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The Valley Falls Vindicator from Valley Falls, Kansas • Page 1

The Valley Falls Vindicator from Valley Falls, Kansas • Page 1

Valley Falls, Kansas
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ITS Vindicator B.UB JJY FALLS, JEFFERSON COUNTY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 1924 VOLUME XLl NUMBER 5 file Far I I I I 1 1 I I I I HI The School Question As noted In these columns last Star Grocery Married Bltimberg-Moore Chas. B. Moore of Atchison and Miss Ella Blumberg of Dcnison were quietly married Tuesday afternoon, January 16, 1924, by Kev. Chas. H.

Kimball at his home. They are at homo at 1108 Atchison street, Atchisi.n, with the bust wishes of many friends. St mine Mulndy In Leavenworth What About 1924 and Your Banking Groceries 'Quality week the matter of a new school house was brought up at the last Parent-Teachers meetliiK and petitions asking an election he called for the purpose of voting $107,000 to erect and furnish a new high school building were placed In circulation and some signatures were secured. It is conceded by all that Valley Falls pupils are entitled to better ac commodations but just what Is best to do under all the circumstances is open to honest difference of opinion. If we could form the proposed con solidated district with a valuation of Leavenworth has been hit by a strange malaily, which has been gathering new victims at a rapid rate within the la few days.

The unusual sickness developed Into epidemic proportion almost from the outset nnd few families In Leavenworth or Fort Leavenworth, where hundreds of cases leen reported, have escaped. Abstaining as much ns possible from food, iartlcularly the "slug- more than five million dollars the problem would be simple and all school children of whatever age The Community Bank has added many customers to its list in 1923, the business making an increase of twenty-five per cent over a year ago. And many have expressed a good opinion of the banks service nnd policy. The service of this bank is based on a long term experience in the business a strong foundation of local stockholders good equipment in every department, and an ambition to make this bank a useful and necessary part of this community. We invite your consideration.

Come in and talk business with us. would have an opportunity to enjoy the best possible facilities at a very reasonable cost; but at present It ap pears a majority of those In the svir- gtsir kind, and a dose or calomel is rounding districts prefer the old plan, the best treutment, physicians agree and that is their privilege with which generally. district No. 16 has no complaint; an-1 Instead of the city water It In other suggestion Is to make an addl- thought to be caused by air borne tlon to the present High School build-. bacteria.

Inp atnitlar to that marie hv the Os- We have a few sacks of Ever-Lay-Mash we will close out at $2.80 per hundred lbs, while they last. One lot of good brooms at 65c, worth at least 85c Some Real 25c Bargain Let's see if you will buy real bargains 2 lbs. Large Pruns 2j 2 lbs. Seedless Raisins 4 lbs. Fancy Blue Rose Rice 3 lbs.

Michigan Hand Picked Beans 3 Boxes Macaroni Spaghetti 3 cans good corn 1 can Corn, 1 can Tomatoes, 1 can Red Kidney Beans .2 3 10c Pkgs. Oats 3 cans Pumpkin 4 Rolls Toilet Paper 2 15c cans Spanish Tomato sauce 2 15c cans Macaronia Spaghetti Sauce 2.) 1 Pint Pure Maple and Rock Candy Syrup .25 1 lb. Good Assorted chocolates -2 3 10c cakes fine toilet soaps 2. 1 Jar 1 lb. 107 Pure Fruit Preserves 2j 1 1-lb.

can Snowdrift 25 kaloosa district to their original build Topok Evidently Ihie Not tare for the Kurnl Trado lng which would give an auditorium gymnasium and several extra rooms The Topeka merchants evidently do not care for the trade of the rural and would likely answer all purposes TH FIRST NATIONAL HANK. Valley Kail The Community Bank communities At least it would ap pear so or they certainly would not stand for the freak "parking law" they have put Into effect there. Un der the new traffic ordinance the parking of automobiles along Kansas avenue within the main trading of the present district for a number of years. I It is certain Valley Falls, which for so many years stood at the very top of the schoolB of this county, and this part of the state for that matter, cannot afford for a few dollars to drop to the bottom, and we are satisfied the patrons of the district do not Intend such a condition to exist they have always gone the limit when the welfare of the schools was concerned. I How many people know that this district collects in general tax blocks has been limited to 15 min utes.

