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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 16
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 16

The Timesi
Shreveport, Louisiana
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SUNDAY. AUGUST 16. 19361 IN EASY WIN OVER MACKS Roy Weatherly, Earl Aver ill of Indians Knock Lou Gehrig, Yank Stars, From Batting Leadership NEW YORK GOES ON BATTING SPREE TO HANG UP FIFTEEN BLOWS FOR SIXTEEN SCORES Cordon Rhodes Gives League Leaders Early Start and New York Increases Lead With Seven-Run Rally in Eighth Inning Be- Whiskered Mat Giant Has Been Magnet For Record Attendances Negro Team From Little RpekV ill Play Here Today Black' Tigers of Arkansas Have Won 30 Out of 37 Contest CLEVELAND BAT SWINGERS OUST NEW YORK ACE FROM AMERICAN LOOP SPOTLIGHT Young Outfielder, Weatherly, Gets 83 Hits in 213 Times at Bat to Post .399 Average for Top Posi. tion; Averill Second With Mark of .382 Savage Has Proven Rest Mat Cliamp Gets Rough Drawing Card For Local Promoter THE SHREVEPORT TIMES YANKEES By JOE B. CARTER. Philadelphia. Aug. IS W). Mont Pearson checked the Athletic with ii hit today a the New Tork Tankees, pounding out IS bita and aided by Little Bock Black Tiger, with SO tight passes, defeated the Mackmen The Tanks got away in front in 19 to 2. the first Inning when they counted four time without getting a hit. Gordon Knoaes, the As starter burler. and Eoract lisenbee issued fiv free tickets. After the first run bad beea forced Chicago, Aug. IS (P)- A pair of Cleveland Indian ball hawks, Roy Wrath, erly and Earl Averlll. took over during the past week th American leagua batting spotlight that Lou Gehrig of New Tork has monopolized most of th season. The lead, according to average released today and which Include games of Friday, was held by Weatherly with an average of 399. The young outfielder, who ha been bitting sensationally sine joining; the tribe, bad 85 bit In 213 times at bat, although be had been In but 49 games. The veteran Averlll had second place clinched with a mark of X82 based on participation In 113 games In which be had crashed out 175 hits la In, Jack Powell' grounder went through Kewsome and Lou Gehrig, Sill Dickey and George Selkirk came home to empty the bases. The big stuck came in the eighth, however, when the American league leaders counted aeven runs, four of them on Gehrig's 36th home run of the M58 official trip. '33 )fJl I if a a I i This picture shows Leo 'Daniel boss, In one of his rough moments. and size to good advantage. BARKSDALE FIELD OUTDOOR ARENA WILL FIVE BOUTS Roy "Ace" Whatley Will Ten-Round Contest With Kayo Manuel; Three Whether its due to bis grappling ability, bis long hair and whUkers, his hill-billy attitude or whatnot, figures prove that Leo "Daniel Boone" Savage, of Boyd county, Kentucky, 240-pound heavyweight mat title claimant, is the biggest box office attraction to appear in Shreveport since the days Ed Lewis was drop ping into tbl city for matches. The back-woodsman, who will meet Earl Davis, rough Ohioan In a two out of three fall contest In the auditorium Monday, was the magnet that two weeks ago attracted the largest crowd to witness a wrestling match In Shreveport in almost ten years. There was not a vacant seat on the first two floor of the auditorium, and the gallery was comfort ably filled. Only a few weeks pre vious the hill-billy appeared before a packed house when he defeated Len Macaluso, Eastern Italian. Even before Savage was banded the heavyweight wrestling title by the state athletic commission, and other states recognized the ruling, the big Kentucklan was a real box office attraction in 8hreveport. He waa first Introduced by Art Moody and the turn out was tremendous. A few weeks after that be drew another big "gate" here. What is true In Shreveport is true in other cities where the Kentucklan has He has proven popular in Houston, and re cently in St. Louis he appeared be fore a tremendous crowd. Several months ago his manager, Prank Burke, took hira back to Kentucky for a match and the house was a sell out" In less