Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1896
Page 3
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Ministers Should Use Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. T HERE IS NO PROFESSION, whose Isibo n; so severely tax ilio nervous system, as that of tuo ministry. Thcdo- ranpomorit; of tho norvo confers or tho brain by ovisr work, frequently briars on iittaclta Ot ho:irt trouble, and ncrvouj prostration. Bar. J. P. Kustor, M. U., Pastor U. B, church, Lou:lo« Milla/IlK, himself ;i physician, writes Fob. 20. 1803: "Heart affection and nervous prosirMlon h;ul bccocno so serious lant. fall that a litllu ovur work In tho putptt woulfl so completely prostrate mo T\r M?1ac' that it scuii-.i'd certain I ur. iviuwS lnus , ri!llll(JU ,, h tllo wotb ot tljo ministry entirely, lervrt p:ilpiL:i.tioii bocamo so b:id Unit my auditors would asi: rne If I did not have Lii-art disease. Last November I comtuuncod taking Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure alt.ornatfily with Dr. Miles' NecvJnu and derived tho proatesc possible benefit. I havo just closed revival work of 10 Tveeks, prcncliing nearly ovory night and twice on tho Sabbath. I can spoak for Lours without sulTcrlnR as I formerly did. Hard working ministers should keep Dr. Miles' prand remedies on Land." Dr. Miles' Heart Cure la sold on guarantee, first bottle will bouoflt or money refunded. Heart Cure Restores Healtli...... THE MUDSOO Typewriter Is a Good Machine. A nlgn standard o[ excellence. JIanj of tlie "Jliioson" consider It THE ,BEST. You will find It ii valuable ;is.«st,iut Iji jour of- llce. Address for particular i THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO aiAXUFACTUHKKS. 2.1O-2-M 'Went lnhu St., Clilcii no/Ill. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, ,'IUNE 14, ISOO. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. The Logan Wall Paper Co. still ha.s a complute line of wall paper. Conductor Joseph Konuey of tJie Pan- lEmdlo is at/bc-lplni a-t tile Delphian baths. . H. Sj^vens's gallery at 414 Market Btrest-w now open, Competent work men. Work guaranteed. The B. B. Club of the A. M. E. church will give an. entertainment at the church Tuesday evening. Indianapolis Suu: Tlio Secretary oC Sta/t'e's otliee wLll 1)0 represeuted at the CMivotttton a-t !St. Louis either by Owen or \V. S. AVright. Taken -in time Hood's Sar.<aparilla prevents serious illness by keeping the blood pure and ;iU the organs in a healthy condition. Lacdreth Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrisoo I* their agent In Cass county. Do you want to Invest In gold mining stock In the best gold producing district In this country at Cripple Creek. Col.? If so, call on Jacob Herz for particulars. If the hair is falling out, or turning gray, rerruirlng a stimulant with nourishing and coloring food, Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Rcucwer is just tl'ie specific. LOOKS MORE ENCOURAGING. North Manchester Journal: A close observer makes an estimate of the probable yield of wheat in a fifteen mile drive in the country. He says: "Forty- four fields which came under my notice I estimate as follows: Good crop, three fields; average crop, fifteen flolds; one- •linif crop, twelve fields; one-fourth crop thirteen fields; not worth cutting, one Held. Tho above estimate brings the general average considerably above •half a crop.