The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1949
Page 7
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SEPTEMBER 9, 1949 Another Shelton Gang Chief Shot 'Little' Earl Is Victim Of Ambush; Will Live Despite Many Wounds FAIRFIELD, 111,, Sept. 9. «F>y— A barrage of bullets poured from am- tush early today ln( o "Little" Earl Shelton, 33-year-old nephew of the gang leaders who had terrorized Southern Illinois for years. Police Chief Elmo Mugrage said "Little" Earl was fired on as he drove up (o the front of his home here shortly after midnight. Mugrage said he was patroling .n the area and heard t!ie salvo of several shots, all fired within a few seconds. He sped to the Shelton home where, he said, he found jgPt'Ute" Bar l in his house moaning ^*d bleeding badly from four or live bullet wounds in the thigh and one in the head. Shelton was still conscious, the chief said, and related that the gunmen fired fro m a car which was parked across the street from the Shelton home when the victim drove up. Mugrage said Shelton's wounds were from at least two calibers of bullets. He expressed belief at least one of [he weapons was a machine gun because of the rapid succession of the shots he heard. At an Evansville, Ind., hospital Dr. John W. Fisher said Shelton will recover In spite of his many wounds. He said Shelton had "a large number of wounds" in the upper legs and thighs, tut a ribi deflected one slug and another merely creased his forehead. Rides In Same Ambulance Shelton was taken to Evansville in the same ambulance which took his uncle, "Big" Earl Shelton for treatment of an ambush bullet wound last May 24. He is in the same hospital, too, where he stood guard for several weeks at "Big" Earl's room. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^ nylon fionts are innaied, permitting thf^etton^ SiVn'an"™ S^dowTe^/on'lhe^le' 1 Inset shows how the all-weather floats fold neatly around the wheels until needed The DHot »Hk a cord winch pops the Hoots open in 90 seconds {or , andlng on vva(cr> ic e sn^ tundn! or sin'," Today's attempt was the first on the !ife of "Little" Earl. But he was present when his uncle, Carl Shelton, was slain in October, 1917, and also was In the club room here last May when "Big" Earl was shot in the back by a gunman who fired through a second story window of Bt private club. "Little" Earl had been associated with "Big" Earl In a gambling venture which has since been closed He is married, has two small children and gives his occupation as a farmer with "Bit'" Earl. They operate large land holdings In Southern Illinois. During the prohibition era of "Little" Earl's three uncles, "Big" Earl, Curl and Bernie were blamed for about 40 slayings in Southern Illinois, including those of two mayors, and a state patrolman and his wife. Bcrnle Shelton was killed from ambush near Peoria, 111., on Julv 26 ' World War Two Treaties Sowing New Battle Seeds ST. LOUIS, Sept. 9. m _ Th e peace terms of World War II even though the treaties have not been signed, already have sown the seeds of another world war, the American Bar Association was told yesterday •The speaker was one of the judges "hi the Nuernberg war crimes trials Robert p. MaGulrc; a Portland' Ore., attorney. "The Yalta. Moscow and Potsdam conferences already have dimei untold damase," MaGuire declared. -Much of Europe now writhes under unjust discriminations, seizures n i? m ' n , nc ' P° w " at th- expense of the "Until these are removed, there 6er'ied e "° laSUnE PCace '" hc as - "Provislons of the treaty of Ver- sail es after World War I gave rise to the resentment and discontent which made ground re-"- fr» Hit J«r to pi nnt ,, ls doct!nc of al ,i hori _ tanan government," the speaker But despite that clear warning, w M w cdr " allled statesmen (in World War II) proceeded to make the same mistakes and sow Ihe k-'.me seeds from which the same Tank crop will ncrcssarily arise." Read Pickefs Peaceful After Fights at Aircraft