The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on March 9, 1941 · Page 35
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 35

Shreveport, Louisiana
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Sunday, March 9, 1941
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THE SHREVFPORT TIMES, SHREVEPORT. LA. SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 14r TWENTY-SEVEN STATE TEAMS LOSE IN S.I. A. A. Haney, St. Louis Manager, Picks Yankees, Indians Teams to Beat for American League Rag HILLTOPPERS ' DROP DEMONS IN FAST GAME OFFICIAL SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION SCHEDULE FOR 1941 RACE ML BE TIGHTER SAYS BROWNS' PILOT YOUR MORX1NB NEWSPAPER TOURNEYi S. L. I. Bulldogs Trounced by Murray State Teachers WESTERN STATE WINS TITLE Bowling Green, Ky.. March 8 W5), The Western State Teacher , squared accounts with the Murray Thoroughbreds here tonight nd chalked up their fifth Straight Southern Intercollegiate Athletic association champion-I ship. f Lagging 2fi-23 at halftlme, the Westtrners roared past the Mur-rajmen in the last act to scose 45-41 victory. Bowling Green, Ky., March 8 (p). The Western HUltoppers shot their way to another crack at Murray State Teachers by burying Louisiana Normal, 67 to 48, this afternoon In the semifinals cf the S.I. A. A. tournament after Murray broke Into the playoff by trouncing Southwestern Louisiana, 52 to 33, In another semifinal engagement. Murray snapped Western's nine-year grasp on the Kentucky state championship tourney at Richmond recently by upsetting the 'Toppers In the semifinal round. After trailing early in the game. Murray's thoroughbreds found the win a 52 to 33 decision from the Southwestern Louisiana Bulldogs and gain a place in the finals of the B.I A. A. tournament. The Bulldogs started out gamely and led by 12 to 7 but trailed, 29-18, it the half. Murray completely dominated sec-end half play. Bob Salmons, Murray center, led L foring for the winners " with 19 points while Carl Hurst, Bulldog center, had 13 points. Carl Steffin hit tlx straight free throws for the winners to run his tournament record to lfl of 17 tries. Murray. Ky. Southwestern La. Goals I Goals Field Kouli Field Foul fulP t 3 fiteffin.f 2 Salmons, e 8 HainM.g 0 MfKell.s 3 Grimmer, f 2 Vinrrnit.a I) Kirk'tnck.f 0 OlLabauve.t 2 0 6, Meed, f 3 1 3;Hurst.o 1 0 Young. 2 0 3Breen.e 1 1 2jHanchey,e 0 0 l 0 Ltttle.t 1 "I I Tolal 521 Total '33 Score at half Murray 29; Southwestern Louisiana 18. Free throws mi&seri Salmons. Haines. McKeel, Grimmer, Labauve 3, Hurst . Deed. Officials Bowser Chest. Nashville, Tenn.j Chin Johnson, Old Hickory, Tenn. Western ' Kentucky I Louisiana Normal Goals i Goals Field Foul! Field Foul Shelton.f lirummlnKS.I Fulki.f 4 Towery.r. 2 H.Ownin (r 4 A. Owning. k 1 AleCiufley.f 4 Day, I 5 P. Owning, f 1 6ydnor. 7 OIThomas.f OlBriley.c 2i Boswell.R 0Starne,a 3 Untiona.f HMcElroy.g i: Total 7 Total ( Score at half Western Kentucky 30; Louisiana Normal 1,1. Free throws missed Towery 2. H. fownina. McGuffey, Cummtngs 3, Bnley 4. Starnes 6. Rolzong. Official Johnson and Cheat. 150-POUND GRID LOOP FOR COLLEGE TEAMS, PLANNED By MORTIMER KREEGER New Orleans, March 8 (f). Jack Millan, associate sports editor of the Tulane Hullabaloo, is pioneering a movement to start a 150-pound football league In Louisiana colleges and universities and sports editors of the local dailies are vehemently behind his plan. Citing success of 150-pound football In eastern schools, Millan has enlisted support in letters to the authorities of Louisiana State, Centenary, Normal, 8. L. I, Southeastern. Louisiana college, Louisiana Tech, Loyola and Northeast Junior college. "Here Is a way ALL the schools can give the vast majority of their students the same opportunities heretofore given those who weigh from 175 to 250 pounds," says Sports .Editor Fred Dlgby of the New Orleans Item. "The majority of students in Louisiana are being shunted aside and deprived of the opportunity to participate in football, the greatest of college games and the best of all character builders in the oft-repeated pinions of educators and coaches." EI Paso Wins Texas Prep CI 1 T . 