The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on February 4, 1941 · Page 8
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 8

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT TOTSDAT, FEBRTTART 4. 19« THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD, BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS The War Today By DEW1TT MACKENZIE · The clash between Herr Hitler »nd Marshal Pctaln, France's aged chief of state, is well worth keeping an eye on since it bids lair to ranK as one of the far-reaching events of the war. The outcome may tip the scales of conflict sharply, and therefore Is of the utmost Importance to both Germany and Britain. Of immediate concern is the fact that the offensive operations which the Fuehrer has in hand are affected. The underlying cause of the duel between these two determined personalities has been the failure of Pctam and his government to "co- I opcrace" with Nazidom after the manner prescribed by the conquerors. Specifically, the Marshal Is snlrt among other things to have refused to turn the French navy over to the Germans, or to grant them the use of naval bases in unoccupied France and the colonies. Colonies Arc Club These asserts, and the French colonial armies which total more than half a million men, arc Pe- taln's ace in the hole for the protection of his shattered country. The possibility that the old marshal, still full of fight, might throw these resources to the support of Britain has kept the Nazis from cracking clown on the Vichy government and taking what they wanted without more' ado. Hitler u n t i l recently has kept | Entertainment Today's Radio COLUMBIA ktji 550 kwkh 1100 ktrh 1291 kmui 1090 wwl S50 ktul 140° wabc MO N-RED »ral 1190 wtaa WO wbaa wOO kprc (24 wsm 6* ft wbbro "0 ktbs 1450 weaf ««o vvman 610 N-BIUE -lw 700 KTC1 1260 ktil · · · » Mint 560 kxyt 1440 weni 810 tviz 160 tfll 170 5 P. M. NR--Charlie Bplvak orch. NB --Klr.c Arlhur, Jr. C--Sports, Musical Cameos.. KRQV--Birth- dny Party. KGPI--Western Serenade. 5:15 C--Rhythm Roundup. NB -- Irecno Wicker chlldrens stories. 5:30 C--Paul Sullivan Reviews tho News. NB--Bud Barton, krgv. NR --Reveries. KOFI--Popular Va- S-,45 NB-Tom Mix. NR-Port Pfar- ·ion sports page, krgv, C -- Trie World Today. KOFI- Sundoyn Serenade. «:00 NR--Fred Waring In Pleasure Time. C-Aroos a Andy, NB - Easv ACM. KBOV-- If. Dance Time. KOFI--Just Relax. 6:15 NB-Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost p-rsons. NR--John V. Vanclcr- cook, news. kruv. C--Lanny Ross, tenor. KOFI--Vocal Selections. 8-30 NR--June Cozzcns, joprano, C -Second Husband. NB - Jimmy Doracy orch., Krgv, *""·* "- t i t p Muslcnlc. 6:45 NR--H. V. Kaltcnoorn, KRGV--Prl'«! Parade. 7:00 NR--Jonnny Presents Rny Block orch. C--Court ot Missing Heirs. NB--Ben Bcrnie Muslcnl Quiz. KROV--Ty cobb. Valley Comment. KOFI--Milady Melody. 7-15 KRGV -- News and Weather. KOFI--Mllnay Melody. 7-15 KROV--News nntl Wenther. KOFI --Time to Dunce. 7-30 NR -- Hornoe Heldt KOFI --P news. Cllt^C NB-- Uncle Jim Bcc. C--Firsu NlRhicr. Concerl Born, Treasure MANY DANCES Harlingen Unit Will Cut Ditch Virginia Bruce, John Barrymore, John Howard and Charlie Buggies are featured In "The Invisible Woman," the comedy-romance production which Is now showing at the Capitol Theatre. Tonight's Movie* Master, KOFI--A Song Is Brownsville: The Capitol-- Virginia Bruce nnd John Barrymore In "The Question invisible Woman," The Queen--Clau- KBOV-- ! dette Colbert, Hcdy Lamar and Clark ' " pressing politely but firmly for his I J:jjS g^gi" ( ?*gi' I ; tI J, ev "5Uuo». NR brand of collaboration, which in el- - - feet meant that France would become the ally of Germany against the British. Petaln has steadfastly refused to piny this role, undoubtedly not for love of England but for honor and, not to put too fine a point on it, for the security of France. For R time Berlin appeared to be rn!\klnct some progress. Vice Premier Laval, who was second In command to Petaln. was keen on cooperation with Germany and hot for turning nsair,;,t the England ho dls- llkrd. 