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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 5
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 5

The Timesi
Shreveport, Louisiana
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nvt THE SHREVEPORT TIMES, SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1948 VOUK MORNING NEWSPAPER HONOR STUDENTS STROLLER GOES TO CUBA U. S. Plans to Send Guns, Tanks and Planes to Iran HACARTHUR TO YITHDRAV FIRE CHIEF'S OUSTERBILL TRIBUTE PAID JAN C. SMUTS BY CHURCHILL SHORTAGE OF OFFICE SPACE UNDER STUDY NOT TO COME TO U. S. NOW 5 (Continued From Fsss One) HIE asked STROLLER to thank the pupils for their thoughtfulness. i 'mi A Long Time-When the Class of '08 holds Its re-union In Baton Rouge during today's graduation at LSU, among the grads. will be Shreveporfs genial secretary-treasurer, TOM TANNER, who admits It's "been a long, long time," Other ehreveport members of that clsss are J. B. McOUIilE and ALEX SMITH. (Ceatiaas Frem Fss a Oa) by his duties as supreme allied commander in Japsn, the 67-year-old Washington, May 28 The United Etatea plans to send tsnks. fighter planes and guns to Xrsn so that the little country, a neighbor of the Soviet union, can maintain Its "security," a senste committee wss Informed todsy. D. Jernegan, chief of the state departments division ef Oreek Turkish-Iranian affairs, disclosed the plan. All the tsnks, fighter and eergs plsnes, guns and amunltlon and other military supplies earmarked for Iran are surplus, he said. Their original coat wss around, but the present depreciated total la closer to 836,000,000, he added. Arksnsss nstlve disclosed In his mes- I) ssge that he's homesick. fe iiss not been In the Untied atstea since 1037, But he added: "It would be peculiarly repugnant to me to have It felt that sought to capitalize to political advantage as msny have frankly urged, the public good will which might msnlfest It self. For such good will would find (Continued From Pass One) for study and tell them be wishes to. withdraw, the bill. The decision will be up to the commutes, but precedent indicates that the bill will probably be withdrawn and not submitted to a vote In the senate. The bill was Introduced orglnslly May 30. It made fireman retirement mandatory at the age of 60. The present law has been interpreted that retirement is not compulsory if the fireman is able to perform his assigned duties. The senate "bill brought an immediate flare-up In Shreveport earlier this week when It was learned that only three persons could qualify under civil service rules for the appointment as Kendrick's successor If he were forced to retire under the new bill. The three men are Capt. Foster McMichael, Raymond Oliver, and Capt. J. G. Mangham. The' two as-ristants to Chief Kendrtck, Jere Lewis and William J. Cook, had declined to take the civil service exam Its Inspiration (In the Faclfio war victory.) Mrs. PETE HESLEr Of 3221 Exposition avenue, wants STROLLER to help her find the owner of the small, female puppy, which fol lowed her little daughter home from school Friday. She said the dog Is -brown, and looks like she may be part cocker Spaniel Mrs. M. F. NEAL, 1621 Division, phone 0975. has a three months old male pup to give away. Mrs. RAYMOND WICKARD. 2401 Darien has a black cocker spaniel that she thinks might be some child's He's been at her home all yesterday. Her number Is 2-2697. "Usurpation of such good will by me to serve a political end would be (Centlnued From Pare One) development of mineral resources under state control. Smuts, prime minister for 14 years 4r0tn 1010 to 1634 and 1839 to 1048 wss defeated In a campaign fought mainly on ths color Issue. His United party snd labor allies won 71 seats In the final results, while the combined Nationalist-Afrikaner opposition added up 70, Jubilantly the Nationalist press called the overturn a "revolution." (The British press, surprised by the outcome, expressed fear of yet another loosening of the links of empire, but sought consolation in the fact the campaign had been fought mostly on domestic issues