1 ..II t : . I Austin, Texas, March 8 (U.R) El Paso high school with practically the same team that reached the finals In the state Interscholastic league basketball tournament last year, beat hard-luck Abilene tonight to win the schoolboy high school crown. The score was 27 to 10. Macon in the South Atlantic league Till operate as a farm for the Chicago Cubs this season. The Cubs, however, do not own the club. Honest, Capable Men Wanted To Sell Used Cars Only Men Now Employed Need Apply Salary and Commission PETERSON MOTORS, INC. CHRVSLER -PLYMOUTH DISTRIBUTOR Phone 2-5741 New Car Dept. 301 Spring St. Bunday7 AT ATLANTA AT BIRMINGHAM AT CHATTANOOGA AT KNOXVILLE AT LITTLE ROCK AT MEMPHIS AT NASHVILLE AT NEW ORLEANS - May 18, 18z, 10, 20, 21 Apr. 21, 22, 23 Apr. 18, 19x, 20, 20z May 4. 4z. 6, 7 May 8. 0, lOx Apr. IS, 10, 17 May 22. 23 ATLANTA Ke&U July 9, 10, 11 June 8, 8z, 10. 11 June 5, 6. 7x June 24, 25. 28 June 27, 28x, 29, 29z June 1, lz, 3. 4 July 13, 13z, 14, 15, 16 Sept. 5, 6x, 7z . Aug. 3, 3z, S, 6 July 27, 27s, 20, 30 Aug. 15, 18x, 17, 17z Aug. 18, 19, 20, 21 July 23, 24, 25, 26x Sept. 1, 1, 3, 4 May 11, llz. 12, 14 m May. 15, 18. 17x May 4. 4z. 6. 7 Apr. 15, 16. 17 Apr. 18, 19x. 20, 20b May 8. 9, lOx May 25, 25z. 28, 27, 28 BIRMINGHAM June 30, July 1. 2 1 he July 4. 4, 5x, 6, 8z June 24,. 25. 26 June 5, 6, 6, 7x June 8. 8z. 10, 11 June 27, 28x, 29, 29z July 17, 18 Aug. 29, 30x. 31, 31z Aug. 25, 26, 27 Aug. 8, 9x, 10, lOz July 27, 27z, 29, 30 Jul y31 Aug. 1, 2x Aug. 18, 19, 20, 20 Aug. 22, 23x, 24, 24z May 25. 25. 26, 27, 28 May 22, 23. 24x Apr. 15. 16, 17 , May 8. 8, 9 May 4. 4z. 5. 6, 7 Apr. 18, 19x. 20, 20z May 18. 18z, 19, 20, 21 CHATTANOOGA July 18, 19x Julv 13, 13z, 14, 15 bhreVCDOrt June 12, 13, 14x, 15. 15z June 27, 28x. 29. 29z June 24, 25, 26 June 5. 6. 7x July 9. 10, 11 Aug 22, 23x. 24, 24z Sept. 1, 1, 3, 4 r July 31 Aug. 1, 2x Aug. 18, 19. 19, 20 Aug. 15, 17, 17z July 27, 27z, 29, 30 Sept. 5, 7, 7z Apr. 10, 12x, 13z Apr. 28, 29. 30 Apr. 24, 25. 26x. 27, 27z . May 18, 18z. 20. 21 May 22. 23. 24X Apr. 21. 22. 23 May 1. 2. 2 KNOXVILLE May 29, 30, 30. 3!x June 18, 17, 18. 19 June 1, lz, 3, 4 T ltTieS Ju,y 9 10 Ul 12x Ju'y 13. 13z 15 lfl June 8 8z' 10- 11 June 20, 21x. 22, 22z July 20, 20z, 21, 22 Aug. 15, 16x,' 17, 17z July 24, 25 Sept. 6, 7, 7z Sept. 1, 1, 3, 4 Aug. 3, 3z, 5, 6 Aug. 11, 12, 13, 14 Apr. 28. 29, 30 Apr. 24, 25, 27, 27 May 1, 2. 3x May 11, llz, 13, 14 . May 25z, 26, 27, 28 May 15, 16, 17x Apr. 10, 12x, 13z LITTLE ROCK June 16. 17, 18, 19 May 29, 30, 30 June 20, 21x, 22, 22z July 1, 2, 3 for Ju'T l'. 18, 19x July 4, 4, 6, 6z June 8, 8z 9, 10 U Aug, 8, 9x, 10, lOz July 20, 20z, 21, 22 Aug. 11, 12, 13, 14 Aug. 29, 30x, 31, 31z Aug, 22, 23x, 24, 24z Aug. 25, 26, 27, 28 July 23, 24, 25 May 1. 2x Apr. 10, 11, 13z Apr. 28, 29. 30 May 15, 16, 17x Apr. 21. 22, 23 Ma yll, llz, 13, 14 Apr. 24, 25, 27, 27z MEMPHIS June 20, 21x, 22, 22z June 1. lz, 3. 4 June 16, 17. 18, 19 July 4. 4, 6x, 6, 6z June 12, 13, 15, 15z AH July 1, 2, 3 May 29, 30, 30 Aug. 11, 12, 13, 14 July 23, 24, 25, 26x Aug. 7, 8, 10, lOz Aug. 26, 27, 28 Aug. 3, 3z, 5. 6 Aug. 29, 30x, 31, 31z July 20, 20z, 21, 22 Apr. 24, 25, 26x, 27. 27z May 1, 2, 3x Apr. 10, 12x, 13, 13z May 25, 25z, 27, 28 May 22, 23, 23 May 18. 18z, 20, 21 r Apr. 28. 29, 30 NASHVILLE June 13, 14x, 15, 15z June 20, 21x. 22. 22z May 29, 30, 30, 31x July 17, 18, 19x July 13, 13z, 14, 15 July 9, 10, 11, 12x dDOrtS June 16, 17, 18 19 Aug. 1, 2x Aug. 11, 12, 13, 14 July 20, 20z, 22 Aug. 22, 23x, 24, 24z Sept. 1, 1, 3, 4 8ept. 5, 7, 7z Aug. 8, 9x, 10, 10z May 15, 16, 17x Apr. 21. 