The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNK 5, 1!M7 BLYTHEVU-LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS eed for Better coI Jobs Cited [PTA Congress Told i Profession Must Be |Mode More Attractive |'H[r,y,c;o, June s. tuPi The HUnl of the National lulucii- Coii!',i'j|i of Parcnl s and Teach- i Assi,Tj|On iii'BOd ihu Nation- y'-sterflRy to help nnikc the i'hinj} profe.s.skm more, attractive |yoiui|! people. 1 A. Wanauiaker. O f olyinpia, Ish.. !(,| ( | the PT.Vs so t|, an- il ronvciiiion that 350.COD teaeii- !:avi' up their jth;, mainly be- of low salaries and "cmbar- | ill!: -:0fiid Mwti'iL'lions." i.S'.il!.. she said, every tbi... I'her "i s a i:!"i'soii |ackiii(! even minimum uroles.sional <|tiali[i- nivi for his job." )i",rilc I he increase provided ni'xt year the I'lvatcr majoritv pin- le:ichers will still earn less i iinskilld) workers." she said. U'L'ms o! their required pre- liiii.n and m-eilcd cultural sta- American lcaeher. s general;'; Id be able lo earn iip to $5,0 0 |i 10 years of satisfactory S CT- PAGE SETEM: Thankfu! to Be Alive i ; social restrictions. Mis y linmaker said the public had a to ex|je;:l its teachers lo '.)_• upright oien aiiri womon but |do not want them to he prigs rtides." I'liere ran ho no permanent r,a- 1 10 t!ie leather erisis until I ills ••enci-ally demand better, c'i lor tear-hen; and accept i into their community life as | co!i,;:eten(. interesting " and e.a- '•livr citizens ihnv rightfully she said. eicrlions Tuesday ninht. Knox :". .Jtonta. was named viee- (:• Rci;ion 3. The prcsi- Legionnaires !n Osceola Plan Election ,,..( if,o „[ at Osccolu the new nlnlii. )-rcd (1 r i( K . ., 0 .sl in .south ni iiioiU Sou'.'i o (hu |., d] Blut'f, Ari...' alter :'. devasiatTiig toiiui'l'i They litiid iheir eyes to Heaven olieriiu; a when the tr.rnado struck. (NKA 'iviephoto I (his i-.i-" prayer lor their safety Heavy Rains Flood Valley p.. w:i . X- W. Iliuhes, Arlinglon. '»le::(e<i last year Tor - Ksif telder Banned m Organized for Life The Mad. (hide,Ihe Aliieru-aii!ioii helit its fiiM miviiu!: location "I Taylor ,lr., iinnoiineeit i.idii The Inn M.I from its hvaiiii wiiy (il I" it-: West lliile i-nr Osceola Hir.h S At lust I'i'ili Mm of Hi [ll-C'l|-!l(i!l|! (iii the hu'. n only I'xliTiiir il iiud'Ttiiken al biiiUhnu iiii\ti-[i:ii shonai:". Inchiilfd in u,,. ro'-.n,v|.rlinv pliius Is Ihe cnnMrtu'l, r.i of a caf eteria to acei.inmoihi.. Hie hlj-. .'U'llOol Dlim.'Uls 'n,.) ;, KCIVU-I men's Imi-n •:<, M,-. T.,-, l,,r sian-ii. 1'roperty ,,:, W hli-h Ihe ln:t win formerly ]o,-:iic rl has l.-ei-i rold Ii lots to help di-rriiy ij'iil. nl 111, expanses, 'u 1 uddec!, C,iiniiiiiiu!iT Taylor U|>i a foiir-nia:, luvimna!,., c iHinuin f which I loyi! Ccrdley i:i c-l July U. nvinbi-M nf conmiidee include ,,',10 A iituini, U. I! Driver and P. Markhaiu. f Hie | os» la-l »;nsor iht> showin epariim-iU rtlin tilio. wn ; e;i (onccrns ,,f i|, ( , A11 ,ei lean w:ir [Imlnl .Slates will bf the ail<-p'(es of II, e 29 Die in Plane Crash Members lo s| the War D ei.'iion". y'he Ihe inoviiu- dead to the ••linwn under ir.UMHuS. o, June 5. (UP) — ielder Marion Mtjaircnlh of I Western Association's Musko|Okla. elub today was banned nixeii baseball 'or uie |hr.ti;es that he deliberately w" a Bailie. his