The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on July 26, 1947 · Page 9
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 9

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1947
Page 9
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YOUR MORNING NEWSPAPER THE SHREVEPORT TIMES, SATURDAY, JULY 26, 1947 NINE 13 NOMINATED TO COMPETE IN GOLD CUP RACE AMEIUCAN LEAGUE ontlnuod From Prcetdlna Pace) Athletics supported htm with a libit attack that felled the Detroit Tigers. 0-5. Four of the As blown were for extra bases. Including Eddie Joost seventh homer of the season and two doubles by Ferris Fain. $10,000 Hare IIiIilliK!it of Waning Kueini; Seu-miii On Wet Cout J)KTHOIT I AH H O A'.ewood. Cahf., July 25 iJV A1 4 3 Wkf,cl..l.ll 4 o.ui;iw,;iti 4 Muilin.rf 4 5 ; Mayti.2l 5 1 WaKMiT.c 2 , T ..... , I b,t!ance1 cat of 13 candidates, ,(;,, M".p,p i r. -.i.-n-d t,y O'.harverry arid Hom-v-! ,l"''"'-"i, 1 , , , 1 Mrllalr 1 r.-a.ii, today was named fur toriu.r- vrnur.p 0 m ' w t rue., ti ruiiiiinn ii ii'i i y w Km j anri'iai summer apl irge ; i-iHi .: cup. ( ir- et.'ered t"r the cup and th PHILADELPHIA AB HO A McCoky.lf 5 3 0 0 1' Joost. ss 0 Valo.rf 1 Fmn.Jb 0: 0 Kosar.c 0 Sutler ,2b 0! Majeskl.3b 2 Mrchidon.P 0 1, 0 0 UMPIRE MADE ERROR; CARDS' LOSS ERASED Friek Says Official Cannot Take Home Hun Awav from Halter By fJ.WI.l-; TALBOT New York, July 35 (X). When a baseball player clouts a home run, 32 1 1 27 1H It's his, and not even an umpire can deprive him of his prize. NATIONAL LEAGUE (Continued From Preceding Pace) pitcher Howie Pullet, to knock the Boston Braves out of second place In the National league race with a 5-to-l victory tonight. BOSTON ST. LOUIS AB HO A! AB HO A Tfnlmrs.rr 4 2 2 0ISchndst.2b 5 2 6 4 M M'Ck..c 4 15 Oi Moore, cf 5 2 I.twhiler.lf 4 12 01 MusiaUl b 5 i:iliott,:)b 4 0 0 4 FM'CJt.,lb 4 2 10 0 Northey. rf 3 Miisi.c 4 2 1 liKurwski,3b 2 Kyan,2b 3 1 3 K I)us;ik,3b 3 0 10 Marion, ss Barrett. p 10 0 1 Giagiola.c Wrixht.p 110 0 Poliet.p lllopn 10 0 0 John!,p O 0 0 0i Totals 33 10 24 10 Total" 37 13 27 10 1 0 4 6 0 1 1 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 4 0 5 5 4 0 0 0 4 3 0 1 Miami Promoter Wants Graziano, Zale Return Bout Champion Offered $150,-000 Willi Challenger to Get $75,000 CHICAGO AN REPORTS HAVING BROWNS APPRAISED IN ORDER TO MAKE OFFER FOR OUTFIT President of St. Louis American League Cluh Says Reported Deal Is News to Him; Would Listen to Bid T,,!.,L H 1(151 in Tiilnl. llr I Hatterl for Houtteman in eiahth. ' Ni-,,r tiv Irwiinus: n.-iir,ii 200 oni loi-s That, In effect, w as the ruling or : ,( hi reward for the winner 1 ' ''" ,trM.r.f av,wt vir-y nt N.tinnut B .ir.;n Dream. Cov er Up. I 7t-x- KaiiOs'orm. Trtpii li . In, s.-Ter-e, pHpi-ibnv.' I . Ai'iiTHt and Pleiihe Me. 1 if"ti cup. ;;nh rn e on the t '' pr. 'vraus. port lime net 4 Xy ' lock IPSTi marks the high J- -. i v of !( iy wood s waning schmjii. O'.'i. ;a!s he'.rt hope. the attendhnce 'iiiii surpass the largest crowd of the Current meeting, the 57 726 on Ir i'H::on pat. Tr.piiri'f. Fred A.talre's stx-year-C.d chestn 'it. won the m,!e and one-r, ismit ewrt inst vfar and collected ! fliiiim:irv: Run Lake. Cn 1 len btrte. I Wakefield, outlaw. Mayo, McC oiky. Ileatrue today as he threw out Brook- Let..- ; j,(;,t 2. Valo. rani. C'nauinan. Suit- rp i .vM.c-Ki t, r rror - uuiiaw. n un iwiiifn .jyii nony-oispu lea j-j victory. v-.r M.iHm, Weit. 3, Wanner, valo, Chnp- 'nan. Mi l o .ky 3. fiosai , Majeskl, Jiinhl. Two h,i"e Int. Lake, Fain 2. Ho nr. ' M.ixn Wanner. Hume run Jooxt, Stolen hs Ftii,ar. San if ice--1 am. Mait'liil-oihi. liouhie play HouHeinan, Lake ami C'uilenbme; flo.sar and Ma-seski. L-ft on base Deli oil 11. Philadelphia . Bae on ball? off Marchildon 8. Trout 1. CJorsira 3. Houtteman 1. Strikeout by Marrhiidun 7, Trout 1. fiorMca 1, Houtteman 3. Hits off Trout 4 in l'j innings, Goraica 4 in none out in fourth, Houtteman 1 in 4. Overtime 2 in I Hit by pitcher by Trout iJcMiKti iMaje.kli. Wild pitch Trout, liaia. Trout. Loina pitcher Trout. IIOMKKH BEAT BROWXS T9 o.'io for hia owner. J Boston, July 25 (P). Off to a A, the rare n open to any-, four-run first Inning In which Ted the St. Louis Cardinals last Sunday at Ebbeta field and ordered the frame to be replayed aa part of a double-header on Auk. 18. In finding that Ron Northey, pudgy St. Louia outfielder, had indeed bee'.l prevented from scoring an inside-the-park home run In the ninth inning by the action of Umpire Eeans Rear-don In telling him to "alow down," the league president said he was basing hi decision on "fairness, common sense and sportsmanship." After carefully stating both sides of the argument, Frick said he would ordt.r tre game placed in the records as having been a 3-3 tie, with the individual records of the players to stand except that no pitcher will be accorded a win or a defeat. He did. not specify that the two teanit g bit Ohaverry. owned by; Williams and Bobby Doerr hit home F '"' Esrunos cf Panama, winner ; runs in succession the Boston Red C the snoooo Panta Anita handl-jsox tonight defeated the St. Louis : Mm.