The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1949
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 1949 BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK.) COtTRlER NEWS PAGE SEVEN News Restriction Retained by Reds Chinese Communist* Shew No Signs of Lifting 4-Month Ban (This Is the first dispatch from Spencer Moosa. Associated Press correspondent in Peiping since the | one-Urn* Chinese capital was taken h\ January. Moosa is enroute lo Mnton wlth hLs J'Hn'W- By Spencer Moosa PUSAN, Korea. June 15. OT—Up to the time I left Peiping last week the Chinese Communist had showi no signs of lifting tlie ban agains foreign correspondents. The ban was imposed Feb. 27 On thai day. n persons listed foreign correspondents received . formal order forbidding Ihem t gather or file news. It was signe I by Gen Veh Chlen, head of the I Communist Military Committee. This action, the notification said, I was taken because Peiping was a military area. Why 11 had not been taken four weeks earlier when the Communist first occupied Peiping I was not explained. A letter to Genera! Yen asking him to say when the ban might be lifted went unanswered. Faced with •vail of silence, correspondents - •• —'— and •FALL GUV-Commumst employe" of Berlin 'railroad stfli rolls with the punch as'he hits cutter In one punch knockout by anti-Communist rail striker standing over him. Knockout took place in front of Soviet- administered railroad headquarters in U. S. zone of city. Passing barefoot boy gets a good look, strikers ousted Soviet employes in in free-for-all and held possession until American zone police aided Russian officers lo take back building. (AP Wirephoto). Hollywood Continued from page 6 the Venezuelan millionaire, arc readying an engagement announcement . . . Attention Dennis Day: Dlan Manners just completed a mu- cal western tilled "The Irish Cow- oy." The hero's name is Slmn- ock McCarthy. Henny Backus was offered Ihe ole of a psychopathic in a ncv, lovle and asked her husband, comic, im Backus, whether she should ccept. "Grab II," said Jim, "If foolproof part. There call be no omplaints—who can read |>a|>c dolls?" Al'1'ETl/.KK Kiddie ctepurlmenl: Dottle 1-a Hour's 3-ycar-old son sobbed m story about Ix'ing frightened by ,i .strange dog. "Did he bite you?" asked the worried Doitie. "No." ;aid the kid, "but he licked my face. He was tasting me.' 1 Mcrvyn Lclloy's three big reissues, "The Wizard of O?.," "Blossoms in the'Dust," and "Random Harvest," arc proof aRiUu that there's nothing wrong wllh tlie film business that good pictures can't (began to leave North Clirna today only » handful still are there. Whether they will be able I to file news again Is problematical. I had known several comrmmlM, [leaders during my five-year stay in wartime Chungking. One of them was Oen. Chou En Lai. In Chungking he was always accessible tor interviews. Even In the middle of the niKht. I always was re- 1 "''InSaVThS^rindlth. school's vocatlona, Burdette Student, Others to Be Accredited by Educators JONESBORO, Ark., June 15. (/Pj—+: Education Commissioner Or. . Bond said today nine Arkaiv sas Slate 'College graduates who were victims of a lean! battle over agriculture -GaS and Oil Production | /„ State Shows Decline n ,t< it was among his hosts at king press hostel. Chung -training program will be recognised » Chung *». * ot temporarily by the state I fa. letter* Unans-rr™ education. f Vln Peipinc I wrote several letters "The nine young men are vlc- 1 to General Chou but there was no Urns ot circumstances beyond any- ren | y one's control. In order that they • Another man to whom I address | won't suffer too much, arrange- EL DORADO. Ark.. June 15— Officer Murdered, Robbed on Street Of Kentucky Town CALHOUN. K.J'., June 15. W)—The night policeman of this McLean County seat was found dead in the street in front of the County Court- EiLi uwnfii-'v-', mr.., oune ij—-if* t , ., . ^, -Arkansas production of crude oil ^^Vv^^tT^tne and gasoline has shown a further slight decline, the State Gas and led eouallv