The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1944 OPA Will Sue Liquor Dealers Criminal Action Also fending Against 18, '*OPA Official Says ATLANTA, Aug. 8 (UP)—The Office of Price Administration Is preparing civil suits for treble dnm- ngcs totalling 5728,391 against liquor dealers in eiglit southeastern states. This follows nn nnnouuce- mcnt Monthly tliat five dealers in Florida nn,d South Carolina have paid"$207,000 to the U. S. Treasury In settlement of alleged overcharges. George r>. Patterson, regional CPA- enforcement executive, says that most of the nunvc-ceillns salc.s filed in charges agnliist the dealers were in the form of "slrtc-pay- mcnl-s." Ho savs cHmiiiiil indictments are pending ai;atnst 18 tier- sons encased \\\ "muter the counter" liquor sales. Pallerron says treble damage actions settled in Florida involved Tropical Wine and Liquor Co,, Miami, settled for $10,000; mid Crown Distributors, Miami, settled for $62,000. Actions settle,) in South Carolina included these — CJ. L, Drill and E. M. Smith, trading as Hk-lilsml Wholesale Liquors. Inc., Charleston, settled for $75,000; Walter A. Dnnknn, Charleston, settled for $45,000, nnd Vincent Chicco and Hem-re P Strauss, Charleston settled for $15,000. Other cases nre Rending in Tennessee and Mississippi. Tfiief Swans Tiros TOLEDO, O. (U.P.)—U was a thoughtful thief who stole :i tire from Woodrow Wngners automobile the other itay. He replaced the stolen tire with 11 not-quite-so- good but usable tire, police said. Political Announcements THe courier New» tut b«n »n- thorlMd to announce the following candidacies, subject to th* Democratic primary In August: STATE rtEPKESF-NTATIV* ALENE WORD (for re-election, Post No. 1) W. J. WrjNDERLICH (for re-election. Post No. 1) J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No. 1) L0CIEN E. COLEMAW E. C. "GENE" FLEEMAN (Post No, 4) PROSECUTING ATTORNF.T MARCUS FIETZ (For Re-election) JAMES C. HALE BBKBIFF AND COlAKCTOi HALF JACKSON . '_ ; (for re-eleotlon) ' W, W. (BTJDDY) WAT8Q1* BLYTHEVILLB (ABK.): COUR1EK NRWfl Ike DOPE BUCKET BX J. P. FHIKNIJ GETS JA1' FLAO ' It's traditional for Americans to enjoy a good scrap, especially Marines. Such was the experience of Corp. Prod Boyetl, Jr., with the Second Marines ns they stonn-. cd the island of Salpan. "H was a hell ol a fight,' he' began his letter of July 17 to his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Boycit, Sr. "But for some strange reason I enjoyed It. I had n few hectic epxeriences that I wouldn't trade a million for. "I was one of the first In the first wave lo hit, the beach, find as far ns I know now, I was the first man to get n Jap flag. "I've picked up several little trinkets to brins home but it's ca much trouble keeping up with them I'm afraid I won't get them all back. But I have a few spec-lute, ones (or you, Dad, and Bud 'George). I will try lo hold on to them. "Dad , you don't know what you're missing. MARINES CRACK SHOTS "After we had established a beach head, another fellow nnd 1 would kinda go hunting. More than once we have found ourselves SCO yards in front of the line, looking for THINGS. One time we found ourselves right in the center of what seemed like the- Japanese army. I bet there were 2,000 of the little yellow %•?&(!. n»t we were rather lucky on that deal. The Infantry had killed thcin all ihe night before. "I wns in a fov pictures tiie reporters took. Once I was with a lifle platoon nround n big quarry covering a demolition squad who was blasting pill boxes." Short, stocky, with boundless energy nnd intestliral fortitude, Fred showed the kind of stuff he was made of as a member of the Cln'cks. Lacking in weight and experience, he was always on hand for every practice section and earned his football letter one year. He went out for basketball." too. His bcsl sports' were Softball and baseball. He was graduated from niytheville High School with a creditable scholastic record, GETS NEW PROMOTION In the Marines for 14 months. Fred was wli.h the Fourth division and parllcipaicd in two other major engagements before tackling the strngcllc Pacific island mrlhc load that leads Inevitably to Tokyo, objective No. 1. Shortly after