22, 23 May 11, llz, 13, 14 May 8. 9, lOx Apr. 18, 19x, 20, 20z Apr. 15, 16, 17 May 4. 4z, 6. 7 NEW ORLEANS July 4. 4. 5x, 6, 6z June 12, 13. 15. 15z July 1. 2, 3 June 27, 28x, 29, 29z June 1, lz, 3, 4 June 5. 6, 7 x June 23, 24, 25, 26 NeWft Aug. 25, 26, 27 Aug. 3z, 4, 5, 6 Aug. 29, 30x, 31, 31z Aug. 18, 19, 20, 21 July 31 Aug. 1, 1 July 27, 27z, 28, 29, 30 Aug. 15, 16x, 17z Track Talent in Southwest Not So Bright Big Name Performers of Past Seasons Are Lacking By RICHARD M. MOREHEAO t'nited Press Staff Correspondent Austin, Texas, March 8 (U.R). Some of its better-known track stars are gone, but the Southwest conference will present several well-rounded teams this spring. Fred Wolcott of Rice and Boyce Gatewood of Texas made the head lines for three seasons with their timber topping, and Wolcott' won all the honors. Both no longer are eligible for Intercollegiate competl tion. Despite Wolcott's prowess. Rice lost the conference championship to Texas last year and the Longhorns are likely to retain their supremacy this spring. Coach Clyde Littlefield of Texas thinks that the 1941 season will bring keener competition than most of of its predecessors, and that the meets may be decided on second and third-place points. 1 Texas Strong in Sprints Texas, for Instance, is strong In the sprints. It has Lonnle Hill, Fred Ramsdell, and Carlton Terry In the 9.6 class for the 100-yard dash and all are relatively proficient in the 220. Mac Umstattd, a sophomore, looks like a record-breaker In the half-mile; and Dave Small may re place Beefus Bryan of Texas as king of the Southwest pole vaulters. Jack Hughes holds every Southern discus record and last year missed the national mark by only a few Inches. Despite these assets, Texas probably will be weaker as a squad than in 1940. The hurdles, long races, and shotput are gaps that need to be filled. Rice has considerable rebuilding to do, but has a nucleus for a good team In Joe Blagg, sprinter, and Jim Deal, a weight man. Southern Methodist's track fortunes have been rising, and the trend is expected to continue this year. The Mustangs are good In the short races and in the mile and two-mile, where Fletcher Gibson holds forth. Texas Aggies Have Smith The Texas Aggies have been at low ebb for several years, but report a good corps of sophomores, fair hurdlers, and Earl (Alabama) Smith to carry their colors in the springs. Smith is a football player, whose fleetness has been the deciding factor In several A. & M. games during the last two years. ' Baylor's track team will be built around Dub Walters, the conference's outstanding high Jumper, and Jack Wilson, the all-around athlete who is among the better shot putters. Texas Christian's team has no first-place winners in sight, and Arkansas probably will depend upon Its distance runners to win points at the conference meeting. The four major Southwest tournaments are as follows: March 7, Border Olympics at Laredo, Texas, March 15, Fat Stock Show meet at Fort Worth, Texas. April 5, Texas Relays at Austin, Texas. May 9 and 10, Southwest conference meet at Austin, Texas. No one in the last 30 years has been able to beat the baseball throw record made by Sheldon Lejcune. At Cincinnati, Oct. 12, 1910, he threw the horsehlde 426 feet, 9'2 Inches, Used Car Dept. Market and Caddo I Sports Roundup Braddock to Come Back! "The Horse" Chasing Flies Layden to Be Air Guest A Bit of a Cage Mixup By EDDIE BRIETZ New York, March 8 (The Special News Service). Joe Louis versus Abe Simon t $5 tops will be the cheap est heavyweight champion bout on record. . .Everybody was glad to hear Ernie Lombardl signed up, but what we want to know is who won the salary war?... Ed Bales' scoop In the Chattanooga