The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
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VOL. XhlV—NO. Biyiheville Dally Ne*r Blythevllle Courier ^THEjnJLE^COUraER NEWS Dally NeW I31vthr>vlll<> M«»rml/t . ' "~ —— — -----.-r -,„—. ____ OOUUKl TerribleOutrage, ^ Truman Says of Hungarian Coup Strong Protest Looms From U. S. to Russia As Result of Policies WASHINGTON, June 5 (UP) — President Truman loday called Ihe Communist coup in Hungary a terrible outrage. Mr. Truman said this government did not intend to stand idly by. Ihe Slate Department, hc said, is now making a lhorou B ii investigation of thc Hunenrlaii situation. The President bluntly stated this government's anger over the Communist seizure of power in llim- Eary at his news conference. The week-old Hungarian polili- $ cal crisis found (he Hungarian le- •-- gallon here split in two. pending official statement of this country's stand. The President's news conference remarks left no doubt that thc United States would act Promptly anrl vigorously. State Department ofMcials had hinted that U. s. moves supporting anti-Cominimlst forces in Hungary would IK forthcoming; shortly. They reportedly would Include a sliTf protest to Hiissia, additional economic crackdowns on thc new re- ^smie, and a pledge of assistance '. lo the currently ousted Democratic v TriniKUi Uses Strong Worils Mr. Truman's use of the word outrage indicated the tone that thc U. S. protest would take. Demands mounted in congress for a firm stand by the U. S. Sen. James O. Eastland. D.. Miss., backed Senate President Arthur II Vaiidcnbcrg in demanding United Nations intervention in Hungary and warned that continued Communist aggression would make a U. S. - Russian war "Inevitable." Eight of 15 members of the Hungarian legation here made a strong bid -for American support laic yesterday when they rejected thc legality of thc pro-Communist regime and charged that Soviet ap,cnts were'destroying all'demo- cratic forces in Hungary. To Defy Budapest Orders Headed by Minister Aladar Szeg edy Mas-oik, the group served notice they would defy orders coming from Budapest. Seven other members of thc diplomatic arut-( mlnlstrallvc staff, however turn« their loyalty to the ne w etyVern- ment and waited for instrttaftrjnX Mie anti-Communist group cle- c SBf <l "'at the Soviet government was endeavoring to suppress al democratic trends in Hungary and back those subservient to the "specific goals or Communist expansion." Szcgeriy-Maszak and. his supporters said it had been apparent "for a long time that the Soviets and their agents in Hungary had embarked on a policy aiming at destruction of all non-CoinmunisI democratic rorccs." Among those who sisncd thc statement was Fcrenc Nagy. Jr. 23-year old attache and son of thr- Comimmist - deposed Hungarjai premier. Diplomatic officials said the Russian bid ror power In Hungary was speeded up in an effort to Install Communism beiore Soviet troops leave the country following ratification of thc peace treaties. Thi feeling drew a prompt confirmation from the Hungarian minister. He predicted that, the tactics' or charging "conspiracy" against all 'anti-Communist forces would coii- * linue until all Small Holder Party members were forced out of thc government. BlyUievllle Hcr»W MJsilssippj viJJey Coosf Guard Abandons Scjjfch for 10 Seamen KAUI.T STE. MARIR, Mich.. June S. (UPi—Hope was Fi'Miitloncd today for the lives of 10 se;iiiicn mining since dawn ycstcrdny wlvn Ihr- Canadinn Great I.ntas frciRhlrr Emperor smashed oni.o Cnnoe nicks in Lake Superior and sank with her cargo of iron ore. Twenty-one survivors and the bodies of two women r;rc'v member:, were taken from ->v«vlurnc:1 life- Iwnls in the rough lake waters nnd from the rocks off Isle Royal" U R National Park in Lake in Lake Superior, 50 miles oil the Michi-aa coast. Capl. F.ldon Walkinjhr.w fil went down with his ship. LI. Thomas jM.