- The Xavora-blo weather lias brought the wheat out far above the expectations of a mouth ago." THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form plows with health and her face blooms with Its beauty. If her system -needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant Symp of .Figs. Made liy the ..California Tig Syrup Company. HR. M. L. CLARK. A Sketch of the Oldest Local Panhandle Employe, O.ne oC t.he oldest men in paint of service iu tlie employ of ihc Tanhandle railway at this point is H. L. Clark, whose portrait, accompanies this aii'ti- ele. He lias been in this clly since ISiiO, aind his service w.i,nh the Pennsylvania dates back two years prior 10 that titiM'. lie began work for the company at l?t. Wayne, in 1857, under Master Mec'lKuiic S. A. CununUigs air.l Sniu'rlnloiident J. A. Duborry. When :-.lu> old C. C. <fc 1. C., now | lie Panhandle railroad, was ImMv, lie itiine 10 I.o- gansport. and took I lie I'oivmaiishlii of Hie «i.n>oji!er sliop, warii 1!ie l;lio William SclirJi-r as gi'iiera.l foreman. Tin; shops won 1 tlicn located o-n iho Sonthside. near Burlington aveuur>. In Mil 1 caiiien-lor shop at tliar time 1 .Sa.m Sails, wajls C. Graluim. Joseph Hmury II. I,. CLARK. .ml Joseph Brosier fanned ihe working orc-e. Others employed in the shops wo R. U. Carson, W. HoUipever, .To-lni fcKisey, James (Joss. John Woolsides vas car inspector and oiler; Abncr lealey was ticket agent at the station,' nd Thomas Stevenson was a clerk in lie oCicos. Among tlie old-lime cujri- ei-rs were Ike Kersck, Jodiu Cooper, \>m Boi-kfU, Saji) Cur.tis, Gillis Sar- veim. and Tom Mattliews. The road extended only to Richmond and the stations along die l'i<uc were uu- i.mportaut and the traffic light. For a Long time there was no bridge and all tlie business was done on the Soulhsidc of the river. Mr. Cla.rk has seen the road devi-lup from- tills small bufriiniiiig until at ihe present, lie looks'b.'iek with pride to life day he cutered its service. He has seen the system grow fro-m a "jerk-water" li.ue to a system of railroads whoso lints fonn a n envoi-Is over ainiosl the entire couut.ry. Every city of importa.nce, from tho Mississippi river east to [Jie AtlanLic scaborcl is reached by a Ji'ne of road owned or operated by the Poimsylvauia company, and its employes, i'f marshaled in one body, would form an a,rmy Mint would be alijo ill numbers. T. S, Freeman', pastor. Services at 11 o'clock-a. m. iiind'7:30 p. in. Morning sermon l>y Wie pastor. Subject "Chrisi in His Oillccs." Rev. W. R. Lowe will deliver tilm eveiuimg sermon. Sunday school at 0:30 a. m. G. N. Berry Supt. Y. I 1 . S. C. E. ait 0:."0 p. m. Welcome •for all. Market street M. E. church—.Preach, ing by live pastor, W. It. Wones at 10:45 a. m. CMMi'Mi's day cooicert at 7:30 p. m. Sabbanlhi sohool a.t 0:30 a. m. Class mei't.ing at 11H5 a. m, aiHl,(i:3ii l>. m, Kpwortili League ait. 0:30 P m. Topic: "Kecog-nlilt'.iou <»C -tihe ch.iv.'C.li and Ai- •Ix'iid.'inico on -|S«>'SyiiHKYijrnc a.nd Jinn|)k-." Lea.i.lcr, A.ntlnu' BOWSIOT. St. Lultn's English Lutihcrau Church —J. C. Kaull'ma.n pastor. Services at (1. A. II. hall as follows: Smulay selmol :!•;• i):,'!0 a'uil cJiureh son-jtes at. .11 a. in. '.fivniUn 1 lindenvor a't "i:30 a.nd Clu-ist.ia,n 10llil.oa.vo-i' a>t 0:30 p. m. EaS'loiul mls- s;im Suu day sulinol at 2:-J5 p. m. Every | liinly wiiluomo. TilMrre will lie joint sor- vici'S of Wiiis duvrch a.ufl t;he congn.'ga- rion of the l<MTsi. Presliyi'iTiiin church at flu- First clulrch a;t 7:".0 p. m. Sermon by die pas'fu-r of Sr, J^iike's. Serrii-es :i.: 'til? A. 51. 1-1 C'-lnircli, corner nf Ma.rkot and Oico-at stroel' today as follows: 10:30 ;>.. un. sermon by Rev. H. IIa,rniis: Oli'Mdrcni's Pay prosrara will !)r rciiili'ivd ill I! ]). iu. At ":•)") p. m. Hie fivllowiivg priigraim will be reiinleretl: Oprnl.ng song by Mie cll-oir. Prayer l>y Rov. C. S, Junes. 1'nin-r by JJ.rs, C. Booker. S;:.U> by Mrs. L. A. IVri'ifonl. Paper'by M-ns. If. Alloji. Solo V>y Mrs. L. Ki.ng. 8(i-i:g by ciio clioir. All an- cordially In-vtal io arli-nd all Su.rrices.—1>, IVlltiifnri.1. pastor. Hroad-way Prrahyiteriati. Church, corner (»:' Xi-n-l:h street and B road way- lie v. II. A. Perd.val. pa.sif.or. -This morning at 10:4," o'clock Children's day cxwcJses TOwlw tlie dlreerion ot the Suiiulay school. Tilim-re will lie a gradn- ait'ing exercise at' a cla^s from- fJio primary depiwlrinejift Iiinto rh'c- maiiu school. Tlw sac.raimrait of. iin.faivt -baptism will be ailiiuiiiifetered. In the evening a-t. 7:.'