The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 10, 1949
Page 5
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BATUKPAY, SEPTEMBER 10, l«4f Osceola Seminole Aerials Bring First Win Spires Completes 11 Our of 16 Passes To Lead Onslaught . By Harry A. Halnes Courier Newi Sports Writer OSCEOLA, Sept. 10.—Osceola's Seminoles ran up the cui'lain on their 1949 football season with an aerial- r AGE mi i Are Razorbacks Than Dim Predictions? HOW THEY | St. Louis ~ i Brooklyn NATIONAL LEAGUE W L 50 84 Pet .627 84 52 .616 _ -~* '"'-i-ufci- ; m'OOKiyil 84 V£ iieei'Od 52-7 triumph over Par-I Philadelphia 72 64 Kin last night at new Hale' New York 61 6S Fjejfl i Boston fi7 fift . ! Pittsburgh Rube Boyce's charges threw i Cincinnati , I! ''1 C , i°" - l ' assl "e same, liberally Chicago . Philadelphia Chicago . .. St. Louis . .. Washington Nashville Birmingham Mobile New Orleans Atlanta Little Rock Memphis Chattanooga • ... I.""-J.I*B gaMit, iiucrany -sprinkled with quick opening thrusts into lhe line, at lhe visitors who could get only one sustained drive KOing during the nisht Osceola Leads all ihe Way The Seminoles registered ' their i cfc'vcfand first score when the gu,,,e was only I Detroit a few minutes old. Wcinbcrg, Osceola end. pounced on a Parkin fumble on the Parkin 40, only two plivys after the klckon Stilwell hit the line twice and netted six yards and then the Scml- noles opened up with their vaunted passing attack. Tommy Spires nailed Harvey Lee Hill with n pass on the 25 and Hill advanced to lhe ten. Spires carried to the one and Stllwell bucked over for the score. Spires passed to Hill lor the point and Osceola took a 1-0 lead. In the flrsl half, Spires completed nine of 11 tosses. He nude rood with thr« oiil of five in lhe • •ecnnd half. Osceola held following lhe next klckoff and took Parkin's punt back to lhe Seminole 45. Spires Ihen hit Watson on the 40 and the lankv end moved the ball to the Parkin 29. Spires passed lo Weinberg on he three and the latter drove into the end zone. Lnnnum's kick was good and Osceola took a 14-0 lead just before the first quarter ended Parkin advanced to the Osceola ^9 due to hard running by Mc- IPJermotl and Roachell. but the Seminoles held and Parkin punted After a penalty gave Parkin a flrst down on Osccola's 40. Shanev- felt intercepted a Parkin pass on his own 19 and ran to the 44. Stll- well went ofT tackle to the Parkin .0. spires once again faded and found Hill walling Just over the line of scrimmage. Hill negotiated the remaining 18 yards lor a touch- nrt'Vv SP ' reS ' kick was no Bood and the score became 20-0. Hill Scorn Afftin After, taking the . kickoff. Parkin was again forced to punt and again the Splres-to-Hill combination paid oft in six points for the Seminoles Score 27 to 0 at Half Hill ran the punt back from his own 45 to the visitors' 40. Spires passed to Hill on the 12 and Harvey ^^theS.^certi encJe'd" 0 *** ^ M ™ th " ™< Taking Parkin's second half kick- on the Seminoles sent Shaneyfelt 1 U 1 WC1 ""«, Hil1 ""to the lineal AMERICAN LEAGUE Vv L New York 82 43 Boston 83 53 . 19 . 80 . 70 . 55 . 48 . 43 .493 .433 .418 .381 Pet .626 .610 .585 .580 .519.401 .350 .323 ^tit and Stllwell alternated carrying fp^;^. l ^ d ^u t r« cfld S P ''Sl noin^' 1 i ZOne ' Spires' kick for the pome was no good and the Semi- l,loIe lC r r n t ! le | k l ( * 0llf by ° SCe ° la ' S <™- flmhl C ° X P°""«d on a fumble on the Parkin 43 Travis Ponged to the M and Wa (son pas f cd to cox on the 20 but a nenaltv moved the ball back to thc^S * Watson Passes, Too ' Watson, who moved from end to quarterback, this time used Spire" favorite target and found Hi!, with Hill went all the way, Watson "passed lo Dunn for the point and Osceola took a 40-0 lead Dunn foil on a Pnrk the^Parkln 40 Just pri ( Inoles were off again.'"snaneyfe'lV momentarily hatted by a fumble •himi scampering off guard and pro- Traced a 43-vBid run for the score. fumble on to the end Wat t!,V W3S SOUTHERN LEAGUE ft L 94 55 89 61 81 68 76 14 ..:.. 