News-Free Press that good old Jim Braddock will try an other comeback Is confirmed by Jim's manager, Joe Gould, who should know a whole lot better... Jim will warm up with a southern exhibition tour with Red Burman (We wondered what had become of Red). . Edwin Elliott Carnett. the stocky south paw, who was blown to the Bees by the draft, owns a coal mine In Okla homa. Oo easy boys. The Chicago U. student paper which is demanding a probe of unethical athletic activities In the Rig Ten shouldn't Insist ton much... The investigators might find good old Chicago Is guilty of unathaletical activities. NOBODY CARED Washington newspaper shops re port a quiet night with nobody call lng to ask who won the Conn-Hassett fight. (Did you say fight, Butch?) ...Chasing one fly ball gave Harry (the horse) Dannlng two corking bunions in his outfield debut. A rush call was sent to Tropical park for a veterinarian. . .Anything can happen. Here's Joe Louis, who has done as much as anybody to take the waltz out of boxing, training for Abe Simon in a Detroit hall called Dance Paradise". . .The Dodgers are seeing themselves as others see them by viewing pictures of games at Ebbets field during the closing weeks of last season... First time he saw his name In lights over the Garden, Lou Ambers rode around the Joint four times in a cab to view the spectacle. TODAY'S GUEST STAR Tim Cohane, N. Y. World-Telegram: "Manager Pecking-paugh says It's all right for the Indians to take a high ball after the game... It's also wise procedure when the count's three and two. "But If the C'hisox should get frisky On a little beer nr whisky. Those poor tykes of Jimmy Dykes Will get the works from Mrs. Cnmlskey." PEOPLE YOU KNOW Elmer Layden, who did ail right on "Information Please" last night, will guest star on Bill Stern's "Sports Newsreel of the Air" tomorrow night ..The Satevepost is coming up with a story on golfer Clayton Heafner, authorized by our old running mate, Jake Wade of the Charlotte Observer , His thousands of readers and friends don't want to forget that Uncle Cy Sherman of the Lincoln (Neb.) Star will celebrate his 70th birthday and his 54th anniversary In the newspaper game next Mon day... Let's fire a lot of wires at him... Benny Leonard's newest eatery has folded and Coach Bill Alexander of Georgia Tech has become a grand-pop. HEADS UP BASKETBALL In a city league basketball game at Dallas the other night one team started the game with four guys, and the bull wasn't discovered for three minutes. . Later the same team was penalized for having six players on the floor... Nice going, boys. SHOWMAN JOE The Chattanooga Lookouts are going to train on an island off Day-tona Beach, and one Southern association wag says owner Joe Engel probably will insist on the boys swimming to and from practice. COLLEGE BASKETBALL Drake 59, Tulsa 58. Notre Dame 44, Marquette 39. Cornell 37, Princeton 31. North Dakota Stat 40, North Dakota university 30. E.I.L. BASKETBALL Columbia 48, Pannsylvanla 34. 32 QUINTETS, REPRESENTING NINETEEN STATES, ARE READY FOR NATIONAL A. A, U. PLAY Five-Day Tourney in Kansas City Opens Monday; Louisiana State Normal Demons Draw Warrens-burg, Mo., as First Opponent Tuesday Night By CARL LUNDQUIST (United Press Staff Correspondent.) Kansas City, Mo., March 8 (U.R) Basketball players came from all directions today for the national Intercollegiate tournament, all bent on breaking up the four-year championship monopoly of Missouri and Kansas teams. The 32 teams entered for the week-long meet, which begins Monday, represent 19 states. Never before has the bracket contained teams from such a wide expanse of territory, Bemidjl, Minn., college, the northernmost school In the United States, sends an entry from near the Canadian border. Texas Mines of El Paso, : 'representing the extreme