.!0 o'clock -Idle pastor ^-111 preach a speci'al soimoii, on "Iitfaivc S;Uvati'on." .\.ll iiavt-uts a.nd those interested iu cMl- divu a-re speciiUy urged to be present. Tlio. ' qmirteitte will si.ng Prof. I!. -T. Powell's new aiii'iihem, vCo'mto-i-t Yc. Comforc Ve, My People;" also "Suffer I/'tiWe Olnifldn-on to Come Uo'Io me.' 1 T. P. S, C. E. :i-t Ci:30 a. m. Free seats. All made welcome. MDNYON PUBLIC BENEFACTOB Kirs Great Discoveries Result in the PennanciiJ: Cmi) at Thousands 01' UEA.D WHAT THEY SAV. 1C Yon Aru Ailing. Ask Your Drug gist fur Muuyon'.s Giiii-do lo J-Iealili Buy ;i 25c. Mumyou Ilemody and Commencing Saturday May i6th. And continuing'foe two weeks, wo will place on sale, some rare bargains, iu our Clothing Department. We Lave market! medium weight, and summer suiting at COST CILRE YOURSELF. to close out certain linos. We are offering most excellent values that were never before offered at the prioe, and to all wlw arc looking for SNAPS A MOTHER KNOWS. 0:30 y. P. Wel- THE CHUKCHES. Services ;vt the Evangelical today as follows:-Sunday sdiool a a. in. PreiK'lfeig'a.t; 10:30 a. in. A. i\:( 7 p. in. Sermon a.t S p. in. conic lo ,'iH. Church o,C Clir.ist (Scientist)—Services will be held in thoLi- rooms i.u the Keystone block, cor.ner oJ 1 Sixth and Broadway at 10:SO o'clock.rtiis ino.rning. Sn'j- ',': "The Orucili.\i-o-n.' ! A Wfilconie to ill. At the Baptist church—Su.nday school it 0:45 a. m. Chiiiklrcn's Day services :it 11 n. in. .Tum-ior Union at 3 p. m. Seutor UuBfu a-t .3:30 p. m. Subject', •Aro We LifflKUs im tire World?" Mal.t. v 15-]fi. Preac3iing service at T:30 p. m. Subject ''OwneraiH'p and Service," . • Fii-sit rrasbyfMilan c-lmreli—The pastor, .D. P I'liitna-m will preach in the narwiliifr r.pou "N-ea.tsiis'bteducss." "In ihe evouiiuig at 7:30 St Luke's Lutheran church Ls invited to worsliip winli this congregation ntul the sermon will. >c by tt'iwir pastor. Dr. ,T. C. Kauffman. V welcome for all. Ufilvcrsalist Ouhrdi—Rev. T, & GulJnie, pastor. Services today n-t 11 . ID. Subject "God our Creator aud .' n ntlior. !Xo evewuig seivlco. Service r, St. .Toiim's church four miles west o'C i : ry. Subjeot "Our Fa.iil'li." Sunday cJiool at 10 a. in. Yoiwiff people's moct- ig at G:00 p. m. All are invited. Broadway Methodist Churoh—E. L. umaais, pastor. Class at 9 a. m. Snu- Uiy school ait 9:45 a. in. Children's lay sorvd'co at 11 a. in. ait wibJcb time lie ordlmance of baptism will be ad- niiu-stered. .Tuntor I^afruo ait 0 p. m, Epworth Lcajrue ft't 0:30. A sennon to lie young people at 7:30 p. m. All are nvJrted. The ForcsJtcirs will a-t.tia.id tlie Cum- si'liuul rjesbytea-ian olwirch to a body i •tflio mmtnilmg scrrJcc and the. pastor, Rev. Olila.s. B. WeiMboi-n, -will preach Ue ainiu'ial. scnn'QU. Suiwilay school at •Ai> a. in. Rrcacliing at 11 a. in. an-cl :45 p. "in. 33i»(Tcnvoi' at C:-15 p.. m. Ironing sci-inon tx> young men. AM volcomc. iiSnlifcy Oliuroli—Rev. ,. F. C. Cool- >aush. Holy •coDimuni'o-D -.it 7 a, in, lornUig prayer and sonnon at 11 a. m. ubjuct o-f .sormoni "Excuses >for In-o- eltous X/iiCc. Eveatng service at 7:30 , m. 'Subject "GlrristiiauHy as a,n Eter- al Liife." Sunday school ait 9:45 n. in. Ninth street Ohristiam' drarch-Rcv. Some Tlungs I'eople Don't Think of. "Just, why it is -that children at the breakfel: raldc will Iwtr for u little colTco day n.ficv day, 1 am unable to say, except that UIL^V have a deeply rooted desire' to have wliat their par- cni:s do in t-!io way of food anil drink, iilicu I believe tlicy n^Uirally like soine- thlug hot to sip witli- a spoon; at any rave, -the demand is there and I'm blost if it isn't Jiard to get over, whuii one has three or t'ou.v Ln the tomvlly, I nit wo cau'-l: jrivo OUT you us folks col'Coe to drink; everyone knows its effect on chiil.dreu and it seems almost criminal to*set before tlie innocent .