The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1966 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1966
Page 7
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Blyflievfll* (Ark.) Courier Ken- Tue8(!iy, August ». Wt»- Pi|i 9an (Firit ID a Series) By FBtiiKS TOPOLSKI C right iMt by Newspaper Enterprise Assn., Inc. PEKING ( The mood 6f Cbmfhunist CM- na , at least &s shdWn iri public^ ifi this greai era of Atomic con- ffontatibn With the Uflited States jg strangely relaxed and alffibst cheerful. AmlricaflS are knoWn here as "big noses:" Whenever a CHI- Bese Sctor Wishes to impefsbrt- ate an Arn6f"ieafi h§ pastes 6rt a big paper nose. The aUdience responds with guffaws. I have seen many plays, sbnia by afflateUr groups, while touring ehina ireffl the Gobi 8§ssn in M6figolta to tbe Sbuth China Sea. Mafty 6f their, have fllflrV fcers dealing with the war in Viet Nam in which the United Stated of cottrse, is 'cast in Sie role df villain. The American gftldief' is invariably portrayed as a award; BUiliSd by his cSrft" rnanding officer. He is often shown circling the state witfi gun in haridi trembling at every Sound. The audiences find this up- Warioil&ly funny. When not trembling in craven fear the paper-nosed GI feels, drunkenly around the stage making gasSes it wbrfteri. In one ballet divertissement a Yank was lured to his doom by a Vietnamese girl brandishing a liquor bottle. . Making tfte American, soldier a comic, rather than a sinister, fiffure is a form of sympathetic magic. Obviously, the Chinese are trying to cut the Americans down to size by laughing al them, to exorcise the foreign devils by turning them into buffoons. It is such a popular form of catharsis that even Circus acrobats don false noses for laughs. The hate - America drive Is C ne of the realities of present- day China, where kindergarten children play games about shoot Ing down American bombers aver Viet Nam. Yet, despite the anti-Americanism, I found no signs of the aggressive hos tiiity leading to war such as was common in Hitler Germany in 1939, for example. Under the shepherding of tne official guide one sees little or no evidence of military activity — an occasional boy guard in uniform, some dock workers practicing with rifles. If I were asked to characterize the new reigion in China, IZc UIG nt" i— o-— as I Observed it, I would say that It is founded upon tbe principle of the dignity of labor. In America children dream of becoming astronauts when they grow up, but in China toddlers sing a song: "When I grow up I want to be a peasant." Indeed, the peasant's lot is enviable, if one is to judge by the number of university students who volunteer to work on the land. And on the big construction jobs, such as toe Ming Tombs Reservoir, outside Peking, party bosses from Chairman Mao on down are expected to give whole days of volunteer labor. In the new China no task, including collecting night soil, is considered menia, so long as it is performed in the service of Kie state. When I first visited China in 1944 the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek was in power, with its capital in Chung- king. I had been an officer with the Polish army, so it was in the dual capacity of war artist and liaison man attached to a against Viet Song visited wartime Chungking. The first glimpse bf China was brief, but it Was stirnulat' ng enough tb make me Waitt tb return. I was impressed With ,he vastness of the landscape^ ;he multitudes of people's an'd :heir ffluscUlar agility made my fingers itch to draw them. I was to wait a long time for the opportunity to draw them again. In fiie intefva i haVe traveled tbe world, sketching history .6s it happened. With my drawing pencil I have covered everything from war in Russia, BUfma ( Italy aBd Germany to the presidential conventions in the United States: I also have accompanied the British royal family 6n state visits tb Clhaha, Canada and the United States arid spent twc months traveling with the late Pandit Nehru in India, sketching furiously all the while. I had hopes, therefore, of drawing some of the leading figures in the Chinese People's Republic here iil Peking as they went about their daily business. But, alas, my timing was unfortunate. The Chinese Communist party leadership has been undergoing an internal upheaval, which mean that my inquiries were treated with suspicion, as if I were prying into family affairs. As a sop, I was invited to sketch Marshall Chen Yi, the foreign minister as he addressed a formal banquet in the baUrobm of the Peking Hotel. But I would have preferred to observe the marshal as he went about his daily routine. There was a comic mixup when I arrived by train in Peking, with the interpreter assigned to me nearly knocking me down as he rushed past me in the train corridor. After we had finally made connection and I had checked in at my hotel, I suggested to my interpreter that he drive me around the city, as