The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1951 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTITICVIU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 11. ,.aUAY, OCTOBER 9,. 1981 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally T&tfi per Jlno for insertion; : llnsr JWT line' " '!."".'.'"; 2 ttmc-.-i per hue per dnjr 1 tlnirs PIT line per day . 6 linic-f per Une yer <Hv .. 12 tlmfs per lint p« 4 i iUy . Wonif. pft itm> roiui: live airline y,fii<i.- I Ad nrclercti for ilir.'i- m MX Stopper! bf-torr cxplnmnri wi! «1 for tli* 1 number o! lire appeared MK! sulj >ut ju.->,t o! ml.lcrt (jy prTMTins n'Mrim.* Cypress, (''oflomvooft lum- I'< i r. ^i.> mi. NAV. of Half Mnon. 1*11. 111*03. C. t;. FlmvH's. KM pk JM Save Mmtpy When You Kuy — SHI - Trade ij r . Used Furnifure GUN HARRISON & SON tin Hales may tnisl the shove i!\b!f hny rlr.'tififd nrt AH fcrts itie> r*'tr 517 \V, Ash J 8 RKSTA CHANT flL H A- M .Sal*-* Cr> 117 K Main. [>„ tf Apartment for Rent 3 rm imfiir. upt . [irlv 1 rm. fur. arn. Eire fcnrh.' Only 108 W Ky., PJi. 3109. Iiipnim HuHrtlnp. Rensomblc rt-in. Pli 325S. 103 t-k 1L :! 3 room f ron t R p:. with bn t ii 3II2R 3030 riiti-kiisawbR I'h. tj702. D . k 12 Mortem J rm. fur. n[il I 1 !). -IViS or 1595. 9 27 (.-jt if USED COMBINE BARGAINS 1 All makes are here fur von j low as.? lot)! See us In't'orc you il)l ; :i.TA lAn'I.KM'K.STS.'lNC 1 . I ^L'L' So. 2nd. J'liojie i;m;?. c and .'mc-Ty .tor,. In Illv inrur, ivpi in xood USED" COA/\BINES If il'.t a usoit coniljino von 4 nn. unfur. ft[it.. nr-'vlv dptornl^d "a \"ei'\' \\'ille ^pler-fif. • 1110. H.W. hc«t<T. ph. 3;2V I. , , SPiettlO sis pk ID [s|.Makes * iModels! — — Cash or Terms illy 3 room tmfnrnlshrd itpt.. r »*d«corrited. rli. 2350 or 60Hfi. 825 ck t Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Undrooms $4 up single. Ill West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-1 ck tf npl 0»s Cloje In. nlre 4 roo «nd hRtri. phone 26T> > . Auto Supplies and Services AUTO GLASS New or Used WADE AUTO SALVAGE Phone 37S5 3-26 ck tf 61 Implement Co. N. Hiwny (H J'hone UHli 8-31 ck If 6 Late Model ,., JOHN DEERE A's 10 B pit 14 j Ar* 1 hi'rr for yon to I^P fit Mlssrn Iniplrnidil Co They're all n.-cififU- lloriftl niul snarwiuofii, llnrrj- (hiwn tomorrow xn<\ «!(•*• the two rtiy/.fn u'rcl trarlots now- on tnle . InrLnding 2 Formal I "M's" Rice fS« Cane tires. ilpnipnt , . . pet B MISSCO Iton't enclanyei your fnmlly wtth faulty tires —BUY l.EF, TIRRR. CHAPMAN SI-TRVICE STATION MRln »nd Division 1'honc 2M3 12 IJ rK tf ADTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal Rf trlri 1 OenerAl rontrnrt Purch^so Corp. IOC South Sth. Phone 6S03 Scrv/ces FLOOR WORK--IJI}* tinlxli old --JI}* srji nxi ol Bui! new harrtwcvirt (Irwrs. I,ny nsphnl »nri rtihbfr tS1o unci linoleum. Cult C767 for trt» estliniite. SHE1J1Y SK1,!