The Albany Capital from Albany, Missouri on February 11, 1915 · Page 7
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The Albany Capital from Albany, Missouri · Page 7

Albany, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1915
Page 7
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Cousins Lumber Co. Vc want your Lumber, Building Material and Coal Business. Our prices are right and ve can satisfy you. Call and see us. I COUSINS LUMBER CO. Phone 117 C. N. COMSTOCK President Dale S. Flowers Cashier ! GENTRY COUNTY BANK ALBANY, MO. CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, - $100,000.00 Tnited States Depository for PosUl Savings Funds. Accounts solicited. Prompt attention riven to all business. Order of Publication. STATP ov Miim Kl H( 'OI NTY (irNTUV k In thetlmittl ourt of lientr.vt'iMinty. Missouri li 'IVrui, l'.'IS. JilDltH Kirk, IMuliltlff. VS. The nkmiwn consort, heirs. J-r(iw. doni. all-nies. ,r liuraedlnte mesne or remote, voluntary orluvoluntary uraiit-eee ot William I. !!. iIwumuhI, and the unknown ronsorts. heirs, devisees, do-nrw. ..'ten.-.-, or Immediate, uiwnf r remote, volum.-irr or Involuntary itruut-ees ..1 .1. Wheutley, deceased, anil the unknot n consort-, ti 1 r. devisee, donees, alienee, or Immediate, nmuinir remote, voluntary or In oluntnry (trainees of J-V. .I.imesoii iH-mwJ. "nil the unknown ronsorts. heirs. devisees, donees, alienees, or Immediate. menr or remote, voluntary or Involuntary grantees of Albert Kti-hlson. deceased, and tli" uu-know consort., helrs.devlsees, donees, .-tllenees. nr ImuiedUte.mesne orremote voluntary or Involuntary (rrnntee ot Jokn Main, deceased, Defendant. Now on Mil '-'Otli day of January. llf. ruM the plaintiff herelnnndflleshts petition verified by amd.ivtt. ftllrKlnir anionic other thtnu. tht he I. the owner ol and hold the full legal and equitable title to the ioiiowiuk described r,'l estate. .Ituate In llentry roun tv. Missouri, to.wlt All of lot number .even (Tint sertlon number twelve (121 In town shin stitvone it.l I of range thirty-one i.'U) en-et the south seven (71 acre of said lot seven iTl; that there are. or heverlly believe there rv, pemon. Interested In. or whoelalm to be Interested In. the above described real estate, the subject matter ot thla petition whose, name, he cannot Insert therein to-eanae ther are unknown to him; that the Demo, whom the plaintiff believe to be In terente.1 In the ub t matter of tula petition, nnd whose umm he cannot Ineert therein urii ih.v see uuknow n to htm. are the unknown consorts, helm, devisees, donees, alienee, or Immediate, mesne or remote vol untary or Involuntary (t ran tee of William l.onir. .1. Wheatle.r. .1 1". Jameson. Albert KU:hlson and John lllaln. respectively Plaintiff further states that by warranty teed. dated Arrll iUtli, 1 ''''. Francis M Itiio and will' conveyed to the .aid William l.onir a Interest and estate In the real estate hereinbefore described, which said deed 1 eonled In the land reiordsof tientry county. MlMoarl. In book T. at paire HI ft: that by warranty deed dated Jan. Jliud. is"-. IH lam A KtcMson and wife conveyed to the aid J. Wheat ley an lutereet and estate tlie real etate hereinbefore desrrltied. which H.ild deed U recordeil In the land record, of vientrr countT. Missouri, In book 7.. at page 42: that bf warranty deed dated April 27th lrt. William New by nnd wile conveyed to Mir .aid J T. Jameson an Interest and estate In the real estate heirlntiefore described w hich .aid deed Is recorded In thelnnd records of Oentry county. Missouri. In book VI. at naire 2S9: that by wnrrauty deed dated November ijr.tli. 17, David Tubbs and wife conveyed to the said Albert Ku-hlson an In terest and estate lu the real estate herelnbe. fore described, which said deed l recorded In the land record of Oentry county, MUsourt, In book . at page MS: that by warranty deed dated Ieceaber 2Htn, 10S, Jacob P. Jamison and wife conveyed to the said John Rlnln an Interest nnd estate In thereai estate licrnlnberore described, which deed Is recorded In book r.l. at pugf tllo, ot the land records of