The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on November 17, 1901 · Page 1
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 1

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1901
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LAOT EDITION I 3.00 A. n. ' !Cj II VOL. XXX SnUEVEPORT, LA., SUNDAY MORNING, ' SOVEM1IKK 17, 1901. WATCH SAVED TAILOR'S LIFE Full Acooclotcd ; Preso Dbpotchoo : NO. L'-il : ,. . . . H I i.ha nH ?sn ii nrht hiQ R n rp I o r?ip r a M"rTi iih I iiuwwuiiu UUUf III lUUUIUi h Ml CHI- I - VAmv n it ti OLiiuLmu nniiiLU qui i imepiece flopped the Bullet i PRINCIPAL FIGURES IN A SENSATIONAL MURDER CASE, f TEETOTALERS ii "S ' - - - i T "TV T If A TT T Y Tk t m -w v. 1 . " A ! TULANE BEATS L. S. U, Large Crowd Saw the Colors of the State University Lowered Game Protested-Items from Crescent City Chief Sewall Puts Nelson Back on the Police Force OLD OFFICER HIS RESIGNED Mr. Sewall Savs That He win Not Need Another Ser?e:nt and Will So Report to the City Council AWE. TOPPAN, ACCUSED. : " ' -Aw. "Wv I ! Opened Amid Great ' ! t t ti Final Session of the Daughters of the Confederacy Enthusiasm PAUL. GIBBS, ACCUSOR. Xt?w Orllani) Bureau The hrevein)i t Timei. Special Ik tht; T1ms. Xew Ol-Wnn. Nov. lfi. An otdlnary oioii-face, stiver wa:ch jrn-erl.U J"hn S.ikwiiiaii, a tulor, from receiving what oth?rwl"ic vi-ou:4 have Ix-cn a twui woun't Uiix murmuK, T)i tinwpitw wan In hl v3t KH-kt-l and wa,iru.-k by a bullt flrt-d at t lu range by Aui?unt Kulo, another tail'ir, the oily hi;:-, itfTre-J by fviksfman bWnt-in abmtsljn of the i;Lxl'Jni-n. T nhnfn uw Hr..l by Kulu. (ttw went wil.l of it iiiten.leirt mark, but the othr was st,7intl frc-.n "Ktln tho body of Hakuman by ih watch. The watoh wa not Injured. The hootinK haiwn?ij th.Jt morning eboi lly before 7 o'clock on Common lreet bf-tvn Harir. and and r?-u!tid from Saksman'g a.!U:?cd intimacy wivh wife of Kulx. A .tnft-in?e bitwven the Louiiajia. State Board of Health and the juaran-tin authorttiet! of Afufelin bay. -w as hfeid yentwday In the offi of ih ht!:n txiard and a n-w ci of r't,'u)ati'im co tonunued on Tajre T.vo. Tr- first w-'K"nt uthIit the ni-w police alrrinhlratUm wa. upiwlntcd by .hf of fok Jfihi 4-wul ent't(ifiy. i-x-4'hlef of friUH nilam .Nesoii tH-iiiij- tKiltitttd to till ih'x pocti.-Mi. VVIumi mn -'n r fi-rfiice l thK aiMJiutmAt luwt cvunlng, Mr. Sewall KtatKl that lh ijointment of a er-i-ant w maile la pursuance of. the ro-action 'tf the -jiy council providing f'r twit Ktich i!iK,!r.iinu. "1 H. j M IJlnir S-rl Kt-lllt." Kli'i! Mr. fwaU. "and ( sn intend t.i St.! i!i- mi.r ci when vluy unit: t'ntr they !: meet i will iiK.e!t-ct a man to li!l the uo-i .luin rfentiy r'-ai,ii. The chie' ?!jimiiit may coma a.- Homewdat i f a su-jiriw to thi-w wh had mw't tn;u a riortf:in.zatkn of the ! rce a -ns t!ie iitus prtfartl by the coun-! would le em'nent'y satisfactory to Ml!. Aw her change maile yesterday was tiir limlsal fv the ehief cf Salwtitiite Tom Irv'Tf. lrv-in-iia-1 lat four from Christian to Jordan street, anil the reajton ti H oimiasa.; wa Ala aluwnm from Tt tu is - it. nr i u i ww. - - i j . juaiiiou tne vidswnuseus ponce an iveu founaea, miss jane loppun, of Lowell, Mdss., is the most remarkable woman criminal of the age, and responsible for probably hvo dozen deaths. The ""r- y