The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1967 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1967
Page 6
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Pag»Ste- Bhrtl*vffl« (Art.) Courlor News - Tue»day, Pectmter 86, 198T By Lines You soul For them to give. 'they looked, gazed, searched To find new ways. Section 8 The world today . So Ihev cave precious time and Through the mist and haiejWasn't meant to be this way. V J O I '., . 1 , Tf ..U nlnMfl P1M l*infl IThere Is bad. ]Ts many; ours Is so few. Some are happy, some are: i[ j only knew!" (EDITOR'S their age. Names This column is for use by the renders. will be withheld on request.) heart they sought To save peace as we know it | better days, today, \ To improve, to better, come Which wasn't always this way What may, even a letter Their were others, possibly,')'" ""Drove their our brothers ' Moril1 strengtli « s llie y looW They had to'fight for this same Back at the length rjgn 't I Of time which had passed. Their journey was long. j As llle y cast Yet they heard a silent song- 1 A glance into the past • No title exists - a song to They said, "Will what 1 have help resist ooiifi Failure, which in (he mist i Last and last? J think it will. Would destroy and annoy; Also take away their joy. If man could stand on land, Try to understand, Treat each other As a brother; learn to live i With one another. j History didn't end at Bunker Yet, there is war. Their is This door we must enter As a priest or a sinner. When there is war There is blood. When there is a cloud burst There is a flood. There is torture. There is pain. [strain, Pleasure in their job was the! A G. I. in the Public Eye , . . . A G I just another guy 1 'Cause others need more linns ; greatest treasure. In' the public eye? . " i in their chain. ' Walking down the street. He must conceal things that A man looking trim and neat, make our individual freedoms He walks by, real . you say "Hi", to whom some In various numerous ways he call a G 1 ' llusl sca ' .\ smile you have to greet i lis lips by his own free will Him on the street, ,He wishes he could just shut the •door, ' i Throw away the key and say, ; "Nol for me!" Yet many pick up this key and say. i "Yes its got to be me. ; I can't just walk away from When there is doubt sad Some search, some seek. Their bone? are tired, They grow weak. Some utter, some speak Some just screek When it comes 10 a iaik About war, Because they really don't Know the score. Facts or rumors, Doubts or belief Or disbelief; In this, some try to Find relief. JYou say, "What is true? ; What can I do? There num Young or old. A coward or bold, Vlt must decide, Wo just can't hide. We just can't let our thoughts ride; WE can't keep it all inside. We must tell others 'cause we are all Brothers. Together we stand; Divided We fall. So let one and all | Choose their stand, 'Cause this is Everybody's land. Sgt. Jerry Dean Nance Turtles have been known to live for a century and a half, according to the Encyclopae- dia Britanriica. Tailless cats are the best- known animals of the Isle of Man. In five months, a tobacco seed can produce a plant 20 million times its own weight. THEEXTRA.CAREWETAKE TAKES EXTRA CARE OF YOU I A Product ef Plough, Inc. Whom people often meet. Many say. ' Who is this guy? A man who flys a plane In a war zone in the sky, Or just another G. I.? You see a twinkle in his eye As you say, "Hi." You think, '''Was it there when this door. sai( j ; Yes, I admit it will be a • Good-bve' to his family or a'chore f r j enl j? " But how else can we win this When Ms leave came to an war?" end?" You wonder about that smile. How many a mile has he carried that smile? Did anyone care Section 2 By locking this door Many say, "I'll be the one to fight. Tis only right;" yet in every- When his uniform he was given | one's sight ....... . to wear? I 1 ' doesn't seem so bright to lay The name of his country he (down does bear j wortc tools aru3 ''f>ht- Years of his life he does share 'Yet freedom's a light that shines For those who do care. ' Only on those who turn it on He has pride, in this he does 1 even during the night, confide. ! They make this light seem Time, the elements are on his so bright fide. As they are sent to fight, By rules and law he must abide, j Knowing before them many In this many things he must | have died, hide. | Fighting for what is right. In Our foe considers th« knowl- their eyes edge he may show An advantage to know. Many things he must retain - By the use of his brain. Therefore, he must train to re-j An insight. They fought during the night, Suffering from illness, fright, with all Their might, just for the right {rain. (To be left alone to fight the By this hs adds a link to;unknown, our chain I Among other discomforts, just Which is constantly under a,to live. God gave one heart, Astrological Forecast * Early Week Specials.. . Cragmont Assorted Soft Drinks Regular or Low Calorie Candi-Cane Pure Cane With $5 Food Purchase SAVE Gold Bond STAMPS EVERYDAY! Prices in this Ad effective through Wednesday at your Safeway Store. By CARROLL RIGHTBR ffo dctennina your forecast, noU paragraph opposltt dates wBlcn McKzurht irndieaU Int. Include jour birth date. GENERAL TENDENCIES : Until noon difficulties through accidents or arguments could occur unless you make a special point to do those things that will prevent misunderstandings, and trouble through carelessness, etc. However, the P.M. finds you able to handle some pretty big matters in a very constructive and adroit fashion. Be considerate. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. IS) matters now of importance to be handled, but reach decisions after lunch and through the P.M. when you are clear ii your mind. Don't try to find errors in bills that are not there Be ethical. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 Try not to lose your temper in A.M. since you find that a)' works out just fine later in th | day if you keep calm. Then yoi handle duties as though Be sure to handle responsibili- were running a campaign. Bi -ties religiously and without fail'very clever and others respec jn A.M. and you can later come jyou more, to a real understanding with! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 t jnate. There are bound to be;p ec 2 j) Morning could be ver -many tensions during day. La-l^,,]) w m, q u j e t routines, ter all goes more smoothly for t i, e afternoon you can set up you. more satisfactory arrangemen . TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) for yourself. Get rid Important you are most diplo- rea ]'] y annoys. Sub! matic with an associate during j (j, e h app y. efficient, 'day, since he, or she, could be CAPR , CO RN (Dec. 22 to Jan in a tense mood. Then you get 20) Mnrning is not goo d fo along famously later. Improve : meet , being witr , pals, pai your credit early and it will be , jcularly tf yol) are fee ii ng t e m easy sailing later. Iperamcntal, but evening is ju; GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) .^ for th ; ?0 cial.. Get rid , While a partner does not comprehend your way of operating any doubts you may have con cerning one you love. Look o during A.M., do. not try'to Mv,,,, £ side of things . plain; comprehension eomes la- ; .-.,'.„ ,. „ t - h ter in the day and all is fine. /Q UAR ™f J , an - 21 u 0 Be encouraging with f e 11 o w ; ' 9 > ^ not to take an y c . han <* workers. Show appreciation fori*>*« mafe is concerned in A their efforts ! M - or y° u WI " regre MOON CHILDREN'(June 22j 0 "- Higher-ups then listen to July 21) Don't give in to that what you have to say. Pa temptation to forsake important something of a career nato work just to go out for a good I <f r >>' , so "f you can carr time in A.M. Await the evening I lhrou g h Wlth ll later ' for that. Don't gel so confused. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20 Ply those talents to the hilt. LEO (July 22 to A 11 g. 21) Some new attitude should be taken with regard to conditions at home, but this is best done rather peculiar to you at firs but later you appreciate them »fter 3 p.m. Then you get the finest results. Having those important discussions today could bring some pretty torrid arguments. Await a better time. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Use diplomacy when dealir.g Get the data in A.M. that ca help you to grow, advance, the put it to work in P.M. Yo make new contacts who seem Remember that artists are in class by themselves. 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