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Shreveport, Louisiana
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SHREVEP. ORT TIMES NINE 6.4,417 SEE GIANTS, CARDS SPLIT BILL Keen Rivals Will Meet in Feature Bout of All-Star Wrestling Card in Auditorium Tonight 'A. 5 MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 14. 1936 Orioles Round Into Third Week FELLER, HUSKY HIGH SCHOOL Barret Rallies to Beat Murphy for Tennis Title ROOKIE WITH CLEVELAND, FANS SEVENTEEN, ALLOWS TWO HITS of Grid Training MIGHTIEST CROWD TO EVER WITNESS N.

GAME ATTENDS OPENING OF CRUCIAL SERIES New York Takes Firrt Content and Dizzy Dean Saves Second Came for St. Louis by Great Relief Hurling; Ott's Bat Features Loop Leaders Win Moran Searching for Wing Youngster Belters American League Hecord Set by BASHARA, DAVIS TO SETTLE OLD ARGUMENT ON CANVAS; WESTENBERG IN SEMI-FINAL1 Hough Heavyweights Are Expected to Furnish Heated Grappling Dattle; Former Professional Strong Man to Meet Southern Champion WBESTI.1NG PROGBIM. I'lli Bokhara versus Karl Davis. Two falls out of three. Two-hour time limit.

Martin Ueslenberg versus Milo Stelnhorn. Two falls out of thr'. One hour time limit. Bob Wagner versus Otto Kusa. One fall, time limit of thirty minutes.

Veteran Court Star Wins After Dropping Firt Tho Sets Rube Waddell 28 Years Ago; Ties Dean's Major League Mark; Tribe Wins Two From Marks Guardians; Team Gets Plays Monday Cleveland, Sept. 13 (JT). Bob Feller, husky high school rookie, wound up under a dark, sky today and blazed hi fast one past the Philadelphia Athletics to strike out 17 batters and allow only two bit. as the Cleveland By ALAN GOt'LD Associated Pre Sport Editor With two week of practice Just Alternating beueen a smashing concluded, St. John' college football and lobing type attack, William Bar Indian won both games of a double header.

That was one more strikeout than ftube Waddell achieved 28 years ago New York, 6ept. 13 (P) Amid the tumult and roar of th mightiest crowd ever to wttnes National league baseball game, an overflow crowd ret, annexed 6hreveport' men' (in team 1 gradually beginning to chape up, and although hope for a win cf 64.417 that packed the Polo Ground to the rafters, the league-leading gles championship Sunday afternoon, defeating Bub Murphy, young Uni when be act the American league record which (tood until today. It also put feller's name betide that of Dizzy Dean a co-holder of th major league record. Feller' two-hit pitching gave the Indian the first game, 5 to 2, and New Tor It Giant split spectacular double-header today with their lore most challengers, the St. tout Cardinals.

ning eleven are (tin at a low tide, work I going forward ln the hope versity of Texas student, 3-6, 1-6. 6-3 and 10-8, at Princess park. Mildred Bushing to the rescue of the faltering Boy Parmelee In the eighth Inning of the final game, the great Dizzy pean saved an even break for the they came back in the second game to win, to 4. that there may be a half dozen Crowe retained her women's singles (First f.aeae) 4 Crippled "Gathouse Gang" after the Giants had pinned their ears back "finds" in the group of candidates attempting to fill berths left vacant title by winning two love seta from PHILADELPHIA I CLEVELAND with an 8-4 victory tn tne opener, Constance Cunningham. AB 11 PO A A I) PO Ai I Steers, Oilers.

with the aid of two bomer by Mel 1 0 (1 Hughes. Umpires Mnran, Sears, FinclU an Park' Illness of Will! Butler forced of by the graduation of eight lettermen. Coach Tim greatest worry Ott. r. Tims 21.

An echo of a knuckle dusting episode that threw approximately 3.000 persons into an uproar at the close of a recent mat program will be heard In the auditorium tonight when Ellis Bashara, Oklahoma's Bad Boy and Big Karl Davis, Ohio' leading wrestling roughlan, clash in a two out of three fall catch-as -catch-can grappling bout. Out-punched by Davis, a former pugilist, when the pair clashed in the ring after a mat bout between Davis and Bashara about three week's ago, the Oklahoma Syrian hopes to obtain revenge by forcing the Ohloan to submit to defeat In a wrestling encounter. Bashara, a chunky heavyweight, who is a past master at wrestling, despite his rough tactics, ha the edge on bit opponent in knowing all the Inside ficials of the tournament to post Pucneli.rf Moses, rf Dean. lb Dean, pitching In hi third gam is the terminal positions, and In an effort to solve this problem he has (Heron (isms) pone play in the Junior single until Monday. Butler was scheduled to Indians, Buffs Johnsn.lf 1 Hale.

