Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 28, 1916 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1916
Page 2
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•THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 28,1916. The Ouestion ofE^conomy is often a matter of considerable ni6- nierit wlien the yearly Christmas list of gifts is made out. By giving photograph's for Xinas you can discharge nil yo\ir obligations at comparatively jow expense without favoring one per- fion .o\-|j;r another, anjl still your gifts will hi| .niiu c; Xnias. !ve tliat intimate iwrsoual touch [irrles witli it tlie. real spirit of Voiii; fri«!ii <lN Clin liiiy aiiythinif JIMI can i;hi> (liuiii—except }oiir |ilioio. griipli.i GIBSON— TJio rbutogrii|ilicr in Your Tdwu on-Norember 21. 'HeM weighs nine Ijouuds and th6y have named him Ger aid William. Miss Kdith Stillwqll well twins. y nave namea aim vjci 'Mrs- licKarnin was IwQll, onb of the StiU- ful timo was had by; tliosi' who were present. Thoy \vere: ;Mr. and IIrs. W. Swinford and, son, Qrville. .Mr A. .1. Swinford and daughters Dorothy, and —Bur" your wall paper at Burrell's Drug Store. • ' 11-2'0-tf There will be no choir rehearsal at St. Timothy's ICpiscopal church tonight because.of the absence of the Rev.' Harry I'erry ,who has gone to Topcka for the two i weeks session of the Kansas Thoolokical Scliool, —Hrln,;; yoi-.r chllilrcn to the kin- rteruarten at U. I!, cliurch !);;iO to n;:')0. Terms T.'u; a week. Mrs 1)1 ven. lODT. , . 11-2.0-tr A llltic llircc-ycar-dld hisslc was greatly oNcilcd when twins ciiine to tho houseliold ji lew days ago. firect- ing some visilors wlio calli'd at tlic door of the lioinc slio ' cried out: "We've go! a whole iiiiski.'t, full of lia- bles!" And sho graciously a>;surcil her I'ni'a "'at he coiild have Iniie .of them! —-Wedding rings, seamless, solid <old. Harry B. Parrott, Jeweler. • • •> One family in .town liad a dreadful lime gettiui; their small boy ready for ^Sunday ScJiooj yesterday,.' Ilo had ;\ I brand new ovorcoat. plentifully deco- I rated witli pricje taiis. The dcioration 'pleased Hie litjtlu fellow so niuch lie could hardly be persuiuled to have them rem|Oved. A crowd Of friends gave Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peter.s a surprise party last niglit. Afjer spending the early part of| the evening playing games refreshments wore served . to the fnl- and MrsJ. I'"rank Smith, l&winiorn anu uaugnieis i^oruuiy .uni |^^.j^.j, : . j,,. prank Smith, Leatha, Mr. C. R.. Swinford, Mr.-andjj^^ ,^„.^ Robert Grav. Mr. and i.Mr.s. A. Baker and daughter, Evelyn, j^Irs_ james Smith. Mr. and Jlrs. Clar; .Misses Linnie and_Ada Deaton. gtegil. Mr. and .Mrs. Clyde Dis' *•* ••• nev. .Mr- and Mrs- Ira Morgin, Mr. and — riressmaking. Mrs. Page. Modier. X Your friends may be.many, '^Your sweethearts the same. And one may be true as anotliei But sweetiieaxis and, fijiend You will find in the en'd. .Mr.s. A. G- Paugli r,eceived -Are faithless compared to your fnends mav revere a niothej you. . T^'f"-loliii Sweet, of Girard. .^Ir."a^d '"^*"'' "- jMrs. Shin. .Mr. and Mrs. O.scar .Tenk- :iins. Nir.and Mrs. .V., Smith and their I • — -• -r "^"'^ families I i jihi.- morning of the birth of a son on ; .•,].•, .