The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1950
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL 18, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PAGE SEVEN Doctor Predicts Laney Victory Forecast Mad* At Tennessee Medical Meet MEMPHIS, April 13. UP)— A prediction that Ben Laney will be elected governor of Arkansas this year was voiced today at the state convention of the Tennessee Med- Association here. : \r. forecast «as made by Dr. R.' B. Robins of Catndeti, Democratic National committeeman for Arkansas, in a speech to the some 100 doctori attending the Tennessee meeting.' ' Dr. Robins told the doctors that the 1950 elections are very for the American way of life. He said all persons connected with the ' medical profession. V'tholi wives, families and friends" must vote for candidates "who will not compromise on American principles." "It is not only important to vole for congressmen and senators who will oppose the Socialistic philosophy of the present administration," he continued, "but it is equally Important to elect governors who will not blindly follow a national leader who advocates Socialistic delegates to the 1952 conventions u-hen the Presidential candidates will be selected." "In Arkansas," Dr. Robins added," the voters arc going to have an opportunity to make a selection between gubernatorial candidates where this issue Is very much in evidence. "They will have the opportunity of voting for Governor McMath, a Trumanitc, or the Former Governor Ben Laney, who believes in lighting the trend toward Socialism in America and who is a strong advocate 'of sound government. Red Planes Have Checked U.S. Airliners WASHINGTON, April 13. UP)— Senator Magmison (D-Wash) *ald today he had received reports that Russian planes twice have flown out from Soviet territory to loolc over American airliners flying between Alaska and Tokyo. He said the Information cam* from an official of Northwest Airlines who reported the Incidents occurred in "the early part of the winter." Northwest operates over the great circle route between Alaska and Japan, Magnuson told a reporter that the American planes fly within 80 or 90 miles of Russian territory" anc he supposed the Soviet planes had mere "come out to take a loot." There had been previous report- that Russian planes apparentls were checking on Northwest's air' liners from time to lime. I. A. Groe.-Maneda airport ska tion manager for the firm, said in Tokyo last Sept. 27 that unidenti fled craft had been seen five or six times flying parallel to Northwes planes. Groe guessed that they .were Sov iet crnft "on dawn pnlrol" alon the Kuriles. ttussian-hcld Island stretching north from Japan. ace Sworn In As Secretory Of U. S. Army WASHINGTON, April 13. (*) rank Pace, Jr.. becime secretary the Army y«st«rd«y.' He aucceed- d Gordon Gray. Pace, who h«s been director of he budget, was sworn In by Chief ustlce Fred Vinson In trie presence f the cabinet »nd high defense of- ictals. Defense Secretary Johnson pre sented the commission to Pace, nei Milan head of the Army. He also ead a telegram from former Presi- ent Herbert Hoover congratulating he Defense Department on obUin- ng the services of "so extraordinarily able" a man, President Truman was represented by his military aide, MaJ Gen. Harry Vaugrmn. Johnson told Pace that he wai following one of the "most dislln gubhed" of army secretaries, Gor don Gray. Cray will serve as a special as sistant to the President for severa months before becoming presicien ol (he University of North Carolina : emole Critic of Truman Regime Wants to Run for Seat in Senate Sate Ends PTA Meeting; Award Made LITTLE ROCK, April 13. .((P)— The Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachers wrapped up its 25th annual convention here yesterday with the awarding of an- expensc- paid trip to the National PTA Convention to a Rogers, Ark., mother. The award went to Mrs. G. Bryan Morton, representing the Arkansas group's district. She ulll attend tUc national convention to be held in Long Beach, Calif., in May. The group also installed a memorial fund to aid students in honor of the late' Mrs. Scott Wood of Hot Springs. Mrs. Wood was a (ormer resident e Arkansas Congress and one state's'major leaders in child education. She died last year. Three elected officers were installed at yesterday's session. They are: Dr. J. W. Ramsey, Fort Smith, , second vice president; Mrs. Ashley Ross, Little Rock, third vice President, and E. D. Trice of Texarkana fourth vice president. Mrs. Fielding Poe, Paragoulri, will remain as president of the group until 1951. Reds Take Over British Barracks In Peiping, China SAN FRANCtSCO. April 13. (3V- The Chinese Communists yesterday took over British barracks In Pei- ping. This Is the sort of action which prompted the United State- to order all its official personnel out of Red China in January. » At