The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, W-l' Victory Plans At Little Rock All Retail Merchants ti Will Halt Business ^ • For Celebration UTTLE ROCK, Aug. 8 (U.P.)- LHtle Rock merchants arc preparing for the fnll of Hitler. The Chamber of Commerce 1ms already prepared plans for V-Day In Little Hock, and instructions have been sent, to all retail merchants. Chamber Secretary Scott Hamilton says that if Hie aniioimcfiupiit of peace comes before two in uii> afternoon, Die .stores ivill be cleared of customers. No new customers wi)!-be admitted, nitd those in the store will be asked to complete their purchases mm leave immediately. Window shades will be drawn and signs posted on the doors explaining the action. Passenger elevators will 'he restricted to down use only, and the elevators will cease operates 'is soon as the upper floors r.rc cleared Use- of telephones will be restricted After ,the store Is cleared valuable window displays wilt uc taken inside and counters- will be covered And then the employes will he dismissed to join tli<? celebration If the notification comes after I wo in tlie afternoon, or at night Sunday; or on a holiday, the store wi(l not open Hie next day Th-» windows will be covered, displays removed: and signs placed on the doors. Hamilton says the plans are for (ho stores as precautionary measures. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NBWs What To Do About Germany B*»d Courier ixe^i »„„» He's Head Lion HV THOMAS M. JOHNSON NKA Military Writer WASHINGTON. — News from Germany has greatly speeded planning for her [uture by several government, agencies here whlal) see n chance of nn earlier collapse than had been reported— although that was less early than many Americans have believed. Allied military experts nre virtually agreed that if we want a peace worth (lie paper it is written c", Hie fiist clause must disarm Germany completely and utterly. Thai is n hitherto nnpublicivred reason for tlie attempting revolt of some Sermau generals still un- loiietel by tlie Nazi madness. They have means of knowing what the distinguished professional soldiers of Britain, Hussia and this country decided after studying the problem of peace In Europe from a practical aspect unllngcd by sentimentality . These Reichswohr L'hlefs want to cut Germany's losses, play safe, and get her out of a bad business with at least » shirt. 13ut Hitler wants n desperate last stand, a (jamble that the Allies will lire of blood-letting anil case off, But once again, (.lie Corporal of Bei'chtcsgaclo is befooling his country. For (lie fact is dial the longer he ' lights, the belter the chance Germany will lose lier shirt. Tntlrert, if some ireople like the I Poles, the Belgians, the Czechs and the French hart their way,-Germany would be flayet! alive. The longer Hitler fights, tlie stlffcr his peace terms will be. Already they are likely tp be very stiff. NOBODY WANTS THE. G Kit MANS . Representatives here of Poland, France, Holland anil other victimized countries will want some of what is now German soil but no Germans. They will make strong argument, Jn logic nnil justice. 'lhat would mean large Interchanges of 'population, it would ring Germany with nations all strengthened by addition of soil to which some have excellent claims, -some not, mid by more homogeneous populations. Germans and Poles, for instance, would be Interchanged as they should have been and were not, after iflis. The Turks and Greeks Imve shown how this Is practicable and makes bad neighbors good CUES, More Germans would be crammed Into less space—the Czechs want the Stulelcnland but without lire Sudeten Germans who now inhabit it. Few nations arc likely to welcome Germans as Immigrants. But belief grows that tlie Gorman.? will still be able to make » good living if they try. For Instance, converting some of their enormous and unproductive state-owned forests to farmland and by tilling their soil so well Hint it produces as inucli as does Holland's \tjitch Is only 7Q per cent as good tmt nevertheless 1 Is made to -outstrip Germany's. Germany will have to farm more if tlie military men have their Way. The*, would strip her not alone of Army, Nnvy and Luftwaffe-^espe^ daily Luftwaffe-out of the means to build them up again. All machines, tools and factories mewl to make arms or anything like arms would be wrecked. j 20 YKAHS OF KE-KIH1CATION To insure that Germany will keep the pence In future will mean disarmament and re-education. Thai will probably take 20 years under an Allied armed guard—also a lot of help from n large Allied civilian reconstruction organization. Those views are