decision. Minor League lldssioner George M. Traulninn iiivc.sti|!iitiuii by his office . ._,,„_, _ . led McKlreatli i;iiiltv of Imv- 1 " " " ippioached another" player on I Heavy rains caused high waters in the Miami flub with a proposition to tlic son. I.nrry. 3, are being rescued by fit.'ii'ei, "wo can make some ' Valley near Dayton. Ohio. Mr. ntitl Mrs. nixmi Ciiliwrl and from I3:ix :>!. ll.iylon. IKF.A 'I elept'.oto.) I This eh,.,..,sp view of the crashed Untt,:,l An'.'iincs pa^eniici- pinnc which crashed onlakcolf tram LiiUcnrdl-i iid'pi.i'l, liMIIni! ail ),ci«,ns ahoerd. sliown Ihe brolten win B and Inlrict tail Mcilon. In Ihe l«rc B i'oiin(l nro" neks which (he pln, u . .struck ami in Ihr , : cnier had;•.round Is a slack of bai-aw ownec, l,y the dead nnd Injured |...M;i'ii|!i-i-,-i. 'I'lie \w K w t , : removed alter Ihe fire vns exlliiRiiislied. in the Mr haeK« r aund ore •.he hiiiui.iiM of l.aC'.uaidia alvp rl and tii r i, M e ct h^iit •.iniuljinl.s innrlis Ihe plane bounded hi UdJCi-,11. (NIw\ Telepnoto.) the i'l'i|i!i\V!;v across which / ol "'DC- Notion's 2,000,000 Duck Hunters Short of Targets WAIIINCiTON, Jlllli! 5. (Ul'l — 'Die nation's H.ODU.Otltl duck liiinlers lire luniilnii short of laruct.s. '''he (I. S. l-'ish and Wllillli'n snr- Miiek fii'ider IMSI at Hi,.. (..I'm vlci- has illsclosed Unit the dunk Thealiv in (Jr;; eola .inm. !i. liopulallon or Norlh Amei'lca Is nl its lowest ehh since lD:ilt. and tho number of hunters Is hUTenslv.i; nvery yo^r. A commftlce of six officials of Ihe Wildlllc service meets In Olil- eauo next week lo drnw up reHU- liillons [or Ihu IIM7 Kciisoii. atrl indiealions are that Ihe tuiinher ,)!' dnek himlhi!' day.s will bi? reduced ._. sllll lower Ihan last year'.'; 't!i. | of two plays in the game in he sahl idisrrplion showc.l iMcElrentriiNd not pcrrorm in l i le .•;;! ji. > t] j: iMcElrratjjjpiid good rahn." I money ir we threw one ot the I I s -" ! Cancer Cases in State 7 Reach Total ot '234 l.uiman's decision included'do- UTr[ E RQCK A ,. k _ June , (UP) — A total of leu cases of | j cancer in Arkansas were repotted lo the state hoard of health last week, bringing the year's total to 234 cuses- This figure compares with a! cases during the same period last year. Last week's cases were noted as follows: Independence County. -1: Madison, 2; and one each in Marion, pnlnski anil Sebastian or letter, to the office 1 /n.e weekly morbidity report also lo/c Board Refuses IfCffc/en Negro's Plea J"IL3 nOCK, Ark.. June 5. I-TIT. Davis, Critleiuien Coun- a whose case has attracted pen nnev will iv-inin ill sllowrd Tour new cases of diplhci-.i usSJss™ ! ,»Ja sts in=^ Stale Board or Pardons. PIM-| ™_ . |l and Paroles—meeting at'again apply for release. liins Prison Farm today— re- I lo "rant Davis a parole on the ihnl liis past and prison Davi s was sentenced to ten years rrom Criltenden County back in October or 19)3 after shooting Dep" |l do not justify his release. | u tv Slieriff Harold Weaver "in the parole board rules three hand as. Weaver attempted lo ques- li s must elapse before he can [ion him at his home. S.