiles, Mrs. R. A. the home of Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe for I Copeland. Mrs, A. D. Priest; large Mrs. Club. The entertaining rooms of the^ porter, nnd Marilyn Lutes, sccial Lake Slreel MellindMt Church were! chairman. the scene of the showing. | A social hour followed In which The following awards wore mari^: j refreshments, suggc.stive of the Hal(In order of first, sec/md and third*.' lowccn motif were served Design arrangements-Mrs. B. A.I - Bugg. first, second and third; Bou-i League Plays At Country Club A inasterpoint game was played last night in the five table move- Peggy Gumer, | mcn( , of tne country Club Duplicate Ann Dixon, re-; Bridge .Uague. with Mrs. H. P. Merrill and Mrs. Frank Grlgsby taking (op honors. Second place went to J. E. Stevenson and Bernard Gooch. Tieing for third place honors were Mrs. James Read Courier News Classified Ads. McKie of Truman, Mrs. H. C. Brinker o f Marian. Mrs. Henry Humphreys and Mrs. o. S. Crowell. 1 j Exiilained one mother who had made up her nnjid to ^ive her ! oracle-school son more i-esiK:mibi!i- | ty and let him do more things on j bis ou';i instead ot trymy to [Jrotecc. him against all kinds of danger: "It JILU dawned on me that ac- lually I've only JJOL ei^ht inure years | and then ihe Army will lake him. ; So I have » lei him Mart making ; some choices and takim; some chances. Cchenvifcu. I'm somg to turn a baby over to the Army." That is sound thinking. And if you snb.siittite "life" for "Army" it | is sound thinkui!; any time. And it j is equally uue of your yount: daughters as well as cf your young sons. When you calch your.sel! doing your child's thinking for him or telling him he can'i do llns cr do j that you know you would worry aboul him, stop and linure up how many ye: rs there are left before yuu are goins to hav#to turn him completely. The answer will probably startle '.'on Ami it may make you sudcien- 'y re.-iiJze that ;or the diild'.s good you mnsin'l. wait and try to let go of him all at once. Ycu'vc got to let so grartually. Coming Events Social Calendar Thursday Burdelte PTA has 2:30 meeting .it the school. Mary Martha of First Baptist Church has 1 p.m. installation service-potluck dinner meeting at the home of Mrs. E. L. Hale tn Armorel. Mrs. E. P. Coates. Mrs, Adolph Heinicke, co-ho.stessns. Fidelias Class of First Baptist Church has potluck supper-business session at Alvln Hardy home on West, Walnut Street at 7 p.m. Thursday Contract club plays at Ihe Country Club. Mrs. O. W. Mc- I Cutchen hostess to the group. UDC has 12:30 luncheon meeting at Hotel Noble. Mrs. C!eo Wren hostess to Thursday Rook Club. TLE Club plays bridge at the home of Mr.s. Herman Turner. Duplicate Bridae League plays at |Hotel Noble at 7:30. Club 28 meets at the Hut. Mr. | and Mrs. fTed Flecman, Mr. and j Mrs. Russell C. Farr and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Buckley, hast and hostess. Friday Mrs. Do.vle Henderson to Friday Contract Club. Alpha Delta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi has 2:30 meeting at the home of Mrs. Harold Wood, 1925 Hearn. And the sooner you start the gradual process of letting go, the easier it is going to be o nyour child to step Into manhood or womanhcod. Don't Take the "f.'asy" IV'ay The easiest thing In the world lor a mother to do Is to overmotect » child. It is easier to say "No" than to say -Yes" and worry about a child's being able to look out for himself in some situation that is frightening to the parent but that ihe child insists he Is capable of • handling on his own. It. is easier to make all of your child's decisions for him than to let him make his own as often as possible, even though sometimes this means he has to learn from a wrong choice or a wrong decision. , H i.s easier on you to ovcrnrotecl, u'llt some rfay ii will be much harder. And that is when you have to turn the child loose completely. Think it over, Huw many years are actually left to you to begin a grad- inil process ot turning loose? IT'C QirUT 1 1 aKlUlll FOR CHILDREN IN EVERY WAY. ORWGt fUVORtt 50TablaJsOnly39< ST.JOSf.PH • ASPIIIN - . FOR CHIIOHH CALL 3541 when you want used auto parls. Our old firm name "Blylheville Used Auto Paris" has been dropped— it's HOW part of Automotive Supply Co. When you want parls, call Automotive Supply Co. . . . 