thinly establishing their positions on Salpan he received Ills second stripe, n iviis like a bonus, as It were. A younger brother, George, Is with the medical corp at the Greenville. Texas, Army Air Field. He recently was discharged from the hospital after playing bird during n parachute Jump by landing in a tree. H practically eliminated all hones for overseas duty HAS IIOSP1TAI, fiUKS'f Company Is always welcome when one Is flat of his bnok In n hospital. But when It Is experienced. thousands of miles from home nnd loved ones it's much better. Confined to Ills sick bed on fnr-nwny Corsica, Llenl. Howard Frisby. Jr., had Ihe thrill of n lifetime when Lieut. Pre.slon Ramcy, son of Mr. mill Mrs. c. W. Ramcy, paid him e. visit. What fun! . , . Ens. Howard Moore recently wrote his pnr- uiLs, Dr. and Mrs. L. II. Moore, thnt he saw Preston pass in a jeep, yelled a couple of times at him without making him hear It was the first and only Blythevillc boy Howard Ims seen since he left the Stales several months ago and it sent pltsant chills up and down his spine . . . Over in the Pacific Lieut. (J. g.) Fiske Miles ran across his brother-in-law, Stnlf Scrgt. Gordon Ramey, whom he had never met, Lieut. Miles married Helolse namcy after Gonlor had entered the service GETS SILVER BAR Rouse Harp, son ol Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Harp, celebrated the. Fourth of July in England with'nn extra vim. He received his promotion to first lieutenant the day before . . . Harry Haines, In training with the Mt Corps at Kccslcr Field, Miss., writes I'liullslier niul Mrs.-' Hurry [nines that the . Army drills nve duek soup" compared 'to the Mcly's football conditioninir Indies . • • My pal, Alvin U!o) Huffman, r., has been commissioned nn En- Ign In the Nnvy and sent to Citinp lac Donougli, Pittsburgh,. N. Y. tin. 3, Co. 1, Barracks -1H. He'll lake a yc.-xl officer . . . IJeiit. /iRoy Ross, another former Chick ml, who Ls stationed In New iulnea, must have had quite' a trip 11 Sidney, Australia, recently from 'hat lie wrote Eddie Ford, Jr. He ent Eddie some Japanese clgar- Itcs but they haaen't been moked yet. ••] just, don't trust hose yellow bellies," F-ddtc cx- ilalns. And who can blnine him? Hold Everything R.---B. '(SKEETi STO'DT MISS DELLA PTJElTIJt • COUNTY jmnoK .ROLAND GREEN ^ liar re-election) BWIGHT I!, BLACKWO'OI) CIRCUIT COURT CLEBK HARVET MORRIS i For re-election) T-X COUNTY CLEBK T. W. POTTER /for re-elecHo»» WHISKEY On Hand At ALL TIMES MARTIN'S WHISKEY STORES 420 W. Ash SPECIALS! RUM— Pints 1.50 —Fifths 2 SO BRANDY (values to 5.50) Fifths '$3 GIN Fifths 3.50 ARKANSAS GRAPE WINE 40c PER BOTTLE Only top quality products get the'job of lubricating the motors and machinery on our fighting Navy's ships. So we're proud to tell you that Sinclair lubricants arc used on many Navy ships to assure smooth operation and save wear. To give your car the same, suie protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To pror tect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-waxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair Opaline to keep your car rolling. EARWITH J. ALLEN FfcoaeZOIS A»e«f - "So! Waving at somebody else the moment I turn my back!" Hero's Fiancee Tells How He Routed Nazis lly PA IT I'ATTHUSON iillfrt Press Stuff Corivsiiuinlcul JACKSONVILLE, Pin, (UI')-Tj- i'nl of tliousniKls of eiigiiBi'il nnd "lurried yoiiiiB cmijilcs nil over Ainericii—wlio, thouuli sepnmtcd by hniuln-ds of miles, nro still work- nij; "together" for themselves nnd victory-arc liiilh Gentry mitt her nniire, stuff Sjit. Pinil H. Huff, hoth Wives of Clcvrlnmt, Tptiti, Miss Clentry is a mctnlsmith's eljii'r In |ho hiice nsscnibly nnd repair shops of Die Jacksonville nuvnl nlr station, uuff j. s "Somewhere hi Italy" where, according to "iiln, he has been nwnrdvtl the C<>n»resslonal Medal of Honor for "is work on Iho Anxlo brachhciul. Until sulil she euine to the nnvnl li .station from her Iwnie In G'lw- lnn<i in order to piny a part In the war effort w |,u c wn m,| K Iw ],.,„] In come home. An iiUrncltvc Inii- netle, she wields a rlvlllnx uun with finesse, Bellini; navy nlnnes back into condition, "Yon shouldn't say much ubutit