not all official nor officially adopted but they may well prevail. Some' wcll-lnformei! Americans hold them and so do many Hussions who are very realistic and on some counts would go farther than we. As to reconstruction, some British civilians «:aii( to welcome Qer- x'an.Y again more, quickly to full partnejshlp in world endeavor V partly from what they hold to 'lie hiiiminitarinii motives, partly us a possible customer for themselves and n counter-poise'to Russia, The military men say there can be no pence with Gormivn'y if bg- fore she is cleansed of Nazis and re-educated she is allowed to have a gun or an airplane. Or any other weapon or means to produce it, Later, perhaps 20 years later, she may uc gradually permitted' to build up a small police force bul under supervision far closer" than after 1918. Whether the military men who are realists will win put avey politicians tmd propagandists already being; hear;! remains to be seen. Army Unveils Secret Weapon On French Beach-'The Weasel By KAI.1'1! E. HEINZEN United 1'ress Staff Corresiiondenl SOUTH BEND, Ind.' (UP)—The Normandy beachhead was the proving ground for several surprise pressure per square Inch. In contrast G.I. Joe when carrying the full load of an infantryman exerts ground pressure 01 8 pounds per square inch. Thus a weasel can i D. A. Skcen, above, of Salt I president of the International ; Association of Lions Clubs.'fol- . lowing election at national convention in Chicago. He was formerly first Vice president. i pons which the American Army had cross drv snow or sand where built secretly and used for the first '--' -'"" •• - : ' " mC ag!li " Sl Pran «- Romanian Puppo!? foot soldier would sink in to his knees. i Climbs 45-I)egree Slope In form, tt Is a welded, waterproof body on 32 bogtc' wheels. I Is not bullet-proof but depends upot its camouflage, its speed and mobility for its safety. Its low ground pressure is due to its steel-and-rubber wide treads. It is powered by a Studebaker 6-cylinder automobile motor with six forward speeds. It is guided, like a tank, with two levers instead of a steering wheel. The weasel showed in Its ies'ts licre that it is almost, perfectly balanced, with or without a load, and can climb a 45 degree slope without overturning. Four 'springs across its full width give it elasticity and it lias eliminated one of the, most unpopular v features of the jee|>—"jeep rump." Originally intended as a reconnaissance .vehicle for snow terrain. it fs now tlie most versatile single unit in the vast fleet of the Arneri- can Army's mobile equipment. WARNING OKDEK In the Chancery Court/ Chlcka- snwha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. --.-- _ _ Hose Marie O'Toole, Plaintiff, :es(ed. improved and put Into mass I vs. No. 8727 production. Thousands have since | Thomas Patrick O'Toole, Defendant, Nazi aulhorilies in Romania, in censed at failure of fiovernmenl, headed by Premier Marshal ion •Anlonescu, to form a puppet government'dictated by Nazis, [threaten lo ask lioria Sima! ; above, Iron Guard leader, to ..iake over. Appointment of : buna, haled by Romanian army 1 •.miglit precipitate revolution in: -\_Romania.. ; with web feet, was one of the surprises regarding which the War Department has just lifted the secrecy restrictions. There are other secret weapons and vehicles about which nothing is being said for the time, being, despite the fact they have been in successful operation since invasion began. Here nt its birthplace, I rode u weasel which skims the ground "just like its namesake, or strikes swiftly and stealthily across snow, sand, swamp land, deep mud. It can go anywhere a jeep can go, and many places a-jcep would fear to trend, cargo Known officially canier M-29, (lie as the weasel is Ighlweight, low-slung, versatile, common carrier. It can carry four men', a ton of ammunition, water and food oi> can race in and out of action carrying stretchers. wounded on When the Japanese broke Into the Aleutians, the War Department discovered the need of a I«OT tor vehicle that could travel fast over snow and ice. The-Army im- losed restrictions on size and weight, jut left the design to Studebaker. In J4 clays the first weasel was' bulit, wen built. Secret Leaked The secret leaked out when „ news photographer on a crowded invasion bench disclosed that more than half the. vehicles in his picture 'were the secret new weapon. Tlie vehicle is constantly bcjng adapted to all the fronts where swamps, sand or snow make, transport of troops and supplies difficult. It can swim, but, thus far, it cannot fly. although it fits neatly into gliders. Weighing 2,000 pounds, U