-icWhnmry, Coast au;>rti pilot, who pnlrollrd the scene for nearly eight hours, said "there is absolutely -u chance of finding itiv more scir- vivors." Walking Horse Auction Holds N. Y. Stocks CLOSING STOCK A T and T ......... Amor Tobacco ....... Anaconda Copper ' ........ Ccca Cola ("fen E'ectric C3en Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Tnt Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Stildcbaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U S Steel PRICKS 1G4 6!) 1-4 3.1 1-2 7fl 3-K With moi-o than .-)oj horse-, already registered for uale ih~ ,•,,..| s . lerod walking horse sa!.> n b- held at the C. G. Smith ,MI<>; h.-iin |rj catcd on South Highway (il will fcl underway tomorrow. The sale Is expected (» draw hundreds of horsemen from all sections or the country. Mr. Smith announce! today that a tree bus will rim betwo.r.i lilyihe- vllle and the sates barn rat-h -ifu-r- uoon and night Ihronghc-i-t {he sale to accommodate buy.srs an I snci- tutors. A new sales barn h.-.s rcc-nlly uecn completed. t Authorities on walking h ,,-ies say Hint Ihe bcsl bred iir>r:vs ever offered nt public auction will to" nrc« ml at this sale. " Farm Loan Unit To Redeem Stock Members in Missco Slated to Receive Checks for $26,400 More lhan $2(1,100 will be paid out to Hi former members of the Cluckasnwbi Dislrict and Oscco'.a National Farm Loan Associations according to Joe E. Martin secretary-treasurer of the newly consolidated 'National Farm Loin, Association of Osceola. "These funds represent payment to former member-stockholders ••!' those associations who have paid off their loans in full.-- Mr Martin explained. "Payment of al Ire- tircd share:; in associations." he continued, "is the result of a pro- aram worked out by Thc Federal lAnd Bank of St. Louis anrl the Nabnna.1 Fan,, Loan Associations m Missouri. Illinois, and Arkansas Farmers will benefit from this program in several ways. "All claims for unredeemed stock will be naid at par" Mi- Martin said. "No stockholder who has paid hi s loan in fun win suffer anv loss because ot his investment in stock in a farm loan association. "Word of payment to nil farn loan associations, a s stockholders of thc land bank, of a 30 p flr cent special dividend, plus the regular fiv(% p»r cent dividend, totaling $2 100JJCO to provld- thc means foj- *!«!!%£ I^^-J™?^ 1 ^ n*s lust becri rtcrivfed' -mSS H Drtsti" ^resident ol tnt at J-ouis land bank. Our assoclar lion will receive about SI3.4HO as its share of these dividends. Reserves are being- further .stremrllicncd bv special credits s etun in thc bank lor the benefit, of associations. These strung reserve features, to- sethcr with a: continuint; reserve proaram." Mr. .Martin pointed out. "will adequately pnnrd against future stock impairments. "As a result; of this proRram," hc said, "all active members of the Chickasawba Dislrict, and Osceola associations -will receive full payment for their slock a s their loans arc paid, off. They arc now members of the new National I'V.rtn Loan Association of Osccola. which has been formed by consolidation ol all associations in Mississippi county. The ndmhcr of associations is being reduced to reduce operating costs and improve loan service to farmers." Newly elected directors r>r the. new association arc w. W. Prewitt of Osceola. C. D. Ayrcs or Osccoia. W. C..Wriplit or T.nxora, C. E. Cringcr or TJlvthcvillc, and J. J. Moore or Blythcvillc. Bomb Letters Continue to Reach Britain LONDON. Juno r>. tn.p.i—rv>i- 51, -secretary Ernest Bcvin and s predecessor. Anthony Ede-i, wore disclosed today IT be among the disliiiKtii.shrrt Britons who :e- ccivcd letter-bombs .if iiowdcre.