The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1951
Page 3
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TAGE SIX BLTTHBVTLLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS DiMaggio s Return to Form Hikes Yanks Series Hopes By JACK MAM) NEW YORK, Oct. 9. (Al>)— Jon DiMajruio's revival nroiiscrl Now York Yankee hopes today ss lefty Ed r.opat (21-tM facer) the Giants 1 Larry Jan.-en (23-11) in the fifth World Series game at the Polo Grounds. -4 All square with two wins each alter Alllc Reynolds' 15-2 conquest of Ihe Clams' Sal Maglic yesterday, ihe clubs were ready for a rematch of Friday's duel. DiMaggio, swinging from a new- stance after three hilless sanies, renewed the pride of the Yanks with his two-run homer antt single off Maglie-. For the first limn In weeks Ihe Yanks hit like the dub that fmifjlil , off Cleveland and lioston to win lhe American League pennant And they did it against, the Giants' best. It Is difficult lo overestimate lhe ernolional lift DiMagRin carl give the Yanks. Or vice versa. With "ihe _..„ .. . , hili ff'lnw' 1 sla.shillg .slumping Bcrra Sltll, if Aikan-,is had cashed <n i started lo hit the ball on the nose m its golden opportunities. It would j Yocl hammered two liners at out- I .i.ive scored at least three lout h-: fielders before he Rot his lone hit" The folks who have supported the downs anil could have won even linljhy Drown camp uv with iw'o Razorbacks financially and morally i while allowing TCU n points. I hits and Hank Rimer broke his liil through lean years at late thought' A liule blocking lust a HtUc less .slump even though things might he different this fall.; likely would have produced an Ark-j bull that iiil ba«e runner Oil Me So that 17-7 lacing which mulled I " llsns touchdown in ihe third <i«.ir-i nougnM for nn automatic hll and from Razorback snafus was a bitter j'cr. The lUzorbacks had R lust automatic out. disappointment lo them down nn the Ten (u-e hi'ti ,,-dr,.' w^vi n.i- -.1,., ... ..... Arkansas Spartettes — Waives Howling Over Porkers Loss to TCU By CAM. Ill'l.r, LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 9. IAPt—Arkansas' Razorhacki lost a football game they .should have won when they fell before Texas Christian University and their fans me mighty unhappy about it. The wolf rry has been heard from! nne C ° r " Cr Si " Ce !85t Sat - TUESDAY, OCTOBER V 1WI disappointment to them. TCU didn't pull any tricks; it did n't have lo. A lighter and appar- enlly less talented team simply beat! y he Por the Porkers into submission with i ^ concl , (l , ou ' good old fashioned /oolball—blnrh ing, tackling and a lighting spirit. With this solid backing of 12 hits. Reynolds was n different nitrl'iei from lhe fellow who lost the oprn- IIIK name. The sturdy Indian from Oklahoma had a zincinc fast hall down nn tile TCU five, bi'lt pushed back to the Hi, s And many couldn't understand | why Ihe Porkers tried a field g 11-yard line near Ihe end of 'the ! n'nrl'sh'arp cu'n'e "hat"pl!«l "flserai first half. | strikeouts Lack of blocking probablv'was'lhc ,= T ° '* *,""' llml | was sllo>t ' n ' lly i Thr " "onbles biggest rca-son Arkansas lost ' j 25 seconds were lett lo play. But! Al Dark, who hit him for s Ihrcc- Crilic« thought other Roorback i ', ' ,,,V r « ? n l" ,i !",'' ,'" '"' " ,""""' '!'" J "' me '' '" """ " ! "'""'' sl ™™«l blunders were passing from their 17-1?, ,'.f . „ ,'™ ci ""'*" """ "ini.; Ihrrc successive doubles to lelt field yard line In the first quarter (an i ., • , . ,. ', c a (lclrt ; TI i' 1 'irst meant a run when Monte interception led to an easy TCU q' ,,,..,, !', ',*'"' '"'" |)okoci « si "R lc to Ml. touchdown and too Uttle substi,,,- p.^l™,.^^!'^'^.'