•. • ' .Vovember 20 to Dr. and Mrs. J. K. j ; .Meadows, of Uiwrence, Kas The] ' baby has been namijd Kdwin Perry. ; :ilrs. .Meadows was formerly Miss Sil-j , via Paugh, of Moran. "our sweethearts may love. Library Notes. 'I'llis is the children's week for attention in the library notes, but they will be just as helpful for mothers and fathers and . teachers. A gQO .jl I Mr. and Mrs. C. W .Neil, of Kansas "«•!!'>• !'"°'«* ''•'^'^ h^*-'" P'^' -•f- jCiiy, have returned home after spend- j children s department during the past Biit tiiTie; gives their hearts to anoth-!i„s. few da.vs visiting here with Mr.'j'e"'',- Some ol lliom ar,. ii-w copi-j er;;- | Xeil's mother. Mrs. M. Xeil. and his ''''l 'Q"'V^.'"'f ''i''>- ''V''? 'i''"^ The sweethearts and fi^iend sister Mrs- J T. l.owdermilk '''iildren love. Included in That iij vours to the end-, -| •:-•>•> ' • ^^^c .series is a, complete set of lUiu- Is one whom the angels'- naimd,--; --,.-.=.,..,._,.._,•.,,„ o„ .v iisa Okotfs "Little Women" b'owki- - "Alother." | . The] year.= may bring new loves. And comr.<4des galore. And one may be true as another. But 1 till the~ end, '! • Choose to stand by the .friend And. the sweetheart I've had ' • ".Slothor." —Selected. afternoon. , ; ..Ai A ' -t- ' • L The McKi'ileyschoor teacher's en- .ioyed a Hohemian parly last Saturday Like every W. K. KeHogg p 'a c k a g c , Kru m bles is pi^btected by Waxtite - tho perfect seal. 10< Look for ^. t^ls algnatura All Wh..l where groniids tire reiiuli'ed. wliiit materials to'! and the iirices,- and gives siniple but cmnjilete rules. It is .1 ne«; book to be placed on tlio siiclves sonielime this week. .•V parliciilarl .V' beautiful book is, "Beautiful Children iinmortalized by 1 the :Masters." by C. Htildane :McFall [ with fifty Ulusrratiohs in color by T. j l.eman Hare. It i's really an artists | book of Ihe Child in Art, showing Hie : use the masters have niade of chi!<l- • reus pictures. ft will be kept for j reference only. I Opera Singer's Husband : Was Married Five Times On sale Wednesday, one day only including wool velours, mannish Merges, vj^ool poplins, , etc. These suits are vvrorth $12.50, $15. $17.50 and $19^50. Special ifor Wednesday only 'liowhsenil Hrady'^ "l5oys in Herv- series, four books, and The rn; ict^ Scout Law in Praclieii , a gift from the .loyed a Hoiiemian party lasL BaLunm^ i , , , . , night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J,;;'" Arthur A. Ca-ey. and the on- 1!. Kemp. At a Bohemian partv ever.v;'!>' fA "t. 'look in the c lildreti's deparl- liodv is responsible for a part" of tbCi"],',"' t'".^ vear.' Otlie[r new books are - supper and also a part of the fun. So''^"'" '-'l'"'' Savages;. i,y Setoi;. I n- Most of the time at last iiiubfs-the women took materials and pre-i"^'"' '>^e"""< stones bj ( li.-iniller, "l ii- .mceUng of the Civie Leacue was de- a splendid supper, and after '''P,!'! ""''^•''''"' 'icar.":by Kirk Monroe voted to a discussion of way.s an'(! supper evervbody joined in the inusic 'Book of ;j':.\;|)loralion.' 