vain appeals was Tung incuts will be made whereby the Pi—kindly looking head of the state will pay to the schools hiring North China People Government, them the full supplemental sal In Chungking he to had been the ary," he stated. I noul of affability. Dr. Bond pointed out that under In Peipine, not a single corres- lne Smith-Hughes Acl the school pondeot was able to sec the Red District pays 45 per cent of the vo- official. cational agriculture teacher's sal- Permission was granted readily to a| .j 1> wn n e tne remainder is put up correspondents wishing to leave. bv " the stnle an( [ federal goven- Cotrespondents' only channel 01 men ^ s O n a 50-50 basis." , communication was the Alien Af- ,. H ]QI th , s Brl . angement is to fairs Office at police headquarters. I ln eHect ^^ ^ dedded ^ & Manned apparently by Junior comm , ttee scs5ion We win t , to clerks, this office was the only work out a plan with the Univer- culture training program, started in Oil commission reported yesterday. During the mouth of April the 72 oil pools in South Arkansas produced an average of 85,268 barrels daily. This was a decrease of 304 barrels from the average daily production In March, the commission said. Natural gas production also dropped off during April, in that month the 27 gas fields pumped 20.088,000 .bic feet daily, compared to 27,3,000 cubic feet a day during the eceding month. The 11 gasoline plants processed average of 167.528,000 cubic leet gas daily. This was a decrease f 5,821,000 cubic feet daily trom March record. oner Mrs. J. -w. Muster termed the death "murder." Mrs. Mu.ster snid the body of D- 13. Landrum, 64. was found at J2:30 a.m.. his nose fractured and his wal- et missing. His pistol was in his holster. Preliminary It was sate to conclude that tne The nine affected are Joe Melio It w«s <aie TO ilSto .« the Helena; Bob Shannon, Jonesboro Communists were glad1 to see me Bradley. Morrilton; John ??™??J 1 ^,^^,™ e C 1 rthl7« Easlev, Burdette: Paul Richardson . porting in North China was -» thing the past. 'The Communists came into the and four out-of-staters, *gr eat"cities of -peipini? and Tientsin not as "carpetbaggers" but with determined plans to break the graft and corruption ot trie past. Have Uphill Battle Even foreigners opposed to Communism concede Red leaders have rtteplayed none of the get rich nuick tendencies of previous conquerors. They are convinced, too. that these leaders would take stern action against any of their own number who might be found succumbing to the lure of easy wealth. However, foreigners believe the Communists will have an uphill battle to eliminate graft. It generally was agreed that the day of high officials' openly amassing immense private fortunes oy graft are over. Most people who pay taxes are sure none i-s illegally] diverted. Foreigners who have had business dealings with the Communist bureaus report, 'the question of "squeeze" never has entered. Official receipts are given and no secret rebates are demanded. rhe North China hotel manager who rented his premises to the Communists said the whole deal was open and above board. ' ,"t have been in this country r rnany years." he said, "and this "was the first time no one asked for 'squeeze.' " Other foreigners tell similar slor- Wool Coatings Up NEW YORK, June 15. (JP>— Amer lean "Woolen "Company, largest o the nation's wool and worsted man ufacturers, has increased the pric of several cloths for women's coat ing.s SO cents a yard . The new price will become effec live with September deliveries. Read Courier News Want Ads ies and are incredulous. Even the normally cynical China hands admit that a goo start has been made. They hope will be maintained. examinations made nere and at an Owensboro hospital ndiratcd the officer died of a skull fracture and possible neck fracture. A physician who examined the body said Lnndrum was struck, with a blunt instrument. Landrum. former county judge, had been dead but a few minutes when his body was fovnut by Raymond Burden. 