The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1946
Page 6
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E -CARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 9, 1946 BETTER HOMES Cosh Studied Fire Insurance Police* Tflo tow, Surrey Di«cloies. , Mapy"( lioipe-qwnf re today are quite^satisfied wllli tlieii- investment : as they, watch their property sleadijy rise In value, and doily turn "gown offers far. In excess of what; It originally cost, >Vh|le they are goiiig around ha)>[>y about it nil, surveys show tlipt they fail to realize that Ih2 insurance iwllcy covering the house, reposing in the Ipchr bank vault, or In' tlie strongbox nl home, hasn't been (ncreaseri in value nt nil. It sti|l covers the face amount 'of tlie ijilicy issued when the house was first built. For'example, when Mr. Homeowner renewed his policy Inst year, lie failed to increase the amount of insurance .to keep pace with tlie rise ip replacement costs. If his hoiise was destroyed by tire or sandslprin it 'would be impossible to (luulicale it at n. cost for which it was injured in 1940 As 'n matter of fact, the amount of Increase he would liaye t° l>ay to replace his home would depend largely on which section, of tile country he lived .in. According to a recent nationwide survey made by tlie National Housing Agency, if jir. Homeowner lived J^iii; Blytheville it would cogi 75 to 7j06 percent more to rebuild what. in , 1940 \va5 • a $0.000 house. VVitK building-materials of cei lajn kinds* alrnosl impossible to.obtain, Mr. J}~omeo;5npr would probably be unable to re|)iacp his house nt niiy • price "right now, if it should be destroyed—at least until veterans' needs .have been taken care of. Small House Designed for Easy Expansion When Space Needed Construction Started on New Church Work Is now underway on the new First Christian Church. Sixth find Main, located on Die snmc Iqt as I he church building to'be razed. This building project has been underway for an extended lime. Vital bricks were Mil Friday for the new church. Walter Nelson of Memphis Is ll)c nrchllL'cl and tlic builder Is lien White, w. H. Sloviill serves as Rlliilrtnn'n of the church construction committee. Church pastor is the Rev. It. Scott liulrd, P r e n u c n t 1 y a cramped, poorly arranged house can be easily expanded Into a Eiuicloiis home. 'I' h e addition of two wings, a new porch and a tf IMiintlncd root of •film'hil asphhlt fl gles transformed this five-room cottage Into an attractive seven- room home. It was redesigned by Architect L. Wilson Kldd. The, wing built to the side, a^ slioxvn in the door plan, adds a large bedroom and n study. A smaller wing at the rear provides n modern kitchen and n back porch. A kitchen-dinette partition was knocked out lu make room for ;i dining room. The new roof of fire-resistant asphalt shingles, colonial windows, and 'vcr(indi>-style front norph give NOTICK OF CHANTING OF I.IQIJOK 1'KHMIT Notice Is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues nt the Stau- of Arkansas Ims Issued a permit. No. 20-1 to Rerun rcl High to .sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on tlie premises described as Main Street Manila, Tills permit Issued oji the 1st day of July, 194(i and expires on thu M day of June, 1317. Bernard High . Permittee. mil, No. 41!) U) Sam N. Johns lo sell and dispense vinous or spirituous Illinois for beverage at retail on the premises described us 301 ?!• West Main Street/ Blythcvillc, Arkansas. Tills permit issued on the Jst day of July. 1940 and expire:; on (lie 30 duy of June, 1817. Sam N. Julius Pcm;l:,t':i'. 7'2-0| Blon Street, Hlythevillt). This permit issiiEfl (in Ihc 1st d;w of July, 194C and expires on the 30 dny of j'jne, 1917. B. S. Simmons, distinction to board siding mains. the original clap which still re- Realtor Builds Brick Veneer On W. Walnut Mr. and Mrs. Eddie B. David hops to soon be residing in Iheir O'.vn home.-. , Work has started on their now house, 1601 West Walnut,' the first residence to be constructed In a plot opened by Mr. David, who is in the real estate business. There,, are ^ipur^lptsv'ri the [215; feet lacing' Walnut!"'which" he' 1 pur-' chased;"Irom' Sam H. Williams. The';i)avid house, to uc orectMl lacing Walnut, will have an entry on thefEast so that cither street may b;§;use.d for the front. There; will be a porch on Hie East, to be screened, and a terrace on the:rear. To betqf brick veneer, it' has not yet been decided whether' the exterior ..stalls will be painted. The five rooms will be very modern with -newest.'innovations obtainable planned, the owners said. Congressmen's Vacation Plan Gpis Far Astray Ey, DEAN W. PITTMER Uniltd Prrss Stiff Correspondent WASHINGTON, July D.