Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on April 26, 1904 · Page 7
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 7

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1904
Page 7
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ROCEEOINGS OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Supervisor*! Office, April 4, 1904. The board of supervisors met In igular seslion pursuant to law. Members present, Llnlnger, HanUe, itllch, Maloney and Hunter. MInates of last meeting were read id approved. Whereas, the time bavlag arrived r the payment of $40,000 of the jurt House bonds as per contract ild by Denniaon Pryor and company. Therefore, be It resolved by the jard of Supervisors of Johnson coun- , Iowa, that the county auditor be id he Is hereby Instructed to draw a arrant on the Court House fund in e sum o $40,M* lor the payment ot Id bonds. Hie official bonds of the following nans were approved for assessor Iowa City, P. R, Spevacek for dep- jr assesors of Iowa city: Albert Hem- sr, Eugene Cherry and K. A. Bal rd. Auditor's report of school loans *de and school mortgages cancelled is examined and approved. OB motion adjourned to 1:30 p. m. 1:30 p. m. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present. Petition of John J. Bngiert, asking e mulct tax be remitted on bis prop- ty, lot No. 3, block 59, Iowa City. va, for the tost quarter, during the ne he was not engaged in the sale intoxicant liquor- On motion the ayer of the petitioner was granted. Also being duly advised by the city sfc that $29.70 was due Iowa City, was moved and seconded that the ·Bty auditor be Instructed to ac- pt the same In fall settlement ainst John 3- Engtert and his prop- 7, lot 3, block 59, Iowa City. Carid. Quarterly report of D. S. Barber, ittce of the peace of Iowa City town- Ip, was examined and approved. Quarterly report of 1*. A. Allen, ereeer of the poor of Iowa City, was unined and approved. Quarterly report of Jas. Havlik, mty recorder, was approved. Quarterly report of Ed. Koser, cterk the court, of tees collected as fol- 19, was examined and approved. abate fees, $202.75. District Court. s, *2G9.C1. Marriage fees, 9G50. porter fees, $59.50. Jury fees, $30. erUTs fees, $59.30. Total. $715.16. Auditor's finniicirvl report of receipts 3 disbursements lor 1003 was ex- inocl and approved. leport o£ the Lridgs commute fur i year of 1803 was approved. innwal report o£ Joan. McLanghlin justice of Els Grove township, was iroved. 'etition oC Frank Scanlon, asking to appointed as justice of the peace of iar Creek township, was granted. 'etitlon of Anton Linder, praying be appointed justice of the peace East Lucas township, wae granted. »etltton of Ohl and Son, asking the laity be remitted on personal tax the year of 1902 was grauttu. leport of the bridge committee for essment on 53 1-3 feet on Lucas eet Iowa City, be reduced from 0 to f 575 was, on motion, rejected. )n motion adjourned to 8:30 tomor- ; morning. lupervlxors' Office, April 5, 1901. :SO o'clock a. uu loard met pursuant to adjournment. [embers all present. Ilnutes of last meeting were read 1 approved. 'he following resolution was pted: ^solution of Board of Supervisors Johnson County, Iowa; Regular slon, this fifth day of April, 1904. Correct Title to: -- Ixty (60) feet oft of north side of one (l) In block five (5), County t addition, to Iowa City, Iowa. 