The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1944 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1944
Page 11
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I MONDAY; AUGUST ?, 1044 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING I INFORMATION lOally rate per line tor couwcutlYi licrtlono: • iilnimn Charge ......... .... MO •Urne per line ........... .......1H " Sec the new Nelson Refrigerator. 75 Ib. ice capacity. Will keep Ice and food longer. The best Insulation and wall. Parkliurst, 107-109 E. Mnln. 8-5-ck-12 ..... ".. Per Ua» p« ttay ......... to K«0er UntpercUy ........ 7« ifS ** ""« P* r <**" ..... • *> • Itonth per line., .....,,,,-,..,. MO • 4i» ordertd (or ttiree or ilx time* Id itopped before expiration will I charged for thi number of Umet I) «d appeared «nij «djustittent of l made. U1 Classified Advertising copy •omitted by persona residing out- lie of the city must b* accom- Inled by cash. Rates mny be easily Imputed from the above table. •idrertlslng ordered for Irregular •tertlona takes the one time rate. •NO responsibility will be taken I: more than one Incorrect Inser- classified ad. For Sate , For Sale Cnblnet type Warhi Morning stove, used orie year. Phone 31C5. Call be seen at Oil Chlckfumwba, 8[5-pk-12 Purebred registered Duroc bred gills. Bred to outstanding boars for September liters. Prices are reasonable. J. C; Buchanan, farm 2 1-2 miles W. on H\vy. 18. Phone 578 or For Rent , Bedroom, adjoining bath or will slmrc tile hotne. Phono 2480. I) bushels Feed and Seed Oals;t jiluy, Poullry, Ovnin and Dairy •Feeds. Blylhovlllc Grain and El-' livator Co. 8j7-ck-tl • Bjl-pk-lO Pour lieilrooms. Adults on!)'. 3M N. _9"'. 8|7-pk-10 2 or 3 Furnished rooms. 914 Hearn 1 St. 8|7-pk-14 liybe you couldn't find It because l/ou didn't know where to go Try • Parkhurst, 107-109 E. Main', for •iome of the best of every thine for title home. 8-5-ck-5 J Winchester pump gun, 3 boxes lihells, $50. Dlnl 3297. 8-4-pk-8 Jinnequtns and dress fonns An|ply at the New York Store. 8-4-ck-tf room home, in south part ol •Olty, with conveniences, possession • it once, price 51100.00 OH terms, lilOOO cash. W. M. Burns, Realtor. 5-pk-g l-ooms of furniture; whlchlncludcs efsorlng mattress and box f£g£7fl9 Clark St. A. E. Lewis. 815-pk-12 110 Chevrolet Master 85 Ceilhig |prlce. Phone 2009 before 0 p.m. 8i5-i)k-12 le-war bicycle, woman's modcT.~Tn |perfect condition. Phone 3208. 8-4-pk-8 I Royal Brunswick pool tables' fill lly equipped, see W. H. Heath, I Phone 627, Blythevllle. 7|20-pk-8|20 • room house with 3 room house on • lot, for quick sale. Call at 500 N. |Pifth St. after 7 p. m. 814-pk-8 lie portable arc welder; one power • :rip hummer. Priced to sell. Wil• liams Machine Shop, Steele. Mo. 8-4-pk-li lie eight room frame house, one liix room frame house, one double jriek store building and four lots. 3ix room modern stucco house, Ivith hardwood floors, my home located at Dell. Sec M. \V. is. 8;3-pk-10 luck and Trailer. 1940 Chevrolet r.ruck with 1941 new motor; 24 ft l-rallfjr. Good tires. Cheap. Cash 13. A/ailev, Holland, Mo. . 8-2-pk-9 l.rniture for four rooms, including l.-cfrlgerator and washing machine 'Phone 657. 8-l-ck-8 lutheast Missouri,farms. 40 to 1100 licrcs. Level lands. Well located. |3ood improvements. Highly pro- lluctivc. Price $20.00 per acre up. Ismail cash payments. J. c. Clia|)in. Dexter, Mo. Old Township •Building, Telephone 340. 8-2-pk-8 Improved SE Missouri farms. ~AI1 lilzes. Don't wait—buy now and • set choice. Write your wants. |;inrdwick Co., Sikeslon, Mo. 7|25-pk-25 Room In private home. Automatic cooling system. Phone 2844, 8i7-ck-10 Room adjoining bath. Phone 331G. 1125 Hcnvn. 8-5-ck-9 Nicely furnished apartment. 218 E. Davis. Phone 2182. .5-pk-9 Front bedroom, convenient to bath. 115 W. Hose St. 8]5-pk-9 room furnished house. Phone 2908, 8|5-pk-9 Office to in&wun Building, Help Wanted Experienced stenographer, age 25 to 30 by national corporation, essential business. Located in Bly- llieville. Reply stating experience and expected salary. Box "11" Courier News. 8l7-ck-H Wanted: Reliable, active man, iftd'y or high school student to collect on 150 monthly accounts on liberal basis. Bond required. Write Periodical Publishers' Service Bureau, 1035 Slarks Building, Louisville 2, Ky. 8-3-ck-8 Experienced COO!M »nd Waltrrasen Apply Hotel Noble. Td-ek-tf -"""•-••^.