? r '™\ •™' I -"'» l : J »»»" *«"« 'n the tion, which left Arkansas' double j plelinc (he IBM one Mr a laM-plav- duty performers too tired lo halt of-the-came TD lo beat the Rathe two-platoon Props' 10-polnt zorhacks, 14-12. at Fayettcville ' splurge In the fourth period. ' —Courier Vews Pholn HIllmETTK'S i'lK,V. KS-With a 4-0-1 record. Coach Charley Sims' Burdetlc pirates are one of the most improved teams in !he county this year. Members of the stiuart are: front row delt to r«Jity—Don Payne. Bill McDonald, Russell EulMiiks. Terry Moore O'Neal. R a )|ih Kouri. Gary Hevil] and John Payne. Second row—W. T. Lanfiley. Buddy What- Ir.v, Eugene Prank,-;, Charles Pankey, Eugene Cable, Eugene Hamilton and j. w . ttor( . Th(1 . c , rov . — Leon West. James Cros.skno. Thomas Langley, Jimmy Epperson. Jimmy Nash, .lack McDcr- motl. Fourth row James Payne, ntil Williams. John Hanks. Billy Perkins. Eiisene Rnbison, Clinton Daniels. Eugene Burks and James Franklin. Repeal of Broadcast Rule to Hurl Minors NEW YORK. Oct. 9. (AI'i-The mi™, leagues were faced with the serious problem of unrestricted major league broadcasts tod.iy- and they are worried. The restrictive rule which allowed* ______ ........ ___ home clubs [o veto out-of-unvn i i broadcasts in cities where Raines i IT _J I I pSUi'erday.'' 1 ' ""•<'" *"' "' ! ' ^efOl J U^ broadcast and t te < lccast. h'ornc"[;"m« I f? VGSf ICJO t \J}Q was returned to the individual clubs! _ -J - y .s, Michigan State Retains Top Ranking in AP Poll By OHI.O ROHKKTSON NEW YORK. Oct. 0. (AP)_Michigan State iitill ra^ .13 the No. I college footlwll (earn In the country today but not l>y any great margin. The Associated Press' second weekly nation wide poll o( the sea- Eon gave Coach Biggie Munn's Spar- 1 1548. Handicapper Hoople Dusts Off McGinty's Heliacal Hypothesis By MAJOR AMOS B .HOOI'I.E Egad! Throughout the land the hapless fellows compeUnff with me, •t. the pastime of picking football winners are gnashing their molnrs— and no wonder! AH the • handicapping systems used by the mine-run selectors have played (hem false. Only your correspondent still Is dependable, and that is because he has found a ne»- afld well nigh infallible law to apply to grid combat. Alas'. I have tried Avnn/.am's laws ot the falling plale, the law of averages. Avogardo's lows of gases, the law of absorption, Kepler's laws of planetary motion, nnd the law of cosines. All of UiesB have been found to have a fly In them. But 1 am carrying nn. imtlnlint- pri. my cdat-of-arms still unsullied. This week I really have discovered what the boys in the back room are wont to term "the McCoy!" H Is DR. OOTTWAU) MC'- niN'TVS HELIACAL IIYPOTTII- Ycars sgo I used this to handicap polo matches and steeplechases but t had shelved It as too complicated for football. With things so topsy-lurvy in the pigskin world, however, it has been recovered, dusted off nnd mv zillions of readers will finrt it sure tire. Nn. folks. I cant explain it Three in Playoff At Kansas City KANSAS CITY, Oct, 9. UK-TWO ot the rank-and-file pro golfers match shots with one of the game's leading money winners in an 13- hole playoff today for top cash in Ihe 515.000 Kansas City Open tournament. Principals in Ihe showdown over the 6.500-yard Milburn Country Club course are Cary Mirtdlrcoii of Memphis, Tcnn . is in u, s Open champion and winner of fi\e ma {or tournaments l!n.< v far . Di , vr rjotlE- las, of N'pwark. Del., ami Doiit Ford of Ham.son. N'. y. The three wound up with "2-1-olc scores of 27B. ten strokes under par, yesterday al; cr rain had knocked out two clays in the tournament, which started la;.{. Tt'iir^- day. le Olil rinl-A-.MJnule Man to ynu—unt yet. Ihrtl is! Now pet on with the forecast of games for Oct. 13: Army 20, IXirlmniHh 1 Nary 13, It ice B Notre Danir 21. So. Jim. lj .Mtrhlsan SI. 2(1, Marmintle J Ti-sas 21. Oklahoma 30 Wisconsin 21). <lhl n stale 14 Washington t\. Oro R on 7 Mlcliljan II. liulian.T 7 Mimir.s»ln l!n. X'H'cslcrn |j <'aliforntn 2(1, U'nsli. Stale 6 Vale 27. C'ntimilila IS fcnii 1!). rrinreloii n .If.irylaml II, ncorgi.i fi '•Si: 13. r.corRlii TecK T Slanforil 20. U(:i,A 13 Singapore May Tighten Foreign Exchange Control SINGAPORE i,l>j—The IcgLslatlve council is to consider a hill aimed aj. tightening up control of foreign exchange In ih« British crown colony. The proposed ordinance would cive lhe foreign exchanse controller wide powers to Impose duties and restrictions on gold, currency, payment, sectlrilles. debts and import-export transfers and sritle- mer.!,<; of property. The bill, it ad.-ip'cd in its pro.H'nt form, would make it impo.