'hat, whereas, The plat dated No- iber 9, 1841, and recorded May 16, Z, In Book I, page 253, of Records Johnson County, Iowa, of plat of mty Seat addition to Iowa City, a, shows no conveyance of said ve described property to C. H. Ber- Ul, from the then county, or county imlssbmen, or plat of comity seat imisstonei* addition to Iowa City, a, to said C. R. BenrjhtlL as it ·M to Make » correct chain of U- whlch deed of conveyance or in- intent, If ever made, has been lost, attald, and cannot be procured or *«. htNfare, he tt resolved. That the bourn of Jh« Board of Supervisors mstfttcted «»d empowered to sign q«tt claim deed, hereto attached to reaohtttott, M Kthlbtt "A," which C to to eonvty *· right* R may e or had at the time afttresaM m MM X H. Bwiyhffl porchased I property from the canty of by or HTM «MBty»f«t Th« followtai twMUUoa vw adopt ·4: Resolved, That the county attorney be Instructed to compromise the claim of -the county against Mary McCaad less for her support while In hosplta for the Insane for $590.00; and the county attorney authorized to dismiss the case upon the payment of the said 9590.00. Also: Resolved, That the county attorney collect the fultamount due from the Herbert Sangster estate for his support while maintained by said Johnson county during his disability. Adopted. Petition of Mary Mills Patrick asking a certain mortgage of $552.00 be stricken from the tax, she not being a resident of this county. On motion the petition was granted. Petition of Dr. R. B, Moore praying bis tax be remitted on account of an erroneous assessment in Oxford city. On motion the prayer was granted. Petition of Anna Fefhnan, of West Lucas townsbop, asking her tax be remitted. On motion, she was granted $800.00, soldier's exemption. Petition of Albert Stonoshek, David Boarts and C. B- Klmball and a certift cato from the assessor stating they were each assessed with a dog which they claim is erroneous. On motion the tax was remitted or refunded as the case may be. On motion, adjourned to 1:30 p. m. 1:30 p. m. Board met pursuant to adjournment Members all present. Auditor's reports of fees collected during the quarter ending March $1, 1904, was examined and approved fees as follows: Transfer fees, $65.50. Sundrys, SOc. Redemption fees, $2.50. Total, $7S.50. Petition of Chas, D. Alt and others, asking a county bridge be erected on a highway known as the Owens road, about H mne north of Chas. D. Alt's, was on motion referred to the bridge committee. Petition of John Doerres and others, praying for three county bridges north east of Lone Tree, was on motion referred to the bridge committee. Spending the remainder of the day allowing claims against the county fund, on motion adjourned to 8:30 o'clock tomorrow morning. ben, t» DttM L Goodwin. at jgij«rty. ________ fcf Supervisor's Office, April 0, 1904. S:30 o'clock a, m. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present Miniates of tost meeting -were reafi and approved. On motion the county attorney was authorized and instructed to dismiss the claim against Frank Mattoush for his support while in the insane hospital, on rendition ho settles the claim against Josephine Matiousli, his wife. Petition of Georgo W. Swords, trustee of the Eby estate, asking the taxes lie remitted on account of charity, was on motion, granted. 40x150 feet In 0. L. No. 2, Iowa City. Spending the remainder of the forenoon allowing bills against the county fund, on motion, adjourned to 1:30 p. m. 1:30 P. m. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present On motion, John W. Jayne was granted the $80U soldier's exemption as per request oi ;he said John W. Jayne. Petition of James E. Green asking for the soldiers' exemption of $800 was on motion granted. Petition of A. E. Underwood of Lone Tree asking the 9800 soldier's exemption, was on motion, granted. Petition from a body of citizens and tax payers from the northern part of the county praying a bridge be erect de across the Iowa river at a point known as Scales Bend, or Mose Mann's crossing. On motion the petition was unanimously granted, the vote being five in favor of the petition and nothing against it Official bond of Frank E. Spevaeek, assessor elect of lows City, was approved. Petition of Joseph Bettag, asking the mulct tax assessed against him be remitted during the time be was not engaged in the liquor business in quarter ending March 31,1904. On motion, the petition was granted. Spending the remainder of the afternoon allowing claims against the Poor and Poor Farm fmnds, on motion adjourned to 8:30 tomorrow morning. Supervisors Offle*, April 7, MO*. 