and expressed the hope Malan's ambitions to set up a "free had been put in cold storage. (The London Dally Mall said the election could have "serious repercussions" on Imperial defense plans, These plans, since the withdrawal from Palestine and weakening of the British hold in the Suez canal area of Egypt, call establishment of Britain's main rear base in East Such a base would depend largely on South Africa for support. (The resignation of Smuts caused South African gold and Industrial shares to fall on the London Stock shsmeful breach of tneir faith ALAN LAS8EIGNK (thst of Americans who took part 11 CUaa4 Tfm One) the S600.000 purchase that It Intended to occupy tli fifth through the eighth floors with additional of-firee oa some of the other floor. "We cannot wait Until a building 1a constructed." Bryant eatd yester-suy. "We arc going to have to find apac that ran converted Into suitable office. Bryant said the chamber plana to co-operate nth tha Shreveport Real Estate board In Its survey. Ha said that the committee believed that there is some second story space In tfovntovm Ehreveport that can be converted Into office space. Be asked property owners to cooperate with the chamber and to notify Leon Grosjeen. commercial manager st the chamber. If they have any usable apace. Wilkinson said he would came the members of the new "office space finding committee" within a day or two. We have had to turn away firms tieeirlns to locate In the city because ef insufficient office spsce. Bryant aid. Companies here seeking expansion have met the aame obstacle, he added. Texas Eastern announced Its purchase of City Bank building Wednesday, presently, it Is quartered at the building at Spring and Milam streets, which it had remodeled last year at av coat of S73.0OO. The firm said It planned to spend S30O.0OO in the eext few years to modernize the bank building. In the war) and a betrayal of the mutual trust on which was erected fM COMOITtOMlPyrAW AWOUNP the cornerstone to ths Pacific victory." MacArthur thus shsttered ths hopes of those who felt thst the drama of historical and public appearance on the eve of the OOP convention 14c-55c (Tax Inc.) Last Time Today might rally delegates to him as a Xnceedlng R. Henry Norweb. Robert Butler leaves the White House In Washington after taking oath of office as I. 8. ambassador to Cuba. (International) compromise esndldste If a deadlock developed In the' voting. SENATE VOTE SLATED SOON ON LA. TAXES fro tM If ST MUINfi NOVIl with fOUl Some Southerners, angry because of President Trumsn's civil rights stand. have even been casting glances at MacArthur as a possible choice on the Democratic ination in deference to the chief at the time the controversy first broke out In 1946 after the dismissal of Fire Chief Sloan They are therefore not eligible for appointment to succeed Kendrlck. Last summer an attempt to force Kendrlck to resign was made when five union firemen, all members of the nine-man board of trustees of The general's reply to congress was SOLONS SET JUNE 19TH FOR ADJOURNMENT Exchange where a market value of In line with his expressed attitude toward the Republican nomination. K1CHAKD I'LOWtKS (Continued From Pue One) considers them, probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Sam Caldwell of Shreve-nort. representing a group of inde $100,000,000 was wiped out.) Malan will fly to Pretoria, the cap! He said on March 0 he would run would not cam tal, this weekend to begin the task paign for the nomination. At this of taking over the government. Gem of Brevity Bus Bunny Cartoon paramount News pendent oil producers, complained to the house ways and means committee that not enough time had the fireman's pension and relief fund, asked that the board be called Into meeting to discuss Kendrlck 'i retirement. Upon the basis of Interpretations by the city attorney and Bishop Greco lo pcak to Senior 'Class of St. John's time he has 10 pledged vote on the first ballot. SOLON SAYS CsnliaavS Freas Vase On) reciprocal trade act that' expires June 12. In making known that ha would VESTEKN POWERS REACH AGREEMENT