The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILI.E COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HA1NES. Publisher HARRY A. HAINKS Assistant Publisher A A. FHEDH1CKSON, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN Advertising Manager 6ol« National Advertising Representatives: Wallace. Wltmer Co.. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis BI,TTHEVTI,LR (ARK.) COURIER MKWg KnUred RK second claw matter Rt the otllce it Blythevllle, Arkaosas./under act at Congress, October 9, 1817. Member ot The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city of fllylhoville or »ny suburban town where carrier seme* is maintained, 25c per sveeK By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $5,00 per year, 12.50 (or six months, SI.25 lor three months; by mull outside 50 mile none, H2.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations In Ihosf days iliorf wax no klnjr In Israel, bul every man tlirt thai which was right in hi* own eyes.—jHtlgPs 17:6. * * * Ax [he mind ol each mm j.s roji.srJoii? of pw>d or cvi), ,so does hf cnncci^'e within hi* hir^.M hopf or f«ar, accgrding to his artiotu.—Ovid. Barbs If you get full credit for what you do In life you likely won't need credit for what you buy. « • » We rear! thai ppamits arf a jourl substitute Jor meal. Now, what's » food nuliillliile r«r |iea- nuls xt * movfe hfttiie? * « « Tlie average person says 10.000 words a day according to statistics. How many men have average wives! * * * If you don't mind grltlng polished off. Jus( keep on bragtinif that you mrr. overhrlnht. * • . Il'i nice to know that the more you've saved Jor next Christmas, the longer It will take you .to jo broke while shopping. Defeatist Attitude Reflects Sterility of Labor Party Dismal defeatism lias fastened iUelf on the ruling British Lahor Party, Meeting at Scarborough, Rnlfcnml, in nn annual conference which actually is a pre- election rally, party leaders had only this cheerless prospect to offer voters: "As bn<i aa things are in Britain today, they were worse under the old Conservative government and will become so again if Labor loses Die Oct. 25 election." What stirring campaign material iliat is! After six short years in power, the governing party presents itself to the electorate as merely the lesser of two evils. This mood of despair confirms the oft-heard report that Britain's Lalionles have found the governing chore a grueling, wearisome lask, ami that many would be only too happy to throw the burden to the Conservatives. Such an attitude lias a deeper significance than a simple wish lo lei the . Conservatives take the blame for liad times so the Laboritcs can pick up Ihe. ball again when things get better. ft reveals the essential barrenness of the socialist philosophy of government. The Labor Party's t'omiiuiiiiling clitjiie is a group without hope. In bnre- ly more than half a decade a party founded on idealistic concepts of cooperation and public ownership and human welfare lias rim out tif steam. No sane pi-mm would suggest that any British government ruling in the postwar turmoil would nut have had serious troubles. Hut the reign of the l.aboritos has laid bare a fundamental weakness in their outlook on life. They do nut ."peak the language of growth, of creation, of new things. Tln-y speak always of sharing the old. of restricting, of preserving what now exifls. In a world of more and more people, who seek with increasing energy to gain for themselves more nnd more ,,f the substance of life, Urilish's principles arc no shining ln-aoui in!,, the future. Nor is there any