3b ljGeorae.c 1 Keller, 41 spent two days drilling the entire In two straight days, turned back the home team with the tying run ca second base In each of the last plsy Perry Angle. 1 17 squad in fundamentals of end play, and Intends to pick the most prom Barret, holder of the city title ln Luby.2b Peters. sa Hayes.e Gumprt.p, IMosa Play for Crown 1934, dropped two consecutive sets ising candidates Monday, when the to Murphy as their match opened. He first plays of the year will be pre staged a wonderful comeback to Southern Teams Total 2 124 it Totals 20 7 27 1 sented to the squad. break through hi young opponent'i tricks of hi profession, but Davis has reach, height and weight in his favor.

Davia is also game and aggressive, but very unpopular because of hi refusal to stay within the mat rules. Sonny Randolph, last year start' IBatted for Cumpert in ninth. Score by inninns; defense for a victory. Philadelphia 02 009 0002 BT. LfH'IS i NEW TOMC AHHPOAI ABHl'OA ill 6J.Mours.lf i 1 ft 0 Grbldi.2b 111 411 J.Mrtn.rf 4 11 OOtt.rf 4 11 14 0, Hippie, cf III Mir.

lb 4 1 10 2ILcaiic.ll 4 1 It 4 1 1 Jackson. lb 414 4 1 I M.ncano.c 4 I Device I 11 OlSHpcarcr IKins I Oarvskl.e 1 4 4 Parmsie.p SSI I Smith. I J. iMta.p 11 tllMsyo 1 jCa.tlmn, 4 Totals It I 87 lliUTerrjr 0 0 9 1 4Hrhumchr 4 Coffmsn.p SLeibtr 1 Oumbert, I sKoenl 4 4 0 Totala 1 27 ing center, who did not play the latter part of the season due to a leg Barret found that hi hard drives to Open Playoff Cleveland 202 000 1004 battle. Four Texas Loop Leaders Will Open Series for Title Tuesday could not get past Murphy, and as Summary: Errors Peters.

Runs bat injury, ha been shifted to the back- ted In Overlll 2. Weatherly, Desn, Two. the third set opened he started a Fighting hard for a double triumph that would have all but ended lingering doubt about the championship base hits Hughes. Averill. bases lobing game that paved the way for Tuesday Night Finney 2.

Hlgglna 2. Dean, Moses. field and will share the blocking and plunging duties along with All-State Henry DeBroeck, who la playing bis hi win. Moss. Sacrifice Knickerbocker.

louDie outcome, the GianU nevertheless Double service fault cost Murphy play Luliy to Peters to Dean: Left on baaea Philadelphia 10. Cleveland 7. Bases last year with the Orioles, preserved their lead of 3 ft games over the Cardinals, with the last on balls Off Gumpert 6. oft teller s. Paul DeBroeck, who Is rated as one 13 points, a majority of which were mad ln the last three sets, while Barret gave up but five point by Four Cluhs Will Battle for came of the serle due tomorrow.

Struck out By Gumpert 2, by Feller 17. Hit by pitcher By Keller (Moses). Wild pitch Feller. Balk Gumpert. Runs Dallas, Texas, Sept.

13 (U.R). Baseball players on four of the teams In the Texas league put their uniform away tonight for the winter, while player on the four clubs which of the best little guards ln this section of the state, has been taking it Meanwhile the Chicago Cubs by di-j Finney, Moses. Hushes 2. Knickerbocker the double fault route. vlding two game In Brooklyn, re The match In many respects Is a strange one from the spectator' viewpoint.

Neither Bashara or Davis bave more than a handful of supporters ln the big local wrestling colony, but both are great box office attractions. Tbe fans will have no outstanding favorite, unless It turns out that Bashara will win them over. Davl Is really a member of the "in bad" club and is certain to be the target of the "boo gang" regardless of hi type of warfare. 2. overlll.

umpires Kills, Johnston easy due to a knee Injury, but should be ready for action next week. Right to Meet Texas Champion On net point Barret again had the and Owens. Time 2:03, mained five behind. In third place. closed the regular season ln the first better of Murphy, sending but 51 Joe Mictotto, who is the "heaviest The Giants now have 14 games left IRan fur Vnviu in seventh.

ZHutled for Smith in third. 1 Batted for Castleman in fifth. 4Rn for Terry In fifth. Hatted for Coffmaa In ceventh. SRan fur Mancuso in ninth.

'Ran for Spencer In ninth. (Batted for Gumbert in ninth. Score by inning. (Second fiame) shots into the net, while Murphy fin to play, the Cards 13 and the Cub PHILADELPHIA I CLEVELAND division got ready for the Shaugh-nessy playoff which will decide the cha. iplonshlp.

