The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1944
Page 7
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•MONDAY, 'AUGUST 7, 1944 FBI's Seizure Of Papers Hit €. Procedure Threatens Notion's Newspapers, Attorney Contends WASHINGTON, Allf. 1 (UP)— f. defense the muss sedition trial In Wnshington .claims thai the Federal IJureaw of Investigation's procedure in taking documents from Ihe print plnnl of ex-Silver Shtrl Leader Dudley Pel- Icy constitutes a threat to every newspaper In Ihe country. Chicago Attorney William J. Powers Is flighting neainsl the presentation of Hie seized papers as evidence at'the trial. Powers says the warrant uscj in the seizure permitted the FBI to confiscate "everything except the fixtures In 'he office." Powers maintains that if the FBI could use a warrant so broad an agent could also walk into the Chicago Tribune or the New York Times and clean them out. Although powers says all the documents were Illegally confiscated Government prosecutor O John Rogge Is Insisting (hat they be presented at the trial. Meanwhile, another defense attorney, B. B. Prey attorney for defendant Robert s. Edmunclson, has filed a molloii to require (lie government lo stiow the search war- ranl and a copy of tile receipt. •LYTHRVILLtt (ARK.)' COURtJBH NRWB Merchant Fleet Needs Recruits Men Needed To Sail Aboard Ships With Supplies For Front In ii plro for more volunteers for (lie Mcrelmiil Mnrlup, Cl II K ( |- wtmls. (lie u, S. Maritime KervU-c PimillliiK ofiicor In HI. Mills, ro- mliitlcil men rrom 1Q to n't, u n ,| Jij in .50 iiua sniiiiiK the si,tp s ,,r ovn . Carying on despite (he fact that their backyard "theatre" is very close to the front lines In France this trio ot French chorines dances for Yank infantrymen on a rough bourd singe, supported on sandbars. Krcy asks thai this be done to investigate the validity of the warrant and selxurc. Judge Edward C. Eicher look the motion under advisement. The Leading Candidate /or 'Associate Justice In the First Primary Solicits Your Vote : 'And Continued Support -on His Record. Judge Auten's Judicial Record: * He.presided in the trial of 363 cases excluding many -compromised, settled or dismissed under pre-trial procedure. * Only 64 cnses were appealed to the Supreme Court. * Only 22 of the cases were reversed. * He hag been correct in 94% of his decisions. . Help Elect a Jurist of Proved Ability Judge Lawrence C. ~ AUTEN for Associate Justice Supreme CoTirt ~" *-),< „..,:»•'*-• ftvfe,,,:,,;.^ —Political Advertisement . JKifByfi ; : ;aW-fT"^^»>?!a^!y^wt^YY'if^BKg«>iaia2 Ice Shortage Is Eased, But Beer Harder To Get LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 7 (UP) — A survey shows that Little Rock, beer drinkers were able to gel Ice to cool their beer, if they can get Co-operators bcor. Tlic ico shortujje has been llnlit- cncil b«'; of I lie recent c wrallicr which rnivuU'G piunls io catch upon protluelion. 1 Uul the beer sltorliicc. -show.s little s!un of sliickenlUK. Wholesiils tlislrlbutors bliiinc of II on the 7 per cent cut In brewery prodmHIon ImiHKi'tl by Ihe WPH. Bui L..! distributor snys it's the lien, thn people Jiisl nnturnlly drink :norc beer when Ihe weather Is hot. Close co-operation of nir and . land forces .is symbolized by photo above, o( Gen.'Henry Ii. Arnold, left, head ol the U. S. Army Air Forces, and Gen. Omar Bradley. U. S. ground force chief, taken after inspcc- _ tion 01 6'rench battle areas. WINDOW GUARDS . and METAL WEATHERSTRIPPING Now Available. Fhone 5SJ For Estimate, E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. It's Time For A Change ELECT, MRS. JACK CARNES of Comden DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEEWOMAN tor Arkansas Ulintl, She Docs Her lilt P1TCHUURG, Mnss. (UP) —To tally blind, Mrs. Clam J. Allclll 71. lias knitted 5B .swealers for sol- filers nnd sullors In.the past year Slic said she luiswercil Ihe npi>ca for sweaters because of her 'X nephews in the armed forces. Us l»« n joint of .her fhiKcr us one Inch measure, she is nblc to jje IMi-rccl. iiieasiircmcul.s lor ribbing antl length. fj, Kleel Is one of lire most, ,m- .rlotlc mid vitally neressury wi>vs thai Iliey ciiti serve tlic win- elTovt. "Tlie wur Is devclopinK into wlint we hope will l w j| s H,,,,) s | 11({( . s .. ,.,,,_ wards sulil. "Kvery soldier now for combat requires (i lo 13 l»iis of merulnmt sli(p]iini; ImmotU- "lely mid mi mlillllnnnl Ion of sup- IIHPS every i wo lo Uirce weeks tliere- nftor to keep In the Il 8 lit. The m( ,re men oversells, I ho more .ships mid men to sun them me needed. Now is the lime for Hi« miui sceklm- ti eu- ii'er packed with adventure to net, 1'nj 1 In (lie McrehunL Mnrine Is Rood ami UK> nupnrlimlllns for iidvatice- menl are excellent." We urc reemlllnr; Irulnees for (he rAGESEVKI deck, engine, radio, blcwnrtl. iiml purser depiivlmenl.s," KilwaiUs continued. "There- Is nlso u mo:,l urijcnl need for officer Iriilnera who Imve i'ili'iicc us follows: '2 yeiirs us slwitn or locomotive engineer, i»r :i yviuvi us