The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1950
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL II, 1990 BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NBTB Capital Dons Finest to Greet President Gonzalez of Chile WASHINGTON, April U. 1*1—Th* capital donned 1U finest to-* day 'to greet President Gabriel Gonzalez Vldela of Chile, an avowed foe of Communism, who« country U plagued by postwar economic problems. President Truman, members of his cabinet, diplomats, and'other high officials were to meet Gonzalez Vldela at the national airport at 3 pjn. (EST). The Department of Defense detailed crack troop units and 12 of Uhe fastest U.S. jet planes bo take M-irt in the reception. Military ^wnds, armored cars and some 2,000 foot soldiers were ordered along the line of inarch from the airfield to historic Pennsylvania Avenue, K«jr» to City The keys to the city were ready for presentation. President Truman had a welcome address prepared, a stale dinner scheduled for this evening and an apartment set aside for the visiting president at Blair House. Streets of the city were decked out with the single-starred red, white and blue cmMem of Chile arid placards reading "Welcome to Pres- idi>nte Gsbrtel Gonzalez Videla." Mr. Trumnn sent his personal airplane "The Independence" to Santiago to bring the Chilean executive here today, the fifth annl- versarv of the diiy Mr. Truman ne- came President toll"" in» the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The American President hi>s been* Invited to rcnay Gonzalez ViiloH's visit Inter this year, possibly for the opening of Chile's first big steel mill. Chile Iiivlnjr. President Uonulet Plane Runaway To Be Returned untie i-ivinjr aims^e FOET SMITH. Ark., April 12. Chile, long regarded as one of the J —An alrplnnc-riding runaway Is be- most democratic nations In this hemisphere, Is having a strugplc with postwar Inflationary trends. South American countries have been mentioned prominently in connection with Mr. Trutrmn's pro- am of- helping less developed na- get a firmer economic 'oot- Durine hts 21-rtav visit. Gonzalez Videla plans to visit United States industrial centers, oil fields, and; irrigation and power projects. The Chilean President .was preceded here by Claude G. Bowers, U.S. ambassador to "Chile. Bowers said In a news conference yesterday that Gonzalez Virtcla "ha-s carried out the most militant personal fight against the Communists that.I know of." Hi also satd: "He knows that for the industrialization, of Chile It U absolutely nece.ssary to have foreign Investments, particularly North American capital." ing nearby Alma. Ark. He Is 13-year-old Charles E. Brown, headed for Los Angeles but taken off an airliner at Amarillo, Tex. Stale Police Lt. Doug Morris said Brown is the son of Tom Brown of Alma. The boy's mother lives in California,, and he apparently had started there to join her. Tom Brown said his present wife went to ^"larillo to return Charles .lorris said. Tito Presses Election Plan For Trieste BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, April 12. (AP)—Despite Italian demands for possession of Trieste, Marshal Tito': "Peoples Front" pressed ahead today with plans for the first postwar general elections In 1 the Yugoslav- held zone of that free territory. The elections, scheduled for April 16, come at a time when Yugofilnv- Italian relations are once agalr badly strained over disposition ol the important Adriatic city ol Trieste and Us surrounding territory. Yugoslavia over the weekend flat- y rejected proposals by Italy's for-! lgn Minister Count Carlo Sforz 1 t hat the two nations get together o settle the quesion. . ' Ymwlav olficials have declared Italy's proposals are rxuanslorcht and that this country can never. consider giving'up Us claim to the' part of the territory it controls. I The Italian? have back ol them! a proposal made