8:30 o'clock a- m. Board met parsuant to adjournment Members all present Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. After aUowte* nomerov dates against the bridge fond, o notion adjourned to 3:*» o'clock p, m, and la the meanttet visit the Poor Farm. :M o'«t«6k », m. Board met pvmvaat to Members nil present Petition of 8nm Lhttener ar. l for * eenaty bridg* Bear FmaV Jin*, hi Miiiioi towMhlp, was on motto*, to the bridge committee, of tM nit- tloo, adjourned to 8:W o'clock tomorrow morning. Supervisors Office, April 8, 1904. 8:30 o'clock a. m. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Petition of C. F. Burnes and ot tiers, asking a county bridge be erected on the township line between Oxford and Hardln township, H uille west of the Tbos. Morrlsey corner. On motion, it was referred to the bridge committee. Spending the remainder of the forenoon session allowing court and criminal bills, on motion adjourned to 1:30 p. m. 1:30 o'clock, p. m. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present. Petition of Arthur J. Cox, asking a reduction of 20 per cent on the actual assessed valuation of his form In Oxford township, described as follows: tots 2 and 5, section 23; lots 3, $ and C end SE»i of section 3C-S1-S. OB motion, the prayer was rejected. Petition of Glen McCrory and others, asking a county bridge be erect* ed across Ralston Creek between the Swtsher farm and Bast Iowa City, was on motion, referred to the bridge corn- Spending the remainder of the day's session allowing court and criminal bills and transacting other business, on motion, adjourned to 8:30 tomorrow morning. Bl« Qrovij thm SO-ft brtdgM.... GO Blf Grove, two 16-ft brldfei 32 Big Drove, oue 20-ft. bridge. EC Cedar, one IC-ft bridge 10 Cedar, one 20-ft. bridge "0 Monroe, two 30-It. bridges ........ CO Monrw, three 20-ft. bridges 00 Momw, two 32-ft. bridges G4 Muiit'oo. one 40-ft. bridge M Oxford, ono 40-ft. bridge 40 Oxford, one 20-ft. bridge 20 Chairman Ohl Submits Report on Btwiness of 1MS Fifed at the April Session. Auditor's Office, Jan. 1st, 1904. To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Johnson County, Iowa: Gentlemen: In accordance with the usual custom I hereby submit my annual report of receipts and disbursements in the bridge fund during the preceding year, together vtlib a list of bridges built during the year 1903, and the average cost per foot for Mil Id ing same. The price is somewhat higher than previous years, but can be acoount- «3 for by tie fact that tbe coet oC al! jrldge iiijiterlal has advanced as has also the wages paid for labor. Tlis bridges in the county arc. with very lew exceptions, jn first class shapo, and I think all will agrees that the present system of tli« coir.ity )ui]dJug its own bridges lias proven cry satisfactory. Respectfully submitted, A. R. OHL, Cuali'man Uridge Committee 1003. Receipts. Bal on hand Jan 1, 1003 $12,98$ 09 Rec'cl from Co Treas collections 20,267 98 Cloar Crook, ono £0-ft. bridge .... 20 Vnkm. ono SO-Cc. bridge 20 Washington, one iti-ft, brhige Siuu'oii. two 20-i'l. brlJgo 20 West l.uctis, three 10-ft, bridge* ... 48 \\'t"-t 1,110:1$, threo 20-ft. bridges.. 