70 so 57 64 58 Pel .631 .593 .544 .507 .467 .444 .427 .387 NATIONAL LEAGUE New York 10, Brooklyn 1. Cincinnati 6. St. Louis 1. Chicaco 8. Pittsburgh 1. Philadelphia at Boston, post- IJoned O'ain). .VMKKICAN IKAGUI Boston 7. New York 1. Cleveland 5, St. Louis 2. Philadelphia 5. Washington 2. lOnly gnmes scheduled). SOUTHERN LE.U1UE Chaltanoosa 15, Nashville 6. Atlanta 0-7. Birmingham 2-4. Mobile 6-6. New Orleans 2-5. Memphis 4-fl. Liltle Rock 2-1. Toclav s Games NATIONAL LK.M;UF New York at Brooklyn. Philadelphia at Boston (night) Chicago at Pittsburgh. St. Louis at Cincinnati. AMKKICAN I.KA<1IIF Washington at New York (2) Boston at Philadelphia. Detroit at Chicago. Cleveland at St. Louis (nlghl). Dick Metz Takes 1-Stroke Lead in Kansas City Open KANSAS CITY, Sept. 10. Gentleman laj-mer Dick Melz led at the start of the third round in the $5.000 Kansas City open golf tournament today, but a dozen other capable shooters were breathing down his neck. Metz, who operates his own farm near Arkansas city, Kas., completed two days of shooting yesterday on the 6,319-yard par 72 Swope Park Course with 137 strokes, seven under par. Lumbering Jim Ferrier, of San Francisco, and young Bill Nary, a Los Angeles pro, were only one stroke aw*y at 138. The semi-finals found a field of 69—three Kansas City amateurs who qualified by virtue of a 13-way tie withdrew. Finals are scheduled for tomorrow. Otto Gielner. of Baltimore, Md itarted the third round only two strokes off Melz's pace. Grclncr was one of eight players to shoot a 69 yesterday. Grouped at m w Ted Ncist. --,--- ..„ , ,, yitiiC AUVI ilVlAt. of Walla Walla, Wash..; Bob Crow of Shrevcport. La.; Fred Hawkins of Antlcch, ill., and Dave Douglas of Newark. Del. One stroke under par for 36 holes at 145, and still a Ihreal for top score stood final quarter. Osccola's last 46-0 going into the , , , . - - score came mln- a na- b"" P "• Du "" n f a H y liftct ! hands ' anti thc '"°" cy ' Was Ni "'or>al open cham- ' ' - p.on Carj, Middlecoff. of Memphis Tenn. Middlecoff had trouble until his putting but managed a 69 to go with Ins second round 76 Bo Wlnlnger of Stlllwatcr, okla. Kostc over the 40 yards' between hS ^aced U, ^£^,1^ K'O^ was Lot "good " E - ™ e try f ° r •'°'"' tt ^.^ t , n ^9 J .eslerdaj.winin g er 7X was not good. Parkin's offense found some success against Seminole reserves In the final minutes of play. With McDermott and Roachell doing the nmmng, Parkin racked up six straight first downs In a 70-yard march which ended when McDcr- mott drove off tackle for the score Roachell ran off tackle for the Mint less than a minute before £. 8ame ended. The lineups* ' Lannum .... Stevens ... Dunn ....]" Jacks ','.'_'' leadows "*'" r 'elnb*rg .'.','. Spires .... Hill ' Stllwell .'.' By C'ail Bell FAYETTEVILLB, Al'k. t .,6cpt. 10. <AP '—Arkansas' RaoMbatlks have the will, size, ruggednera and talent lo finish higher than the lowly spots reserved for them in the Southwest Conference race this year. The questions are: Can the Razorbacks successfully •switch from the stolid single ivin'g to the tricky T formation in one season? Will the sophomores, who have added muscles and natural ability 'o a squad which Includes 30 let- lermen, make too many mistake."