two years ago by ' Ihc United States. Britain and, Prance that the territory be turned I over to Italy. This was done to bolster null-Communists in the Italian ! elections, but (he point has not been pressed by Iho Big Three .since the Christian Democrats of Premier Alclde de Ga.speri won their sweeping victory over the strong Communist Ihreat.' NORTH AMERICA 122,000 Communists, more than half of them in the U. S. INCLUDING CENTRAL AMERICA - • 176,000 Communists, ,; : largest group in Cuba SOUTH AMERICA 300,000 Communists, biggest colony in Brazil Disgusted Hospital Attendant Sets Fires On faster Morning LANCASTER, PA., April 12. —Police =aici today a 23-year-old hospital attendant admitted setting two fires because he "was mad B NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned.. has .filed with the .Commissioner'of 'Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and.dispense beer at retail on the es described, as Main St., achvlUe, Mississippi County. undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that noj license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted oi violating the Isvws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on WESTERN EUROPE 4,750,000 . . principally in , France ond Italy Hollywood Continued from Pact I wonderful stories about Frank Fmy's big castle-IIko home across the street irom them in Brentwood. The 20-room mansion, pool, tennis court mid full-size gym cost t fortune and was tlie honeymoon "cottage" of Frank and Barbara Stanwyck, frank lived there alone before landing the lend In "Harvey" and used the I'reslon'i telephone bemuse lie couldn't afford to have Ills own connected. At one time opera star Kosa PonKlle Icued Ihe mansion and rave frequent parties for hundreds. But no one was allowed to smoke Injlde the house. When someone itarted lo light up, a aervanl would whUper: "Please go outside to smolte. Mlsb Ponselle has a recording dale next week." • * • Found, nt Inst, an actor who doesn't 1 want to produce his own starring film as an Independent venture. Joel McCrea stopped making ov« to Wanda Hendrlx for UI's Saddle Tramp" to tell me: "Give me a !eal at « major studio every time and I'll be happy, is soon as the sneak preview Is iver, so are my worries. I've slu- lled this business for 15 years and t'« convinced me an actor's place i In front of the cameras." Joel hnd a confesslon:'"The only :lme I got shoved around In all my /ears as an actor was when I owned 35 per cent of Ihe movie I was making." Buddhhtt Aid Ridtl HONG KONd —W>— Praises of Marx and Lenin are being sung now In the temples of Buddha In Communist China. In on* monastery near Amoy the younger monks ai» studying the Communist plan for China's "new democracy." Another monastery opened a school for children, Us purpose to held Red authorities. The mocking bird was replaced by the Carolina wren as South Carolina's state bird In 19-18. RENT A CAMERA Low Rates on Box or Flash Carriers* Call'3647 — West Main BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 3,625,000 Communists of whom an estimated 3,500,000 arc in China H^ '* the Vf-f-jiimi Of 'Smear Drive' DUNDKE. Scotland. April 12. f/P>— Britain's War Minister John Stra- chey says he Is tlie victim of an interns* lion EI t smear cnmpaign directed by "rich, powerful smd influential Individuals" trying to discredit the Labor government. Sneaking last night to a gathering celebrating his recent election to parliament. Stracbcy ssld the cam- apatnst him is golnfj on in vcrybody and dLiijnsted 'with the b " th B r ifaln and "on the other side fOrld." of the Atlantic." The fires, which swept a warehouse and service station, caused damage estimated at $15,000 Easter Sunday morning. Cpl. James J: Haggerty of state police Identified the man held on arson charges as Willoughlv Litzenberger of nearby Manheim: Lltzcn- Strachey has been charged f , by Lord