00 \Vost l.ucas. ui(3 2C-rt. bridge 20 \Vvst J-ucas, one 30-rt. bridge 30 Graham, two 20-ft. bridges 40 Gral'iim. two ltl-ft. briiliit?s 32 Scott, one 3(i-ft bridge 30 Scott, one -C-ft. bridge 2C Scent, one IC-ft. bridge 10 Scott, one 40-ft. bridge JO Fremont, three 30-ft. bridges 90 Fremont, two 20-ft. bridges 40 Fremont, two IC-ft. bridges S2 Lincoln, one 20-ft. bridge 20 Lincoln, one 3t-ft. bridge SO Lincoln, two ItrfC bridges Si liberty, three M-ft. bridges 4S Liberty, one 20-ft bridge 20 Liberty, one M-ft. bridge 26 Making a total of 1.230 feet of new bridges built by county in 1903. Tottl amount expended on bridges IB 1903 was $20391.4$. Taking from this amount the following: Cost Hanging Rock bridge..f 1£9S C7 Cost Ryerson bridge, con* tract 10,31107 Cost approaches to Ryerson bridge ., 73*82 Cost repairs on old bridges 3,936 5S Cost freight 1,903 00 Cost committee work 3C6 S3 Cost lumber and material on hand 1,74253 Cost delivering lumber to bridges not erected 35 00 Net expenditure for new- work 5,95743 Dividing this amount by 1430; the number of feet built in 1903, gives £2 as the average cost per foot for building our bridges for said rear. LIST OF CLAIMS, Poor and Poor Farm. April Session, 1904. care oE Hec'd from Stevens, Del. ... Rec'd from Jno T. Jones, lumber ................. Rec'd from Geo Hunter, lumber :.± .................. Rec'd from M. B.LIninger, lumber ................. Rec'd from Jas. Pitllclc, lumber ................. Hec'd from A, R. Ohl, lumber Rec'd from G. W. Schmidt, Iron .................... Rec'd from refund account Sims .., ................ Total . . ................. ?33,6G5 90 Expenditures. Paid freight on lumber. ,..$ 1,905 OC Paid board for bridge men 570 87 Paid lumber .............. 6,3G8 37 Paid labor ..... .. .......... 3,349 78 732 03 1 47 31 55 382 79 222 18 0 CO 20 00 532 00 Paid committee work ..... Paid telegrams ........... Paid paint and Oil ........ Paid general repairs ...... Paid hardware ............ Paid blacksmftblng ...... .. Paid damage ............. Paid hauling .............. Paid painting ............. Paid grading ..... ... ....... Paid G. W. Schmidt, iron work ................... Paid stone ............... Paid coal ........ i ........ Paid livery ................ Paid sundry expenses county attorney ............. Paid bridge report ......... PaM light on river bridge.. Paid iron tor Hanging Rock bridge ..... ............... 99348 Paid engineer and sundry expenses ................ Paid Eyeraon bridge ...... Paid wttneas fees ......... Paid medical examination Fackler ....... .... ........ Paid legal advice ........ ., PaM retorts .............. M hand Jan. I, *04 F. A, WcEtonlmvor. ])uur ! Lvw h CSrlimii. irrowi-les for poor , Fred Kopp, groceries for poor CIiiiH. P. Loo, care and sundry tx]»ensu J. II. Clark.. Wn). L'.iln, c'iro uml ftundrj' .'\|uiise ijoor Harris Ettabrook, groceries for poor Goo. D. Bartli Co., groceries for poor J. L. Wilkinson, groceries for Door Mrs. Sours, rent, etc., for poor C. Barrow, groceries for poor C. R, I. P. R'y, transportation for poor G rover Fountain, wood for poor J. Peters, groceries for poor. Wm. Pohler, groceries for poor Heck Etnmons, groceries for poor ,..,.,,_.. J. J. Englert Son, wood for poor 1CT 50 Stnible Larson, groceries for poor Ph. Katzenmeyer, flour and meal for poor The Pair Store, groceries for poor .-i M. J. McLaughlln, groceries for poor L. A. Allln, salary overseer poor, Jan. 1 to April 1, 04.. H. A. Sporleder, groceries for poor S. U. I. hospital, care sundry poor C. Sueppel, groceries for 91»| poor.... 2500 185 05 6 70 10 47 3 00 C 60 110 01 77 10 15 00 7 73 23 DS 25 OC G 00 45 G 00 9 CO 8 00 0 00 11 2: 10 00 4 00 21 00 10 50 20 00 33 25 12 35 12 00 70 25 18 00 42 22 W. J. Duttkel, groceries Poor Farm · Heury Louis, drugs Poor Farm ,. Srhiu'iricr Bros., furniture Poor Farm John Gilpin, oil at Poor Farm W. J, Welch) supplies Poor Farm W. -Maiilii, feed of teams Poor FiU'lii John Ni'UKll. corn Poor If. A. SI rub Co., dry goods Poor Pfii'iii Win. llnuMi. corn poor farm John Ijitlduln, threshing tit Puor Farm Fox HutcHimson Lnlto, lumber ;it Poor Farm .' Wm. Hrattcft, corn nt Poor Farm Albert C. Onkos. taking pauper to I'oor Farm Chas. P. Huohner, flour and meal Poor Farm D. \V. Abbott, ilonr