Dallas, Houston, Tulsa and Oklahoma City finished the regular sea ABHPO Ai ABHPO A man" ever to attend St. John's, weighing 210 pounds, should have a great year at a tackle position, if his physical condition Improves. ished with a total of 75. Placement points found Murphy leading with 28 as compared to Barret's 23. Memphis, Tenn, Sept.

13 (X) I.uby.2t 1 1 li Hughes. 12 2 1 Moses, cf 4 16 0 4 I 2 4 14 4 Averill. cf 4 12 0 President John D. Martin of the St. Louia M4 004 400 4 New Yorlc 100 001 edO 1 After dropping the first two sets, Southern Association of Baseball Frank Jones and William Presnall, son in that order today and became Summary: Brrors Kartell, Eurocher, Johnsn.lf 1 0 2 4 3 11 Higgns.3h 4 2 2 HWethrly.rf 10 10 Pucneli.rf 4 0 1 OiCmpbell.rf 10 10 the "Gold Dust" twins, although only Barret chalked up five consecutive games In the third, before dropping clubs tonight mad public plans for Parmelee.

Jackson. Runs batted in Ott. eligible for the playoff. A tie for third place was evaded today when Tulsa defeated Dallas, weighing 123 pounds, do not draw the In agreement with the two prin- the Shaughnessy playoff eerie as the Petera.ea 44 4210 one to Murphy. The fourth set line on opponents of any size, and regular 154-game schedule came to cipals, the referee has been ln- J.

Martin. Mice t. Leslie 1. Home runs Mine. Leslie, Sscrlflces Bsrtell, Parmelee, Ripple, Oarodowskl, Whitehead.

Double Whitehead to Bartell to Leslie, Left on basesNew York 8. St. Louis 7. Base started off with Barret again running Hayea.c 10 3 4 3 10 Fink.p 3 0 2 OlSullivan.o 4 17 IMoaa It OiGalhouse.n 3010 like good hard play better than any an end with the championship offi 8 to 7, In an 11-lnning game and Oklahoma City lost to Fort Worth, 1 to 0. Had both Tulsa and Oklahoma body on the squad.

cially awarded to Atlanta. up a lead of three games. Murphy took games four, five, and seven before finally loosing the set. 12. The league leaders outplayed but failed to outgame the har-rassed, battle-worn Cardinals, whose patched up batting order Included only three survivors of their 1934 championship machine, outside the box.

After slugging out an easy victory tn the first game, behind the seven-hit pitching of Fred Iltzsim-mons, the Giants lacked finishing power In the pinches tn the hatterly fought second encounter, to the Intense annoyance of a crowd that finally became almost too unruly to handle. tructed to bar only the etrangl hold. The big fellow will be allowed to set their owi. pace without ln- lAllen.n 100 itals 33 7 24 9f Totals 37 13 37 11 William Burnell, letterman from Beginning next Tuesday night. At, on bulls Off Smith 1, off Partnelee 1, off J.

Dean 1. Struck out By Smith 1, by Parmelee 1, by Gumbert 1. by J. Dean 1. Hits Off Smith 4 In 1 Innings, off Castle- lanta and three other club will IBatted (or Fink in ninth.

The final set was a duece affair last year, will probably hold down the pivot position, but may be battle in the Shaughnessy playoff Score by Innings: Iman 1 in 2 innings, off Coffman 1 in 2 In City won today, or both lost, they would have ended the schedule ln a tie and another game tomorrow would have needed to untie the knot. Philadelphia series for the right to represent the 000 101 0304 000 100 40x 6 nings, off Gumbert 2 In I Innings, oft Parmelee in 7 Innings (none out In shifted to end in an attempt to make use of his pass snatching ability. lev-eland all the way, with Barret forging to the front by taking his service, and then broke through to carry Mur Ft almost a week Bashara sported Southern against the Texas league Summary: Errors Pucclnello. Runs Rain washed out the other games eluhth), off J. Dean 2 In 1 Innlnss.

Wild Pitch J. Dean. Winning pitcher Parme- Glen and Jack Bonvilllon will prob champion in the Dixie series. "r- 7 batted in Moses, Higfrins 3, Averill, Trosky 3. Health.

Two-base hits phy's. Eighteen games were requir Atlanta and the fourth place New lee. Losing pitcher nmitn, nuns l. Moore, J. Martin.

Medwick. Mize. i. ably hold down the halfback positions, and although rather small, ed to settle the final set, many Hughes. Trosky, Hale, Moses.

Higgins. Home runs Heath. Trosky. Double playa I Moore. Hippie, Leslie.