Oentry county, Missouri; that sluce the making and delivery of the deeds above describe: to the said deceased parties a hereinbefore stated the said William Long, J. Wheat ley. .1. P. Jameson, Albert Ktehlson and John Main have each and nil departed this life and are now deceased; that the defendant, the unknown consort, heirs, devisee, donees, alienees, or Immediate, mesne or remote, voluntary orlnvoluntary grantee of the said deceased persons, derive or claim to derive their title or claims to the real estate above described as such eoort, heirs, devisees, donee, alienees, or Immediate, mesne or remote, voluntary or Involuntary Kroatee ot the sold named deceased persons, respectively, aad under, through and by virtue of the deeds hereinbefore described made to their respective ancestor and pre-decessor aa hereinbefore stated. 1 1 Is therefore ordered by the clerk, In vacn-tlon. that all ot the defendants. In this cause be notified by publication, that the plaintiff has commenced a salt against them In this court, the olj)ert ana general .an wi wiin-n la that It Is a suit wherein the plaintiff seeks to have the court, by U)dgmentnd decree, - ascertain and determine the title, estate and Interest of th parties to this salt, res pec-lively, la a ad to the nl sstst. hsesla aad la said petition described, aad to dlvsst any John A. Hundlet Vice-President X J. D. Smith Assistant Cashier X and all of the defendants of any and all title and Interest In nnd to said real estate, and to (terfect the plaintiff's title thereto; that unless the defendants, und euch of them, be and apiearat this court at the next term thereof, to be begun and held In the city o Albany, In said Oentry county, on Monday the 1.1th day of March, l'.tl .". and or the first day thereof, answer or plead to the tetltlon In this cause, the same will tie taken as con fesscd and judgment will be rendered accord ingly. It Is further ordered that a copy hereof be published In the Albany Capital, a weekly newspaper published In (ientry county. Missouri, for four weeks successively, nnd pub lished at least once a week, the last Insertion to be at least four weeks before the first day of the neit term ot this court, which said tlrst day of said term will occur on the lTith day of March, 191.-.. Kn. K. Miucii:. I lerk of the Circuit Court within r:!.. and tor (ientry County. 1. Kd. K. Blrge, clerk ot the Circuit Court within and for (ientry county. Missouri, certify the foregoing to be a true and correct copy of the record. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court on this 20th day ot January. l'JIS. Kn. K Hiboi.. Clerk of the ClrcultCourt. I) I). Reeves Attorney for the Plaintiff ( Advertisement. 1 Notice of Trustee's Sale. Whereas, I,. K. Ilecker and Georgia Hecker, his wife, grantors, by their certain deed id trust dated the 1st day of October. A. l'.tO'.l. and recorded In Hook . at page 141' In the ofth-e ol the Recorder ot Deeds ofUeutry county, Missouri, at Albany, conveyed to K O. Yates, a trustee, the following described lands and tenements situate in (ientry coun ty. Missouri, namely: The north half of the northeast quarter of southwest quarter and all of south half northwest quarter lylngeast of lirand river, all In Section 24, Township il. Range .",0, and coutaintug In all 61) r, acres, which sold couveyance was made to secure the payment of certain promissory note or obligation in said deed of trust de scr!ted nnd set forth; aud Whereas, default has leen made In Performance of the conditions of said deed, and the same have been broken by reason of non-paynientof principal and luterest: and W hereas, enld dr-l of trus provides that In case of such default, and the absence, deathor refusal to act of saltl trustee, the then acting sheriff of (ientry county shall act lu his stead: aud, Wherea, said R. 