•sonwCiing we know will han:n them." So tqipii-ks a tihougtoU'nl motlier aui.l to such (-lie grdln coffee, rostimj conies a.? a bUswhig to solve the vexed question. Dr. H. W. Fici'son, "Medical Advance," 0351 Stewart Ave., C'-iicago, .says: "We know of vouv Postnm and arc lunch- pleased ivirh l-t. Decidedly opposed to t!ie use of both tea and coffee." Postum will pass for coffee with nim; out of ten people if they are not warned in advance. It has the deep seal brown oJ old Java and changes to the rich golden brown of thick Mocha when cream is added. -It its made wholly and entirely of pure grains o£ the field, wheat, etc., •such as are intended by the Creu-tor for inan's use in -this latitude, Fostmn, 1;he h-caJth coffee can be drunk as freely as water without any of the 111 effects of coffee, and iu a week or ten days' time, the old coffee user will note a (marked change in Ms feelings anrl lie;*. lit makes red blood in the natural way and agrees with babies or growu people. Made by the Post-urn Cereal Co., Llin,, of Battle Crock, Mich, Mr. ]•:. W. Presl.o<n. agent C. M. it St. Pain! K. R., Oha.miiiUg. M1c.h.; says: "1 wa,s sovwv.ly alllic.k'd wi-vh ini('amin.-i- •twry rlu'u-nia.t.i.sia, confuu'd 10 my bed wj'i'li exuni-oW'liiiag painw. 'I'lirou difl'er- ou-t doctors* la'ciitrd me w.iililmnt success, but Mn:iyon'.-i Rlii'U!ii-a;fcm Cure relieved all miy p.-i.iims winlM-n three days, and very soon en.To.il me wnnplL'tely." Mnnyon's Rheumatism Cure seldom fails lo relieve in one to-three hours, and cures in a few days. Price 2!5c. Sfim.von's Oyspeii.sia Cure positively cures all fonns of indigestion and stomach troubles. Price 25 cents. Mniiyou's Cold Cure prevents pnou- inouia. and breaks up :L cold iu a few hours. Price 25 cents. Mnnyon's Cough CuJ'c stops coughs, night sweats, allays soreness and speedily l:ejii~! Hie lungs. Price 25 cents. Mnnyou's Kidney Cure speedily cures partis in the back, loins or groins and all forms of kidney disease. Price 25 cents. Mnnyon's Hc-.ulache Curo stops headache in three minutes. Price 25c. Munyon's Pile Ointment positively cures all forms of piles. Frice 25 cents. Mnnyon's Blood Cnre eradicates all Impurities of the blood. Price 25c. Munyon's Female Remedies are a boon to all women. Miui.voa'.-,- Blood Cure eradicates aJ! impurities of the blnctl. Price 2.jc. Jfimypn's Asthma Remedies relieve in 3 minutes and cure permanently. Price .H. Munyon's Ca.Ui.rrh Remedies never fail. The Catarrh Cure-4>ricc 25c.—er- adicates the disease from the systeir, and tie Catarrh Tablets—price 25c.- cleanse ami heal the parts. Munyon's Nerve Cure is a wonderful nerve tonic. Price 25 cents, Muuyoji's.Vitalixer restores lost vigor Price .fl. . A separate cure for each disease At aJl druggists, mostly 25 cents a vial. Personal letters TO Prof. Munyon. 1505 Arch street, Philndelphia, P.-:., ail* swered with' free medical advice for any 'disease. Come and see us, we will con vince you that no place in tU city will be allowed to undersell us. No inattoer whax they say. We are Overstocked And must move our goods, ami ha.ve made a priee that will do it. Our patrons are auvlsed to take advantage of this sale, before it is mo late. ample Hats. Do not forget that our Hat Sale of sample hats, «.e 50 cents on the dollar still continues. Splendid bargains are yet to be pit-lied up in this li ue. Don't miss the oppor. tuaily. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. 1>. FEItGUSON. - JENKS Beware of fraudulent Imitations oC tlio original POSUITU Cereal Graiu coffee. Insj.it ou Postnm. Merchants supplied by .T. T, Elliott & Son. NAMES ARE MIXED. Marion I.roadi>r: The ly^vspapers of tilie ShUe coulaiue to get fl. B. Shively's name jTuivbl'cd up wiiith that of Iton. B. !•". SWvoly, O'f Soiiith Uonil. probable Democratic caaul-ilda to for governor. As a cO'iisi.'fjticiicp, in Uvo-'ltenl.