-l >cliRiiite. Scotland Yards adde-l ihr- name.'* or Bcvin and Kdcn to thc" list of lorsons to v.-hom (b.^ danrjornus >ackages had been mailed. More •han r< nainos were on thc ist. including a number of cabinet ninistcrs. Devin'.s nrii-ntc soc.-'-l?,vy ( |i s _ ovcred a letter-bomb in his mail, Scotland Yam report/id, r.nd took t immediately lo sj,e |-, o jico. Ihe Conservative .'oreipn before the Labor land- H1.VTHKV1U,M, ARKANSAS, TIIUUSDAY. JUNK r, Where Tornado Killed Seven Persons SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS This del,:,s is all (hat is left of Ucdd .- counlrv More miles „•!«. thro^ch soulh-cenlml Arto,,,,,:, o'vcr Hi of the K. U. ,-,„«,,, ra,,,,,, were l al Union vel °"' family Ark., when a tornado U lefl are splintered hoi " |Wlh """' Nebraskan Gets Middle East Post Republican Named To Direct Spending Of Funds in Greece WASHINGTON, June 5. <U|'> • President Truman today appointed former Qov. Divlght Griswold of Nebraska, a Republican, to direct the Greek phase of thi.s country's $400,000.000 program lo block communism hi the. Middle East. Tlie President m his news conference said he had not "yet decided who will administer the pro- Brain's other, which is designed to bolster Turkish resistance to communist pressure. . At the same time Mr. Truman named Richard P. Allen, veteran of Red Cross work overseas, to administer in tho field the $350,1)00 000 general European relief program. This program is entirely separate from the anti-Communist Greek- _^ , _. v wv wu vruiifi tti a xoni s tj '• contiderable part or dark and Hoover,r ?1P 111 t-U~ frx, rtf _ . * Eden, ninistcr slide in 1045. info-mtvl |!»- Yiiid hat hc njot oi'.e cf t:,c letlrrr, and ! "» this tot-il' will be m the form or munitions and equipment with which lo build up the Greek army's power against communist-led guerrilla forces. Mr. Truman's selection or G;"s- wold. a lifelong Republican, was in Ihe line with the. bipartisan nature of V. s. foreign policy. Thrice governor, the 53-year-old Griswold was his party's best vote- Better in Nebraska. He came close to getting the Republican vice presidential nomination in 19<U. Then Oov. John Brickcr of Ohio won out. however, and 'made thc rate with Oov. Thomas E. Dcwcy in thc No. l spot. Boll, Griswold and Allen know their way around Europe. The Nebraskan recently has been serving; as director or internal affairs in the U. S. Zone of Germany under LI. Gen. Lucius D- Clay. Allen distributed Red Cross relief in Europe during thc war and recently became a consultant on relief to the state department. Mr. Truman, told his news con- Icrcncc hc wa s slili undecided on who will direct, thc Turkish part of thc prog ram. Vote Fraud Prpbe in Missouri Brings Comment from Truman WARniNCTON, Jtmo 5. {y.l'.)_|.,. C! ,},,cnl Truman W ii Senate Ratifies Treaties With Balkan Nations as Prelude to World Peace Mr. Truman's snueuwnl was* made lo a ncivs' <-oiifc.-«ic:c -as Fid chief J. Kdyar IM..VCT told" i. Senate commlllw thai h'.s nnchcy was niakinr; "a full InwtU-.ial.'oir- of the dtsiniU'tl Mii:i<,i:rl Derno- craliG conyiessional primary. Sir. Trillium l,,|,| icporlcrs that mi one wanted a vole fraud. He descr d it as ,,m- »t the w[ ,rsl lliill|:» lhal ca n Thc aliened volu rr.iu.i'-occurred in the filh CoiiRrcsjianal Distr<cl home Jnckson county where the 1'enderKiisl machine snvo him ii) s iwlitical start. AllcKcd vote. frauil nccurrcd dunnK lust F;H|' 5 priunry w i, cil the Truman - backed iimdldatc, Enos Ax tell, defeated »ep; R O Ker C. SUiurjIitcr ror liie Demo- lost the general election to a Republican Mr . General "« were summoned to capital hill 10- day lo tell about the puts ,„-,,. imilnary Investigation o i the vole fraud. | Two Republican senators r-Vair'- e<t that Ihe rm was reatilclcd in Therefore coi The PI-CS. awnro that Hoover VIMS embarked on a full investieaiir.i of the .