'Bui Laval, who is smart and . ambitious, pushed his plans so hard that Pctaln on December 14 crfi- ated n sensation and angered Berlin no end by throwing him out of the government. Brrlin Cools Since then there has been a growing coldness on the part of Berlin, and the Nazis have insisted on Laval's reinstatement. This has gone on until recently when war developments have forced the Fuehrer to take energetic measures. The position Is that the Nazi chief Is about to Intensify his offensives against the British Isies. At the same time he Is undertaking operations in the Mediterranean -one for the rescue of Mussolint. It dorsn't take much Imagination to sec Hie danger of embarking on these d i f f i c u l t enterprises without control of the French government and the unoccupied territory. Should -- . --Battle or the Sexes. C--Wo the People. KRGV--Veterans or Tor- s'15 KRGV--The Shlnlnft Hour. KOFI --News and Weather. 8-30 C--Professor Quiz, NB -- News. Inner Sanctum. NR--Fibber MQ- OTC and Molly. KROV -- Navy PrOKrnm. KOFI--Variety. 8:45 KROV--Dnnce orch, 9-00 NR--Bob Hope program. NB -Story Dramas, kruv. C--Glenn M i l l e r orch. KOFI--It's Dance 0:15 c--Invitation to Learning. NB-Gordon Jenkins orch.. krgv. 0 30 NB--Undo Walter Doghouse. B --Moot Edward WecKs, KROV-Music lor Reading, KOFI--Let's Dnncr. 0:45 C--News of the World. 10-00 NB--Dance orch. C -- Sports Time. KRGV--News «nd Sports. KOFI--News, 10-15 C--Jerry Wald orch. NH--Chuck Foster orch. NB -- Dance orch., 10:30 NB--Mol Hnllctt orch.,- krgv. C-Tommy Dorney orch. 11'00 NR--News, Glen Gray orch. C-News. Roy Fox orch. NB--Dick Rotters orch.. news. KROV -- Slcn Oft. 11-30 N3--Jack Denny orch., news. NR --Rny Herbcck orch,, news, C --Joso Morand orch., news. Wednesday, February 5 K R G V WESLACO (1260) 6:00 L a t i n American Program 7:00 Morning Devotional 7:so Rise and Shine WB3 7:'i5 News and Weather H;00 Breakfast Club NBC 0:00 What's Doing Around th» ley 9:15 Dnncc Orchestra WBS 9:30 Viennese Ensemble NBO r:30 Gospel Sonss 0:45 News and Weather 10:00 Cms ton Wiley Gable In "Boom Town." The Dltt mnnn--Preston Foster nnd Lynn Bari In "News Made at Nlghti" San Benito: The Rlvoll-- Mlriftm Hopkins and Claude Rains In "The Lndy w i t h Bed Hair," Harlingcn: The Arcadia-- Virginia Bruce and John Burn-more In "The WILL BE HELD Colorful Charro Days Events Slated A series of colorful costume dances, with one of the "big name" orchestras of the nation, Eddie Fltzpatrick and his orchestra, furnishing the music, has been arranged as an outstanding feature of the 1941 Charro Days Fiesta in Brownsville, February 20 through 23. First on the list will be a new dance for the fiesta, to be" known as the "Dance of the Chinas." This event is listed as a pre- j id - notified the district to Charro Days entertainment, and Is | ^^ nff hnj . ( , xm . essed hoDe that being sponsored by the Twenty- Thirty club of Brownsville, aided by the Twenty-Thirty clubs in other parts of the Valley. It is to be held Monday evening, February 17, at the patio of the El Jardin hotel. The most spectacular of all the dances will be the Charro Days Grand Costume Ball, scheduled for Thursday night, February 20, the opening day of the fiesta proper. This dance attracts a huge gathering of valley people and visitors each year, and is always a highlight of the fiesta. On. Friday night will be held the Junior Grand Ball, sponsored by the Junior League of Brownsville, and on Saturday night the Regatta Ball will be held, completing the dance program for the week. , i e gj s i at f urE Tuesday. In addition to these the Triple | It came j n to new prominence HARLINGEN-- Directors of the Harlingen Drainage district (Cameron County No. 1) will deepen and widen an existing ditch even If protesting property owners take the matter into court Manager H. L. Starnes said Tuesday. The board voted Monday to use a dredge in deepening the ditch to relieve flooded