Plant BUFFALO. N.Y., Sept. 0. f;P) — Peaceful picketing was resumed today at tiie Bell Aircraft Corp., plant as Governor Dewey and a stale mediator strove to avert further . violence in the bilter 13-week-old strike of (he CIO United Auto Workers. The scene this morning contrasted sharply with the previous two nays of disorder in which squads of club-wielding unionists battled work-bound non-strikers, lujurlnf: at least 28. About 15 unarmed pickets took up their stations at the main gate of Ihe plant in nearby Wheatfield. Police ranks were swelled by 100 newly-sworn volunteer sheriff's deputies. A union sound car parked across from the gate demanded that the deputies protect the union men. It also pointed out that the unionists were not carrying club., today because of an agreement with the state mediator to halt hostill- Undcrsherlft Arthur Mtiisincr of Niagara County said "about a doz en men" were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct this morning as » result or previous "episodes" BlytheYille Woman Joins Husband in Philippines Mrs Grover L. Piazier and daughter, Anita, arrived in Manila aboard the US.W Gen. Gaffcy „„ August :, to be housed at Clark Air Force altec after a typhoon devastated their proposed quarters at Okinawa July. Her husbnd. Sergeant Frazier met them at Clark Field to continue to Okinawa where they will make their home. Pandanus leaves are used to make the famous hula skirts of the South Seas. CHILLS ANDFEUER . .due to Malaria Ask lor 666 WITH QUININE },. NOW AT YOUR ; DRUGGIST" . FRIGIDAIBE Refrigerator 34975 Hero', IOH cu. fl. of itorcg. iptica ... room for overylhing ... In a miniaii;iT> of kitchen ipoco. And il ho, the fomoui M<!«r-Miser mechanism with •5-Yocr Protection Plan. SEE THESE FEATURES. • Qukkuhe Trayi • 26 ql. Hydralor • 5.1 qt. Mulii-purpoieTroy • Run-pro.^ ihe!v*t, J3.4 *q. fl. iloiage orea. • Full-widlh Super-Freezer Choil • Naw ihelf orrangomenl Coma In —Soo Frigidoir* Amtricn'* No. 1 Rofcigcrulor GEORGE Appliance Co. Luxora, Ark. Former Arkansan Wins Jackpot on MBS Show; P.S.—He Works for NBC CHICAGO. Sept. D—{/Pi—Johnny Erp, B National Broadcasting Company news editor, last night svon the Mutual Broadcasting System's "Meet Your Match" jackpot. Erp, 43, correctly named "Bugs Bunny" a s the character in a contest riddle. He was given a chance at the jackpot nfter'surviving a rounct of questioning in which a Missouri Negro's Tip Brings Arrest Of Counterfeiters LITTLE HOCK, Sept. 9—(*') — The Secret Service has credited a Missouri Negro KiimWint; house operator with .slopping H lilKHl ol counterfeit nium-y h, j.; llst , Arkmisas Secret Service ..v. : cm Nell Klian- non sulcl three Memphis nci:roe.s in- dieted uy a frdnal l; r;iild fury luw Tuesday, hid bren n rrested on! a tip from llu> gambler TJie llnee' Charles Kiien. Auhur Brown and WJlie Ei(ii. s ;u', an- bcin B held m Poplar Bluff, M C|I j,, defuult 01 txind. Shannon snid they made trips to East Arkansas in July [inssing counterfeit 510 and SL'i) bills in filling stations and n (J1 | 01 . s [,, rcs ln |.. 01 . ri , st City. Crawioubvllle, Hlythcvillc EalJe, I'arkin .-unj OHTO|:I'. Shannon did not i.nther iitie,,t- ]ly the tipster. Arrrsli-d al Stale Line Brown and Kfu-n were iirre.sted AUK. 19 at the state line by the Peiniscot County sheriff's oflic.- Tlicy were ami^i o f passino Mbout SIaO in counlertoit bills in niythe- ville and at the slate line Livestock U. of A Medical School V/ce President Resigns I.J'lTt.K ROCK. Sept. 9, (,fi~ 11 "•"lennfmn of Ur. H. Clay Chenai "f Hot Sprint;.; as University Aikanj.n vice-president In rlia of mertirji education ha • timi no'-nri'd by University I'ri'.sld I I','::-: \\'_ Janes. II'- vild Dr. Chcmuilt, plvlju. i llis P"M licciiiisc of 111 hi'.'illh, | = ^!'<'d to coniintie to serve in Aflrr 17 vpnrs In I tie Army M, I'll iVirp-;. nr. Chcnaul 1 Joined H innvciMjy medical srtiool In mi H' 1 li-is been on sirk leave sin lil't Juno. IV. Jones said Dr. W. C. L:|.u Ion v.