•.Hitntioii _ said he didnV kno-v !\vh.u the next ,,,ovc would be ,ne said he did. not know wlni federal statute,-,- would fi e urc th-j alleged fraudulent votinR Hoover admilted he -was ' Bti-lcied j,, Jlis ;,,-,-;r,;,.-tion-i fliicstionins 32 cmploves of Kansas City S (ar, inchi-J!i-. reporters w ho conJncIrd nVi vestiBation or the primary ;l nd lour election commi,vi,'ir].- Bui, Hoover said, : iicii a' iij,,|. tation is C ;ual in prctumnary investigations. Clnrk insisled thc,- 0 uc , rr , _ unusual restrictions i,,' 'he " r-Ti' ""luiry. lie said u, a deparlmenl never nivcsdgatri: ,, 1( ,, G (.l,a,, („„„ Only Volunteers LeftinU.S.Army AH Draftees Released And Man-Power Now Down to 1,050,000 Men WASHINGTON. Juno 5. (Ill 1 ) — The Army, once predominantly an cilint or draftees, is buck on II lull volunteer basis tor thc time since IB-la, it was revealed today. Brig. Gen. A. O. Trudcuu. clihl Wnr Department, mnnpnwor •Rroup, said all drafleos .-Jii discharged, with a lew .•exceptions, vrell abend or the /(deadline. .irtcau said the exceptions, In- chidod men hospitalized, In " confinement walling court marital or thosi! serving sentences. Sonic are on terminal leave which I hey will complete hy June 3. 'Also remaining arc wnne medical, dental and linguistic oUlcers who are .serving out their nb.'lwi- tion in return for the education they received at Army expense during the war. .The draft bej ; aj] Intc in IftlO and expired last March 31. Trudeau said enlistments ha hours :arricd in his brief cas" "^ >efnre suspcctin-f it. In addition, a .similar letter wr.-; received a few days ao by thcr Uritish rmbaMy hi Paris. Ihc Yard reported, it said none of thc ombs had exploded. ,.,., —»— loiters packed wilh po\v- .33 7-8l dc1rcd ^ cli B ni , tc "'"I set to explode; o5 1-4 52 3-8 12 7-3 81 7 1-8 when opened arrived in the -nail Irom Italy yesterday, addressed to government officials S»vvnl of them were Intended for cabinet. ministers and niililai-y oUleials Child is KilJed Near Bossett By Frciqht Train Services for P. L. McCain, la- months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Connie McCaig of Uasselt. weie held al thc Basscll, Comctery yt:;- terday following the in.stant dcalli of the child Tuesday when it w-;s struck by a Northbound, l-'risco Lines freight train ther-;. Reporls from Frisco Lines officials and the sheriffs offlcs al Oscf.ia showed that the child apparently wandered on to the tmcl: where thc right-of-way completes a lo>i" curve at Dassclt. Thc cnsinccr, the ra/wrls said, raw the child and braked the ( but could not stop in llm;>. Th- rhil--l was with a group of olrl-r rhi!(iren picking berries near th-- riAht-uf- way and was believed to have wandered away from the olncn Ills reports stated. Deputies, who investigated thc r-,c- cidcnt, said there was n-i doubt that death was accidental nnd held no formal inquest. The accident occurred about D'-'n Tuesday. Mr. McOiIt; \vns in Mississippi at the liin-i and Mrs McCaig was workfni; in .-.'i field near Bn.wott, It w.-s r,-portr-,i Jn addition to his par-Mis, the )••- fant is survived uy rive sisti-i-' Swift Funeral JJome of Ctaoia was In charge. in rc- 10 iho tvv.i in- Hoovcr's - -statement bt>f«re a. .Senale Ju coininillec whirl, is the Missouri piinru .'ishcd to place in (,', c ord- of the lier.rings a report which the Filj The io m ,.}, it , r ni,jec<«l"to'rh'!s. Ul " . We are in th (; , n idii of a lull uivcslieallnn n ow of liiis mat'er and it mij;ht pruvcnr. v/ilnrs-.c- V ;as made ilcs,.,, s ., b . invest:,,,:!.,;, t preliminary administration 24 3-8 soclaterl with 7 7_g Palestine. 