^iWc for anyone to freely sell shares and se- curiiics •-vithi.i the stprlms area. It Tha French and In ilia n War ' peace treaty ;,, s , ism6 m Parls | E>c(jon rfly , f ^. f ^. ' holiday in the United States. We Finance AUTO & TRUCK REPAIRS Complete Service on All Makes FREE ESTIMATES =z IN TODAY! BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Walnut & First fifth Kame shapes up as the best; of the series. Although sieariy Eddie beat Jansen. 3-1. in the second' came. Larry retired 13 men In sue- i cession afier early inning trnuble i And the Yanks' chunky "nothing Uail" pitcher gave up only rive tills.! The winner of todav's Kame will' be in Ihe driver's seat. If the Yanks win. Hleugcl could gamble on his i sixlh game with Tom Morgan or Johnny sain and still have Vic Rasclil and Reynolds for the seventh. If lhe Oinnts win, Du- rochcr can try to get home with Have Koslo again anil save up Jim I Irani and M.iElIc for lhe finale. With the hifrgcst player pool In history --S560.562.S7 at stake, ihe RO- ini; might set a llltlc rupgert in Ihe next few games, 'rlie winners will slice up iM5.-t:i6 20 Ihe loser $15C.- The series already is in the mil- linn dollar r|.iss wlih lolal receipts nf $1.1)99,141.92. rmmting the cash paid by yesterday's crowd of 49..010 fans, 'mat dors not Include. Ihe $1 000.000 plus from TV and radio. Layne, Charles J"l I Of LJ llGCfV V ' Lange Gridders Defeof Central Lange's ?rude school gridders scored a 13-6 triumph over the Central Crimson Tide yesterday at Little Parti In the first game of the season for both teams. Tommy Carney scored both I.ange TDs for the victors, one In Ihe first period and one in the fourth. Charles Richie l-illird Central's only score in the Ihird period when he. raced 45 yarns for the counter. PITTSBURGH. Oct. f). (AP> —E?.bard Charles, ex-heavyweight champion who wants the crown hack nnd Rex Layne. who Just wants It 'ended training today for a 12-roimd boilt tomorrow night at Forbes Field that will do a lot for the winner's prestige if nothing else. The fight will be televised. Charles finished up the heavy work yesterday with four last rounds and his trainers smiled broadly and "The boy's razor sharp". Charles said he is in much better physical condition than when he dropped the crown to .Icrscy Joe Walcotl in Pittsburgh July is" Layne. a young hopeful 'from Sail Lake City, traded punches with his sparring partners for two rounds and Ilien told his audience: "I w-ish T was climbing through thf ropes at Forbes Field rleht now," .subjects,, to the rl gl ,«s of v.s.t The restrictive rule provided ih.u ' no major league club could nuilioi- 1 Oct 5 » The i-itory ot other major or minor ,' ,,, , llrlla!1 - v "">' championship lengue club during the. lime U'JI : n °f ( . „" /^ , co " ntry s l"ce the de- dub the S ' P "' fiC conse ' u ' of lllc f«i"argrnnd d 7ury 1< to(la" Umy "' * ."Now we w,,l find out how mllcj ^"h Stone d "m, "^"^ "''" Welch, Mobley Awarded Tag Match Verdict The reversal of Referee Bad i Boy Brown's decision by Promoter Mike Meroncy save Roy Welch and Rex .\fcbley a victory over Bill Canny and Jack Moody in the tag match feature of the American Legion's wrestlinR boms at. Memorial Auditorium last night. Meroney's action came in the third and deciding fall of the wild and wooly match. Brown had awarded the decision to Canny and Mocdy because Welch attacked him after bein^; pinned by Canny. After the pin. the enraged Welch jumped from the mat and attacked Brown, charging that he had j nided Canny in the pin by holding j him. Welch worked Brown over, niuin" his face with short jabs! The bleeding Brown KOt up off the floor and disqualified Welch and Mobley but Meroncy rushed into the ring nnd reversed Ihe decision. At the time of the rhubarb Ihe two teams were even in falls. Canny and Moody won the first round' in M minutes with Welch and Mob- I ley taking the second in 16 minutes. In the two preliminary bouts, Canny beat Mobley in 12"minutes! with a crab hold and Welch won! over Moody with a bcdy pin. Britain's common. domesticated swan, familiar sight on the Thames, and other rivers, ponds and canals.! is ttie Mute species called Cvcnus': Olor. " I Child Sale Legal For Austria Mother VIENNA i/Pi — An Australian mother may ,v>ll her child without risking prosecution by the authorities Tills loop-hole In the country's laws was revealed recently, when a mother In Vienna attempted to sell her II-year old son to