? Will a much stranger line and cdccptlon of the T offset the' graduation loss of a great back like Clyde Scott? Time and the toughest Arkansas schedule In years will produce the answers. The Rnzorbacks are deeper In nianpou-er than ever before. Three or four men are competing equally for Just about every pcsilion. Only one guard, Theron Roberts, can br fairly sure of a starting assignment rollback Leon (Muscles) Campbell will be a certain starter if recurrence of 3. troublesome hernia doesn't bother him too much. Inexperience stands out where It could hurt most—nt the vital quarterback ixMition. For the No. 1 spot Coach oJhn aBrnhlll' hasn't been able to decide on one of three sophs —Charlie Temple of Brlnkley. line forward passer smooth b;nll-hand- ler Don Logue of Fnyetteville and Jim Rinchart, Oklahoma all-slater from Frederick who does a little of everything. Vets Calls Plays The erccn lads under the center won't have to worry about calling Plays. Capt. Alvin Duke and Rows Pritchard, three - year Mtcnncn who'll he at rlnht half, will direct the offense. Behind them arc holdover Tracy Sroll. Clyde's brother, nnd another shifty Smackovcr product. Sammy Furo, who transferred from Msiruolia, Ark.. A. and M. Ray Psrks, who engineered the R'Zirbacks near upset of Southern Methodist last year. l«oks ilke the be.5t bet at Ifft half. Keeping him hustling are Billy Bass and Buddy Rogers, both lettermen. And Billy Ollbreath. transfer from Arkansas Tech bv way of Alabama. Barnhill couldn't ask for a better Bll-around fullback thp.n a healthy Campbell. The fast, twisting Impound clynemn, .serving his fourth year as a (hst-strtriBer. could be at his best in the fast-striking T. He's supported bv lettermen Louie Schaufelc and Stacy Looncy and sophomore Joe aBldricige, ail-stater from Conway. Schaufele, Baldrldse and Rinehart will do moH of thp punting. End Companion Billy Hix, a touch defender, may Bet lhe call at left end lor the second straight year. But he isn't far ahead of soph Pat Surhmerall. Lake City. Fla., and veteran J. D. Smith, nt the rieht terminal. Soph Frank Flschel, Helena place-kicking artist, is—at present a step shcad of basketball <-lant Bnb Ambler and holdovers Chet Linebarricr and Sam Bulz. Coaches smile about this tackle- to-tackle talent. Letterman John Lunncy is being pushed hard by Dave Hanncr, Parkin soph, al left tackle, with lettermen Duval Thornton and George Eckert also able and anxion> to go. On the right side, sophomore Fred Willlsms of Lltlle Rock and letterman Bill Standl are dueling to start. They are backed up by Ictterman Travis sim|>son and Tom Stringer, Subiaco Acaemy product who teamed with Williams nn the 1947 all- state high school eleven. Hanncr was 'a guard on the unbeaten, impressed freshman team of '48 and can play there If nce.-lcd. .„?" Bui chances arc he won't be. Fnl- lona 'lowing Roberts, sidelined fo-sl year by a knee injury .on the left side .of center are Bill Ward, sophomore from Sapulpa. Ofcla.. and letter- wlner Jack Rushing. Right guard Is a free-for-all among Don Rcidercr. Chuck Milan, Buddy Brown and Eckel Rowland, all monogrammed men. At center, a three-man scrap Involves John Ferguson, t. regular last year; and two sophs—Oklahoma all- stater Bob Griffin of Frederick and Arkansas all-stater Jimmy Smith of KOOKED HKRE-Farmer Jones, the Mt. Ida. Ark., wrestler who has won much publicity throughout the nation for his wrestling teats during the past two years, will perform here Monday night | n u, c ,„„ match main event of the American Legion's wrestling bouts. Jones will team with Jack Welch againsl Dill Canny and Walter