The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 9, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams f -CXTRe LIABLE TO <5CT BAP HEALTH DKINKW AFT6R UNHEALTHY PEOPLE. THEN WHY CANT XXJ EXPECT TO 6ET GOOP HEALTH PWMKIN& AFTER REAL HEALTHV PEOPLE? v WHV ISNT GOOD HEALTH - DEATH OF THEM <5ENERATICN KEEPS <30*r TO SCHOOL CAPE HIMSELF BLTTHEVILL1! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding HOUM with Maj. Hoople TSSSSS^VSkT-^^S.^* H*« I \oo*JrTM£Ssvg ( Fe3ffs FOR SALE CancreU cmlferts. U ucb u> U inch, plain al reinforced AIM Concrete Boildinj Ulotk» cheaper than lumbefl (or barns, ehicken bom**, pump homes, tenant home*, tool sLjedft W* deliver Call <u for free estimate Phone «9t OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • \ BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! That's why you'll save yourself many a dollar by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try ua Hfl LT£RS . 1S.' T Y SHOe SHOP Z ' W M (3 I S S — For the Finest Prescription Service . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP UleneM Phone MS] M 17*7 1»ri4 K e. l f* MCcc T«.r. I. r.J e r*a* B HI k , ,. .7^ , »ls« tin, ilrcldrd |.> .eecpl H.rr,'. r>»p«»l »f —..rrl.,,. XVII QAYNEL would not think of allowing Barry to pay the hospital bills resulting from Pal's illness. Gaynel would pay him back, every cent, from her salary. That was the only way to arrange it, said Gaynel. "Agreed?" she asked. "Agreed," said Barry. •Now well forget it for the rest of the evening. Pretend I'm a debutante, instead of • working gal out with her boss." •Perfect," Barry smiled. "But remember that 1 am the boss please—from now on. You're lopk- ing beautiful tonight." "So'that's the way a boss talks to his secretary when they have an evening out!" ' "That's only » sample. Wait until the evening is over." "Oh, Mr. Bainbridge!" She gave him a coy look from under her long lashes. "How you do go on Now, my old boss, Mr. Hudlt never saic! such nice things to me' But then h« wac old and fat." Til take that n a compliment," Barry bowed. "Though I undersland that age and corpulence have nothing to do with the matter under discussion." •I know," Gaynel noddcti, "it's alt in the head." The waiter brought champagne. The corks gave an exciting plop when he opened them. They clicked glass*, across the Mule "Die, smiling into each other's eyes. "To the loveliest girl in the world." Barry said. "To my new boss," Gavnel responded. Why didn't she'let him know now that she meant to give him the answer he wanted? There was no reason for putting him off "Why! isn't that Bessie Carter and Fritz? Over there ... the table near the orchestra, with that large parly." 7"HY should she find herself „ surprised at this discovery? There was no reason why FriU should not be with Bessie. Only Gaynel had not known they had been seeing each other. It was even more surprising that it should make any difference to her lhat thej had. Of course Fritz might just be filling in at this party. But Bessie had made no secret about the fact that she had gone for him in a big way since she had met him through Gaynel Barry said, "Shall I ask them to come over?" "No. Please don't." Gaynel spcike rather too quickly. She had not seen much of Fritz since she had been back. They lad talked over the phone a tew times. Fritz had called at the hos- >ital once. There had been one Vasty lunch, a 50-50 proposition. -»aynel did not know why her heart should be doing acrobatics K>W just because he happened to « m the same crowded night club hat sh« was in. O why, later, dancing with Barry, she suddenly changed her mind and said, "Shall we go over o^Bessie's table for a minute?" "Look who's here!" Bessie exclaimed, and nothing would do but they must join them for a drink. "Just one," Gaynel said, and when extra chairs were dragged up, she found hers next to Fritz'i. He said, "Hello, jorgeouf,. So you re back in circulation." Gaynel said she did not know she had ever b««n out of it. "You haven't had much time for me since you got back," Fritz reminded. He looked very plulo- cratic, for Fritz, in white tie and lails. Very much as though he lie- longed in Bessie's smart crowd. * • • QAYNEL was not at all sure she liked him that way. Bessie said, "Fritz has been squiring me around while you were away. We've been seeing quite a lot of each other. 