mure promise j n tl-,p radical Revan wing of the parly, nnw temporarily l,;..,-k in ihc fold f,,r campaign purposes. Anetirin Revan merely "ants to nV-emphasi/p rearmament so the party may get on with it? faltering program nf iiatitmali/ing industry and spreading existing production thinner. He would like this experiment conducted in- purest isnlalion from troublesome world currents. Labor's leaders themselves are forecasting their defeat by a margin of from 30 to I 10 seat? i n Parliament. In acknowledging the current trend ,,f popular sentiment against them, they are roti- codiiig the gray futility of a political outlook that ignorM th« nt«d for «xp»n- jiion, for progreen to hijfh»r )»vel«, lot R buoyant climal* of hop*. Airlines' Overall Safety Record Is Good Despite Hi* recent crash of a United Air Linna plane near Denver, the domestic aii'line.s are compiling a remarkable safety record nowadays. Records for IHfiO show that fatalities came, to only 1.1 per KM) million passenger-miles. No other mode of transportation can match this, Two major transcontinental lines have piled up more than four billion continuous passenKcr-mileK without mishap and a sizable number of smaller regional lines have openiled for periods of from *i.\ lo 21 years without any kirn) of ratal accident. Some of these do a very substantial business within their operating areas. The airlines need not blush when comparative safety performance is the topic at issue. Views ot Others Moral Idiocy in High Places? Are ue rearing a cla.w ul pcuple in this country who arc bright, 'A'cll-educatcd and o( good appearance, but wlin are moral Idiots? Consider some of the testimony to the Senate Krrnip that's been probing Into lecent history ol the Reconstruction Finance Coriiorntlon. Witness after witness hllB admitted taking money or valuable presents from biisines* concerns to which he »BS helpful In getting loans wliile he held a government Job. or ol earning large sums on the side, in tlenls which his i>m- clal position aided; nnd then snyiriR. in one word- Ing or another. "I didn't tlilnk it/ wna wrong." President Truman may wax Indignant at efforts to "smear" hi« administration, but he can't brush away the confessions and the testimony of strait, bribery, rake-offs and ctim conceptions of morality In mnny connen o< hl« i>olHic»l household. The shocking revelation! of tlis jwst montlli arc known to every newspaper reader. Tliey Involve former BFC ofliclnls. White House aides. Interim) Revenue officlah, and point an accusing finger at pmty blR-wigit, »nd » congressman or two. Adoption of a government code of elhlc.s has been proposed. Mr. Truman, belatedly waking up lo the mess, alter callln,; the Fitlhrlght report on the RFC "asinine," sngjenUs thai oflicinln be required lo file report,* of their total income. That last might ije helpful. And end to appointing cronies to Important government John would b« mor« effective. Rut no re»l cure st po.wlljlr ml the people IhcnwelvM rls,. In Indignation to stop It. This disgraceful preying on Ux fund« will (to on «( long as millions vote for their pocketbooks Instead of for men o[ principle, and big. easy money flows out of ..Washington to attract th« rnoral bur/ards. — ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT 11,000 Desks Ahead Tlie federal government haj bought »o rnnny desks that It now has of them stored at Wasliinutmi. some in the covs burns al the Soldiers Home. But tnvpaycrs should b.