The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1943 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWi erest Cotton Harvest Gets Fast Start North Missco Picking To Be in Full Swing Soon, Bilbrey Says Cotton picking is getting underway quickly in North Mississippi County anrt should be in full swing soon, according lo Comity Agent ^jeilh J. Bilbrey. ^•Cotton gins In the half oJ the county arc beginning t o run full blast with most of them having already ginned 100 bales and several of them as ninny as 500 Transient cotton pickers from other sections of the state and firm, Texas ami other southern states arc moving into the county and no serious labor shortage Is now in view. Labor is becoininf. orc pientlMi Mr. Bilhrey said, and he predicted that before the picking season Is over North Mississippi Countv will have more labor than It can house He urged cotton farmers that are in need of labor to contact the Arkansas Kmnloymcnt Service office to apply for transient laborers. Some Mississippi fanners that own mechanical pickers are wanting to hire their pickers out in this county to help harvest the crop p Mr. Bilbrey said. The Mi.ssi.ssipnl crop was damaged severely this summer by boll weevil infestat : on and these mechanical pickers If left In Mississippi, will s it idle Mr. Bilbrey predicted that "with the early maturity of cotton this year and with good wenllier conditions North Mississippi County should produce an awful lot of B notl . firade cotton In a shorter period of time than usual." Soybean Outlook Ooorl Prospects for the soybean crop 'or the North half of t l!c ^^ fffs far as can be determined i 00 i.' *Urt Mr. Bilbrey said. The Lincoln fearly) variety, has been combine and .welds OI1 ( h f s raricty h b « quoted at from 20 to 26 bushels pc acre, which, though not high is considered good for early beans The Lincoln variety sold for $250 to $2.60 per bushel which Is a hi^h price for an early crop, he said However, he pointed out that this high price Is not anticipated for general ha :st. There are two rensons for the growing of early beans, Mr. Bilbrey PAGE NINB srmer TH °.° B f :RVK " '" " C ° * "' NCK DAY"—Plans for a demonstration of soil saving tecn- cr 15 on the farm of Walter L. Gnibli. Businessmen B fall crop of alfalfa Comu' fa , yiCld5 S " Norl ' 1 Mississippi £™ n > ' >,'?";, h «n unsatisfactorv » fh v ,, 1C ' y eveiy ti<!ld »> the nfe^rt •£' " 1C C "" nlj ' is tad >' infested with grass, he said He predicted that 85 percent of 1CN "-" f 1 Issuance of C^fTderate ^memorial Stamp Put Off LITTLE ROCK. v Little Roek/auSn^ John M R d T "5 d bccn adviscd "y £>- ™n^ P - mmt had a «"*d to ^VrnH -^i»nce of a memorial stamp until next year Wiles said he was' advised in a Robo r r;^ at Rivra C ™ f "^ "'th n,J^ "' Lhirrt »«fcla»t Postmaster general. RIvcs id ' Q James w. Moore, Selma.-AIa com- ™:±r- in -f lef °f the Confederate thP 1 ' ™ had r «!"«tcd that Jhe stamp not ^ toll , d , t|)tn next jfnr, when the veterans plan their ton! SO™ IXWSibly 3t Charlcs - t . T . oun ? « is "« » transparent thr P h",l e<5 - ma " er CO " W ** read through their bodies. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosgwba SWIFTS PREMIUM ' BRANDED BEEF Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries VVe Deliver Phone 2M3 Spa« Army Surplus WE SEM. IN ., OB I.OTS • MlltrfiM, , Cot , • Comforts , Blankets We Bay Go«i u« ANDERSON SHOE SHOP & CLOTHING STORE 31« E. Mai. n-que. hive h ?' of' plot! p T" P n^ the p'roTect" " ' <™ «"•>»«' *•» -The purpose of "Soil Insurance*. _____ .................... ___________ Day is to educate the people on Hie , a division of combat' engineers. .................. 7of~rov : Troiis" I in I hiw'hrn,, , r . conservatior. of soil and other re- Prior to his entry in the army, he ' ed h the ms S eet ero ,, sources and the solving of erosion ! was married to Mildred Williams o m "°" problems as found on the average farm in this area. During the day-Ion" demonstration 75 farm tractors. 