The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OH, THIS rft V9OSKOf» MV OWN TEAM- SOU <scn 6STTMRU RUNJNIN' PRACTICE? WHV, SILLY.' DO VOU / THIMK AMV TEAM V IS 60IW -R3 JUST I STAND STUPIOUV / AROUND fO<t .</ XX) X) BOWU /I EM OV6R? ./ 1 THE WOERV WAPTT Our Boarding Houtt with Mdj. HoopUj HEAR THAT ? PLATO OTT6R60 A .. 30VE .' AM I DKEAMIMG,OR MAS HE BROKEN HIS LOMG THE OLO •RLJT&ERS •.VEIL, MA30B! THAT'S AS CORRECT AS BRICKS HOD/ e'sA 60RK) CHEER FQR SALE Concrete culverU IZ loch to i£ Inch, plain 01 reenlnrccd Ats* Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumhef foi turns chicken house*, pump houses, tenant houses, tool ilifd* W> drlivct Call us for frc* estimate Phone S91 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LTCRS -PLITY SHOC SHOP 1 1' w M a i si s T WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store r Steps ; H.Mnun-ClH, fcu; tS,fr*.r,<) k. Milk SflVKt, IMC. XXXJII pHRISTMAS had come and gone and 'Gaynel had had no word from Fritz. "Take me or leave roe." he had said. And. apparently, had taken himself completely out of her life. But Barry had been planning a house party at his winter lodge near Grayling. He insisted it would not be complete unless Gaynel were there. • "I accept with alacrity," Gaynel responded. "Which should prove how much it is appreciated, Barry dear. And, by the way, I've changed my mind about not wanting to meet Madeline Day. I wish you'd invite her for Denny over the week-end." Gaynel wanted to know .this woman who had brought about such a miraculous change in her young brother. Not only was he making good at his job. but last' month he had paid Gaynel baok $20 of what he owed her and bad promised—a bit shamefaced'iy— that he meant to do even bitter from now on. ;. "I want to contribute a little something," Denny said. "May only be a drop in the bucket, for awhile. But nobody's going to call me a sponger—and get away with it." - So Fritz's remarks, ae werl as Mrs. Day's influence, had sunk into Denny's conscience. Barry'« prediction that The Lodge was just what Gaynel needed proved to be right. The crisp air had whipped the color back :»nto her,cheeks ,and . restored her" appetite to a scandalous degree. . Denny was to come up for the weefl-anci and bring some friends •along. Meantime Gaynel was glad ;to have a chance to meet Madeline |Day, whom she found to be every! thing that Barry and Denny had isaid she was.' ; & • • TlyfRS. DAY had that "certain •"-*• something" that Barry had called glamour. She had more than that. Something that went much deeper. Curled before the big fireplace In the living room, Gaynel said, "You know, I have a confession to make. I didn't think I was going to like you, Madeline. But I do." Madeline smiled. "That more than makes up for your confession. ! can say the same thing in return. Sincerely. Only—I knew I couldn't help liking Denny's sister." 'And yet you're not in love with Denny, are you?" Gaynel put in quickly; adding, "Forgive me for being so terribly frank. But I know you never will be. And I'm sorry." **That's 9 lovely thing for one woman to say to another." Madeline's eyes—gray, and very ditect —thanked tier. "I'm sorry, too. I think a great deal of Denny. He's going to be quit* a person. But I am quite sure—though maybe not as sure as I thought I wa: that I shall never be in love with anyone again. I would have to think a long while before I'd surrender my independence, so hard- won.* Yes, that was the "certain something" that Madeline had: an independence. "Is this a Ladies' Maid Meeting," Barry asked, coming in with a bowl of punch. ' "We were having a meeting," Madeline said, "of the Mutual Admiration Society. You are the only member of your sex of whom we might make an exception. ;Shal] we pledge,him, Gaynel?'