The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1946
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 19-10 Sidney Hillman, CIO Leader, Dies Immigrant Gained Prominence in Labor and Politics. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS PACT Check Degnan Suspect's Handwriting POINT 10. July l-OOKOUT, N. Y.. (UP)—Sidney Hillman. a Lilh- unnlnn Immigrant who i-osc to power Hi American labor and politics. <II«HI "t His home of a heart utlack 111. « "V40 a.m. ]; DT l(x | ny Hc wns Du ; --on of a small trader and Kr.ind- MJII of a ra |)bl, Hillman eamc lo America al the age at 20. Immediately becaniL' active in labor clr- ™cs, and moved upward in them to Ih<! presidency of the powerful Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union, and the chairmanshit) of 1 no Political Action Committee of thi! Congress ol Indnsu'liil Oruaii!- mions. He held both of those positions at his death. Hillman hail suffered a heart • attack several years ago, and hud I been | n ill health occasionally since ' Hint lime. At v^ today, at his summer! . home In Point Lookout, on tin- South .shore of Long Istand. Hillman complained of a severe pain In the heart region. A physician, Dr. John Ca'nlll, svho live.s nearby, was called, bu:. despite all efforts, Hillman RI-I-W uteadily weaker, and died loss than lwo hours later. At the bedside as he died were Mrs. Hillmnn, their son-in-law !inrt daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Lerner. u f New York, and Dorotny l.erner. :i, a grimd-daughtcr. Another daughter, Mrs. Milton Fried, who was with lier husDanc, an employe of the American e'n- taf-sy in Paris, was notified by cable. Funeral services had not neon planned, but it was snid at headquarters of the Clothing Workers thr.l they would be announced later today. Hillman's successor as head or the PAC, tlie political organization of tile CIO. may be determined a* a PAC meeting in .Washington next, week, it was said here. k ril i- Lithuanian Immigrant fiay ilRtiinnlly was Intended by his ffi- ther to lie trained us n rabbi, following in ills grandfather's foov- steps. Exactly what changed these plniis was not clear, but it was reported that Hillman was involved in somu way—a.s a boy of only 18—wlta the ill-fated Russian revolution o: 1905. and it was possible that lili decision to come to America re- Milted from Ihe failure of the revolution. , He and his associates were called radicals at that time, and the AFL. refnsed to seat them at tlie U314 convention. The result was formation the following year of Amalgamated Clothing Workei America, with Hillmnn as president. Hc made it the dominant organization in the men's garment inchis- • I Chicago police dictated the Dcgnan kidnap-killcr's ransom nolo to William Ilcircns, 17-year-old suspect, and the result is pictured at left, above, compared with the actual ransom note, seen ill right. Police noted that Ilcircns made Ihe same misspellings o£ Ihe words "wait" and "safely" ;is appeared on kidnaper's message. Yanks Locate Poison Gases Stored by Japs WASHINGTON. July 10. (UP) — Seven dumps of poison i;as have been discovered near Kure, Japan, the War Department civil affairs division revealed today. More than 1700 tons of the gas have been uncovered. They include mustard, lewisite, sneezing nncl tear aim toxic bomb smoke. Some of the (jas is hi containers and bombs. Tlie remainder is stored in tanks, tlie largest of which holds •IliU Ions. Two old American landing ships arc beinjj pumped full of the liquid i;as. Gas containers ami bombs aisi will be loaded on their decks. Tin. LST's then will be sunk in the deepest water in the world, off the island of shikoku. Fctlrrni Wonts AKcncy, rubllr. Huildiu^s Administration, 550 I'ost Office Building. Dallas 1. Texas, June 27. IMG. Sealed bids. In tripli- calc, will be received al this oilicc I until 2 p.m.. July 25, 1940 and then try. publicly opened, for furnislnnR the Hillman was active in support or | materials, and performing the work the late President Roosevelt's cariv for interior and exterior painting. 