3511. Automotive Supply Co. 314 North Broadway a prottrnm minting, with Miss Jean Dcdman. Mrs. C, 1,. Moore and Mr.s. Onlr* !lri"p,s iwrhtM: n^ new rni'rn- .resident; Mrs. B. Gary, secretary I b ", s ' Mrs - Jiln Katmvatcr was the ,nd Mrs. Terry Provost, treasurer, j ° nly J"" 5 !. for 11|!> ! " 1 " lon whl<-1 > A report was made on the Cotton T' 1( ' d "''"' rr l' cr " in K ot "« '-""Vs eport was made on tlie O Picking Contest Parade In which the group's float took second place honors. Plans were rii.scn.ssed for a Nov., 13 dinner meeting to close the- aej»i6n. A social hour followed. Luncheon-Parly at Club Given by Mrs. Regenold Autumn tones were used In the decorations of the entertaining rooms of the Country Club yesterday for the luncheon bridge for which Mrs. E. M. Rcgenold was hosless. dahlias-Mrs. C M. Gray. Gcorse McGhehey, Mr.s. J. w. Maloney: small dahlias- .Mrs McOhp- hey. Mrs. Hum. Mr.s. W. S. Johns- 'on and Mrs. Stiles. llest larrre marigolds-Mr.s. Priest and Mrs/'-Lawrence Fulgharn led for first. Mrs. Fulgham, Mrs. Priest: small marigolds—Mrs. Priest. Mrs. Stiles, second and third: best roses Mrs. Priest. Mrs. L. E. Gordon, Mrs, . Hriys was program 1 Tvcrson Morris; mixed, displays director and selected for her topic, j Mrs Maloney. Mrs. Fulgham, Mrs. "And So We Look at the United : Priest. Nations " Mr.s. J. \v, Mcltaney nnd [ Approximately 30 attended the Prayer. Mrs. Freeman Robinson conducted the meeting and following nn offerlnc Mrs. Rainwater led the group in prayer. Hadle Mrs. John Burnett participated. Following a dcvoflonal by Mrs, J. P. nnrroU Ihe mcpllni; «as adjourned with Ihe missionary benediction. P.irly fniul.s ami drinks were srMv- cd later in the rvcnlnp from > .i» Incc-rtr.vped rctri'shmeiil table »lnrh was .srl \\-;th =jl\cr --rrvice. Mrs. showing from 7 till 9 p.m. At ['In- Hns.-'=.l DismKsctl; Mrs ,!. R, Doyle. Slcele. J.ick A<Jarn5, Tomato. Special guest for the 1 p.m. affair '• Rainwalrr anri Mrs. Robinson pre- Home Permanent Wave WOODS DRUG STORE was the hostess' housegiicst. Mrs. Mae Dor.sey Hicks of Rattle Creek Mich. Otiesls included Mrs Regc- noW.s dub. Tuesday Luncheon, anrl Mrs. Daisy Martin and Mr.s. B. H. Goodman of .Sleele. The luncheon table was cpnlrrrri with carnalum.s dyed to ail oichid lint ami inletspcrseci with tuberoses Autumn leaves trailed down the loni: lablf-, Buili;c- nun (-a.--.a,i:i played. w:tii Mrs E. I, !t ; , top honors in (he tanas .Mrs. Gooiimar. WOM hich s. pri« and Mrs. W. .[. P scronri hich. Tin- ro:n hrl-i a sided over the table. WAKE OP YOUR LIVER BILE- Continues All This Week: Every Night (Kxrcpt Snlnrtlny) Special sini^im,' liy t li e Full (; o s p e 1 Quartet . . . also trios, cluots, and su- !«?. ('nine and hear Ifevercnd Rev. .M. K. Full Gospel Tabernacle Lilly & Vine Streets W. MAIN — Phone 2S22 Get in beautiful (rim for ihe newest dollies... ivilh a Life lira mid (iirdle e **&,&+>*' Only Formfit'? Life Hr.i give 1 ? vou I ho now "Tri|ilc I i! ' , . . for a lovelier Imsllintt with greater comfort ami frec'l'^m- I'nipnrtioncd lo (1) your Uu-i si/c, (2} your cup >i;r. (^J v-ur degree of ffjurnljtuj — uiiip, mnJimn or n.irrow. An.I ;\r,!v l.ifr (linllc IKI, ; Fcnnlir?. tantous lnitorc<i-in rnnlml [}i^\ ~lim5 nru) * months u-^jil and hip? . . . liratitiftilly. c-nfnfnr(,iMv. .nrkins: toertiiCT. I.ifr [Ira ;im] F.ifo Ginllr givr \«\\ .1 S\M-I-[- rart ol a Hgnre all ihe wav! Ci>me in ... see piod . . . (*>,|.iv. \\ lira Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Listen to KLCN' at 10:10 n.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily for our program announcements. Box Office Phone 2752 — Office Phone 6998 Box Office Opens at 1:45—Show Starfs 2:00 P.M. CONTINUOUS SHOWING EVERYDAY '- Make the RITZ Your Entertainment Headquarters: CARY _ v« n , JIANNI Wed-Thurs-Fri BRAMT*€RAIH —Also— Selected Shorts * GO TO A J MOVIE THEATRE TODAY Air Conditioned hy Refrigeration BOX OFFICE OPENS 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. LAST TIMES TODAY '*««.-CTi-^.STO«JT HEtSLER Also Cartoon THURSDAY & FRIDAY OF THE UNDERWORLD BIG cur BOSSES.' Mfand Pfi KETTLE BACKOJVTHEFARM'M • •<• AlCHJRD tONG • VEE RAN DILI • BIT CCM'" Alsi> SoKvlc S rorls

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