1 sup- Pose, now that you're back and Pats on the mend, I'll be the one there won't be time for." Then this wasn't jurt a fill-in (or an evening. She hardly could have expected Fritr to lit and Pine, while she had been away But he certainly hadn't lost much lime. Unless Cessie had done the pursuing. Gaynel knew Bessie well enough to know that if she wanted anything, she went afler it. Bessie'* father was automotive, too. Custom-made bodies. Bessie had done a pretty good job on her own. It was long and slim and suave. Sh« had to make the most of if she was not a pretly girl. Her hair was too red, her (reckle* too plentiful; her mouth too generous Mie could afford to be generous. With all her father's money in* usually gol whal she wanted "Will you shake a wicked hip with me?" Fritz asked, when the music started again. n. 0 ^! 1 ? 1 threw a Slance acroa ' the lable toward Barry. "I don't know," she hcsilated. "I thought perhaps we'd be going back to our table." Barry returned her look with a smile. "Go ahead and dance if you like," he said. (I* Be Continoed) In England It's the Chemist Shop In Franc* It's tht .Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE — •-*•**•+* «*IWPIK For Expert Prescription Service More than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct In the last 200 yearn. RENT A CAR *•• tlems/™ Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 PIANO TUNING With I he world famous "Slroboconn". The- only 100% perfect tuning No< available elsewhere in thig area. RADIO REPAIR All work done by a gov- f rnment licensed opera- »r and every joh guaranteed. Why take lese than (he best? PIANOS for SALE NEW AND USKD Sheet Music, Records, Supplies Every thing in Music BROOKS „ MUSK STORE 107 R Mai, Tel 811 You will enjoy using Plate Glass full length Door Mirrors. . . and they're priced much less than you would think at BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. «'. H. Pens* J. Wilson Henrj So«lh Hiw»y «i rhone !4M SHRUBBERY We offe- a complete line ol Stark Landscaping plants and trees. Order now for Pall planting Stark's 131 years experience In this field assures youi getting the most tor yotir money Allow us to give yon a free estimate Telephone 554 today BLYTHEVIU.E WILLYS SALES COMPANY Nichols Drug PHONX ««*] TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of rranrtnlenl operators! UK (he protection >flr»rded b} the State and demand t HcrnM^ nperatar. Experienced, Reliable. Termite* Household Pestl. Blr»heTille'» onlj Heenwd •perator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rte, 1. Box «-W. Emit Mate St. rhon* 11*t •STUDEBAKE R""" Have You Seen The 1950 STUOEBAKER Brilliant New Styling Increased Luxury No Increase in Price You'll Agret It'* th« Car for You Chamblin Sales Co. c O FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MKRRILL BLOSSER It's a TH006HT LO OfiO? " WMCH THE JITTERBUGS. , S«/ BUT I FEAR. . lOu ARE 'SOMEWHAT "W« hear from Junior «v«ry week, Mr. Wilkt—you're not holding back a poitcard because it'» bad news, are ou?" I'RISCILLA'S POP liY AL VERMEKR KOH.BOYH NEXT WEEK W£ GO BACK TO SCHOOL ii ,_„•-- WHAT A MOTHER! LIKES TO HEAR, PRI5CILLA PLEASES ME TO LEARN •vWRE SO ANXIOUS FOR 5CHOOL TO OPEN! THAI MEANS ONLY 15 MORE WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS VACATION/ 1-efli ] s ['leased BY MICHAK1. O'.MAU.KY and If I SET THIS RIGHT. '\P OOMMOOORE FARNUM, AND YOU WANT ME TO KEEPWUS OflUGHIER'S BOY FRIEND OUT Of THE CIUTCHE5 Of A DE SIGNING FEAMLE. YOU .£A»« n THf WRON6 MAN. /AND VIC FLINT i / RtAlLY COAWG? 5 THAT'S WONOERRA VISIT HA If WAY MAR8OR AS MY GUEST. SEPTEMBER IS OELISHTFULTHERE. AS FOR JYWNEY, YOU CAN WRITE VKXJROWN TICKET IF YOU DECIDE THE CASE INTCRESIS YOU. trhe Farnam home at Malfway Harbor. <6 DADDY— III WASH TUBBS Yes, There They Are I!Y LKSLIE TURNER tHAUKs F-OE BRINGING ME HOME. GIG. I..I HOPE VOU WON'T MENTION THAT I SAW YOU TONISHr, J»M WOUID BE FURIOUS ! ML RIGHT. SMJA..BUT I STILL 1H1WK WMJE GOT HEE WCOKG. IB WITH GIG'. THERE CMJ HO MV DOUBT TM&T HE'S K BEHIWPVOUE BACK ECAUSE I w&MT •M>LV TO BE BUGS BUNN\ Making H Slick AN' DON'T SHOW ME YOUR JUNK...I BUT I WANT VA T' TRY ONE O' MY FREE SAMPLES/ A Touchy Job BY V. T. HAillUN ... THAT WERE INTO Tr EARTHS ATTRACTION. REVERSING THIS SHIP ALL YGCTTA. \ REST EXTEND 15 TELL ME VANE5 TWO VjJ^T C5ADSSTS / A.M3 K7JEJ ... TO TVI5T/ XTHEN T(?iaaE« BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES II Makes a Difference UY BDGAK MARTIN OOW'T V0«t MOCH Edoor E. Moftin is on vocotron. Until further notice the strip is being drown by Rummer ford Hongooil.

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