prvKniun ana numoers among per jrtenas some of the most influential people i of Massachusetts. She is no in the Lctoell ail accused of the murder of Mrs. Mary E. Gibbs, of, and, the police charge, of a score of other murders besides. The Government may require some t ....... -r -j-'"-" ' iu vf kip mvmji wciccufi ii iie country are working on the i case and striving to build up a chain of evidence on the startling fact that many of the persons attended by j --rr- .v.vj,.m '"""v nan wicu juuucn j'iu myzienuus aeaws. meanwhile, y J JHfw Toppan's friends have engaged the services of the most eminent counsel of the State of Massachusetts to look after her interest. i - - WILL MEET IN NEW ORLEANS Officers were Elected and Five -Hundred Dollars Appropriated for' the Jefferson Davis Monument ft PITIFUL COITION- -Kit Carson Killed bx a WJj ills alfne from bat. for u jHrUtti rif m ru--fi,.a ute. thai i from a ouarter toS until ahont i i.. i r . . ' ll-1- A IIIVB, 'b Aiken W flTnrnt) ifra hs mwl. ticn on the. force made vacant by the removal of irvinic, OHteer Juke ljaixon, an old member of Continued on Page Two., BLOODTHIS-i Y UFFIAN, WHOM HE WAS TRYING 70 ARREST Neari Tallulah Yesterday , ,. r i . - - - - . throiiR'h the car fWow and Carson ran charge of .his tfutv. Two of the bridife out of the door tointerenn him. - Ie Lee and Russell, got into a tri-As eoii aa Carson reucAed the rrrinnl vii b:mara o .. .h .1 ... - (De tired twic w:t! a hot pun. Five When l)e la-e without provceat k, hot ibuck hot wtruck Carson In, the neck ami ami wounded Riwaeli, and a stray hot broke that emir, cawmir nstantilw truck miather man, oiro-vrrhrtit 1 jdeatto. ! wa antttrt and is now Br. O. H. Ogburne. ,.4ie .parish phvsleian We are now prepared tb engrave visiting cards and invitations in the newest shade London While HERE IN OUR ENGRAVING DFPARTMPNT Ua 0 going after the card and stationery busi- ww r7y W" wiiiiv auci me jcwcii y Dual ness four years ago. We got the jewelry business by giving the people lower prices than they had been paying, prompt attention and the best workmanship on all jobs left. in our care. It is natural for people to buy where they can get most fcir the money. Now, we propose to engrave the copper plate for you and make 100 cards for $1.00, and DO IT THE SAME DAY. You don't have to wait "to have them ordered." 1 We will give free with every order THIS WEEK for cards and plate a nice card case. ' " " ". ;' :" " '. Ta'lu'ah, ia.. Nov. C A terrible tras-tdy occurred this mornhig at the bridge canii ctf the Vicksbutu. HhreveiM)rt and Pacific, which is temixrari.y "located on a IdlAff wet of bi place, to whicb J. II. fpr&m., deputy nl.friff nd consttaible, ! met b's death. The farte seem to be. that J two of the bridsre gang named De i .id 4Lmttii-4HHntt Tf-noaM1 trnt ii t , -i . I i i pute about ti hour when they usually re- j .it Is claimed tSiat De Lee, without any provocation beyortd that of the dispute !m which they were engaged, shot an;l wounded Russell, whije another hot a tray one. struck another member of the nartv named Wrirht. lir fl ii nrhnn j the par'sh phyw'iian and coroner, went to i niw i 10 aiiena ine wouniei man The distrJrt judlrtia been requested to inn a ecl graritt Jury in order to expedite, the trial of th; orUoiii'r. Ie 1 is well known In Monroe, where for a long tiros he was mi:oyed a. bridge watchman by the Vkksburg, Shreveport and Pacific Tailrcad. He w accofr.pan-ieil fcy Carson, the dep- Anolher Account Spetva1 tt the Tinw. New Orleans. Nov. 1S.