that time the Re'ds seized the barracks of the United States, France and the Netherlands. The United States used its barracks for the consulate office. The turn of Britain, which has recognized tht Commvmlst regime, came this month. The Peiping radio, as heard by the Associated Pre.v; here, said the first step toward seizure was taken April * At that, time me uoin'munlsl military control commission issued an dcr "to tlic former consul of real Britain" to give up the bar- cks within r> week. One week to the day the com- ission sent its representatives to barracks and took them over. The barracks had been held by ireign governments under treaties inning back half a century. Arkansas Boy Hurt POPLAR BLUF1*. Mo;, April 13 )—Herbert W. Undley, 5-year-o» son of A. L,. Lindley ot Moark, Ark was seriously Injured yesterda while riding on a farm tractor wit his father. Both legs «'fcre caugh between the fender and the rubbe tire of the tractor breaking bol legs at the knees. He was brough to a hospital here for treatment. UMW Drops Court Fight on Royalties FORT SMYTH, Ark., April 13. —The united Mine. Workers ha abandoned an effort to reverse federal court ruling that Arkansa r.oal operators can not be force to make payments to the UMW welfare and pension fund. The union dropped an appe; from a decree issued by U. S. Dist rid Judge John -E. Miller here Sept. 17, 1949. Judge Miiicr hein that undc Arkansas' "freedom to wprk' K an 1 endmcnt. which prohibits unio membership or non-membership '< a^ condition of employment, cor « ~ cts for royalty payments to U id were Invalid. Singer's Strap Snaps MOBILE. Ma.. April S3. LIT} Jeanette MacDonald's evening gov, suddenly turned into a straplc job at a concert last night. A rhinestone strap and dre parted company. With an alert grab and a giggle. Miss MacDonald finished her sons. Then, real trouper like, she managed a couple of deep bows to the applauding crowd. Tea was Introduced Into Kurop 'rom Japan by Dutch traders 1610. HARTFORD, conn., April 13. W) —Vivien Kelems, who Hhlnks the en ought to move over and make oom for women In politics, wants onnecticut Republicans to noinln- e her for the U. S. Senate. Miss Kellems, » cable grip nian- facturer «ho has made a r>art- me career of heckling the Truman dmlnlstratlon, flung her spring at Into the ring. She announced her candidacy at meeting ol the Connecticut chap- 'r of (he "Minute Women," an rganl7.a[ion she helped found U) ampaign nationally against federal ubsidles for balanced budget, lower axes and other reforms. Miss Kellems has flirted with politics before, in 1342, she waged spirited campaign for the Repub- ican nomination for Congress In Connecticut's Fourth (Fairfleld County) Dixtrlct. She lost out, however, lo Claire Boolhe Luce. >laywrlght-wlfe of publisher Henry 1. Luce, who went on to win the election and serve two terms In the Miss Kellems predicted Democrats would nominate Eleanor Roosevelt lor vice president In 1952, and said Republicans better get busy and find an "Eleanor" of their own (o follo«- suit. State to Greet Visitors LITTLE ROCK, April 13. (fl— Same 100 Arkansas-shaped signs bearing the Jegend "Arkansas Wekomes You" will be erected at points of entry Into the state. Chief Engineer A. E. Johnson, of the Arkansas Highway •wnt MM the rttn* about five feet xguare, FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wrarert of falw t*elh have sintered real pniljarrasanient because their plnte dropped, Mlpped^or at just the wrong time. »X> not Hv« in iVftr at ihis tin pruning to you, JUf* sprlufcle R lltil« KASTEETH, th« alkaline (non-ncldj powder, oh your plate*. Holds lalse leech more firmly, so tliey leel more comfortable. J>bes hot KMir, Checks "plate odqr" (denture breath). CTPt FASTKKTH BL any rtrufs % *lV>r«". 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He said they u'ere captured t lolm, 24, and Lewis Andrew Peter.* 'uesday night at Conrad, only W niles east of Valier. A complaint charging the two 3onrad farmers with armed robbery s being prepared, Bannister added. Bank president Nels Swanson was ;orced to open the safe for the robbers, each carrying two guns, when he opened the bank Tuesday morning. Mississippi Bans Truman as 'Democrat' JACKSON, Miss., April 13. </P)— Mississippi supporters of President Truman are officially banned from using the Democratic Party name. Acting Attorney General George Ethridge advised Secretrry of State Hcbcr Ladner yesterday that only one party is entitled to use the word "Democrat" In its title, and because the'States' Rights Democrat* registered first, he said. pro-Truman Democrats cannot use the title of Democrat. MEASURf TMf AMOUNT * yon '// be surprised at what a difference there isl When there's more flavor in the coffee to $tart with—and it is COMPLETELY protected from air—Jessif required. 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