Ttma 2:24. lengthy volley's resulting before the scheduled today. San Antonio had been scheduled to play at Galveston, while Beaumont had been booked for a doubleheader at Houston. Since these games would not have affected Hughes, Knlckerlmcker and Trosby 2. both boys are triple threat men.

set ended. Lett on bases Philadelphia 5, Cleveland PIRATES SPLIT TWO GAMES. Orleans Pels will open their series 001" ln ln suoitonum. In Atlanta Tuesday night. They play The punching took place when Davi again at Atlanta Wednesday night.

went th li ot le referee, who Thursday will be an "off day." The fad been attacked for awarding Jack mt airain in New Orleans "ague a decision over Bashara. Th The quarterback position will prob Bases on balls Off Galehouse 4 The demonstration ty spectators Crow had her women's singles Philadelphia, Sept. 13 (JP). The ably rest on the speedy shoulders of Struck out By Galehouse 4. by Fink 2, by Allen 2.

Hits Off Galehouse 7 in reached It height In the fifth In- Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates Al the standings, they will Just be for 2-2 Innings, off Allen 8 In 1 1-3 Innings, Harry Williams, who was largely responsible for the success of the Orioles during the past year. match with Cunningham well under control all the way, placing her shots well to draw Cunningham out of position. "Winning pitcher Galehouse. Umpires nlng of the second game, when the Giant filled th base with' one out. Johnston, Owens and Kolls.

Time 1:59. vided a double-header today, the Phillies talcing the nightcap, 4 to 5, after the Pirate won the opener, Friday night. Next Saturday wlU Oklahoman was finally restrained, be an "off day." The fourth game but Ba been clamoring for a match will be played ln New Orleans next ne Ohloan ever aince. Sunday. If a fifth game 1 nece- Marvin Westenberg, Shreveport' gotten.

With the leaders finishing as they did, Dallas will meet Oklahoma City ln one of the Initial playoff series, while Houston will face Tulsa ln the The new candidates trying out for Kuns -Luby, Moses. Dean, Johnston, Huxhes, Averill, Trosky, Heath, Gale, house. but failed to score. 1 5 to 3. A September snowstorm of torn The Phils staged a three-run rally sary, it will be played ln New Orleans ouering ror the heavyweight wrea Normal Demons, TANKS BREAK RECORDS.

the team are: Andy Cariere, John Tuminello, John Brocato, Jack Wilson, Alexander May, Charles May, Alfred Zelgler, Julius DeBroeck, Dom- other. The winners of three games program and papers filled the air, in the seventh Inning to knock Mace the following Monday night. tling crown, who has been trsinlng falthfv" to get Into condition for a busy campaign this winter, will mak littered half the field and caused a urown out oi me do ana win mo whuho. second game. Meanwhile Ory Jorgens St.

Louis, Sept. 13 (P). The homicide squad of New Tork Yankees, with the American league pennant lnick Cordaro, Jimmy McKenzie, wsinpu, allowed nine hits to the Pirates, out of five will engage each other in a four-games-out-of-seven series with the 1936 title at stake. The champion also will get the right to meet the winner of the hi bow ln the seml-flnal bout to Sonny Burns, Herschel Cobb and night. Ho will meet Milo Stein- Dykes Leabo.

Appeals from the umpires and an- I Tne pirate runs were scored la the Bouncers only partially checked the I sixth on single by Jensen and Results born, powerful German, who dropped two bouts to Leo "Daniel Boone" hut the earn was finish- Vaughan and a aoume By ram w. Southern association title ln the annual Dixie series, which was won last ner. Johnny Moore crove in tne winning run with a single after two Savage, title holder, in recent weeks, Westenberg is confident that Stein-born will only serve as a stepplnir year by Oklahoma City, Texas league penna-it winner. ed with nothing more untoward than the invasion of the Cardinal bull penn In the eighth inning, by a other single, a walk and an error Fans to Meet at Supper Tonight "Get-Together" Party Will Help Boost Teams of State College Natchitoches, Sept. 13 (Special).

Interest in athletics in general and football ln particular will mount several degrees on the State Normal The playoffs will begin Tuesday. by Vaughan had undone Brown I stone to bigger event. AMERICAN LEAGl'E. Philadelphia 2-4; Cleveland 5-6. Boston Detroit 4.

New York 10-13; St. Louis 7-1. earlier work. woman spectator who lifted a heavy rollup door to gain the field. Police Dallas will open at Oklahoma City, while Houston wll lopen at Tulsa.

Westenberg Is claimant to the In the first game the Pirates ral southern title and has never been escorted her from the park. an' Although Dallas finished the sched lied against young Pete Elves to Washington at Chicago, postponed, defer.ted ln Shreveport. He has been A crowd overflowed every avail- thrM i eiehth lnnlrni uled season nine games in front of rain. able bit of seating or standing room ftf tef a homer by Chuck Klelni TEXAS LEAGl'E Final official standing as nounced by league officials: Club Dallas 83 61 Houston 83 69 Tulsa 80 74 Pet .604 in mo enuti 23rd of the sear, with a man on Houston, the second-place club, its chances at the title diminished when it drew Oklahoma City for the first playoff. .547 the 13,000 standee Bought perches bMe had tled th- 8core ln the a resident of this city, now for al-l mos six months and works out reg.

ularly in the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium.