-iii continue ns acting dr-nii medical sclioo' and that Iliri I lie no chnnpe in the policy , ?:r;iin at Ibe school. PAGE SEVEN Murder Trial for Mcd Student Set for Oct. 7 LITTLE ROCK. Sepl. fl. IIP, _ Trial n[ Harold Raymond llouclii, s film i'l'd with first (Icfice iniirili i i" l!«• death of Pctli I,. U,, ] C.'ln-k-i-illc, Ark., lias been set f i H'-'urhlns, 20-year-old Unlvor. x "f Aii::m«:is medical school si , di'ill. is rl'.mKCd wltll fatally bfnlinn li"''l. rromlncnt Masonic |n ; i,| Pr anil Ins'Timce man. in bis I 10 i c ,] i""in here lust Nov. 23. I'ulaskl Pi-n.«ei-ntor Kdwin Duna- nnnniinrcd inst May in K SCHOOL HAS ITS BAD POINTS Ihs Inisu,of going to Ju'nmV ,',,"" " ' J """' " '" °' """""•< Pi ""„, mill ' 'l I""' " lofl " *•<•«! M,,1,n vmunation mi Ik is c-lixl n n <s p.opire the next \iclim " group of contestants challenge one another. If you mfss a question. NATIONAL STOCKYAIinS. Ill Repl, 9-i,V,-flJ.SOA>-Ho!;.s 7.000;' iveiBis 180 His up and sows steadv ' " :! to mostly :3 higher than yc ;',mhiv p , ""'"•'"us admltt d .sir average; clo.sin,. slow' 1 irhirl- ' >( ''' 1 ' l! "' v h;ul <'llCT|:i'd 111 al weights 25 to so hlnhci- inilk'«o:id : ''' ;I " ;l! : ''l:iti"ns. Jlld choice 200-250 Ibs 2225-50- top "-""• «w lots -tea-sea ibs 20.75- Nan-Dollar Contracts another, if you mfss a question. :.™ ; ,^ lols - 6a - 3e « »« 20-75- Non-Dollar Contracts you're out of the competition , 2 - M - 180-190 Ibs mostly 21.25-22 no- <;„ I ^ t '""" lr "^" "I guess l won „ two-week trip : !^'}.^ ',!" ^^O-So] few 20.75! j i ?,"^'* ?* Australia and some luggage and a wasliliiK ,, ° ls n '° s '" U * M supply.! r , CA - NB ™f'A (AP) - Soon the machine and some other thincs ' i i I 3 - 30 " 18 ' 23 : fc ^ 18-50; K ood , " iV1 ' m '"«" will c:ill for tenders but to tell the truth I'm so oxcltwl'i 10 V , ° ™ ws 4l;0 lhs <[m ™ 17 ' 75 - I :r " m< l:l " u " c '«« in non-dollar T lust, itnn-t ro,.,„.„!,„ ,.:..... lU.oll Heavier ueil/hts I coiuillli'.v for the diilllor. n! .in „,,!„.. machine and some other things ' • but to tell the truth I'm so excited i'in I just don't remember cvcmhliiB " ' Erp said. Erjj. who was graduated from contractors in non-dollar comilili'.v for (he diiillnp of .|n mill's o! tumi'liii:.' through solid nic ,i | n the Sfulhi'i'i' Alps. tunnel..; will divert \vu!cr.< of Ark. He formerly headed the International News Service in little Rock stags mostly 11.CO-I-I.00 Cattle 1,100; calves 71)0; Benernlly .steady In telumip truiie; odd lots! ' llBhtwelnht butcher steers and h, if- j the er.s medium and good 19.00-2G.OO; i : nto the Murray and Mummib'V|";.e eommon around i6.CO-n.oo; com-! river.. Power plant* will be insi-dl- •npn and medium co«s I4.CO-15.od; cd lor the w.Ucrs of the Snow, to bureau; odd head nood 15.50; canncrs'and : cutters 11.00-13.75 1,150.000 kilowatl.5 of i'li' F RE BAY HIGH T— SEPT. 9 to the Music of TED FISHER and his Orchestra at Hie 1LES CLUB 90S No. 6th St. Por Reservations Phone 3984 Greater p®w®r Bf^ what Loacl- ie answer if youVe looking for a truck with a of pov/er plus record-smashing economy. That's I in Chevrolet trucks v/ilh their Thrift-Master and •Master Va!ve-in-Head engines. These world-famous TRUCKS SULLIVAN- Iruek engines develop more power per gallon of gas and dolivor Hie load al lower cost lhan any other engines of iheir sire now in USG! Come in and see these Advance- Dc-sign trucks lodayl Featuring VALVE-IN-HEAO CN6INES-Or,of., power per gallon, lower co,. per load « DIAPHRAGM SPRING CLUTCH-Smooth engagement . SYNCHRO- MESH TRANSMISSIONS-Quick, smooth shifting . HYPOID REAR AXLES-5 time? slrongc-r than spiral bevel | ypB 0 DOUfiLE-ARTICUlATEO BRAKES-Com- plcte driver conrrol o WIDE-BASE WHEELS-lncreased lire mileage . ADVANCE. DESIGN STYUNO-With the cab Ihot "Breathes" o DALl-TYPE STEERING-E^t.r handling • UNIT-DESIGN BODIES-Prccision built PREFERRED BY MORE USERS THAN THE NEXT TWO MAKES COM3 IKED I Phone 578

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