- ralm and philosriplilc. even if they are now paying heavier taxes and are going to r»y still heavier ones. A Cieneml Services Administration official MI.VK ordinary demand will tnkr up the surplus supply within three to llvs montlis. And the people of Mils country can ulu-nys be serenely confident that tl« InHRlng. boomin,! hiirentirracy known as Ihe federal government will rciristmip evcrylhin R in sight in the way of physical equipment. There are, moreover, grave and serious considerations. Without desks, typewriters, desk phones and aridiiii! machines equipped to handle billions-the miBht fcdeial government crcnlcri by I In' KtiimdiiiK Fathers and built uiseor and rnnlier eun since, would come cl.ilteriiiR lo I'.ie ground. When ive Diink of the appalling situation would ronfront our siovrrnmcnt if it should hr <:\ui;il! short ol Ihe physical equipment needed f) outfit rhosp warrens of endlvss offu-p.s. ue should frel comfortinK i\Miirance whrn Hie government is 11.000 desks alicad, even ilinuch Consre.-s must levy taxes until It hin-t.« - a;:d maybe make some peoplr boi-row money to pay same. --ARKANSAS OAZB7r!E SO THEY SAY It 1 have a Bftieial objection to military men if. «o\rrr.ment Jobs, its this: many have managerial experience, but not many have investors' experience, particularly with icjiard. lo what tlnncs cost the taxpayer.- Chin j. Abbott, .Nebraska cattleman. ^World's Tightest Talent Monopoly Peter ft/sort's Washington Column Time Element Is Key to All-Out Production of Atomic Weapons I'eter Edson Co/nmltt*?e on < Second of twci lUs^iatr! thf- nf.w atomic wartarr.) WASHINGTON (NBA i Connecticut Senator Brien Me Million's chnllenginK Lclcn U) .s|jend ni ore money on the new Btcmic WMPOIM in order lo cut d o v," n expeiuli- tnre-s oti convention n) weapons i-s regarded by some military i Xi'i-rUs a.s a booby trap. There Ls a jii-eat tetnptat.ion h fi r e to liail Senator McMahon, who is Chairman of the Senate - House Atomic Energy, ns another Billy Mitchell — the" jik>- nofr ot n new kind of warf:irr. Thfi gfrnmick hi (he MrMnhon dtK-iruiP w the time cLernciLt. How lone will ii be bctcre these new super-weapons are re^dy? Senator Mr l \[ahon hirnsrlf says It would take three years. A lot of false hopes may have bc-rn put in the minds of many j pet>|ile by remit official annoutice- mrnn on nrw wcarmns. New plant. 1 ; in build a hydrocm bcinb. Atomic tv;irh<!;ufe for artlllciy -shplU. Con- tim-iA lert for atotniti-powrrcd nlanrs and siihmarinM. N:ivy rrvflation ihiit aroniu- bnmbs linve now bcon rudiircti in size -so that they can be ilown from aircraft rnrririr. Air Force i-evrla- tion cf thf ni-ERri;z;ition of thr Hr.a B-Bl Matnrlnr tmrirc! missile :r(i]nrl- ron. Pre.Mdcnr Truman's .San Fran- ri.sro .^prtvJi on "fantastic new Poople rr.irt about these thlncrs In Hie paprr-s ancl then a.-k. "If we've cot Mich stuff, why don't wo Quantity I'rodnrUtm Is l,<m K Way Off The .simple, bouest nnd direct answer to this ciWMlinn is that quantity production of a lot of weapons may be three and even five years away. And until such time as new wtMipons are proven, "We miLst be able lo defend ourselves and win battles with tested, available armaments," as Defense Secretary Robert A. IviveLt puus it. CotiKrew Ls J; ao-,v in tlie pio- ce-s-s of appropriating the .second half-billion dollftr.s to build t h e plant in which hydrnneti bomb ina- lcri?l.s will presumably be manufactured. While Army and Navy have let ['imtiacts to build the airfratne nnd Hie .submarine hull that will be prr.smnnblv driven by n'O(Tj;r- t jrtiv- crcd ciiRine?, the land-based proto- type.s of engines have not yet been built at the Atomic Energy Communion's Arco, Idaho, reactor center. The one must positive, new atomic warfare development on which it is possiblr to pin some hope Is the Exercise Di'srrt, Rock maneuver to bi- held r n ? he Nevada tt'.u site this month. Five thousand troops— n rcGimen; ;il combat team equal to a third of n division --will a.