^ <:.f (lie papers, .Tuiige Ii. B. ShiveOy is running'for tJie Democratic n<H)i'iinaIiu.n. The W-a.bnsh ri.-uindcaJei- says: "Judge ShivC'ly Ls a kind-hearted syiiiiwHicrf.'k' iu;!,». I-Io possesses .1 forgiving spirit iiiiul can look over and forgive most, .any injury, but forbearance cofisos to be a virtue when i.t comes to placing hiilm on tlie list oj! aspirants for the candidacy for gnboraalorkil honors on tJie Democratic ticiAt.. and woe be unto lihe roam who made IJic charge if •he ever fciJSs into flbe- Judge's ba-uds. Mr. S'liive.ly is die camlijhue of the RepuU.i.cans of W.-ibflxh- en-unty for the office oif cBix-u'it judge, and ho will be elected by a very handsome majority. 1 ' INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN.;, Perspective and Mechanical Dran prepared for the Patent Office and Commercial purposes. Drawings and Specifications of trical and Hydraulic devices including' Alarm BattcrJas, Cond uctors, Cutouts, Electric Magnets, Coils, Keys, Lightning Meter.-?, Registers, Recorders Swltct- [wards, Telegraphs, Telephonic AppC- ances, Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Mercurial and JJotarjr Ale Pumps. Accumulators, Compressed AM and Water Elevators, Double Actilf Drainage and Force Pumps, Lift u€ Oil Cnps, etc. Byron B. Gordon* Draughtsman and Patent Attorney lock, Logansport. Putnam Fadeless Dyes iwe the ooily dyes rlint'aicli and every package wJll color ever}' kliml of fibre at one boiling in one vessel, Putnam. Fadeless Dyes a re ..the only dyes that give you such a liberal amount at dye, as ea-ch package wJJJ «>3ca- from one-third to one-half more goods Hhan any otlher. Ptitnmn Fadeless Dyes are the only dyes that mill not wash out, rub.oCC or fade. Sold by .T. M. Johnston, druggist. The-farmers of'Butler township, : M.i- a.imi county, Irave organized to prevent the iHiuters from Peru) from killisj? squirrels on th-oiir fjirms. Tliey claim the exclusive'right 'to the bushy taMed barkers'. Subscribe for the Journal, 40 cents per month. HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Ke- ward for any ease of Catarrh that can not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. J. Cheney & Co., Props,, Toledo, 0. We, the -undersigned, have known F. .T. Cheney for the last ID years, aud believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions Md financially able to carry out any obligation made by the firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. WALDING, KINNAX & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and raucous surfaces of the system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. Natural and Artificial Gas 3il! s i 4 V113 Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payr able at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during th* months of May, June, July, August and Sep. tember. : HORSES WANTED FOR THE XEW YORK MARKET. At Dykema.n's Feed yard Friday, Saturday and Monday, .Tvune lOtii. 20th and 22d. Da'Jvore, ooaohors, drafters aud busteess elinnfes -in jarood flash from r> to 10 yeara old. Will pay highest market prico. ,T. A. BRIDGE. Mrs. R. DeYoung, MIdleburg, In., writes: I have used One Minute Cough Cure for six years, both for myself and children, and I consider it the quickest acting a.nd most satisfactory Cough Cure I have ever used.—J. M. Johnston. Children Cry Tor Pitcher's Castorla, Do You Think ofjPainting YOUR HOUSE? If so, I can sell you your paints cheaper than any man on earth. B. F. KEBSLING. Are built In tk-i Largest . f jiigli Evades, B q uipped F actory in Built For Service - they are Dalit to stand for war*. Wo hava a : . maintain, henca caa not afford to supply anjtulnR but tbo best tlml moner can produce. Tho Waverleys show It. Scorcher. 3 belEUts, $ 20 and 23 Incli, »7S, 09 and SS3.00. Call und see Ihom, Bello Jf nxlft bj INDUNi BIcrCLE C0,| Indlunnpolis, Ind. CLINE BROS.Agent.

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