The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE FOUK BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE >1, 19-17 Italy is Hotbed For Communism Rapid Growth Shown Since End of War, i *JUP;Survey Discloses ?>';'' Bit J. EUWAKD BDKHAY (UniUJ press St»Sf Correspondent! POME, Juno 4. — Tiic Italian Oommunist Party lias grown from a small underground force tit war's end into a well organized niember- • ship of approxiiimtclj 1 2.COO.COO. The party claims a paid membership of 1,711,520 alia describes it-. self as . "the s econd largest Com- j munlst Party . in the World (next to Russia's) and tlie largest one" in proportion to pop'Jlatlon." Members in good standing who have not yet paid their 1947 dues bring the party total to well over 2,000,coo ' Growth of the Communist Party has cohuyded with the token Anglo- American "ViriiHtary *. occupation of Italy fin'ce.-th'e wnr which guaranteed full Democratic freedom to all political firouns. in the same New 'Banshee' Is Navy's Most Powerful Fighter, _ Cockpit,well forward,gives pilot wide visibility. It is resistant to crash impact 40 times weight of pilot. He is protected by armor plate and bullet-rasis«an't glass Wii.gspan:4lfcet 18 feet when wings arc folded for storage en carrier Speed: over 600 mpb Rdtcof climb: 9000 (eet per minute Two Westinghouse 24-inch diameter turbo-jet engines longing to a former customer for 20 years before it broke. lie still uses a pair of razors that he acquired 10 years ago. I'ortcr Knew MUKS und Men "When I was working in a shop in Little Hock about 1903, we had Negro that did nothing but ?,<* the customers' shaving mugs > as ttiey came in the door. There were 500 mugs in that .shop and that Nn[ gro kncvr every customer as soyii is he stuck his head In tlie door," Mr. lihoilcs said. Much of hLs work was done dir- Ing the days when men wore beards of various styles and sizes. "I've trimmed Van Dykes until f dream ed abyut them," Mr. Hhodcs. luugh- cd. v« Mr. Rhodes said he's tiftcn been iisked wliy he didn't fjet a slio;> ot his own. Uul he prefers working in i shop to operating one, he say*. 'I make enough anU don't have the worries and responsibilities," he answers. While limes have changed, Mr. nhodes said, he recalled _wlien he loaned a shop o^ner money to pay his rent. Mr. Rhodes was born In IfiBl lr. Haywood, Tcnn. On June 15th, he and Mrs. Rhodes will celcbra'c tlieir 45th wedding anniversary. They are tlie parents of three sons, two of whom arc married and have children of their own. On? married 5011, joe, lives in Mlcd'lgjn and the other, Lon, rc-sidcs in Memphis. The third son, Ed., Is a Blytheville resident. Mrs. Rhodes Is a native of Dyershurg, Tcnn., although she moved here at an early age and 11 wss In Blythcvlllc Cliat she and her husband met. The Rhodes reside at 41B Chickasawbi. Photo-diagram above shows oulstamlmB tenures of the N«vy s new McDonnell D-mbhce most power-' ful smg e sea? flfilUer in the U. S. today, lhe lw,n jet job, oflic.aliy c.illcd Xr2D-l is pictured in test flisht near S Louis, Mo. It is capable of iwmal takeoff from earners, landing HclUs or catppults, Child, With Bullet in t Brain, to Undergo an pumjL-rti KIUUUX m LIIL- a.iuit , ' j • • period, the United States has spent Operation in Memphis more than M.OM,02D,OCp on economic r-irl to Italy. - ,' The Communist. F.'irly polled '..3»3,OM voles in the first national 1 : elections on June 2. 1810. plucin;; tliird tehin-' the Christian Dem- .ccrats 18.030831) nml Ilic Socia'.- 'ists (4147.201).* Tl<n Communists n jght ; won 101 seats in the constituent In local clecMon.s since then, the Communists have shown incrrasinc strength, winning 22 per cent of the administrations of cities and towns. A split in the Socialist Party 'made lhe Communists tho second strongest party in the assembly. Control of the CJeneral Confederation' of I/3lx>r with 7.010,0'JI> cycl( ,' members is considered the Com- \ munists' most valuable political asset. The Confederation seeks '-<> • dictfltc to the government of Pre-1 mier Alcidc flc Gaspcri on cconom- i ic policv. ciiforcini? its rteninnds with periodic outbreaks of well- spotted strikes in key industries. Ahe conf?ci?rMinn has sponsored most of the demonstration.