Beaverbrook's right-wing press of never having renounced ft sym- nithy for Communist -principles. More recently there have been re- norts that Atlantic Pact defense officials would bvnass Strache.v in their exchange of military secrets. Strachey has said he has re- berger was an attendant at Lancss- nounced his prewar Comrriunist ter General Hospital. ,.i. | symnathles. nnd he has been rte- The young man now Is a patient fended bv Prime Minister element at the hospital. He suffered back Attlee. Defense Minister Emamie! Injuries when he plunged 40 feet I Shlnwell has denied the renort that from the hospital balcony, Hagger- ' Strarhcy is to be bypassed on the ly said, In an attempt to escape po- ecrets. lice. STALIN'S FIFTH COLUMNS—Newschart above shows the number of card-carrying Communists outside the Iron Curtain, according to well-informed U. S. military sources. The estimate of Chinese Communist strength is recent, but all others are based on October information. These indicate a "fifth column"- of nearly &,000,000- Communist party members, but military intelligence now says this is too conservative and has revised- Us estimate to 12^00,000. Arkansas Will Not Cut Back School Funds, McMath Says LITTLE ROCK, April 12. (VP) — Governor McMalh says "the people are determined that we not, cut buck our etU'cnUovial program." He marie tbe statement last night to the Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachers tn repeating assurances that sufficient funds will continue to be available for public schools, The governor said there had boon concern that a reduction tn public school frnds might be necessary thft 1st day of July 1950, and to expire on the 30 day ol June, 1961. J. W. Alexander I Subscribed and sworn to. before me this n day of April, 1050. Mrs. Marshall Blnckarfl, Notary Public My Commission expires: 3;9]53. Wor/e/ Citizen Davis to Marry .ELLSWORTH, Me.,' Apltl IZ. (/P>— Garry Davis, the returned world citizen, is preparing to wed a tall Californian brunette he wooed by trans-Atlantic mall- Davis refused to say last night when or where he and Miss Audrey Peters, a former Hollywood dance instructor, would be married. Their Intentions are on file with Ellsworth's city clerk. Miss peters, whom Davis had not met until his return from Prance March 30 on an immigrant's visa, has lodgings here. He is staying «t the nearby Sorrento summer Jaolise oi his father, bandleader Meyer Davis. The couple became acquainted by mall through a mutual friend and Davis proposed by letter from Paris Miss Peters hart intended to go to Haiti, as a medical missionary and meet her fiance there. Davis, an Air Force veteran who renounced his American citizenship in 1947, gave his age as 28 In wedding Intentions filed here Monday. Miss Peters s»Id she was 31. A former student at whittier Calif., College, she is the daughter of Mrs. Eugenia u Peters of BonlU Calif. even To Die for Rape MABTINSVILLE, Va., April 12. j—Barring U. S. Supreme Court intervention, seven Martinsville Negroes will die ir Virginia's state penitentiary In May and June lor the rape of a white woman. The executions officially were set fof last summer but stays were granted while the seven appealed their convictions to the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. The state's high tribunal last month upheld the convictions. Yesterday, Circuit Judge Kennon C Whittle set new execution dates while counsel for the seven men planned »n appeal to the US. high Flowers-far-Export Business for Israelis TEL AVIV. Israel. (API—Israelis are going in the flowers-for-rxport business In a big way. It Is hoped .hat IsTfiel, within a few years, will become one of the world's principal suppliers of hardy winter varieties of flowers. Israel already has made successful trial shipments of roses and glacliolis by pl^ne to Switzerland and the United States. the next fiscal yenr. Such a