The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1966 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1966
Page 13
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Mythwjlte (Ark.) Couritr Newi- Tueday, August I, MM- OUR HOARDING HOUSE—With Malor Hoople OUT OUR WAY fcy KoJi donn ly I. H Wllllomi tONBDBNCel JNWW HETRISD A AMD FRWA HIN* LIM AM ltt(n I ANO JOMC MOMSMILK, WOULP SOU m AWTHER7 BKIKJa M8 THE CHILI SAUCE? AMP WHILE YOU'HE <«r n: HOW ABOUT SOME MOKE SAKk/T^Hi^YB^^^ANieSO SD6g-OFAlftKS,?A SmMMoMnpiA) ITOWN/ WHV MOTHERS 6ET6RAy THE « IH( b, Nil, lie. T.U. In. tU. M. Sjjo^OJLS IS IT REAL—] I THINK ITS A GAS.' ORJUSTSOME / WHAVDO'TOU KINO OFSAQ?XTHIWK,BA200? HEAD, RAN INTO THE WOODS/ BIGGEST BEAR I EVER. SAW/ "te it all right for me to leave early? Th« «e« am MB" "I like abstract art—it gives everybody a chance!' HW/6AJT VOU _\ \ I eoess rue POPULATION is G6TTIWGTD HER! LIKE SO TO THE BEACH OR. HAVE A P1CKJIC, MAYBe/ JUST THETWJOOFGS! _ , STUPID? ONE IS COMFAUY... TWO IS A CROWD// DID'NtlQ MISS .ME HI, HOLLYHOCK! . _ WHILE I WAS GONE? WE'RE HOME FROM ^ - '^/' - - Ttlaviiion—T6rtigh», Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 PLAV FOE -M& FUTDCE M\ODL£ 9:00 Eye Oueu fl:25 NBO News Rpt. 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Morning Star 10:30 Paradise say 11 :00 Jeooardv 11:30 Let's Plav P.O. 11:55 Mltfrtn- T""t 12:00 Looney 20O 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 12:55 NBO News •8:00 Pol. Ellington 9:45 Pol. Ross Bass 10:00 Ten o'clock News 10:15 Norm "Brewer 10:20 Today In Sports 10:25 Weatnei 10:30 Tomsnt snow 12:00 News 12:05 TV cnapel' WMCT-Chanael S 7HP55-POLL/ WHBQ— Channel 13 WKEC Channel 3 Tues., Aug. 8 6:00 Amos "W Anay 6:30 Dattarl 7:30 The Hippodrome 8::30 Petticoat Junct. 9:00 CBS News Spec.. 0:30 Focus on Mem. 10:00 Ten O'ClocK News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Morta 11:55 News & Weather 12:00 sum on Wed., Aug. 3 6:43 ADOT« e;lotiQB 7:CO Good mom Mem 1:50 CBS News 8:15 Cant. Ksnkeroo 9:00 I Love Lucy 9:30 Real McCoys 10:00 Anay of MayDOTy 10:30 Dick Van Dyfce 11:00 Love of Life 11:25 OBS News 11:30 Search 'or Tom 11:45 Guiding Light - Btld« 12:30 AB the World T. 1:00 1:30 EouBeparty 2:00 To Tell tne T. 2:25 News 3:30 Edge of Nlgnt 3:nn Secret Storm 3:30 Early Movie 5:00 WKEC-TV N5»« 5:25 Weatner 5:30 waiter urouidte tt:0l. fcmn* n Afidy 6:30 TEA 7:00 Memphis and Shelby Co. Bar Assn. Comm. on Elec. for Judges 7:30 Bev. Hlllblllle» 8:00 Elling. for GOT. 8:30 DlcK van uyne 9:00 John Gary Show iO:00 Ten O-cioci News 10:10 Weatner 10:20 Late Movie 11:55 Newi * w«»ther Tues., Aug. > 6:00 News neport 6:10 Tn state Report 6:15 Weatner Report 8:20 Sports Report 6:25 Camera f «ept. 6:30 My Moth., tho Car 7:00 PI. Don't Eat. D. 7:30 Klldare 8:00 Tue. site Movie 10:00 News 10:15 Norm Brewer 10:20 Today In Sports 10:25 Weathnr 