21. of Calhoun, Deputy Coroner J. W. Muster III said. He had las beeti seen alive about IS minutes earlier when he left a Calhoun restaurant. cure. The reissues are out-gross! rig many of the newer tllms. Good movies, like good books, should ncvei be hidden from .sight. Call sheet for "Beyond Ihe Forest" read: "Belle Davis: Tests for niKhtgown." Nothing tti worry the censors, IhoujEh. It's a mail-order nITair (if pink rolliin, while ruffles anrt a mudesl low neck. Tip to tourists: The July issue of Photoplay features a yarn on how to track down stars in darkest Hollywood. . . . Sight of the week: George Jesse] at Giro's with Tommye Adams on his right arm and a monocle on .his left eye. . . phrey Bogart is talking abovit backing a fleet of pleasure boats lo operate from the Riviera Pacineo in Ensenada. * • • A songplug^cr showed Phil Harris a copy of Eden Abhez' new song, "Nature Girl," the sequel to •'Nature Boy." "I knew it." yelled Phil. "The minute a guy makes] money he starts fooling around LEG LACE—l-css of slyle- cotisctous women wilt be all laced up, if they go for Ihese novelties, intruduicd by hosiery designers in Paris. The nylons inc appliqued with filmy medallions scattered from knee lo instep. The foot of the sUu-kinij is entirely of Ince, except for liie lips of the heel and loe. 'ew York Doctor Faces barge of Abortion NEW YORK, June 15-M'y-A lanhattan physician, .said by au- lontlcs to have made' $200,000 a •ar on iilejiiii abortions, was book- by police early yesterday on a laiue of performing a criminal [K'l'ation. The defendant, Ixxiked a.i Dr. •lalban Happaport, was arrc.strd lonelily in n police ruld on a six- oom suite at :«0 West 72nd Btrecl. lent Riverside Drive. A spokesman for Disliict Attorney -'rank S. Hogan said the suite hail wcpholes. double doors between •ooms, flml an inlerolilfe communication system, so that anything said In the reception room could bt heard in tne Inner offices. Raiding detectives found one woman on an operating table and another in the waiting room, the spokesman said. I <>^ MAKES 10 BIG I^O** j COLD DRINKS .' '^ At 32, Policeman Finds He's Not His Old Self DETROIT, June 15. l;Vi—At the advanced age- of 32. patrolman Sta- lev Manklnski isn't the ball playei he used to be. As the kids cheered, Kaminskl left his scout car, pk-krd up a ball and hurled it mightily back onto a playground. Then his partner took him—fast —to a hospital. He'd thrown hi. shoulder out o! Joint. CANT SlTf PIN -WORMS cause Fidgeting and that awful ITCH! Come to Little Rock For fhe Big Charity HORSE SHOW with women." The baths ot the ancient world and ol tlie Middle Age.i often were i ["^.^t thli 3™u"y.Tn!worVi.. .rim- used by men and women at the] tiffany mnd r«mov«i (hem fiom Hi line ile*P, almoel trolnu mad bfcauw; of m 'cine racial Uch7 Thi« may h« a warning JTof Pin-Worrns, ugly Internal !"•»(* that Jon'L put nil wllh this l.irrncnt i«c«««y minute. Cel J«y"'» f-W V.rm that suifi-ial, nircii<-:ii1y-n|ipr.nv«i ' STEEL BUILDINGS Drive Anywhere You Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 \. 'J'ant Construction Company Aulliori/ed Oealei for Butler Sleel Buildings —Ceiit'nil ContrHClinjE I'. O. Box 83 Phone 8« Blylhevllle, Ark. THE FLOWER SHOP Glenco* Phone 4491 or same titne. Read Conner News Want Ads. ot l'i:i-Wo m«, aifc o-iafcr: ta ' At Ihc first aian ot druggist tor f-W. Uii> small. «-a:n nrrlectftl by Ihafamiom J«yn«- Co.'.tltwalii En worm rfrm-'lip* fnr <.vrr ]00 yrnm. G.t r*ol r«1i*f: P-W ® '« Pin-Wornul Come to the Phillips 66 "OPEN HOUSE" at Phillips' new, ultra-modern motor oil plant Kansas City, Kansas, June 2isl and 22nd Service — That's Our Motto? We spare no eflort In providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service, which means extra convenience to you Feel tree to call on us Rt any time Prompt delivery service Phone 50T- WOODS DRUG ST^ORE The new home of "Luhri-tcclinn" 3 FRI - SAT - JUNE 17-J8&19 Shaw T.ver Ittrel NEW CTVRSTOTK Sf » OTV COLISEUM Git*. CWMffn S*r *F f mT rOWF.NTFNT OOV VT'' NOW! MORE AND FASTER SERVICE TO You're invited lo visit America's newest, most modern motor oil plant. To show you Us latest and greatest achievements In the manufacturing and packaging of line quality motor oils, Phillips is having a gala "housewarming party" at its new plant in Kansas City, Kansas, June 21st and 22nd. Bring your family and. friends. There'll be refreshments and guided tours and a friendly welcome for everyone. You've never seen anything to compare ^ith thts new plant where Phillips blends the motor oil that gives your car "Luhr!