OX RUHR CONTROL like to return after the' convention. STARTING fUTNDAT Returned By Request' the state attorney general'a office, the jamo saiawct paaoeje sau; pmoa their numerical superiority, the live MacArthur apparently has changed The backlog also Includes a house- bis attitude that he would not come passed bill aimed at hamstringing The Rev. Charles P. Greco, D.D., firemen could have decided any Issue back until the Job In Japan Is done, the Communist party, and a proposal to extend terms of atomic commis bishop of the Alexandria diocese, will put to a vote. But If the committee Invited him deliver the principal addresa at the The mandatory retirement bill sion members until 1950. again, the general would have an opportunity to get acrosa personally been given the Industry berore the taxes were discussed there. Representatives of brewers, cafe and rastaurant owners, labor unions, filling station operators and motor freight companies were expected also to renew the fight they lost before the house. However, the senate already Is on record by a resolution adopted yesterday as favoring the Increases In the gas gathering and severance taxes which would produce nearly half the $80,000,000. Enough senators voted for the resolution to pass the tax. St. John's high scnooi commencement exercises to be held at 8 p.m mayor refused to call the session. By Roger Lee as well as Kendrlck. Public Tsft said senate and house leaders ill meet Tuesday to map the full bis ideas for the future in the orient Safety Commissioner Morris progrsm. today at the State Exhibit building. Alan' Laanelgne la valedictorian of nld earlier thli week that he did hot 6 Karicnt DIETRIC WAlMVKHillT Tsft Mid the senate will hold favor the bill and would ''have to KEFtftAL BY Mac A HI III the senior class, while Richard seven-hour dally sessions, and will Paris. May 28 Of. The United State. Great Britain. France and the Benelux countries have reached agreement on the hotly disputed lesue of on trot of the Ruhr, a foreign office spokesman said today. The spokesman said the re presents tires of the six powers who have conferred foe some weeks tn London on tn establishment of a western Germany regime probably win reach an zreeaent tonight on alt other points Vadrr dlscuwlon. He added that Herve Alphand. economic director of the French, foreign oltlc and ranking member of the sCt SCOTl Alton. 111.. May 28 P). Gen. Jon meet nest Wednesday night and pos be forced to retire Kendrlck." He said he did not believe in re tiring any person capable of per BROADCASTS SABOTAGED (Conllnaed rrom face One) New York, "but it amounted to only one-tenth of one per cent of our entire foreign program." snapped Chenowether, "and one drop of water can poison a whole well. Have you ever heard of that? It eeems to me this thing has the earmarks of deliberate sabotage." The house expenditures subcommittee headed by Chenowther Is the first to hold public hearings into a travelogue series broadcast by NBC lost winter for the state department. Separate inquiries have been launched by the White House and two senate committees. sibly on other nights the following athan Walnwrlght said today In an Interview that he had been of the week. opinion General MacArthur would Flowers is salutatorlan. Lassefgne and Flowers, who have maintained outstanding scholastic averages during their high school yean, will be presented apecial honor diplomas. Perfect attendance awards forming the duties to which he was not corn to tha United States tnia assigned, Also Bafff Puta" Cartoon Calgsry Paramount News Calhoun is also author of the sen The general, here to addresa the ate bill which will provide for a will be presented to Charles Glorloso pension fund for Shreveport police HAMMING' ROONEY IS DIVORCED men and their families and hike the NORTH CADDO BRIDGE WILL BE REQUESTED and Louis Mitchell. who have never missed or been tardy to any of their high school classes. French delegation, will return to Parts tonight and a Joint communi graduating class at Western Military academy on Monday, said Mac-Arthur's answer to his