than two years Savage has made a fortune by wrestling, and he Is smart enough to save most of It. He says there are many things back in Kentucky that he would like to do when he Is finished "struggling." Savage has no false Ideas about the championship awarded blm. He realizes that he may wake up any morning and find himself dethroned. He desires to earn what be can while his popularity Is on the boom, and for this reason will listen to terms with the promoters. Savage experienced tough sailing In bis match with Davis here two weeks ego. For the first time the Shreveport fans saw the hill-billy's shoulders pinned to the mat. The general opinion is that Davis would have been the winner had he not Injured his shoulder, the referee being forced to halt the bout. Davis Is much faster than Savage and has more of the "killer Instinct." He will stretch the rule In an effort to win and in the previous bout was accused of rubbing soap in Savage's eyes. If history repeats the Savage-Davis bout will be waged before another packed house. Marvin Westenberg, southern title claimant, has finished a week of hard work for his bout with Sol Slagle, the India rubber man, known also as the balloon boy. Slagle has been piling up a long list of vlctO' ries and Westenberg has not been defeated in Shreveport. This bout will be for two falls out of three, one' hcur time limit Jack League, who displayed hi kayo punch to local fans in a box ing bout here Friday night, returns to the ring as a wrestler in the first bout on tonight1 program. His opponent will be George "Boyo' Cochrane, the bad-man of East Texas. "Boyo" is a rough athlete but be Is not expected to get away lwth such tactics against League, Seven Texas League Clubs Add Strength (Cantlnuee From PreceiJIn Paw.) Moore, Jsrkukl, Cole, Richmond. Davis, Olbbs, Bennett, Mackle, Jon-hard and Armburst Houston: Franks, Watwood, Stein, Mueller, Martin, Rlr.zo, Cvengros, Moore, Stevenson. Smith, Schuhle, Epps, Seats, Lyons, Munns and Barton. Oklahoma City: Keesey, Young, Brower, Kott, Easterllng, Myers, Flopd, Brlllheart. Whitworth. Klaerner. Warren, Swlgart, Wolff. Fltrpatrlck, Bllgere, Buxton, Hall, Hemenway and Clark. San Antonio: Stanton, Rheln, Ons-k. Harshany, Bettenoourt, Oarms, Hillln. Muncrlef, A. Miller, W. Miller, Mills, Schareln, Marsera, Walkup, Cox, Newman, Johnson and Nelson. Tulsa; Jackson, Cobb, Allaire, Crawford, MacManus, Howell, Patchett, Srhlno, Wasco, Selway, Mlllstead, Thoma, Stein, Plcketel, Kimball, Mealey, Tork and Jansco. be declared a nuisance because It affords an opportunity tor people to congregate and gamble," Judge Young aid In explaining hi decision. "There I nothing Illegal about dog racing itself," he added. A syndicate is being organised In New Orleans to buy the Pelican from the Charles W. Somers estate. The price Is victories In S7 game while on tour of the mid-west and northwest arrive here today to meet the Shreveport Tiger tn a double-header at the Dixie Park. This will be th first P' pearance of the Arkansas negro team in Shreveport and the games will give the fan an Idea bow the local club compares with teams of the northwest. Play will start at 3:30 p.m. with a special aectlon of the grandstand reserved for white pa trons. The Little Rock club has an nounced that four pitchers, McCar- roll, Cunningham. Greenwood and Johnson, will be ready for duty. All have averages of better than .500 per cent for the season. Either Hawkins or Childs will catch. Pickett, sensational fielding shortstop, and Robinson, Griffin and Hawkins, heavy-hitting outfielders, will be on duty. The local teeam ha added an In- fielder from the Crescent City of New Orleans, and either Tiny Ben ton or Albercrombie will pitch the first game. LOOP LEADERS VICTIMS OF BIG INNING BY BUGS fCentinned From Preeedlnf Pace.) the Cards and Cubs, left the Giants only a game and half back of first place, held by St. Louis. Although handing the Phils their 13th successive setback, the Giants were outhlt for the third straight time by Jimmy Wilson's men. Carl Hubbell kept the Phils hits scattered however, for his seventh consecutive victory and his 17th of the year. The Giants did all of their scor ing in the sixth as they got to Bucky Walters for three hits and as many passes. PHILADELPHIA I NEW YORK AB TO AI AB PO A 4 11 OiJneMore.lf 41 4 18 i 4 1 8 Klein. rf 4 8 HOtt.rf 281 Whitny.3b 4 18 Ripple. cf 4 8 1 1 10 I 4 1 lWllson Gnmes. 