Sirois Sirois and Canny [Lookouts Topple --"--" To Meet Mat-men Jortes, Jack Welch Farmer Jones, the Mt. 10a. Aik., wrestling agriculturist and one of the most talked-ahout wrestlers in the South, has been booked for a showing in Blythcvllle Monday night. Mike Meroney, who promotes the American Legion matches here each week, announced the booking of Jones to team with jack Welch against Bill Canny and Walter Sirois in the tag match main event of the Legion's bouts Monday night. Although Jones, who wrestles in bare feet and an abreviated pair of blue jeans, forged to national fame Vo!s 15-6; Chicks Nip Pebs Twice By The Assuctalcd I'ress Everybody's in his niche—just like he's going to nnlsh the season—so It didn't make any dilletencc, but the last place Chattanooga Lookouts walloped the Southern Assp- cuilion champion Nashville Vo'ls, 15-6, last night. Lookout first bufiomnn Al Fluir bunging out a perfect night, round-trippers, a singles. Angle Topples Keiser15-7 Vander Meer C/iec/csI Yellow Meh Cards' Pennant Drive FaE " , in Opener EaaUl Overcame double and Bergamo of . ergamo of Chattanooga and Tookle Gilbert of only Iwo years as;o he Is not a i the Vols also knocked homers. Other games saw the Mobile Bears By 'lalph Roden Associated I'resa Sporti Wrllrr A liero In Brooklyn. » bum In St. Louis and just another pitcher to the fans In the other major league cities—that's the thumb nail sketch on lefty Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Hcda, Here's why: A hero In Brooklyn—beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 6-1. last nlglu to keen Brooklyn within T game of the leading Cards. Bum In SI. Louis—the triumph was Vandcr Mecr's third of lhe year over the Red Birds who have beaten him only once. Just another pitcher [o the rest of the league—outside of clipping the Cards, Vai"ly has won only two other games, one against Philadelphia and a shutout over Chicago. The Cards squared off against Vonder Meer chuckling over the Uodunv 10-1 bra line hy the New York Giants In the afternoon al Ebbels Field. The smiles farted 'n Hie fourth Inning. Vandy. who was belted foi four Innings by the Cards In „ Game that wound up In a 9-9 15- Imilng tic. yielded a run In the first and then slammed the door. The Reds, who had bowed 11 times and deadlocked th? Cardinals once In I heir last 12 encounters cracked Al Brazle for three runs In the fourth with the aid of two errors and were never headed Three more Reds crossed home In the fifth to Insure Vandcr Meer's 22nrt triumph of his career against the Cards. The Cants have beaten the Red lefty 15 times. K-sIn Beats Dodgm Lefty Dave Koslo turned back the Dodgers, scattering nine nils while the Giants mauled Preacher Hoe, Ralph Branca and Rex Barney lor 13 solid whacks. Kuslo and Roe wore hooked up h) a scoreless cli"-' going Into the seventh when the dam broke. The Ciirmts slugged Rne and Branca for six runs, four of them from two- run homers by Bobby Thomson and Hank Thompson. Roy Cnnnmnella homered for Brooklyn In the «ev- entlt. The Boston Red Sox stormed back into the American League pennant picture us Ellis Kinder NEW YORrw, jept. 10. OT _ Michigan State's Biggie Munn fore- -asts a "big" foloball season for everybody this year—both at the Kale and in the quality of play. . . . "This is the last year for most of Uie boys who played varsity ball as Ireshnwn, and everybody has a lot if seniors," he explains. . . . But when Biggie talks that way, you . rcl Us to avoid talking about his own team. . , . Michigan State, lewest member of the . Western Conference, lost very little from Jast year's good tcnin. notably little o a "week ago lonlcht Geot ^ Guerre. H has the best pair >r 11 hit* In less than of Blli "' <l!l of »"* Collc 8 e > pnm »' hv (.to rr n rH. !