The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1949
Page 15
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1AOB T1TBLVB l"".r BLYTHEVILLB (AKK.) COURffiB NEW» Eisenhower Hits Aid to Education General Torpedoes One of Trumon'i 'Must' Measures WASHINGTON, June Ota. Dwight D. Eisenhower appeared today to have gone m long way ttnrurd torpedoing one of President Traman'« "must" bills before Congress—federal aid (o education. A critical letter by the general now president of Columbia Univer- lity and acting chairman of the military chiefs of staff, plunged •chool aid advocates into gloom. It ntarted talk among some lawmakers about the possibility that Eisenhower intends lo make his political weight fell. tn a letter to Hep. Cwlnn (Jl-NY). Eisenhower opposed federal school aid grants to all of the states, a proposal already approved by the S«iat« and now pending in a House labor subcommittee. He said he favors helping only states that can't r.itse enough taxes to support a high level ol education • nd then only "under formulas that srould permit no abuse, no direct interference of the federal authority in education processes and no opportunity to expand the flow of federal money into areas where need could not be clearly demonstrated." See GOP Doctrine Some lawmakers thought Eisenhower paralleled Republican doctrine when he went on to assert that "the army of persons who urge irreater and greater centralization of authority and greater and greater dependence upon the federal treasury are really more dangerous to our form of govrnment than any eternal threat can possibly be arrayed against us." Those views didn't aeem to track with the policies of some of the leaders of the organisation Amcrl- o»n§ for Demorcatic action (ADA) who tried vigorously—and failed — last year to get the, general into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Eisenhower thus lined up against • a bill that has the support or both President Truman and Senator Taft (H-Ohiol. In this instance, he put himself in the same political camp with Senator Wherry of Nebraska, trie OOP floor leader, and House Minority Leader Martin of Massachusetts. The circumstances were such as to lend some credence to talk that h« may be doing a little advance testing of the 1952 temperatures, •Ithousrh Eisenhower as president of ttie country's biggest Teacher- producing university was in his own field when he talked about education. .- . Aa top Republican on a Honse labor subcommittee, Gwinn wrote tor Eisenhower's views. Defense Loses Acquittal Try In Cop/on Cose WASHINGTON, June 14. IIP) — The defense lost today—before It even made the request—a motion for a directed verdict acquitting Judith Coplon of espionage charges. The motion was prepared for formal prescnation at 1:00 p.m. bnt Federal Judge Albert L. Reeves announced In advance that It would be denied. Defense Lawyer Archibald Palmer began discussing his plan to offer the motion as court was about to recess for lunch. He remarked that "Your honor will deny it and we can go on with the" •Thut's exactly right," Judge Reeves replied. tic also told Palmer that he would not hear arguments on the motion, but that PAlmer might present it for the record. Earlier, Palmer told newsmen that If his acquittal motion failed he hoped to call a long list of \vit-— including Hollywood stars and Dr. and Mrs. Edwnrd U. Condon. Condon—director of the National Bureau of Standards who called on FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover for an apology after Mrs. Condon was mentioned in an FBI report read at the trial—Is scheduled to make his appearance on the stand Wednesday. Palmer has even isued subpoenas for (lie government prosecutors in the c,'sc: John M. Kclley, Jr., and Raymond P. Whcarty. .Read Courier News Want Ads. ed today the Communists have opened HID Shantung povt of Tsing- tao to foreign commerce. Tsingtao, until it was taken by the Reds, was the U. S. Western Pacific Fleet anchorage. Spy Probers Vote Hearing Condon DOCTORS' CHOICE-Dr. Elmer L. Henderson, above, of. Louisville, Ky., is the new president-elect of the American Medical Association. Succeeding Dr. Krncst Irons, oC Chicago, lie will take oflice at next year's AMA meeting in San Francisco. Daughter of Stricken Man Sought in Missco The Mississippi County sheriff's office today was endeavoring to locate Mrs. E-ssie Lee, who is be- Uevcd to be living somewhere within the county. Sheriff William Berryman said he had been notified by relatives of the woman hi Mt. Vemon, III. that her father, W. T. Roland, was seriously ill. He asked that anyone knowing the woman call the sheriff's office. Read Courier New* Want Ads. R«€/s Open Tsingtao To-Foreign Commerce HONQ KONO, June 14. W>— CXiineae trading companies disclos- Now you can cook "--•'-" FASTER - EASIER - BETTER with a New Frigidaire Automatic Electric Range Hert Oft just a few famous FRIGIDAIRE features • Full-width Stoiag* Drawer • C«ok-Mo.l^ O».n C«nlrol • SurfM* Mtlt Signal-light • Aotemotii Tim«-Signul • Flumtcirrt Cooltnj-Top lamp • All.porcvlein <obir>«l • *cid.,.i;,lir.g pcrc.laln [.o'.ing.lop • Auf.molie ««•<! light and many «th«r features you thould tee! WASHINGTON. June 14. M'y — The House Un-American Activities Jommiltce voted today to grant Dr. Edward U. Condon a heaving whenever he asks for it. And If Condon 'ails to do so, Rep. Nixon (R-Calif) ;aid he will push for one anyway. Dr. Condon is director ol the Fed- •r!il Hureau of Standards. A subcommittee report last year de.scrib- •d him as one of the. weakest links n atomic security. Condon replied ic war "absolutely reliable." Another atomic .scientist. Dr. Prank p. Oppenhclmer, told the committee today he was a Com- nunist for three and u half years. :te said this wns before he worked on the atom bomb project. And he nrfsted he was ahv.iy.s a lovn! American. The commission took no action on the way the Justice Department lias been handling espionage reports. Nixon has been critical of departmental management of the of a suspended employe. Miss Judith Coplon. Nixon said the matter was. discussed today but noihiug was done. TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 1949 Federal Judge fte/usm Summary Judgment in 'Discrimination' Cos* PORT SMITH, Ark., June 14. (/R —Federal judge John E. Miller yesterday refused to give a stttn- inary judgment to a group of Negroes who sued the Fort Smith School Board and charged "discrimination" against their race. Judge Miller also refused the request of the defendants that the Negroes be "more definite" In their claims. He commented that the claims were sufficiently clear. The Judge granted the school board 20 days to file an answer to the suit. The plaintiffs, listed as "Charles Crown and others,, claim She Fort Smith school .system discriminates ngainst Negroes by not providing facilities comparable with those available to white students. Read Conner News Want Ads. Trieste Okays' Return To Italy in flection TRIESTE, Free Territory, June M. f/l'i—Official returns today 'gave the parties favoring Trieste's return to Italy a decisive victory in the free city's first free election in 27 years. Tabulation of Sunday's .voting gave the pro-Kalian candidates 40 of the 60 city council seats. The six pro-Italian parties rolled up 106.973 Ouach'tto River COM On Another Rampage By The AMvritttt The OuachfU River 1* on in- other rampage. The rlrer I* expected to rise three feet above flood stage at two South Arkansas cities, the U. S. Weather Bureau lit Little Rock reported today. Heavy rains In Montgomery and Polk Counties already have sent the stream surging from its banks at a few low spots, Inundating some farm lands. Walter C. Hickmon, chief meteorologist at the weather bureau. said the Ouachita would crest between 20 and 21 -feet at Arkadelphia Wednesday and between 29 and 30 feet at Camden Saturday. Additional rainfall can ' cause severe damage, he reported. The weather bureau has forecast more rainfall for the next five days. Read Courier News Want Ads. votes to 61,136 for parties wanting to keep Trieste independent or place it under Yugoslavia. The Christian Democrats led the pro-Italian parties with 65,627 votes. The pro - Cominfortn communist Party, which favors an independent Trieste, polled 35,548. while the Itnlo-Slav popular front, supporting Premier Marshal Tito and favoring a Yugoslav - controlled Trieste, won only 3,957. STRAIGHT 10UHON WHISKEY • THIS WHISKEY IS « YEARS OLD 84 PROOF • BHMONT DISTILLING CO.. LAW REN CE&U RG. INO. 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(/P) —County Health Officer, Dr. Jim Johnson warned dog owners here Monday to either confine their pets or have them examined by a veterinarian after a dog believed to be rabid was killed here Sunday. COURfAlDE Continued from Page 1. Ing to 'speak the French language, and that for the most part she'd lose the theme of American movies by trying to follow In the brief subhead provided for the French. French spoken with a southern drawl is a rarity, and Mrs. Scott said than once you had it. It was almost impossible to disguise it. She told how she heard a former Mississippian In an adjoining room and knew immediately she'd found herself a southern friend. Sure enough the woman was from (lie south, but had been in France for 25 years, had married a Frenchman, and although her associates were French, she had kept that southern Mrs. Scott, whose sixth floor of overlooked the Arch of Trium about a block distant, got in of good sight seeing in Paris, one assignment took her for & fi month stay in Lichfield, Germa . and on leaves (the elvil workers got 26 days a year lcav she visited London, Edinbugh, Sec- land; Dublin. Ireland; Swltzerlan Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Hollar Denmark and Sweden, and home with more than a knowle of court reporting . . . she'* around. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere Vou Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 C. A. Taut Construction] Authorised Ofalcr t'nr Butler Stl'd ISuilclillKS Ciinlractiiu P. O. Ka\ 83 I'liune 8D Blyllieville. Ark. For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Phone 4601 Nichols Drug Glencoe Building Phone 4491 or 2747 Service — That's Our Motto.' 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