2b Walters.p 0 8 OlJacksn.Sb 41 3 Oj Mancuso.c 8 1 0 Bartell.aa 81 8 Hubbell. tit II 0 8 1 0 Jorirens.p Kowalik.P 6 01 Totals SS 24 151 Totals 31 7 13 IBatted (or Sullk In ninth. Philadelphia 019 009 0091 New Tork 000 04 00x 4 Summary: Rune batted in Walters. Lealle, Bartell, Hubbell 2. Two-base hit Ripple. Sacrifice Ott. Double play Klein to Camilll. Lett on baees New York T. Philadelphia 4. Basa on balls- Off Hubbell 1. Walters 8. Struck out Hubbell 3, Walters 2. Hits Off Walters in 2-3 Innings, Jorgens 1 In 1 1-3, Kowallk none in 1. Losing pitcher-Walters. Runs Sulik, Ott. Ripple. Leslie, Mancufo. Errors Camilli, Oomea. Umpires Stewart, Plnelli and Pfirman. Time 2:07. CHICAOO I CINCINNATI A3 ro AI AB PO A 01 Walker.ef 2 10 0 HOoodmn.rf 4 12 0 II 4 0 12 0 F.Hrmn.lf 4 1 0 0 Lombrdl.o 4 0 10 91 RlKKB.Sb 8 2 0 2 1 Thevnw.aa 8 0 8 2jK.imprs,2b 8 12 4 01 Frey.p 2 09 01 Allen, If (01 Hack, 3b W.Hrn.Jb Demare.rf Hartnet.o 2 0 9 Lee.p 10111 Ront.p 20'bea 3Stainbck 1 01 01 Totals 3T 10 24 21 Totale 31 14 1 Ratted for Lee in sixth. 2Batted for Root In ninth. 3ltan tor O'Jjes In ninth. Chicago 028 109 0014 210 200 OOx 6 Cincinnati Summary: Runs batted In Galan, Al len. Cavarretta. Thevenow, Kampourla 2, Two-base hits Hack, Demaree, Goodman, Rlfrgs. Stolen base Rlgga. Double Plsya Hartnett to Hack, Kampourls to Theva- now to Scarsella. lft on baaes Chicago t. Cincinnati 3. Base on balls Off Lee 1, Frey 2. struck out Lea Hoot 1. Hits Off Lea In 8 Innings, Root none In 2. Wild pitch Frey. Ialns pitcher Lea. Runt IXmaree, Oalan. Jurgee. Cavarretta. Walker. Ooodman. F. Her man, Rlgga I. Krrora W. Herman, Hart, nett, urges, Thevenow, Umpires Barr and Gotta, Time 1:37. DODGERS AGAIN BEAT BEES Brooklyn Aug. 15 (jp)Paced by Joe Btrlpp and George Watklns, the Brooklyn Dodger made It two straight over the Boston Bee today, winning 6 to 9 as Henry (Hank) Winston hurled good relief ball to receive credit for his first major league victory. Strlpp had a perfect day at bat with four straight hits, one a double, while Watklns connected with a home run with one on In the fourth to give the Dodger a lead that they never relinquished. I nitouM.YN AH I'O A I AB il PO A rrr.elil.Sb 89 VS JorHn.Jb 448 K.Mnrt.rf 4 8 SlConnev.rf 82 1 frinp.Jh 4 41 0 4 9i ritelne.e 4 81 IVatkins If 4 2 19 II aim. rl 4 8 19 8 8 4 8 9: Ibitrher, 8 9 1 4i Winston, 8 Herger rf 8 11 Ciirnln. I 8 Ie.lf 8 8 IHaalin I Lopes. 0 4 Chaplin. SThmuaa i I Totals S9 84 111 Total 24 It IT It lHalted for I'oerarart In nlnih. Snellen for Cham In ninth. TWlon no 919 "nil lirooaivn ana 8 12 Summary! Yiuna bane.) In t'uccinello. TV Jordan, Thelpa, Welkins Utrlpp, Frey. Two-haee hit Ktrinp. Home run Walltlne, Stolen base Wllsnn. Sacri fice I'rhanskl. Poul.le ptave H. Jordan unassisted), Phelps to Jordan, Frev In J. Jurdan to Haeee't, Chaplin to t'oecarart in H. Jordan, 111 l.aeee lloatnn 8, Tirnolilvn 9. Pa on hall Off rimpl'n 2. Iintrhef 4, Winatm J. sitnick out lt Chaplin 2. Hiilrher 8, Winston 8. Hits Off Huti her 4 In 4 lnnln (none out In Mih, Wintnfi 8 In 8. Vild tm.h Chantlfl. Wlnnlr pitcher Runs 1 nianaaf 8. 3. Jordan. TlHaaett. Ph. in. tVatlttea I'lrrnra Cneierert. H. Jordan. 1'mrlres Hnllanfanu Klenj season, bit with the bases loaded. Gehrig also got a double and a single to lead the Tanks' attack. Pearson held the Athletics scoreless until the fourth when Plnkey Hlggins bit bis sixth homer of the season. The blow snapped Pearson's string of scoreless Innings against Philadelphia 30 consecutive frames. They added another run in the seventh on a walk, a single and Moses long fly but Pear, son bad no trouble chalking up bis 15th victory of the season. NEW TORK PHILADELPHIA ABHPOAl ABHPOA 4 2 liriniwy.rf Rolf e. 3b 1 0 Mowi.ct 111 CIDean.Ib 12 I 7 0 BobJtun.lf 4 1 1 1 2 etHlrcini.Sb 424 eiuyn.e