The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1951
Page 1
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TAGE TWO BLTTKgYTT.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Congress Hopes to Quit Nov. 1 Six Money Bills Remain For Action WASHINGTON, Oct. 9, W, Lawmakers twok a look at the tally sheet on appropriations bills today find decided Congress would be lucky to pet out of town l>y Nov. 1. Six of Hie 13 major bills carry- Ing funds to run (he government still must he acted on At least one of these, carrying mnncy for military and economic aid to foreign countries, promises to stir Up controversy. Senate Democratic U-adrr Me- Farland of Arizona has fixed Oct. 20 as his latest adjournment target. But other senators said ptiviue- ly today they did not think that was realistic. House Speaker Hayburn iD-Texasi snicl yesterday "maybe" Congress ran wind up its work this monlh. Here Is Siliwtinn This is the situation nn the remaining six bl£ money measures for the current year: 1. $56,937.808.030 armed services bill. A compromise version has passed the House and may be sent to President Truman by the Senate today. 2. Rivers and harbors and Hood control projects bill, in Kcnate- House conference. The House voted J514.000.000 and the Senate S(i3S- 000.000. Vole Wits ni/fprcnt 3. State^ Justice and Commerce bills. In conference. The House voted J1.045.910.000 and the Senate I1,<H5.452.000. 4. supplemental bill carrying funds for defense and economic controls agencies. The Senate passed it by voice vole last niaht The House voted $1,586.000.000 Goes to conference. 5. $4.440,559.420 supplemental bill carrying funds for construction of military bases in this count rv nnd overseas and for the Atomic Bnergv Commission, it \t-ns recommended yesterday by the House Appropriations Committee, and debate will start In the House tomorrow. The Senate will act later. Forclirn AM Ncxl Week 6. Foreign nld bill, not yet out of the House committee. The House hopes to take it up next week. The Senate Appropriations Committee expects 10 lake at least a week to consider this bill. The Senate yesterday completed congressional action on a $7,483,400.000 authorisa- tion measure, sending It to the White House. Congress U theoretically supposed to get all the appropriations bills [lassed by the o|>enln^ ol a new fiscal year on July 1. but It never has in recent years, it j s no* more than three months late on fiscal 1952. It has had to pass resolutions to permit government agencies to keen spending until their regular bills are enacted. I Angry Tories Point to Egypt \As Attlee Pushes Electioneering World's Oldest Village Recovered ByArcheologists TUWUAT, OCTC i LONDON. Oct. 9. (API — Prime I Minister Clement Attlee pushed Ills electioneering In Knsl Anglla today ins angry Tories pointed lo Egypt | and slammed at his Inrelun policies. : Egypt's move lo denounce the 19.16 Andn-Egyptian ['act and make portly King Parnuk master of the Sudan, rnming soon after Persia's ouster of British oil men. mis pro! fountlly affecting ihe character o[ i tlie elctc-i'in campaign. i It focused voter nttenlion even more nn l.ihoiitc foreign policies rather thnn their six-year stewardship j in domestic affairs. Conservative Leader Winston j Churchill shoeliorncd the Kgypilan turn of affairs Immediately Into a . political speech over the radio. | "Another blow has fallen upon us even more grave and Injurious tbnn | that which «r/Hced us at Abadan." he said In his broadcast last night. ! Abadan Is the site of Ihe huge [lefmery of the Anglo-Iranian Oil | Company. Under Iranian pressure, i the company w.ij forced to walk off 'and leave It after futile ef.orl.s by : Die government to save the bis British oil Investment from nationalization by Iran. , Heckling njid shouts of "Atradan. Abadan" traced Attlee's progress through the eastern counties yesterday. Judge Lectures 'Paddling Mother' CLEVELAND. Ol, 9. i/TV-A 31- year-old mother was fined 825 yesterday for assaulting n school principal with the same paddle he once user! nn her son. Mr.s. Rrrnice Smey had been ccnvicted of assault and battery by a Jury. Stle blackened the eyes of Principal Jame.s Fenwlck during an argument in Ills office os-er his punishment of her son Dan 15. In a feature accompanying Hie line. Municipal Judge Mary B. Oros.sman told the woman to "join the Parent-Teachers Association n"d get n better understanding of the teacher-parent problem." The Judge nlv> ordered the Cleveland .school board Informed that Fenwick's three-foot, innh- thlck paddle should not be used on children. "H was Just as bad for thl.s paddle to be used on children as it was to be used on the principal." Judge Grossman said. AEC Ready to Start Series jOf 'Atomic Maneuvers' LAS VEGAS. Nev.. Oct. 9. ijr, — ."We're ready any time to set It off." says Gordon Dean, chairman of tlie Atomic KnerKy Commission. "It" Is the first of a series of atomic blasts. Uie purpose of which Is to train troops for atomic warfare. About 1.000 soldiers, stationed at Camp Desert Hock 75 miles tn CHICAGO. Oct. 0. Wi -Tiie 'ild- est known village in the world discovered In 1940 by accident has been uncovered by University of Chicago archeologists. The scientists reporter! yesterday that Jarmo, a village outsldr the modern oil Uiwn of Kirkuk, in Iraq, had been scientifically "recovered," Robert J. Hraldwood, profr-sor of old world prc-history. e.-imiiit<vl the village dated back to 5.000 lie, ami was the size ol a small city block. He said it was found to ''tmtain 15 different levels, with the lower two thirds representing a pip-rerajnic stage and the upper third the pottery stage. The village was made up of about 50 mud-waller] houses. New Silence Falls Upon Israel for Yom Kippur JERUSALEM. Oct. X. lift -Israel -from the mountains of Galilee to the fied Ken, and from Die Ji;ninn River to the Mediterranean coast- will he a silent country tonight and tomorrow. The silence will ecime, in observance of Yom Kippur. the day of atone-inent. most sat-Tnd festival in the Jewish calendar. H marks the culmination of 10 days of penitence which br.;an with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. Secular life will be siillerl completely from sundown tonight until sundown tomorrow. Fasting will Ix; widespread. "Ship" House A house bulll in Monterey, Calif about 1835. and still inhabited, was made partially of timbers from the ship on which Napoleon escaped to the Island of Elba. 'Saga of Hands' Lacks Happy End Forger Finds New Personality, But Srays in Jail I, 1981 Stflmlard submarine cable weluhs 10 Ions to the mile. the north near the AEC's proving Kround, will take nart in tlip run ncuvers. for your home! tyisingly priced of *229 50 for sofa and chair Your Itvln, r«om,., ^.m« roMi | n , t-mly w , th fWl •mort, n.w Kr..hl.r Furnrtu,.. 8.. it. modern, low-slung .tr.amlln.d .Impllelty. Notice th. luxuries fabric th. flng.r.thlcfc eord th.t trim, th. has. and outline, ihe d«ep, .oft pillow back.. Buy Kr..hl.r Cu.hionlzed* Furni- tur. for extra comfort. *««3 U. S. fol. O». BBACH. caisr., oct a ia>, li-p-r^.