and meal Poor Rwm Ph. Kntwttmeyer. Ikmr and nwal Poor Farm C. Vcticr. dry s^ooOs Poor Farm J. L. Wilkinson, groceries Poor Farm C. Sueppel. groceries Poor Farm JIcGovcm Biscltoff, cloth- Ing Poor Farm 3. D. Murphy, livery to Poor Farm j D. Goodwin, blacksmltbing Poor Farm C. Barrow, groceries at Poor Farm '. J, Stttmmet, blacksmithiog Poor Form Ceo. D. Barth Co, groceries poor Farm H. A. Suorteder, groceries Poor Farm W. J. Welch, supplies Poor Farm M. J. Mclaughlin, groceries Poor Farm A Bloom ft llayer, clothing Poor Farm fJclity Thomas, hardware Poor Farm A. J. Youukin, groceries Poor Farm Coo. Knrz, plum Mug Poor Farm Wm. Politer, groceries Poor Farm Sundry persons, labor Poor Fann ttllnnil Chemical Co- «tisin- fi*cla«l Pflw Farm dry 76 251 Hirt Bros., groceries for poor E. J. Robinaon, dry goods for 00000 7S SO 100 2 90 3 $0 $00 36 25 192 83 07 28 40 8000 U5 M W 4* 7,W4 4t Total 8SMWM Th* foHowtac to * Ust rt bridge* bom to thtvartow tovMhif* dtutac IM9: ffatt. $7 Of 2 00 27 00 75 68 00 7 57 1000 *00 4 25 ISO 3 00 «0* Untventtr hospital, care of poor » W Thorn, Brennan, fttmitni aad noNcgr 1M ft Braet Moor*, haHwmre Poor 11 ·» poor Iowa county, support for poor M. O'Reilly, meals for poor.. Wm. Marsha)!, coal for poor C R. I. ft P. ft*y, transportation for poor D. W. Green, groceries for poor a J. S. Peters, groceries for poor R J. Robinson, dry goods for poor W. P. Bradley, groceries for poor , B. If. Brown, wood for poor.. Geo. A. Bseney, groceries tor IXft. 1 75 Urns., Farm A. Jl. Orwr, siippllL'H Poor Farm Sniulry ni'i-Boii!!, appraising stock Poor Farm Jos, Jfol'ib, groceries I'IKIV Farm M. 11. Coclinui, llnwaro, ate., Poor Fnrm Oeo. P, Site-idol, clotliins Poor Farm J. J. Stacl), slioDB Poor Farm Frank NuuxLI, groceries Poor Farm Albert Foley, butcberlog at Poor Farm , Minnesota Disinfecting Co., disinfectant at Poor Farm. E. J. Robinson, dry goods Poor Farm John Miller, ice at Poor Farm Virgil Hartsock, stove Poor Farm G. ft. Halt Son, bull Poor Farm Ritmmelliart Bros., groceries Poor Farm Foster Llndsley, coal, Poor Farm Rummelbart Eros., groceries for poor J. A. Springmlre Co., groc- ccrlcs for poor Wm. G. Rupport, moat for poor Hamilton Bros., groceries for poor Mercy Hospital, board and care for poor Mrs. F. Kmiint, groceries for poor C. L. SSager, Hour, etc., for Poor Farm Jos. Holub, groceries for poor F. J. Cochran, premium on Insurance policy James Griffin, taking pauper to Poor Farm Jas. \V. Dvorsky, insurance policies Poor Farm Chas. H. Dayton, Insurance policies Poor Fann Lemuel Hunter, wood for poor C. Smith, blacksmiUUttg Poor Farm D. C. Abrams, shoes for poor verich £ Williams, groceries for poor Lute Potter, groceries for poor Lute * Potter, bouse rent poor F. H. Kirchner, coal lor poor If. F. Sfanitz, groceries for poor Koser * Zefler, disc barrow Poor ram Shrader Dmc Co, stock food PoorFam 8. A, Swtaher, Foot Pam 12 70 9 70 24 50 8 60 2 33 1 50 C1 2G 21 02 203 20 18 00 07 07 G3 14 S 00 41 50 13 10 57 $5 10 40 42 9$ 23 7S 15 09 4 00 905 2C 85 1 SO 17 09 1* 15 2 54 22 97 11 W 18 25 17 95 3 00 24 30 315 00 ISM 23 ](J 1 45 0 20 4G 3S Overwork Weakens Vour Kidney** Kidneys Make Impure All the blood In your body passes throuChjl your kidneys once every three minutw, The kidneys are yttfi blood purifiers, they fit* ter out the wtste op, impurlll« in th* Wood, 1 If they are sick or of order, they fall to their work, · Pains, aches and rhsu-' matism come from ei«l cess of uric acid In th» blood, due to neglected 1 kidney trouble. 