10 bulldozers, other earth moving equipment., doz- . . ., .-. _____ ens of Ullage instruments. 20 soil ! Mr - s - Grubts being employed In an conservations tecljnicians, 200 men. ! Aircraft Plant in aKnsas City. .Vfo. 2lil),000 iwunds of lime. M.OCO Ibs. of i Their Saving of money was made When he bought the farm ... !!>'!5, he owned one cow. one team of mules and one sow. At the prc-s- , o me. . s. o e was mae • , .. ••— • ----mixed fertilizers, 0000 pounds of , wi ' h the view o fpurcha.siii!. a farm i V"!f . "** fo " r cows - B heifers, '" e ° 1111 l ™ was over. This was i .seeds anrl many tons of bermuda 1 wnen lllc «n sod and other materials will be used ! dolle '" in repairing in one day what im- J fa "" of 80 :<: ' propc-i land use over the last 50 ' years has dene to 132 acres of once fertile soil. Every problem common to Crowley's Ridge Is found on (he j wl 'C'i . their house burned. Mr. Farm and will be treated during the i Gr 'il'bs then went to the Fanner. . '" e ° 1111 . , SQWS ami eight shoats. when the C O Bridges ' T ! lc1te! " n of null « >'™ "ecu replac- KIIUI,'-'' ; e(i hy „ Cllb lractor A i 940 For( , sedan furnishes the Grubb family with transportation. An electric separator is used to separate the was. purchased. Sliirleil Willi Cow anil .Mules A liuie mole than a year later, hard luck struck the Grubbs family day. Waiter Grubbs. owner of the farm. is a native of this country havinz months in the Army during World War II and 31 of these months were overseas in the European area with Home Administration and received a loan (o purchase 52 additional acl ' c -'- The new farm had sufficient their heads. The 132 acres that Mr. Grubbs Is farming is very badly eroded. It's gullies scar the landscape because milk in order to sell the cream lo rc-dy market. Hecoeulzing his erosion problem.';, and wanting to do something about solving tho?e problems, Mr. Grubhs went to Iverson Cameron, county supervisor of the Farmers Home Administration, and as a result, received one of the first two Soil Conservation loans innde by the Farmers Home Administration In the State of Arkansas. Mr. Pugh Raises Stink About Skunk's Smell BELVEDERE. Calif., Sept. !) m —Mr. Pugh is raising a stink about a smell. . Even Pugh complains that brazen I skunks perch on doorsteps and I block entry into the homes of thn little town of San Francisco Bay "Either exterminate the skunks " Pugh told the town's bosses, "or give them a seat on the citv council." Mrs. Britton licy. wife of the city clerk, said Pugh's protest had been noted and filed away. "No exterminator wants the job " she said. Filipino Learns Not To Criticize Girl's Weight MANILA. Sept. 9-fflV-Nicholas Pelina. 20. nursed a defp knife wound in his stomach today but declined to press charces against his assailant, pretty Salud Vi'llaluz 18. He said he figured he had it coming to him. Poliim said he brashly fold her she was gaining u-eialu.' She challenged him to a iiaht. That is when Pelina made another mistake. He said lie scornfully handed her his knife and said: . , "Stab me If you dare." She dared. ] Texas Woman Is State's 242nd Traffic Fatality LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 9. l/T, -Miss Grace Wood. 31. of Houston Tex., yesterday became the state's 242nd traffic victim since Jan. 1. She died in a Little Rock hospital from injuries suffered In an auto crash near Gurdon, Ark Wednesday. Arkansas State Police said her death brought to 242 the number of highway fatalities in Arkansas this year. Small catches of mullet oftwi were sold for fantastic prices in the Roman Emriirc. MASSEY- HARRIS C And the Famous Clipper 3 Point Construction T. Full size six {or seven) foot cut 2. Fire foof rasp bar cylinder. 3. Full width straight thru separation. All raclnrs add up .