-h 1 and the mure rerent , Urnwna 7-fl before a packed Fenway A-c h i' handicap here May 30. ! park crowd of 34.059. re i,i ,t. rat i the crowd fancy j WlUlllt,lB blifltpr, hi, folir.bttKK.r lie a rtiv.ppoinuiiK nice two ,,,, r,H. . ... th. ; a... and reportedly P..r work-! Krandstancl .Uer Brownie Catcher ouJ(J line-up In the replay precia,- Moh hud ri rxp j ed Ted ex - lr.,..u,l.f Ki.rh 1 t i r w frtlil Kail Thr j 1,1 t llll I J 14 111 li" iltlill JWMt U1U. 1" IV I were two strikes on "The Kid'' at the the greatest money winning!,. . ; ti in ti tr.ebred in calilori'ii history with t ' .i ' . 'i to her credit, and the vener- r,.e Psprrbcv, who is cha.-ing alter! tr.e ( ' : r for the fifth tlriie ; t ti .... v. ....a ,,.iw k i)... j p il jii But nrpii nio . ilu Liiv j'.n- ton sluKer by belting his xutn in the fifth inning to give the visitors a short lived 6-5 lead. .'..ring betting pieference will be ' )! rry M entry of Hmiev. le and If mors had held the foul : the box would have been retired. For Williams It was his 30th home ; run of the season and the Brown's well were the Mrs combination of Burning' f.'ukny JoM.ny Ijoiigiirn ; L ,'ed l.'.'ns' T reain Tra rer Wui.e M'.Her; 1lie speedy J-ee-Tt e-fee; Dan Chanpeli s Letsj Heath stroked his tound-tripper tar.ce. 7ack Additi Elton's Cover Up. I into the bleachers in right center i r.t oecor.d to Uieain in ' beyond the visiting team bull pen, tr.e American handicap; the always' drive of 400 feet. f ar.srerou.i Texn i-.andri'an, making 1 ft.uith try In the race, and the peop.e'a choice," lo.ig t:leri f,l Lobo. ! As u ..!, the day is a big one fori T r . nf the entertainment i r.(l social worlds, as welt as ti Jo : Poll Dillinger also hit a home run for the Browns a the first baiter up in the fifth. Alter Johnny B-rar-dino. playing his first game since he was hit here by Dave Ferrlas five weeks ago, popped out to Bobby B:..w :..! wife Turf and flub house : ryocrr irl that inning. Vern Stephens reservation have been taken for eeic. a e;i a the limited grand 'and tests. , Mulloy In Great Rally to Defeat Seattle Net Star Florida IMajer Win- Title After Loin: 1 iit Two S i We BrUM-. N. J , July 35 i-V Oardhar Mulioy of Coral On bleu. Fin., -eded No. 2, a'sged one of the great-rallies in the history of the Sea Bright Isn and Cricket Club Ir.v.'.at.on tournament today when iie cam from behind to beat un-ee;ed James Br.nk of PaU!e. Wih, drew a walk and scored on Heath's homer. Starter Earl Johnson lost his scoreless lnnlr.g streak, which had extended through 24. after seven pitches Dillinger started the game bv bfltlng a three and to pitch hu'li off the left field wall for a double and Berordlno selected the first pitch to him and lined it Into ri.'ht field. STiJbuis i BOSTON AB H O A !rM1ngr.3b 3 3 14 Dente.3b Mia. Uno 2b 4 2 Stihen,s Heath. If I.-riner,rf Hi own, i f J.idnu Mntj.,e Hnleriiari K r ainer.o .oldnk.p Moul'lei ,0 Ilia 2 Peky. 1 Mele.ri 0 William. if 0 Uoerr.2b 0 DiMaslo.rf 0 .Jones, lb 0 Tehbettn.c 0. Johnson. p 1 Durlhli.K 1 1 0. ly as they did In the original game He left that to the two managers. The decision lopped one game off Brooklyn's "win" column in th" standing and subtracted a loss from the Card's record. Qoing in today's games, the Cards thus were tied with the Bo. ton Braves for second place, five and one-half games behind the league leading Dodgers. When the disputed play arose, the Cardinals were leading Brooklyn 2-0 in the first of the ninth. Northey whacked a towering fly into deep cen-terfleld that hit on top of a railing jin front of the boxes, bounced high in the air and fell back into the playing field. Reardon, umpiring at third, thought the ball had gone into the stands, and when Northey came winging to third he told him to take it easy. Northey put on the brakes, and by the time he awakened to the true situation it was too late. On a fast relay he was thrown out at the plate. The Dodgers, quick to show their appreciation of Reardon's action, poured across three runs in their ha'f of the Inning to take the decision that is. temporarily. Today Frick said he didn't know why in the world the three umpires didn't get together at the time of the mix-up, admit that a mistake had been made, and award Northey his Reardon, he aald, had a ti l-Batted for Wrisht in eighth. Score by innings: Boston 000 001 0001 St. laiuls 103 H" 0" "' Summary: Run? Wright, Sihoendienst, Moore 2, Mii:-iul. f'ollet. K.rror H.van. Hun baited in Musial. Moore. Slaughter, Lit whiter. KurowskJ. Two-ha.