test 1 3 4 14 1 1 I 1 Rbodes.p 0 1 lLtsenbee.p 1 2 2 MPuccinelli 1 1 inythe.p 99 (Gumpert.ft CMMaro.rf 4 4 liickey.o Jorsens.e Selkirk. If RyJh.n.lf LeiertJb Pearaon.p 2Nicholson 10 0 4 Totals 86 15 17 7 Totals 81 27 19 IBattrd for Lisenbee in seventh, SBstted for Gumpert In ninth. Score by New Tork 409 ill 07t 1 Philadelphia 000 100 100 1 umraary: Rune batted in Selkirk, Kolfe Hig-lns. Dickey. Crosettl. Moeea. Pearson. DiMaggio, Oehrir 4, Two-bane hits Crosettl, Gehrl. Boy John. on, Lassen. Three-base hit croeettu Home runs HiejRins. Gehrig. Sacrifici Pearson Double plays Higgins to Nle- Biiec to Dean, Niemiee to Hayes to MO- miec, Crosettl to Laxseri, HigKins to Niemiee. Left on bases New Tork Philadelphia I. Base on balls Off Pear son 4. Rhodes I. Fly the I. Gum pert 1, 8tru-k out Liaenbee 2. Pearson i. Hiti Off Rhodes none in 2-3 inning, Lisenbee 10 in 1-8, Flythe 1 tn 1-1, Gumpert I in 1 2-2. Hit br pitcher By Flythe (Roy Johnson). Losing pitcher Rhodes. Runs Crosettl 8. Rolfe, DIMesslo. Gehrie t. Dickey. Pel kirk 1, Roy Johnson, Laxaeri 2. Pearson 2, Hissina, Niemtee. Errors Rolfe, Dean, Newsome. Umpires Mo-Gowan. Quins and Owens. Time 1:1. BED BOX HAMMERED. Boston, Aug. 15 (JP). The Wash' In ton Senators overcame an early three-run lead by driving Fritz Os- termueller from the mound today and then piled it on hard to defeat the Red Sox, 11 to 5, and reward Jimmy Deshong with his 14th pitching triumph. The Red Box forced Deshong to falter In the second inning when two singles, a pass and Ossie Mellllo's triple down the right foul line pro-yided three runs. The home forces, however, surrendered their advantage almost Immediately. In the first of the fifth the Senators rushed over five runs before and after a heavy shower that delayed the game 22 minutes. WASHINGTON BOSTON ABHPOAl ABHPOA Chpmti.ef 4 8 2 4 0 2 Lewi. 3b 8 1 1 4(11 I 8 12 4 1 Stone. If 114 Kroner, 3 8 8 12 Rynlds.rf 1 8 2 0 8 112 Kress. 2b 4 18 SlAlmada.rf 4 2 2 4 liR.Ferrel.s 2 2 1 Millies, 12 1 liMellllo.Sb 4 111 lTravis IS 1 Bolton. 0 0 0 1 CManush 1 1 DeShont.p 1 3 Wii.on.p 101 Meoia.p i Rusaell.p 0 1 tW.Ferrell 1 Totals 31 12 27 12 Totals 7 17 11 JHatted for Millies in ninth. 2Batted for Wilson In seventh. 2 Batted for Russell la nulla. Score by Innings: 'ashingtoB 018 lit 012 It Boeton 0S0 002 000 I Nummary: Runs batted in Jvuhel 4, Chapman 2. Lewis 2, Reynolds, Melllln 2, Wc.Nair, Almada. Two-base bits Kuhel 8. Almada. Threa-bese hits Chapman, Heltllo. Horn run McNalr. Stolen bases Reynolds, Almada. Sacrifice DeShons. Tvinble plays Kress to Bluese, Wlleon to WcNalr to Foxx. Left on basee Waeh-Ington 7, Boston I. Raa on balls Off Ixbhons 4, Ostermueller 8, Wilson 4, Xeola 1. Struck out D'Shong 2, Oster. snueller Wileon 8. Hlte Off Oeler-nueiior 4 In I lnnlnre, Wilson I in S. Weola I In 1 1-3, Ruseell rone In 1-8. Hit fcy pitcher By Meola (Hluege). Paseed ball Mllliea. Losing pitcher Ostermueller. Runs Chapman 3. Lewis. Kuhel, Kreaa, Bluere, Jiilhes 3, DeShmy Mo Kair, Kroner, Almada 3, K. Ferrell. l.rror W. Ferrell. L'mpirea Iiinneen, Summer and Johnston. Time S.J i. TIGERS IN THIRD PLACE. Chicago, Aug, IS (a5). The Detroit Tigers took over third place in the American league for Chicago today by sweeping a double bill with the White Box, to 1 and 10 to 3, before 18,000 fans. Elden Auker, submarine-ball hurl-r, held the Pale Hose to aeven hits In the opener to win bis ninth game of the season. In the nightcap, Jake Wade walked eight men but kept eight Box hits well scattered as the Bengals whacked Sugar Can and Bill 8hores for 14 bit and an easy tlctory. The Tigers got flvt runs in a big second Inning. Fir. OA MR CHITA' IO ABHPOAl ABHPOA Walkar.Tf I 1 1 KreeTrh.ff 4 Buma. lb 4 8 13 0 4 I Ohrngr.Sb 4 Nlmmns.of 4 Owen, 31) 4 ft, cells 4 Haywth, I Auker.p 4 Redcllff.lf 4 Bonura, In 0 A Pl'lins 1 Mayes. 