conditions in the Combes and Briggs-Coleman communities oven though title to the drainage ditch right of way is not clear. Paul H. Brown Harlingen attorney who owns part of the land through which the ditch passes, keep off, but expressed hope that litigation could be avoided. MONEY BILLS IN HOUSEPROGRAM Sub-Groups Named To . Study Finance AUSTIN, Tex. --yPJ-- Money was an important subject around the LUXURY YACHT FOR NAVY JOB fnvfslblc'woman." The Blalto-Grsoc I "Tiny" Bill McDonald nnd Robert PnlKO In "Dane- I of fun." InR on A Dime." The Stfnnd--Mary Martin and Blng Crosby In "Rhythm on die River." La Ferln: The Alto--Randolph Scott tuici Kay Francis In '"" tons Rode." Mercedes: The Strtte nncJ Richard Carlson Nanette," The Rex--Lum and Abner nnd France! Out Loud." Weslnco: TT-.B nnd Lew Ayres L club of Brownsville will hold an invitation dance Tuesday night. All these dances will be held In the beautiful patio of the El Jardin hotel, and Eddie Fltzpatrick and his orchestra will furnish music for them. Eddie Fitzpatrick's orchestra is known as the "Creators of Contagious Rhythm," and features When the Dnl- Anna NeaKlc In "No, No. Rite--Ann In "Molsle Vsl- Bothern Wa* A Lady." The Gem--The Weaver Brothers and Elvlry in "Friendly Neighbors." P h a r r : The Texas: Lew Ayres and Lionel Barrymoro In "Dr. Klldarc's Crisis." McAlicn: The Palace--Ann Sothcrn and Lew Ayres In "Malslo Was A Lady." The Queen--Wallace Beery and Dolores Del Rio In '"The Man Trom Dakota." 10:15 Clark Dennis NBC 10:30 Salon Orchestra WB3 10-4.-I Thunder Ovrr Paradise NBC 11:00 Betty Bnndall NBC 11:15 Soulhcrnnlrcs NBC 11 ;30 News 11:35 Vnrleiv Time 12:00 Luncheon Dance Music Gang I/SC 12:30 News and 1:00 Raisins a President NBC 1:15 To Be Announced NBC 1 ;30 U. S. Navy Band NBC 2 :00 .Just Rclnx 2:15 Ma Perkins NBC 2:30 Voices I n Sonc WBS 2:-15 News and Wenthcr 3:00 Ocms of Melody WBS 3:15 cmb Matinee NBC -1:00 Sltle Street Vignettes NBC 4:15 Lone Journey NBC -1:30 Musical Soiree NBC 4:45 Wayne Vnn Dyne NBC the French turn Against him when hf was In the midst nf his promised Invasion--one of the most hazardous gambles In the history ot war--It would put him on a tough j ia-To Tim~"wc»ton spot. If the French navy were ISMS Chuck wa C on Riven over to England, that alone might hamstdnsr the Nazi program. New U n i t Forms So In (he past few days we have Been thf formation of the "People's National Committee" In Paris, in support of Laval and for collaboration with Germany. There has even bern talk that this committee might establish a covcrnmcnt to xiipplant t h a t of Pci.iin. Berlin has kept silence but has turned a be- nl?:n countenance toward the committee. This Is the preface to Petaln's move In scndlns Admiral Darlan to Paris to confer with Laval. Many hrllev. the mn,,,hal rTMr s t h a i Hit- Icr will occupy all France unlev the Vichy government comes to terms. The outcome of the Darlan-Laval confcrcncr is believed to have been to niakc II clear t h a t Berlin expects Lava! to be tahrn back into the Vichy government with Increased powers. Through him the Nazis naturally hope to secure what they want for furtherance or their war against Britain. The n r x t move will be up to Marshal Pctaln. KOFI BROW.NNSVILLE (1500) 7:00 Hvmns 7:15 News, Wenther 7:30 Old Favorites 7:45 Wake Up and Llv« 8:00 Muslcnl R o u n d u p 8:30 Melodic Moods 9:00 Ol-R.-m Melodies P;30 Popular V a r i e t y 10:00 Broadcast from HsrllnRen Studios 11:00 Market Report ( O p e n i n g ) 11:15 Morning Dance Music 11:30 SHIR SonR Time 11:45 four Notes 12:00 News. Weather 12:15 Remote Control Broadcast l?.::jO Luncheon Music 1:00 Isle of Pnradlse 1:15 Musical Newsy 1:30 Popular Music 2:00 Cncius Joe from 7 Lazy T 2:30 Sr. Lozano. Spanish 4:00 Brownsville Herald News ·):15 Market Report 4:30 Treasure Chest 4:45 This R h y t h m i c Age Movie Sidelights "Boom'Town," one of the popular plays screened in a long time, is now playing at the "Queen Theatre, It's a big feature' with four big