'i. Yntes has declined to act: and Whereas, I. the undersigned, am now the acting Sheriff of (ientry county. Missouri; .Now, Therefore, notice Is hereby glventlmt. as requested by the legal holder of said not. I.Joseph A. Ross, Sheriff ot tientry county. Missouri, and succeeding Trustee, under the terms of aald deed of trust, will proceed to 11 and will sell at public vendue to the highest bidder, for cash, thes.tld lands nnd tenement. on tiik 1.1th day of Kkhkiunv. A. P.. HU.V between the hours ot nine o'clock a. m. nnd tlve o'clock p. m . at the front door of the Court House lu theclty of Albany. In (ieutry county. Missouri, to pay sold Indebtedness nnd exiense of sale Joeri'H A. Ross. (Adv. Sheriff and.Trustee, Notice of Sheriffs Sale. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a decree and order of sale, mode and entered ot record by the ClrcultlCourt ot Oentry county, Missouri, nttheregularJanuary term thereof tor the year In the case of D. T. Judd, plaintiff, against John I.. Duncan. Reuben N. Duncan. France A. Faille, Mary Arthur, Cornelia K. Rlggins, I. aura K. Ward. Minnie M. Fnyart, Lena I.. W hltton. Ciniissa K. McClelleu, Clay Rhods, Wlllllam Duncan, Homer Duuran, Kllinbeth Searles, Klayd Duncan, Hoy Duncan, Kater Rhode. Resale Wilcox, Clara Montgomery. Yerna Khodea.NusanOaytor nnd Amy Lawrence, de fendant, a certified copy of which decree sad order ot sole was to me delivered on the 12th day of January. 1 'il Ti. by thr clerk of said ClrcultCourt. I will on Fkihav, Tt: 19th hay or Matii, 1C1"., between the hoars of nine o'clock In the tore-uoon and five o'clock In the afternoon of sold day, and during the March, IfH.I. term of said court, at the south door of the court house In the city of Albany, In said county and state, sell at public venduetothe highest bidder for easb, the following described real estate situated In Gentry county. Missouri. to-wit: The wet half of thesoutbwest quar ter of Seetlos two (2) Township Sixty-two (02), Rang Thirty (SO), tor th purpose ot distributing the proceeds ot such sale smosg the parties to aald cause In accordance with th term, of aald decree aad order ot sale. Joaira A. Roes, Hhsrld ot Oentry county, Missouri. t LOCAL CORRESPONDENCE Gentryville. Mrs. Anna Smith came in from Pollock, Mo., Sunday to visit with ber parents, Geo. Ashlock and wife, and other relative. Miss Emily Workman from Fairfax, Okla., and Miss Grace Adams from Ford City visited Monday with Grandpa Workman and wife. Victor Copeland and family and Claud Perry spent Sunday at the A. W. Bowman home. Mr. Bowman is reported better at this writing. Mrs. AI. Clark is visiting this week at the home of her mother, Mrs. Allison, near McFaU. Bert Prior and family visited Sunday with Norman Clark and wife. The following were guests at the Jim McMillen home Sunday: Sanford Weese and family. Hod Jenkins and wife and Alfred Jenkins and family. Mrs. Ethel Lowe and daughter from Des Moines. Iowa, are visiting relatives here. Curtis Good and wife visited at the Charlie Good home Sunday. Geo. Gay left Sunday to return to his home near Belford, Okla., after a week's visit here. His mother, Mrs. Mary Gay, went with him for a few weeks' visit. Carl, the little son of Ted Fore and wife, has been quite sick the past week, but is improving now. . Mrs. Lyde Crow and Mrs. Carrie Fugett spent part of last week at the F. M. Fugett home. A. H. Watts from Rosendale spent part of last week at the W. W. Mowrey home. Catch 'Em. Dinner at John Hager's. There was a splendiferous dinner at the John Hager home, south of Darlington last Sunday. Jesse Hager and Homer Robertson were celebrating birthdays about their 30th, we judge. Thoe helping them celebrate were: Misses Una Duncan, Maud Henderson, Lucy Hager, Rowena Myrick and Mary Hager: Messrs. James Robertson. Chas. and Luther Hager, Shannon Fore. Joseph Gregory and family, Ed. Lowrey and wife, John Hager and wife. They had fine music and a good time. One Who Was Thar. Willow Row. Rev. Hand filled his regular appointment at Martinsville, Sunday evening. Mrs. Geo. Dorsey and children of near Albany spent Saturday and Sunday with her father, J. C. Noble and wife. ClaudeCarter and Orion Denny witnessed the basket ball game at Albany Friday night against New Hampton and Albany. Mrs. Gale Carter visited a few days last week With her parents, Tillman Guess and family, at