^sunic fi combat position, i-oinplr-tc wifh '. rcnrhcs. 1^1111 emplnceinciHs and barbed wire. The trii(ip5 will then withdraw a $-itp. di.^Uuicr and one- nf the new baby atomic bombs will lx» dropped. The Iror-p.i will ilien IHIIVE; baric into pivnion — amply protected ;i:'.; radu-Ukij] hn/.ucJ.s — to ,see whnt would have happened lo them if they had -sfyed put. \VoiilfJ Also Use liotiih TVC0DAT, OC'lUUHJt B, once over lightly- A. A. Fredrlckson There .seems to have been a -.witc-h in some ol our moral standard* and I'm stiil raltling from (he impact of the maneuver. I've tried holding my head in a double interlocking grip and forcing both eyes to bear »» the .same object, but Die Finery remains atilt and it dwsn't look bit good that way. •+ A.s conservative a< a blue wr&« .suit, by nature, i border on being an old fuddy-duddy about .som* things. Especially th« impression* of behavior, public and private, that were made on me—mostly with raKorsti-ap and hAirbrush-durinif my impre.s.sionable years. Certain obligations and reapon- The DOCTOR SAYS By KimiN [>. .IOKI1AX. .M. [». Wriltc,, for NKA Service !! Jilt!c Joltimy develops a |rvere I"'" In hissloiiinrliainay nofhaveUiMmr 1 " , ,- ~ —- •—>•— been caused bv loo ma.iv green »p-f' b ."" le!> - ! alwa ^ thought In m; "'-- ' P | nalve «' a >'. seemed to Jail o£ th«ir 'own accord into patterns that, any- ples or popcorn. If his pain kccji.s on the possLbililv of annendicitis ^i- " ' " v "" i/ »'ij- 1 p one w"h an eighth-grade education must be considered, and although Ihe chances are against It. ol course, it, Is better to be safe than sorry. Appendicitis la by no means uncommon but appendicitis is a rather tricky tln:!c. Quite often, ii does not cause ns much pain as people expect it to do, nnd Jor this reason it Is often alloweit to run too long until the ajjpcnrtix lias ruptured, and then there are real dangers. [t is true thnt in recent years the deiLth rate Jrom ncutp appendicitis hps been greatly cu[ dm . n but there arc still tar too many, and most ol Ihese could have been'avoid- cd Ijy early diagnosis. The diagnosis must be made by the doctor, of course, but everyone should know M-lien the doctor should be called. When the pain'is rather acute and located In the lou-er part of tlie abdomen, if there Is slight---- • fever ami no diarrhea, appendicitis ] sinner for being accessor/befor* m'ist surely be suspected. 'Hie phys-! during and after tho facl SsHK^SIir-s^.Mrss -«S£=SS £S~=™ and no criminal record could understand and follow. That, was before I stopped n*ting Frank Merriwell In favor at Estes Kefauver and forsook HorsMo Alger for easier and quicker rondi to Miccesj and riches through the Tlie subject I aril slowly working my way into transcends the oue«- tion of "What is R bribe?" That h«» already been defined for us *i | terms of hams of certain poundage, deep freezes, cameras, >«wM- ry, mink coats, legs! fees in* jurt plain cold cash. It impinges mor» on ivhan » a Sift a bribe and who U mw« >< lanH. the briber or th« bribn? « first glance, one would think th« briber would be guilty ot the over* act and the bribee just M big this exercise is that it indicates use of a bomb con.siricred t.