Other local athletes who have tested Westenberg' ability in training sessions are strong suDnorters of his ln the steel girder. Gate to tne (Flrrt .,,) .519 already won, shattered two more major league records today in dynamiting the Bt. Loul Browns to a double-header defeat, 10 to 7 and 13 to 1. They cracked the big-time mark for home runs by one club ln one season, getting eight circuit clouts today to boost their total to 175, and blasted the record for most extra bases on long hits by one outfit ln a season, their eight homers and three double bringing their total to 987. Previously this season they had broken the records for most runs batted tn one game, most home runs by one club in two consecutive games and their own mark for home attendance in a campaign, and bad equalled the major league mark of three home runs by one club ln one Inning.

Their total of 887 extra base on long hit for the season, eclipsed the old mark of 974, set by the first Yankees' "murderers' row" back In 1930. Their 175 homers bettered by two the previous mark eet by the NATIONAL LEAGl'E. Cincinnati 2-1; Boston 1-6. Pittsburgh 5-3; Philadelphia 3-4. Chicago 3-9; Brooklyn 6-7.

St. Louis 4-4; New York 8-S. college sports thermometer Monday polo grounds were closed shortly .513 PITTSnVROH I FH1LADKLPHIA The Indians have proved consistent night when more than 100 local nearly three hours nearly three nours after 11 a. m- abhfoai ABHPO a 4 2 4 Kufcira th first same. Thousands re- 12 2 OioMore.lf .494 .487 .436 Oklahoma 79 75 Fort Worth 76 78 San Antono 73 77 Beaumont 69 80 Galveston 67 96 bid for a chance at the championship.

I 1. A AiU-t-ln a citizens are scheduled to attend a banquet ln the college dining hall, where they will be given the oppor mainea in ine vicinity oi me par, 411 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION. ClWhltny.Sb mt.tln the returns on the rebound. I Vaughn.aa 41 ll.vorris.2b Stelnborn, a former nrofessionai .373 trouble maker for Dallas, and have won 13 out of the 22 games which the two clubs have played. Tulsa, on the other hand, might have been expected to provide easier competition for Dallas, had the Oilers finished fourth, as Dallas has won 14 out of Knoxville at New Orleans, second tunity of meeting personally the The outpouring, all told, surpassed I game postponed, rain.

PACIFIC COAST LEAGl'E. llWII.nn.o 4 2 1 anything ever seen in me vicinity 01 1 Young, 2b strong man," has been campaigning among the leading matmen for al-most a dozen years. What he lacks ln speed he makes up In streneth W. L. Pet.

I W. Pet 1 4 candidates for both the varsity and freshman squads and the new coaching staff. Cooean' bluff. The attendance Todd.c I 1 A Portlsnd 25 73 .5491 Missions 17 8 .603 1 wraver.p 0 OiSlvess.p American Association San Diego 93 7 .6411 IO Ang. 88 27 .497 the 23 game played with Tulsa.

Ilgure wipea out me previuua jjuiu pirkofer.p 4 4 4 eround as well a National league Riamen.p 14 Oakland 92 HI .6321 S. Fran. II 91.47 The whole affair will hinge around Seattle 92 11 nto 46 101.1 114 0i2Sullk and his powerful arms have crushed many opponents into defeat. Ole Miss Grid Warriors Score by Innings: R. H.

giving the football teams a boost toward a successful season. AMERIC AN LEAGIE. Totals 17 10 27 1 4 Walters I Paul 010 012 0004 10 4 remoter Julius Eigel savs he ba W. L. Pet.

I W. Pet Allowed Day of Itest In their pre-season workouts both 000 221 OOx 5 11 2 a great attraction in Otto Kus who 3 11 27 New York 9S 43 Cleveland 74 63 .62 Totals record, 3,800, eet during a double-header between the Giants and Dodger on Decoration day, 1935. A four-run blast against Southpaw Al Smith, in the third Inning, gave the Cardinal command of the after squads have displayed plenty of Chicago 7 44 72 71 .603 Batteries: Hutchinson, Cox and will meet Bob Wagner of Oklahoma 1 Hatted for Hlrkofer In eighth. Philadelphia Athletics In 1933. Sent.

13 (A). A 2F)atted for Gomes ln ninth Wash. 75 Louia 61 .3117 Detroit 74 61 .621 Phlla. 49 93 Fenner; Trout, Tinning ana Kiaaie. i a one-man bout, lltatled for Kelleher in ninth, Two four-base blows by Lou Geh fight and indications point toward a good year ln the pigskin sport, pro-vif -d the right kind of support can 4Hatted for Whitney in ninth.