- 1 . iorr Pftluc Itrcl irsnor niul <T| ?M! (1001) tr.i-lo IMPLEMENT CO. SHOUTING ABOUT! '49 Ford $1095 '47 CMC $645 Wlial a valur! Imiitiii.- a jtoi.ri K.,r ;, Ku ,,,l ,l,. a | „„ ., |j,.. Tnil Inoklne rnril Tii,| nr s,.ci:in f,:, Inn k, we Phillips and "lily SIMS! When you i-lirnjiM. lake ;! J,,r,k a[ IliK I!II7 CMC Iho slihilna lli,M,. cli:issiK .V c ;l h. Von'11 e ,.( » yuu'll knnw IIX ;1 rinr car. H.i- lii-llcr Iruck i.uvl miiri- Tor '"" •'""' iHMli-r, (.10. v.jiir lr:i,!,-j w lirn you runir In '47 Ford $595 '','""""" TlMl's rlelil-ynn ri-arf il ,,,r- ' 48 Fo^ $795 rpi-ll.y. TliK Js :i|> I'm Hi-re'i quit.- a Iniv cm :i Pic k- F.iril Tu.l,,, Srclaii f,,r only lip. TliK 'i-Tn:i" m.iilM is a S>l -' : ); 'l"l ..... ''I <iilli B e.n-,,1 smiii -look INK Irucli lh:,s n.-vv h..uli-r. (Ills |.|,rrl i, II,,. ,,„,,„- i-r<-. ..... ,,!,,! i,,|,,. ll'n , lvf lar i;i,n inc<lal «ri-> ci.lor. you a lul »r srri i, f ;U nur low ,-_ _ . '39 Ford $195 r F ° rd $645 Somrhriily l< alMTiys , Inr n suppr-ri:irKaiii—.inrl Iliis -Mafcr a li,:lli. r Iruik Iruilc hj Is it.' I'nr jnsl I'M liui-ks yiin <-<illlil]B III l'lii!li|l>i .Molor <'«. '" HlyllH'vlllc. Tills 1',-Tun (lul a (:;lil •*• Cli:iss[s 'I'rink is pricrij ;<l a Itiw. Inw Slil.S—so drive <inwii tomorrow. 5695 '46 Ford $645 IliK Is llic ]ilrknp v.iti slioirld >.i'i'f A '..-Ton I'oril pickup for Si:r>. iirivi- ii—,1,11-11 m,,. | t . Ami you'll Ilk,- Hi,- li ru . t r .,<| e you'll ei-t a I I'tiillf,), Mulor t'u. fn Hlylhcvilli.. |)ick up lhi\ ]'.t:','.t Coli|io. Blm-k rol '46 Mercury Wlii-n yon crime to I'lilllj, 'ol on Ilif riirnpr of liro;nhv . Ilii-i Alernir.v. l!llli l-il, ilan, niarnnn ilnMi. . Onth radio anil healer. nr sr- . ilnli Broadway & Chickosawba Phone 4453 Don't Wait Too Late for your SOYBKAN LOADER. You can now get a MAYRATH Loader - from Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceolo, Dial 520— BlythcvilU, Dial 2371 Notice ^pr Hii* rpand I'ff (xthnMfs, •»•!»(. Ijmc'in Smlihi »lslh»vllli-. Ark. ifipn Del i IQ9 pk 1? WIIAT'TO DO IN CASE OF AN AC~- CIOKNT- IT i-niir car Is clKmaerd |,, i »n Brrl,l,i,t h, r ,' 5 honif ihlni Jm. : ^hnulfl KIIO-A [iiiruclt will Hive you & • ''••c- naliu Job ,m »,,y t»,,m r »,,,k „, ' • -• - '•MHMiU'-.s lor v.-r..«k«'r SITVI, *• cull «901 <l»vs .. 111)8 mulns I1URNKTT HUDSON RAI.F.S. Sli K«»i Main. 4 23 ck K j WALKElTiNSURANCE"' Gloiicoe Hotel Building Phone .i:»>0 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protect ion at Low Cost J. CJ. "Bob" Barnes \V. [.. "Kill" Walker 7-1S ck tf ^Business Opportunitiei Unusuil opporriniHy lor in rn or •Arnnpn bptwcfn n^cs 45-6O for work In niyl'iievHle and vlt:lnltv. Average laru- lni;s if-0 per wtM'fc. Sitl|.