The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1949
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 1949 Army Withdraws Job Rating Term Word 'Unemployable' Dropped from Use After Creating Furore WASHINGTON, June 15. «P) — The Army has dropped the nse the word "unemployable" as a re of the furore created when piled (he word to TVA Chalrma brdon R. Clapp. Secretary of the Army Goido Gray told an Armed Services Subcommittee yesterday "It's a ba word," an* added: •Instructioas have been given fo the word to be stricken from th lexicon of the anny." This came out as lie offered play-by-play account of what ha pencd while the 43-year old agcn head was being considered for 80-day lecture assignment with t military government In Germany Under questioning by Senator Kefauver (D-Tenn), chairman of Hie subcommittee .who called for the Inquiry. Gray testified that the word had been in use "to denote unavailability—covering many reasons for unavailability." "As [»r as the Army Is concerned." he said, "there was no shadow of an inclination to brand Mr. Clupp but only to remove him from further consideration for use in the European theater. 1 'tic knew nothing of his consideration. There was no intention at 1 any level—although this did not come to the policy level—to do anything but eliminate Clapp's name from consideration." Availability Asked He said llia t Army headquarters received a cable on March 14 from the US. Military Government in Germany asking "for information g£i the availability" of Clapp for a ^KjWial assignment. • As a routine procedure, he went cm. "Our personnel people made out R buck slip on him and this went to Major Roy R. May who checked It with the Military Intelligence Division files." (The Army said "buck slip" is the tnformal term for a memorandum listing olficiaLs and offices to which a file is to be passed lor information or actionl. "There was no file involving Clapp. There were cross-references to him and I'm not at liberty to discuss these in much detail. Tney were tilings like this, though. Perhaps he had been interviewed regarding Hie'loyalty of some other persons, or maybe his name was used as a reference by someone. •In no way did the miles intli- German Princess, Wife of American Veteran, Will Welcome Sister to U.S. BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Unemployment Benefits for Vets Expire July 25 PAGE FTVB LITTLE ROCK, Jnue 15—(*)— Payment of unemployment benefit* to most of Arkansas' World War II veterans will stop next July 2S State employment security administrator Homer M. Adklna reported yesterday about 60 per cent of the 185,000 ex-QI'8 in Arkansas filed claims for money while they were out of work. Of the 110,933 veterans who received unemployment benefits—provided under the GI bill of rights— about 19 per cent already have exhausted the allowance due them, Adkins said. Veterans were permitted to draw $20 A week for 52 weeks providing they did not find a job during that time. The July 25 deadline applies to veterans discharged from service prior to July 2«. 1947. Service personnel who saw Armed Forces duly prior to that date were discharged after July 25, 1947. are entitled to further benefits, Adkins explained. Readjuistment allowance for Ark ansas unemployed veterans sivice the GI Bill of Rights law went into effect In 1944 has amounted to approximately $49,161,455 (M). Adkins said the average veteran received 25 weeks of benefits. Sritons to Mint Few Gold Coins to Keep in Practice LONDON, June IS. W>—The royn! Int Is going to make a few gold coins—just, to keep 1" yr»cllce. A hundred thousand sovereigns, are to be cast. The sovereign Is a gold pound which, at the offlcin rale for pounds .should be wort! 54.03. But anyone possessing an old sovereign can sell it legally to jeweller tor two pounds three |»nc (about $£.11). So the new coins, worth r*.or h»n double their fuce value, wl wt BO Into circulation. They wl be retained » part at the treasury's old hoard. The purpose of the minting, It was xplalned, Is to give some unhappy raftsman a little training. It is an xactlng craft. The' weight of a overelgn must be correct to wllhln 01296 grains, and If a sovereign Ls nora than .061 inclieb thick It has to go back Into the melting pot. Read Courier News Want, Ads. Bureaucratic Snaktst BBNTONO, Malay have been found In a government office. Three were killed In ten d»yt In the Bentong District Off!**. Two were cobras each seven and t> hall feet long. The violet != Illinois' stat* flower. NEED A TAXI? DIAL 968 BLYTHEV1LLE CAB 5(11 K. MAIN Jack O/.ment Richard Pugh Governor McMath Miserably Notches His 37th Birthday STUDENT SI.AIN—Roy G. 6porc Jr., (above). 