me," she smilingly declaivd. "Paul's Hie hem-not me, That's the way I want It—mill Hint's Uie way it Fltnilil tje 1 We Just wtinl to net this tiling over with as soon ns ossible, so we cnn be together gnlii." The story of how Scrgciinl Huff — who comes frum (lie .same hill country Unit |>ave Ainerleii Sgt, Alvin York III Work! Win- I—won Us Conere.sslonnl Medal, Is a cluss- ic of this war. lluff. a corixirn! at Unit lime, led his slx-iuiin patrol into action near Cnrann, Italy, on Feb. i) 10>H. Wuather conillllons were. Ideal — for Die neriiiiinsl The sky was clem 1 , there wns tilmost no cover an,j the Nnxls )wd good observation )X>sls i-overlnu almost every roiile lo their iioslllon, A shallow draw was selected by Huff and his pntrol of iinrncliutv- lufnnlryiueii ns their tost npuronrh —but the draw wus mined and covered with fire from three inaclitm 1 - BUIIS and a •JO-nillllmeler eiiiinoii As they found out later. Everything' Cat iMnsv Hut the v isot wllliln :!50 yards without drawing [Ire— then everything cut loose at once! Huff ordered the men lo tnkc cover aw) went on ulone. lie crawled up behind one. of the maclilnegun ncsls and wiped out the crew with Ill lommyium; tiring from a kneeltni; position In order lo draw tiro from the olhrr positions nnd llius cli- lermtne their exact locution, I'Viur hours from the lime they left, Ituff and his tiigund relurnwl— and without n .slnule rnsiinlty. Tlie, Infoiinatlon lliey brought luick resulted In the death of a? capture or 21 others, and the ronl- IIIB of an entire enemy company. All (Ills, nl NIC cost of only two Americans dead and one woiinded. Huff's heroic, action led to his promotion to staff scrgcimt ami itwiirrt of the- Congressional Mrilnl of Honor at a ceremony held ut Aiw.lo headquarters' Ruth added: "I'aul has sent mom limn $l,:«>0 In war bonds home since he Joined the army only two yours ugo." Airfield Baseball Teams To Play At Smyrna, Tcnn. Tlie niytheville Army Air Helil baseball (cam left for SmyiiM, Tenh,, today for a game tomorrow with the air field lenin HI Dint station. This Is Die first game for the locals In the Eastern Plying Training Command lournnincnt. Temperatures Atlnntn .... Auifitsld .... Jllrmlnglmin Clitirlestoii . Clmrloltc ,. Clilcneo Cliiclinmtl . Denver Detroit Jacksonville lOuiMis City Mucon .... Hlgli . 03 . 88 . 04 . SB 01 . 00 . n . 01 . 07 . 80 . 00 . 8') . 01 "TC San Antonio ..'.',.,'.'..', ga'"--75 »» Savannah »,.„,,/ 85 -A,'.72 ' " Tampa ... .90*'. ,5lT,* jjjj Washington ,,.,,,.,>.'.,','•,&•.••&• • GG DnllEi^ , j^ ^g C2 Houston '.',.(','. $3'" 10 M Jackson ino I , >n „ 09 Mtllc.Ilotk .!'; ". M/taW M Shrevcjiort '....'.. 100v.' f ^75n 11 Tallnlm5Scc !",;.' "93' 1 '74-: TO »..« ocunw j,e»» 'w«a'| A4*. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may b« ruining your property. Call mt cbeck-up without cost or ohllgatfon. BATS, MICK AND ItOAOH CONTBOl GUAKANTIiED WORK »,„ , . H<C - 8I -ANKENSHIP Mt f. Krntuokr DRS. NIES & OSTfOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and V:3(«:0b Clinic 6U M.i. HlylheTllle, Ark. I'h6n« 2IZ1 ihe women who wouldn't sit and wait ITISNT EASY ,o any Vod-by" lo Iho family, and"'" V to friends, nnd to nice lony week ends. It mny not ho nnfural for n woman to salute nnd stand at attention nnd sny "Yes, sir". But nsk any Wnc if she'd change places with any- ' .one in the \vprld-aml the answer would be "No!" ' For deep down inside/every Wnc knows the enormous satisfaction of being truly useful at a t:mc ot critical need. ' The Wac spirit is a gallant spirit. The spirit of women who would ralher be in the war, Hum sitting and waiting for it to end. >. The Wnc pride is an honest pride. In n job well done. In being part of the Army of-the U. S. ' Y.ou really Imve to hand it to the women of the .. WAG.... - \ For they symbolize everything that is America. Ark. Helping wounded soldiers improve their vision X, Good soldiers... Recording "hits'on anti-aircraft firing range WOMENS ARMY CORPS Debarking in Hawaii on overseas assignments flH.i. INFOKlHATiaN about the Women's Army Corpx, go lo your ncarctt It. S. Army Ktcruiling Station, Or mail the coupon bcloia.

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