>: ^Kperlt-nce li'-!l)fl!l hut not nfrcssarv. -See i'hul .Stapl...s, r.'f.-A- <;lciuoc Hcitel. W.Htnea- rtris 1 nnd Ihu/sday. Oct. 10. 11 2 to 4 and 6 to 3 p m. 10 R px 12 Wanted to Buy o. Iliway 61, Blylhevillo Large maple drop leal' clin- iilj.!; talile in perfect condition. 555. Call 27S(i. oinitrd t>n M Irnrtnr t Wilson, in on Bm | ( •lon.Mon. TovnN. I'lmii in-5 rih tr ttlnn |ilrk- )''OR SAI.R (!("i(l 5 room house and liath, 71R Walnut, choice neighborhood. Tlici-e is no licilcr Joc.i- jtion for church, school and your work. Those rooms are. all nice and larjro. reconlly rc-\ newed inside ami out. (loocl :>\ car (fiirajre and outdoor sUn--l HKC room, l.myf li.l. Sl.onnl 106 |ik I] FOfi SALE -ESCKSS Of'f'ICK I>KSK» INn CHAlllH. W1I.I, SK1.I. TO Illoli- . EST niUUKIl AS A tiHOUl' Ol! 1N- _ IDWlDtlAI.I.V. UNIVEHSAI. C'.I.T. I'H. 10 6 i-k 10 Insurance in dp top condition is (his I! s repaired, all mnkcs. Rlythevillo Machine Shop. Theme 282S. 3-(> ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair *1ore br cxprrt prlcw. PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 w. iv.iiniii piion,- mi . Plenty of Parking Space Custom S(>vh'-. an c, im i,iniu^ M. (. C;KKI-:N\V.\Y Blythuville. I'h. i;.")i>;; HPEN'CEHS Health and Sly]*, look Find r,-r! iest. jihon' -1,103. aTt . . . Mr., John I/me, ciralrr in p pk 3.1 B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL Vsrtl oil sto\ r e, c.'lo;ui. 525. Good used electric ranges, -?:>n,on. U'ashinjf tn a clil lies (yes they worli)—S2-I.95 up. Used radios (make mi offer) B. F. Goodrich Co. Phone Gli.'il 10-9 ck 10 For Sale, Real fstate *> 11 lo, .Hi-,!. K ,,i:,ih!,' r,,. r'i.'n'l'l'lv 'o',V- -r lo or,.,.,,, (if,,, !1(>1)r „„,, ,„,, ,,, '.|':':tn|.'ii'. .,„ .ri'onil II,--,r ii-r, can Ave. $1.0(10 cash will han- See or Call JOHNNY MARR ' Realtor Phone'.II II Res. I'lione li'tOR Id-S ck tf Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. f. Pollard Aomcy PJaniuv) f'rolecfion 1H «'. Ash Sl C.I.KNCOK. 1101 KI, I11J11,DIS'G -I •'• ck t( ! or Sale, Cars and Trucks \ WESTKNB AUTO SALES ' 21sl «" d Kmwoo.1 «> FMnanrr t Cood (,'nrs In To»'i>" We will pay lOc for the first 10 complete copies of the Courier Xews of Monday, Oct. 1, 1951 or Wednesday. Oct. 3. Hlnl, bronchi, to this office. Courier News Company. 10-5 till tf ImitafinnK Parley sha-A-ls are a kind of woolen Khiv-A-! Imllriliiit; the [antons Cashmere shawl of India. They are sn named hornlike ttioy first were manufacturer! at Paisley, Scotland. SWISS MISS—Jacqueline Genton, who was "Miss Switzerland" now proudly wears the ribbon designating hpr ".Miss Europe." She won She title from seven top contestants in a c:onli- nental beauty contest In-let at Palermo, Italy. Headquarters For Used Car & Truck Values COME IN AND SEE WHY THE © EMBLEM MEANS A BETTER BUY FOR YOU! $1295 $895 $995 $385 $245 1931 iMird V-S 2-door Sedan, a cheap one . $35 19-19 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, hlack finish, low mileage. See this extra clean car today! .Mosl of these cars arc equipped with radios, spotlights, heaters and seat covers. 