The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1950
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 1990 BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NHWS PAG* Coyote-Dog Plagues Mountain Cattle Hybrid Animal Menaces Cattle In Adirondacks By Van WASHINGTON, April 12. (/F)— A new beast ot prey, cunning and cruel, has appeared in the Adirondack Mountains and in some other widely-scattered areas of the United States. A coyote-dog hybrid, It Is swifter Man one of its lorebearers, the ^bg, and even more wary than the other, the keenly intelligent coyote, says the fish and wildlife service. And It's more vicious than either, the agency adds. "We've run into the coyote-dog hybrid before," said Clifford C Presnall, assistant chief of the service's predator control division. "A few years ago it became a menace In Kentucky but we put on a control campaign and cleaned it out. Technique! Differ "But now. in the Adirondacks it seems for the first time to have become a fairly stabilized type—a type that .hns been breeding lor several generations. Hunting techniques iiseu against coyotes in the thinly-populated west cannot safely be used in the more heavily settled east." In the west, the prolific coyot* is kept in check by hard-ridiiij ranchers and forest rangers win hunt him down from the air ii small planes, chase him to earth with greyhounds and fast horse or plant poiwn pellets In the car casses of dead animals on which he might feed. • But even if these methods coul lie used in the Adirondacks, gov ernment experts are not sure the srould -work with the eoydog. doy ote. coyog or whatever you want t call the cross-breed. ' , ' • ^Jn recent years the animal ha •Bn attacking deer, livestock an ' poultry in increasing numbers i: Lewis, Franklin, Essex and St. I,aw rence Counties, N. Y. . Hunter Sent Out At the request of New York at thorities, the service sent a hunte into the Adirondacks to train em ploycs in coping with the new men ace. Some of the beasts were killed They vary In color from red t brown to white. Some betray a cho ancestry, others have strong hinl of the shepherd or hound. All res emble Ihe coyote • more strong' than the dog. Until recently, coyotes have been unknown in the east, says Presnall. Parents of the currently-developing *pecies, he said, may have been: A. Coyotes purchsed by eastern tourist,'; as peU and later allowed to escape and* mate with eastern dogs. B. Fugitives'.- from fox hunting clubs. More than one such organization has had a western coyote pvip palmed off on ^It ai^an eastern, ™.' Winter-time Immigrants from Canada. Coyotes have been seen crossing the St. Lawrence River on Ice, Presnall said. x-Secretaij of State Colby Served Under Wilson BEMUS POINT, N.Y. April 1J. </P> -Bainbrldge Colby, last secretary of .ate under President Woodrow Wilon, died last night. He was *>. Colby, * political individualist hroughout his career, suffered • enrt attack two weeks URO. His wife. Mrs. Anne Ahlstrom Col/. was with him-when he died at ils home In this western New Tork illace. While secretary of state. Colby wrote an historical note refusing ccognltion tn the Soviet govern- nent of Russia. The recognition was granted 13 'ears later, but Colby contended here had been nothing to justify change. ' Was Against Red* Colby never did change his opin- on about Russia. Until recently, he gave lectures against Communism. Colby's affiliations with political turtles were many and various. He ^.vilched party lines possibly more .han any other national figure. ; 'As secretary of state from March 22. 