a childless couple for SI02. The deal was frustrated when the youngster got wind of the transaction and reported It to an older friend who in turn told police. The mother was summoned to police headquarters, but the officers searched in vain for a pertinent clause in the Austrian penal Phone 4422 fit llirir annual meet, masters of Ihe bo\vrnan's art display archer)- at its best." Whiskey at its Hill and Hill's rich Kentucky flavor will 4 44 not nuke you an expert'r. But it u-ill j 7r) 1/5 qi. treat you to whiskey at its best." A ," re ran rom inning: T i lerc ), nve bccn n]moi - s _ a nd ac| fllMIions—that boxers not under nrailpd Sl.lrs The nncient Ecyntinns were the first people to attempt lo erade the stars c.ccnrdinp, to their brilliance, using six trades of brightness. The very brightest stars they could see were of the first magnitude. ., ,„, | contract., to the I.B.C. have trouble code. The woman was set free while Betting fights TJIIOIC the child was entrusted to reliable " .J! ! /oster parents. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Statistics shotv tliat more crimes, suicides and insanity occur in summer r .han at any other time, ol the year. tans from East Lansing • 10-polnt edce on California's Oolden Be»ri. with Tennessee's Vols not far back in third place. Michigan Stale was ranked llrst by 42 of the 112 writers and broadcasters participating In the poll «nd received a total of 971 point« on th* basis of 10 points for tint, nln« for second and so on, California was No, 1 on 36 balloti and received strong support for other high positions to roll up 961 points. Tennessee, tht pre-neaion No. 1 eleven, received 8J1 talliM. with 180 of them coming from IS first-place selections. The top three Warns were in th« same order In the llrst poll last week but Michigan State held a much larger lead while TenntMM pressed the Bears lor runn«r-up honors. The voters apparently thought more of Ohtornm's 55-H conquest of Minnesota than Michigan State'i come-from-behlnd 24-20 triumph of Ohio State and Tennessee's 36-0 white wash of Duke. Oklahoma's H-7 setback by Texai Aggies was disastrous to the Soon- ers in so far as the poll Is concerned. Lust year's No. ] team dropped from the lofty fourth spot of last week to llth with only 102 votes. The Texas Aggies replaced the Sooners as No. 4, moving up from the bottom rung in the first ten. Notre Dame. 40-8 victor oser Detroit Friday night, remained at No. 5. as did Texas in No. 6. Illinois, however, moved up from eighth to seventh to ninth, was the only other member of the select group which failed to command at least one vot« for the lead-off spot. The poll participants likod Georgia Tech's 13-1 conquest of Kentucky and moved the Engineers Into "Ighth. Maryland dropped a notch, from nlnlh to tenth. The first ten with first place voUl In parenthesis: 1—Michigan State (42) 2—California '(38) 3 Tennessee (IS) •i—Texas A. &'M. (3) . n—Notre Dame t4) 8—Texas (4) .. .. T—Illinois 8— Georgia Tech (3) 9—Ohio State 10—Maryland fl) . 971 . 961 . 821 . 594 . 551 . 531 . 35J . 27* . 23» . 23» NDFOLD TEST REALLY ME -bumpy roads felt smooth as highways!" Soys MRS. MARGt/FROT OUNN— "The Dodge Onflow RioV i> really reNe* •moolh! I look <h« Blindfold TM. .mi onlr aficr rhe blindfold WM ttmoval could I believe I'd b«en artt •vk bumpy road." HOW THE DODGE ORIFLOV/ RIDE WORKS! The new Onflow Ride result from the introduction of a new type hydraulic resistor unit is combined with synchronised spring ^ii'pcnston and hil- ancctl ^ci.qht divtrihui 1 ^'(iu CCT triple the oish- innine pow cr over roughest ro.tii Daring Blindfold Test proves amazing smoothness Oriflow Ride.. .Let us show you today The bkj dependable DODGE drive it5 minutes and youl! drive it for years Coma In ... let the Dodge Blindfold Test open your eyes to a new Icind of riding comfort. Prove for yourself ihat ihe new Orifiotv Ride takes the bumfi out of humps . . . makes roughest roads boulevard-smooth! Blindfolded, you travel a stretch of rouph. humpy poing. Yet with the new Orillovv Ride you float alonji without pitch or bounce. You can't believe ttw humps are there.'until your blindfold is removed and yon s«« tht road you traveled! 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