„ bi}r mmic , . MvinR Rdvanta vest soybeans. (res WE HAVE THREE USED COMBINES PRICED AT A BARGAIN ' ; _^_ 61 Implement Co. North Highway 61 PKone 2142 Rural Housing Act is Explained New Program 'Gives Farmers Incentive, FHA Supervisor Says Mississippi County farmers linvc a new incentive tor :naklng cconoin- ical units DILI of farm nulls previously thought uneconomical. I) c. Neal, county sticprvisor for (hu Farmers Home Administration said lo- day In explaining the new hou.sin K net. The act was signed by president Trumpn July 15 rind since then the Farmers Home Administration hns been designed as the administrative iiKcm-v. and will now furnish farmers with applications. Mr. Neal explained that the act was the first move to case tin; linus- iiiR silunlira in rural areas whnc there is 10 HIT cent of overcrowded- ness and compared to a four per cent fi-ure lor urban areas. Tn this connection, ;t was noinl- ed out thnt since MKsKsippi County is densely imnulalecl and an agricultural area, and in many areas I lie honsini; is t-xlromcly poor. For Hit reason the trimly may Ret a;e slnrc of funds allocated lor rural rebuilding and rnuiir. Mr Noal said that Hie program would start slowly, with an estimated five fanners in this county to receive assistance during Ilir- year, but the number ran increase to 35 or 40 .s"nn thereafter. A'sislancc Seen The suuervisor expie.ssed a belief tbal. since no other concentraterj effort lo relieve rnrnl houslim over- crowdedi' had been made here. Ihe assi-tance and backing of civic and business firms would be a.ssur- ed. One phase of Ihe pror-iam that Is Jicw to otlior lonn assistance mo- grnms is llittl there is a definite incentive /or c!ian»e in farm methods, lo improve (arm units. Mr. Neal >aid that when a fanner had received n loan nnd found lint, he could net repay the lonn. llm government R-ould pay up to one half the principal and declare a moratorium on interest if the farmer made a change in farming |)ro- crourJiiBs ami Ihe adj'iUed farmim; plan made his income adequate to resume payment. Although (here will be no limit on the amount of the loan, it is estimated that the ;..vr-rn2c loan will be small, about S2.2QO, since there Is a Sl.OOO limit on repair loans. The loans are repayable over a 33-year period at four per cent interest. Mr. Neal said that although the ?(rency did not have complete information and would not he permitted to take formal application Agri Council Calls Meeting In Pine Bluff Officials of tl e Agricultural Council o( Arkansas, which hns its liculijiiailers in West Mcmplm. hiui 1 announced plans for a mec 1 !-' ins fur members In the Southern District In Pine Bluff tomorrow. Chnrlcs Wlllcy, council president s:ild (hat (he meeting will be hi honor nf the Mississippi Valley or- sanlzatirms which have licep co- opi-ralin-: nn acreage control nim oilier ncriculturnl legislation in WaMilnijloii. Scheduled lo pnrllcipale ntxl ap. pear on the [irogrnin are W. M Ciauard. Jr.. president of the Mis-' sissipiij i; Ha Council; O. T. Illctor IH'fsidi'iit. Louisiana Uelta Council' <-'. 1!. linker, president of the Missouri Cotton Prodil"ers Association- anrl i ""resentaUves of the Tcnncs- ^•i-p i-liKicrs Assoclnt'on and the Mi' Cliainlicr of Commerce. I'ic.scnt and pronosed legislation »1 In' discussed hy c. G. Rinltl, 'eriai iwiresentfitive of the Staple i'"llon Oiowcrs Association a:nd . "I- C. H. sayrc. chief. Cotton jll'iinch, nmoaii of Plant rndustrv j mid Auriciillural Eni?lncerill(;, A. L j Duviilsnii of lilt! M'll-Soilth Solh nml Kill-in Service will Inlk nhniit "'il uianplim and lestltiK and mc- ch.iiifrai convcrsinn i>I»nnlni;. p rn . Rress and prohlein<i with rcsucci | 0 t :igriciillurnl lalior will also he on the program. Unions to Circulate Petitions for Vote on Ending Closed Shop Ban LITTLE ROCK, Sept. fl-<;]>,-. Peliiions seeking a vole on a slate Constitutional amendment banning closed shops in Arkansas recently will he placed in circulation this week. A. T. Dodd, chairman of the Political Educational Committee of Little Hock Typographical Union No. 92 (ITU) snlrl peliliuns were being prlnlcd and should he ready lor circulation before I lie wctkcmj All unions in the .siutc will be asked lo circulate I ho petillons Dodd said. 