Score by Innings: R. H. E. "While looking for wrestling tal. Milwaukee 001 011 0003 9 1 'nt recently I saw Kus action rig brought his season's total to 48, NATIONAL LF.AGIT..

piece. It wa capped by Mize' clr Ptttsburah ..002 MO 4144 The National league pennant slU while young Joe Dl Maggio found emit clout Into the right field atand Philadelphia ion be developed. Kansas 000 000 0000 3 rromoter sigel ald. "and I lmme uatlon: ftF haaa hit Terrv Moor and Bummaryi Runs batted in Klein Suhr (Continued On Page Ten.) Two new members have been add DHiierirs; -nancr ana ieiure, i siuea nun jor a match. Club Pet GBC-TP Pepper Martin and an intentional JSKSZSXi vance ana Aiaajesxi.

ed to the coaching staff at the State Teachers college this fall. Joe Alllct, New York 84 88 .600 4 14 pas tO Joe Medwick. I Oomel Double play Young to Vaughan told him he would have to ehow in an 'opening number bout' and if the fan are satisfied with i. St. Loul 81 60 .574 3U 13 Th niantji rnrnv ftnr the Bunr.

i-en on oases rniiaaeipnia heed coach at Haynesvllle high I I. 19 U-m am Kalla iltt flivAKfl Local Negro Team Divides Twin Bill Southern Association scnooi since 1930, is assistant to hs would be promoted." Chicago 80 62 .563 6 13 Pittsburgh 78 66 32 8tt 13 first frame, pulled Up Close When ti off Kelleher 1, off Blanton 1. Strurk Bam Leslie Stroked a bom run out By Slvesa 1. by Weaver 1, by Kirk- day of rest wa granted University of Mississippi football men today, Coach Ed Walker stating It would be the well-known "lull before the storm" a far as rebel aquad member are concerned. "Work, and plenty of It, 1 the only remedy possible for correcting glaring mistake showing at the present," said Walker.

"Counting tomorrow there will be only five pr.ctlce days before we encounter Union." Trainer Oeorge Bohler pronounced the squad ln good shape, ready to swing into the final period of preseason activity. Coach Harry Turpln, and Faiz Mahfouz, football coach at St. W. L. Pet.

I W. L. Pet. gainst th right-field facade, with fie. CHICKS WIN TWO GAMES New Tork 94 64 70 71 .494 m.

Louia 91 0 .574 Boston 4 71 .460 -Orioles Win From JlRl Ripple on base, ln th Sixth. Innings, oft Blanton I In 1 Innings, off Mary'c academy here for the past Memphis, Sept. 13 (7) TVila ihnnb 4h netrfn I Slvess IS In 7 Innings, off Kelleher 4 In 2 (9 31 Chicago With Little Rock Chattanooga slipped down Into sev 90 (2 7M.62;Phlla. Innings. Hit by pltcher-By Birkofer 49 91 .260 Pitta.

lee, wno naa narrowly waraea on by Kelleher (Vaughanl. Wild pitch enth place today after Memphis took Red Wings; Teams both games of a doubleheader, 8-2 disaster oy retiring Joe Moore ana wanton, winmn purner mraoier, tiw i j.j I I.onlna pitcher Sivess. Runs Waner, SOtTHKRN ASSOCIATION. W. L.

Pet. I W. Pet, and 2-1. Jensen 1. Young.

Todd. Klein, Chin: Atlanta 94 19 Rock 77 70 .601 NashTllnV 5 .670 Knnxvllle 13 87 .430 glvesa. Umpires Klem and Btswart. Tims two seasons, has been named freshman mentor for Normal. Pep speeches by local business men and members of the college athletic council and musle.

by the college band will be on the program at the get-together. The meeting Monday night will be the first of It kind ever taged Closing the regular season in good Effort to Decide Champs 12.10 Hirm. 93 70 .939 Chat. (4 99 .419 Stage Fist Fights form, the Chicks made It four straight New O. 91 71 .633 Memphla to 10.400 (ejeennd from the Lookouts, today.

It was th in the tumuitour fifth. The ex-Olant right-hander got past the eventh but waa replaced by Dean when Mel Ott led off the eighth with a hard single to right. The dramatic annearanee of the of Ark-La-Tex Comes to End I rViri.ADEi.riHA fifth consecutlvs win for the eel piTTsntinuH Former Atlanta Stars Beat Present Champs AU TO AB 11 1'U A Schulte.lf 14 1 4 114 inrnicu. neivu rrazirr nuriea iour-nil B.l.imn. b.ll to lead Memphis Into th un- pt- 13 W-tn "n' GamesToday at the Stat Normal college, and 1 expected to attract most of tbe football follower ln this section.

light in the second game, corlng on 7 free-for-all fight be. lean rigbt-hsnder, who had lost a j' relief Job on a full game yesterday p.wnr'.rf i AW. 1 ISUN The Shreveport and the Little Atlanta, Sept. 13 (P).