15 1.4 A Scotland Yard spokesman S.IH' 17 1-2 the police organuatio-.i lacked 73 1-2 nvidencc to snbstantiace the pc-utr 60 3-8 lar belief that the expl-yjiv lc' 5 1-8 icrs had been sent by thc Jewish 05 underground. Weafher ARKAN.^A<ilD- ,', , rt K A NS AS--Parlly cloudy, s cat" Ul " <lcrshmvcr s '" West and to , day ' '" Ei «t and South i, ^ t0 "'? ht ' a " d '" E <«' rwr- l ou ^''day. Warmer in cast por- Highway Revenue Soars, Figures For iMay Reveal jnped far below Army hopes and lhal the Army l s down to 1,05000(1 men—20.000 below Ihe 1.070.010 strength authorized for July 1 by CoiiRress. President Truman told Ooncrc.w when he recommended Ihe end of thf. draft that ir enllstinriu s falT liclnw rcniilrcd strength the only nlternalives would be lo employ civilians In their place or nsk /or a retuurn to selective service. Senate Doe to Ad On Bill Curbing Bosses of Unions President is Silent Concerning Plans To Veto Measure WASHINGTON, ,),„„, n. UIP) ... he .Somite prepared (oday in |,,IW I hi; HOIJSH In niijirnvln r (be Hepubllea'n union control |,i'i[ |,,. a vclo-viildl» K inni'nln ot more than two lo one vole. A final Semite vote was c.xpncl- t'd lali. loday or Uunorimv with Hie 1,11) ijolmj I.) Iho White i| mc ..i' before the week Is out. Allhmiuh i veto Li anllelpatcd, Pieslclent Truman rolu.sed nt bis uriv.s-{•iMifnrncr lodav lo disclose his jntcmlons Asked by reporlors "for n elue "s Ir, what he will do lo I),,, labor Wll anil ui (he dOP tax-reilui-llon meiisure which rcnehrd h Idsi'.slc yesterday. Hi,, president Just smiled and shook his head. Other coniiressloiuil developments: Vole rraud — Presldcnl Trnmiin nnd I'llI nli'eelor ,1. K,IRII,- Hoover are aRreed that alleged'[muds In Missouri's democratic congressional primary last Hiniinii-r .should be thoroiiBhly invesllualcd. Fascism — A House UnAmerican Acllvllles Eiiheoiuinlilee will open lirai'lnus scion on F aM :lst uellvlties In (hc Unlli'd'males. Tin, iiiuisc Administration Comnillle=, meanwhile, poalumieil for two weeks a decision on whellier to publish "Piisclmn In Aellon." n repurl whlrh Rep. Wlh.'.lt I'alman. l>. Tex., wants made public. u r p. Fred K. Jliisbcy, I!., ill.. Is opposing pubh- callim of the report, a coiupaiinti lo the published "Cmitmuiilsm In Action." until cerlnln parts, Includ- Init aliened "Smears on American liusiness," nro eliminated. Mhu: Bxploslon — A senate in- vcsllKatln« eonimlUce blumed "almost rvi.M'yonn concerned" for Ihe Ccntralla, 111., m |nc cllsaMer which killed in n,e n March !2f>. The coin- in H lee .said federal nml iilnla n- l-'euele..s. the mine inaiiaueiniint, the miners, and Ihe United Mine Workers (ATM wore all I'ulll.v of ncn- ll«cnco contribullni: to the explosion, it proposed legislation to ulvc the KOvemmcnt power lo enlorer. /finely recommendations of il-s mine inrpeclors. when fi'deral operation of coal mines ends June '10. Ihe f *Settlements Are First Made -i As Result of World War No. 2 WASHINGTON, Juno f,. (U.I'.)~T),c 'Senate '<xhv ovcTwhi.lmiMKiv ratifuM tho Haimn and HnlUan treaties—' I H st iv:.™ HoUlcniuntK of World Wur Il-on tl, u grounds pi'chide to peace and stability *l'oi' nil of Ktiropo. Supporters of lalllicalion won ir-lr way nrjnlnsl minority 'pro- swi th.-it the pacts woul't 'open heart of Europe to i'liireased Fire Destroys House; Two Suffer Injuries Fire, bclicvca .started a faulty flue, dc.'jtroy-.l of Mr. and Mrs. Hall-is Rome 2. Promised Uin P.m. yesterday, and o.'cmi-e of Ihe home Mllchvll nl i!. aboiil. a )n : u[ '—'I lor the. «l»t'H 1 3 ROCK. Ark., June r.hway revenue collections bond year which started arc niniiiii R a | lra ,| of sji]1 . lar collections last year, the slate iiiphwny department rcporled to- Collections lo' dale have tolalcrt v3..IM.n:r..-sf,,nr STi7.0:o more than "1C $3.E.'I3.CBO taken in rturini- the same Iwo-monlhs period last vear. Of the tot.i] collccleii the IHRII- •\v rillid rn:r-i\-rrl f2.BCfi.O:0 C'/fll- M-ed wilh !