-Cpngrcs- sionalJHopes for adjournment In two weeks .burst like a bubble today under the weight of must legislation. ; ; -. Speaker Sam Rayburn, p., Tex., and House Democratic Leader John W. McCormack, • Mass.; said that Congress. could not quit until the latter 'part or July at the earliest. "Even"if we get OPA out of the way In a hurry—say some time next week—we'd still have to remain herfc for at least two weeks," McCormack said. Other House members were even more -'pessimistic about aji early adjournment. Some said they would be lucky il they could get home in August. Others said the session . : would run into September. Most expressed belief, however, that when Congress docs quit it will be final adjournment and not Just a Summer recess. Read Courier News Want Ads. Holly Street Residence Modernized P. Ii. .loyncr bouse. llfKi Is getting a "face lifting" The ITnljy. job. The front porch is being re- ovcd. a new side uorch added on Lhc West, and n new cntrun^- made on the East side of the front. A picture window is to be placed in the living room; on the rt.irtli, (or an added decorative feature. Exterior walls are t° be recovered, in asueslos.fsiding! Ih^ kitchen''mod- ernized,'sonic'minor changes made in other rtioms and an extensive amount of redecorating done on the Interior and outside lo completely modernize the six-room house. Read Courier News Wr.nt Arts. FARM LOANS / Fair AppreUsl /Prompt 8«rvlo* RAY WORTH INGTON Swing This Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd, Wytiieville, Ark. Tune in Program Spnday al 3 p.m. over WKKC Caudills.Make Improvements To Their Home Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Caudlll soon will have a downstairs bedroom and bath at their home, 1100 West Walnut. . 'rhe'large porch, on the front and Easl. side, is being dismantled and a bedroom and bath unit will be constructed on Ihe East side. The front of the hopsc will be' tlcco|-ale<| with a terrace, Instead of Ihc former covered porch. This modern house' also lias a largo sun imrch on the rear downstairs ami another upstairs, where several other bedrooms lire located. The golden -anniversary of the famous Black Diamond passenger rain of the Lchixh VSllcy Rijtway. affnclionatoiy known as Ihc Honeymoon Express by innumerable couples bound for Niagara Rills, js being celebrated this year. Pastor to Move Into New Home Oh N. Broadway The Rev. and Mrs. R. 'Scott Baird.and family will movo the first; of August, into tlie limisp purchase;! for the past.Ir or the First Cliri.',- tlnn G'hurcir by members or tliat church, , The house, located at 41:) North liroachvay. was purchased from n. C. eeiuiii], painting contractor. On 75 by HO foot lot. the house has three bedrooms, living room and kitchen, hath, large front and back porches; an attic ventilator and Is insulated. • Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey I3oyd will make their home at 1134 Holly, where I he BalruVnoiv live. Mr. ]!»><} Is connected with Gcxjrtyohr Service Co. NOTICU OK GRANTINQ OF I.lQIIOIl PERMIT Notice Is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of- the Slate of Arkansas lias Issued a per mil, 'No. 187 to Elmer Hall to sell and dispense vinous or splrimori,; liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 124 East Main I Street. IllythL'Ville. This permit Issued on (he 1st day of July, laic anil expires on the 30 day of June 1917. Elrnc'r Hall , Permittee. 7|2-B NOTK'i: OF GKANTINCJ OF ' LIQUOR 1'KKMIT : Notice Is hereby given that lite Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has Issued a per- XOTICK OF (jltANTIN<j OF ) l.l<JUOlt ITItMTT Notice is hereby given that the! Commissioner of Revenues of tlr: j Slate of Arkansii:; lias issued n per- ! jnit. No. 188 to E. S. Simmons to sell mid vinous or .spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises de'scrlijrd as 10!) S. Di/ : - NOTICE OF GRANTING OF ucjuoit ramiiT Notice :s hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued n permit. No. 494 to .lessee Pi Slitt and Arthur P. I.andstreet to sell and dispense vinous or splrituofis ilriunrs for tevrratje at retail on (he premises described as Broadway and Walnut, Blylhcville, Ark. This per- init issued on the 5 day of July. 101«; and expires on the 30 day of .June. Jessee P. SHU Permittee. Many Farm Buildings Too Old f6f Repairing The Million's farmers have a bousing shortage different, from that or urban areas because many existing farm buildings are in sucii poor condition they arc virtually unusable. The average barn in Illinois, for example, is more than 40 years old and houses are even qldcr according tq u. G. Carter, professor of farm structures at liic University nl Illinois. Tlie average age of cribs, machine sheds, and grain slorage bins is 25 to 85 years. PETE IS THE 'IUMBEI I'lionc 2731 109-N. First We Furnish Everything COMPLETE For the Ttathroom and Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SEPTIC TANKS WATER HEATERS If You Plan to Build or Remodel Call «s for yoor Plumbing Ne*ds. ,-. .:.