-; of unemployed and hungry persons oa- KlKMFIIlS. Tcnn.. June 4. (UP) Doctors today r.rc'purcd to perform a delicate anil difficult operation to remove a bullet from Die brain of 15-month-old Frederick Adkms. Jr.. victim of a slrny shot Monday as lie lay in hi s grandfather's arms. The infant was hit by a .22 caliber rifle bullet fired cither by .1 hunter or a careless turgcl marksman shouting near his home. of halr-culs, ills employer inspected the job and pronounced his verdict. "It'll pass." he :>ni<l. Mr. Rhodes has .siiirnl all but :i- bout a do/.cn or the past '17 years here. He worked i" a New llavrn, Wlicli.. barlicr shop for srveral years and lias worked in .sh»|>s lliroiigli- out Arliansas. T^ince lie came to niylhcvllle, Mr. Hhmlcs has worked in four ilifferent b:irbi-r »;Jir>tiH here. Although tin 1 number is doubtlessly great, Mr. Rhodr.s said !ie "had no way of uuc-sslm:" Ih<; nuinber »t shaves and liuircut.s he lias given Thc sheriff's office continued ils „,. lhe | lm[1 | n , r ^f m j] CS ] }u | u , s wnik- invcstigation, bill without, result. Senior students of Essex, England, are- supplied with free bill they live far from school BARBER Continued from Puce 1. Canithersvillc. Mr. Rhodes related, he worked in tlie shop there before and alter school and on week-ends. "Anil I never went lo any barber college. I just picked up barbcrlng," For about a month after lie bc- Ban work in the Cnrnlhcrsv'llc shop, ymins Sam did nothing but -shave customers. One day. Mr i-itipt nii'rrtVntiip* in smillnr towns r">ndcs recalled, lie asked his em- ^comUu^he «i« ffi- -^rl^tS'^ i ft'onie head of hair for liiin tn praclici on. He got a lot of practice otr It for the hair belonged lo n "red haired, peg-lct-gcd fcllu who neve had a dime and whoso hair' linn down io his shoulders." I After young Sam hat! lulininto wiri" RPhernl strike. 7, Coincident with the Rrowtli of the party, the Convmimislj have or- which Troops Collect Garbage BUPNO3 AIRES, June •!. (IIP) — Argentine troops were called out as earbape collectors today lo pick ;'«p refuse accumulalcd during n isix-di>y;slrlke of muniupal garbn^c " men. •'.•.',..." d around barber chairs in the pnsl 0 years. 71 Sliavrs In Ship.'i' Hay And when it come;: lo putting in day's work, Mr. Rhodes feels he- io!d some sort [if n record. On •lie Saturday, he related, he started ,'ork at G::tO in the Jnomiiui and vorked until midnight -and In that ' Inie .shaved 71 men without stop- ling to do iiny other kind of bar- Ills recui'd speed ftir shaviiif; :i j nan, Mr. Rhodes said, was soini;- Ihiiit; less than two minutes. He has given many haircuts and shaves both In six minutes, Inj added. Mr. Rhodes said lie has worked irleiitlily since 1900 and of the many over-busy Saturdays In those years he has missed working only eight, believe this Is another record," lie added. I've never been fired and I've never worked for a man 1 couldn't i;o back and work for a[;ain," Mr. Hhoclcs asserted. "1 still work one of the customers 1 had when 1 first came here— 'Babe' Little," he .said. "Most of my old customers are dead now. thouKli. t can't think of more than seven m- eight of the. olil-tlm- crs who arc still around." Recalling the changes thai have occurred in the barberini; business during his 50 years behind a barber chair. Mr. Rhodes pointed put tile difference in chairs used today anil the old-fashioned 1 non-cleval- ini; types that had footstools stead of attached foot-rests. He also recalled the days when cacli customer had his own shaving mug, inscribed with his name. 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