„ . 'he country (on FrIU Crlsler's word) in Ed Bagdon and Don Mason, and a lanky do-everythlng back named Lynn Chundnols. . . Munn obviously Is proud of last year's near-victories against Michigan and Notre Dame and you figure he privately hopes to do better this season. . . . But when you try to pjn him down, you get an answer something nice this: "Right after the NCAA track meet at Minneapolis next June, a lot of us are going to fly up lo a lake In Western Ontario where you can hook a big buss on every cast That's my hobby, you know, fishing and photographing moose.". . . . Wonder If Biggie photographed the ones In the middle of '>c line? bril pacc- newcomer to Blytheville. Local old- timers who have followed the sport down through the years, remember Jones as an up and coming youngster who appeared Here on at least one occasion a number of years ago. The wrestling farmer has been lonlffd by match makers as one of the most agile grapplcrs In the business. His uncanny speed is his greatest defenses along with his ability to use his feet as dangerous weapons In all types ol Kicks. Three weeks ago Jones was booked to appear here but that appearance was cancelled due to a mix- up in his booking office. He was also billed in Memphis on the same night and fulfilled that engagement. However, Meroncy said that he has been assured Jones would be on his program Monday night. In addition to the main event two one-fall preliminary bouts arc also on the card. In the first Sirois will swap holds with Welch and in the second canny will tangle with Jones. sew up New Oilcans, 6-2 nn<! 6-5 Victoria Conceit Came With Armorel Tomorrow , The scheduled baseball game between the Armorel Tigers and the Victoria Red Sox. slated for Armorel Park tomorrow afternoon, has been cancelled, it was announced oday. The Victoria team has been dls- twin bill; the Rinnintrlinm Barons and the Atlanta Crackers 4-0 and 2-7. and the Mem- Phil Chicks sweep aside the Little Rock Travelers. 4-2 and 11-1 Bobby Cain pitched three-hit ball at the Travelers in the nightcap at Little Rock. He struck out ten batsmen and then aided Ills own cause by hitting in „ run. Hugh Mulcnhy hurled a nine-hlllcr in winning the opener Football Scores El Dorado 25. .Magnolia G Bild Knob 20. imbodcn o Conway 14, 'Dard.incUe 0 Augusta 6, Senrcy 0 Malvern 13, Dlerks o Wynne 27, West Memphis 6 Cjmclen 48, Prcscott 0 DeWitt 12. Brinklcy o Smackovcr 31, Hartford (i Forrest city 20, Marked Tree 13 Walnut Ridge 26, Hcbcr Springs!) Helena 25, Crossctt 7 Lake village 41, White Hall 0 Hope 12. Dcquccn 0 Nashville 38, Mcna 0 McGhce 12, nison 7 Sheridan 13, Forrtyce 12 Bauxite 73, Jacksonville 0 Foreman 7, • 'rvica 7 'tie) Poteau. okla.. 20, Mansfield 13. Dermott. The supporting 'cast includes three lettermen. The first three lines average 212 or 513 pounds per man. They're not sprinters but they move well. The backfield speed seems adequate. . Arkansas opens the season against North Texas stale at Little Rock Sept. 24. After that will come the six Southwest Conference battles and then Intcr.scctlonal engagements with Vanderbilt. William and Mary and Tulsa. Landed and will not pilay any more games this season. The Tigers are slated to meet the South Ulythc- ville Independents at Armorel Purk Eejit. ie. pitched the millionaires to liant 7-1 conquest of the seUiiiR New York Yankees. Kinder gave up (our singles walked nine and fanned eight for hil 19th victory of the season nnd his ninth straight. The triumph moved thp Sox to within a »nme and a half of the Yanks. Johnny Pesky slnrtctl the Hctl Sox scoring with a two-run homer n the third. Bobby Doerr clouted Eel . co his 18th off slartnr and loser Lonat In the fourth. The Ihlrti place Cleveland Indians advanced to within live games of the Yanks. benthiK the St. Louis Browns. 