-Soviet Commissioners in Korea aplied togclhcr for the first time arc. left. Col. Ge•<. D. I-. ciiief Sovicl Coimuissioiier and. right, Gen. Albeit F,. Iirown, •hk'f Cdir.miMioner The piclure was taken at a rcc-rt cocktail j:iveu for Hie Soviet, eiclcgalion at Seoul, Korea. (NEA Tclr-pho'.o |hard C. l-'ert!Uson, ACME-NEA Photographer.) |tf R£AL MEXCOW $£RVtCC ALWAYS \-£ you* Still & Young Motor Co. •nc Lincoln-Mercury Dealer litylhcvillc Ark. 112 Walwil St. Soop Company Slashes Prices 37.6 Per Ccrti NEW YORK. June S. lUP) — A. L. Kamen. president of Kainr'ii Boap Prodnets C'onii..;,ny, yesterday announced an average iialitin-wile price cut of 31.G per cent on ail .soap producl.s to ICO.OCO wholesalers and retailers. Kamen ayiced -.vilh President Tnitnan "iliat prices are loo hi'.;h on practically all commodities." and indientfd the reductions were made possible by reeent dl'ops in Ihe cost oi ials "and oils. The? reductions niealde a 40 per font marht!o\vn on the company'.; oap powder; 30 per rent on Irum- dry bar .soap and 2f> per cent on nulatcci soap: , 2 Men Hchl in Kidnap- Rahbcry Attcniirl: Moved Move to Unionize Baseball Players Dies in Last Sfrage NEW YOliK. June '.. UII>> — . Hobert Murphy, llarvfird-educnl.-d ! lawyer, who set out l,,.st year will) nn lunblllos proijrnm alined at imfonl/iiu; every pbyer In m:,|nr Irauue liasebiill. virlimlly c'oiiccdeil defeat of his aiin s lodny when he (Inclined lo press clmritcs of 1111- rnlr lulx)i- prnclices against the New York Yankees nnd c;lr«ts |»,,| Ihe lirooklyn l)od l; ers. ' The Stale L:ii>i n licliillons Hoard which has h:id the case acninst IMC clubs on its docket, announced that If ha<i nsked Murphy's Aine- ticnn Baseball Guild lo .show eiiU';'j why the chni'iscs should not be <l!.i- I 1 '' 1 "' 1 ' 11 ' r - r ll 'e !<» missed "for liicv. (> | prosecution " l"'ri"ient Slullon e» The Rev. Willijiir .). Kellcy. chairman or the bo.ird. snld Hint enrh or (he three nlubs also was asked about (!isini.. s ,1 U ' the eii'e and said that tliv nn s v:< s--, would l;e relurnnble by next Wednesday. Mnrjihy, wlin :,ls,i clled olhe- Joins Oil Concern ITIIK ROOK, Ark,. June D. Ul'> -The reslKiialion of Glenn A, i'ii a.s publicity dirriilor 'ol Lho Nrkansa:; Ilc.source.s and Devetop- nrnl Cniuiihsiiloii was aiiuounccil odiiy. The rcstntialUin beootne :i ef- ilve July 1. Green will become iBsoi-laliun with the.' Umi OH Cmu-i T;'iV;"T' 1 i^'i'' l .v^l'S'i'-c,'i 1 '»n'i!''H'i' 'any us edlUirlul asslstunt, In 'Hie, .HAM': KI:.H. MUNKI - -a' k il'riwVi ei'd.slin' depailiurnt with. head-. i» u r;i"Li wi',1ii«su»V9™mn;i,Sr rdH'.s hi K| Uoriulo. Heads Agri Department Art:.. ,lnne KJ.I'.i — Dr. John '.V. While hu been appointed licad nf Mie ititni Kconoinle.': and ficn.-loi i|iy Depnrl- nieid of the Unlvei'.l.'y 'df Arkini sas Colleiie of Acncullurc He re plat'es ur. T. li. Hedges 'who le- sl|;ned to acce|,l. a ]in:,il|,ri .. v ||] the unifdrrily ir c:i:llf i.-ma. Dr. \Vtiiti' h;i,-i b'nn Mlperliv Jlrnncli l]\ UtUvlffslVl 10 he ;mst Jirce vt-'T-x. TRACY CITY. Term.. June f> (TJPi- Alfnrd Whitworth and W. S. Hell, awailins; r;r:ind jury aclio <•!,;,nies ill connection with last 1 tolh e^ support major leasut? clubs for allei;ed uu- rnir pnietlces, chiiiv.-d that ;he y learns hnd ••inilla.ed. dominateil ,,'! interri-rn-d with nn.