•-! last Iliphway roHerlinns durhr.: the last, bond year lol.ilcd S2257fifOT of which $2:.2.i.).CO!) wont into the highway fund. The'-nt reported Ihc highway fund received M.405,- durinp. Ihe ir.onlh of Mav. '• a separate report the department said the state collected t« «n 23.C03,ncri callous of ir-isolinc during April --bringim; Ihc year's total to 81.7on.C22 gallons. Two Arabs Killed JERUSALEM. June s. lUI'i -Two Arabs were killed, a mill-cud sialion was wrecked, and a p.pcliiv was ruptured today in sporadic oinoursts' violence at scattered, poin'.s in! . , . estimated S2000 damage lo Innutnrc alone. Clothing nnd oihi'i- pfjv.onal Property were also lost. . Mrs. IVVItclicIl said Inrlay Ihal she was In (he kitchen nl (he |hrei>- room bungalow when th» HIT rlait- ed. The flames raced Lhriiu<ji u.. house heforc more than- a few item- could be rescued, she -said Although many nciglihnr-, arrived on thc scene, the lire crmsiir.c^ tho house before attempts l/i hnn • it under com rot could be launched Mrs. Mitchell said. None of the daunted propel Iv was covered by insurir.ce. she said Thc house was owned IH MIS" ji.l Walker of I3lyl.hcvil!c nml locaf on the llaskin farm near Promised Land. Mrs. 13. n. Hodge. Airs. MilchoJI's "•other, was also In the hous.; whi-n the fire broke out. />. urit>lf»r>- Jnhn Wallace West, and Mr. Milchell's father. R. I.. Mil=hi-n. .'ufferwl slight burns when they IrU-d In save some clothing in-l lumllii'.f. Mr. West surfered a burnrd ami Pnrt Mr. Mitchell a blisurnd face. Power Company Lineman Killed Accident at Stcolo Results in Death for Ark-Mo Employee Karl Ciuik. 28, or Peach rtmrd, Ark., was elrctrneulcd late, this mornlni! when hi: cnini- Into condict with n lUDO-volt power line iinrl ii Kiiy-ivlro ni-dr Htecln, Mo. lie died sliortly nllcr hi:; arrival »L Blylhevllle Hnspilnl. Mr. Chirk was an employ,, of Iho AI|CI,IIX,V;- Mlssoiirl Power Co. anil was a mciKbi-r nl a hltili-llue erew opur- ntlni! out of Stcele. IMiins for ifuneral services had mil. heen nuide einly this Htternoon. He Is survived by hl s wile two children, all of whom reside in I'e.ieh Oiulinrtl. . Mr. Clark was atot) a p-ilc when (he iicctdcnl luippcned. Coni|>:iiv; offlciuls said he was weurlni; ™:>- Ijcr cloves hut Hint Icnulnr.t wllh (lie wires wns Hindu by his uriiiii almvc the Mloves. Ho had been employed hy Lhi> Aik-Mo Company .sinec Jniuniry. i l umiK of State Or- H«4 Ihi House Approves Funds for Army $40,000,000 Cut Restored to Permit Building of Planes WASHINGTON, J,ni n 5. (UP) — 'I'hc House tmlay passed by voice vote and sent to Ihe Senate a $!>,- 2l!U,l)02,-)j;i Auny ii|iprnp|-in(lon bill nfler Kmnthii! an additional MO 000,Ono (M) for new planes. The House Appropriations aom- mlttcc orlnlnally cut the army's I'lnne procuremciil rcnucst of $440,- oiio.iino to $:i!)fi,ooo,ooo. Hut the house accepted an a- mendmijiit lo restrirc $40,000,000 when Chairman Albert j. Kngcl, It, e ,. government no longer will have ail- Mich, of the subcommittee which Ihoiity to enforce Its safety cndc. drafted the bill snld he had been ' ' ' ' Osceo/o Municipal Plant To Install Generators Work on the Improvement- of Osccola's light plant is expected lo be resumed atxnil July 1, It was announced lorfay. Flillure to receive two new eralor.i has caused delays gen- The Enforcement under present law belongs to the states. Wail Is Alum (,'iinlinl Anlloii Atomic Control — Ken. Ilrlen MrMiihnn. D,. Conn, uiwd Ihe Unlletl slates to (ro to work now on an atomic eneruy policy which ivniild KO Into effect if Russia tin-, ally rejects American pro|insal,s fcri world control. He said It Is "hiuh time" to start preparing ay aller- nrillve to Ihc U- fi. control plan now before th c united Nations. Hiwsia. MrMahon salct. mlidil decide In set™ some pretext at any miimcni. lo wllhdiaw from the UN iilomlc discussions. Trrnlli-s -- oi'ipnnrnlH ol Ihe Italian and linlfean peace pacts conceded the tri'iillrs would K i-l (he two-thirds majority needed for t->nal«' rnllflcat.lnu. The upper rhambcr «•«« .sehediiii-d to liculn volliK; later today. Foes ol ratification .said they would press lo the end their rhai'Ke Ilia I, stirr peace lerm.s for Italy would leave lhal country open to a communist conn Minilar to the one last week military. ArKentlna — Klron:; conRre.sslonal support w.