Albany. Walter Bender and family of near New Hampton took dinner and spent the afternoon at Mrs. Martha Clelland's Sunday. Wm. Hill and family visited Sunday at C. E. Noble home. Miss Carrie Denny was out of school a few days last week on account of sickness. Manford Thomas and wife spent Sunday at Floyd Nobles. Gilbert Bragg of St. Joseph spent Sunday with his friend, Miss Barbara Caster. John L. Carter had the misfortune of losing a work horse last week. We are glad to report J. W. Faden some mproved at this writing. Joe Carter and family visited her parents. Rev. Groom and wife, near Gara Monday. Mrs. Lester Allis of Stanberry visited relatives in this neighborhood last week. Mrs. C. F. Hand and son "Bobbie" took dinner at Jas. Edson's Sunday. Rev. Hand is announced to fill his regular appointment here Sunday morning and evening. Talkativk. H.t.'..'..t,..H.M 1 I-l-I-I-I-I-l- ! I f PRACTICAL HEALTH HINT. I Spasmodic Croup. Spasmodic croup Is a symptom. not a disease. In young dren the nervous system is Irrl-table. The slightest infection of ; the larynx, the slightest catar- . . rliul attack or so called "cold," ; ) i liable to cause a spasmodic contraction of the throat mns- I cles cponp. Spasmodic croup comes on only at night, when , . the child Is asleep. The reason ; the attack comes on at nlgbt Is jf. simply because the air Is too warm and close at night. A i child sleeping in a cold, well ventilated room or on a por-h ! ! never soffers with croup. And ; ; the quickest remedy for the at-'. '. tack is a full supply of cold. ; ; fresh air from opon windows. . . The worst cases of croup doc- I tore see and It is becoming less common every day are lb hot, ', stuffy bedrooms among the poor er class, people who are com-'. ', monly supposed to Buffer most ; ; from "exposure." Remedies that stop an attack ; ; of spasmodic or catarrhal croup are: t. Large moist compresses applied cold and allowed to re-, , main on for an boar on the ; ; throat 2. Lota of moist, cold air. S. If the breathing becomes 1 1 very labored the spasm may be relaxed by a dose of sirup of ! Ipecac one teaspoonful, repeat- ed In twenty minute If vomit- ! Ing or relief Is not obtained. ; ; When a child Is aubject to at- ! tacks of catarrhal or spasmodic f croup, that proves th parents don't give the child enough out-f door aJx. M II I H 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LOCAL CORRESP0NBENCE. J Siloam. Next Sunday U Valentine day. Suppose everyone is looking for tome swell ones, Mrs. Lane, who bat been spending the winter with relative in Oklahoma, returned home Tuesday of last week. nrown nndley and wile entertained a crowd of young folks Sunday. Alva Hunter, wife and baby son spent Sunday and Monday at the home of Mrs. Hunter' parents, D.T. Haskell and wife. Rev. Riggs, Chas. Adams and Mrs. Tuleta Groom and daughters took dinner and spent the afternoon at the home of Chas Cravens Friday. The little baby son of Hiram Elliott and wife was quite sick first of the week. Miss Marie Stapleton, who has been dangerously sick with appendicitis at her home northeast of Siloam, is 'reported to be getting along nicely. Elmer Wilkerson and wife spent the day Friday with Mrs. Sarah Hill. W. 0. Wayman and family and Woodson Cottrill and wife were Sunday visitors at Curtis Parman's Rolla Wayman of the Wayman district was in our little "burg" Saturday. Miss Emma Runyan was the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Rebecca Austin, from Saturday until Monday. Wm. Ralph and wife spent Monday with Elmer Wiley and family at Denver. Ben Whited went Tuesday of last week to Tarkio to visit a few days with his son Will and family and to help care for his little granddaughters, who have been quite sick with fever. Rev. Groom filled his regular appointment west of Gentry Saturday and Sunday Wm. Findley north of Denver visited his sister, Mrs. Dora Grace, Saturday. B. H. Jones and wife spent the day Sunday with Wood Adams and wife. Mrs. Marshall King and baby son William and Miss Abbie McComas spent Monday at the home of H. H. Cottrill' s. Sunday, Feb. 7th a large