inuchlnlsl with a imiiit'lis roimlr or niiiinteimnc-o lime on imi- rlne engines, or, 3 yean; of college cicilit In ninrlnc, nicclninlenl, or oleclrlra) I'liRlneeilni;, or, M months ill sen in the engine or deck <le[nul- incuts of iiierchiint or imval vessels," Vohmlcero should Inquire at, the office:; of (lie U. S, Maritime Service 312 Old 1' Ofllce, BU Louis, Mo, WonoiiSTKn, Mass. (ui>)_F n . uuetl from cxninlniillons, truck slnr uava Murray of Holy cross deckled lu luko Ills shower bctore luslend of iiftcr a recent mccL Sliowcred mid rubljed down, Murray lowed the Jnvclin 107 feet, 0',4 Inches, to odfle, out his nenrest torn- ticlllov by eight (ccL IRMITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Acno jiimplcs, cewma; factory Aim*! Ills, nimplprinpiorm, tetter, ealtiheum, Ijumrw, (blackdcnils), nnd ugly brokcn- nul ultln. Millions relieve itching, burn|'IK imd soreness o( (liceo miseries wf(i fiuililnlioinolrnalment, Oocstonorknt mice. Alilo littiliiifj, narks (ho antlwptio \iiiy. DM lihtk ami White Ointment paly m illrcilPil JOc, 2Co, COo sizes. 25 years' ucenwi Mom.y-b.ick guarantee. Vital luurulng u jiood f»;ii>. Kn)oy fa- . - mous Dlaok und Wlillo Ukiu Bo»p July, — J'lio is not run Box wns Ihe pen name of, Clmrlcs Dickens. Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main They are patient about waiting because those Long D/sfance calls mean so mucli A soldier- has to lino up for a lot of things'but we don't like to see him wait too long for n Long Distanco call. Would you mind helping a Httlo by saving y tho wires from 1 to 10 for the servicemen? That's when thousands oE soldiera ruah to tho telephones nt tho camps and wo know you'd like for thorn to have first call on Long Distance. SOUTHWESTERN BEU TELEPHONE COMPANY The Dluc Strati, a. n.2-{ liberator, wa» one of the greatest bornbcrs^thal ever climbed into the. sky: Slie flew 110 missions ;•;; 300,000 miles • • : over Germany, Italy, Koumaois, Greece, Austria, Africa, Sicily; Her air combat crews sank a Nazi freighter off Crete... blew up a lankcr at Candia;:: scat a destroyer to the bottom of Suda Bay. They shot down 23 German and Italian fighters. ;;droppcdbalf-a-million pounds of bombs;;; won the Dislinguished Unit Badge and countless individual decorations for gallanuy in action; Vet in all her battles in cncroy'skics, not a man in aoy^of her crcwi ww^ever wounded I Ask her pilot, Maj, Ralph P. Thompson; of Columbus, O., how she managed to toll up such a record, and he'll tell you; "Bcciusc there were no 'indmduil Kan* on her crew. We flew her and fought her as a team:: .-gunners, navigator, l>ombar- dier,andpilQt,alIworkiug/o£rt/«rtowin: "Anil that's (he thing any young fellow— who wants to win his wings in the AAF —should keep uppermost in his mind;;: "You're on a team in the AAP ; : ; from your first day of training until you get up there in action; And it's a team that's never been stopped;:; that never will be slopped i i ] the 'greatest icaai in the world'1* Today, tic AAF is writing history; liberators and Fortresses arc blacking out the skies over Germany. Japan is already beginning to fed the awful power of tie Superfortress; Swarms of heat? bombers; medium-'^ . . . * bombers^ light bomb-) cri and fighters are spearheading the attack oo every ftoatt Today-more than ever beforc-/if«'j a plactfer yw an this great AAV turn. If you are 17 ::: if you want action, ad- renturo : ;; the finest, most thorough training any Bying man cicr hid .-;; an opportunity to makg a career in aviation after the war i«i Then go to your nearest AAf Examining Board and sec if you can qualify for the Air Corps]Enlisted Rcscrrc ::; with an opportunity to wia your wings as gun- ncr^ navigator, bombardier or pilot in the AAP : ; ; tho •"greatest (cam io the worldl".' "~- : - " ^p OF 17... Vou can get ready nnw fat your place on the "greatest team in the world"— thi. AM. Go to your nearest AAF TOmng IloarJ . . . sec if you can . My for the Air Carps Hnlisrcil Reserve. If you qualify, you will receive tins msijjnij ...hat will not be called lor training until you are IS or over. Whcncai!e<J,}-qu will he given further tests to determine the type of training you will receive. If you are trained as a gunner or technician gunner, you will RO "It" acl !V al corab " « * non-commissioned ofliccc. If yonr aptitudes are outstandingly high, you will be trained as a bombardier, naviRiioror pilot, and upon successful cora- P;? 1 ' 011 °J'raining, will be graduated as i rlight Officer or Second Lieutenant. '. For prc-aviation trainin^.'sce your local Oil Air Pjtrol officers. Also see your High School principal or adviser about recommended f?. u '. ! y J n '. nc A lr Service Division of the High School Victory Coips. Ask about the opportunities for college training through the Army Specialized Training Reserve Program. U. S. ARMY RECRUITING SERVICE For more information Contact nearest i AAC Examining Board. FLY ANO FIGHT WITH THS AAF ~AHMY M fOKCCS

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