The Atlanta oi mo in isiiirs. i frpiajcra i oottt teams, tha at Eberts field, touched off another vhn.aa 4 4 0 Klein, rf 1114 1 1 4 11 I llNnrrls.2b 4 117 I 4 4 14 1 4 4 4 11 1 1 liChtntta.tb 14 11 I 14 14 4 1 4 I Rock Tigers, negro professional base Cracker of other yer came back Baltimore Oriole defeated the Roches. Suhr. lb 4 Probable pitcher ln the major paper ahower from the stand. (Second Game) ball teams, battled through two today to trounce their current uc Red Wing, to today in the leagues today: TEXAS LEAGUE Pcor by innings: R.H.E.

game Sunday afternoon at Dixie Young. Sb I Waner 1 cessora, the 1930 Southern Associa Hrt suvrmor eup ees. Chattanooga ....000 0010 1 4 0 park for th neirro Ark-La-Tex bus' tion champions, 17 to 6. NATIONAL LEAGIE. Pittsburgh tt Philadelphia, two Padrlen.o I ht.

lAvm I i no victory gave th Oriole a Ie4 www 24 27 II meuiiJiiiai UU1 a 5 A The game was a three-inning add ball championships without deciding the Issue. Little Rock won the first Luca and Swift v. Johnson and T.t-.,. Karnes 10 two ln tha nlatnff. 1 I II 1 4 hi Totals 4 4 II 4 4 41 llitlra 1 4innney 4 Brown.

1 Pirkmer, 4 uvi xiujurooa: i ed attraction to the season-end gam AB1IPOAI An hImTa Mors.rf 4 11 4iJ.Monrt.lf 4 4 1 Garbldl.ib 4 14 1 4 111 Mrtn.rf 111 4141 Freler and Powell. 7 11 pitched hi -rond vto gam 6 to 2 and Shreveport came with Birmingham. It brought back 'ry oi ne erie for the Oriel Tl'LSA WINS IN ELEVENTH Tulsa. Okl, 8ept. 13 ().

Hal Patchett tripled and Hurray (Babe) Howell rolled a scratch single through the Infield with one out In th eleventh inning this afternon to I SOU 1 back to take the night cap 3 to 0 to the fans such figures as: Mertwrk.lf though ilowed ten Mta. The Totals 24 74 Jim Fox, first baseman of 30 years Camden Loses 10-Inning Benge. Bt. Loul at New Tork Dean v. Hubbell.

Cincinnati at Boston Derringer w. Chaplin. Chicago at Brooklyn Hcnshaw v. behind the one-hit pitching of Dud' low. oriole chased Bob Wetland from th mound in the eventh.

eo who once went fishing at tbe spot now occupied by th Cracker Contest to Little Bock John Arthur Johnson Howed Lit' 14 1 4 Ripple.rf 4 1 4 4 4 11 4 I 10 4 11 li.1acksnn.lh 112 1 4 14 4 4 4 1 4 1 WhlteM.ib 4 111 4 4 Fltasmns.p 14 11 1 4 4 21 14 4 Totals It 11 27 If 1 4 4 41 4 4 4 II The fight Urtd when Melton Otrdge lb Ogrwskl.e Pippen.p lleusser.p IKmi UcGM.f tie Rock only five hit In the first stands; Nap Rucker, on time major Mungo. glv the Tulsa Oiler an 8-7 victory over the Dallas Steer In th last game of the scheduled acaaon and third place In th Texas league rmrin rk a-n. i-u in- on arm wun a QUFC 111-- W-H I league atar pitcher, tnd Jim Bagby, world series figure of 1030. game, but several miscuea and bad throw hurt hi reeord, paving the way for several of the ix run chalk AMERICAN' LEAGl'E. Washington at Chicago, two New In ihriilin "i evenm inning.

livened hi Word passed between th two play. earn of t.r. fV. Mtah they Play. team of Little Rock, defeated thal.

standings. Totsla 14 14i Th Oiler blew a m-run lead In ed aealnst him. McCarroll gave up Green Bay Grid Team som and Appleton vs. Lyon and Kennedy. 1 Tailed for Young In ninth.

IMstted for Padden In ninth. lHatttd for Birkofer In ninth. 4 run for Lucas In ninth. Score by Innings: Pittsburgh nI Philadelphia aoa Summery: Krrora Vaualian, Chiosa. Funs batted In Hullk.

Jorgens, Moore, P. Waner, Vaughan, Lucas, Two-base hl's- Waner 2. Bruhaker. Sscrlf Ice Klein. Double plays P.