1020. to March 4, 1921, he held :he highest cabinet post under a le Pr«ld«nt. But he had be«n » Republican tt the «t«rt of his poliUcil e»r»*r. In 1902. h« was elected to the New York legislature on the GOP ticket. In 1912. Colby Joined Bull Moo« bolter* In nominating Theodore Roosevelt for President and in helpIng: form the Progressive Party. Pour years later, however, he broke with Roosevelt «nd campaigned with Wilson. Remained a Democrat For « decade, Colby remained > Democrat. He made » nation-wide speaking tour in support of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932. That association was short-lived. Within a year, Colby was criticizing the New Deal administration. He termed the m% dealers "betrayers of the country." and called for an anti-new deal coalition. In 1936. he supported the unsuccessful Republican Presidential nominee, Gov. Alfred M. Landon of Kansas. ^ Colby succeeded Robert Lansing as secretary of state in Wilson's second term. / Crippled Boy and Girl Take New Walk ORANGE. N.J., April 12. Wj—A crfppled boy, and the crippled girl :o whom he donated a leg bone a r ago, took a walk together yesterday. Smiling Joe Lipani. 13, of Pa-ssaic, id Carole Ann Wenzcl, 9, of. West New York, walked hand in hand down the corridors of the New Jersey Orthopedic Hospital. .Joe wore his artificial leg 'and Carole Ann WOK? an iron. It was the first time she had walked in a year. A piece of bone from Joe's amputated leg is a patch in the little girl's spine. Her left leg was paralyzed three years ago by poliomyelitis. But no sooner had she learned to walk with a brace than n fall Injured her spine, paralyzing both her tegs. ' Pale brought her to the hpspita year ago Just as Joe came here GROUNDED BEEF--This tive-dnv-old bull c.ilf. very wobbly on his oins. ->,ot taken for a ndo by George Fcldmnn ol Evcrell. Mass,, after ne tumbled oil a truck, tor Mauling it home in his baby carriage. Feldrhan was allowed to keep the cal/ when polic* -: failc-" 1 * r 'icnlc the owner. for amputation ol a left leg 1 that lhe bone from It was used to natch tiad been crippled since birth. The leg was amputated just below the knee, and three days later With the Courts Sally Allen VE. Sam Allen, fuit for divorce. Delmus Albert Allen vs. Rosa Lee Allen, suit for divorce. Anna. Tortorella vs. John C. Tor- lorella, suit Ibr divorce. Lucille Harrison vs. Quenton Harrison, suit for divorce. Lizzie Mae East vs. 8. L. East, suit for divorce. Dutch Tulip Trade Expands WASHINGTON, April 13. OT— Holland's largest dollar earner, the tulip bulb Industry, is expanding under the Marshal) Plan. . The Economic Cooperation Ad- ministratloi said today that Holland exported more than »9.000,000 worth of bulbs in 1949 compared to about »7.000,000 in 1948. The increase was made possible by Marshall Plan aid, EGA said. The agency added that the little WeKtern European nation, which tost about half • its shipping tonnage in World War 11, has rebuilt its maritime trade to about pre-war level;* New -Jersey and Iowa list the goldfish as their official bird. LEGION AUDITORIUM May 2 Advance Price . . 1.20 person At the Door 1.50 person Tickets on Sale at Kirby's AT DREIFUS A PERFECT GIFT A USEFUL AID IN SERVING Genuine WM. Rogers Jelly Dish j, Complete with Glait Insert and Spoon Limited Quantity Specially Priced ii ii i: i n c , Benefit Party Games •Refreshments Fun for All! Wednesday Legion Hut April 12 8p.m. Benefit Immaculate Conception School Fund Carol Ann's injured spine. Joe returned to the hospital toda to walch the girl walk again. Turkish Students (lot for Hero ISTANBUL. Turkey, April 12, TO —Police and troops were forced to ire In the air last night to break up violent demonstration* by «tu- dents protesting auHinsc L'ne government's failure to pay sufficient ho- maee to theh national hero, Marshal Fe'vzi Cakmak. Marshal Cakmak. a military hero and a leading force in the .oppo*- tlon party, died yesterday and is to be buried tomorrow with military rites. The rorsl outbreak was hi front of radio Istanbul, where, students demonstrated their resentment at the plflying of light music In defiance of com|i]Mnl,s. Scores of demonstrators were ,-oundcd up and taken to Jail before the rlotlni ended lute last n IR lit'. All tars, nightclubs, hotels and movie