-l cimtrlbutcd Arkansas Soldier's Body Returned from Germany RC&EIIS, Ark.. June S. (UP) — The body of Pfc. John T. Hllghsfs, y^-year-old Avoca resident, who ivns killed April G, in nn aulunlubMo accident in Germany, will arrive in Arkansas today. lie is survived bv Ins mother. Mrs. DaLscv E. Hughe.':, [wo brothers and six sister.s. NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery en week's kidnaping, of cashier A. U Henderson and atleniplcd robbety of the first national bank, were moved to Hie Hamilton County Jail at Chaltanooa.i yesterday. Glumly County Sheriff I). P. Grooms paid they i\ere moved be- c-'.l^e tiic small, county Jail here is "overcrowded." liolh men have bcrn unable to raise SIO.OM cash bond. \Vhitworth on charges of kidna])inn and attempted bank robbery, and .Bell on or conspiracy. inltlcc." pl.iycr.s' ,-om- Read Courier News Want Ads 6eit Bot for Breakfosf Top off on oll-Ainerican bfcaVFail ol fruit juice, cggi and coffee wilh lempliog. rotly Donuli. They're made on Iho spot by Hie DOV/N\flAKE Donul mochina-hcili-hol- dclrcioui-nurririoutl Gel your bon lodayl Plain Donuls Dozen Sutured Donuts Do/cn filnzed or Frosled Dozen For Freezing and Sub-Zero Storage of Frozen Foods A Crhmiph of engineering and rcsc.irch, bringing you valii.ihlc exclusive fcnluns found nowhere else . . . no m.illcr km- tttnch yon {t,iy 1 (Compare—nnt! you'll lie convinced: New ideas, new desijin. nru 1 <iuality ct)oslrucli«n make tills llit grc.nest freezer on ilie market! in I,, lit I'luk,. prevent 1.1 •lliiilr-inThc • H c rmt i S»l>er !>•>« tr Sj nci l>c((5 lo rcpLicc. .illv NOW SHE SHOPS 'CASH AND CARRY' Without Painful 13nckacha M/iny BUirorem rclfcvo nntrREuK biu-knrliu qiiJckly, onro llicy t'.facovor llmt tlio rt-ul riuiBoof lliolr iruiibln mny liottrcd khlin-yn. hiff the cixcisa nclila nnil wuslo mil nf tliu l.lnni!. They Jiclp most IK-O|J!« iirua ubouL y ]>[(lLi u liny, \Vhcn iHFtonlorof Xiaucy hinctron prrmKn |K)Iaon<nin innKor In rrtunhi In your Iilnuil, It li'k' tmlnif, JOSR of pep iiinl tuuruy, Mt-ttinjt ii|j ivli'.litfl, awcHliur, l«mim.'R* unitvr Um fy^s, >ii:uJa):)ic3/i[iil (llwiius.H, l-'rcf|uuii nr uriinly l-njwiiKCH with sumrdnu iiiul buinht^ NOHI.'- lliuta nl\nwa theie IH cornellilnu wroiitf willi >'uiir UMneys or liluclilLT, Don't walll Ask yniinlrujri.'^! for Dfum'n I'lll?, n Uiimilanl diurclfc, nsn.J Fiuct'csflftjlly 1 jy inillfoiis for over TiO ycnra. Douu'n irlvc Kn|t|iy rolk'f nnil ivlll hrlp [,LU If, rntN-.i of vouc bloud. (let Doan'a J'ilb. Old? Get Pep* Vim VVilli IRON: pl.n <unploiiHnt> CALCIUM, VITAMIN HI EN. WOMEN SfAX- &,.».'."•. liLUi-lnl |;II;L- Urlri'X <\ni[iilin H.iilu [.ritril III.11 HOW rlulilrw . ' Announcing Ihe Opening of the New E • Largest in the South Seating Capacity 500 Highway 18 Blythcvillc Special June 17 Johnny Long and his 10-Piocc Band with ANITA NANCE Singer 9 'til 1 Make Reservations at Club E. 6. Chilwood Model AH51 247.50 HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. 1307 East Main Phono 519 PROFIT liy Rcadhifi lite Classified Ads Kuery Day! PROFIT />'// Advertishiff In The Classified Columns When You Want To Buy Or Sell Ada Placed by 10 a. w. Will Appear Same Day Ail Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 461 Blyfheville Courier News >»;>:>;>;>:>!>!>!>">:>:>;>!;>;>;>;>;>;>!>;>;>;>:>;>;;<x>;;<>;>;>;x;#;>;;*;>"*;>;>;> < +.> 4 •» •„* **•»"*•»»* .SliM

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