stars--Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Hedy Lamarr and Spencer Tracy. The latest issue of March of Time depicts the lines of battle in the conflict between the Nazi ideology and Democracy. The feature is titled "Uncle Sam--the Belligerent" and is currently being screened at the Capitol theatre. Roaring fires and destruction are vividly presented. A hard-fighting metropolitan editor and a dazzling girl reporter swing into action and bring to bay a modern Jekyll and Hyde in the breath-taking mystery, "News Is Made at Night," a 20th Century-Fox release, which shows Tuesday and Wednesday at the Dittmann Theatre. Murder and revenge keep no hours as Preston Foster, a stop-at- nothine editor, and Lynn Bari, the daring reporter, hurl themselves at the two-fold task of freeing a man innocently sentenced to death, and discovering the master mind that has victimized fi nation. '"R1 nnund? .OJ. poujius . Recent engagements of the orchestra include the St. Frances Hotel In San Francisco, the St, An- when the House appropriations committee named subgroups to work on big money bills. ; The committee also set a hearing I next Monday on a proposed $3,- [ 500,000 annual appopriatlon for j teachers' retirement. The appropriations committee was split into subcommittees, each I assicned to draw one or more of the major allocating measures for .the new biennium, Jn order to facilitate the committee's big job. These subgroups were named: College appropriations -- W. T. thony Hotel in San Antonio, the McDO nald of Bryan, chairman; Baker HOU:1 Mi Dallas, the Pea: Woodrow w . B ean of Sierra Blanca. body Hotel in Memphis, the Lowry , Mark Ha i sev O f Lubbock. Joe Skilcs Hotel in St. Paul and the Rice Hotel | ' t Denton ' Rn( j E . j. Cleveland of in Houston. Valley people desiring to attend the dances are urged to make reservations early. . Movie Playship Being Remodeled JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- (IP)-Defense duties soon will claim a luxurious 171-foot yacht on which movie stars once played. The trim vessel, being refitted here a£ a naval auxiliary, was purchased by the navy last December from Dr. John R. Brinkley, Texas gland surgeon, since adjudged bankrupt by a Texas court. Naval officials do not comment on its probable assignment, · but waterfront gossip marks it for patrol service, possibly equipped as a mine-layer. The richly-appointed craft was built in 1928 as Athero 2nd for Jesse Livermore, Wall Street operator who made and lost several fortunes in the stock market. Later It was sold to Eldridge Johnson and renamed the Caroline. The late Douglas Fairbanks, star of silent films, charted it for a cruise around the world with friends, including Lady Ashley, whom Fairbanks later married. Fairbanks persuaded Joseph Schcnck, 'president of Twentieth Century-Fox studios, to purchase the yacht in 1935. It remained in Schelnclc's possession until 1938 when it was purchased by Dr. Brinkley, The yacht is equipped with radio telephone and an air conditioning unit. Its superstructure is of teak and knotty pine. Staterooms are oak paneled. Most of the elaborate fixtures are being removed. The famed yacht has been seen in Valley waters, having been brought here several years ago by Dr. Brinkley. It was viewed by hundreds of Valleyites us it was i docked at Port Isabel. Valleyite Gets Appointment MISSION--Norwood Honey, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Honey, was notified Monday that he had been named as principal for the spring appointment to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis in a letter received from Congressman Milton H. West. The appointment was granted as a result of the competitive examination conducted for youths in the congressional district January 6 at Kingsvillc. According to the "notice from Mr. West, young Honey's grades were highest among the candidates for the naval appointment. There were 24 youths taking the examinations for the two annual appointments to the army (West