- lecllon." You'll he thrilled by its uHra-moriern equipment... miraculous new machines thab fill and seal up lo 250 cans of on a mlmitc . -. with automatic blenders and precision controls for purity arid uniformity. It's going to be a good show, so be there if you possibly can. Any Kansas City Phillips 68 Dealer can give you directions for reaching the plant. Attention! Moving Noficc lo My Friends & Customers I Am Now Located At PLANTERS Hardware Co. Electric Service Eleclric Wiring Phones Day 515 Nite 4698 PHIS ST. LOUIS 12 trips daily south, 9 north, including 2 EXPRiSSTWPS! P.S. Jf you can't be in /Causa* City, June 2tst or 22nd, why nat pay MS a visit the nc.Tt t imp. you're i» our par* o/ the country? You'll alicays be welcome/ wluhr/'-fecfion"! Lubrication plus engine get both when you buy Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba WIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy M.eats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space The SKCKET of Rothrock's EXPERT ['rescription Service ROTHROCKDnUGCO. SAME LOW FARESl One Round \Va> Trip . SIM. SJ.SO KERBS GREATER TRAVEL CONVENIENCE THAN EVEH to Memphis and St. Louis! Now you may choose from 12 conveniently timed departures dally to Memphis and 9 to St. Louis, Including 2 time-saving Express schedules. Express trips eliminate local slops, reduce runnnlng lime lo a minimum, provide a bonus ol extra time at your destination— at no evlra cosl! Use this finer, faster sen ice on every trip to Memphis and St. Louts. EXPRKSS SC.HK1)tll.i : .S TO MEMPHIS «;j 9.CS i Nationally Advertised \ i Feminine Apparel j • In the most exclusive < lines at the I Accessory Shop i Feminine Apparel ibel Ho; >r. — Jessie SrlU HO f F.I NOBI.K r\l I>G. Bl.vtheviile Arkansas New Orkans New York .. 1>M mil Miami l.os .Ingrlci . 8.10 I.VU IIM.% .n 25 II.SO 2070 IRnfl M \(t 11.10 fit 50 (U.S. ta» exits) Lf 8'Tlllf 1:10 nm. At. .M phil 4;1J ri.m. rnlnriana lr>;10 p.m. 12:1! «.m. l.r. Ar. TO ST. LOUIS B'ville 3:.» j m. . SI. L. 1:55 pm. 5:11 p.m. IZ:40 p.m. I.T. SI. 8:00 ».m. 3:19 am. 8in<! a in. Macnolia 1:15 pm. 5:11 p.m. Ar. rVville 2:.10 p.m. lO.ft For other schedules, visit or phone: GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL 109 No. Jth I'hone (t r« m. p.m. Like nearly everything else these days, a new car will cost you a lot more than you'd have paid just a few years ago. Repair charges arc way up, tew. Better help protect your engine and your pockctbook with Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil. With xVns fine moVor ott you get lubrication phis the protective qualities provided hy chemical additives which help prevent formation of dangerous sludge and varnish. This money-saving combination is called "Lubri-tection." Ask for it at stations where you see the orange and black Phillips 66 Shield. MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH Fresh Channel Catfish fried Chicken Koast Pork Knast Beef Chicken & Dresainf Steak & GraTT Three Teeetible* Special 60c Special GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Rcfrigcriilors Household — Commercial • Air Contlilidning Radios— Record flayers * * •* 0 \\iishcrs HO'I DOGS Kn 1IAMHUKGKKS l»c CLUB STKAK, KR. FRIES «5« Choke T-B«rih & Sirlolnl "Where Friends Meet and Eat" the NICKLE STAND Vickie SaJiha, Prop. 103 \V. Main We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. A rest 1 shoemaker aider! \iy mnrlcrr cqaipmcnt and finest materials hrinj* new life to worn footwear hrre. 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