-icurally adequate to attack a rcsiiiienlal position. Not a divisional front taraet. i'lid not a whole city like Hi'ro-J .slniiia will he the target, but an: area approximately half a mile! square. Senator McMahon in hLs speech! declared that. "If we produce this (atomic* weapon . . . the cost i of a single bomb will become l-.w' tliiin the cost of a single lank.": The Senator was net .s|ieakuv< FVC-'- i ifically of the baby bomb, but ol A-bortiks in general. .Uayuc Ijabyi bombs could be made cheaper. But I the average cost of a medium tank today is around 5250,000. I That's still considerable money! for one bang. But if three or even ' four such bombs could be used e'- tt>r>i',-c}y to destroy an enemy ciivi- 1 .sion. the cast, would b.-- o.ii $1 j million, which would tie cheap. ] The problem \vhich Senator Mc- Mahcn pcses therefore brcomes something for the .slide-rule boys. It' is tile economics of destruction, if | you please, and which hind is | cheaper — atomic or conventional warfare? A few. very round and very rough, lule-of-lhumb figures may :<ive seme basis for comparison. It now! costs SI million a day lo keep an] American division in Ihe field. If j you count in ail ihe reserves, sup- i plies and overhead, clear back to the Pent a pon. In the first 15 months of the Korean campaign. American artillery [ fired over ei^llt million rounds of \ ammunition costing, at today's re-1 placement prico.s. nearly 5500 mil- j lion. Whenever the tieu euidecl nii.'isile.' of acute appendicitis, the patient must not be given cathartics or laxatives, .(nee they greatly increase Ihe dany.iT of a rupture of the np- pcndix. Even food and fluids increase tile wave-like motions of tlie , intestines lifttl increase the chances i get on top of the counter. The government doesn't *enn t» think, however, that anyone except the briber Is doing anything illegal, improper or immoral. Th« Air Force set aside It* comic boolu iii'.eMincs mnti increase the chances • " *•«•« ™i. asioe m comic, boom of a break-through or perforation- °"- ? ""oush last week to construct of the appendix. an example ot this opinion. Operate Immediately Leading a brigade: of mimeograph In most cases of acute nppemll- machines. Lt. Gen. E VV Raw-lines cuts, the proper treatment is re- C. O. of ihe Air Material Command moval of the appendix by immedi-lat Dayton, o., .sent letters to 4800 a e operation When this Is done manufacturers to inform them early (here w little danger of any that they may be smitten with larg. ™'P I «»".'>nrt.''velop 1 ,, !t andthere- fines if they try to "bribe or insults aro highly successful. If a person Is caught, in the mountains or some other place where medical care cannot fee obtained lor *.r£'£A^^%£ «- e ™ a! ™nent — P C^ l^rn^n 1 !^- ------- ™£ it were poison which In this instance it really is. Although there are many other causes for acute abdominal pain besides appendicitis, oni> should not lake any unnecessary chances since flucncc" procurement personnel.' Seems kind of a shame that this sort of correspondence is needed in the first place, but the air has been <i blue with tlrocnrpmmii *^*>i/i^ip ^^ .. ian procurement officials were suspended and finally quit after an investigation, one is awaiting grand jury action and another is being probed by everyone except his family doctor. almost, all the deaths aVi'd'conipiica- ! The i]l(!!IelMe °' the general's ••—- ' mimeo-grnphic warning i., that -My "°" s s " cb ns P pr ''onitis are the re"'" "' d(1 ' a V ctl diagnosis or post- 1>0 " s " r >' 75 Years Ago In Blytheville— help is weak-willed as all get out. so you peddlers will have to stop dangling baubles in front of them to lure business your way." Tills "bribe-at-your-owii-risk " attitude is commendable, but it's ag i useless