Southwest, JORDAN BOWLING ALLEYS The Jordan Fl.verettes will bowl a special return match against the 9()th School Squad tpnlglit at 8. The Jordan Fivers will howl a special match against the Red River Motor team at 3:30 Sunday afternoon. The Business Men's league will get -off to a start tonight at 8 with four teams competing oter a 15 week schedule. The feature match tonight will he Holsum Bakery versus the Glen wood Theatre. The Girls' Junior League will play their postponed games from last Saturday at 3 Monday afternoon. OUACHITA GIRLS DEFEAT MANY TO WIN STATE TITLE Baton Rouge, La., March 8 () St. Aloysius high of New Orleans tonight won the Class A boys di vision of the state high school rally basketball championship, conquering Istrouma of East Baton Rouge parish 37 to 16. St. Aloysius had defeated Lyon high of Covington, Jena and Ouachita in advancing to the finals. Ouachita high of Monroe won the Class A girls division title, ousting Many, 36 to 16. Zachary won the Class B boys crown by defeating French Settlement, 47 to 29, while Grayson captured the Class B girls division championship with a 31 to 15 victory over Pine. Three New World Marks Set On Indoor Track Npw York, March 8 (JP). Th'ee world records were smashed and one tied, Greg Rice won his 16th succes sive distance race over two seasons, and big John Norlcan scored a tre mendously Impressive double at 600 and 1,000 yards tonight as 15,000 fans saw the wlndup of Madison Square Garden's Indoor track program in the annual Knights of Cb- lumbus games, Al Blozis in the shot put, Earle Meadows in the pole vault and Bori- can in the shorter of his two triumphs contributed the world records. Fred Wolcott, the blond hurdler, equalled another. Y. M. C. A. TABLE TENNIS Jules Rind, a newcomer, and George Montet. city ping pong champion, turned in the best performances in the "Y" Table Tennis association's weekly league matches played Friday night in the Y.M.C.A. game room. Montet won 12 and lost 1, while Rind captured 11 games and dropped 1. Standing of all contestants fol lows : Plnypr Won Lnt Pot. J Kin.) 11 1 .817 i. .MimtPt 97 IS ,7'ia Thnmas 84 22 .73. M. Turker 34 ill . 7 "J 4 H. .We 2t 1" ."i7 H. ii.nnoit us :; r, .str,c!thr 17 ni W W'inklnr 111 ,7J II. t'Hrnnl(r I'l 17 5.V. .1. Nichi.lsnn 4 1 ".( r.7 S. U'inklrr 14 M b: V Hiinpv 12 14 4S.' M. l.timUm I'll -J!) ,4S B. Hum 14 :i .4110 K. KWM"T ::? 71 a 4 J H. C,nston T 4 4 7 , 33 K. PH'loe 4 .r,:; M. tlHvin' 54 "5 .3U' S. Nil hnUnn 10 13 .,1"3 M. l.mirnn 3 7 .Sun M. Hmnr :5 M .2M Mri. D. Irwinf i 22 .130 is Just a loud holler from Mexico. Baltimore university, a big-time winner, comes from the Atlantic coast and San Diego and Santa Barbara State hall from the Far West. Oregon College of Education from Monmouth is the pride of the Pacific Northwest and boys from Louisiana Normal of Natchitoches will try to give the affair a "southern accent." Every team has a championship record In Its own ballwlrk. Some tied for titles and some had to win district and regional playoffs, but only the best were given certification for the "sudden death" eleinination series, which provides nothing hut a long ride back home for every loser. Among the favorites are San Diego State, runner-up team for two successive years; Baltimore university which humbled some of the most powerful teams In the East; West Texas State of Canyon, the "tallest team In the world" with a starting lineup height average of 6 feet, 5'j Inches; Kentucky State of Murray which went to the semi-finals two years ago; Pittsburg, Kans., Teachers winners In the strong Central conference of Kansas; Warrenburg, Mo. Teachers, champions In 1937 and 1938 and winners of the Missouri intercollegiate title; ' Superior, Wis, Teachers and Stephen F. Austin of Nacogdoches, Texas. These eight teams were seeded into first round