-J. H. Carson deputy sheriff ami constabe of Mad s.m utr .heriT ,i --h,." I"'"-; ,r":,was ? kl-b-J nht at enter'd .the of the car in which the bv ,,ne of the ra rd m , TaUu ah' men ;ive..De Lee. who waa secreted be : George De lie .''r?on Jl f " ' f-'"?' V4 ! car door, fired at Him w!th a ! knon n"Kr t ,Z t lMTiy .hot gun. The shot faJVd U. ed bv afi r w "1 was esteem- hit it. intend victim. CartS rttuned j I JZ TXett the Hre with a pistol and hitting De Lee to a rever pHch Tt t 'ttZ1 UP, n H side. The latter at once Jumped 'hi. fate U XStrS di woundert man and he went to the scene a companied by Mr. Carson, the constable. Mr. Carson went a a peace -etrieer to arrest De Lee. As Carson approached and aa he was entering the door of the cur in which the wr undid man, was lying, Dc Lee secreted Mmse lx hind a door with a Winchester ehot gun and fired at bin:. Carson returned the tire, wounding De Le ?n the sde with a pistol shot. De Le at once Jumped through the car wbubw to the ground and Carson ran fun of the dc( r to intercept him, when IV fee fin d twice with h's shut gun. breaking Car-son's ncek with five biiek shot. De Let was arrested by he officers and is now at jai1. The judge has been notified and request-ed to assemble the grand jury at once and to expedite his trial. There Is intense rxcitemeni'lit-and around TalHtiah. The latest d1ees from that poiut "mdieate mat a -lynching , is not. .Improbiible. Oklal.-omi Uaee Condition. ' GuthKe, O. T Nov. 16. SeawTrate WEATHER FORECAST Echol for Indian children have become a Dolitical .hwiiie It rtblntinma t. some counties many of the Indians at - tended . the public schools which have . heein esta.hl jaViwl f. tVi rt i ... .....v.. .-. ,,,, , ii. im, u ii' i ; ! the latter d.y not believe in alloninB-l the redskins the-.e privileges. Thei T it Indians Lo refuse to attend the negro Washington. Nov. lfi. Forecast for Louisiana: Fa-r Sunday, warmer in norrhwes: portion. Monday fair; variabV winds. Forecast for East Texas: Fair, warmer Sumtny: Monday fair; variable winds. ?-choo!fl. O'Brien Must Take the Blame Iexington, Ky., Nov. JS. The sur.r,!- Troon lor the Philippine. Washiimton, Nov. IS.-Orders have been issued by the war department directing the twnty-seventh infantry to sail for the 1 nllmpiHs as SOOII MS tninc. !,... l"r provided. Two battalions of the reg'-mpnt are now nl the I'lattsburg burtacks I New lork. and he nher at Fort AlcFher-(ion, Oa, The rtgiment pi-.,bablv will ln ainnua via New York and the :luez canal. A battalion of the twenty-third Infantry, lit i. i n i hi ti-m .,.,, i WlliuJuaton. X. (V Vm- isTk, rnite.l Iuughters of the Confederacy closed its eighth uivmnil convention liere today after an nil day';, session, to iniet next year 'In New OrleaiiB. An inv.tation was btu' accepted to meet In t:iu: In St. Louis, during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in thut city. .--?' ' OfU. eis were elevted -follows: Pres'ilcn't. .Mrs. J. A. ItonnaiiA-lIln J Ro.Tte, u. First vice pre.