19. a Colorado University engineering student from Denver, was slain near the campus al Boulder, Colo. His body, the heac and face terribly beaten, was found the next day in the swift waters of Boulder creek not far from where he was attacked while talking with a girl student. Doris Ann Weaver, 18, of Twin Falls, Idaho. It was tl* second killing of a university student in the last seven months. (AP photo). SPRINGFIELD, Mi., June 15— OP) 21 —A German princess who is living In Springfield. will welcome another princess of the German royal family when she arrives in the United | States with her Tc.xan-husband. Princess Victoria Marina of Prussia, countess of Lingcu, who prefers her wedded name of Mrs. Kirby Patterson, will be "delighted" to welcome her cousin to this country, she said yesterday. The cousin is Princess Cccilie, youngest, daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm's oldest son. Crown Prince Wllhelm of Germany. News stories announced Princess Cccilie's engagement to Clyde Harris, nn Amarillo, Texas. Interior decorator. They met in Wiesbaden Germany, where Harris, a captain with the U. S. military government was investigating lost art documents They will be married June Germany. Separated 16 Years "She will be very happy here and everyone she meets will love her," ;aid Mrs. Patterson, the wife of a ,'oung Springfield attorney. "She's just that sort of person—very en- .husiastic about everything she does and a very clever person, too. Even if I hadn't already known she was clever. I'd know it now. Didn't she prove it by marrying an American?" Mrs. Patterson said the last time she saw Princess Cecilie was at the 75th birthday celebration of thoir grandfather, the late Kaiser Wil- lielm, about 16 years ago. Mrs. Patterson's father, the late Prince Adalbert of Prussia, and Crown Prince Wilhelm were brothers. I LITTLE ROCK, June 15. (fll Governor McMath yesterday vele- brated his 37th birthday—In dentist chair in Hot Springs. A congratulatory telegram WA.S received from President Truman The message wished McMath "a happy birthday" and said in part: "I shall long cherish the delightful memories of my visit to the state of Arkansas and want you and all the citizens to know of my deep appreciation of the wholehearted welcome and hospitality which were extended to me." President Truman spent last weekend in Little Rock attending the 35th division reunion. II PR OFIT ' By Reading tbe Classified Ads Eveiy Day! Escapee Called Insane By State Prosecutor TEXARKANA, Ark,, June 15. (/P) —Return of Glenn Scott to the East Louisiana State Hospital at Jackson, La., has been recommended by the Arkansas Hospital for Nervous Diseases, prosecutor James H. pilkinton reported yesterday. Scott, 36, escaped from criminally Insane ward of the Louisiana hospital last February. He was recaptured here several weeks ago with a woman companion. Police found an assortment of burglary tools in a car driven by Scott. At Little Rock, Dr. George W. Jackson, superintendent of the state hospital, said Scott was found to be insane following a series of mental examinations. Scott p.nd his companion, Mrs Odell Roach of Texarkana, have been charecd with bringing a stolen automobile into Arkansas and \yiih possessing burglary tools. pilkinton saict he has not decided whether to return Scott to Louisiana or press charges here. Physician Fined $7,000 For Arranging Sales Of Illegitimate Babies NEW YORK, June 15. liPi — A physician accused of arranging sales of illegitimate babies for whom married couples paid up to $1,700 was fined $1.000 yesterday. Dr. Abraham Schgnholtz also was sentenced to. two years in prison but Ihis was suspended pending good behavior. A probation report said the physician had placed children with families of different religious and racial groups. Dr. Schonholtz's attorney told th cour t his client participated in th adoptions because he knew man other doctors had been doing th same thing for years." The physician pleaded guilty I unlawful placement of babies fo adoption. The attorney general office said it was the first sue conviction in the slate. .ondon Cabbie Studies 'ains, Forecasts Weather LONDON Wl—A. J. Whiten. 53, s a London taxicab driver, a fellow f the Royal Meteorological Society nil an observer of pains and weather. In his "Pain Observation" book he wrote down 4,800 records of aches in 1948 sent him by suffering humanity. At his own weather sta- ion at his home In nearby Worcester Park. Surrey, he kept daily limate data. Now he has matched this information and come up with what a ot of old timers could have told you before: Sudden pains are a sign of .rain. Read Courier News Want Ada. _ DESSERT'S TOO CROWDED — Bearded Frederick William pester (above), self-styled desert rat and hermit, was in town at Long Beach, Calif., looking for a ship. He wants to cross the Pacific to a lonely isle, there to enjoy the solitude that no longer is his because of the inroads the public has made into his desert sanctuary. (AP Wirepholo). ca'e *v»y question regarding the loyalty of some other persons, or maybe his name was used as a deference by someone. •In no way did the files Indicate any question regarding the loyally of'cliipp." He said that after further correspondence with Germany a cable was sent from here listing B5 name with such notations as "has declin ed." "unemployable," or "not avail able until some future date." I That was the report that, set oft the uproar. Australian Employer* To Get 