1!)!!) Chevrolet </ 2 -Ton I'icknp Truck, red color $895 m<i fi.MC i,-Ton Pickup Truck...only .. $595 I!) 17 Dodge 1 li-Ton Truck with new raclory-relniill inolor 1916 Inlernational 1(4-Ton Truck... the molor and tires are perfect 1919 Chevrolet Fleelline 2-door Sedan 1947 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, black 1918 Ford V-S 5-l'asseni{er Coupe, a beauty UMO Plymouth 2-door Sedan., .only 1910 Sludehaker 2-door Sedan for just $595 $495 I-nndon pioneered snbwav transit. lines in 1853. . .1- Tin.-k.« 6 20 rr ^ riniclcl .SniilrlukiT rnick ' 1 rondltton. Ph. 42:17 or W31 : M2 pk IS Wanted Real Estate Fanns-Citv I'roperty LOANS Noble Gill Agency RKAI.IORS — Cecil Karls — Cllencoe Rltlu. Tli. r>858 ______ I M ck II REAL ESTATE For Rent "'! ; '-nn'*:u In inrnlprn fliipl.-x '^ lion, wnll ISO •^, <-n!l 21 KI or 4:wi 0 23 ck tf ;nf';r hmi = r and him. oil :i"'irm l.lin'l', rum, Hi-nl lo-': 1 Kollv. Xo'.vly <!•- -onK-d If ^ V^JC 1? For Kcnt or n n for Sa/c, Misc. Ui:}i lumber SON o us ti k KK I iki i It inieivsi.'d in a or; I ™. '\~^." 'V';" B "; IA .V,, !":! f:inn. KI s . \\'e have any-1 " ""'''"' '' i.T'i ',,:• from a vacant lot to a! "y,V"<i>"or -,.,!• i .-i^n ho-,»... New l:oiin> located close to i linsincss district. Already fi-1 IMI 11 I wit h i' r loan. £(100 \ ' i n all down |ia\ nienl and ciosinj,' ciiarjres. See or call MAX LOGAN I'h. 1!0:V1 Lynch Hldir. l't-6 ok i:i M KiiR SAI.K , ' M ieni diiptes; t rooms and ' »ii each si,!,.. A veal luiy !>Iantiit i<m. CTIT c< FARM LOANS CATFS-WIGGS? REALTORS i I". S. :!rd. St. Hlydu'viHe, ,\rk. 1'U. -T.-,l or li'.if* 10-;i ck tf Female Help Wanted :<->n :\: K:. ,-:, K ,i..t:r. :n 2 , < Private Rooms BARGAIN 2'.o pailf.ii |ier hour ,- : ^», i Excellent coii.tition. \\'i'i| *, trade. Can he finamed. C 6803. in.Sr.-K pho prlv.<T- \f\r nn tnda.v.i itiarkot. very ^ood ' ' j r . ( ni lition. Tan i.e financed all MAX LOGAN Th. -_>II:M I.VNCII HI.|)G. JO-li ck " ~FOR"SALE KiS ai.res R miles from UIv-!- ' " ' | l''()i; KKNT: Musinivs I'rop 1- miles from l ''"'>' on lll( ' c.iiner of Walnut : & Franiiini. in 1'lyiheviUe. S; \A I pp si ' :os (li ' hinMin KS („ fit ail y i 'VI. 1_CC hnsiiiess area n,,\v offered j :<l U ' M ' lin I'^'K-e one ,, r n ||. [.-,„- infnvma- '< !'»• «!•!)! tiujt, cutilact J'ACI, HVRC.M ! 