invitational cable waa "courteous and polite but did not say either yes or no. I retirement age from 20 to 25 years of service. The bill endorsed by que almost certainly will be published aome time tomorrow. Shreveport policemen. thought after I read It that he would TTse red nailpolish to brighten up not return to this country." red head fishing plugs. All Seats 14c-55e Last Times Today fCsstiaard Frsss rsse Oac) Wslnright said be offered to go to Japan and escort MacArthur to the United States, Prior to the presentation of diplomas, the Rev. Harold A. Gsudm, S.J., president and principal of St. John's, will make his report. Receiving diplomas will be: Douglas Aubln, Samuel Braud, Reginald Brlnkman, Jay Charles Butler, Frank Cueilar, Canlmo Uush. Msynard Cush, ntohard Flowers, Charles lor logo, Allen Jennings. Robert King, Alan more than $125,000. too. The Judge (Continued Frsm Psse One) Red river at Shreveport was eon ordered the actor to pay hit blonde BE THERE WAY 31st It also was disclosed at today's hearing that the state department itself is Investigating "quite extensively" to determine whether certain unnamed writers deliberately Iried to sabotage ths Voice of America programs. ex 1100.000 over the next 10 years. 3S.0OO for a home, snd SS.0O0 year to support the youngsters. HARRY'S FAMOUS BARBECUE TO TAKE HOME 1760 E. Texas, Bossier City OI'KN KVf ltY HAY ITS The divorce aeaalon was short, once Lasselsne. William Malarcher, Louis The house group, trying to fix re .4 Mrs. Rooney got the hang of It. FLAT13-CENT HOURLY TOE HIKE GRANTED sponsibility for the offending toroad- "lie told ma to go back to Als- Mitchell, Samuel Provenza, Charles Richard, Davt Voabury and Fred Walton, Jr. bsma with the rest of the hicks." It's Cool Air-Conditioned tail she ssid. "When I'd ask him to tske for Your Comfort! rasU, heard ona charge that nog "is to Hame for but a hih state department official said his agency was not trying to dodge all the me out he'd Just get msd and storm out of the house. He has a vicious Plus CARTOON KEWS RT I MrM A temper. Miss. Lawyer Hits Civil Rights Bills This ta tousled-haired Rooney'! second marital flop with a lady taller than he la. HI first wlf wss SHREVEPORT See It Crow. Day by Day statuesque Ava Gardner. She di (Cntina4 From Fst On the strikers lost 1900.000 a day and the company lost 8,000 cars and trucks a day during the tieup. The agreement Is subject to approval by" the UAW International Executive board and the rank and file of Chrysler workers. vorced nloi on the charge he was atructed in 1933 at a cost of 000. The bridge would give north Caddo and Eaat Texas traffic a direct route through Plain Dealing to Highway 00 leading to Mlnden, where It joins Highway BO, leadtnk to Arcadia, Rua. ton, Monroe and Vlcksburg. West bound traffic would have easy access to Jefferson and Marshall. Texas, on Highway 69, Ixngvlew and Oladewater on Highway 80, and Tyler nn Highway 31. Senator Boucher said negotiations are now underway to let a $640,000 paving contract for Highway 70 between Plain Dealing and Barents, which would provide-; an all-paved route leading to the proposed bridge. However, Senator Boucher eald. It would be almost two years before construction would begin on the bridge, if the governor and the highway department approves the project. A simple com pudding Is made by combining two beaten eggs With two cups of milk, one cup of soft bread crumb and one No. 2 can (24 cups) of cream-style corn plus a dash of salt and pepper. It 1 then baked In a moderate oven until firm, about Vt hours. This dish will serve four to six. "JUNGEE MAN" RTAItniNO BUSTER TIMim IluiMliiK ivnntti Building permits totaling $56,009.50 alwaya running home to mama. Mickey, 27. spotted Betty Jans, 31 Foot of New Traffic Bridge BOSSIER miiii were Issued yesterday by City Build In Elrmlnghsm when he was a buck ing Inspector Charles Leslie. Among Also "SON OF ROARINO WAX" The UAW called meetings of all private In the army. In one. week the more important ones were the With Johnny Mark Brown they were man and wife. following: Will Miller, at 2606 