-e nits SclKM-ndieiKt. Litwhilei, Muual. Three-base hits Pollet 2, Double plays I'ollet, Schoendienst and Musial; Marion. Schoon-riienst and Musial 3. Left on base.-Boston 5, St. Louis in. Bases on balls Bar-let 2. Strikeouts Pollet 5. Hits off Bur-lett. 5 in 3 Innings, Wright. in 4. Johnson 2 In 1. Losing pitcher Barrett. Umpires (tore, PinelH and Baihck. Time 1:39. Attendance 27.925 ipaiili. BLACK W hi I. WINS AGAIN Cincinnati, July 25 hTV Although battered for 13 hits, Ewell Blackwell survived a ninth-inning Philadelphia rally tonight to notch his 15th consecutive victory as the Cincinnati Reds trimmed the Phillies 5-4 before a crowd of 24,430. Trailing 5-3. the Phillies, who lost to Blackwell by an Identical score on July 15, loaded the bases in the final round after one was out but could count only one run. The six-foot five-Inch Cincinnati righthander, although in trouble most of the way. fanned nine and walked none to equal a march of 16 straight set by Carl Hubbell of the New York Oianta in 1936. PHILADELPHIA AB H O A Albright. ss 5 2 1 4 BmhlU rf 5 1 I I Antra, km 1 0 HaUon.Iib 1 1 0 2 2 0 2 4 0 Young. lb 2 7 2 C'.alan.lf 15 11 .amaitno.c CI NCI N NAT AB H O A 2 5 2 2 0 4 2 3 Hntlu.n.p J 0 0 0 3 Jrseti.p 10 0 1 Blackwell. D 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 110 0. oooo Wyrstk.rf Tabor.3b Funis. If adaett .C Schult..lh Verban.2b 0 10 1 0 4 2 0 1 2 2 0 0 2 0 0 10 0 2 0 0 3 9 0 0 2 2 113 1 Oil belt Schan:'..p 2.1udd SHannley AB H O A 5 0 12 . 1 1 H 5 o 2 o j home run 3 J Z O mltted franltlu In bin fifftcinl rennrt 1 i o that he had pulled skull. 3 11 U Total 35 9 24 10' Totals I-Hatted tor Mus in ninth. 34 U 27 15 2 Halted for Moulder In ninth. Scorn by iiinlni: . St. Louis HI 030 OflO Boston . . . . . . . 40 1 020 00 7 Summary: Runs DlillnKer 2, Berar- dino, Stephens. Heath. Brown, I'esKy ard ga.n the championship round of , W uliams 2, THierr 2. DiMaggio 2. Lr- . , ' . , ! ror -Mos., Pek.v. Runs batted in tn mens in the 5!ith annual ; p,rrrt,.ri,n. j idnich, Heath 3. Dillinger, i. i 1 coj:'j tl 4-fl. f .r.a. the nstlorial eeoed W.iUam Ta.bert. of Wllming-1 and 8-3. cik.c. ir.e airorcs were i iiiiamn t. noerr, jmi' o. i-o,..... "- - , . - j base nil i uiiinaei , nrnr i.i ."" 8-7. fl-1, ar.d H-3 2. Jones. Three-base hit Berardmo. M.i.:ov inned top-seeded F;ank' run - Dillinger, Heath, w uuams, " . . , : lii rr Stolen basen DlMagglo, Jones. Parser of Ixv Ansreles in the title ; Sa., ,f,re- Donsh. Double play Pesky third-ranked ! nd Doerr Left on bases St. Louis 4. i.iiro riiira. on hall off Kramer 1, I'nr hsvirg earlier vanrj!ihed fourth-1 7,olrak 1. Moulder 1, Johnson 1. Dorlsh I Strikeout. by .oinaK l. uorisn i. i n i f r Kramer 4 in innin"s. Aol- t'.n. Dei . in a four-set duel, 6-0, 8-7, 'dak 5 In 3s. Moulder 2 in 3.. Johnson 7 In 4 (none out In fifth , norlsb 2 In 3. I Winning Ditcher DoMsh. Lonlng Pltch- Br.r.k. a comparatively unknown , erZoiriak. Umpire Berry, Wearer, Hubbard and Mcrvimey. lime f.aver until h:s upset of Vic Seixas of Pr.-.:vcie'.; !i! in the quarter-final rrund. was within two points of conquering M.illoy when the Florida Iiv; tup star turned looee his scln- t.;.at:ng The Jttatt'.e southpaw, playing tendance 34,059. NATH liOH'N TRIBE Wahinton, July 25 (h. The Washington Senators defeated the Cleveland Indiana. 6-1, here tonight a as Haefner limited the Tribe to three r.arp base line game and clicking ."lis. ;(! hi. placements and drop shot, Washington Jumped into ser,t through Mulloy la surprising run st)ie in the first two sets. CYCLONE FENCES Keep hlldn ii and pel In Intruder out. Safe, sturdy anil l.t i us. LAMBERT'S Claiborne at M. Vincent Phone 7-i7l a three- lead in the rirst inning, and added two more in the seventh, while the Indians scored their lone marker in the top of the seventh. CLEVELAND AH H O A Mtkovh.ef 4 1 jva!jiunc;ton AH II O A tOMK IN I'OK Liquors at the Lowest Prices or Call 6111 for Fast Free Delivery THESE PRICES GOOD FRIDAY & SATUR DAY Scotch Special Johnny Walker CQQ Red Label 4 0 Yot.3b 2 0 0 3 4 12 0 l.-u.rf 3 0 2 0 5 0 2 0 Hnbtson.lf 3 14 0 4 I 2 1 Vernon. lb 4 19 0 3 0 1 Spence,cf 3 12 0 3 0 2 3 Pridd.v.2b 3 0 0 3 3 0 2 2 4 12 3 3 0 4 1 Evans.c 4 0 8 0 1 0 0 2 Haefner. p 2 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I) ' 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 30 3 24 10 Totals 28 5 27 9 IiAKKSDALi; LKADINO L A I It TK AIMW; COMMAND TOUHNEY Barksdale Field held a slight lead in the national air training command golf tournament at the end of the first round of play yesterday, piling up a team ecore of 306. The tournament opened yesterday at the local and will be concluded Sunday, with 36 holes of play s heduled. Eighteen holes were played yesterday in the opening round, and 18 more holes are scheduled for today. Col. Gabriel Dlaosway led the post's team with a 71, followed by M'Sgt. C. D. Smith, who had a 75; Corp. Cy Woods with a 79, and T Sgt. Charles Taylor, who posted an 81. Play in the tournament was opened by Gen. John K. Cannon, who drove the first ball in the tourney. The meet la being played over the combined officers' and men's golf courms Fourteen teams from throughout the U. S. are competing. GRAZIANO OFFERED TITLE MATCH WITH BERNARD DOCUSEN Bonded Special Old Crow Fifth I. W. Harper Pint Mitthll.lf Seel ey.l f Hobnsn. I b Gordon. 