-ir, developing lor a frieiullirr H. s. policy toward Argentina and prompt action in drartini; a permaiienl. Inler-Amori- f.'in ilrfcnsc pnct. Thc resignation of AK.slsl.anl. Secretary of Stale Hpinillr- Uraden was hailed bv ma- clre-er relations wit), Juan Pcton's Ai(;rnlinc Roverniueiil. inlslaken In Ihlnklui; that the Army had $280,000,000 In contract anlho- rl/iillniis for plum: procurement, in addition to $;!f)ii,000,(lon now money provided by the committee for planes and parts. Thc amendment to restore $4(1.- OOO.nun wns offered by Rep. George 11. Million, I), Tex. lie said Secre- tiiry of War Patterson reported the cm. would Impoverish tho jilr forces. Just before pa.wace, the Home rejected an amendment by Hop. Aline, ij. l"orniiil, |), H. 7., to bar use of any fumls for Increased production In ordnance plants nnd arsenals. Faber White Calls Hospital Board Meeting The Hoard () r Control of Ihc Stale I" | Hospllal for Nr-rvou.s Disease.-: will meet In fjtllc liock at 8 a.m. t consider Ihc appointment of n si perinlendcnl. . !)oar,j Chairman Faber A. While Flash Flood Driycs 500 From Homes in Vermont RUTLAND. VI., Jim? 5. a)P>-. Five hundred pciv-ons were home- h-ss In (his second !:ir.;rsl city ol Vrnnnni loday as rni'-rm'nc.y crews strugi;lnl to restore pinvpr lines and <valer mains wreck-<l )>y a (ia:h (liioil (hat caused >2,OU),OI)0 'lain- a|;e but 1'iok no lives. Aii\liorlllra said nil at neai'lv loo persons rpiwrlcd niissin.t nfler n nine foot wall of wo!"r nic-rt li the city fro.-n a broken power dam had been found uninjured. Last lo be located was lilcliard Victoirc. 13, who huddled for hours in the Rutland railroad •....n,..-, iiu.-> inuM-u nciays. -rue lor nours in the Rutland railroad generators arc lo be shipped June -itnlioji after he was .'Mm.uMcd fron- 16 wllh arrival rvnn/.|/.rf armn.rl ;.<c i.. n ii. A » 16 wllh arrival expected around July 1. Three new 1250 horse power mo- lorr have been Installed and the Installation of thc generators wii! complete the work, his mother. Kmergcnc.y kUchr-ns wcr= operating In Ihe city of 17 ODD anil Army Inicks were bringing In drinkinc water. Highway and vail travel still was blocked. . of Osccola said (oday that ho ha received (brce applications— nil from out-of-stntc men. He said tlin applications came from Mississippi. TcnnrK.see and Idaho. No Arkansas men have applied for the Job. he asserted. "We will consider the applications hut may not undo an appointment lomoiTow," Mr. White said. The board has heen seeking a ne hospital bead since last •w wlicn Gov. Hoi i Laney rcllisd) to approve Dr. N. T. Hollis a s pcrma- nrnl siiperinlriidcnt. Since (hat Imr Dr. Hollk charged that his pal came about Ihrough an argument with the »ovmi»r ovrr who was lo run the institution, 'the supeilnlcndent or thc governor." In Utlle Rock loday Laiiey re- fupcd to comment on I")r. Hollis' charges nnd reiterated his slatc- ment that he Is inlcreslrd penetration. 'Ihe IIMI wns 'on the--Italian ^reaty. which the} ratirie-l IB to 10, u fin- si'OA'uV maJorH" than thc necessary • Ivni. thirds.