2b 0 Hewell.o Miletrlch.p lHess Urown Total 88 11 8T 1' Tll'tied for Dietrich In eighth. Sera by Innlnga: 1-etroit oto n0 11 I I hi. eel 010 inn 1 liuna halted In Htmmone 8, Auker, Jvkce, Two-ba-e-hne tchrlneer, i.olin. hole heee Appling. Hacrlfnee --Mrorth, (Jo-lln. IfoiiMe ptaye Hevea tn Anpll" tn Rontira. to O'hringer Hum. Appling Bonura. Lft on Detroit 1i fhlcagn Off Auk'f f. I Metric I. Kim-k eut A-iker 3. Dietrich Mile 0(f LM rtrh 10 In 8 I'inirae, Rm 1 tn I. pltther tilftrlrh. Runs Ooatln. Gehrlnter. Rngell, Applin. Ormsby, Geiael and Basil. Umpires PECOND GAME DETROIT I CHICAGO AB UTCIAI AB FO A Walker. rf ill 91 Krevtch.rf 411 i 2 14 llRosentl.ef 44 GehrtT.2b 8 8 4 11 Goslln.lf 4 8 1 0 Bonura. lb 1 1 gmmns.ef 4 8 1 i 4 8 4 2 11 1 8 4 4 1 81 8 4 1 Myatt.e 9 9 9 Olsewell.o 1 Haymth, "8 1 Caln.p 4 Wade, 4 1 111 Hits 1 IMorrlney 1 Totals 8t 14 27 I2 Totala 88 8 27 10 1 Ha ted for Grube in seventh. 2 Ha tied for Cain la eighth. Score by lnninia: Detroit 061 COO 01810 Chlcaro 100 200 000 8 Summary: Runs batted in Walker 8. Owen, Wade. Bocell. Goslin 2. White. Ap-plins 8. Two-base nits Kreevlch. Goelin, Gehrlnrer 2. Tbree-baae hit Goelin. Home run Walker. Stolen bases Kofrell, Goelin. Owen. Sacrifices Radcliff, Owen. Double plays Applinr to Bonura, Roaell to Gehriner to Burns. Left on baees Detroit 4, Chicago 12. Base) on balls-Off Wade 8, Cain 8. Struck out Wade 4. Hits Off Cain 11 In 8 innlnts. Whores 3 in 1. Losint pitcher Cain. Runs- Walker, Burns, Gehrlnger, Goelin 8, White, Rogell. Hayworth. Wade, Radcliff, Kreevlch 1. Error Roirell. Time 2:11. CLEVELAND ST. LOUI8 ABHPOAl ABHPO A 3 114 Kughs.2b 4 11 3 Hale.Sb 4 0 1 4 11 4 0 Wthrly.rf 4 11 Sullivan.e 4 1 Voiimk.lf 4 11 81 Galehse.p 110 1 ('lift. 3b 4 8 0 1 11 4 0 Bell.rf 4 0 4 HBtomley.Ib 4 0 Hemeley.o 4 1 OlCaldwell.p Totals 83 34 ti Totals 82 11 27 15 Score by innings: Cleveland 009 ono 800 0 St. Louis 080 1 0004 Summary: Runs batted in Bottomley, Bejma, Caldwell, Bell. Two-base bits Weatherly. Bottomley. Home run Bell. Stolen base Bell. Sacrifice Lary. Double play Hughe to Knickerbocker to Trosky. Left on bases St. Louis 4, Cleveland 8. Base on balls Off Caldwell 2. Galehouse 1. Struck out Gatehouse 3. Caldwell 3, Runs Bell. West. Bottomley, Hemsley. Error Soltera. empires Golls. Hubbard and Moriarty. Time 1:47. GOLF A Broadmoor golfer, Lieut. Grassy Hlnton, was back In Shreveport Saturday after enjoying a trip to Detroit, via air, where he played a round of golf. He highly praised the courses there and says the greens were covered with imported "Turkish" grass, with a Turk being the greens-keeper. According to Lieut. Hlnton, the "Turkish" grass Is the best yet for putting purposes and all be bad to do was stroke the ball and It would hold its course, never breaking either to the left or right. The best shot of the week was Bill Jones' ace on No. 6 at the municipal golf course that renewed his membership in the Shreveport golfers hole-in-one organl-eatlon. Two years ago young BUI aank an ace on the No. 7 par three hole at the Muny course. Both times that Jones has accomplished the feat that so many golfers dream of doing, be used an eight Iron, making that club the most popular on of the numerous sticks carries in bis bag. Despite the fact that many of the city leading golfer were in Texarkana Saturday afternoon for a team match with the club of that city, the three local course were well crowded by follower of the golf sport. An enthusiastic golfer who has been missed on the link lately is Prof. Orover C. Koffman of Byrd high school. He has been vacationing in Tennessee. He waa back In Shreveport this week but stay, ed only one day before leaving on a tour that will carry hira to Mexico City. You may address mall to former Louisiana State Champion Edwin McClure in ear of Cuba, he hav. ing left Shreveport Friday for a 15-day tour of the Island. Tubby" Mallhes has bis attention centered on Houston, Texaa, these days, for it will be in that locality that be will attempt to qualify for the national amatour championship tournament on th sixth of Sept. Court Prevents Dolling at Dog Trnck in Texas fort Worth, Texas, Auk. 13 (IP), Judge Bruce Toung of 48th District court this afternoon granted a per manent Injunction, restraining operators of the New Twin City park and 125.000 dog racing plant between here and Dallas, from permitting Rambling at the track. Attorneys