JubI how they expect the farm Commercial Club Notice er to come to town and do any trading within a 15 minute time limit Is beyond comprehension. Of course the farmers could park four or five Election of officers of the Valley ills Commercial club will be held blocks from their trading point. Hut next Monday evening, January 20th. who wants to drive to Topeka, park Star Grocery Phone 26 All members are urged to be In at his car In the suburbs and walk a Basket Mall Here last Friday night Ozawklo defeated Valley Falls in the double header games in the following scores: Oawkle Hoys 35, Valley Falls 16; Ozawkle (ilrls 33. Valley Falls, 25.

As we understand it Valley played better, than expected. McLouth team plnys at Valley Falls this Friday night. tendance. $17,000, Harnes High School tax $5400, miscellaneous a couple of thousand dollars or so; and pays out In teachers wages $19,234.94 and general expenses more than $4500. The Valley Falls school questien rill also he taken up and discussed.

Remember the date and be half dozen blocks to the stores. Such restrictions might be all right In a city but Topeka has no need of such rulings in fact we always constd- hand. How many know mat me assessed ered Topeka a "big country town" valuation Is $2,054,666 and that the and have liked it for that reason. It pays to read the Want Ads. llurrls to Stay In Valley Falls Twenty-Two Yew as Toll Chief dred dollars assessed valuation would cmge their be approximately three and one-half traffic ord nance If the, expect the cents for each thousand dollars ot to there.

If you don believe It ask bonds Issued to run twenty years. i Died Mrs. Mary E. Stuckert, wife of U. It was erroneously reported that Wednesday evening of last week Mrs.

Kenyon and son Earl, via mo- (or route, were at McLouth Friday business. On their return honie Mr. Will Clark accompanied them to visit her brother, Elmer Vandruff whose wife Is on the sick list. O. M.

Burrls, who sold his residence the home of Misses Amy and Kate Williams was the scene of a jolly formerly of Valley FaHs, died January 10, 1924, at the hone of her daughter, Mrs. Lena Hltchaer "LAZmTc al They'll tell you In mighty few words! at the meeting of the Commercial last week, expected to remove to Idaho. Mr. Harris says that Jefferson County, and Valley Falls espec party celebrating the twenty-second anniversary of Miss Kate Williams Obituary Hatter up Club next Monday night and after examining the. laws and getting approximate costs on various plans call a In Wichita, Kansas.

Death was due to heart disease. She was born la ially, Is good enough for him and service as Toll Chief operator at the that he will remain here. He expects LaVerne Freeland was born August telephone station at Valley Falls, the dozen members of the station force to either buy a smaller place or build a modern bungalow. "I and my wife are getting too old to keep up a large joint special meeting ot the School 13, 1904 three and one-half miles Board, Parent-Teachers association, north of Valley Falls. She spent her Commercial Club and all others i- childhood days In this community terested In the subject and there and attended the public school here.

joining In the festivities. Besides the merry exchange of con home, he said. Notice! versation they were entertained by Victrola music and radio music and make a decision as to what is Deal During her 13tn and 14th years she lUunblers. Club to be done and "go to It." attendod Bethany College in Topeka. lectures, from as far away as Havana Kentucky, August 20, 1866.

She Is survived by five daughters, two sons, twelve grandchildren aad one great grandchild; two sisters aad one brother at Dallas, Texas. She joined the Methodist church early In life. The body accompanied by two of her daughters, was brought to VaMey Falls, Saturday morning. The funeral services, conducted by Rev. O.

A. Marvel, were hold that day at the Coal Creek church, wlthlnter- ment hi cemetery nearby. Cuba. WUllam H. McCoy where she flnlshel her grade school work.