'by .mean.sfor Chris;mf..s. Tiie Big Broth anji games. ;Tu(jor .Jenks. | cr plan of d'siiibuMng f'hri.'iima.s din- Those who were iire.sent were Pro- i -^iCiirly all of these in.'w books are ne'rs and c'oth'nc, in which tiie whole lessor and Mrs. .7. A, Fleihing and finij^bed with re-iiifurced binding town has taken part for several years their \ittle'daughter, .AlaxMne, Mrs. That is,, there is an. extra pioci- f)t' .past, will 'oe '•ontrnued since it has Lillian'Melvin Fields, Mr. and Mrs. W. cloc'h bound in at the back t.o pre cut .proved to be the most iiractical and H.j King, Miss Jennie Drake, Miss I the; books from tearing so, eakily. ' -satisfactory plan in every way. A Beuiah iShpckey. Miss Ruby Chase; j With this i)recaution and if the m'otli- new idea for giving the Children, who '.Miss .Margaret Allen, .Mr-i and Mrs. J. i er.-^i will see to ,it tliat children taki :. might otherwise be inissed_ in the H. Kemp and their children. 'good care of; the books they should ; general Christmas cheer, is being , •> v •> las( for year.s^. talk'ed of. h.-.iv.-vverr li is too indeli- . The women of the Christian church The only books: not issued on tli' ,'! ^vu .\ Ciu s ai^ri .Mine. SciphilL'Traub- { 'lain, Oiu-o a singer uf the .Nb.'troiioli i can Oj'.era' I'onii.^any, while crossin'.; ' tlii! i!.-(-aii to'the . I'nitcd i-'tati.'s, : met ; • li'itv'n: \. .S.iiroeiler, whom she 'ies- rili '_'r|. as "a idea'sati* am', prosiicroiis ' •-'•in leiiiaii." .\ sliorl liiiie later ,he,\ ' .vcr.e iiiarii(!:l. l.liH I'.n' Kin.i-'er v.eii; iiio a .Vew 'I'ork |>(ili(.e iciirt Iheolli- ; ei' day, charging liei- hushand with. | i-.i.iii.v, Tv .i) otlur «'()ineii ilieri., j -l.'iiinei' liini. Mine. Trairiaiian's 'aw- 'i-v lie lieliexetl S:-iirfeder !a:! married two others. Set for My Lady's Desk .\y WL\ wiMiA.N'.s i:xiM;Hii :.\ri .mm lola endorsement. ntc yet to make statement of th- have decided to hold their bazaar in i cards from tlie children's depaitment plan, but if ^iil be worked out in a Hie A. O. C. \V. hair over Horron's are. the twenty-five volumes j of "The few d;i,ys and will tlien be annouiued.: drug store, on -December 9. In con- Child's Book of Knowledge." Tliis i.- Church meetings and' holiday work nection with the bazaar^ which will really the childr(>n's encyclopedia, for kept many of the women uiio miulM he an all day afl'air. they will serve'although there are many stories in i'ave been in attendance at lioaie. a,;d supper in the evening. tliem there are also excellent articles so .nothing special e.vcejil the ClijiM-' . •:• •:• v on all things that interest children mas. arrangement was acromplished. _.\ll trimmed hats half price. .Mr.-, 'i tdls how to make things, about the i« K. Pcfly, 108 Madison. it-2T-2f I stars, and the sea and the earth. In On Sunda.v. .Vovember 2r,. Mr. C. R. •{• •> f:.ct it i.". an aiiswer to the hundred Swinford; .52:1 South Cottonwool! gave Pretty little cards arr ved in town and one questions cliildren- are for- a birthday dinner in honor of liie vesterdiiv announcing Ihe birth of a ever askil g. | sevenfy-;sixth birthdav of- his mother, "biibv son to .Mr. and .Mrk. \V. M. Mc- There are also'many books about their home in Keifer, Ok. ;children lutjnot especially for child- ,rcn,| designed i to help parents am'''Susan Swinford. A verv dcliglu Karnin. at I teachers luake better and' happier j cliildren, 5 icluding-books ' on health iandj recreiition. Ainon.g tliem are :"Marciiing| Plays for Little Cluldren" I by Grey Birleson: "Kvcning Amuse- ;ii)erits and. Drawing Room Plays," by iHetiry Dalfon. For the benefit of [older child|ren there is the "Outidoor j Handy Book," by Dan Beardi telling jabout the' I construction, eiiuipment