ns one glove unless the rules A .son ua.s born this week to Mr. .'xlso read -accept at your own risk " and Mrs. o.W. Ccppcdge.The child. The recipients in hot water as en'•-s been named Earl Pride. l umerated above would give' the More than 200 fans are expected [impression to arrive in iilytheville Friday a- >>ut hear i hoard a special train from Joncs- boro.The Jonesboro-Blythcville football Kami- is expected to draw one of the year's larsc=t- crowds: that this mind the, the outcast* didn't get the ax until expensive investigations unearthed them and the heat was on their superiors. -.., .,. . Since anything from a cup of The Federal Crop Reporting i coffeee to a Christinas gift of a Boards today esf.maleci the nation's] smal1 Cadillac may be deemed » 1S3G cotton crop would exceed 11.-[bribe In these touchy dayv it oCO.OOO bales. ' i would seem to me that a 'few honest ; -ocurement employes could IN HOLLYWOOD IU RRSK1NF, JOHNSON .NKA St.iff Corrr-spornK'nt I've never known a pood newspaperman who !i"il< to the botllo and stayed a sood newspaperman- ^tiijk ixnrjoy. arfo:, filastir.ff serfr-n-sr\-|e t'.pe ol uvo-liantied dnnk:ns rriwrtrrs * * * Sti.(iidity Is a dansonnis thins. I^t s keep it- on the Russian side . ch.iilr-s F. Keiterni s . inventor. • • • If ihi* country were a O'lnnunnsl m fascist <tirrai(ir.-hip. It would or possible to issue a decree wiping out all inequalities between citl- "•n.< . . . tbllt. by destroyinc the spirit' winild •akr away the main reasr McMath. of Arkansas HOLI.YWOOil iNEA. - - KMi-lll- sivoly Yours: In.sioVr-, aro lolhni.- :t that U\na Turner's dates with C'v | Howaid are a publicity do\ i-p 10 j re-establish her lls „ j. ay [,, IS(T - sll.ippinc movie queen. I'oln^ranhrrii wore lipped off TllliLK days In advance of I.IT ••" ajipraraiire 11 illi l'i :il ( iro's. The Gone Nrl'uns haven't announced it >t-l. the- Ions-;:-.; cd (bird lolt noiu-e of a spnih; iic- llvriy on ihoir dooislop . . . 'Ilic Oil I-ambs. separated for almost a decade, have finally decided to sever the ties in thf riivoroc courr . . . Patti Pate is being paced bv Wald-Krnsn.v lor "The On Is Huw ; Landed." ihoir L'SO musical. 1 f> to b:n friend afln- a bi r =- jnivlit at a ;sun:,tM strip gin pal.i.o: j "Honey YI>U re driving In the Hoy fri-nd "Ye Gads. I tho-.nht i YOU weic drums " j ... Tlie Kony iiution-Pete Rujoio romance is beyond the patch-up stace ... on the eve of his f:rs: [TV show, Red Skclton rrrr.u-,! ! a wire from Milton Eerie w-shu-.c i him su<-<-i^= --["o ui-iire the si;.-,-e [of your sh.v.i." Milton addnl. "1 :r goniK to loan :,o-.i m\- niothrr " for living.-Ovo. Sid j Producer H.'l K Chester's contribution ui h,v\i-i'iicr diiian,::r S"Vut:ini:i I.-land M-,;;;;iy " The lliiiiv womon ani! one man. | f'.tiis Tops j "Mo\ip fans in Isiacl .ire as 1,1:,-: i ; ?f tiiey are in ll-.ivik'iyu." ^.r, ^ jYvo:i:-.e de Carlo She wns t,i[k:i-: laiioul hoi ronoert tour of the IH--A ^ntuin for whu'h she had lo jn-.o ]a Mjf,•[.,] |»i u -- eiiaid !o cllyr.v '.<••[in nnd out of state doors. ".Most of the lime," 1 Yvonne said, "they just picked mr up and Ihrew me info 3 ".litirii; o.ic lii-rauii- «f the mobs. Hut the- ru-orle arc frii-url- ly and nice and I cnjoM-d every sinqlc riot." Hollywiioii I.T.KS a:r nredu-tlng S.-r llt)l.t.Y»(IOI) I'asr 7 © JACCBY OH BRIDGE ll.i OSWALD ,1A( OJJY \\f-.ttrn (or NT!A Service Con You figure Out This Expert's Play? When 1)1,- Aiv.friran CiUitrart Rri>it:o rei:;.c liohi its i.:n ;nnal oliainpion-Iv.p. in a eouplr of n:ni:rji^ acn, most of the ti'.-st pl.