crowd of the young people of the Siloam vicinity were invited to the home of Brown Findley and wife and were very handsomely enter tained. Mrs. Findley, assisted by Misses Eliza Elliott and Delia Groom served a dinner that every one voted exceptional, both as to quality and quanity. Orian Childres, wife and son of Washing ton Center are this week visiting with his parents, Wm. Childres and wife. Red Wist; Weather. When the frost is on the window'and the kitchen pail is froze: When the little icy needles come with every breath that blows; When the chilblains make us groan aloud and cold feet give us pain, It s safe to bet that we all wish for summertime again. For while we sweat and stewaround in breezy summer clothes It's an easy thing to cool offhand 'forget our earthly woes. But it's different in the winter when the world is full of ice, And the weather is as hard'to beat as any loaded dice. We may boast about ourjclimate and about our spring and fall. But the balmy days of summer are the best ones after all. Ex. He's not a Dog'Fancier. "Did yo' hear 'bout Brudder Bol- igee, sah? Dey says Trififht away atter he'moved over to Tumiinville he done traded his dop; for a nudder man's wife!" "Muh gracious! Some men don't keer much for dogs, does deh. sah? -K. C. Star. THE ALBANY RACKET'S BI6 SATURDAY'SPECIAL Saturday, Feb. 13, we will offer 100 fancy crystal glass 1 fin Berry bowl, each You will find this a hummer for the money. 100 blue and white enamel QQa dish pan, each JUU This is the 14-quart size, blue outside and white inside and would be cheap at double abore price. Another shipment of salt Cn fish, 2 for For rent a farm of 50acre, 7 miles southeast of Albany. Who wants itf Arbuckles package coffee, IDn per package Above price for Saturday only. Star and Horse Shoe to- Mfin bacco, per lb TWO See us for wall rwper,our spring stock is all here and the prioe is right. Window shaded, lace curtains, window glaas, rugs, etc. IrTEDElTS EG CASH STCHE PUBLIC SALE! I will at what is known as the Elmer Needels farm, 5 miles north of Albany and 1 mile south of Ellenorah, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, J915 noil the following property: HORSES 7 head, consisting of 1 sorrel mare 8 years old, ia foal by my Percheron horse, weighs 1400 pounds ; 1 black mare 7 years old, weighs H00 pounds; 2 bay mares 5 years old, both in foal by my Percheron horse, these mares are well matched and well broken, and weigh about 1300 pounds ; 1 gray road mare 9 years old ; 1 bay pony mare in foal by my road horse, these two mare9 are gentle for a woman or child ; 1 sorrel horse colt. COWS 8 head consisting of one 9 years old, two 8 years old, two 4 years old (one with calf by side), two 2 years old. These cows are bred to calve in spring. One 2-year old bull. SHEEP 12 head consisting of 11 ewes to lamb soon ; 1 ram. HOGS 17 head of vaccinated gilts, just been bred. I sold some gilts from this bunch that were taken into a lot with cholera. They stood the test. One vaccinated boai. These are all full-blood ed Durocs. FARMING IMPLEMENTS 2 low wagons, 1 corn planter, 1 lister and drill, 1 road plow, 1 disc cultivator, 1 Fast-Mail cultivator, 1 Star butterfly, 1 four-horse disc, 1 cement roller, 1 buggy, 1 road cart, 1 three-section smoothing harrow, 1 wheel-barrow, 2 sets harness, 1 lot of good seed corn, I hay, corn, hog and wood rack combined, 1 telephone, 1 garden plow, about 300 bushels of good corn in crib, some household and kitchen furnishings. Terms made known on day of sale. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. Lunch on ground. ROBERT L. GIBBANY Col. 15. P. Wilkinson, Auct. Chas. R. Whitton, Clerk. Notice of Sheriffs Sale. Xotlee Is heMir (riven tl.M by virtu of a lecree and ord-r of snie. made and entered of rerurd by the circuit Court of ijeutrj county. Missouri, at the regular January term thereof for the year 1 .",, In the case of C'hr1 Boebtier, plaintiff, airalnst Herw hv V. Buck, ley, John J. Buckley. Klliubetb V. Buckley. Edward K. Buckley and i lara D. Buckler. defendants, a certified copy of which decree and order of sale was to me delivered on the ii'ltli day of January. 