positions In the brackets so that none will meet each other until they have proven themselves against less heralded opposition. Emil S. Llston, director of the tournament and himself coach of an entry, the Baker university quintet of Baldwin, Kans., warned that there were "no favorites." PAIRINGS Kansas City, Mo., March 8 U'.P) First round pairings and game times for the national intercollegiate bas ketball tournament: Monday, March 10 (All Times 1ST) 12:15 p.m. Alma college, Alma, Mich., vs. Panhandle A. and M Good- ell, Okla. 1 :30 p.m. Culver-Stockton, Can ton, Mo., vs. Texas Mines, El Paso, 2:45 p.m.-Delta State, Cleveland, Miss., vs. Sioux Falls college, Sioux Falls. S. D. 4:00 p.m. Texas Wesleyan. Fort Worth, vs. Evansville college, Evans- Ule, Ind. 6:15 p.m. Baker university, Baldwin, Kans., vs. North Carolina State, Boone, N, C. 7:30 p.m. Tarklo college, Tarklo, Mo., vs. St, Mary's, Winona, Minn. 9:00 p.m. Maryville, Mo., Teachers . Dakota Wesley, Mitchell, S. D. 10:15 p.m. West Texas State, Can yon, Texas, vs. Dubuque university. Dubuque, Iowa. Tuesday, March 11 12:30 p.m. Wisconsin Teachers, Superior, vs. Morningslde, Sioux City, Iowa. 1 :45 p.m. Simpson college, Indl- anola, Iowa, vs. Stephen F. Austin, Nacogdoches, Texas. 3 :00 p.m. Santa Barbara State, Santa Barbara, Calif., vs. Nebraska Teachers, Wayne, Neb. 4:15 p.m. Minnesota Teachers, BemldJI, vs. Pittsburg, Kans., Teach ers. 6:30 p.m. Murray. Ky., State vs. Oregon College of Education, Monmouth. 7:45 p.m. Baltimore university vs Omaha university. 9:00 a.m. Warrensburg. Mo.. Teachers vs. Louisiana Normal, Natchitoches. 10:15 pm. San Diego State vs. Montana State Normal, Dillon. Al Kawal, former Northeastern star and for the last few years an assistant coach at Boston university, has been signed as Una eoach at Michigan State. Baseball Banter Dodgers No Attraction? Those Hitless Hurlers Giebell Banquet Speaker Werber Was Tricked By JUDSOX BAILEY New York, March 8 (pj. The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Cuba for training this year with the expecta tion of drawing 5,000 to 10,000 fans for every exhibition game, but Friday had only 1,926 "fanatlcos" for their so-called preview of the 1941 world series with Cleveland ... while at St. Petersburg, Fla., the Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals drew 5,119 admissions and stopped se.lling tickets when the grandstand was filled . . . Wonder If the folks at Havana re- member that this time last year the Yankee-Cardinal contests were being called the 194" series preview? If Lefty Gomez makes a comebacjc this year, give credit to a diet of lemon Juice and waffles . . . Last year Emerson Dlckman and Dennis Galehouse, both pitching then for the Boston Red Sox, had a side bet on the number of hits each would get . . . Dlckman got four, Gale house three ... As every fan knows all baseball stars have their indl vidual style bats, appropriately auto graphed . . . But here's a laugh: Ben Chapman uses a Cecil Travis model and Travis now Is using a Ben Chapman model . . . Floyd Giebell, the West Virginia farm boy who pitched the pennant-clincher for the Detroit Tigers against Cleveland last auutmn paid the penalty for success this winter ... He spoke at 13 ban quets, averaged ten fan letters a day since the season closed and had at least one visitor at his home every day to talk baseball. Bill Werber has a chair in front of his locker In the Cincinnati Reds clubhouse at Tampa, disdaining the benches . . , After somebody toted It out on the field one day he pad locked It to the end of a bench . . . Then some low life turned the bench around, and the chair went with it . . George Staller of the Dodgers and Buddy Bray of the Boston Bees, both rookies, were born on April Fool's Day. MiolaniSets Track Record in Rich Race (Continued From