- 'I'hc Senate then p l treaties lor Ilii|i;nrla, llung.i;/, and Romania by voice vote. , *. Picsltlciit Truman and Secretary Slate (ir.mKc C. .Marshall be- (reatlrs will serve as a ii'Biiimnj;" in « normal ( -ra in KIIKIIH- nnd hasten i rinai cellle- ment with Knssla ' on. (,ca«e terms fur . O'i'rinany uric! Austri.!. ' The, Senate . rejected;;-.22 to 6T a piciposai lo delay- cuiislder'ailori <>f the pence pacts uiilil next year Iho delay motion was offered'to Son. J. William Fullirl-ht, D, Ail who wild ratification now . S oul«i make Ilaly vnlneralile lo Com- inunlsl pressure. • • i 'J'he four treaties, pvodiu.(d dur- ns IS months negotiation-; In London, Paris niid New York were stoutly defended by'setmfc 'p r <ai- nent Arthur n. Vandenbev a Mluh., as the best compiomlsi iivallablu between i;>c views of tills RDVornment nn,| tli,v c held by nus-sln, Britain i-.nd I ranee Foes •aimed their Jlre p.lmnrfl/ 'I the Italiun treaty. Tlijy said" a $3(iO,000,i:oo reparations burden mil reduction of Italy's' nrmul force? would "throw Italy Iiu 3 the ar mj of the communists. 11 Klissm yrt to;'Act By the Senate action 11 h- U S Joined Britain In undenvrllin,, terms ror Ihc foil natloii- HiiK.sia ami ymnce.'lmve not yet . the treaties', which ,.„ into cilcct, only when a-l DU POUT iijuyoiij; apin-ovx^,: v nf •Ills' claims tlul the .iio'ru of writing the peace for CJcrnnny Austria would bccoin-> douby Icull if the Seiii-e icjcLtod the sctlliKiient.s. alicaUy dr.ifkd Such action, Marshall Bald, wouki bu n breach or riillh. Mr Truman warned that, failure to ratify it would ., to "a heavy blow lo American Icalership., " ; Son. Tom Connally. D Tex Dormer clmlrmnn or th* rorcign Relations Committee, said In the rinal hours of -debut-; ihifc r eV C of the Ilalia:i treaty would mean "utlcr chaos, uttc. confusion" ror Ilaly. It would lay n-,1,: onc . n (o tho inmiiatlon of CuimminUlv ho Sen. Brlcn McMahon, u, conn ui'ucd delay until mx l January. '' Small Sums Added to Fund To Aid School The school fund drive' for SSO'OM) today moved ahead 10 a total' of SSIi.-n.l.30 after adriiUonr.l contributions of jaOT.'IO were reported yea- wnrt this morninj. Hli«ell Dni-linm. S25; Roland' Da's, $5.40; Walter ri ay , . $50 ; o . w Davis Produce Co., $r,0: AM' 9;'.-° wc ' *15: 9t>.'itcr Murfl, si: Allen Pickard. $3f,; Bob Leo Smith, i: 61 Implement Co., $25; Dr. J. L. Tuiweii, $so. •; ; i"| T- "' — ~ " '" i- Truman Tax Bill Veto May Be Followed by Tax Cut Proposal in '48 (WASHINGTON. JHIIC 5 (UP) _ Political Washington is betting today that President Trumali will propose reduction of personal Income luxes next January if lie vc- ......» L.IIIU hc is interested onlv --•.- ...... .^.n,iu.. \ji v>unnn.-.-^> MIU In getting the "best man possible" Democratic party might divide wills vc- locs Ills Republican lax bill which reached the White House yesterday Odds arc long that he will veto the Republican bill. He has until midnisht Monday, June 16 to act Presidential Counsel Clark Cutforl is reported to be writing 'a veto j m rosace which will contend that available funds should be dcvolccl to debt reduction instead of tax reduction at this time. If Mr. Truman proposes a lax cut next. January h c will bear down hard on relief in the lowest income brack- I cU I There will be n Presidential election next year. By blocking tax reduction now nnd sponsoring it at thc next session of Congress the fnr thc hospital Job." N. Y. Gorton opon Inch low close ^^nr. rssn 2877 2855 ?877 >M •, 3?23 2J6 2ftlO 58'i5 I}' 3480 3494 347$' 3410 Oct. 2903 3015 2983 3015 Dec 2003 PX3 2S09 2021 Spot,'! clospri at 37.10; tip 8. Republicans any popularily or votes to be had that way. Temperature Climbs The mercury here climbed within one degree of the year's record high yesterday with 87 degrees recorded, according to Robert E. Blaylock, oflicial weather observe. Last'night's low wae rerouted at 63 degrees,

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