10-6 c k 13 9.0,3 ck t jj TIKI Concrete Culvert Tile Sues up lo SS in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sues nn lo SI in. Vnlom.ilir I 1 1 C.Krs t oncrele Septic Tanks Metal Seplie Tanks Se«er Tile MrM I'rirrs «> Deliver A. H. WEBB Ilk-hoar HI .it Sl.itc t.lne Vlionc ^714 Driving Too Fast- Can Cost You Money Ann the only way to know jiist hnw fjisl \'nu're Eoioe is (o hax'e nn accurate spcr-domcler. we repair siinnlnmi-tci-.s for all makes and models nt cars nnrt trucks. One tiny service T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ChrysOrr-Plymouth neater 1^1 K. .Main Phone *\ZZ Easy GMAC Paymenf- Plan Remember, You C*n Always Gft A Good Dt»l at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 391 W*sl Walnut" PNoi ,, 4578 Open Nights Until 9 p.m. RENT A CAMERA Plash ramrrai fW II.,, Camera, L , Thr Tnripfnsivr Way In Trr^frvr Important OrcA^lnm BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2nnT> West Main I'hone 3617 SHOES Repaired- Restyled SHOES DYED and CLEANED H-fl LTCRS QUBL1TY SHO€ SHOP 111 W. M«1N ST. Open for Business MODERN HOME Interior Decorators Highway 61 S. C, J, BURRIS t'l'HOI.STKRHIl I'hoiic 80CI FOR SALE Conrrele culverts, n Iniii l,> 48 inch, pl.tin or rcenlorcrtj Also ' ponrrclc Hnihlinc Blocks rhcap- rr limn lumber fnr barns, cliirki'ci linuscs. pump |, od ,es | F nanl houses, tool sheds. We deliier C»ll m for (rc« cilinialc. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 611 Who Takes Care Of Your Car? Are Ihpy duing » good job? It you don't have complete confidence in the service you're now aetling, then try T, I. Sr-ay Motor Co. Friendly, expert scivicc saves you money ,, T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjulrr-r-lTmnnth Dratrr IJ1 F.. Main Phone 2m Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Extra Power Get The Best "t Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phon. 2089 TODAY'S SPECIAL! 1950 FORD CLUB COUPE $1295 Every detail is important: the radio, healer, overdrive, new tin's—and the sparkling maroon finish! Mere's the car you've planned to own! ,lnsl ?12!P5. • J.'Mfj Kord 2-door Sedan, hlai-k finish CCQC radio and heater VvWU • l.'J.'J? F''or<i 2-door Sedan. 85 H. 1'. motor, practically new C17C (ires y I I D • I!HS Intern ational Hi-Ton short wheclbase Truck. . .It's I'icktip.. .sin excellent hnv ... GMC '/;-Ton $995 $695 in fine shape . . • m I!) GMC 2-Ton long wheclhase Truck with praclicnlly new I ires . • in in Dodge .1 1-Ton I'icknp. .. C7QC check (he price V'«3 -IV » I I II $895 • li!i!) .Chevrolet 2-Ton S\VKTruck with new mo- lor. :i(K)x2(l (ires, saddle tanks and fifth wheel • 1930 GMC 3, 1-Ton Pickup. This low mileage trnck has excellent tires • 10 in Chevrolet !i-Ton Pickup with deluxe rah • • -radio and healer .. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmohile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot ... 300 East Main Sfreef Just Call 6151

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