i maintenance and utility of [liiblic pl .'iy igroimds, "Track Athletics in Detail," ;a compilation of track material by thi' .'Sport editor of Harper's Magazine. ; One of the besl of these books on I recreation -is "Gaines for thi! l'la\- giound,Home. School and Gyrjiiias- jiiiiii," by Bancroft. In it there! Is a ;descrii)tioii of nearly -i ^very indoor jiiiid' outdoor gahie ever invented. It tells.bow to mark out the. grounds. Thanksgiying Mincie Can yon .'oubt the evidence of thi.'; •"la woniaii? Voii '.•an \erir'. :.rad this: .Mrs. W. II. I.orance. UK". S. lUickeye -l.. lola, says: "I siif'l'erc'd from hack-! •.ehe and. ofiier s.yinptom's of disorder- | Hi kidneys, • Wlien I was sweeping, ' ii'ari; twiimes darted :throu.gli the ' imallof my Ijack, drivin.g me alipost i frantic. I I'lad a .tireiL feeling, with no ambition! and iiiy feet swelled so i hadly that f -wouldn't wear my shoes ' ;>izzv spellh^ and headaches came on •.ind it was all I could do to walk. Two j .'loxcs of Doan's Kidney Pills, wliich I • iiot from Ciias. .1!. 'S|)cnccr Co.'^ Drii.g Store, .greatly relieved all these j ailments.'' ' • Pri<-e r.'iic, at all deai'ers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy—get Doan's Kidney Pl!ls-tbi' same thai j Mrs. Loraiifi.- had.' Fosti .T -.Milbiirn | Co., Proiis:. Buffalo, .\. Y. (20) | New At a Decidedly Popular Frgure You'l! he surprised at the wondtfr- fijl models we show in suits at: this pi-'ice. They'll make you forget the high cost of living- you've heard so much about. • Come in, sli ]3 .into one of these $17.50 .suits. We have • them in cassimeres, tweeds, plain colbrs, mixture^, stripes and blue serge. Barclay-Shlold.s t'lnfliihg Co. "The JFoiise'of Quality" Havg'seine friend as.k. your wjfe if she wcdld not ij.kc'a new carving set, some new silverware or cut .glass fo; ihe Thanksgivinig taiple. • • -' • " , She will say, "Yes." , Then'Come to bOr store and, if you wish, we -will help .you select some appropiate Thanksgiving gift.- Life contains only the joys we put into it. Give tiappi- .,nessto your wife hiy "rememJDering" her with something from i.our reliable jewelry store. . , ^Vtli///,;^^ REALLY DROV£ OUT DEVILS How Christianity Expelled Evil Spirits of Ignorance and Disease From * Filthy Korean City. Mo. PBC SanUjF* aid M. K. t T. Watch Ingpectprs. Twice as good at half, Uie cost of buiki mince meat MERRE1X.SOULE COMPANY,''SrnUaw, N. Y. I In I'veii.:: W'aiiL,'. ;i <-iiy .^iirrniiiided liy a river and ri-.;i ii :lilin:.; a Imril in •liape.ll was bi 'lii vil ilial if anyi'iie -liciliid vcunire In iliz :i well llii- W;I I(' T •••.nlild I 'lish In. :'r,;\:\:r^ tli.' bnat and ilniWiiiii.:,' all tin' ;-iiy's iiih .-ibllaiils. A'ei.Milf.NS 111 s;;;,. Im uriis UiTe dll:: .' 'I'lii' .sl:-.Mliis u;.-!ii'd Ml" lillli nf llii> rily (l(\\\u ihlM .'llii- livir. ''I 'bri; 111'.- w iili 'i 'liirii tillid lJu-ir liiirl.cis al llii\ I'hi'f and .--.•Id "ilrihMii.i;-wali'i"f Iliroii;^h(>iil theciiy. <'iiii >i :iiilly ri'i-iirnii .L; i .'piili'iiiii.-s wcri' llii.' roiili. r.iii till' jifDjili' did lull blaiiK! llie dirt, 'ihrs Maiin -d the devils. Jl was tbf duty uf cvcr.v Kureaii doc- tiir to klKi .w till' ,'>0U Jdai-e.s u here llii' liliiiiaii b />dy could be pii 'iii 'd with n red-hot iit-«-ille ..witliiiiu Ciuisiii}; (U'alli. 