The Courier News from ,  on September 28, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from , · Page 8

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Wednesday, September 28, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BI,YTHEVTT.T,E (ARK.)" COURTflTJ NEWS SEPTEMBER », Russia Promises Return of Ships Lend-lease Vessels To Be Turned Over To U. S. Authorities WASHINGTON, Sept. 28— Vfh- Rusis agreed formally yesterday to return 30 American naval vessels loaned to the Soviets in World Wnr II. 1 The ships are to be given back by I>c. 1. They include three icebreakers and 27 frigates which are small patrol craft. The United States has been try- Ing to get them back for four yrais. Soviet Ambassador Alexander S. Panyushkin and Willard Throp. assistant secretary of stale, signed and agreement at the Stale Department yesterday alter negotiations which stalred early last month. The Ice-breakers will be returned to U.S. Naval Kilthcritlr-s ai the Port of Brenierhave, Germany tnd the friga'tex will be delivered to YokoEiika, Japan. There were originally 28 or the frigates, but Russia advised that •one had rim on (lie rocks. Reporters were told by press officer Michael .1. McDcrmbtt that more specific Information has been promised. Official said cantiousLy the new agreement may boost prospects for an over-all settlement of Russia's lend-lease obligations The United Stales supplied In Soviets during.the war with arm and' equipment which cost aboil til,000,000,000. Russia alone among ill? major allies has not settled The ice-breakers and liigates were handled In a separate dea! BRICK! AYING MADE EASY—The 'lust impiovcmcnt in five centuries in the method of laying bricks" is demonstrated m Montgomery. Aln.. by coed Kilty McGlynn. The device, invented by engineers Paul II. Summers and John S. Hodgson, is said to speed bncklayinj; four times the normal pace. Acceptance by the building industry could mean great savings m construction costs— especially jn the building of tow-cost homes. Kansas Drys Shift Tactics To Education -TOPEKA, Kas., Sept. 28. (/D — Kansas drys, unsuccessful at keeping liquor away from people, arc now'going lo try. keeping people •waj from liquor That switch In 'strategy was outlined by the Rev/.C. D. .Walker, superintendent of the K-insas Untied Dry Forces. •Oiir .old strategy was prohibl tion—keep drinV a\\a> from the people," Walker satd. "That failed so wt have going Into reverse. "The theory today Is to keep people away from liquor," The legal sale of liquor began li Kansas July 19 after the state Voted last November to end 69 jears of state prohibition The dry chief said education h the keyiioie ol the program. A course ot alcohol Instruction foi public schools will be planned. "The liquor Industry is spending millions of dollars to teach jollll 'to drink. I 'think -it's time fo: Christians to spend a little of tin Lord's money to .teach them no to drink," ht added. Walker spoke at the Kansas Christian Church convention Monday. Pitching Horseshoes Navy Doctor Finds Remedy For Scourge NK\V YORK, Sept. 28. iff} — A common cold cure which worked 90 per tent of the lime, if your detected the cold within the. first hour. Is reported by Captain John M. Hrewster, U.S. Navy Medical Corps.- The cure Is not one drug, but al least, five, 'all antjhistaminlcs, that is the drugs you take for allergic snee/.ings. Capt. r-ewsler reported his experiment in the U.S. Naval Medical Bulletin of Last January-February. The'drugs he used are pybi- i/amine, thenylene, neoantergan. hlsladyl and beneadryl. For every hour's delay in taking the allergy drugs there wa.s a drop In cures, Wafting six hours gave only 74 per cent. Capt, Tlrewster declared that it Is possible to catch co!d$ •»»'!>' enough. He said thai cold suUerers know when one is beginning. "These new drugs/' he writes, ''eliminate sneezing, coughing and Die profuse discharge from the nose which now is left invisibly on door knobs, faucet handles, hand i 1 nils, In the air we breathe, and on other places of contact. Tf properly and universal 1 '/ used, the antihis- laminJes could reduce '" e incipience of colds near the vanishing point." The five drugs named are not all the new anlihlstaminlcs. Capt. Brew.ster's report was confined to results of live. In earlier reports it was stated erroneously lhat a new antihistninlnlc drug, corlcl- din, had been named In Capt. Brewsfer's report. BY BII.I.V KOSE They say It's"pretty hard for an .input at nine tonight nncl I'd like onl-of-lowher to get to know bis j for you to be there." ghbors in" New York and, gen* orally speaking, T guess it's true enough. But on the other hand. . . When Sam Johnson of Pommoy, Ohio,: retired after a quarter 'cen- nry Jn the wholesale produce business ,he decided to spend the of this life in New York where, as lie put It. "A man can .send out for .urke.v santlwiche.s at midnight," "I hear it's a havd place to make friends," said hts wife. ''That's talk/' s;u<l Sam. 'People are the same all over the world." , L Thu following tnoulh ,thc Johnsons' were in residence in R j-nnw.y apartment on Central Park South, nrt were being looked after,by n doonuan, an 'elevator boy, a cook and a maid, And, u few weeks later they had succeeded In striking up a inore-than - nodding acquaintance with exactly four New Yorkers—the doorman, the elevator boy, the cuok and the maid. "Looks like the only wny we'll Senate to Hear Justice WASHINGTON. Sept. 28, (ft 1 ) — The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 5 to 4 yesterday to ask Judge s^erman Minton to come before tiie grO up for private questioning Whci, the Johnsons showed np, I lie detective introduced them vppt _ ,_,.