Ashton, a six- Phone S-061S 14C A.VS Open 10:45 room frame dwelling to cost $1,500. fipeaklnr of Animals. News This Is America H. C. Teacle, at 283 Pat ton, a Blx- Chrysler locals for Sundsy to vote on the propossl. About 1.700 employes In certain departments were granted an additional three to 10 cents an hour under the agreement. The settlement came a short time after Governor Kim Slgler made an unexpected appearance at the nego room dwelling to cost 9,500. University. May 28 W. Calvin Wells, addressing the 44th annual convention of the Mississippi State Bar. aald here today "all the horrors of Reconstruction will be re-enacted in full force If President Trumans civil rights progrsm becomes law." "If these Infamous bills pssBed." the Jackson lawyer declared, "the South will be subjected to a bureau, uncontrolled by the. courts, but with gestapo agents all through the South persecuting, imprisoning, fining, and humiliating the people of the South." He said proponents of these laws have made no attempt to amend the constitution in legal fashion, but Harvard Hooper, at 641 Ontario, an eight-room dwelling to cost $20,000. Ll "1 I SPECIAL LATE SHOW TONIGHT! Mrs. M. H. Prater, at 354 Albert, a -Last' Times Today six-room dwelling to cost $8,500. tiations. He stsyed with the conferees 14c-30c Always for about five minutes before returning to the state capital at Lansing. Property Transfers Among the more importRnt prop erty transfers recorded yesterday in Slgler had been Instrumental In getting the union and company offi STARTS XUlXU the office of Victor G. Simmons, clerk cials together after the strike began, of the court, were the following: Next time Boston brown bread is on the menu to be served with baked beans try slicing and toasting it instead of 8 teaming it. Wiliam T. Cherry, to Warren have "tried to enact such legislation even though previous decisions have held them unconstitutional." W. Norrls. lot 39 of the Pinehurst subdivision with buildings and Improve The settlement came after hours of rumors that the principals were only a fraction apart In their drive for an end to the tleup of the big auto company. Negotiations had been underway dally since Wednesday. ments, for $7,500. He attacked In detail the anti- NATIVE OF LOUISIANA RETURNS FOR PERSONAL APPEARANCE TOUR Lash LaRue, famous P.R.C. cowboy star, and his wife, the former Miss Alace -Wilkson of Shreveport, will he here Tuesday, June; 1st, when Lash LaRue' will make a personal appearance at the Joy Theatre. Lash LaRue requests anyone having any old French Gumbo recipes, please mail them to LASH LA RUE HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA James 6. Pate to Preston Fergus, a poition of lot plot 52 of Broad poll tax bill, the antl-lynch bill and the fair employment practicea bill Included in the civil rlghta program moor subdivision, unit one, front Featuretes Color C'artoon "YOC'RB AN KDCCATIOX" Herlal "HOP HARRHiAV NO. LATEST I'ATHE NEWS ing cn Ardmore avenue, with build A nutritious menu for a take-along luncU is one of pesnut butter and as "unconstitutional and contradictory to the customs of the South." OPKN P.M. 14C-26C cheese sandwiches, raw carrot strips, an orange, cooxles and milk. ings and lmprvements, for 919.ZMJ. William B. Baker to Wallace R. Collins, lot two of Shady Oaks annex, unit one. with buildings and im Negro You lli Seriously TOHAT ONLY "Alias, Billy The Kid" With Sunnet Carson Last Calipter "Jesse James Rides Agalir' Chapter 1: "The Black Widow provements, for $9,438.43. Hurt While Swimming John Ruben Hollcer to Eugene a. Boddie, portions, of lots and plot 123 of Brodamoor subdivision, A 16-year-old negro boy was In Charity hospital last night after he 14c-3Uc AI.VAh P.M. TOUAV ONLV J. Kirk wood E. Knot Talooka Fighting Mad' Krlal Adventure dived Into a swimming hole and struck his head on a concrete block THE NEW LAKE CLIFF NIGHT CLUB Now under the Management of C. "Llshtbread" ATKINS Invites to DANCE NIGHTLY To the Music of JACK LANE. His Trumpet and Orchestra unit one, for $3,250. Prank M. Taylor to Ralph Brandon, lot 24 and west half of lot 