Point) and naval academies. Richard Rowe, McAllen, received the West Point appointment. Young Honey, who is 20 years old, is a sophomore at Bdinburg Junior college and will graduate from there this spring. He Is a graduate of Mission High school with the class of 1939. Lost Checks Give State Big Profit AUSTIN, Tex.,--(^)--More than $20,000 in cold cash has gone begging for the want of claimants. The amount, represented by hundreds of checks ranging from 5O cents to a top of about 52 each, hal been earmarked in the state treas* ui-y. But the checks, given in pay- imcnt of transient and other forma cf indigent relief over several years, have never been cashed. Presumably many have been lost. So Senator Houghtoii Brownie* of Austin has Introduced a bill which will mark all claims off the books in six months--unless claimants produce the checks. C. C. SESSION SET HARLINGEN' -- The Harlingen Chamber of Commerce will meet Wednesday noon at the Reese-WH- Mond hotel. The meeting was set for Monday bun was postponed because of the absence from the city | oT Harry RotUff chamber mau- I ager. Unlike the tomato, the cucumber is one of the oldest known vegetables. It is said that it probably originated in India, NEW OIL FIELD HOUSTON--VPi--J. Newton Rayzor, Houston attorney and oil man. opened a new oil field Tuesday on» mile southwest of Chcnango in Brazoria couniy on a 423-acre farm out from Sun Oil Company. Troops Move To San Angelo Canup SAN ANTONIO--(IP)--A total of 779 officers and enlisted men left Kelly Field here Tuesday morning for the new basic training air school at San Angelo, I stcphen'villcT Cal Huffman of Basic Two hundred nnd £ lxty five travel %J d Klrb Ke ,, of Hunts . by train and the remainder by automobile, A total of 379 of the men are from the 64th air base group and 200 each from the 67th and 68th school squadrons. One hundred men from Kelly Field are already stationed at the San Angelo flying school. Euda. Elomosynary Institutions--P. Anderson of San Antonio. Chair- j m a n - Gracly Roberts of Munday, Ottis E. Lock of Zavallp. Harvey J, Shell of Gregory and Thomas Walters of Plckton. State departments and rural aid --G. C, Morris of Greenville, chairman; James A. Stanford of Austin, Pat Bullock of Snyder, ixwinie Alsup of Carthage and A. J. Vaie of Rio Grande City. judiciary--George R. Howard of Houston, chairman; C. H. Giimcr of Rock Springs, Mack Allison of - " " Basic Building Permits Here Total $4,080 A total of $4,080 in building permits was issvicd by the City of Brownsville during the month of January, Kermit Cromac, city secretary, said Monday, Biggest permit of the month was School Groups Go To Beach For Outing A large crowd of students and teachers of LOS Fresnos and El Jardin high schools attended a vvelncr roast at Del Mar beach Saturday evening following a girls' basketball tournament in which t;ams fro mthe two schools participated during the afternoon. Facilities for the outing were provided "by Walter H. Meyen, manager of Del Mar beach properties. Following a picnic lunch, singing led by El Jardin teachers was enjoyed by the entire group. Chaperones included Mesdames Mauric« Chastain, C. H. Loop, A. D. Crow; Misses Mildred Keeling, Katherlne Stephens, Edna Goad; Messrs. Maurice Chastain, G. Hatcher, R.R Bruce Underwood, A. D. Crow. vllle. U. S. Farmer Must Feed Hungry World AUSTIN, Tex., --(/TV- On the American farmer and stockman rests the responsibility of providing breeding stocl: and seed for the world if indicated famine in Europe develops, Tliis was the assertion of E. R. Alexander before the Texas Dirt Farmers Congress with a theme imploring farmers to take their , responsibilities seriously. CLARK GABLE SPENCER TRACr CLAUDETTE COLBERT HEDY LAMARR " B O O T O W N NOW SHOWING MARCH of TIME Presents UN'CLE SAM-the .VOX-BELLIGERENT UNCENSORED! NOT MEANT FOR U. S, EYES TO SEE: Slave Labor in France, Starving Refugees on Mender German Rations, Giant "Secret Weapons" Shcl'lin? England. Sec RAF Damage in