2b Keltner,30 flegan.c Gromek.p Stephens, p Kleiman.p Lemon. p lKukwskl 2Bockman Total 1-Batted for Gromek in sixth. I-Batted for Kleiman in eighth. Score by Innings: Cleveland 0O0 0O0 1001 VV ash i ngton 300000 10:Li ' Summary": Runs Seerey. Lewi 2, Vernon, Haefner. Error Gordon. Runs balled In Priddy, Christman 2. Bou-dre.iu, Robertson, Vernon. Two-base hit Boudreau. Sacrifice Yost. Left on bases-Cleveland 3. Washington 6. Bases on ball- (iff Gromek 4, Haefner 1. Stephen 2 Strikeout by Gromek 1, Haefner 7, Stephen 1. Lemon 2. Hits off Gromek 2 in f Innings. Stephens 3 tn l'i. Kleiman 0 In li. Lemon 0 In 1. Losing pitcher Gromek. Umpire Grieve, Jones and McGowan. Time of game 1 40. Attendance 18,252. 569 359 Racing Employe Wins On Unwanted Mntnel Ticket; Blend Special Schenley 549 Black Label, 5th Seagram 7-Crown, Pint 219 Gin Special Boston Grain Gin, Va Pt Boston Grain Gin, Pint . . Oceanport, N. J.. July 23 (,V) . J . M. Birmingham, who sells mutuel tickets at Monmouth park, made a mistake the other day that paid off 533.20. He punched out three $5 tickets on Mr. Flip In the first race and then discovered they were not the one the customer wanted. He tried to sell the three tickets, but couldn't find any customers nobody much of Mr. Flip's chances Finally Birmingham paid for them himself. Mr. Flip ran first, paid $71 10 for each 92 ticket, and Birmingham collected the 9533.20. He celebrated by New York. July 25 (A). Babe McCoy. Los Angeles promoter, said today he had offered Rocky Graziano, newly crowned middleweight champion, 940.000 to defc-.d his title against Bernard Docusen or New Orleans, in Wrigley Field, Lo Angeles, on Sept. 13. Docusen, up to now a welterweight, was offered 915,000 and has accepted the offer, McCoy added. Chances that Graziano would accept appeared slim here although his manager, Irving Cohen, could not be reached. It was pointed out that Graziano agreed to give Tony Zale of Gary, Ind.. from whom he won the title on July 16. a chance to regain the crown within 90 days. McCoy said he thought the bout would draw 9200.000 in Los Angeles and that Graziano had been given an offer of 940.000 or 40 per cent of the gate. Belt Cannot Be Civen Graziano in N. Y. Rine New York, July 25 (A1). The New York State Athletic commission today refused permission for the pre sentation of the ring magazine mid dleweight championship belt to Rocky Orazlano In the ring at next Wednesday's Tarn! Maurlello-aua Les- nevich fight for the Damon Ilunyon cancer fund at Ebbets field Chairman Eddie Eagan said that it waa a commission rule ih,i thought boxer whose license has been revoked could appear in a New York ring for any purpose. "The commission cannot break Its own rules," Eagan added. The request was made by Promoter Andy Niederreiter and members of Wine Special California Port, Sherry, sir"'.1 59c Greenwall Drug TEN at .Ml K 111 Y PHONE Mil huvintr huge Quantities of chocolate burs for distribution to his co-tn New York Boxing Writers associ- Tolals 40 13 24 10 Totals 27 9 27 10 IGrounded out for Jurisch in seventh 2Singied or Schanz in ninth, 'i..., inr Juriri in ninth. nh.h.dflnhia 001 100 0114 Cit cinnati !'LiL03 Summary: Runs Albright. Ennis. pio..n iinnriiev. Raiim nolt ;. Z.ientara Hattori 2. Haas. En ors Black well. Runs batted In Haas i. oaian , lannmiiiu. v'oiifr Talmr. Vprban. Two-base hits Albright. Schultz 2. Haas. Sacrifices Baumholtz. 1-arnmano. Double plays-Albright, Verban and Schultz; Jurisch. Alhrieht and SchulU: Schultz lunas- EicitHi T.eft on bases Philadelphi Cincinnati 9. Bases on balls off Heintz- eiman ;. Jurisch 2, scnanz a. siriKruuis-Hcintzeltnan 2. Schanz 2. Blackwell 9 n, nff Hin7elrnan 5 in 223 innings Jurisch 2 tn 3'n. Schanz 2 in 2. Losing pitcher Heintzelman. Umpires Maser- kuith, Stewart and Henlme. lime Attendance 24,430. BROOKS DOWN IU S Pittsburgh. July 25 7. The front- running Brooklyn Dodgers snapped a Pittshurch three-game winning streak tonight, defeating the Bucs, 4-1, before a crowd of 42.014. largest of the season in the steel city. Ed Stanky smacked out a homer to score one of Brooklyn's two first-inning tallies. HKOOKLVN I T'lfTSHll HGH All H O Ai AH H O A c 9h :k i 5 s rnit.m 4122 4 0 14" I 4 Reiser, If 4 2 1 0 Gust inr.3b 4 it ir ii ti fi it: Kitier.i! a New York, July 25 (VP). Harry Voiler, Miami Beach hotel owner and fight promoter, has offered Mlddle- weight Champion Rocky