.' '.,:",'-. Gaynel said the vote'was unani mous. But Madeline's tone had aroused her attention. She hac spoken lightly, but there was an undercurrent, like the depth ol Madeline's personality beneath thi glamorous surface. -. ^ " • She's in love with Barry! Gayhe thought, amazed. He was the on man for whom that hard-won independence might be surrendered Hadn't Madeline even said thai ihe had thought she would never all in love again, but thai now ihe was not so .certain? It was »ot amazing, really. MnrTelihe and 3arry would be eminently suited n every way. ' Exreot that Barry took it for ranted he wanted to marry Gaynel. • • • •' ON Saturday came the special ^ train that brings its .hilarious load of passengers from Detroit. The ice rink was crowded with ikaters. the eating places and shelters packed. It looke'd like a gay carnival. It was so festive-and gay that it seemed almost unreal. So that Gaynel. skating with Barry, toward (he end of the afternoon, was not as taken back with the unreality o/ suddenly coining face to face with Bessie Carter and Fritz. Her heart did a somersault, naturally, but she WHS surprised to find bow cool and collected her voice sounded, as they all ex-. changed greetings. Bessie, with her gilt freckles, looked very smart in her green skiing costume; sport togs suited, and emphasized, her streamlined figure. She looked Very sure of herself and she clung onto. Fritz's arm in a way that suggested not only support, hut possession. "It was fun," Bessie said. "There was plenty of noise, and clowning, and refreshments. We've been having fun ever since Fritz cam* back two weeks ago—haven't we, Fritz darling?" Her tone and her look were possessive, too. Fritz agreed that fun was whnt they had been having, his eyes looking into Gaynel's dark, ones brief, hut significant, moment. 'Gaynel returned his look stead-- ily. He hadn't lost much time. Hadn't he told her that Bessie, and her gilt -freckles,- might -get him on the rebound? Didn't Bessie always get what she went after? He had been home two weeks, and never called her. Gaynel said, lightly, her hold tightening on Barry's urm, "Nice to have seen you. Don't let us interrupt that fun—any longer." She skated on; Barry had to lengthen his stride fo keep up with her. (T« Be Continued) lay It . . , With Kluwer* '^ THE FLOWER SHOP PI. one 149) M rj«5 In England It's th« Chemist Shop In Franc* It's tht Apothecary Shop In Blyth*vilU It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service The constitution of the United States makes no mention of & Prcs- Ident'j Cabinet, PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Beat Price* • Kirby Drug Stores SOYBEAN SACKS Size TOP MARKET PRICES PAID FOR YOUR BEANS AT ALL TIMES Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. 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PAGE THIRTEEN '• FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS B\ MERKILL BLOSSEB Jusl Like That . EXAGGERATE? YOU R0MJZLE THAT IH LESS TVIAN 5 MINUTES i'VF LOSr JOT. SMACKERS WlW.ITfe WORST THAN TVI6 CRASH Of PRISCILLA'S POP Oo»|is! BY AL VERMKKR HgME5"V, REVEREND...I ONLY MEAN!_THAT I5_.ER_AH... IT'S BEEN A LONG T\ME SINCE REVEREND SHERMAN PAID US A V\S\T. VE5... CERTAINLY HAS WELL, WELL! SPEAK OF THE DEVIL..'. Cleek Gels an Idea VIC FLINT v BYJHICHAEL 0'i.lAlLEY and "ttAIJ'H. LANR~ T1|4t evening 1 was alone on deck, P" BUCK'S TWEH,SET ABOARD AMI watching and being watched. [ASHORE (,ntiM\ PROPEL THIS COCKLE •»• - -' : 1 I PROVISIONS I '' WHY, ITS THAT V" AND FlWr 15 UrUE FARNAM I GETTING IN WITH SNOB IN A / HER.THAT LEAVES KOWBOAT/ / MANTHORP ALONt ON THE'MAMBA* flboaro the Vikinf... WE'VE 6OT TO CUT SKELL.'I'VE GOT A BUSIER AS 816 AS A QUARTER AND I'VE S IMPLY Cor TO TAIK WITH YOU ' MAYBE NDT.VERA. LOOK HE RE AT STAIUUP'S BOAT. WASH TUBES Tun Milken a Decision HY I.KSUE -TURNER ;ISEB rr ALL NOW! TELL HIM HOW mi NOT THAT HEb A£nJAU.y FALL FOR KE?R,JAkJ...HE LOVES VOU! BUT SHE'S CLEVER...ANt>WHEWA 6WISCAU<SHTOWTHE RE-BOUND HE MAV- JJMII P " I /WIT £QOKlNoj.l»fEA LosrV^FOfWd/e WJi M AdUL, ^...JAW MONT BESM \^SA^ 'OF M6 BEFORE <3K5! , EASK..WHAT t THIWK route Lovet-VJ CHARTER A PLAKE TO SARA'S HOME! T- It* ItMOMaaLBf. J BUGS BUNNY Plnying It Safe I WANTA BE SORE THIS PARACHUTE GIMMICK'S ON RIGHT... CAN'T BE TOO CAREFUL ON THESE PLIGHTS/ HELMET SOGGLEt IMPORTANT ALL 6ET T' TAKE OFF/ HY V. T. KAMI.IN MEAN -\ \fc MEAN YOU'LL STORM THE H0SPITAL AND REMOVE ALLEY OOf BV FOeCE? , GSM TI VE CrXN'T X) IT.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES As Usual BY EDUAR MARTIN

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