10:30 Tonignt snow 12:05 TV Chanel 12:00 News Wed., Aug. 1 7:00 Today 7:25 Today In Mld-B. 7:30 Today 8:25 Today With Peg 8:30 Today 1:00 uays of our Lives 1 :30 Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 ?ou Don't say 3:00 Route «S 4:uu Miice Douglas 5:30 Huntlev-Dri^tley 6:01) MCTra Report 6:10 Trl-Stat« Report 6:15 Weather Report 6:20 Sports Report 6:25 Camera Rt/non 6:30 The Virginian 8:00 Zorro 8:30 Pol. Harold Bak. 6:30 Combat 7:30 McHale's Navy 8:00 F Troop 8:30 Pevtott Place 9:00 Tne fugitive 10:00 Mldsoutn NeWb 10:15 Moving Weatnei 10:20 Late Show Wed.. Aug. 1 7:00 cartoon Time 8:30 Jack LaLanne 9:00 Town & Country 9:30 Where Action IB 10:00 Supennxt. Sweep 10:30 Dating Game 11:00 Donna Reed 11:30 Father Knows B. 12:00 Ben Casey 1:00 Newly wed Game 1:30 A Time For ua 1:59 News 1:00 Genera) Hospital 2:30 The NursM 3:0u vnmnouse 4:30 Adventure Time 5:00 NBWS 5:10 Weather 5:15 News 5:3U MavencK 6:30 Batman 7:00 Patty Duke 7:30 Blue Light 8:00 Political 10:00 Mld-&>titb News 10:20 Late Show 10:15 Moving Weather GENERAL MACHINE WORK & WELDING • TOOL AND DIE WORK • HEAT TREATING • ENGINEERING And DESIGNING BARKSDALE 325 South Broadway Manufacturing and Machine Works PO 2-2911 YOU CAN'T SAY CLEANERS BETTER THAN BESTWA Y! WE ALSO DO THE BEST LAUNDRY SHIRT /N TOWN. B/% _ _ ... 2012 W. Main PO 2' 2408 HERMON JONES BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE CM. 1420 OnloD Ave Phone 274-4400 Memphis 4, Tennessee Call tor Free Consultation insurance Cot Estate Planning Key Man, ^artnerehlp »« ~ poratlon Group, Pension, Reti ment ind HospitalIzatlnn Cor- Got Termites: Call ACME! Don't Want Termites? Call ACME! PO 3-3JZ80 ACME TERMITE CO. John Tyrone Buell W. Carter, MFA Agent 607 N. 6th Next Door to Dixie Pig Phone PO 3-3361 GASOLINE Price Reduction ETHYL 31 Reg. Gas Priced LESS Eastside MFA East Hwy. 18 Blytheville, Arkansas Warehouse For Rent Office Available Phone PO 3-0481 Airplane Spraying 2-Way Radio - Better Customer Service Gene Hood Flying Service DEPENDABLE — IX«R/fN«D — INSURED Blythovilla — Phone PO 3-3410, PO 3-4242 Manila — Phone 561-4532 OTHER CWJMPL.eP UP VERSIONS 5AIP ABOUT THE SAME THINS IN WFFEREIOT WORP5. OK WBBB TH«TM« APPRES5EP TO OTHER OFHCML5 WUBTIT I PONT PRY WTO MY TEWANrS'«FFWRS,,,!UTlWAWTEP TO HELP HER. 50 ITOPKTHI9 CRUMPLEP PRftFT FROM HER WASTEBflJKET IF I KNEW WHAT ROWV WAS TKVIWS TO WRITE, IT MIGHT EXPLAIN HER RECENT BEHAVIOR! HH.IWW. 1JTWKHOW ....HERE, I'LL SHOW YOU HOW IT WORKS ...SOME KINR\ \ WELL, LEMME SEE. WEAPON THESE I HOW 'BOUT THIS OTHER SUY5 _jf ONE? DOMT HWEi ...NOW KEEP YUUK ON THAT BIS ROCK OVER THERE.' I I WANT SUMPIN OU TOPWFA LITTLE P1FFERENT, OOP... BUT IF YOU ASK / ME, HES FAWNS 'ABMtrA DON't WORI?)! HE CAN TAKE IT HE HA? LOTS OF CHARACTER, VOUBKN1SHT m BEEN/ UNDER fOO MUCH PRESSURE lAtELV.

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