Germany Heretofore Concealed. PLAN AD SERVICE FORT WORTH--«P--Newspaper advertising prospects for 1941 and plans for improving advertising service to the people were discussed here at the annual meeting of the Texas Daily Press League. V I R G I N I A B R U C E IOIXIARITMORZ JOHN HOWARD with ChuUtlWClB Also: POPEYE CARTOON THE LATEST NEWS Dr. Ethan Colton Tells of Future Labor Pay Policy Tested By Suit DALLAS, Tex.,--W)--Two consol- HARLINGEN--A pessimistic prediction that Americans are in for more and more governmental control of their private affairs was made here Monday night by Dr. Ethan Colton. speaker on the Rotary forum. He will speak Tuesday night at the Edinburg junior college, "I still believe, however," Dr. Colton, "that the inherent good sense and fairness of the American people will keep most of the power in their own hands. "As for my self, I am going to stick to democracy. Autocracy is like a grand ship going out gloriously over the seas, perhaps striking a reef, but democracy is like a raft. "It never sinks, but your feet are in the water all the time." Robert F. Kern of Mercedes presided over the forum. Future speakers on the Rotary forum include F. Wilhelm Sollman, "An Impoverished World"; next Monday and Tuesday; Co). M. Thorns Tchou on "Human Values in a Changing Order," the following n "The VISITS BARBERS SAN BENITO--Visiting here with Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Barber is Mr. Barber's brother. E, E. Barber rf Nilrs. Michican. While visiting In the Valley the Michigan man Is located at the Stonewall Jackson hotel. REV. LOVETT VISITS SAN BENITO -- Visitor in San Bcnlto Sunday morning, was Rev. J. E, Lovett. formerly a presiding elder of the Brownsville District of the Methodist church, Ho was speaker at morning rites at the First Methodist church in San Benito. Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Jones. The January figure wns the smallest since December. 1939, when only $2.032 in permits were i issued. Last December's total shot I to $154,613-50 with the filing of a I permit for the new Bougalnvillea i housing project. The total for 1940 I was $393,492.50. j PUNISHMENT Never Raised Low Grades If y o u r c h i l d seems b a c k w a r d in school, don't re-sort to punishment in an effort to raise his marks. Many of our friends have learned t h a t t h e cause of their child's inability to learn rapidly was eye impairment. Have your child's eye-s ex- Inrlsibl* H l t n r a l s Ki I n c l u d i n g Value! Examination aminecl. · Single Vision I n c l u r t l n c Value! DR. L. R. QLMSTED Registered Optometrist Room 415 -- First National Bank Building -- Brownsville Scouts On Cruise MISSION--A cruise over the bay in a schooner was the main feature of the week-end outing enjoyed by Mitsion Sea Scovits at Port Isabel. Eleven members ol the sea scout u n i t formed the party which left Mission before daylight Sunday morning and cruised over the bay during the day. Members or the party formed the crew to operate the schooner, Mar Nuestro. J. P. Honey, skipper, and O. V. Bridges, Sr., were in charge of the outing. Scouts in the party were Arthur Evanoff, Otis Foy, Carroll and Darroll, Martin, · Franklin Oakcs, Joe Summers, Jr., J. C. Worcester, O. V. Bridges, Jr., «nd Sterling Achee. tlon, publishers of the Dallas Morning News and other publications, went to trial Tuesday before federal Judge W. H. Atwell. 1 The corporation sued G. C. Street, the last week of month. 