reduction would be' "unwise economy," he declared. The Congress was to conclude its annual convention here today. Eight persons received life memberships in the Congress. < Membership tecs, paid by sponsoring local groups, nre used ns n revolving loan fl'lld for students 'who plan to enter the teaching profession. Recipients of the life memberships hiclurtcd Mrs. Lake Greene anil Miss Louise Phillips, both ot Mng- nolia, and Mrs. Geneva Williuins of McNeil. ->• MELLOW AS MOONLIGHT A really rich, light Straight Kentucky Bourbon with Iho old-fashioned flavor I It's naturally good—because it's naturally aged. All Whisky—Straight \Vhisky—Kentucky Whisky—• as "Mellow us Moonlight." Try it today. You'll find none finer at any price. DiifiUeJ hem tfa /omtx/i Dict«J formula "FROM THE LIFE AND VIGOR OF THE GRAIH" THIS WHISKY IS 4 TEAKS OLD... II Pllir •«UI«d by BED. «. DICKEL DISTILLIK6 COMPANY, Loulivlllf, Kiotlcky court. Joe Henry Hampton, Frank Hairston. -Jr., Booker T. Millner mid Howard Lee Hnirston arc to be electrocuted on May 26. Francis DeSales Qrevson, John Clahon Taylor nnd James Luther Halrston will go to the chair on June 2. The seven men were convicted a year ago this month of the rape of Mrs. Ruby Stroud Ployd, 32-year-old wife of >. local merchant. 90 — -OH • Irftmlly riijtl -M(feet>roucmTe!i»»HI tna Spring vacation! to a tiiefi«ww*«fld! tdvcnlutliti In th« big city 1 on tatintsi li —to bit Ftifu* pjrkil cn pie-printed, piij Amtflnj! Amtriei louril CKYMVKO TDtMMML ftMi TR rtnn4 onfirt, H cMvmiwt scktMn rt tki SUM'S Mrt spictMlv wrtipl • Whtn Sprir.numt flubct iw ftm GO >i(n>I, then it's time lo g*t out and get going— by GrtyhottnJ! Rid« in deep*cushioned .«sy chctrs — re- Isxed mnd free from driving strain And parking problems. S«ve an amai- ing amount of money—on the lowest fires in nationwide travell un MMT EYE IT MII mi FIB: mi IKK On. W. r |tevn4 Trip Memphis, Tenn J 1.55 J 2.S6 St. Louis, Mo i.m 1.85 I.ilile Rock, Ark. ,. 4.05 7.30 Chicago, HI „.. 0.75 1S.75 Delroit, Mich 1Z.49 22.35 San Frinclsco ..... 34. W 61.M" 199 No. 5th Fhone G R EYHOUND SAVE Your Temper and Money by Installing the HEW l/Ff-TIME Screen Frames Y..I It'* lo -noiij ru.l K.r*t •g&to about *f tndow » «rr, clut sition. i bdcV lillfng i.d* ol ALUMINUM. C.a'l r..»l. C«o't g. And 60* tlghl«i Smiles of Satisfaction In Everj' Gallon! Good! jlives )mir hnme . >milin( "ftc«." W«, in «erviti|t you, o(5tr a .mile ol w«leomt ilond willi coopwativt help, whtthtr tht job be bi( or little. And you, too, will imili htppily b«c>uu o( th« fine p.rl YOU hive plty<d ia . c i v i c „„,., o | ,,,„, imporlnncc. !i' •" «,Ao^ n / "*"" ,'° t 'S w th " *• '»"•• LOOKS bMt.r • nd is WORTH mort, when pAjUi.ion.lly p*iol«J. Wt rill rtnmmni t r<tfa,,iklf >W»I K _^,,( (,^.,^(1, t <j,i. Vane Calvert Aad. . . "ond.rful nnvril Alarm-ftS tlkm** »r« priced wltLfa & «pliat*r of •td-tiiUoaBil wood Ir-itnfli) But jov rji.t cu»lt>ra-m.d«, ea»toro-fltl«d framei OF ALUMINUMI Pboae or will* ui for FREZ J»morii1r»1£on . . . tod*/. Manufactured In mylhcville Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E. Mam Phone 4469 WE'RE AUTHORIZED HEADQUARTERS FOR FAMOUS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FCR Paint-Up - Clean ix 5 15 Gal. Deluxe House Paint . E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. We can furnish yon with everything jnn need for Rooil fishing. WIH buy any amount of roaches. DIXIELAND BAITERY 511 Chick. Ph. 4303 RKDUCTION ON OUR ENTIRE STOCK OK DUTCH HOY I'AINTS is the special offer we make in cooperation with Ihe .laycccs' "I'ainl Up—Clcnn Up— Fix Up" Campaign. So join in Ihe program lo make Hl.vthcville a heller place lo live... .and save NOW at these special prices. MAKE BLYTHEVILLE A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE ARKANSAS PAINT GLASS & WALLPAPER Co. 105 East Main Phone 2272

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