Graziano a (guarantee of 9150,000 to defend his title against Tony Zale In Miami, Fla., next February, with a 975.000 guarantee to go to Zale. The offer, received here by wire, explained that $50,000 would be paid to Graziano and 925,000 to Zale when they sign the contract and that the balance would he given to both fighters 48 hours before the bout. Voiler explained it would be a charity show with "nothing for the promoter." Irving Cohen, Grazlano's manager, wired Voiler that he would consider the offer. "An offer of this size you have to consider," he said. Cohen said he and Graziano do not expect to appear before the New York State Athletic commission to apply for the return of Grazlano's license to box In this state until next September. Grazlano's license was revoked last January for failure to report a $100,-000 bribe offer for a fight which never came off. Licensing for the 1948 period begins Oct. 1. Cohen explained that It was very doubtful that Graziano would de- jfend the title he won two weeks ago by knocking out Zale in Chicago this year, unless Zale should request a return match before next January. The Chicago fight, in which the title changed hands, was the second between Graziano and Zale. The first, last September in New York, ended In a six-round knockout Victory for Zale. When they signed for their second 1 bout, the contract included a stipu lation for a return bout to be signed for within 90 days after th second fight. Cohen said Graziano probably would have one over-weight non-title fight this year and then risk his title against Zale early next year. The non-title affair probably will be in October or November, depending on Grazlano's recovery from hurts received in the last Zale bout. One of the reasons for the delay until next year, of course, is the Income tax status of both fighters. Zale received about 9140,000 for the Chicago fight in which he lost the title and Graziano was paid about 970,000 in winning the championship. LEA DING WOMEN SOFTBALL TEAMS 3IEET TONIGHT 2 AL,..,. t 'f '4 O I 2 5 2 2 OizHnwell I) Edwardii.c 3 0 2 (h Westlake.t f 4 Jrgnsen,3b 3 0 0 4 Hldwrth.2b 4 Reese, ss 3 0 16 Kluttz.c 2 Taylor, p 4 11 2 Uueen.p 0 a 1 0 2 Uueen.p I Hagby.p J IHikard I Wolff. p 1 1 2 0 0 14 0 0 1 1 0 B 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Total 31 6 27 18 Total 30 7 27 13 1- Hatted for Basby in eighth. 2- Ran for Greenberg in ninth. Score by innings: Brooklyn 201 000 0014 Pit t sbur g h . . . 000 001 000-1 Summary: Runs Stanky, Robinson 2, Reiser. Cox. Errors Bloodworth. Greenberg Runs batted in Stanky. Edwards. Kurtllo 2. Kmer. Two-base hits Eiirillo 2. Russell 2. Home run Stanky. Sacrifice Stanky, Reiser. Double plays Jor-Kcnsen, Stanky and Robinson 2; Taylor, Reese and Robinson; Gustine. Blood-worth and Greenberg: Reese. Stanky and Robinson. Left on bases- Brooklyn 11, Pittsburgh fi. Bases on balls -Uueen 5. Taylor 4. Bagby 2. Wolff 1. Strikeouts-Queen 1, Taylor 2, Bagby 1. Hits off Queen 4 in 2 4, innings. Bagby 2 in 5' 3, Wolff 0 in 1. Hit by pitcher by Baeby (Stanky). Losing pitcher Queen. Umpires Reardon, Conlan and Goetz. Time 2:05. Attendance 42.014. BIG STATE LEAGUE (lint Game) Score by Innings: R H F Paris 001 000 (1112 Wichita Falls 002 035 z 10 13 0 Batteries: Scogt and Weeks; Grishani and Balch. (Serond Game) Score by innings: R H E Pun 002 OoO 0013 f 2 Wichita Fall .... 140 OHO 03z 8 12 2 Batteries: Carter and Carroll; Baker and Balch. Pint Clame Score bv Innings: R H E Sherman-Denison ... 000 001 2- 3 8 1 Waco 013 1 10 z 8 9 0 Batteries.: Walker, Griggs; Weuler and Rosst. (Second Oarne) Score by innings: R H E Sherman-Denison 061 102 00010 15 2 Waco 000 000 300 3 8 1 Batteries: White and Griggs; Heintz and Chew. Score by innings: R H E Greenville 200 001 3107 13 1 Austin 0;io iiOO 001 8 12 0 Batteries: Hresko. Warchol and Fim-derburk; White, Elliott and Harshany. Score by innings: R H E Texarkana 100 Oil 1105 9 1 Gainesville 000 400 0004 7 0 Ba'ieries: Hacker and Otbartolo; Woolen, Patterson and Boger. All H Pet. 3(iH 133 ,3I1 ll!7 41 .323I li ho .:tl4l 118 37 .3141 3IHI 94 Ml 3 Texas League Leaders Rosen. OC Naraiuo.SA Piuss.r'W Jordan. SA i.pp. Hn Huns Rosen IOC) 78, Casslni T1 77. Hits Rosen (OCi 133. Humus Hn 113. Two-base hits Rosen (OC 35. Nielsen iOC) 24. Three-base hits Epps (Hn). Pluss (FWi, 12 each. Home run. Gregory (St) 20, Rosen IOC) 13. Stolen bases Cassini (Ti) 38, Lipon (Dsi Z. Runs hatted in Rosen (OC) 101. Gregory st 8. Innings (Hn) 194, Brers ttfni, Carver ISA). 