\\ois L-.unc from far and wi;i" to 1111! i:: a h:rt for ihe coveted' lop hniio: • Howai-d Soheniien. ot 'h:s year Njf tv 1 m.icic enouen .M-.:.;V:l.::c p:>.vs to let the ;is>emblod rxp-ns kr.-.w ih.u !;-•; Iiar.i1 hart lost none of its skill j ^cli.-nkon pl.-svod the South cards of Ihe lund .-h!>un todn>- in tlie t-ain iliaiiip::iii;h.:p... It was '\pioal- < v f linn tji.ii h.' j>rarMc:il'-. ,iii"],\ ; :i7c(J for niakir.'; the iiciit pl.v.. while the] OMTit vl o held tin" South lur.d at the o;tirr •ab:v compl'-^, L> over-1 i.>o.-:ori -i.e p[;'\ thai would A: i:.::l-, Ml)!,-.- \\e - opci.ed llio { a. o of :}iacu-" S.honson llien an-i ::o-,;L-i.o:i al:no.-t apoli s -;olt, aliy that In- ','ouid i.iko the ^ar.-;v ;i!ay Just '•'1 'I"' i'.v •"' H. w-'ik :t out for \.'-.T.4-if. \\'r:,r.- rl.o ri-;l-.r p!:.y at' 'i-.o .-fi-otn-i rr-.iis to,n:ike s-;ie of the A' !i:r .-e,-.':i..i :::ik. Si-henkrn laid ciown the ace of hearts. Since East I.ii^cd to follow suit, Sohcnken con- ' tinned by rinessing through West's' oueen. Ills Jack of hearts was cover- : i-rf by West's queen and won by dum- ', my s kin^. A third round of trumps foil lo declarer's ton. and no-.v it was I safe to bruin on the rJia.-noml.s. \Ve-l coulfi mi: whrneicr he h'-:cd. bill that wns the only trick the defenders could take. Tile ace of ho.irls would be tlie! safe pl.iy even if F:ast hajipenod to] haie all foul tnimpj. i..\ 1-0 trnni]i : t ho only dll;i;:or.i In Ih.'if ia-0. F!c honkcii cculd conlinue with the jack of heart to force out the ash srows generally on a rich, moist '• Doing business with the j-overn- sml m thick woods and near water, [ ment might then become as dull a« wnile rattlesnakes prefer, as a rule. I bargaining with private consumers, open dry. stnnv. sunny places. Thus. [But then there never was much ihoy are not likely to be together, ielamor in honesty Songstress Answer to Pr»viou« PmzU NORTH lit Q 10 G 2 V K54I * 085 * AJ \VT.ST A A J 9 8 5 i V Q9B3 EAST ' Xonc South 2 » 4 « 5 » V None « 107632 4, 100753 SOUTH (D) • None * AJ 1087 » AKQJ4 Eut Pars Pass Pass Pass East-West vul. WK» Norlh Pass 3» Pass Pass 5 A 5 V 1 -, Pass Pasj Opening lead—4 A HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted songstress, Eileen 8 She is on the 13 Interstices H Forebodes 15 Masculine appellation 16 Caper 18 Fourth Arabian caliph o.ue-11. lie r-otiid ruff a seiond spade! with the eiphl ot hearts, cash the ten of hcait.s. ard cuter dummy with ! a club to riiaw the last trump with I dummy's kinc. When the hand pla-.ed at the oilier table. Re-u;], rmfert [)ie first ! spado and ihs':i l.-d t.':r etcllt of I he,iris to dummy's k;n>:. This play cost him Ins xt.lii! rnsmart. Ho liad todvaw trumps tn OIOM-:-,-, \vest from rilffius a (i::i:i:.v.d, but West cap- i lured tiio ten o.f heart.- with tl-.r- ques-n and then !•-,( a spade to South ruff with ;\\f :i ^ -rj lls r ,. lablishod V.'ests ni:.f of heart- as j a second natui?.! trump tilcic. 21 Sheltered side 22 Video (ab.) 23 Troop (ab.) 24 Night before 27 Short-napped fabric 29 Within 30 Symbol tor indium 3! Near 32Compsss point 33 Malt drink 34 Aeriform fuel 36 Chief pries! of a shrine 37 Measure of cloth 39 Man's name 41 Huge being J6 Italian province 4"? Membranous pouch 48 Greek assembly place 49 Rebel (coll.) 50 Anesthetic 52 She is a 54 Opines 55 Woolen garment VERTICAL 1 Languid 2 Heach destination 3 Harvest 4 International language 5 .inthusiaslic ardor 6 Harrow way 7 Permits 8 Fabulous birds 9 Part of "be" 10 Transaction 26 Grafted (her.) 42 Inspector 27 Peal general <ab.) 43 Hurl 44 rn a line i <~> Back of neck 46 Unruly child 51 Measure of

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