for trark operators said they would appeal. "Testimony hn shown the pine Is opf-rated In a gntils wy, but it muet Luke Appling of Chicago was la third place with a mark of .375, on point ahead of Gehrig, who slipped 10 point during the week. Th Tankte first sacker. however, bad scored the most runs, 132, and led In home runs, with 35. Other Junior circuit sluggers: Bill Dickey, New Tork, 367; Billy Bulllvan, Cleveland, 361; Rip Radcliff, Chicago, -3rj; Roy Bell, St. Louis, 350; Charlie Gehrlnger, Detroit, 349; and Gerald Walker, Detroit, 344. During the week Hal Trosky of Cleveland slipped out of the "first ten," as did Jo Dl Magglo of th Tank. Walker was a newcomer. Trosky led In runs driven In with 114. Averlll led In base hits, having had 175, while Gehrlnger and Walker wero tied for two base smashes, each -having bad 39. The lead In triples went to Averlll, with 12. Lyn Lary of St. Louis had stolen 26 bases. In double play, Chicago bad 122 to lead the circuit. Among the pitchers, Irving (Bump) Hadley of New Tork continued to set the pace with 11 wins and one defeat. Dennis Gatehouse of Cleveland had seven and lost one while Pat Malone of the Yanks had a record of 10 wins and three losses and Vern Kennedy of Chicago had won 16 and lost three. Monte Pearson of New York had 14 wins and five beatings and the most strikeouts, 96. The Cleveland Indians led In team batting with an average of 310, while Detroit and the Indians were tied a J75 for the team. GENTS STAET GRID DRILLS I 1 (Continued From Preeedint Fare.) "Shorty" Morse will be student manager. Invitations have been sent to the following: Centers Lee Stokes, Hal Burgess, 6. Ralwlnson and H. Williams. Guards Billy Robinson, Charlie Haygood, Joe Claude Smith, Tom Svadlenak, and Paul Hudson. Tackles-Brodle Waller, Bob Decker, Gene Walden, Turner Vinson, Tom Nipper, Ed Trlckett. Ends Howard Hooper, Ed Schwing, C. Warren, H. McDanlels, J. H. Outzs. Backs L. Huddleston, C. Thomas, H. Stone, W. Mazoch, W. Hohmann, W. Harris, W. Dean, B. Sparks, S. Allls, M. Bowerman, G. Kennedy, J. Lingo and L. Bradley. Four Post Scores for Annual Labor Day Golf Tourney Youngster Tops Qualify ing Play With Pair of 3 a as Four qualifying score are posted with professional Dan Dodez for the Labor day tournament that opened at the Muny course Saturday. Two qualifier turned in cards Sat urday afternoon, while two others were given permission to qualify last week. Billy Harbour, youthful Muny member who recently won the Junior title of Shreveport, carded a 35-35 70 to lead the other three qualifiers. The closest (core to Harbour' I 78 that was filed by H. C. Wlnberry, Both players qualified last Sunday. The two who turned tn card Sat urday were J. B. Jackson and A. B. Llddell. The former finished wltn a 47-45 92, and the latter wai ono troke higher with 42-5198. Entries and qualifying scores ara expected to pour In Sunday since many golfer were unable to get out on the link Saturday. Washington Inficlder Will Rest at Homo Washington. Aug. 15 W). Illness) hs forced Buddy Myer, Washing ten' taf second baseman and year's leading hitter In the Amer. lcn league, out of uniform and Bsc to his MlMiMippI home for a rest. Myer, befor departing for his home In Elllsvllle, xpw-ed certainty he would back In tha Senators' lineup In a coupl of week. Th veteran of 10 year in tnt major at th keystone tack, for whom owner Clark Griffith of tha Senators was offered 1100.000 and Tony Larxerl by the Tankeea winter, Is ufferlng from an Infr gall bladder which hs kept him on th bench most of the season. Yank Swimmers Take TitleWon by Japanese in Ml (Continues From Preceding Fact.) scoring place In the racing events to Insure them the crown. Marshall Wayne of Miami, Fla hero of the German spectators, gave the United State its only "first" In today's final wlndup. He cap tured the platform diving title to complete America's sweep of board events. Wayne won over hi teammate, Elbert Root, also of Miami, 113.58 to 110.60. Frank Kurts of Los Angeles, third member of the C. 8. platform team, was flftht, the trio giving 17 points to