1 by the clerk of said Circuit court, I will on Kmi.AV. the 1th bvr or Mam. n. U1". between the hours of nine o'clock In the lore-noon and Bve o'clock in theafternoon of said day. and during the March. I'jI.'j. term of said court, at the south door of the court house In the city of Albany. In said county and urate, sell at public veDdun to the highest bidder for cash, the following des rlbd real estate situated lu (ientry countv, Missouri. to-w-lt The east half of the northeast ,jar-ter and the north half of the northeast quar ter of the southeast quarter, aud on it , acre out of the southeaet corner of the southwest luarter of the northeast quarter, all in Sec tion Thirty (.'!"). Township Slit v-t wo J 1.,'inire I btrty-one (.11;, for the purpose of distribution the proceeds l(f u.-h aie among; the parties to said cause In accordance with the term id said decree and order of sale. Jo-CPU A. Hc. Sheriff of Gentry county. Missouri. Administrator's Notice. Notice Is hereby Riven, that letters of ad ministration on theevt&te of Jonas S. Wilson, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on tbe 11th day of January A I'.l'.15. by the Probate Court of tientry county, Missouri. All persons having claims ajralnst said estate are required to exhibit them for allow. ance to tbe Administrator within sli months after the date of said letters, or tbey may be precluded trom any benefit of said estate; and If such claims bejnot eihlblted within one year trom the date ofthis publication, they hall be forever barred. This 14th day ot January A. I. l'.'lO. Adv ArihIWilsov Administrator. If yon fall to receive roar Capita aar week, drop us a card, or phone la and a copy of tbe taaua missed will be sailed to yon. Children Cry The Kind You Have Always Booght, and which ha bwt. la use for over SO years, ha borne the inattire u and has bo?n ni.wio under hi. pcr-ff V7V-? , sonal supt'rvUion since Its infam y. WtaOV; Allow no one to dH -i ve you In th L. All Counterfeit., Imitations and '.Tut-u.s-;tNd " are but Experuucnts that tritie with and eudan-.-r tho health of Infanta and Children Experience against xlxperiiueiat. What is CASTORIA Cartoria is a harmless snbstitnte for Castor Oil. Par-poric, lrops and SKthinsr Srnjs. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Xur-wtto substance. It ajre is its guarantee. It destroys M orru and allays Feerishness. For more than thirty years it haa been In constant use ftr the relief ot constipation. Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Teethin? Troubles and l)iarrhaa. It regulates the Stomach and .Bowels, Msimllates the Food, frivinpr health t aud natural aleep. The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS y5 (Bears the The Kind Yon Dave Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years It Pays to r&troaize Hercl&ate wko Acif criis. CHARLES E. GIBBANY Attobney-at-Law Office; over Laiobart k Sons' hardware atce-Tetephone 252- Albany Mo. No Use to Try and wear out your cold it will wear you out instead. Thousands keep on suffering Coughs and Colds through neglect and delay. Why make yourself an ez?r prey tJ serious ailments ar.d epidemics as the result of a negieoted Cold Cxujjrhj r.r,d Colds sap your strength and vitality unless checked in the early .-'aires. Dr. Kind's New Discovery u what you need the first dose helps. Your head clears up, you breatha freely and you feel so much better. Buy a 50c bottle to-day and start tak-ir.p at once. Mrs. David Moore, Saginaw, Ala., writes: ''My husband had a Coutrh for fifteen years and tried a number of other remedies without success, a sample bottle of Dr. King-'s New Discovery" pave relief, and after taking several bottles was sound and well." Excellent for Children's Cauiftis. They like Dr.'s New Discovery, it's so pleasant. Trial bottle mailed jr. receipt of 4c in stamps. For a laxative use Dr. Rial's Ne Life Pills. Mild, don't gripe. H. E. BUCKLES' 4 CO. 63t North Broad Street, Philadelphia. P. for Fletcher's Signature of

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