The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1949
Page 7
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.i JL.i + .. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William, we SHOULD H' SMJT M HERE CM MULES--THIS RCMDS IMPASSABLE AFTER EVEKV FLOOCff UHUTl NOT VBfc.' AMT I THINK. COME BACK SOME OTHER TJME--ANV80PV THAT KIM GIT TH*r ALONE SHOLH.P 8C LEFTAU»JE •Mis is AM ANDALOS GOAT.'— SOO* MOO'U. 8S . SHELL* AWO I kNOVsl 1H6 CnY ORDiUAMCCft, YWEAR'f VAUDEVILLE j- ear r R3RSET— CALL TUB cops« (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OurBoojdingHouM with Moj. Hoople FOR SALE Concrete cniverts. 12 inch u> tt inch, plain 01 recnfurocd All* Concrete Baildlnt Blocks cheaper thin IDrnbef foi barns, chicken houses, pump house*, tenant houses, tool sueds We drlirer Call us for free estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! That's why you'll uvft yourself man; a dollu by having jour shoo repaired by our expert work~ men. Next time try us. For the Finest Prescription Service DRUG STORE ZM Weil Mate , Say It ... win, Kluwcn THE FLOWER SHOP ttlencM Building Pb.B* MSI or «« Steps *> C«f>yri»M kr f- hM»<M-C,,rl, Uc.; fc, N EA SEKV1CE, INC «•«« rr>r«*ol W trnllbr B.rry Bil.krldit l> >pll« tkr fclef •w. h«1 will* Jlmlaa- ••« with Corlrr. wk> U U7 « tk»t xvm ! when do you have to get permission from- the gilded boy friend?" Fritz demanded, as soon as they were on the door. •Just Jino* this evening." Gay- net would hand him back M good a* he gave. "What's ne got that I haven't?" Frita wanted to know. "Besides a yacht and an airplane and a few millions, of course. You never took order* from me.' His eyes were still as extravagantly blue. They still could'do things to her when ne bent his head 9n d looked a* her like that. He still could dance divinely. She said, -I never take orders from anyone. My date's with Barry, rm still oM-fashioned enougn to believe in the rudiments at manners." She must be old- fashioned in more than one way. Sh« had told Barry that she was, about marriage. For som* unknown reason she suddenly wished she had given him his answer a little while ago at their table, before she had seen Fritz. "You're fashioned just right to suit me,- Fritz declared, and he bent hi. hew) still lower and took • little Wm from tnr neck. "Fritz! They'll see you! Behave yourself or I won't dance." "That's why I did it. So they would see me." He gave her a *rm. "Your boy friend WM kook- ing- 1 wanted him to know I can have > look-see, at least. And you know, my sweet, you wouldn't like me half so well if I were good." She said, "I'm not sure that 1 like you it all—tonight. Perhaps Bessie was looking, too." Friu said he hoped she had been and for some reason Gaynel felt much better. Not that she had been feeling bad. "I wish," Gaynel said, "you wouldn't keep calling Barry my gilded boy friend. He's • grand person." Fritz said, "He's your boy friend, isn't he? You're always Playing about with him. Would you, If he weren't so gilded?" Gaynel stopped dancing "Now I won't dance," she said, and started back toward the big table TTou can finish rt with your girl friend." She did not know why Fritz could make her so mad Fritz said, "Even Bessie's freckles »re gilt. You see, my love, I'm more honest than you are." "You're despicable," Gayntl • • • gACK a< their own (able, she told Barry she was tired and wanted to go home. The place had tost all Hs glamour for her. It wax smoky and hot, noisy. "You won't forget." she said, as they drove in Barry's car to Lake Shore Boulevard, "to give me that itemized account—in full. It may take the rest of my life, but I'm going to pay you back." Barry snid, "You've already started paying dividends. By just giving me this evening. I wish you'd forget the rest." ton know I eant. Ton e»«'t P»y my debts." "There's nothing Fd rather do." This is different. This is Pat." Why did she always shy away so quickly from anything that might lead IB a definite answer? Why didn't she feel like giving Barry that answer now? It couldnt be simply because she had seen Fritz. She hadn't liked him tonight. He was too sure of himself. Too smarty- panu. Yet, she had danced with him and he had touched her neck with his lips and told her she was no good, or what amounted to practically that, and now her heart felt heavy and dull, and glamour had been swept from the whole world, because of that Barry said, "May I kiss you good night—or would you rather I didn't?" when they parked before the big house's porte cochere Gaynel turned her face up toward his. "Of course you may— if you like," she said. Fritz would not have asked, she thought Barry's klm was brief ind brotherly. It did not touch her at JT must have done something to him. His voice was husky when he said, "Thanks. And good night, my dear." Or perhaps it was because he harl felt that she had not responded. He seemed in a hurry to go. Poor Barry, he may have been glided, but Gaynel was sorry for him. Sorry—and ashamed of her- «lt To treat Barry Uk« that When she owed so much to him She wondered if Fritz had kissed Bessie yet The way he had kissed her that night in The Goat's Nest when she had clung to him. It had not been a little Iciss R had been terrific. It had touched her. Too much. Lifted her to heaven, to a moon Barry could never have taken her to. to an ecstasy she had never experienced before or since. Plunked her down with a bang. One little kis«. What in heaven's name waj UM matter with her? <T« Be In England It's th« Chemist Shop In Franct !»'• tht Apothecary Shop In BIyrhcvilU It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service More than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct In the last 200 years. RENT A CAR Orire Anywhere Vra Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 PIANO TUNING With the world famous "Stroboconn". 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WE \MUST PRfVSMT HIM FROM TRAILING US IW HIS BOAT. THERl GOES VOUR FCISNO, STAUCUP.WITHA FISHING B4RTY, VEBA. STILL VvOBEY- IN6 ABOUT HIM 7 WASH TUBES Words Thai Hurl BY LESLIE TURNER - L&STXJIGHT. 3AN. BUTi.F£LLA.i j. „ »kS »T A CE1TICJL STAGE 1M HIS FtGHT TO r^TUE H»T IIQUQE. »UP I COULDN'T LET HIM POWM ") GIG ~ YOU *ITH HIM, OK WITH WITH SARA? SURELV VOU wai, AM-IVE MWEE LIEP io BUT IW BEoiwuiMO TO THIHK I TMM WU (kBE UNREASOWttW SUSPICIOUS, GIG PROPS W MEKT r>«,u. BUGS BUNNY HIVA, 6LMER, Ot, 1 PAL' MEET ME AT TH' ^^ VEWV CORNER O 1 MAIN ^^ WELL AW TWIRP STREET f OLD ' TEN MINUTES.' fr FWIENP./ THAT CWAZV WA9BIT IS ALWAYS LATE FOR MIS APPOINTMENTS/ I HOPE TH' LI'L SQUIRT DON'T WAIT TOO LOWS/ UY V. 1. HAM1.IN Handled With C«r« BY EDGAR MARTIN "OSVUG , HOW'S "mS. Edoor E. Morlwl is on vocotion. Until fuffher notice rhe strip is being drown by Rummerford

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