-udent. Mrs (rill lUisenbuig, Cralveston Second Vice president. Latham. Memphis. lecording secretary, Mrs. H ckmun, Xanhv lie, Tenn. Corresponding secretary. gmla F. McSherry,. "West Treasurer, -Miy. James fi!k. Va. . Mrs. Stonewall Jackson an ihonorary president with Mrs. M. C. GoK-saiet, of Now York, for life The convention- adopted resolutions "oon denin,ing;,-tbe yixirniscy(.U3 granting of titles to Confederate camps and re-strfct.'ng the nutiTber of sponsors and nuids of 'honor at Confederate reunions. Minor chttnges were made in .n mituti ,:-n and $5m appr6riated out of the United Daughter, of the Confederacy funds available ftr February 1st. for the Jefferson Davis monument to be erected at Richmond. The flag presented by Mrs. Rosenberg, of Texas, s a memorial to her father and mother, Tjr. and Mrs. Mc-Oill. of Maryland wjis min,t.i. i .- keftp ng of Miss Lee. of Virg nla. with instruct ons to iplHce it in the Texas rn of the Confederate museum at rUchmrnd. Saloons h w-v York City Have Flayronms Tor Children ind. Turnlsh Them With Drinks IMufllle Mc-, Texas. -Mrs. T. J. John. P. Mrs. Vir- Virginia. I-eigb, Nor- Wrecked by Dyntmif York, Pa., Nov, W.-The. southwestern expre-j-s on the- Northern Central railroad, due in this city at 1:40 p. m wrecked Ian night by'a charge Of dynamite placed under the tracks near B:avk Ri?ge. a short distance north of York. Passenger on the train were cevery Knocked, but ail escaped injury, i: is believed that the object of the perpetrators was robbery. i "ii .vici'llel-mm uh,,.. ,h., .-..n. .... i r'',l.t,!"''n!, n"w pnrotKe from" k he i I -hlllpp'n.w, will be sent un antval. Preparalions lor the Coronation LEON M. CARTBR, Jfif i, 322 Texas Street. tlliiiili1 Sold ft big Kanch Kansas CHy. Nov, 16. Luke Wilson, formerly of Kansas i:v. lr, tn,iav for Ind anaroiis to conclude- iphe sale ments,r'r committee appointed to fur- j -Vila ftrtO .if-i.-t-i . . .. . her in VHtlff-:a ti thrt tlll'f I Textw, "it 'is said that Mr. Wilwn hil ' lhi """'ing report at a imef'tlng of the I Frd".' 1,' iw,i"ii"i tr King practically .old the ranch tn Indian-! 'rcn, and trainers: l,C ' I , , "KJ"1" atmtta iiunl. r .ana mm ..-. . . ... .. . v, . . ' ' ' ""- "" lO.MHey e, niemners ot tne conttnti ntr com- "arun . . . i - nuttce for the further investigation of the moving of the three-eighths md at i Vidory lor Na?a! Cadet. Anna po!is7 "Nov. ifi.-The naval cadets today defeated rhe- f.vnt k.,ii (J ntishl-igton and Jefferson college by ? I 17 ln 11 . Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 16. The sec. ond day's meeting of the National Wn- m-n'H Chiisttan Tt-Tnrtince Union of; AnK'Pica opened today amid great enthusiasm. Mrs. H. 8. Monroe, prsidet of the Oltio W. C. T., led in prayer. "Hhte Thou Me" from the White Ribbon hymnal wa ung. . . A telegrani- from the Canadian W,C. T. II., ww In se-ssloti, was read, and ala: a message from Mrs. Frances J. Harnea, and a cablegram from Lady Henry Somerset, of Kngla-nd, all cor. veying cordial greetings. tircetlng was ordered sent to Mr. Barney, a missionary in Ireland. f. Reports of suirintendefnts followed. air.. Minnie Barkw Horning, of Illinois, reported progress as to press work. Four hundred -and -seventy-five thou-sard column of te-merance news are reported this year, as compared with, 3ft,noo last year. There were publiahe 1 24.0."; nut ices. 23,473 itemis and 22.313. reports. The amount of literature In thirty-two states distributed last