5-2. behind the six - hit nitching of Ronklc Mike Garcia Hiinc rcns by Jack Graham ami •-•tan Siicncc accounted fro the Brownie runs. ')nlc Mitchell, with n home run and triple, was the Cleveland balHut; star. A's Nip Senators Philadelphia turned hack the .Washington Senators. 5-2. cllnch- 'nR the came for lime Bobby Shanu with three unearned runs In Ihe first Inning. The Chicago Cubs ripped the Plttsbiii-Rh Pirates, fl-l, before 7905 f'ins. smallest Plttsburph n'ght crowd of the season. The Cubs broke up a pitcher's battle between Monk Dubicl and Pittsburgh's Bob Chcsnes with a seven run blast In the fifth Inning. Andy Pnfko kcy- nolcrt the frnmc with n grand slnm homer, his second Jackpot wallop of the year. Di'blel had a two-hit shutout until the ninth when Ralph Kfncr unloaded his 44th honu run of the Season. The scheduled nii-ht came between Philadelphia and the Braves in Boston was rained out The Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox were Idle. Sports Roundup fc; Hufh Fullcrton. Jr. alllni Ills Shod When Rufus King reached the nal of the amateur golf championship last week. SI Burlck the Dnyton News scribe, dug into his fina files for the story he wrote 19 years before when King won the trapshoot Grand American The piece dwelt on H-yenr-old Kings coolness under pressure and Si's last line was: "what » golfci he would make!" 8purl«|Miurrl The Red Sox' Ellis Kinder, who never won more than ten Raines season before this year, figures Ills success Is rti'c mainly to drawini regular starting assignments Dr. Charles H. Hcrty, Georgia foi'J. ball coach In the nineties, was i famous chemist who later discovered how lo make paper fron Georgia pine. . . . Apparently tin first step was touching Ocorgl; pines how to roll 'em out flast a paper. \Venk End S'otcs New foolbnll scouting wrinkle to be tried hi the midwest this fall Is the ILSC of a wire recorder to Ink down the scouts' observations dur Ing n game. . . . ji m Oclmlcs. Penn State's atnr hurdler, turn out for football this tall. Tra coach Chick Werner gave his approval this \lr-y: "A footlmll player licked him nil year. (It was Horace Smith of Michigan State.) Maybe this will help him lurn the tables" EagUi Overcome Early Lead With Third Period Rally By nrar« Clark Courier \e« Sporia EdlUr KE1SER, Sept. 10 — i, f,,, Kes « Yell °w J«cke «v«n oints In the very first quarter >nd the game roaring back to «or» •• 15-7 victory In both teams' opening gam. of the 1949 grid seuon here last night. nr S h!?, l ,*h ed i, by lhe brl " lant ""nnlnt nnhh ^"M NMl FUrr §nd '""hack Bobby Dallas and sterling lln« nlir by guard jimmy Smith and tickl. Darrell Holland, the &«£? ,£J 13 point, in the M c^i ,£rU? and .dded a ufcty In th. third for the necessary marjln. and Dallas, a hard plunger, wer. the big thorns In the Yellow Jacket,' sides. They led the Eagles' ground attack, knifing through the defer*, for long (aim,. Smith and Holland led the sizeable Dyesi im« to i good defentiv* game. Kelser Jumped to an Mrlj ],»* scoring after four mlnute« of play In the opening qu.rt.r. Fullback John relts supplied the punch for the Yellow jacket, tearing otJ tackle for a 3J yard Jaunt to par dlrl. Quarterback Ralph Hall flipped a pasi to end Arthur Bullion for lhe seventh point that wu all of Kelser'a .coring