the Americans. Johnny Hlggins, Providence, R. schoolboy, added three points to the American aggregate as he butter-filed home In fourth place In the 200 meters breast stroke swim. Japan was the heavy scorer in this event. Tetsuo Hamuro won the Olympic record time of 42.5 seconds. Relzo Koike placed third, and Saburo Ito fifth. Byat bolstered Japan's point score by 18 and, by a coincidence, left It Just 16 points behind the stars and stripes as the whistle blew for the last of the men's events, the 1500-meter free style final in which Nippon had three crack contenders Noboru Terada, Shumpei TJto, and Tsutomu Ishlharada and the United States but two Jack Medlca of Seattle and Ralph Flanagan of Miami. With seven finalists and only six places, Japan could come from behind to win by sweeping the first three places, should the Amerl cans finish fifth and seventh oi sixth and seventh. But Medlca, win ner of the 400 meters free style swim In Olympic record time earlier in the week, clinched the title by ploughing home In second place, 80 meters behind Terada, the winner. Jack's great bid for a "double" gave America five points, enough to win and for good measure Flanagan came home fifth with two more points After a four-year lapse, the world title was back in the United States by six points. It was almost the same In the battle for the women's crown. The U. S. girls hald a lead of five and one-half points when their final race the ,400 meters free style-was called. Rle Mastenbroek of Hoi land cracked the Olympic record as the won In 6:26.4, but the Nether lands' bid for the team title failed when Mrs. Leonore Klght Wlngard of Homestead, placed third, and Mary Lou Petty of Seattle took fourth. America's gold medals came In the dives. In which 13-year-old Marjorle Gestrlng of Los Angeles won the springboard title and Mrs. Dorothy Poynton Hill of Los Angeles the plat form award. Japan's swimmers cracked four Olympic records and a world mark amazing everyone by the wealth of talent they could spring for every event. Ten Olympic and three world rec ords fell, In men's and women's competition, and both American speed winners shared In the spoils. Adolf Klefer, Chicago boy marvel. backstroked over the 100 meters course In 1:03.9, a new world and Olympic record. Jack Medlca upset favored Japanese entries in winning the 400 meter free style swim, and hung up a sew mark of 4:44.5 for the gamees. Americans Eliminated in Olympic Mitt Events Berlin, Aug. 15 (LP). The United States bid for an Olympic boxing title failed tonight when JaCkle Wilson, Cleveland bantam-weight, lost a questionable 3-round decision on point to Ulderlco Bergo, Italy, In the final match of the 118-pound division. Wilson was th only American to reach the finals, F.esults of the other Olymplo finals follow: riywelght Willi Kaiser, Germany, outpointed Gavlno Matta, Italy. Featherwe.ght Oscar Casanovae, Argentina, outpointed Charles Cat terall. South Africa, Lightweight Imr Harangt, Hun-gary, outpointed Nikolai Slepulov, Estonia. Creighton university, with prospects of a winning batketball team, has scheduled such tronft Interactional team a Minnesota, Kentucky, Ten-neasea and Marquette. Mel Hrin oas tigned for his tlxth aesson with the New Tork Olants of the National Professional Football league. He ha been the alt-star center for th last three seasons. Boone' Savage be-whlkered grappling Savage uses his tremendous strength BE SCENE OF THURSDAY NIGHT Return to Ring in Feature Be on Program staged a spirited and crowd -pleasing battle against AI Schneider in the last program get a return bout with Schneider. McNeill draws Joe Lombardo as an opponent. The Irishman has been training earnestly every afternoon In long workouts and last week took off to Vivian long enough to flatten "Dummy" Noris, in three rounds. Heavies get their chance to swing haymakers when "Big Boy" Tullos, 210 Barksdale flyer and "Young" Brltton clash. "Wild Man" Staggs and "Rough- house" Glover get together in the curtain raiser. A battle-royal, always a fan-pleas-er, with five dusky K. has been arranged for an added