„..,, .„. ^ mi , „ „ ., ni'uniul. mid a tall, while-hatred on hts nomination to the Supreme [^ntlcmnn names Swir/ey WR.S espe- \ Court. Acting chairman Kilgore (D-W. Va,> told reporters 'tthat Senator Ferguson (R-Micn.) moved to request the appearance of Minton. The motion was seconded by an- cially nti-e to iliein. ' ! "I oon'L get it," said Sam to Hie! (Jeffclive a minute later. "1 never j forget a face and the man I met. j t.-orning out of Sv\W.ey'.s apartment j inst week wa.s a little fellow. There he is—the one sitting in the corner." ! I'hrtt'.s Albert Cashing," .said the | detective. "He's got an apartment on tlir- .second floor." i "All the .samp," sinrt .Sum, "T .^a other Republican, Senator Donnell of Missouri. over meet anybody," said Sam one night, "is to do what we cto back home—go right up and ring their doorbells.". .' • ' '• ,'>';'• •; ' ^The bell across the hall-belonged to a couple nan cd Morri.son, and when Sam int-roiiucud him^olf they invited him In'; for a' ctrin;;. after Inch he never "heard from them gain. And the reception was equal- cordial at other apartments—an'd lie ensuing silence jiist ns silent. The nearest thing to a rebuff was t the apartment of n Mr. Swazey ih tbe sixth floor.'As Sam was about him coming out of Swazcy'.s apart- * "I'll look into it/" said the deten- : live. , I A w^ Q k la 1 nr .Die polu-p picked np i Albert Cu-shlng, alias .1 lot of oMier nnmes. in a Brooklyn )>;iwn -shop, to- j aether \vlth enough stolen property ! t*> make conviction automatic. And | when word got around that the j Johnsons had supplied the crucial j tip, their doorbell finally got a ; workou'. Neighbors crowded in to (hank Sam and hoist a friendly glass. "I/joks like we finally made the grade/', he told his wife that ni^ht. Well, obvioiuly the way for me to finish this'story would be to tell you_ that a wave of friendline.v; .4\vpf)L" the apartment, house, and Ihal/CftVer since, the tenants have been.borrowing cups of sugar from CRch other. But New Yorkers would know it was a phony ending—that cops-aiul-robbers incident Soybean Sacks new 10 oz. ' FALL SEEDS Alfalfa- Rve, Wheat, Oats & Vetch BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800'\V.'"Main St. Phone 856 - S57 • a bo ring the 'bell' .the door opened doesn't figure to change anything uid a shortish gent in evening ilothes walked out. "My name's Johns r m," Same be-' gan, "and since we're netghVwrs I -houglH it might be a good Idea .f— " "Pardon me," said the man, "but I'm late for Ihe theatre." A few weeks later, the building was thrown into something of a n the big gray town. ., "T vote we go back to Potneroy/' said Sam's wile one night after a long two-handert session of gin rummy, "We've been in this town almost six months without getting lo know a soul." "Any way you want U," said Sam "but T cnn't say that ' I regret a minute of the time I spent here. At I've gotten to know one per- j a lot better than I ever did. . ." j was .saying in the opening ' TOUGH ALL qVER-School's opening is as painful for eight-* year-old Pierre Rashou in Paris us it was for his American cousins. For Pierre, the dreadful day is October I. School - - recole . . . anyway you spell it, It spells trouble. (Photo by NEA-Acme staff correspondent David S. Boyer.) \Vilh the genuine sour mash flavor that has made Cabin Still an old-time Kentucky favorite lot lialt ccnlui-y. All KENTUCKY STRAIGHT OURION WHISKEY fCipyrlghl, 1949, by Billy Rosel (Released by The Belt Syndicate, Inc.) PERFECTION panic by a succession of neatly rxe- \ Kor cutecl rcro&eile.s. And it was obvious j' t . to toe- riplecUve who iiwraligntcd ] '" J "{^ $R pretty hard "for "an that (a) the bnrghir was. romillar Ol ,t.of-to\vner to get to know folks with the hablt-s of the tenants since I jn . New York Tha ' t Ui n n \ fSR one of he always picked n time when the] U)R folk$ bappcn ,5 to be hi-s wife. occupants were out, (b) he wa.^ a -- per.son wha^e pic^pnce in the house wouldn't attract attention, and <c) up on the new temint who went it rm^ht not bo a bad idea to check Rroimd ringing doorbells. One evening Hie detective cailctl ' ; on the John-on?. t "I understand you've been ringing > bells and gettiucj yourself invited ; nlo a lot of aparttnentfl/' he .said. ] "I've got enough money without robbing my neighbors, said Sam. "Take it ensy." grinned the detective. "I checked with the chief of police of Pomr-roy and lie threaten- \ eel to mnvcb his v;V.ole, lovcc on \ New York i! 1 even dared Qur.slion : you. Wlicn I lold him the tenants ; su.ipicloned you were the crook, he i made me promise- to alraighten you '. on'. uUh them. They're all mreiitig i u i? ii> UIR super intcndcnt's ai Economize with the fuel-saving Perfection Home Heater. Us cx- . c I u 3 i v e " M i il g c t" - Pilot burns over HOURS on i gallon of oil. That's real fuel economy. And with i thermostat, you save even more and get FULLY AUTOMAT- iC HEAT-no work, no worry, no waste of fuel. See this beauty in modern home hcai- iog-PERFECTION.- See Your Perfection Dealers HUBBARD & SON FURNITURE HUBBARD HDWE. CO. BE WARM • SAVE FUEl WITH A PERFECTION DON'T MISS THE OCT. 4 TH ISSUE OF THE COURIER NEWS FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE GREATEST RETAIL EVENT IN BLYTHEVILLE HISTORY! -COMIMG OCT. 4th-

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