It was yet early in the afternoon. We had no sooner turned the corner of tile hotel than we came upon one bf thbse enchanting scenes that cannot be laid on for a visitor. A pretty girl was painting a propaganda picture on a wall, while a group of children clustered at the foot of her ladder, watching with rapt attention. "Stop the car, I want to sketch this," I cried, but the interpreter was unheeding. "You'll Peking, which means "ti5fth> efii Capital," is hot now a beautiful city, b'Ut it has great, ele- nents of beauty resting cheek jy jowl with stark modern BUild- ,ngs only impressive by their style. It is a spacioils city,.Mm dozens of parks and lakes, crowded with jpalaces and bridges. Peking's thoroughfares, like Gbangan ('''Perpetual Peace") Avenuei are among the widest 'ih the world, and are relatively empty bf vehicular traffic. How- NEWS BRIEFS Forecast WEDNESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: '6u haVe. ? considerable afnbUnt bf energy now and ure able to prepare yoUrself with real concentration for the days ihead as Well as determine how you can best gain the secret support o ftliose in high places Who can help you get the things that mean the mbst to you. Be sure to be oberi - rriinded :b suggestions given by those who know their business. ARilS (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) If you are desirous of expanding in your field of endeavor it j be Well to get the backing af own kih. Bofi't |et over ly emotional about some frustrated desife. Lobk at everything objectively. fAlJftUS (Apl 1 . 20 to May 20) You find that good pals and new acqilaifttanees are eager to help ybU get ahead more quickly now, so contact them. Get but socially and you gain certain aims very quickly. Be highly amusing and charming With .everyone. . GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) can mor« <iulckly get the nUp* pbrt of those who are most precise in their work and caft be instrumental in helping ybU get ahead. Then be surts tb give slip- pact to mate's aims. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Get together with assbdales, pals, even opponents and see how you can help one another to gain joint aims. Express an attitude of cooperation — assure harmony. Make inma effort. LIBRA (Sept; 23 16 Oct. 22) If you work at what you like to do, you find that you accom- jlish a great deal todaj'j as well is are able to get support from the influential. Be sure to take treatments ybU need. Be a more vital, vibrant person. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 tb NOV. 21) Have a refreshing time by beihg With fieW pel-sbris and at new places where you can make Hie most of ybur fine talehti Do something delightful for one c'lbsfe tb you. this call be a very happy day and evening for you. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Conferring Witll ah authority br close tie can help you to plan the future more as ybu oesire it to be. Doh't hang on to Whatever lias become mostly obsolete. Streaniihe your sur roundings. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Slick to orthodox methods in all spheres of your endeavor, especially with associates, anc make improvements necessary I UM Don't Mock Marriage Vows (McNiuibt i;«ticaM lit.) •IIIBIBK^^ DEAR ABBV: My husband and 1 havfe b&en married lot BAYOU LA BATRE, (AP) — The annual blessing b the fishing fleet was held recently amid the color bf boats and an estimated 5,066 spectators. Among the jjignitaries Were GbV. George C. Wallace and Mrs. Wallace. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (AP) Veterans bf' the 96tli Infantry Division bf Wbrld War II have elected Peter Pohl bf St. Paul, Minn., president of the organization. BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) - iWhen Boston pops cbhdUctbr Arthur Fiedler appears here next Sunday, his 20-yeaf-old daughter, Johanna, will be in lis bfbheslra for the first time. J6hatina, a senior at Sarah Lawrence College, plays the viola and the piafib. Long talks with the influential will result in your increasing prestige tb a goody. extent, become a model citizen. Be.sure tb consult today with experts, these financial wizards can Help you tb becbtrie hibre affluent. M<30N CrtlLDREN (Jiihe 22 to July 21) Ybu have several clever ideas that only heed more enthusiasm on your part tb make them workable and very successful. Making new contacts is the key. Come right to the point and all is fine. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Study some way in which you to regular work; Add comforts and efficiency everywhere. See that partners are pleased. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb 19) Belter iftohetary arrange Hients can be made where your iiibst Important jobs are coli ceriied; so be open to sugges tioHs from right sources. Strivt for more good will from all. Use yoUr intuition more. PISCES (Feb. 20 tb Mar, 20) Ybu are very dynamic tbday and shoUla concentrate on a more successful course of action. Have a positive attitude. Fine day for improving appearance and health. PUt yoUrself ih the hands bf experts. a number bf years, WbUld call our'S a Very happy marriage. We are compatible in eVery Way. Recently, Ihfe matter bf having affair^ oUt- side marriage came up. My husband feels thai "as long as we love and respect each other and each rates first with the other, ah b&asibnal affair is harmless. Althb I adniire Ms aboveboard approach, I find it hard tb accept. Should I go along with rhy husband's thinking, hoping it Will libt hurt oui' relationship even thb I don't accept it? HOW TO ACT DEAR HOW: Married couples who behave as lesser animals should tear up their marriage certificates. At least they're hot Baking a mockery of marriage. Tell your husband t h S t you intend to keep ybur marriage vows to forsa"e all others', and if you catch HIM breaking bis, he will have 4 battle on his hands. DEAR ABBY: A fe* years ago a ybting girl wrote to you and saiB she Was the uh- iiappiest girl in the world. I was 12 then and I had her same problem. Now I realize that my ft] b t-h e t; wasn't so goofy after all. Please print this girl's letter again With your advice. I found it very helpful. K; H. the lecri-ag* yeart were the "^ happiest didn't know whs't: they Were talking about. I am - ; 13 and I am not the least bit-.-, happy; Let me explain; 1 can't dat*. , 1 balV't Wear heels, .:•I can't Wear'lipstick (even/' pale pink). I can't wear nail polish (any kind). I caii't shave niy legs; ...; I can't Wear shorts or slacks..'. I can't wear IbW-back dresses. 1 can't listen to the fadid of Watch TV when I Want to. "--'-• \ can't slay overnight at- anybbdy's house. -..-•• Had enough? Well, I havt... I told my mother that she will . t^gret it some day. And she • will, too. I've been thinking of funning away, I WoUla, but Jr.-. don't have any placl t6 go." Please tell me what tft db. 1 don't deserve this. SICK OF BEING BOSSEb DEAR SICK: YoUr nibih- is probably sick, to* — of being battled. The tkln§s you wbitld like to do are pfiyi' leges teeiia|ers earn by shSwiiig they are mature ehoilgtt to hahiilc them; On£ of the first signs of matiifity is the ability to ac* cept a decistoft without pUk tiftg lift an argument; Ac- fiepl your mother's decisions ' fat a while, and see what •"• happens. Lbngest pheasant season in the United States is that bf_ Ne-;. bfaska. it runs from Oct. 23 !«.' DEAR ABBY: Whoever said \ Jan. 23. • • - "When I grow up I *ant to be a peasant." ever, these are fine for ceremonial occasions Which the Chinese stage with great artistry from massed crowds. Looking down from my hotel window at dawn one morning 1 beheld a startling sight — blc men doing calisthenics in the CHICAGO (AP). - Thomas Robinson of Tulsa, Okla., has been re-elected president bf the international Society of Clinical and Laboratory technicians. GREENCASTLE, liid. (API — A $100,000 scholarship funfi has been established at DePau University to honor the editor oi the Chicago Tribune, W. D> jgy BB MH ^i^p^ ^" — — -' from the bottorn of our hearts. eet below. They were doing rthmic movements which I rned later were part of an :ient and traditional ritual jwn as "The Flight of the ite Crane." 3ut seeing calisthenics in an pty street in Kie gray light of vn is an eerie experience; it ike watching the city's ghosts x their muscles before retir- 5 to their graves at cockcrow. NEXT: The Defication of 0.) Maxwell. MEDFORD, Mass. (AP) . Tufts University received $2.9 million in grants for research, equipment and educational programs in the first six months of 1966, the university announced. End adv Tu PMs Aug. 2 In periods of drought, alfalfa sends roots as deep as 17 feet below the surface to reach moisture. 1 1 1 1 R ^fSfteSHE'SK? ^wsHIm But We So not take your votes as personal tribute. We interpret the more than 100,000 ballots cast for Justice Jini Johnson as an expression of your belief in the preservation of our Christian faith and heritage; Our belief, also. As your belief in the faith of 6Ur fathers which has long sustained this nation. Our belief, also.. We interpret your votes as a mighty voice ih faVor of ^the preservation of private property, the highest right known to our constitution and one of the unshakeable foundations of our candidacy. We face the Democratic run-off With renewed strength, certain that We will accomplish your purpose: The return of governmental authority to the people of Arkansas. We cherish ybur Confidence. Justice Jim Johnson Your only choice for a change Paid lor by Justice a«J Mn. Jim Johnson see plenty of this sort of thing" Polish diplomatic mission that | on. he remarked casualy, driving The atmosphere is "relaxed and a/mart cheerful" Moo, PLENTY OF WATER makes the difference And our goal is always to provide plenty of water, when and where you need it. BLYTHEVILLE WATER Co.

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