In the year of 1920 she went to The Ramblers Club met last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. U. Gilllspte. A two course luncheon was served and at rather a late hour all departed WUllam H. McCoy was born in make her home In Idaho and attend- The lesson Subject was "The Sa- winning Miss Kate many happy re Franklln county, Ohio, December 29, ed the high school at Hsndpolnt for turns of the anniversary.

hara Deaort Land," described by an 1850. He Fame to Kansas In the three years, Interesting set of pictures shown by While residing at Sandpoint she It pay to read tbe Want Ads. Mrs. J. K.

Tutt. the leader. met John H. Baxter to whom she was I The next regular meeting win oe married March 24, 1923. and left lm with Mrs.

Hlnchman, February 7. mediate! for Kansas to make her year 1874. On January IS, 1876 he was united In marriage to Rhoda A. Jackson and settled on a farm east of Valley Falls, which was their continuous home for 42 years. There they raised their family of six children to manhood and womanhood, namely: Clarence McCoy and "Mrs.

The annual banquet will be held at the home of Mrs. W. M. Duncan- future home at Hulfmound. She We wish to take this space to Inform our patrons that this tore will from now on be operated on a cash basis.

We believe that In this way only can. a small retail business be conducted with any profit to us, and are sure that by so doing we will be able to give better service and lower prices. We do not wish to offend any one nor to reflect on their financial Integrity, so PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR CREDIT. All outstanding accounths are due and payable at this time. It Is our dosire to conduct a first class business and wo hope that we may continue to enjoy your son, January 24.

A Complete Sui-prlxe Members of the W. A. S. club and I their families, to the number of twenty-five or thirty persons, gath-; ered at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Melvln Stafford of Valley Falls; Mrs. Ed Ellerman, Ralph atid Fred McCoy of Nortonvlllo and Carl McCoy, who died September 23. 1921. Besides the five living children, the survivors spent the remainder of her happy married life there and passed away January 14, 1924. LaVerne was always of a sunny disposition nnd loved by everyone and almost worshipped by her relatives.

LaVerne. one whom all loved, she, who always carried a smile for everyone, now must be taken from us. Everyone will miss her beautiful young life, a life so full of vigor and strength; one whose whole heart was filled with love for those about her and nature Itself, but may (lod wlio knoweth all things best, look Vernon Stafford last Wednesday evening and gave thein a real surprise. The evening was spent in Include their mother, sixteen grandchildren, three great grandchildren; also two sisters, Mrs. D.

W. Edwards Tailoring THAT SATISFIES Mr. Jos. IS. Adler, of Chicago Kalm will be at our store on Wednesday, January 23rd.

Mr. Adler is an expert at measuring for men's clothes. Come in and get our special proposition for that new spring suit, January 23rd. of Kansas City and Mr. E.

T. Beyers of Topeka: and one brother, J. A. playing games, conversation, etc. At the close of the evening's entertainment an oyster supper was served.

Mr. and Mrs. Stafford are moving McCoy of Emporia. He retired from farm life In the I down and comfort the relatives in from that neighborhood next week to the John Stafford farm east of Val year 1918 and arter a lingering 111 Tutt's Drug Store YaaW raita, law ley Falls. Read the Want Ads ness died at Nortonvlllo, nansas." tneir deep sorrow.

January 12. 1924, at the age of 73.iol know all shout It. how noll. nA I How R-rntlft sh whs, and how hrave, yeara ana 11 aays. Ittow brlllixnt her possible, future.

Funeral services were hold Monday: yt pul hr to alfop in her grnvm. at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ed Uod knew all about those who loved Ellerman, Rev T. B. Adol of Topeka! uln muml officiating The reading of the 23rd 1 And right through It hII he loving.

Psalm anil nnrtlnn of John 14. a And knows so tnui belter than wn. imiiiiiiiiimiimiiinMiiiimiiiiiMiiiiMiin hHuf talk tmirhlnz on the life of the 8,1 ln lhm we're truntlne Drier talk toucning on me me or me WH wu Special for one day only Saturday, January 19th 11 lbs. Sugar for $1 Limit of $1 worth to a customer A BAlnMtlnna lod took from her young brow, earth Inurela, And rroarned her with death's Irnmcir UCeiM'M, anu IWVF ij male quartet, composed the service) at the home.