179 each. Complete games Papal Uln) 18. Beer (Hn. 17. Game won Beer (Hn) 17. Ramsdell (EWi 17. Strikeouts Beers (Hn) 110. Hamner (St) 109. City softball fans will be treated tonight to what many rate as the best women's game of the season, when Elite Cleaners and Southern Bell teams meet at Princess park at 7 o'clock. Southern Bell moved up from the bottom of the pack and looms as Elite's biggest threat In the title play-offs that will soon get under way. Tuesday night the teams met and Elite won in the last Inning on a home run by Jere Mills with Payne on base. The regular season's schedule has ended but the game tonight is a "make up" contest for a postponement when Elite went on a road tour late last month. All teams have two games to make up next week. The Cleaners will go into the contest without the services of Abbie Abernathy, mainstay all season, who broke her Instep in Tuesday's contest. She will be Idle about three weeks. Several other players are on the injured list. BLACK SPORTS TO SEEK TENTH WIN IN ROW TONIGHT BASEBALL'S BIG SIX workers. atlon. ACttOSX NEW BRIIHiK r ROM SllltH El'OKT MARKERS $35.00 l Y ANDERSON'S TRI-9TATE MONUMENT CO. Bossier City, Lav 17 alspar'i m V PAINTS 5 : 7uh Allen Go 'INC. z 2 70ti Texas St. Phon 3-71X8 (Three lenders in each luugue) Player and Club All R H Pet. DiMaggio. Yankees 337 HU 116 .344 xWalker, Phijiies 314 4 108 .343 xBoudreau. Indians 280 43 95 .339 xGustine, Pirates 347 f4 112 .323 xKell. Tigers 331 3H 107 .323 xWiliiams. Red Sox 201 70 94 .323 Cooper. Giants 311 81 98 .316 RUNS BATTED IN American league DiMaggio. Yankees, 84, x Williams, Red Sox. 63; Henrich, Yankees, 62. National league M.ze, Giants, 75; Marshall, Giants. 75; Cooper, Giants, 71. HOME RUNS American league xWiliiams. Bed Sox, 19; xHeath, Browns, 19; xGordon. Indians, 16. National league Mize. Giants. 29: Marshall. Giants, 25: xKiner, Pirates, 25. x-Playuig night games. Shreveport Black Sports will be shooting for their tenth straight victory tonight at Palace park against the Little Rock, Ark., Bellhops, ranked as Arkansas' fastest colored baseball club, and under the management of Charles Rouse, elongated first sacker. Game time is 8:15 o'clock. In addition to Rouse, the stellar Arkansas infield is composed of Akins, second base; Threets, shortstop and Cole, custodian of the hot corner. Drake, a prize rookie of the year and formerly of the highly rated Dublssion Tigers in Little Rock, will be in left field; Hawkins, veteran fly chaser and slugger of repute will be in center and Turner, another fast developing rookie will be In right. From a mound corps of Winfred "Polly" White, A. Phillips, "Smoke-Morris and John Lewis will be selected the staiting pitcher. C. Phillips is regular receiver. Mast recent victory for the Bellhops was a 10-5 victory over the Pine Bluff Boosters, a team which was defeated In both ends of a double-header by the Sports at Palace park on Independence Day. St. Louis. July 25 (&). Emory C. Perry, describing himself as a representative of a Chicago baseball syndicate that would have Babe Ruth In its front office, aald today he was making an appraisal of the St. Louis Browns and that he expected to make an offer for the American League club. Richard C. Muckerman, controlling stockholder of the Browns, was out of the city but General Manager Bill DeWitt of the club said: "If Mr. Perry is appraising the Browns, I know nothing about it. I've never met the man." Perry, a consulting engineer of Chicago, said the syndicate was inter ested mainly In the Browns fran chise and that if the club was pur chased, the syndicate would attempt to move the franchise to California, probably Log Angeles. "This has been going on for some time," Perry said. "It's not being handled through the club's office. Mr. Muckerman'a attoraay, who is now in New York, called me Just a short while ago." Perry, a friend of Babe Ruth's for more than 25 years, aald "we don't know Just what we'll ask the Babe to do, but we want him around In the capacity of a consultant, at least." Perry said the syndicate involved six other Chicago business men but he declined to name them. He added he could not say at this time what the syndicate would be willing to pay for the club. News to 8t. Louis Boss Boston, July 25 ;P). President Richard C. Muckerman of the St. Louis Browns late today said. "I don't even know the man," when asked about a St. Louis report that Emory C. Perry, Chicago consulting engineer, expected to make an offer for the American League baseball club in behalf of a syndicate. "I never even heard of the man and I've received no offer," added the president of the Browns, who are here for a series against the Boston Red Sox. Asked what his reaction might be should he receive a bid to sell the club. Muckerman responded in rather Jocular fashion, "well, you always look at an offer, even li it's for a race horse." Veteran Major League Players Not Under Bonus Chandler Clarifies Rule Covering Contract of Athlete Ruth Knows Perry Montgomery, Ala., July 25 (JP). Babe Ruth said today he knows Emory C. Perry of Chicago very well but declined to comment on whether he is interested in a front office Job with the St. Louis Browns. Perry, reportedly dickering for purchase of the Browns, said he was a longtime friend of Ruth and wanted him In some capacity with the club if his syndicate takes it over. "I know Perry very well." Ruth said. "However, I don't want to make any statement until I have talked with him." The former Yankee baseball star Is here for an appearance during a state American Legion convention. Cincinnati. July 25 A. 3. (Chandler, commissioner of fcasebaj. i today ruled that major league playera jwith five years or more retirerr.ert. would be exempt from the provision of the bonus rule. The bonus rule, which became jfectlve Feb. 15. defined ss a ' tvr.