••m Lost Two No. 4 ration books lost Wednesday. Luther A. Henry and Lizzie Henry. Finder please write P. O. Box 915 for reward. 8[5-pk-8 Dark brown leather billfold, containing personal papers; money and Tennessee driver's license issued to Joanna Gritfles Corley. Finder call 3240. 815'pk-12 Gold Simmons watch chain and • charm - marked with letter .-"B". $10 reward. Bring to 423 West Ash. Dave Kiraiey. 8-4-pk-l! Wanted to Buy Hay and Corn. Blythevllle Grain nnci Elevator Co. 8]7-ck-tf Will buy farms in Arkansas. Write details acres, crops, woods, water ishtng, liusting, buildings, schools, stores, roads, price, terms to ,1. R. Willis, 715 NO. Ave. G4, Los Angeles, 42, Calif. 8-7-nli-S [room house close In. $2000 cash 11. C. Campbell, phone «S. 8-l-pk-8 I head Shetland ponies, all colors. e black & white five gaited fiddle mare, five years old. C. C. hhcll. Dexter, Mo. Junction 25 & 110 Highways.. 8-3-pk-10 lilts,/commodes and pipe. Arlan's Ifurf^Yard. Phone 2890. 1 '-v ' 7|m-pk-8|17 I have no sidelines.— | EXCLUSIVE HEAL ESTATE Sales nrtd service. H. C. CAMPBELL, Ph. 448. 7-26-p'k-26 Illd stainless steel knives and lories. Also Rogers and Oneida pomimmlty. Prewar genuine isil- I'cr plated knives to which you can lidd other pieces later on Park- luirsl, 101-109 E. Main. «-5- C k-I2 lidios—battery and electric. (Hardaway Appliance Co. 7-25-ch-25 cold watermelons, whole or half piiaranteed. Sharpe's Place, Alr- liase Road, phone 3157. 7|26-pk-8[9 I r farm bargains In Southeast Mbs^ lourl write or see W. E. eusTAF- |!ON, Farm Sales, Clarlrton, Mo. 8-8-pk-8 |i;ht the heat with an all • metal afiic fan from Plant |ers..Hardware Co. . ft!' 7-25-ck-25 I room house with bath; also, 3 loom house and. water connec- lions. Mrs. Hern Thompson, 1605 |V. Vine St. 1|21-pk-8i21 ro lots new American Legion Hut. Tames Costou, Osccolft, Ark. _^ 7-17-ck-tt Jctrlc table radios cheaper at The |ladlo Hospital. 204 W. Ash. 7-12-pk-8-12 Iree used A.-O combines; one • 'radically new. Write or call E. B. | tee cotton Co. phone 2026. I Inch window fan blades. Build • our own fan. Blythevllle Ma jhlne Shop. Phone 2828. ![ REAR-ADMIRAL HORIZONTAL 1 Piclured dirigible ! expert, Renr ! Admiral : Charles E. 9 Disconcert 13 Slate J 4 Piece's out 15 Elderly VF,imc,ir, 1 Scales of pay 2S(oVe part 3 Oriental coin •! Erbium (symbol) S Prevent fl Related .« 7 She ' 22 Italian money33 Lot it sland 8 Left side (ab.) 23 Earth 34 Greater 9 Deadly „ 1Jmv 10 Eight and twu 10 EMS 18 Stairs "1 19 Half an em 20 Observed 21 Fastener 22 Prevaricator 23 Travel via waler 24 Exclamation 20 Tunes 27 Vended 28 Beverage 29 Elemenl 30 Prevent 31 Wide smile 32 Anger 33 Spirit • 3-i Gronn : 35 Nova Scolia : (ab,) : 36 On lop 37 Toward 38 Hostelry I 40 Standard of, i value ' 41 Short axis 42 Twine : « Bridge ' 44 Dry ; 45 Island 46 Give blessing • porlmcnted wllh . s 12 Editors (ab.) 17 Oceans is fowl quaiKHy 2C He Is an 30 Make amends ki expert on ilgkW? Binds ... ;— 39 Elliptical tf 2 L,qu,d food « SkinoiJCn , 28 Constellation ,,1 nv«.v- 21bummon o , 30 Imbecile 31 Proceed (symbol) We Will Pay Up To CEILING PRICE / For Good, Clean USED CARS Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 GOOD HEALTH DESERVES THE BEST WATER; Bad Health Demands It • Division iilncy elimination. For Particulars, Free health booklet WHISKEY SHOP . / Blythevllle, Ark. Interest in buying used bathtub, sink ana commode. Call at 220 So. Franklin. Sj5-[ik-B Ttt'o wheel luggage trailer. Phone 2009 before C p. m. 813-pk-lo Wardrobe trunk. Must be in good condition. Phone 2230. 8-2-pk-5 Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good nsed fnrnl- tnre. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay 20o per aoz. for wire coat ^JiangcrB. Hudsoc Cleaners. Wanted To Rent $5 reward for information to obtain a furnished apartment. Call 2321. 