Klrnt Sporti Paif) $6.60, $5.20 and $4.20 across the board to his many backers In the crowd of 60,000 persons who established a new Western wagering rec ord. The Sun Juan was run Just as the piihlic and the evperts ev-p'cted the golden e;ilip to he run a week ago. Kay View took to the front with Swecpliln second and Wedding Call third. Mln-land, on the extreme outside In the electric gate, broke fast on an angle and moved up rapidly under the reins of Jockey Buddy , Haas until he was running with hts head on Bay View's rump. They stayed that way for six furlongs and then Bay View gave up. The actual race developed on the final turn when Gen'l Manager boomed out of nowhere with a rous ing bid. Working slowly up from seventh, Gen'l Manager moved to within a length of Mioland but then Haas went to the whip, and the Howard Jacket moved farther and farther away to the final three lengths. Gen'l Manager was four more lengths in front of Barrancosa and Omelet trailed by another three. Monte Weaver is serious about his pitching comeback attempt. He ' Is paying hut own expenses to the spring training camp of the Baltimore Orioles. Detroit will hnve five more chances o whip the Cincinnati Reds this prlng. That many exhibitions have been arranged between the world's rivals. Red Howell, Eddie Collins and Stan Benjamin were Baltimore's regular outfielders last year. Red Is .with Cleveland, Eddie with the Athletics and Stan with the Phillies. -i National Indoor Tennis Tourney Will Open Monday Riggs, McNeill Heads Entry List for Title Matches in Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, March 8 (Pi. Bobby Rlggs and Don McNeill, the rulers of America's tennis realm who push each other off important thrones at every opportunity, head the field of net stars ready for the men's national Indoor tournament onenine here Monday. Rlggs, the defending chamDlon from Chicago, stopped Oklahoma City's durable Don In the finals of the 1940 tournament after McNeill had reversed the order the previous year. McNeill, ranked No. 1 amonz the nation's amateurs, holds the national outdoor title, having snatched the crown from Rlggs' head last year at Forest Hills. While the home town fans are hoping for another duel between the first and second ranking players of the country, both McNeill and Rlggs will have to trot out their Sundav shots to survive a field that includes another former champ and a host of sparkling youngsters. The third player of the tournament trying for a return trip to the indoor throne is Wayne Sabin of Portland. Ore., who held the title in 1938. The national meet, held outside New York City for the first time comes to the same coliseum where Riggs lost his bid for the Oklahoma indoor title less than three months ago. LONGVIEW PLANS TO ENTER COTTON STATES LEAGUE Longvlew, Texas. March R (Ra cial). With the announcement of tne disbanding of the East Texas baseball league, plans were begun here to secure for Longvlew a berth In the Class C Cotton States league, a was disclosed by Longvlew baseball men. Judge Emmett Hartv nf rcrppnvill Miss., president of the Cotton States league, said In Greenville that Texar- sana, formerly a member of the East Texas league, had been admitted and that an eighth club was still being sougni. A local group, headed bv J. H. Hughes, has been working on the possibility of entering the CSL for some time, Hughes has sounded out juage Harty on the matter and the latter's only objection was the dis tance or Longvlew from other teams. nugnes and his associates are now seeking a definite working agreement with a club of higher classification and, when that is secured, will again petition Judge Harty to consider the local club's application. Several clubs which were linked with East Texas league teams now are without stu-h agreements and it is not