'I'he iieidfcs «cre finia lliret! Ui twelve inches in leiit'Ui, and llie doctor was supposed to know liow deep they should be thriist. 'i 'he pui -jrose of the jjrobinjj was to let out llie devils wbicli caused tile disi 'asi-. . When Clirisilanily came to Korea, it broiijrbc liy ;,'ieiie and iiic -diciue aroni: Willi it. A hospital or dispensary was not known iu Korea iiiiljl I'ounded by ii Chri.slian inissiuuary. The .lapunese .!,'overnnieut is iitiw s|ilendidly followinj,' with the establishment of lio.spilals uud medical schools. , , Fine waterworks sysielus "iiave been Installed, and the sort of water that fe'usbes from this hydrant in I'-yeng Yang is stated to have reduced the death rate by TO per cent. The old boat city of I'yeng Yaiii' is now underlaid with a network- of sewers. .lust how attrticti've a desk set may be when it is made of heavy, delft- blue paper and ornamented with -white flowers and black, may be gathered from the jiicturo above. An obloujj tbe size t.f an ordinary desk blotter is provided -svitb two pockets extending across cacli end. Thvy are fastened to it by means of black passepartout binding wliicli extends alone all sides of the oblonf:. Two smaller oblongs are cut from tin- heavy blue, paper, to cover an address book and two whiti! blotters, .\arrow Iduo satin ribbon is used for fastening the leaves of tli|e address liook to Its r-over, iiii.l llic two blotters I<i their cover. Then the covers are lettered. Till! flowers and foliage are cut from printed p^per napkins and pasted liey look exactly like stencil This is a convenient and liretly.set, which costs next to nothing to make. ' down. T painting. .-\ .uoiid many lola people ar.' planning til .go to ICiiiiioria r .i>r the 'I'liaiiks giving game between the I'jesliyieriaii College aiub the .\orinals. 'aiul siiU more will .go to liiiWrence to. v\iliiess the great game between K. 1'. and Missouri at l.«iwrence. is a profession—or an art—hot merely 8t6re>keeping.- Tlie selection of worthy jewclryt—jewelry ha'/ingboth material nnd artistic values—demands of those practicing it expert knowledge, wide experience, good judgment and good taste, ^ood intentions alone \yill not ^ufTice. Those who buy at this store may feel sure that they are.getting the benefits of .such knowledKc and iastc, both in the selections offered here, and in the counsel and advice v/hich is a part of our service. Wc put ourselves in the position of acting as your fifjcnt in choosing for your inspection the best the market offers. Wc think only of our patrons when we make our purchases. We were thinkins of our patrons when we procurpcl a large assortment of ' thn famous W.\V-\V ringa. Wc chose ihcm only after wo . had satisfied ourselves that in quality, design and work- mai 'iship. they were worthy of those whodepend . upo.n U3 to supply llicm with their jewelry. The dangerous , cold is the neglected cold. Get a box of— CASCARAg ^QUININE -^The Register "Want" column Is the best advertising medium in the county. Try it and be convinced. The old family remedy-in tablet form-safe, sure, easy to take. No opintes-no unpleasant after effects. Cures colds in 24 hours—Grip in 3 days. Money back if it fails. Get the genuine box with Red Top and Mr. Hill's picture on it—2,5 cents. At Any Dru( Store G. A; Leff ler Jeweler

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