8|5-pk-9 Bare 50% On TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S D r D f Stir* Main & Lake Phone 2822 Bprlny and gammer TUNE-UP Save Gasoline . . . Sare Tires. Get All-round Better Performance! T I. SEAT MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer r*rt* A Serttee 121 W. AA Ph«n« ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT< PRESENT stocks of repair parts arc as com- plcte as during pre-war limes! Put your plants In * Belting *BelfLoce Steam Packing * p ipe Fittings AH Size Pipe * Crane Valves / Gin Saw Files and Gummers Hubbard Hardware Co. Serving lilylhcvillc 25 Do You Want To Sell Your Property or Business?—If So LIST IT WITH IIS FOR SALE! to TOM LITTLE REALTY CO We Have Buyers W ait,,, g 5 *,£* fc Have Equipment Fixed Now PAY THIS FALL Delta Implements, Inc. FALL TERMS FOR FORD REPAIRS Don'Het your Ford wear ouMor lack of needed repairs. Make your Ford operate economically for the duration. New Ford Reconditioned Engine Tiie only remedy to worn cylinders, pistons and bearings «' , NCW Steerins Gear ' Ncw Pain ' °"d Body Repairs YOUR FORD NOW. USE OUR-FALL BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. 453 "The No. 1 Ford Repair Shop" Walnut at 5th. OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT Balm »iil Service HARRISON ... l'AHT8 CO. 617 W. Asb PI,,,,, If J»« want I* .My ••» Wu SELL C8 THB FUKNITDB1 •U tUBitlf,'*, !j n M.U . Co. ntut |IM , Hals ana Mice ellml- nalc.1. Contracl Etrvlce In pcsl control. Biddle Exterminators Free JIB B. Third 2751 fry our "Own Made'* ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn fr»m Schwl Plenty of WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE MANDFACTDRINO CO. Pliorie 28H Elmer VUtCARIZIrtG Tire & Tnbe Rejwlr Ctti*o B«U km. A «. Hwy. n (WtrmtHf with tatltt Am. «*.) PRESCRIPTIONS ("rtihAit Stotk GmirtnUrt Best Pri«*g Kirby Drag Stores Will Your (ar Last Another Three Years! YOUR CAR HERE'S WHY— In order to produce new cars quickly and sdve"d;iii^; traniportatidn, the first cars will bo modifications of the Jaitedrt built and not completely new models. A7n Sf ° r ' S oh a bi 9 $cdo ' !f *''" » ak « 3 to 5 years to replace the 6 to 7 m.lhon worn-out cars and fill th* terrific new demand Since doctors and essential users must come first, rationing will conTinue.' Before there are enough now cars for all, thousands will be walking other thousands driving rambling wrecks. The better cars will be in T Q b! in In view of these facts, whatever it takes to put your car in shape, it will be a good investment. It will assure you of a car until you can get a *ew one. It wrll return a good dividend as a "trade-in" on a now mod" Any way you look at it, YOU CAN'T LOSE. Investing money in your car now is like putting money in the bank. Y —LET'S TALK IT OVER Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Blythevillo Hate Fun & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned For Bummer, New Location! 16 N 1st J. T. (Chtrlie) Sttlcap Phone Z993 or Z5M OPEN DAY & NIGHT Phone 578 DON EDWARD^ "IW TlftWfltB WUV> KMT , OOSONA, AND tUDUNCKTOH KJKTA1M K. tt< BTRMTI Tr»M«ntlon Uy V. T. HA Ml,IN 5HOT AMU 87 BOOM... OOP STl'li HAS THIS THAT AV\R«S HIM AS DEEPER OP '.KING,. SOLOMON'S WIVES' OVTSV FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL RLOSSB DID You SEE ' ^ WHERE B TtoT wot. . THIS NEWSPAPER? ,/ KID WHO GOT US'ALL / O ^ >•• ' 'JPHERE DMA MLD- ' ' GOOSE CHASE? fi KMOW VOURE- LWLESSyoU'KE , .,_ BUT 1 SURE HOPE YOU KNOW IT/ op SOLD MIS LOT,/)ND WITH IT WENT LARD'S DRFAM Of- RICHES. OM TOP OF THAT, THERE SEEWS ~K> BE AN CROUP OF 'GOLD SEEKERS" OM LkRO'S TRAIL— Snmo Old Dulchcss By FRED HARMAIS, j. y ...~.,>t:wa^(.,,.;iTrB^^^'/feUt«t ' WASH TUBES CVWE TACTICAL A15J No Time Wnsled BY LESLIE TURNER ...WE'LL NEED 7 6-Z6'S WITH CAMERAS MOUNTED AS DESCRIBED \ IN THIS ORDER... HAVE THOSE CREWS REAPV/- *. Cf\O ADlCCILI/L f A TRME61T5 VAST SSWKCES OH THE NEW JA.P WEAPON ciOlW-S TO -EMAiT THIS JAP BOMB THW MAY HELP US FWt> THE ANSVMER TO IT; HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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