100,000 DPs SYDNEY M'j—One hundred thousand displaced persons will move from Europe to Australia in ! the next 18 montlis. | They will come here under two- year contracts to the Australian Government to take jobs the government directs. After that they will be free to select their own employment. The Australian Government has Issued a booklet to prospective employers of tilt's migrant labor. They will be placed only where they can be accommodated. They can live In hotels and boarding houses in Sydney. Newcastle and Port Kembla if their work helps to provide more 'houses. They can be housed elsewhere if tMy do not displace » member of the Australian public. Employers who can provide living room for an entire family ol migrants will get first priority on their labor. Domestics may be assigned to doctors or to families where there are two or more children. Displaced men work in the production of iron, bricks, tiles, cement, building materials, food processing, and rural work. They are paid ruling rates for Australians. In 1948 U. S. fire damage reached the all-time high of $711,114,000 PROFIT By Advertising In Tbe Classified Columns Wlien You Want to Buy or Sell ADS PUCQ BEFORE 9 A.M. WILL APPEAR SAME DAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance PHONE 4461 BLYTtiEVILLE COURIER NEWS Poor Man De-Kidnaped BANGKOK (API —Kidnapers on Bangkok's main street threw a Chinese merchant out of their au- lornobike when they learned to their disgust that the victim didn't'have any money. More than 75 tragedies a day are] caused by children playing with matches, says the TJ. S. OHice of | Education. ' THE SECRET OF A BRIGHTER, CLEANER WASH a a to TRUCK BUYERS! Own1hebest..at1tie READ THIS LIST ... SEE WHY DODGE QUALITY FEATURES Save you Engine Features Send your clofhes to the Blytheville I-aundry and they'll come back (o you cleaner, brighter than eve? before. But that's not all. Your clothes will last longer because they're Irealed carefully, gently ... an important consideration today when it's so expensive to replace them. Next time call Blytheville laundry «"<! you'll discover what we mean by reallj "good laundry service." Blytheville Laundry & Cleaners Phone 4418 Better look under "Paint" in the YELLOW PAGES Whether you want to paint over Junior's art work, or paint the whole house, you'll find the kind of paint you want and • convenient dealer in the Yellow Pages of your telephone book. Whenever you buy, whatever you buy, th« Yellow Pages are the quick and easy way to find what you want. They list available products and services in easy- to-find order. They tell who buys, sell*, rent*, repairs, ______________ ____________ • FAMOUS DODGE L-HEAO ENGINE... "Job-fated" tor your loads. Saves gas, oiT-cuts service expense. . VALVE SEAT INSERTS . . . Resist wear, pilling. Reduce valve Blinding; presewe perloimaiKe. . REPLACEABLE, PREFITTED MAIN BEARINGS...precision, long-life quality. Reduce maintenance costs. • FULL CRANKCASE VENTILATION ... removal ol crankcase fumes and vapors. Protects enjin« parts. • FULL-LENGTH CYLINDER COOLING... Uniform cooling ol cylinders, piotecls . . . reduces wear. . 4-RING ALUMINUM ALLOY PISTONS... lor top performance; longer bearing life; Io# oil consumption. . FULL-PRESSURE LUBRICATION . . . positive protection ol main, connecting rod and camshalt bearing and camshaft drive. Quality-Built DODGE Chassis Features • SUPER FRICTION CLUTCH ...extra large Iriclional area. ")ob_- Raled" lor smooth action and long lile. • RUGGED 3-, 4-, Of 5-SPEED TRANSMISSION... "Jobjfaled" lot lilt load. Carburiied gears; hest- Kealed shafts; antifriction bearings. • FULL FLOATING REAR AXLE-Hypoid design; banjo-type bousing ... "Job-Rated" lor Ihe load Lonj-tife.. .lo« upkeep cost. • POWERFUL "JOb-RATEO" BRAKES. . . Cyclebond brake linings (no rivels) prolong brake life. . CROSS-TYPE STEERING . . . Sharp turning angle; easier ban- dling... simplified parking. Cab Features • COMFORT-MASTER CABS ... KcUinwd d* drivers as most comfortable cab of any standard production Iructa. • SAFE VISION . . . «lr» wide, higti windshield-K)0 sq. inches. Pilothouse c«bs with rear quarter window* (variable. • ADJUSTABLE SEAT-Se»en inches ol seat adjustment • ALL-WEATHER VENTILATION—Combination healing and ventilating an<i defrosting system engineered for minimum eomlorl and ufety. TRUCKS We're in a truck buyer's market today . . . and we know it! We like it that way. Competition's a good thing ... if your product's right . . , and your price is right. We sincerely believe that Dodge "Job- Ralcd" trucks are the best that money can buy. Each truck is engineered and quality- built to fit a specific delivery or hauling job, When your truck fits your job it performs better ... it lasts longer ... it costs less to operate. You save money every day . . . every mile. Come in— let's talk price, too. You'll save money — first to last . , . with the best truck money can buy . . . and at the right pricel BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickasawba Thorn 4422

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