'Hie. union seeks tn place the matter on the tinv., 1950, general election ballot. Little Rock h Allotted 1,000 Housing Units WASHINGTON, Sept. 9. (/p) — The Little Rock Housing Authority yesterday was allotted 1,000 units under tlic new low-rent public hoii.slng program. The Public Housing; Administration said (he units are to be built in the next two years. A $250.000 loan for planning wai >Tt|ilc.sted by the Little nock authority, it must be approved by President Tinman. Apple for the Teacher HOT SPRINGS. Ark., Sept, 3. <Al'>—Each teacher on the Job .yesterday at the opening of Hot Springs school lerm found a .shiny red apple on ln. s dr..,*. Tllc u , K ; s were Kifl.s from a department store —not. from students. Ad Salesman Is Freed In False Pretense Trial FORT SMITH, Ark.. Sept. 9. M', .. Carroll O'ShaiiKliuessy was freed yesterday in municipal court hei« of charges of false pretense In connection with the selling of adver- tiKhiK for a not yet. existent publication. Tile court ruled that O'Shaugli- ncisy had ot misrepresented himself by cashing checks given him by lociil o ' 'esses for advertising. PLUMBING PRICES REDUCED Complete Bathroom Sets as Low Hollywood Continued from l>a R c 6 il- Why have Ihcm send Roi, n , t layl<ir to you. when they can Just as easy send you tx> Robert Tuy- • lor?" ; "Wait n mimHc.' I said. "What ' ! kind of talk i.s that?" j "Li-ten, Instead of coins to i movie theater, you simply go down to Ihe Teh-substantiation station and i.'c.t lMr<siil>.slanlia-ca?lc<l lo Hollywood Then you can see all Llic stars instead of just Robert Taylor. VouVe in Hollywood. You can even cat in Hie Brown Derby." "lilil tho railroads. U'lialMI lic- niiiic nf ttiom. And the airplanes. A"d tin- holds atul the . . ." "Vcali." the little lady smiled. "Ain't It progressive?" as $115.75 SOIL PIPE GALVANIZED PIPE Sue Us I'm- Al! Your (Miimlmijj Needs IOASV FJIA I'AVMKNTS E. C, Robinson Co. l>ll( " ll> ™ WythBville, Ark. AT THE,PURINA FARM...and in Feed lots Across the Nation ; for a while, those Interested should i c-ntacl his office and they could be ; '<Iven aji liifnrmnl apjilicalion, and .would be fii'l in line for the application nfior tietails were worked out. by the government officials. "I'iio Pnimers Home Administration Is local ed now in '.he City Hull, secomi floor. Designed for 2-plow tractors! reasons for selecting DEARBORN-WOOD BROS. COMBINE 1—Straight-through balanced design 2 — 6 ft. cut. Straw-walker type rack 3-Ovcrsize cylinder; quick speed changer 4—Easy adjustments 5 —Finest construction. Priced right Proved in a Krcfll variety of crops, in liplil anrl heavy yields, under good and bad field, crop » n K weather conditions. See us for complete Informntion on this great comhrnc. (icniTine parts, expert service on Ford Tractors and Dearborn Implements. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. ALLEN HARDIN, S. Division St. phone 21 71 .lil.,»alL.d .,,« IU ,,« 1,11,., wti ,h| „, p i ,,,_24y < | b> . Fi't".a fun, <,v c ro.)«-, Sprin a , DYIOC lint,,, 1948—33.7 lb>. wean up to MORE PIGS"* "Count ' • P..51 laved p., |i|| cr: u. S. Avr,a<i- |1937--I6>. 6,29 pig, Puilna farm a.eioge (I937-441, 8-5 pig,; (19^8] 8.94 pi,, Wean up lo l/ 3 Heavier Pigs* ...and your sov/s should have MILK ENOUGH FOR ALL Purina Sov; 6 Pirj Chow — fed with grain on the Purina Plan — helps your sows (arrow big litters of husky pigs. Il helps get 'em off lo a fasl slarl because it contains Ihe inyredienls necessary lo build big pigs and keep sov;=' udders full. See your Purina Dealei lociay. Find oul hov/ you can gel up lo V 3 LARGER LITTERS al birth and up lo 'A MORE PIGS WEANED. 4493—Telephone—4493 L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY W Block Boulh •< ritpnl OUR NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER 4427 Nunn Provision Go.

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