'New Deal" administrations, ami j miscellaneous repairs, etc., at Ihe in July. 1943, was one of the orlui- |U. S. P. O., BlyUicvine, Arkansas Markets Survey To Begin Soon Arkansas is First State in Nation to Get Such a Project. l.I'ITLK HOCK, July 10. (Ul'l The IniiB-nwnUcd nuikcllns survey for Arkansas prorc.ssuis and inanu- factuvers. planned by Ihr U. fi. IV- j)artment of (,'omiui'rcc. seamed today to be assured for the nc:ir hi- turc. Col. Heiuhlx Lackey, <<xi>i>iitlvr '.ili-cctor of the Arkansas'jin'eos and Development Commission, nii- nounee<l late yrsti'idny thni, tw> niarketliiB c.x|».-rl.s nmnocled wll'i tlie UepartmeiU of CommriTc would i live here .Sunday, July i-i. The ni'ii, R w. Oliuslead anil (). H. Smarl, arc uudei 1 tlie diicctlon ol C. S. U)!;sdon, ehief ol the :i:x"'. development division, tin- otricu of Small ISusiness, Department of •onnnercc. Col. Lnckey pointed out Unit their studies' would be Ihe iiisl such studies . In Ihc Unlled Slates, al- Ihoimh the service \vlll be oll'ercd to all slates. The Hesonrces and Ofvelopinent Commission will meet with .stend and Smart :il Hie state ciipl- lol bulldliif; Monday. /,v.«i In attendance will be Dr. C, O. Iji'jin- nen, head of (be University of Arkansas Bureau of lieseaieh: I'Vank Cantrell and James llnlloway of Hie Arkansas Kcouoniic OounrU-HtitU 1 Chamber of Commerce; C. P. Lund, local representative of I lie Department of Commerce: and Hill Shepherd, Industrial promolional chi'if :>f the Arkansas Power and Llnht Co.; and Floyd Sharp, director of the industrial division of the Cirsvil- Little Uock Chamber of Commerce. Late to Clattify Wanted to Rent Wanted Mechanics for — MillttTijvlils '•i-Kiilitr nitiiiilcn.-iiu'O work. Ctmfai'l Sunerintendenl. Switl fomiiany Oil Mill Dl.vdievillf. Ark. T-lO-ck-T-lM The best way to keep apples (roin ubsoi'blni; odors of olhei' vendibles slored In the simie is to pack tliem In paper or i place Is I leaves. For Sale. HOY wiili'r softener doalor who iloos llu'ir iiwn installation and Kirn unices son wulor from now on. I'hinler's Hardware Co. 7-l()-ck-lt room luuiso At fonlli, (Jiir- iiU'e, Nice 1'i'ice llli or CiimplH'll. Men In Service I'vl. J. E. Harrison of the U. H. Marine Corps, son of Mr and Mrs. \V. O. llarrhion, will complete Ills bnslc tL'alnlng (he llrsl ol' August. C'liadimted (Ills Hprlni; frnm lllylhe- vllle IMijh School, he has been s!a- lloned at .San Dli'uo. Calif., since his Induction four week E>I;O. Horse Show Rained Out In Goodlettsvillf, Tenn. oooni.h'rrsviM.E. Tcnn.. July 10. Ujl 1 ) —Sponsors of the dood- lrll.-,vllle horsa show linvn Inslallea (be "honor system" for admlttnnce to tonight's perfonuanco. Heavy rains wusbed out the allow last iiniht in i hi' flflli class, one Ihrce-unlted horses. Anil to- spot. lill.'iO. II. C. \ 7-l().ck-7-i:t i;i\i,i;s T..',:I:> .•II i: Ulnl^i iisilors of the Political Action Committee of the CIO. with which the Amalgamated Clothing Worker.-, were affiliated. The PAC took an active Part In the l!M4 campaign in behalf of Mr. Roosevelt, and in the course o' the campaign it wns" assorted i>y Arthur Kroek, New York Times columnist, that Hillman's influence was so great that Mr. Roosevelt had told Robert Hannegnn. NnLlonn: Democratic chairman, "to clear It (everything) with Sidney." strict accordance with the specifications dated PH-Div-8, May C. 1G4C. and drawings (if any) mentioned (herein; and Ihe L>enor;il conditions dated Sept. 15, 1012 and addendum thereto dated May 1.5, 1944. Specifications and other data may be had at the office of tbecns- iodian of the building or the ofiicc of tlie Division Engineer. Irving Porter. Division Engineer. Portable sowmills are used lo manufacture products from Wyoming's Medicine Bow forest's animal timber crop of "ii million leet, board measure. WHEN SIZZLING DAYS AND NIGHTS BRING SKIN MISERY Read Courier News Want. Afls. Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Blytheville CURIi IHAKKET 130 East Main Street In Stock Now! Admiral Battery Radios 37.85 Less Hallery 'General" 1000 Hour Battery Packs Admiral $4.95 HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 2i:j West Main St. Phone 2015 \ven(])pr niukoH yoti liLinct ul»!« \\-\ t \\ heat liahy frcl« with » p]ic;Uy In-lit, or Innri of Bother Hiiiipln rash(^H, i courit- cm MiiXHiinu for coolintjrc'liuE, Atihuulhy foi 1 Ihrso skiri misyrii.'a fui 1 nvLir 40 yt'ara. Cut LMEXSANA- SOOTH IMG MEDICATED POWDER ,-on rui" sufOilui: IOIUITP \vlth rrnlrl [piulUii) iti-Kliii: li-i't nr UMIH, nth tw>\, f;ii'l"iy H"l>. iifii"' Hfh. hm Urli. HIIUIVIIMII nr 1Ulili»i:-lJHin1Hj wlu-ii iluu lo n fiuiKii* liifci-llnn i botlln i»X nONIIKAKi: lnil«y. 'I'ln first n|i)>ILi-iitL<m slionUl ulvi; yo« tin: rolli-f Jiiul n fi-w lr«-:ilmc'nt .1 Hint y«ni \\n\v -it Insl nuuicl ; / Mitlsfiu't'ny rt-hct di.iu ynnr toi 'noi'fontjifi'i lupn-inv. "hONDKAS only n(k-. If yini ;ir^ nut iu'lmill •c.l :il Uur irllrC In,- [list tiolll tin. ymir monvy will bo tufmult-it,- IIOTMHOCK PUUtt CO. Refrigerator Service I'rccl Luu'Icr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .1 W. Aituius Mi;r. I'liune 2071 20li-«S W. M.l|i To Our Customers: A Statement of Price Policy on PURINA CHOWS It is true that our prices on Purin;i Chows have increased since the end of Ol'A ceilings on July 1 ... BUT... . . . These new higher prices are due ENTIRELY to the increase in the feed ingredients. All ingredients have risen sharply . . . some as much as $:i7.. r )0 a ton. . . . This increase in the price of I'nrina Chows is not as large as lilt* increase in ingredient costs. New prices reflect only a part of oul-of- pocket increase lo Purina. . . . The new prices on Purina Chows do not include a single cent ]!j?r !).'ig or ton more profit for Purina. The 1 profit margins on Purina Chows have never been up to the full amount allowed under OPA anil will not be raised now to margins previously permit ted. WE ARE PROUD TO FOLLOW PURINA'S POLICY .As authorized Purina dealers we arc pledging ourselves to follow the manufacturer's lead. \Ve know that our first resnon.sibiliiy is to our customers—we want to keep feed prices down as much as possible We are not increasing our margins—we will not be short-sighted and take advantage of the present situation at your expense. True, feed prices will go up or down as prices of ingredients vary but we promise as always to do our*best to supply all the Purina Chows we can get at the best price possible. L K.ASHCRAFT CO. Phone 493, Blytheville, Ark. 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Kcccnlly Ibis lady go iNNIvU-AII) and now says gas In lioiic. slHinach feels fine. Iwwuls arc reiinlar anil she can go lo bed' uiu sleep scumdly. iNNHlt-Allj contains 12 Orcai Hevlxs; they cleanse Ixiwels, eltai i'.ns frtuu stomach, art. on slnuuls) liver and kidneys. Miserable pet] pie soon feel dllfercnl. all over. So don't no i.n siiircrlni;! Cut, 1NNKR Ah). .Sold by all ilrni: Mores hen In Hlylhcvllle. •lljlil" nnyope. who tells the keeper that he p^itl last nllht 'frt n fr^e. •••.;.'. The Regular Army «pldl«r' wU ivork In surroundings that eoni favorably' la! every ^»y wit >nrc lie civilian worker. DiKsnvt And Stop Do*lnt Your Stomach' 1 With Soda and A!!uliz*» pcn't cx|x>ct to £«t real relfcf from [icinbu'lie, sour Hlomucb, e:u and bad _. l>roiilli by tuklai£ Hoilu and other alka-' t li>.<-«ir liiotrutitaiuic of your trouble i» i cumti|n\(ton. | liiUilxciino.yourrealtrouhlobnotbt I tliuHtomucli atull. 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