nevertheless exerts only 1 1-2 pounds His Fuehrer's Face • *-cH*<x, * - ^2^ ' 7t :"X^~V^ ^* , A./'U Hitler's recent order for (he Army to use the Nazi salute haw't inspired much respect for Der Fuehrer, judging by the h . lie has or qualms about burlesquing Hitler for the amusement of his Yank, auard at IcfL The defendant, Thomas Patrick O'Toole, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Rose Marie O'Toole. Dated this 31 day of July, 181-i HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Mull-, D. c. Ed B. Cook, Atty. for Pltf. , . George Barliain, Ally, ad ' . '8)1-8-15-22 WARNING ORPFR In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba pistrlct, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Trudle Snider, Plaintiff, vs. No. 5701 Elrud Snider, Defendant. The defendant, Elrud Sntder, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Trudle Snider. Dated this 24 day of July, 1344. HARVEY MORRIS, cierk By N., D. C. Percy Wright, Atty. for Pltf. Claud F. Cooper, Atty. ad Lltctn. 7|25-8J1-8|15 WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlckasaw- ha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, George b. Ford, Jr., by George C Ford, Sr,, his father and next friend, Plaintiff vs. No. 8651 Marjorle Ford, Defendant. The defendant Marjorle Ford Is hereby warned to appear wllhtu thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff George O Ford Jr., by George C. Ford Sr., his father and next friend. Dated this 31 day of July, 1814. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Mlilr, D, 0, Ed B. Cook, Ally, for Pltf Luclan Coleman, Ally, for pefdl 81U-15-22 Another Hudson Exclusive U. S. Government Approved Guaranteed 10 Year Mothproofing * ODORLESS * INEXPENSIVE * HARMLESS TO FABRICS * GUARANTEED * UNAFFECTED BY DRY CLEANING Here is the most amazing, mothproof service ever offered home makers' A moth ANT^S INCLUDING A 10 YEAR ' POSITIVE GUAR- AIN I hh AGAINST DAMAGE! A moth proofing service that has passed riaid aov ernment'tests with flying co!ors! A mothproofing service that wMUeH eve house" keepers of the seasonal drudgery of wrapping, airing, and brushTng. Berlog Protects Clothes One tiny moth hole may completely ruin a stilt or coa*. Our inexpensive Berlpu Mothproofing service is guaranteed to stop moth damage for 10 years. Should damage occur, we will have holes repaired or pay for damage. Berlog Prefects Rugs '""""" ' " Moths and carpet beetles dp tremendous damage, to rugs and carpeting every year, It is difficult to repair such damage, yet you need hove no fear of moths damaging your Tugs and carpets for 10 years if you let us Berlou them now. Bertou Protects Furniture > Furniture is one of the favorite feeding grounds of moths. It is expensive to have furniture re-upholstored. Yet it costs little to protect it with our Borfou service, which guarantees 10 years protection. If moth damage occurs, Berlou will repair or pay the damage. Berlou Protects'Everything Blankets, drapes, furs and all woolen or hair articles are subject to moth damage and should be protected against these pests, Phone us today and learn how little it costs to enjoy our Bcrlou Guaranteed Moth Protection. 10 Years'Moth Protection Or We Will Pay The Damages! HERE ARE THE REASONABLE BERLOU CHARGES: FURNITURE Davenport $ 6,QO Cyer-stuffed chairs 3.00 Small over-stuffed chairs. 2.00 Chair seafs ].00 Chair backs 1.00 Couch ' 5.00 Cushions . l.QO Pillows i .00 Silk Screens 5.00 up Tapestries, per sq. ft 05 Silk walls, per room. . .25.00 up Drapes, each 1.00 up Comforts, each . 2.00 Blankets, each 1.00 Mattresses (hair) 2.00 Box Springs (hair) 2,00 Upright piano 10.00 Upright piano (player) . . 15.00 Grand piano 10.00 Grand Piano (player) 15.00 RUGS Chenille, per sq. ft. Navajo, per sq. ft. . Domestic, per sq. ft. Orientals, per sq. ft . Chinese, per sq. ft. . .05 . .05 .05 . .10 .10 10.00 Closed automobiles FURS Floor pieces $3.50 up Neck pieces 2.00 Fox neck pieces 3.50 up Coats (fur trimmed) 2.50 Fur coats (short) 5.00 Fur coats (medium) 7.50 Fur coats (long) ' 'lQ.00 Animal heads (small). . . .2.00 up Animal heads (large) 7.50 MEN'S CLQTH/NG Suits ...... ..... Dress suits ......... Overcoats ........... ( . Smoking jackets * Bathrobes Sweaters Bathing Suits ......... ; LADIES' CLOTH/NG Suits ............ ..... Gowns ...... ; ......... Long coats (cloth) ..... , . . Long coats (plush) .... Dresses ............ Dresses (velvet) ....... V . . Skirts ............ Sweaters Bathing suits 1.50 1,50 75 .50 1 .00 2.50 J.OO 1.5Q .75 75 5Q Call 2612 for Complete Details HUDSON Cleaner- Tailor-Clothier

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