yenr was 9,0t0,0iJ0 coplc. and this year 12-969.817 "copies of various bcoks, papern iiwd leatltets were JsuT. , Mm. Stella I!. Trtrine. (mm (MlnnMinta reiMTtpd 1s to Sunday school wotk. Sunday schol temperance work Is belns carried on very, largely... Pledare. nr oeing puned in Sunday .ehools- Better tercperance notes, ftema and stories are being printed, with correspondins Increased value. Nebraska had the first temperance department and California is to have temperance instruction in ail its Sunday schools. Twenty-three states continue quarterly letsiiis In the inter-rfltion-;U Sunday school, series. It .will bo pushed in other states and Canada. In a talk on purity Mrs. Helen L. Btil. lock, of New York, said that 2M,00 children are arrested every year lit' the Cn-ited Sttwtes. She made the surprising -statement that .'there are in Chieag.t. ' on One street twenty saloons that have play room's for children, fitted up with toys and everything tending to child's " amusement, and where a eMld is alsn served with alcoholic candy, and in many instances drink is furnished, 1, At the afternoon sfwslon scientific temperance instruction was treated by Mrs. M try H. Hunt. She said the eyll of drunkenness is a menace to our na t'onal welfare. . ' , The following telegram was ordered sent to President Roosevelt: " ; "Tho National Women's Christian (Continueil on Page Three.) Large Dclaloslion .Xew York,' Nov. IS. Officers of the Will amisburg Savings Bank said today mat tine amount or the defalcations of 1eorce Zoileniiiorer - th 'lift iciin ' of the bank, would exceed $j0.000, f he ' Ba:" sum wnun it was lirst. rep uted bad i .lieen stolen. . j Aoilonhofer was tolay on the verr-e i n-rvous collapse and had two three fainting spells. In the basement, of fhe bank where the expert, were at work. The W.'l!!amburg Savings Bank has been n existence for fifty years. . It presnt nysvts are $48.41,.tfil nd Its iiabilltiie. includ ng interest due depositors tr July 1. 1901, were 140 Ms - j the old Lexi.ngton race tnu-k, with in-tin I tent to set upon a f.ilse time test, the I j Wagner Margaret Lane c olt, do hereby report that all avenues of further informa tion and have taken a mass of state rooms in eiden-e, which we herewith return, and we fail definitely to connect my new parlies with thf attemnted is navnur a am mn.i,, o, at a cost f xSKt.lKd. tfueeti Alexandra no to 1h outdone by the resident Amer-cans. is haviiiK- the Kohimor diamiaij , her new crown. Teeth without plates our specialty. Artificial teeth cn mates $10.00 per set. TEETH extracted absolutely without pain FREE, when teeth Are ordered..! ; ".' . PHILADELPHIA DEHTAL ROOMS, www muRff VII w . t w w i i . y b 1 1 wltww VIVI ti Wnlthoiir Wins Memphis,-Nov.- lfi. BoMiy Walthottr won the s'x day one hour dally race run In this city with total score of l'l? miles ten bins. Wallhonr .he victory by only a foot from Howler, and Oeers-n leander was t-ely yards back with a flat tlr. Jimmy Hunter, the plucky young rider who has ridden a 1 tli" week whl'.e suffering from malaria fever, had to stop ton'ght in the eleven-h mile owing to a bad attack or cottahlng. Hunter iwas belter after a rest. 1 Lean dor started the sprint and Wal-thmir gilned bis rear iwheel and the victory by so doing.