23, block eight of South Highlands subdivision with buildings and improvements, for $17,000. about 2:30 p. m. yesterday. The boy, Benny Parker, of 1663 Clay street, was described as being 3 M-G-M's FUNNIEST tt.t. BUTCH HUME UN i JENKINS-CRONYN-MERKEL Plus: I'asslnc Parade I Latest World News fc last day In "fair" condition last night and suf ferine from a dislocated cervical HC-25C ALWAYS 10 A.HL DOIBI.E FEATIRE TRACV MEETS 45RlOME Saga of Smashing Fist ana Matches Hack From Antarctic vertebra. He was completely para lyzed last night. Clashing Hearts I aashingHe "fIX (U MAN Serial "KEEP HAPPY" Sun. "Christmas Eve" The accident occurred when the negro went swimming with two other Long Beach, (IP). Forty-year negro boya in a "swimming hole old matches, perfectly preserved and about 300 yards from the Ingersoll DOC'S BYDA MELON GARDEN school, at 1900 Ash ton street, Police Officers Drew C. Flnnelle 14c-25c ALWAYS 10 A.M. and John Vann investigated the ac cident. DOtBI.K FEATIRE MAX OK CONQCEST "APACHE ROSE 'loWl ISoORj iggf 'J Sf3338w Extends I -JTV rnrd'al M- yui-jBS vitstlon to you and you Tj: an yn Fine Food Mixed Drinks jj jr 1300 Blk. Barksdole Blvd. Jj Jkw vbaw e9essW eHeW LRje WAIF 1 4 E3 Dltk Tracy Returns No. Ctl.glsf I Today Thru Mon. VgJ I 0)fn TahwIaiiiahiI I AnWA W7M mm MM I QIIIGWUUU LUUHD ua still useable, were brought here from Anarctlca by the crew of the Icebreaker TJ. S. S. Burton Island. The matches wer left In the frozen wastes by the Shackelton expedition. Crewmen of the Burton Island found them while rescuing the Finn Ronne expedition of Beaumont, Texas. The Bonne expedition, sponsored by the American Antarctica society, had become Ice-bound In a former navy net tender In Margaret bay. The Burton Island broke a path to open water through seven miles of solid Ice 25 feet thick in places. When cream Is to be whipped for a dessert topping allow 2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar and to 1 teaspoon of vanilla for one cup of cream. Margaret ieor)te O'Brien Murphy 41 10th Avenue I'lus Color Cartoon News tl with ttAIRB OtBNN "For Discriminating GueMts" 4 4 Miles West V. 8. 80 Shreveport, La. PHONE S-2693 1 For Reservations WII1IAU 14C-22C ALWAYS 1:00 P.M. COMFORTABLY COOL TODAY ONLY HQLDEN TREVOR' FORD 14c Donald Harry, Dale Evans II Open 1:00 Last lav teiMeeeeenttetifie tearee Bancroft tdgar Buchanan nrGli llERKKRT COMEDV LATEST. NEWS "Slippy McCee" Zathary ittanna Louis Scott Lvnn Ilayward STARTS SUNDAY CROSS LAKE INN fffsYrYrWT2c71 II Hi One of the South's Finer Eating Places she leading 4 rfnuhla ml Plus Cartoon News. "BYDA" SLICE HALF WHOLE We Think We Have the Most Sanitary Facilities in Town! NEXT DOOR "BYDA" fflfl'BKET PDOU'OCE 2015 MARKET ST. PHONES 6252 3-7500 WHOLESALE INQUIRIES INVITED Open COMPLETE ELECTRIC SERVICE-CALL Davis-Pons Electric Co. 2035 Texas Ave. Phone 14o SSe Today Onlv 1 :00 nfe? -( ALtOVf YEARS OF AGE 35 J- COLUMBIA riCTUDEl prtit.ll Tonight Only Roy Rogers In "DON'T FENCE ME IN" alo MiiNlral Sport Cartoon AI lAltue "furry" St. John PIONEER JUSTICE" Second Feature Chill tVllllams "GAS HOI SE KIDS GO WEST" Thrilling Chapt. "The Vigilante" 4 Til ItC IL0CN4TOI0VttS MAI MICC WISHES TO ANNOUNCE THAT It Is now offering for your eating, pleasure CREOLE DISHES and SEAFOOD SPECIALTIES that have made New Orleans cuisine world-famous, prepared by W. DeVerges, formerly chef of New Orleans Country Club and one of the better known chefs of that city. It will continue to serve (he same delicious "CROSS LAKE CATFISH and QIEEN OF DEQI EEN" Chicken Winners, and S. CHOICE STEAKS. CROSS LAKE INN Is located on the grniiiids of the TRI-STATK BOAT CIA Cross Lake Road (continuation of Smith Lakesliore Wrlve), Cross TELEPHONE 3-4734 for RESERVATIONS MnTsuTS4riAB qocp; 0 Fast, Fr SOMITTCD FREC ree Delivery Prescriptions Drugs, Liquor. 11 Dossier city Last Dv Tobacco GREEN WALLS DRUO Starts Sunday "Variety Girl" 9 vim Jams Cartel Adele Jergens Glendt Farrell 1 Steven Geray Tom Powers Edward Robinson "THE BEA- WOtr" Plus Color Cartoon r-v PHONE 6111 V-

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