The large concourse of neighbors and friends spoke but faintly the high esteem In which Mr. McCoy and the family are held. The, pall bearers consisted of three Ralph, Fred, and Clarence two sons-in-law, Ed Ellerman and; She leaves a husband, father, mother, grandfather and grandmother, aunts, uncles and many other relatives and a host of friends both In Kansas and Idaho to mourn her loss. I'lio funeral services, conducted by Melvln Stafford; and a grandson, i chas. H.

Kimball, were held Barney McCoy. The body was laid frnlI1 the christian church Wednes to rest In the Nortonvlllo cemetery. duv Mr. McCoy was a quiet, unassum-, The consoling hymns were sung by lng man, yet his life was a monument Wrgi ,0 Hauck, Mr. and Mrs.

Mli- Specials for 1 week beginning Friday S0c can of Scudders Maple Syrup 70c can of Scudders Maple Syrup 6.rc can of Scudders Maple Syrup $1.25 5 pound sack of Larrowes l'uckwheat flour 10 pound sack of l.urrowes liuckwheat flour 70c ONE POUND COFFEE FREE Nave McCord Mercan-tile of St. Joseph, if of the example of right. He was a ton schlndler and Mr. tiny McFar man of stroirg convictions, a fine lann Miss Mary Marsh, pianist. neighbor and a kind and Indulgent: The Interment was in ltose Hill ceinetorj Card of Thank Wo wish to sincerely thank our friends and neighbors for their sym puthy and kindness shown us at the Like A New Suit That will be your first thought when you time of the death of our dear young wife and daughter, the aurgeoni: for husband and father.

There was a dally beauty about his life which won the hearts of all who knew him. In temperament he was mild, conciliatory, and candid; and yet remarkable for his uncompromising firmness. He gained the confidence of his fellow-men when he seemed least to seek it. Well may his children and companion cherish his memory as a precious legacy. We fain would offer a word of comfort to the sorrowing ones, but we can only point them to the promise, "At eventide It shall be light." tlielr masterful efforts to save preclou life, and all for the beautiful again permits us to give you the following on Acropolis Coffee: 8 lbs.

of Acropolis Coffee regular price $1.50 One Tound Free This is regular f0c coffee and if you like good coffee buy this special. inspect your Suit after we have Cleaned I flowers. John H. Baxter J. J.

Freeland Mrs. C. E. Blllups D. S.

Cary and family and Pressed it. The officers of Valley Falls Temple Thn A. E. Club mbt with Miss were in- Quelle Anderson and Miss Huby I'er No. 118, I'ythlan Sisters, stalled the 10th with Cornelia i.H, Wednesday evening.

The next meeting of the club will on January 21, with Miss Leona Hauck and Mrs. O. 1'. Stark at the Hauck Our thorough method of cleaning removes all inground dirt from the fabric, and our careful hand pressing imparts a freshly tailored appearance. Cagle Cagle home.

Barker, D. O. C. In charge of the beautiful ceremonies as follows: Flossie Barker, Most Excellent Chief; Bessie McCoy, Senior; Mable Marsh, Junior; Edna Hauck, Mistress of Itecords and Correspondence; Marian Shaffer. Mistress of Finance; Alice Sen rich.

Manaeer: Cornelia Barker. REMNANT SALE SATURDAY Short length of silk, canton crepes, wool goods, kimono crepe, pillow tubing, heeling, muslin, gingham, percale, curtuln goods, etc, at exceptionally low prices. HAUCK'S BIG STORE His wife planned and carried nu a surprise on her husband, Boy Mc Leod. Wednesday evening, that beln his 29th birthday, when sixteen TAILOIW AND CI.KANHIW 1 1 Protector; Edith Braden, Guard; Elizabeth Shaffer, I'ast Chief. He-T freshments of hot coffee and lun- their fr'ends and themselves pleas autly spent the evening at cards snd ll 1 1 I I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I II 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 1 I cheon were served.

a refreshing oyster supper..

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