- for Bowler was UTifiW.4 to get by Walt-hour when that rider wpnt 'by Leander.TSte three men. ' abreast, nearly tame to grief (when leander swerved, owing to bis tire. Ijeander gained the special prise tc night by leading in the sprints closing j tht ml'fs. - 4 ,' . t I Till ... l,iu stone wH mak,. nil .ria-ti II... ........ ,.. ... . . , ' in'- un. ,-i valu able lii the world, a disfnctlon now h.a.l we have dHigeivtly invest!- bv Kln "r Portugal. Peeresses arc ii.'m.k u. out vie Kuril ixlicr.iiv the brilliancy or their tiaras. Lady Kllnmrev, ere of the most beantirul wome,, feUHion -rhl the. wife of the Karl r Kllm .rev' wh was h boyhood Intimate frcnd'.if the king: Lady Loiidondei ry. the Duebess cf rvvon-shlre and the Dii.-liess of Portland r all said to lw- .Hn-ting vast soms in order to re chra te the coronal Icn hv h d splay of .tcwels werthy of .wcas'lon It Is report. n that Kins- I-Mward at (he coronation will confer the s-vnl-roval title or Duke of Inverness, m, the Duke or Fife' son-in-law of his majesty. fraud, the evld-mce connecting the lames of others beirg uncorroborative The previous report placed the entire blame upon Trainer Dsn O'Brien. His testimony which was read to the breeders 'differed from that given before the previous committee, when be -assumed all blame. His new statement Involved several oth-rs as knowledge of tho client. He sold he told nwnwii Pirn-. : ' j ' bind and Wilson that there wmld hrfve I to be some cheating done and that Phil t-nim- suggested moving the pule to him. The committee declared thi-t th(se harges were proved "to tio wl'bmt foundation." To Conier With Trustee. NaMivllIc, Nov. i.n,v. ' ,,,, i tn, etl tor or die Ciii)il rland Presbvre-rliW, .leaves Mowiny for Texas to confer with tho trustei. ,,r Trinltv riilversftv to the presidency of wh'h he lias be praetlen'ly called. .iiinc(l Additional IMMips New York. Nov. lfi.' Becent mail advices from Bogota to the Herald report tieneral (juintoro Calderoti, tlm. ecting secretary of state, bas opsumel tne" duties of minister or war. relievlmr !r. Concha, whose heal'ih is imnairef. l-'lni llnln n Vale Dormiioi-y New Haven, Nov. lfi. Fire today pia'ctically ruined the finest of the Yale student's dormitory, the Huti-binson, which was erected a few years ago at a cost of $2nfl.(XK. ThP furnishings of the building and the personal effects of the Hudents were destroyed. Bled ol Hi. Wounds Leavenworth, Kan.. Nv. l.;..-J. Waldruim. KUi,r. at t'be Fort Le.ven-W'pnh -miliary Insthtite. who was sht during the mutiny at that Inst Mm ion on No-ember ile.l today or his wounds. Twenty-six tiintineers are now liable te a charge or murder. THE WOODFIN Will Mrivo lor Peace The M.ittiiP, Nov. irt. The government. In cnnnii-tlon with the South. African quest ion. .aid: "While we shou'd Jcriipu-lously observe the i-bltisra'tions or 'iyein-tlotml law, no nne wou'd sngnest thot the cus of ccns-aiiRuin ,y or race vxlstln Ite- iween tne iMiti'H ami the Soulh Afrlciin I stales should be fotgntteu,. The govern-Iment, therefor. W'M n'wavs iwrntn m the Hlcrt to sele an restoration of l-ac.' oiporl unity for the - m m w Furniture and Carpet Co Invite Inspection of Their MEW STOCK w . Of Cheap, Medium and FINE FURNITURE. MATTINGS, RUGS, LINOLEUM, Etc. Wholesale Business a Specialty. I,Salesroorns i 2 7 Texas strt . j

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