attraction. The usual popular price will prevail a in the past boxing cards. Granville Wins ravers Stake on Sloppy Track Saratoga Springs, N. Aug. 13 JP). William Woodward' Granville drew the lint fine again today when he waded through mud and slop to win th 67th running of the Traveri, America' oldest stake. Famous for hi close finishes, even in defeat, the son of Gallant Fox succeeded where his famou sir lost to Jim Dandy, when he got up in the last stride to take a head decision over Warren Wright' Sun Teddy, winner of the Arlington handicap. The crowd of 13,000, one of the largest since pre-depresslon days, did not know the result until several minutes later a the Judges called for a photograph. Granville covered the mile and a quarter under 127 pounds, two more than Sun Teddy carried, In 3:05 4-5. He added 814,700 to hi earnings for the year to boost his total to 184,225. Backers of the Woodward ace received even money as he chalked up hi fourth straight vltcory. Orientalist Winner of $3,000 Stake Race Chicago, Aug. 15 owned by Mrs. Emtl Denemark of Chicago, won the 13,000 Prairie Stat stake for two year old at Washington Park today by one length, with Bottle Cap second and and Yellow Tulip third. The winner (printed th tlx furlong tn 1:13 4-5 over a heavy track. Orientalist, ridden by Jockey H. Albrecht, came from behind In the stretch, with Bottle Cap, the beavlty played favorite closing an Immense gap. Mordorf, a stable mate of Orientalist set th pace after the first quarter of a mile, but faltered to finish fourth. Orientalist paid 11840, 14 80 and 13 80 across the board. Bottl Cap paid 13.20 to place and 13.60 to show. Yellow Tulip paid 15 to show. Orleanians to Barksdale's outdoor arena once again will become the scene of much activity, five big bouts and a battle royal having been lined up for Thursday night program. Spirited workouts are being staged daily in the Wingmena gymnasium, the clever Roy "Ace" Whatley, middleweight pride of the army, and "Irish" McNeill especially looking in the best of shape for their encounters. Joe Bradley writes that he's bring ing four good New Orleans boxers to furnish fight fans with a real evening of action. Headlining the Thursday card will be Roy "Ace" Whatley and K. O. Manuel, two-fisted Cuban slugger in a ten-rounder. The invader will come to Barksdale with a record of wins over-leading New Orleans battlers. Joe Souro, game little Italian, who Major League Leaden Major league leaders are aa follows: AMERICAN LEAGIE. Player: AB Pet Weatherly, Cleveland 213 45 85 .399 Averlll, 458 88 175 582 Appling, Chicago 371 78139 575 Gehrig, New York 417132156 J74 Dickey, New 327 83120.387 Sullivan, 237 34 86 563 Radcliff. Chicago 433 86163 553 Bell, St. Louis 446 74156 550 Gehrlnger, Detroit 453 109 158 548 Walker, Detroit 358 68133 544 NATIONAL LEAGIE. Player: AB Pet Mlze. St. Louis 350 88 86 584 P. Waner, Pittsburgh 410 68 150 566 Medwlck, St 451 80163 562 Demaree, Chicago 428 63153 562 Jordan, Boston 864 61124 541 Lombardl, Cincinnati 258 30 88 541 Herman, Chicago 448 74160 535 J. Moore, Philadelphia 370 72 123 530 Camilll, Philadelphia, 884 81 129 528 Cuyler, Cincinnati 435 75139 527 AMERICAN LEAGIE. Doubles-Oehrlnger and Walker, Tigers, 39. Triple Averlll, Indians, 12; Geh- rlnijer, Tigers, and Dl Magglo and Rolfe, Yankees, 11. Home Runs Gehrig, Yankees, 33; Trosky, Indians, 84. Stolen Bases Lary, Browns, 26; Werber, Red 8ox, II. Pitching Hadley, Yankees, 11-1; Malone, Yankees, 10-3. NATIONAL LF.AGt Runa Batted In Medwlck, Cardi nal, 110; Ott, Giants, 100. Doubles Herman, Cubs, 43; Med wlck, Cardinals, 42, Triples Camilll, Phlllle, and Ooodman, Reds, 11. Home Run Ott, Giant. 33; Klein tnd Camilll, Phillies, and Berger, Bees, 30. Stolen Base Martin, Cardinals, 18; 8. Martin, Cardinals, 16. Pitching Luca, Pirates, 10-3: French, Cubs, 13-4. Joe Cambria, who owns the Albany baseball club of th International lMie, and th Trenton club in th NYP league, la owner of the newly established Washington, D. le hockey team in th Eastern league. and hears. Time s. 09,

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