for the nljht Ktkrr ramble* Hirt The Eagle* cam« to lift aftw that play and started Ihelr ground combination of rurr and Dallas In action moving to the Kelaer M hut were held for downs. On the opening play of the MO- ond quarter Kelser rumbled on their own 20 and Dyeu recovered, rout Plays gained nothing and again Kelsei- look over. Again they fumbl-' "I and again Dyess recovered, but this time the Eagles took advantage of lhe break with Lavell Cox a substitute back .scampering over on lhe third play. Quarterback Howard Humphries plowed over for th« extra point to tie the score Midway In the second quarter the Eagles scored again when halfback Dorsey Finchei- broke through lo block a Kelser punt on th. Yellow Jackets 20. Tackle DarreU Holland picked the baji up on th. 10 and wenl over standing up for another six pointer. The Eagles final two points cam. 1» the third when Kelser halfback John Pells wns trapped behind his own goal line after the pau from center sailed over his head Starting lineups: P C! >» '• ce ^""'l' niackard . Chrcstniail Holland .. llarginves . Humphries ^f" Hnchnr .. Ualtas L E. L.T L G. . O R.o. R.T R.E Q B H.B H.B p. B K( . |Mr Harrington M. Felts K. Mason Godwin . B. Mason Music Bullion Hall Chtlds Brazeal J. Felti ...... ....... . Substitutions: Dyess— McArtlmr, McVay, cox and Burlcson. Kelser— McKay, McLean. Clillds and' Oil- Ham. First Downs: Dyessfl. Kelser 5. tf Columbus had sailed new world In the spring to th. Instead of the fall. It Is likely that h. would have Imided In the United States because he was following birds In flight. „, fOUTlTCMr LEAGUE Night games: Memphis at Little Rock Atlanta at Birmingham. New Orleans at Mobile. Nashville at Chattanooga, BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA .VVR1SJM.ING LOWES'I ADMISSION PRICE ANYWHKRE! Reserved Seal, on Sak ., ,„« t . e(ti((n Arena fr<)m 6 p m g^ ^ Monday, September 12 ADHI.TS 50c - fHII HKKN I5 New Starting Hme 8:15 BOX SEATS IV KXTRA TAG MATCH FARMER JONES and JACK WELCH rersui V*. Canny Welch y». Sirois Frigidaire Pufi a yfar.'round market In your homsl * • cu. ft. mod*) »hown 2«0 lb>. C«po c i, F«otur»t of th* Frlgidoir* Hom» Freezer • I-iinous Meier-Miser Meduimm ' .VY C " Pr <>i<:aion |)| an • ". Fin £«-Touch" Countcr-BiUnctd Lid • Oulux-Finishtd All.Sieel Cabinet • nxtra.Tbick Sc.dcJ.Tic.hi Insulation " f; e ™»«nt Freezer Shelf Cure Signal 299.75 11 6«t your FRE1 copy of r * —— «w (\CVD IT rro ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., INC H Sites * m-2W W. Main Servlc* Oealrr A JAMS M(T. RESTAURANT FIXTURES \Ve are doslnc <mr HJyllicville Cafeteria and we in- lend to sacrifice the licanlirul lirand new fixtures china ami silverware al less Ihiin Ihe original cosl .It must he seen to I)C appreciated. Some of the items are: alor — ail stainless steel, double door, Hi cu. ft. capacity. Six burner short order 'range — for hn- lane gas. Twin urn — 10 gallon capacity, stainless sleet. Sicam Table.— stainless steel. 10' long, 12 vegetables, •! meals, extra pans. Maple iMeal Block. Two large galvanized sinks, galvanized canopy. Beautiful assortment of brand new kitchen utensils consisting of large butcher knives, spoons, ladles, potato mashers, sauce pans, garbage pans, chinaware. glassware and stainless sCeel knives, forks and spoons. Original Wholesale Cost over $3500 Willing to Sacrifice It at One-Half Bring Your Own Truck Terms to Responsible Party C*ll Don Niisbaum — niythevillc -IHfil During the Day, Kvenings— C-o Noble Hotel, Blythevill* Duro-Chrome Corporation Blyrhevill* Airport Blythcvilk, Ark.

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