^^ 1 ^ jSot his back the other dav I?" ^^Afi^TC glands were B narled and'tlte S ' y?. h n ' hp<ln lhat *»y since IS44 tendons Wa " h<<Ka " lo k " ot the' Before then, Mo^an had been , construction worker. He „,„,,„ u" Six arrests"] a ie r . nr . M arcus Ora inYeres" eJ d Uy '^ pll - vslcian - ^"me hS'l/m "' 1 ,° la "' d ' ** Morgan's niJmy UnlW " te<l - " dld his P"»- M.X^n.Si 111 ^ " Ut r • JO " J>h probation and salrt- "-11,1 , Ce , 5e * rs "t »s finest ' ms is J " stlce The s, 0f y sholl |d nave a h . (UidniK; but It doesn't. Morgan is Jehovah's Witness Loses School Job, Won't Solute Flag HAI,[,. Hid,, Oct. 9. wv-William f.cwis, fired yesterday for refusing to salute the Hag. is making a double-barreled tight to reclaim his Job as principal of Hall school. His lawyer, Irving I,. Fink, Indianapolis, announced that he will appeal the dismissal order lo the ! Morgan County school comniis- jflmter at fviarlinsville. Fink fald i at the hearing yesterday that Lewis jhas the right to salute because. as ( a .Jehovah's Witness, he has re- lisons convictions against It, U. S. Meat Boning Company Accused Of OPS Violations CHICAGO, Oct. 9. M'I—A meat boning company hearted by a civilian advisor to the Office of Price. Stabilization was accused yesterday of failing to comply with OPS re«still In the county Jail. nakcrsftcld, I Calif., police say Morgan Is wanted In an old petty theft case. Record Relief for SOUR STOMACH YOUR WHEELS Should Me BALANCED I. Whenever you feel i vllira- llon In your car at certain speeds. Langston-Mc Waters Huick Company Walnut A Itroadvi ay—21 Hnur Service Illations. The OPS sought a federal court injunction to suspend operations by H. Schwartz and Company. 2055 W Pershlng R d ., until It follows the regulations. A hearing on the injunction was setr before Judge John P. names today. Tlie nnn'« president and treas- urer. Benjamin BchwarU. U a director of the OPS beaf indiutrj advisory committee. He had no comment on the OPS accusation. The OPS said the company u th» nation's largest meat bonin* flrm and does a $100,000.000 minimi imsl- ness. Documented Taste Tests PROVE -™ — — •—- -™ •* v m^^ the Coffee Flavor MostPeopkiikeBest! MOUNTAIN GROWN TRYUSINfrKlISS «. Copjrhlht J. A, /oJ|« i Co. ItH AVAIU8U in Regular, Drip or finw Grind. . , fa both t lt>. a*rf f /i Wfiiofij>Pffiese3k rigfrf foYbuf Airliner Inclining Scat ihnl everyone cnth the grralest cnmforl fcnllirt ncr. Adjust- ah It? It* Jhc fwsition.i: World's Only ll'mlArr K v , C' lilt air e\ Automatic f'.;V afrit vcnlilcninn. KROEHLER PILLOW BACK SUITE IN LUXURIOUS MOHAIR FRIEZE Futnifur. I. b.ouilfully upholil.r.d In iculphir.d, hlgh-loep moh.i, frl.i., ... | n many Interattinf polHrni ond .tyhih co(- •f». »oHi»ofo.ndih«lr«r»your« for only Fr v^^.^ J J.A I .Icllirc Knyne thill p,,u,T_, | //!<• Arnhasw,!,,, is Si'tluy the j pare ficri-plilce — ii, ,t,, c k 1 cur racts andccunomv runt. Term OTHER KROEHLER SUITES AS LOW AS 129.50 CUSHIONED FURNITURI M , T bv KROIHLIR, W.rM'. l«,.,t F. r- |,. r . j|, BM f B€lirir For those who never buy less than the finest, N M h . i . . . presents the distinguished Ambassador—most A MfinK Ahnrinnfin/'irvti modcrn ° r Amerka's fine cars—with its Jetfi« ^ IMW) /V/lP^SSQUOr en £ ine ^ Challenges all others on perforrnanc. Tij' it with Hydra-Malic Drive or Automatic Overdrlv* 2. Mash Statesman Get the biggest car value in Amcrka today—the popular Nash Statesman— roomiest, largest car at anywhere near its mo<kst price—the only car in us class with coil springs on a.11 four wheels. Hydra-Malic Drive optional. COUNTRY CLUB So smart and swanky, it's hard to believe this luxury "hardtop" sedan is priced .10 Ion-. Yet vcm get 5*00 wort 1 of custom accessories at no extra coM.'See the Rambler Convertible, Station Wagon and Suburban models, too SHELT °N MOTOR COMPANY Smart Furniture Moderately Priced l«rfi d«oltri.,.AIC nHwork ,Vjj* .Wo»r». Dliula.

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