Waner to Suhr, Camilll to 4orrls. Left on bases philsrlelphia 4. Plttehursh 4. Base on balls (iff Jorgsna off Brown a. struck nut By Jorsan 1.

Hlt 'fl Brown 4 In 4 2-1 Innings, off Birkofer 1 In 1-2 Inninra. I.nsm pitcher Brown. Runs Jensen, Wsn-r, B-uhsker, Moor, Camilll, Grace, Gomes. Time 141. 12 hits but kept them well scattered.

SiV.Vi vlll sT. u. and trted mixing It up. Ordrr dale park here thl afternoon. Pitrha.

Extra be blow in th fourth in th eighth and ninth innings but went on to talvage the game a Lefty Oeorg Mlltad stopped the Steers Boston at Detroit Wilson or Henry R.m. A iiui. -vun., matt mm End Losing Streak Oreen Bay. Sept.

13 Th vs. Bridge. earn. iX K. -rl "Tt rn inning ended with Melton fanninf ning enabled Shreveport to win th second gam.

McCarroll, pulling the Iron-man. hurling rol for Little cold in the extra frames. WM nanea crabtre with th bases loaded. By the victory Tulsa qualified to Oreen Bay Packer, defeated In flv 7k. o.ucisia Cleared Score by Innlnea: I (Only game scheduled.

COAt HES MEET IN KII.GORE. Kllgore, Texas, Bept, 13 (TV-More M.v BA.kMlM AAA A. eonsecutiv national professional foot meet Houston In th eml-finl of ivvviirnt 'v vmng-er, lormer TTav er. hit iiimm hyi nnt ni. a it th Texas league post-season pen Rock weakened In the fourth.

After Johnson had reached base, Dawson cored Mm with a doubla, Moore scored Dawson with a triple. than 180 coache and school official ball league game by the Chicago Cardinals, reversed their Jinx today by trimming Chicago, 10 to 7 nant play-off and Oklahoma City, IBatted for Heiisner in tishth. S' ore bf innlnssi Uiiils 4X0 "nl 4 Nw Torlf Ill (inn Mil Summary! ti ior l.artell. Runs baited In Bsrtell I. Ott t.

Rinpl. Terry, T. Moore, J. Moore, rturocher, Gutteridge Twft.ha hit J. Monre, Thre.haaf hit Outtsridte.

Horns runs Bartell. OH I. arrlfli- ntrslmmona. fwihle Ott tn fsartell, Msnruso to Whitehead tn rila-imtnona Msnenae) tn Bartell. Ift on betes Vork I.

St. Louis 4 Base on halls Off rtMimmrns 1, off Wlnford 1. Hts Off Pippen 2 In t-2 Innlnt. off Hiis-f I In 4 InnlKtr, off Mcns 1 In I Innine. Mlt f'-her By Wipfnrd Fi'gslmmons).

by Tlppei fWsrtell) t. -t pneher Wlnford Bttns Msrtln, llsejwiek'. Imrnrhe''. rrii1iwkl, Moon t. tsrieil, ott 4, Whltentad, riUiimmonK of East Texas attended th annual football rule Interpretation meeting today.

Ben Lee Boy ton, Ab Curti A crowd of about 10,000 persons. SenMtlonal running eatche by outfielder robbed player of both her for the opening league gm watched Ernie Rmlth I a winning. and Bud Price led the discussion. teams of base hit. a home run In th first with Frnest Wiland.

Klinger, Mur Blevtn on first by virtu of a tingle, ray, Michael and OTsirell; Melton to account for th flrat two run and and Savlno. eventually th margin of victory al- though th Kraftamen tied It up with bf It Jl 1 rally tn the ninth. Buffalo aol loo 7 10 a Newark 000 031 0014 10 1 The Ohio Btate-Notr Dm foot- Batteries: Fischer. WUam sol ball gam I prctlclly a eiiout at Crmioc: Kleinhan. Piechota, Duae tal time, tai Kie Ct US LOSE OROtNn.

Brooklyn, Sept. 13 The Chicago Cub blew chance to gain on the National league leaden today by etint only a split with the Dodgr ID a Sunday double-header. (Cantlnaea Pts tea.) losing to rort Worth today, wa knocked Into fourth place and mutt mert the Steers, Dallas 100 003 042 00 7 13 0 Tlilxa 102 100 300 01 IS 1 Batterlea: Baker, Fraaier and Rens; Kimball, W. Howell, Milstead nd Jackson. field goal midway tn th final period from the 33-yard line.

A 23-ytrd Cntverwty of Kentucky ll! re A new Kentucky rare track ha tore oaaebsll lo th iport program been built at Keeneland ind will twxt spring. 'run from Oct. IS to 24, run by Joe Lw put the ball in position..

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