The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TOUt JSLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS fry Brooks rio in Cairo Topristf Spend One Night in Camp Out on African Desert. j. By VirtlnU Walton Brooks j'pAlpO, Eg>[it — Prom Athena '»* flew across the Agean and Cand» seas, o\er the tip of tile Island oj'crele and the blue Mediterariean to. reach Egypt, which resembled ope big landing field of saml. Gently; the wings of our Stnj- of Madrid eaicd us down at Paruk Airport, where porters greeted the passengers in the native dress of long oyer garments . resembling night shirls and white clothe wounu about their brown heads. The first Egyptian we saw wearing ft red tez your correspondent mlstooV for Kins Faruk until Virginia pointed out that all thc Egyptians were n fez. 1 he Arabs wore the long robes. Even tho it was a swelU'rln;; 108 degrees, it was a dry.heat and 1 ' 1 .we fell in love with Cairo.'Shepherds Hotel is the niecca for totirisis who gather on the spacious terrace lo sl)> cool drinks and watch the jmss- hiR parade, which exceeds uny In color and pagentry thnt we have seen throughout the world. The Moslem" women wear black with face veils held in place by gold nose pieces. Every child was carried sidesaddle upon the Mother's shoulder. This was thc Moslem Sabbath for. It.was Friday ind. the MOSQUCS were filled wHH.-worshiper;). The street scenes were like a Picture out of Arabian Nights. The narrow streets of the ba?.nar.s were filled with endless shops of ivory, brasses, nigs, porcelains. Inlays, leather, goods, novelties" and, silks. It is an oriental custom thnt 'one must partake of the Hospitality nf the House when one enters a s'lop so we were deluged with servings or Turkish colfec iiml 1'crsian tea for we were Interested in selecting, scarabs', and Egyptian nnllqintles of- the First Dynasty and treasure excavations dating bnck two and three thousand years before Christ. One Is conscious that this is the . Middle East even tho thdre is n blend of the west for the city streets are filled with new American made cars'. Here one sees th'e privileged few of the wealthy class nnd the teeming lens of thousands who have less than nothing. ? • Jolly , Travel Agency took v ns in hand upon our arrival'and SP.;' to our every wish duflijg our entire stay. All that we had to do was breathe, eat and enjoy ourselves urfder the personal guidance of Jnc- cmes Shoe!. Our dragoman, Abu .Bakr Khabl, accompanied us on nil occasions, and we were driven by Ahmad, in a>18*7 VstudebalHivtp all the points'.'of interest^ "Ahu"'^s the sheik or his tribe and-Invited us to partake of Persian tea In 'hi? home in the village of Olsa, near the The river Nile, Africa's longest river, was picturesque with the feluccas (river boatsi filled with rocks, stcmes, 1 water jugs, cotton, sugar fane, and • pottery. Th e fishing Mats and -pleasure craft added to the river scene. Tills mighty river ' extends from the sea Inland lor 2,900 miles. \Ve werej smnzed and taken back tp: fin,) Wat the original city bt •Memphis, Egypt, is resting Upon il'E ancient .laurels no longer exists as the mighty capital of Egypt nor as a city at all. Th'ere Is; small, ' stone nnd plaster mud hut village near the fallen giant __ size statues of Raincses 11 "who cirmc here from Upper Egypt In •WO B.C. Here we admired an alabaster sphinx datinz to 1,500 B.C. At Sakkara we visited the tombs nr the Nobles of the 5th and 6th Dynasty dating to 3,030 and 2,800 B.C. There were mummies, an;l scenes carved on the sandstone walls with hieroglyphics telling ol the lives and deeds of these ancients. 'Our.