4-H CLUB MEETS MISSION -- A demonstration lesson in making dresser scarves Jr., regional administrator of the I was the principal feature of the federal wages and hours division, asking the court for a declaratory Saturday morning meeting of the Alton Four-H club at the home of judgment on the method of pay- ! their sponsor, Mrs- S. C. Bieke. | WORMAN CHANDLER Ing employees. Alleged Slayer To Get Second Trial LAKE CHARLES, La.,--(fr)--Mrs. Annie Beatrice Henry's second trial for the murder of Joseph P. Calloway, 41-year-old Houston, Tex., salesman, almost a year ago, started in district court here Tuesday morning. Mrs. Henry, once convicted of the crime, was given a new trial by the Louisiana supreme court which found that her first trial here last March had been "prejudicial and unfair." The Gulf Brewing Company Prevent* "THE PRIZE PARADE" Tuei. - Thurs. - Sat. 6:45 P. M. 1260 on Your Dial K R G V WESLACO Pupils Get Award Fifth grade students of Mrs, Ida Hall at El Jardin school were recently awarded a standard .brand playground bat for selling more than S10 worth of tuberculosis Christmas seals, it was announced Monday by school officials. The bat i was presented by Miss Josephine ! McOee, former county health nurse, nnd members of the Cameron county health unit. Making the scarves is one of the chief projects for club members during 1041, Mrs. Rieke conducted the lesson. Visit Us In Our NEW HOME- AMERICAN CLEANERS DYERS 831 Elizabeth St. Phone 884 -- Brownsville Alto Theatre LA FERIA Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday "When the Daltons Rode" 10c - iSc · 20c BROWNSVILLE'S BIGGEST ENTERTAINMENT You're In For a Lot of Excitement , . , Preston Foster Lynn Bnri "NEWS IS MADE AT NIGHT' 1 With Russell Gleason Ceo. Barbier SEE IT TODAY! DITTMANN Theatre -- Washington St. NOW SHOWING Most Popular Prices In Town lOc -- 15c A Complete Program PHONE 1420 CRUSADE By NORMAN CHANDLER Chairman, NtwtpcjMr Pvb//if*rt Cornmftrt* A iOUT thirty million good citizens will have a chance to read this. It is a plea. It is an urgent plea for every one of you to enlist with us in a "drive" we have in mind. This "drive" is for a very great goal--a better America. Now I know that no one of us can do very much alone--any more than one soldier can win a war. But together--and with almost no effort--we can raise the strength of this great democracy of ours to- unbelievable heights. Perhaps I ought to call this proposal of mine a game, for it-can become that. Here is hozu you play it: Start with this copy of your newspaper. Pick out of it one--just one --item of news which you think is important in making America bet- teachers. If you're an orange grower you'll have to resist a cheer if a frost nips half the orange crop, leaving you untouched, with higher . prices for your ozun oranges. .^ Pick out an item about an ad-'f vance in medicine or a story new industry which makes good 'j and needed jobs for a thousand ter, stronger, a finer place to live. Don't pick a selfish thing--something which would benefit you or your town at the expense of some . other person. For example, you'll be tempted, if you're a schoolteacher, to approve news which favors school- men. Or pick a report of a good sermon or a fine, statesmanlike speech by a congressman. Then spread this story. Tell a' neighbor. Simply say to him, "I saw in the paper that so-and-so has done this-or-that."' Sound silly? It isn't at all. Do you realize that the whole nation-the 130 million of us--is merely the product of all the good nnd the bad that we do? And if more of us actively approve the good and unselfish and actively deplore the bad, we'll encourage more goodness nnd discourage the unsound, the evil, the dangerous. t r * After all, the very reason for newspapers existing in America is to bring 3 - ou the record of what is going on. You wouldn't be qualified to take part in governing the district, the state or the nation you live in if you didn't know what was happening or what the news meant to you and your neighbors. Try this crusade with us, will you? It won't be much trouble, but if thirty million good citizens just told oji* good thing o thirty million others every day we'd have a nation so strong and with such a spiritual unity that nothing could break it. * * *' . irs CoTrtwIttoo, com* publiihc* the** mcusaften simultaneous!*' each ^-cck. The fore* which unite* thenc newspapers IF* Their rcc- ·ftoitfott of tbcir rctpontibiUty to you* tU« reader*

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