--. "Vye • stock and install al - Plumbing Fixtures. JESSE W. PROVENCE , ! Phone 2719 ; 127 East Vine Slreet Form Lands vI>catHWW iit ^ortheast Arlf "'-"'- :; ind Southeast Mis r AH - sizes : TSracts— 4 >P 0« Good Rroads and mall rout Have tbo floors in your homo that clingy look? Ue- and icfinisji them. Yon can casi|y mako them look I'iko npvf. Do tlio job yourself. We can icnl you the s AH cling equipment and supply tho materials you need, Asfc us how to do it. : -' ; H U B B A R D IIAUDWAKIC CO. 213 W. Main I'liunc E.GOLLADAY ("» *.'" ^.'^.--t c.'.'- 1 I" . _ L i. ~. ' ••* * ,i;^Mo Dont Ler Your Attic Rob You of Restful Sleep! SLEEPLESS NIGHTS MEAN DULL, PEP-LESS DAYS Yfvur ntlic is lo blamp tor ninny n sleepless night! The hoi attic air. trapped throughout the night, acts like a furnace on the whole home. Kxpel this hot air— ilr;v\v in cool niyht air — and you'll sleep like n tot). ni!KK/.-AlU Fans nff Comrnrl to Kvcry Uo It's easy . . . economical, too. Install r, Buffalo liree?.- Air Fun In Ihe ntlic. This quiet lorije rapacity fan turned on after sundown quickly forces oul the hot air in the attic and throughout your home- draws In (hi' cool night air through the windows below. You have an invii'oral- ing brccTc in every room. You sleep in coo! comfort Call us for free estimate cm Ihis proven idea in home cooling. 36 In Fans 84.95 42 In Fans 99.95 COAH'I.F.TR WITH MOTOUS We also slock Emerson and Har-lmmk Allic Fans in '12 inch and IS inch sizes. Use KHA Terms — — No Money Down Adams Appliance Co., Inc. 3. W. Adnms, Msr. ,.'. Successors to Hardaway Appliance Co., Inc. 1 honc 2071 20f,-08 West Main LUMBER-^All Kinds! 6" & 8" center match : No. 1 red shingles . Composition shingles ,. Weatherboard drop siding ,. Framing., all sizes •{. Flooring, Plywood y . Tile board, masonire Our Jv'y Special: Aluminum corrugated tin $10 per square We make cabinets, window frames & door frames to fit. SMALL BROS. LUMBER CO. Phone 46, Senath, Mo. WHA1IH Notice Is hereby given that H. if. Gtirnctt has made application to remodel the house located on the East M feet of North «0 feet of Lot Five and the north fifty feet of ix>t ' 0 nil In block seven of the Davis Third Addition to the City of Blv- thoville. After remodeling the building to be u^e^l us :i home luundry. All protest h-.iouid lk> In writing nixl filed In (he oflice of the C'itv Clerk. JOE CARNEY City Rnsineer. 7JB-10 S WEARINI The iilfradivc home of Miss Edith George, 110 E. Kentucky, is made more beautiful by IKa addition of ''Slals-o-Wood Awnings." Styled lo fit the architecture of (ho horiie. lliey arc a permanent addition acnirdinir I" Jimniie Deal who desi«nud ;;nd in- i (ailed (lie awnings. The awnings are hiiill. of red wood and reinforced with cypress, put lo- Sjelhor with rust .proof .screws and nails thereby assuirn.n a lon«- laslins and durable installation. The shits, staggered, over and inuler inake -"Siats-o-Wdod Awnings" a pro- lection from sun and rain, sleet and snow, and sljll \i:ntihited for C(K)I comfort. No raffles, no rass. no flaps, no satjs, is man-, than a siojpin. It is; a ]ihi'iis.c which briefly destribcs the permanence, .solidity, and l(Mi;> Jif t , o ; Slats- o-\V'opd Awnings. Although material has not been available for the manufacture of the awnings I'm- Ihc past sixty days, Deal's I'ainf Store says that they are again available and is now offering them for sale wiiii an approximate thirty day delivery schedule. Deal's Pairst Store 104 So. 1st Phone 469 For Sale by E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. ATLACIDE Per inn ['(Hinds 6 AIEDICINM-: CAIUNKTS Each SCKEKN DOOR GKH.I.KS Each A KK\V SCREEN DOORS 2 METAI, LOUVRES -.MxIiO Kach WIUTK & IU.UIO TII.E ItOARI) $14.50 12 CHROMIC TRIM TOR A HOVE Hardware Cloth, Square F(X)t 1 AUTOMATIC OIL NYATEK HI5ATKK S 30 Galli.n 4x8xi/, GUSI PLYWOOD " sn.oo . ^ fc Sg.95 30 i 12 c S 3- 2 " 12x1 I S i;i. \VI)S. Kacii CALCIUM CHLOUIDK (Discninil on (luanliUcs) Per 100 Pounds .... _ GOVKUNMMNT SURPLUS KOLL ROOl'INCi Sf.25 Per 100 Square Feel I Hargains in >Va.shablo \\'all Paper, Hrncc Cleaner and Wax and Floor Polisher to ronl. 'DOT POWDKH Sft.OO •1 Pnuiul PurkilKC . * 2, I-I) WEK1) IvILLKR POAVDKR 1 Pound Package, Makes fiO Gal Dial 551 Good Heat-beating Advice . . . and Yoyng„ , • Drink Plenty of It! • Use It for Bathing! • Use It In Your Garden On Your Lawn ... On the Outside of Your Home Remember—Wafer is your Best and Cheapest Commodity. Use it freely this Summer to promote Better Health for You and Your Entire Family. If will relieve Summer Fatigue! Blytheville Water Co BERNARD ALLEN, Mantfer "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity/"

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