-.s 1 player" any one a rr.a,' :r jleague contract for more than $ n- annually. For class AAA the t:t -re Iwas fixed at $4,000: ciitse A A. S3 0-0 jand down t- 9800 tor cl.iis E. j Chandler said that player 'wr.h iany number of years' service :a 'ha major leagues who became :r agents and later signed wi'.ii b league clubs for more than fo.Ooo a year now were designated as bonus players. "I do not believe that the frarr.ers of the bonus rule had in mind that it should cover such cases " the cc missioner said. He said he made today's ruling because of uncertainty of c!ub or.fn as to the intent of the rule and ss.d it would be in effect until the December meeting. 107,000 to See Annual All-Star Football Game Chicago, July 25 A record breaking crowd of 107,000 will witness the 14th annual All-Star foot-bnll game In Soldier Field on Chicago's lake front the night of Aug. 22, Arch Ward, speaking for the Chicago Tribune Charities Inc., sponsor of the gome, said all reserved seats totaling 1 03 .000 had becu sold and that 4,000 standing room tickets will be put on sale the night of the game. Net proceeds from the game are divided between Chicago charities. The college All-Stars, selected from the standout players from the 1940 season, will oppose the Chicago Bears, champions of the National football league. Bluebyrds Meet Natchitoches In Minden Today (Continued From Preceding Page) the third contest in Natchitoches that the Natchitoches officials carried their request for a change In the playing sites to Martinez, the Bluebyrds' manager said. Bailey said that the Natchitoches officials, immediately after the second game, had offered him a guarantee of $100 and all expense to play the last game In Natchitoches, but that he had refused the offer. After receiving the ' protest from the Natchitoches team, Martlnea contacted Bert Kouns, fourth district chairman for American Legion baseball, late Thursday night, and told him that he would rule on the request yesterday. He Informed Kouns by telegram yesterday morning that the game would have to be played in Minden. Bailey said last night that Commissioner Martinez, violated the rules of the American Leglou Junior Baae-ball league when he failed to be present at the meeting or to have his representative there when the schedule for the sectional playoff was arranged. "We had a perfect agreement on where the three games were to be played," Bailey said. "The dates and places were advertised In advance. We did not present the written agreement to Commissioner Martinez because neither he nor his representative was present. We did the thing that we had done before arrange the dates and places of the games." In asking that the contest be awarded to the Bluebyrds, and protesting the ruling. Bert Kouns. fourth district chairman, sent the following telegram to Commissioner Martinez: "Although denying that you have the right or cause for your act In ordering a game to be played at Minden on Saturday which waa originally agreed upon and scheduled to be played in Shreveport Friday the Andress Bluebyrds will comply with your order under protest, while at same time claiming forfeiture of Friday's scheduled game, under the rules of baseball due to failure of Natchitoches to appear for Friday' scheduled game. "Formal claim of the forfeiture and protest against having to comply with your arbitrary, unwarranted and unprecedented order is being prepared and forwarded to you by the Lowe-McFarlane Post No. 14. Bailey also said that he told Natchitoches officials In Natchitoches Wednesday after they had objected to the crowd at the local park that he would request both the recreation department officials and Public Safety Commissioner A. B. "Kotton" Morris to have ample police protection to keep the crowd from getting on to the infield. Don Harbuck, who won the first game for the Bluebyrds, will take the mound In today's game, Bailey said. Recreation Head Says Local Field 'One of Finest' (Continued From Preceding Pate) bleachers were set up tor the game, which you will see in the fourth picture enclosed and ropes set up 10 yards or more from foul lines and