believed that nnaing one will be difficult. IIKK.II-IK) Missoula. Mont, (TP). A silver hnl. let may be used to start the first race in the Montana Interscholastic traclc meet in May. It will be thp silver anniversary of George Varnell, Seattle sports editor and official, as starter. Large National Concern Has Opening for Complete Ilfioiiie and Auto uppl y tore MARSHALL, TEXAS INITIAL INVESTMENT SMALL For Details, Write P. 0. Box 1096 New Orleans, La. Rates Washington as Most Improved Club in Loop By GEORGE KIRKEY United Press Staff Correspondent San Antonio, Texas, March 8 'P. When an American league manager can talk about a tight pennant race, ' that's a real threat. So It's no won -der that Fred Haney, hoes of the up and-comlng St. Louis Browns, beamed today when he talked about th forthcoming scramble In his circuit. "We are going to have a real good scrap," Haney said. "The days of a standout club In our league are over for a while anyway." "My own club showed signs of coining to life last season. We finished sixth hut we had plenty " to say Hbnut the pennant race, giving the Indians and Yankees enough trouble to knock them out of the race. I evpect we'll be better this season how much ' better will depend on our pitching staff." He wouldn't predict the winner : but named the Indians and Yanks ' as the two top clubs on the advance dope. "Cleveland definitely Is a threat,"., Haney said. "They have plenty of -possibilities but they also have plenty of problems. No club can go through. . wtiau Liittt une uia ana expect 10 sound. Pecklnpaugh has a tough job on his hanis all right. And let m tell you they are going to miss' Coach Johnny Bassler, who had con- siderable to do with the success of the Indians' pitching staff, and I'm not excluding Bob Feller. "The Yankees are somewhat of a question mark. If McCarthy has to experiment a lot with his infield and pitching staff, he may have a lot of trouble. However. If he gets his club set at the start of the campaign and doesn't have to make' a lot of shifts, then you must count the Yanks the team to beat."' ' Haney forsees a wild scramble for ' me uwier iwo ursi Division Dertns among the Tigers, Red Sox, Browns, White Sox and maybe the Senators. The only club he rates as a weak , sister is the Athletics. , , ' "If the Tigers lose Hank Greenberg to the army In June." Haney said, "they can't definitely be counted out of the pennant race. I can t see them with that Infield and without Hunk's big ' hat. I think It was Hunk who won the pennant for them last year. "The Red Sox have -got to have' some pitching to make a real pen-. nant bid and I don't think they have it. The White Sox always surprise everybody. I've got to take my . hat off to Jimmy Dykes. I think he docs the best Job of managing in " the country. The secret, of the White- Sox success Is their pitching, and I' don't know whether It's Dykes or Muddy Rucl who does the big Job Y If it's Ruel, then Dykes still should .' get the credit because he brought Ruel to the club." The big surprise of Haney's com " ment was his high rating of Wash- ' lngton, named by him as the "mosfc Improved club in the league." "They have four good pitchers,- he said. "1 mean Hudson, Chase. Leonard and Masterson, a kid who came on fast at the finish of last' season. They also helped their In field by getting Chapman and Cramer, and George Archie from. Seattle Is going to help them a lot at first base. I know because I had him two years at Toledo." "I can't say anything nice about the Athletics because I Just don't think they've Improved themselves at all." WALL'S JEWELRY COMPANY 611 TEXAS ST. EXPERT WATCHMAKERS "America i Bet" Clewns. sill, regulates ANl WATCH (Guaranteed 1 Year) Any Shape Watch Crvstal. 25c in BASTROP, LOUISIANA AND 1

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