1 KWnoy trouble causes quick or unsteady!' heart beats, and makes one fee! as though! they had heart trouble, because the heart overworking in pumping thick, kidMy. poisoned bleed throueh veins and arteries. It used to bo considered that only urinary troubles wenMo b« ttaced to the kidneyt, bufAw nvcdunt selcnct proves that tMartfi all constituitonal diseases have their begun ntng in kidney Iroubte. | If ydu are sicfc you can malm no by first doctoring: your kidneys. The mod, and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer'*; Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy aoon r«^lt;cd- It sUnds the highest for wonderful cures of the most distreMingcaaea! and is sold on its merits by all drufjgbls in fifty- cent and one-dottar sues. You may have a sample bottle by mail _ free, abo pamphlet teUing you kow to Out if you have kidney or bladder trouUaif Mention ihto paper **e» wrtttng Dr."" · Gi^Blactamto^ N.Y. DmVt nutk* anr mtetake bmt fear the name, Swwap Root; Or. iMr*a Swaup Root, and the Bmthn»ptm, N. T^ OB erery bottle. CALL AMD SCC. Trank Tanner* mew stock 01 M^- rlev, buggies, apriBg, farm Mad font wagons-, plows, barrows, discs, cmttt^ Tators, ·eeders also Mmethlnc new. and improved In gang and smlk); plows, conplnntors, all kinds of far* den plows at lowest price*. Have best and latest Improved cream aof* erators, aho large line of plow and! planter and other extras- He has the agency for the Interm- Oonal Harvester Co. goods. agent for MeComtck ft Binders, mowers, rakea and tools. He will be glad to Mnpr/ yon frOBf the largest and nwst complete etocH of Intsc? and wagon *«ras such asa tops, cushions, backs wheela, axles, skalts and poles bndcn Alt kinds ot baggy end wagon repair work, painting and trimming; You are Invited to call and see stock before you buy. 20 00 4 GO 12 8F 22 25 13 50 6 25 12 12 6 00 27 GO GO 00 30 77 283 05 14 00 42 25 ] 00 33 33 184 00 7 50 Id 95 11 00 54 00 500 108 09 54 00 10 69 $ 20 5 50 4 50 55 57 18*7 10 47 not 26 M » M MaVes a Clean Sweep* nothing lilio doing a thing thoroughly. 01! all tie Salves you over liuaril or, Biicklcn's Arnica Salvo is the best. It swoops away; and euros Duma, Soros, Bruises, Culs, Boils, Ulcers, Skin ISruptloEB and Piles. It's only 25c, anil guaranteed to give satisfaction by W, J3. Slirndcr, J. H. Wlietatono, Druggfeta. A TOUR OF CALIFORNIA AND CANADIAN NATIONAL PARK. Leaving Dea Molnoe April 30th tte lown Tourist Association will have tt special car party for tour of Calltor- nJa, return ing over the Canadian Pa* clfic, througli the finest scenery on tha American continent Tour will be per* sonally conducted by Mr. J. B. Vatt Wfnhlo, manager, and ticket will cover all expense for a thirty days' trip-. Accommodations left for a tew, and those desiring tnle delightful trip through the west should apply or.n» orvatlons early, See, or write Iow« Tourist Association, 609 Crocker Bld Dee Molnes, Iowa, or, Jno, Q. Faimtr, D. P. A., Hock Island System, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 4-3*. A ThouMnd Dollars' Worth of Qood* "I have been afflicted with kldn«n and bladder trouble for years, paa* ing gravel and stones with excruclat* Ing pain," saya A. H. Thuraes, well known cool operator of Buffalo, I- "I got no relief from medlclnfe until I began taking Foley*s Kidney, Cure, then the result was eurprialng* A few dies started the brick-dust- like substance and now I have no pain across my kidneys and I fMl like a new man. It lias done m« $1000 worth, of good." Poley's Kidney Cure will cure every form of kidney and bladder disease. Henry; Louis and W. W. Morrison. AUCTION SALE WedM«day t April 27. 1904, at 2 P. The coUage at CM Court street. corner o( Johnson. This house ha* five rooms and a summer kitchen, sewer and water, good cistern and cellar, lot 40 by JOO feet The best interest paying investment In Iowa City is a small house in good location, close to the business part of town. w. p. WATKINS. T. S. MARSHALL* Pirating Pol*/* Htwey and Tan Fotey * Co, Chl««go, Hooer atM Tar «a » throat «ad remedy, and on «ceo«Bt of ertt anA popotaittr «( Hovey «W Tar mnny are effeni ipr th* Honey «»d Tar My

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