houses svcre closed because of the threat by the students thnt they would be wrecked if they remained, oiien before the marshal's funeral. h«v« been In *« h*n<to of wriw- wan fcmnd fiv« month* «*o ta » tors for years. safe d*po«tt bon h«r« M part ot in The foiulh coin, »old y«*l«rday,| estate. Five-Dollar Gold Coin Sold for $2,300 NEWARK, N.J.. April 12. M')—A tiny five-dollar gold piece Hint by in a sufe rtc;>o.sit box for years wns sold here yesterday for $2,300. K. S. Bernet. Newark coin dealer who negotiated the sale, said It Is one of four minlpd by an obscnre private firm, the Mnssnchnsetts and California Company, In 1849. One of the originals Is known to have bncn destroyed, and the other two YOU'RE INVITED TO A SPECIAL PARTY Jaycee Clubhouse Friday, April 14, 8 P.M. 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AUn <:hol]nc, ItmMlnl ami I.jver in •Hi)})[emeniMr}' ^itanlMu'f. oj Iron in your diet . . , how it helps the hotly to bniltl KlCH^Rt.l) Hf.oott. On* rnpAiile of Hcxd Special Kor- iimU (iliai's all you tnke * day) conlainx Stimft llift minimum Haily requirement of Iron. Also 5 tiwts itie mJiiirnum dally requirement, of Vitamin Rj. Miss Kivlyn Znrtfler, 2151 Dfan Street, ftrookiyn. ;Y. V., j«> p j:"Uexel Special Formula really made a new woman nut of me. My frieotln all say I'm full of pep,,. I've got new sparkEe am] chann. One frirnd ... a man I'm very fonil of,.. Errmi fsprcially allenlJve and I expect him to propose any Jay now." Try lirxel Special Formula yaitr- srlj. Yon j;rl your money back if ymi \\w\\ feel decidedly better in 30 flays! WOODS DRUG STORE Phone 507—Blytheville PRESIDEHJIAL" LIHE OF J950 Giant Picture "Black Magic' Blaxide Tube Television Every Model with Built-in "Picturemagnet "Aerial and Sensational Hew "Super-Ranse"Cham It 50* "M.*..*" ith "S</p«f-«ong»" ehaiilt, •7fcli;r*,»agn<'" a.rW, W "•Jott" 1I(.»I<*. lufc., 105 i^. In. S<r..n. 3- tptad Cobro* rteftrrf ctanfl. r. AM/ FM i.c.pFioh. JWakoijonr or Wolnul <nbr'n*f in gmttfut t»*l9mfnrmrf ONLY 544995 Only Ztnith Gi'v«« You All Tfittt Suniational TV F«afur«i N»w Zenirli* tlaxid* "Ilotfc" Tub* . . , brings a new standard of television picture quality. Provides unequalled TV viewing pleasure, even in normally lighted rooms— the way medical authorities recommend television should he viewed! "S«|Mr-R<Mg«" Chunk . . ; super-sensitive for pic- Uire« of fjrtaler clarity— even in many "fringe" areas. liilt-ii "Pi(t«r«MQgmt" A trial... allows you to enjoy Zenith's luixrbT V without nxlernal aerial in manylocationsl Giant Clr<U Strwn WiHi Picnir* Control . . . gives yon real -- picture superiority. Brings your choice of circular or rectangular picture at the flick of a finger. Om-KMb Automatic Tilling . . . just one twist brings in station, picture, sound— all pre-adjueted. ".a- U.S. r*. (XI. BUY ON EASY TERMS .. .TODAY Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Manager 20G-208 \V. Main I'hone 2071 Be Thankful For Health Most of us who enjoy coorf health accept it as a m;»Mrr of course. It IR only when we have experienced the rmins and suilering that accompany severe Illness thai we can fully estimate and value Ihe state of being well. ^ For more than fifty-four years Chiropractic ha* brr?n delivering an ever Increasing health .service to sick and sulTering .humanity. Chiropractic Is a separate and distinct health science. The Chiropractor does not treat, hesxl fir c\ire. He uses no drugs, and he does not practice medicine, surncry. or osteopathy. His objective is to restore the normal Iransmlsslon of nerve force from brain lo Ihe various organs, muscles and tissues of the body, by adjusting the vertebral .vibluxation that i.s crcatlnK interference to such normal transmission and causing disease in the body. Renewed health ts the natural result. Lindquist Chiropractic Clinic Phone 3170 615 Chickasawba Street Blytheville, Arkansas

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