-most unusual experience Is dije to the insistence of our clrago- CROP GUARD prefectj crops from cultivation damage if ** _ r Army Shows It's New 'Silent' Plane The oddly-propellered cratt iibove is icportcd by the Anny lo he thu woild'i first silent airplane Designated the Stlnson 1-5, it was unveiled at the Ijboniloiy of the National Advisory Committee Jor Aeronautics, Lnnfiley Field, V;i. Propeller with five broad blades, driven :it 1000 rpm by an *hgine geared down by a rnlio of 2.8 lo 1 replaces the standurd two-blade propeller. Reduction in , , <7 * tip speed is most re.sponsiblo for eliminating noise, — • ~~ -- - J mnn, Abu, who urged us In lorsakp. our coniforlablp suite at SlH'pheiutls for a night ol camping out on iho desert. We left our car nnd moiinl- ed swaying dromedaries :il Ilk' base of the great Sphinx lo ride out across four nillos of san ( | and itunus to a desert camp. Our catnp was super dnlux with a cook tent, dining lent, a sleeping lent for Virginia and one for ns. Each tent was round and lined in ancient Egyptian inhlted scenes and hieroglyphics like those in tho tombs', to lend a most cllorful scene to our desert setup. There were fine rugs beneath our feet so that there was no suggestion of a sand within the tent.. Fresh linens and blankets were upon thc comfortable beds There was n bowl and pitche:' of water, towels and a bur 5? T.ux soap. There were five servants to Htond to our needs. Ten was served In great style and comfort by two waiters. H n minted us that siich a. setup.had bei'n assembled since last night when \\c hud agreed lo CO^IB for every piece of furniture. c(|'ui|)- ment. water, food, dishes, and tents had to .be brought In by camel portage in cnravnn style. It was n Glorious experience for the desert nlr Is very invigorating. Immediately alter lea we set out, to walk across .the. desert lo Ihe three great pyramids. The grcaesl of the three pyramids was the one that we explored by the devious necessity o; climbing Up steep ladders and bending low thru long mid dark tunnels In reaehe the King's chamber nnd the Queen's chamber halfway up thc 451 root pyramid. King Khnfu built this great monument 3 T.t'S BC. • ' The Sphinx htis charm' nnd personality in n quissoial sort of way. with Uie face of n man, the Iiea'd of^n woman and the figure or a lion'-carved out ol ancient limestone. The trek liack lo our cninp was mndfl in darkness for descends with a Ihnil. The ni|;ht ilcsrrt l*ie mosl sumptuous fare more us served every luxury food a\|lla- ! blc which Included .roast turkey, squab, meat and choice delicacies In seven courses served by two W'ailers. A photographer rode out on a dlmlnltive donkey to take ilashlight pictures ol us • in the licdoiiin native dres.s as a moincnto of our Arabian Night. We were the |'first camping party in seven year; EO it was a great occasion for all of the participants. The nomads have no muncy, only rood to cut nixl chlldien alorc so they welcomed Us with a nourish of hospitality and wiirmness. ft (iypsy musicians arrived to cn- Icrl.-ilii us HDtll midnight willi native instruments and songs and (laniT.s wliicJi c»Ul<| not lie excelled outside or the desert 'Citing. A guard sl(.'j)t before our tent* to insure our relaxed rest during the i>)fi>it. .Sunrise upon thc desert was nnulhrr new adventure. We reluctantly mounted our dromedaries to lido buck pust the mighty Pyramids and sphinx to enter our wait- Ing riir and another world. Tiie K(;yf)tlriu Museum houses the 'treasures of ancient Egyptai^i Art Btid Nciilpturc. Kin;; Tut seems to bn THURSDAY, JUNK 0, 19-17 by tile ton. We became well versed in the ruicr.s 01* the I?j'bJ3;isties :u:d the Gcxlsaud beliefs or the times kp'Pl Is the place where the l»c-o- Ple who live, move and have their l:c!ng about you me of even greater merest than those of the past fov they arc sucji a novelty to ttur western civilization. Thc cltldci was Ilio old fort of Cairo. Aim took pleasure in show- Ing Us tile beautiful Masque where we were required to dim slides to enter. The minaret Is the ipwtr where the Mueddiu climbs 'five times a day lo call the faithful to prayer. At the Coptic Church, the old™: was cool a ml silent as We snl do'Aii ously prepared than oaten where at nhy time. Aim had rare anil precious Jewels and gold GENERAL if ELECTRIC DISPOSALL JUST SCRAPE IT DOWN THE DRAIN The electrically operated Disposal! shreds all food waste—including bones—into fine particles, which are carried down the drain and out of the house— immediately. Your sink is always clean! NO MORE GARBAGE There arc no garbage conwinerj or garb'age odors in the Disposall equipped kitchen. The food waste is gone before it can spoil. Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. Your G.E. Store in Blythevillc , MODEL' FA-3ER DISPOSAL!. $124.50 Pr/ca Jncfucfe* Excfa* Tax church in Egypt. w e witnessed the baptism of three children In the grotto uset: u v th e Holy Family dur- iirg their flight from Egypt, It gave us a feeling of reverence to staiid at the spot where Mary, Joseph and Jc.sus liad sought refuge. Our last night in Cairo was celebrated at Hohnla Palace where we dined and danced out of doors and an excellent floor show where sinuous native girls informed oriental dances to weird k'gyp- tinn music. Rcai! Courier News Wnnt Ads Members of Kiwanii Club See Army Training Film Members of the Kiwanis CUib were shown a film on Universal Military Traiittng by S.Sgt. lion Seal of the Army llecruit'lng Olfico here at ihclr weekly meeting! yi'S- tci'day noon at the Hotel Noble. Ray Morris, ipannger of Kre^s Store, was inducted as a new member. Guests were Howard T. Wilso'i ol Nashville, Tenn., IJob Cook oi Wichita, Kan.. Robert Harris of Jonc.sboro and Pinry Durbar and Ur. Jerome Hnnvnson, liotli ol Ulvtheville. , On Osing A See St On Disp!ay-0ur Plant Bldq. * j & MFG. CO. South Broadway Street Blytheville, Artc. AT YOUR DEALER'S | ON A REG.PKG. ACT PROMPTLY AMERICA'S LARGEST-SELLING BRAND FOR WASHING SILKS, NYLONS, WOOLENS, DISHES '. \^v. ^f • ' "•—•^•^UJ^TWMHK^^HM^^ Think of it! The coupon below is worth 1 Oc fuwartl thc purchnse of a regular si/e package of Drclr.— 1'fociL-r *.- Ciainhk-'s patented Suds Discovery! Tin's money-snviiiK sale is by special arningcmcnt with your own dealer. Dreft performs miroclos no soap could ever do. Millions of women all over America have seen Drcft's amazing aclvaniagcs over soap with their own eyes—have inaile Drefl the largest-selling brand in America lor washing silks, nylons, woolens, ilishes. Hurry! That coupon below is like money—wejrih l()c when yon buy a package of Dreft. Why, it's like gctlin;; that package of'Drt'fl for almost onc- lliiril less! So don't turn this page until yon tear out I he coupon. Ami use it right away—put it in your purse now and lake to your dealer! THIS OFFI r K JS FOll A UNITED TIM I- ONLY!- • rROTKTS YOUNG PLANTS .•SMOTHERS SMALL WEEDS • INCREASES ACRE YIELD TTx only ptrfonitd guard. Tin any tite mwfcl itactor tuliivator. Spttd of Irjcicr jovcrni amount of dirt ROine Ihroufct, holes. 9V,- clc.ranc. »hcS tuning on ground. Guard do« noi pttmn lumps or rubbish 10 (ci ntjr f\tnn Gi\es faster, bcuer culjivation y. '<""• Poiatoes, 'couon, (Ofnaiwi, *""»'. lobwco, soy btirn, C«ri Walloc* Bob Smith Implement Co. Ni, Highway 61 Phone 214? Stockings look Lovelier, Sheer as Mew! * Glasses sparkle like jewels! No cloudy streaks oa dishes! New V/oolciis Wash Softer and Fluffier Than Wilh flny Soan! * Grease just ssems to vanish before yo«r eyes! Lingerie Colors Stay Fresli Far Longer Than With Even Expensive Soap Flakes! * Kind to hands. Dreft contains no alkali! TAKE THIS VAIUAE1LS COUPON TO YOUR DEALER. IT IS ... I WORTH WHEN RIG S1ZE PKG.OF Name Dole, Address Ciiy Stale. -• Mm .irc:imnt>r;7cJtt>.,icr at our.ifecn( for ihe rr<Iemn- t iliis Coupon, It will Itc rt-dccnicd irt accord.incc wnli ihc nctecnicnt m.iJc uuh >ou.rruviJckl you and ibc oistomer hAVc coin* l>hp«l nil hi he rcni»% of thv offer Coupon void unless signed (>>• the customer. <.u\[onKr must pij- any silcs MX.on the Dreft received Limit—one coupon to a cuiromcr. This off«r cxt>irti nxUnfcht \olv 30, 1947. Tliii offer ^ vocJ m ino sti(e/i of North Dakou Mon- lana, \VashinKtonandlJuh. PROCTER & tiAMVLE. .,, ' EE-8

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