a crew was on hand to keep everyone back from the lines. For your information, I feel it proper for me to point out that while a written agreement was not made between the representatives of the district chairmen concerning this series, an oral agreement to play the first and third games here at Betty Virginia park and the second at Natchitoches was made in the presence of witnesses, including Judge James IT. Galloway of the local district court, and others of comparably unquestionable repute, and that two-thirds of this agreement was cheerfully carried out by both parties two of the three games and only after the neoond game was played waa any protest as to Betty Virginia park made, I think I am fully Justified in stating that any inference that this park Is Inferior to, or even no better than, any similar park in any Central or North Louisiana, city simply cannot be substantiated in any way before any impartial Judge or Jury. With kindest personal regards, DONALD M. EWING. Chairman Ctty Park and Recreation Council POLYNESIAN TOP CHOICE IN S2.,000 MONMOUTH" -CAP HKTZ WINS EXHIBITION MATCH London, July 25 (JT). Pauline Betz of Los Angeles, Calif., won an exhibition women's indoor professional tennis singles tournament tonight, defeating her American touring partner, Sarah Palfrey Cooke of New York, 6-4, 6-2, in the decisive match. Each had won one match previously, Mrs. Clement Attlee, wife of the prime minister, presented the trophy to last year's Wimbledon champion. In an exhibition singles, Donald Budge of Oakland, Calif., defeated Bobby Rlgga of Ferndale. N. Y. 2-6, 10-8. Oceanport, N. J.. July 25 (.4)- Polynesian, a top flight campaigner that has shown he can race almost any distance, and Gallorette. champion mare of 1946, hook up tomorrow In the mile and one-quarter of the $25,00O added Monmouth handicap at Monmouth park. Seven other horses have been named for the rich stake but off past peformances the stake stacks up as battle between Polynesian, representing P. A. B. Widener's Elmendorf farm and W. L. Brann's Maryland-bred mare. Polynesian was considered only a high class sprinter until this year. But in three outings at Monmouth pork this season the five-year-old son of Unbreakable has won at six furlongs, a mile and one-sixteenth and a mile and a quarter. The Elmendorf colt will pick up top weight of 127 pounds, giving eight to Gallarette. making her first start this season outside of Metropolitan New York. The overnight line quoted Polynesian at 8 to 5 and Gallorette at 9 to 5. Talon, the South American bred horse owned by R. N. Ryan, shapes up as the best of the others. He didn't show much in last Saturday's Gold Cup at Belmont park hut under 112 pounds could be dnngerous. The field will be completed by Amanecer from the King Ranch, Round View of the San ford stud farm. War Trophy representing Samuel Riddle Glen Riddle farm. Mrs. Tilyou Christopher's Donna's Ace and Bel Reigh and Mrs. Al Robert's War Watch. 1 r k I' 1 ii1 11 The first 500 milt International speedway race for automobiles was held during 1911. NEW CIVILIAN AND Station Wagons NOW AVAILABLE fyiYNER McoOR 212-218 Travis St Phone 2-0322 Distributors for THE ARK-LA-TEX AREA DRINK PAR -T-PAIS f.y Now In The New 6 0Z. BOTTLE NEHI BOTTLING CO. M 7 I i m,m an tii., iUii laa'tflii Fa) wun-Back Lash Willie Fishing has been rather slow again this week. VTe visited several lakes bnt saw very few fishermen. Arter the cool spell the first of the week we thought the fish might start biting a little better hut we discoT-ered the change In weather had stopped the white perch which were doing very well prior to the change in weather but on the other hand, the coot weather seemed to start the liav moving around a me saw one of the largest schools of Bass on the prairie near (ireen sIon;h In Black Lake last Tuesday we hae een this year. Arthur AVatson, prominent attorney of Natchitoches, was right In the middle of them uln; a fly rod with a white popping hug for the first time In hi long fLslilnjc rarrer. Arthur landed five pounder the first time he got a strike I hen missed several nl one. He finally r hanger! bait, using the kind that require a ran opener and landed five more good one. About an hour later his Ice melted and his newly discovered halt no Ion err Interested the Ba, nor were the bass Interestinf to Arthur after this calamity. Yours truly, BACK !.AH WILLIE Box 505 FOR Grumman Non Sinkable Canoes Outboard Motors Complete Stock Fishing Supplies Boy and Girl Bicycles Ball Bearing Roller Skates Atlas Tires and Batteries Gas, Oil and Wood Heaters Lawn Mowers Garden Tools Rubber Tires For Wheelbarrows All Types Attic and Ventilating Fans E! m u id Scrvicenter Fishing License "2 HOIK SERVICERS Market St. Phone 2-1119 (EUA 4 '4 4 it -1 Uaa.

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